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      Front Row:   (1)Walter Chambers Peddy, Jr   (2) Rebecca Gertrude Peddy Taylor in white coat - twin to Laura.   (3) Laura Margaret Peddy Bowers in white coat - dau of J Bunyon Peddy   (4) Jennings Bryan Peddy (seated) born March 12 1912, son of Walter C Peddy.   (5) Willie "Will" Duke, husband of Ocie Peddy Duke.

Row 2:   (6) Ray (Thomas Ray) Peddy born June 26 1927 (in dark shorts) son of Thomas Luther "Tom" Peddy   (7) ? ? (girl)   (8) ? ? (boy) with cap   (9) Freda Jean Peddy, daughter of Tom  

Row 3:   (10) Daughter of Maude Peddy Byrd (in light colored dress with bow). (11) Laura Gertrude Chambers Peddy 1858-1935, widow of William Henry "Buck" Peddy   (12) James Peddy born March 21 1922, son of Bunyon   (13) Ollie Lee Peddy, wife of Walter.   (14) Wayne Peddy born Sept 14 1920, son of J. Bunyon Peddy.   (15) Pearl Peddy, wife of Bunyon. (16) George Byrd (far right - dark suit)

Back double row: (17) Grover C Peddy, with cane. (18) Ocie Peddy Duke. (19) George E B Peddy (top of head showing). (20) Maude Peddy Byrd. (21) ?   ? (top of head showing behind Laura Peddy.) (22) A. Ernest Peddy (from TN). (23) John Fears (son of Henry & Narcissus Peddy Fears.) (24) Walter Chambers Peddy 1887-1959. (25) Tom Peddy (26)Bunyan Peddy (27) John Allen Peddy (from TN) dark suit, dark tie.
Info to be added and perhaps corrected.

of course, those that sent me pictures retain all of their rights.
Glendel W "Glen" Peddy

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Created Dec 16 2004.