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DAR Information - PEDDY
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      The original of these pictures, between these black lines, are in the Thomas Joseph "Joe" Peddy collection in the archives at Auburn Univ.   I thank them for the copies provided.

      HENRY PEDDY 1785-1828   An OOOLD picture.

Thomas Beverly Peddy or David Thomas Peddy     Nancy Jane "Nanny" Reeves, 1842-1929, wife of David T Peddy

      Nancy Jane Reeves, later Mrs David T Peddy

      Emil T Peddy,   1876-1955,   picture taken 1905.

Emile Thomas Peddy   1876-1955 - taken 1950's.     Emile Thomas Peddy same, different pose.

      Emile T & wife, Hannah & son Joe Peddy     picture taken 1947     Emile Thomas Peddy 1876-1955; Hannah Pitts Webb Peddy 1884-1962: Thomas Joseph "Joe" Peddy 1910-1990

Emile T & Hannah Peddy     Hannah P Webb, wife of Emile T Peddy.

Thomas Joseph "Joe" Peddy & car   picture taken 1936     Thomas Joseph "Joe" Peddy 1910-1990. (taken 1950's)

Thomas J "Joe" Peddy & wife & son - Patricia Myrtle Lambert, 1907-1961 & son, Larry Peddy

Joe Peddy Picture taken in 1950's.


Group Lee Co AL
      Emile T Peddy's 1925 Buick Truck

      George Raymond PEDDY 1874-1937 a brother to Emil Thomas Peddy.   Both, sons of David Thomas Peddy 1847-1923.

      Clarice Loraine Peddy, born 1898, dau of G. Raymond & Corrine E "Cora" Calhoun Peddy. Clarice married Lynn H Jinks.
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      PARENTS of Benjamin Franklin PEDDY names unknown. (Dates for Benjamin F Peddy are 1861 - 1948)

      Thomas L "Tom" Peddy and Thomas Nevin "Ted" Peddy     Picture taken 2014. Copyright by Baltimore Sun, a newspaper.

This picture from the father of Preston.
      PRESTON PEDDY   age 2+, taken 2003.
      Preston Peddy age 2+, taken 2003.
      Preston Peddy - age 2
      Preston Peddy Summer of 2010    

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      Thomas E Peddy, Jr
These pictures from Elizabeth Ann Wiley.  

      Elmo Boucher Peddy, 1895 LA - 1966 LA (twin) (picture taken 1960)
      Eura Thelma FRYE PEDDY, 1905-1986, wife of Elmo B PEDDY.   Picture taken 1966.

     GERALD FRYE PEDDY, Oct 31 1924 -Nov 9 1926, son of Elmo B & Eura Thelma FRYE PEDDY.

      Marjorie PEDDY, dau of Elmo B PEDDY.
      Marjora Ann & Caroline PEDDY,   picture taken Feb 1946.

      CAROLYN PEDDY, dau of Elmo Boucher PEDDY.

      Homer Hampton Peddy & Hugh Ashby Peddy
Homer H Peddy 1891 - 1936 & Hugh A Peddy 1890 LA - 1955 MI.     These two are brothers to Ellis B Peddy & Elmo B Peddy.

      Margaret PEDDY   Daughter of Hugh Ashby PEDDY.

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    Pictures from Sara Pennington McDaniel   Ada Eugenia Peddy     Louie T Pennington
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      Pictures courtesy of Mike Luopa.
      Glen Peddy, far right, with 3 friends from AT, (hikers) at Hiwassee GA.

      Glen Peddy & friend, Mike Luopa on AT trail, in front of Chestnut Knob Shelter, overlooks Burks Garden, in VA; between Ceres & Bastian VA. (Glen on left with sunglasses)

      April 2006 Canoeing on Pig Pine Creek, Indiana     1st Picture   2nd Picture Glen Peddy These 2 Pictures from Gary Hill.   This 3rd picture is the same place as the last picture showing friends, Mike and Linda Bach canoeing. (They are also the tandem boat behind me in picture 2.)

      Canoe picture from Chuck Schroeder. The picture was taken with the "run out" shown below the "S"curve in the background.   Glen Peddy Canoeing on Big Pine Creek in Indiana April Fool's Day 2007. Just leaving our lunch stop. The "good" water is in the background.

      Glendel W "Glen" Peddy Picture taken July 9 2009 with web cam on computer.

      James and Nancy Peddy   James C Peddy Sept 11 1823 GA - June 7 1890 TX & Nancy Ann Ferrer Peddy April 19 1825 GA - April 5 1890 TX.   Both are buried Ramah Cemetery, Tenaha, Shelby Co TX.

      NANCY ANN FERRER PEDDY 1825-1890 Mother of Andrew Jackson Peddy 1848-1923
      Nancy Ann Peddy - 2 views.   Nancy Ann FERRER married Dec 14 1846 in Stewart Co GA James C Peddy born 1823.
      SALLY BRAY & ANDREW J PEDDY   Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" BRAY PEDDY 1844-1921 & her husband, Andrew Jackson PEDDY 1848-1923       Return to Sallie in Allied Families

      SALLIE BRAY PEDDY   Sarah Elizabeth Bray April 3 1844 - Nov 20 1921, wife of A J Peddy.
      Sally BRAY PEDDY

      Andrew Peddy & two of his inventions

Sons of Andrew J Peddy, 1848     front left is Luther Lee "Luke" Peddy March 26 1879 - March 15 1955.   Front right is Hubert Ellis Peddy July 25 1875 - (died between July 13 1902 and the 1910 census)     left rear is James Elijah "Jim" Peddy Feb 1 1874 - July 13 1965.     right rear John Allen Peddy Feb 23 1872 - July 11 1952

      Daughters of Andrew J Peddy, 1848       Olllie Mae Peddy Aug 20 1882 - Aug 8 1905.   Elma Elizabeth Peddy May 30 1877 - Sept 30 1893.   Minnie Orrah Peddy Feb 17 1884 - July 23 1916.

        Andrew & Sally Peddy & Son, JIM - & his family    James Elijah "Jim" Peddy; daughter, Eva Peddy; wife, Molly Ward Peddy; daughter, S. Pearl Peddy and Jim's parents, Andrew J and Sallie Bray Peddy.
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John Allen Peddy Family     John A Peddy older family

      Oscar Peddy family   Oscar Allen Peddy was born Jan 23 1899 in Chester Co TN, son of John Allen Peddy.   Oscar's wife, Kathleen was born Sept 8 1907. Their oldest child is J. Allen Peddy.

      Allen Peddy   Jasper Allen PEDDY   Dec 18 1931 Chester Co TN - June 11 2009 Chester Co TN

      Eli Peddy family       Eli & Wilma Peddy and daughter, Charlotte.   Eli born June 24 1904 in Chester Co TN, son of John Allen Peddy.   Wilma was born Sept 17 1912 in Madison Co TN.

      James Thomas "JT" PEDDY, 1925 - 1962  

      James Elijah "Jim" Peddy Feb 1 1874 - July 13 1965.   son of Andrew J and Sallie Bray Peddy.

      James&Molly Peddy&Eva James Elijah Peddy 1874 married Mary Caroline "Molly" Ward. Molly, the daughter of Jessie Bradford Ward and Carolyn Jane Haynes was born Oct 30 1876. She died March 23 1935. Their oldest daughter, Eva Estelle Peddy Jan 11 1903 is also shown.

      Luke Peddy family.   Amba G Peddy born 1909.   Luther Lee "Luke" Peddy born March 26 1879.   Myrtle L Peddy born 1907.   Callie Emiline Woodruff Peddy born Jan 29 1879.   Herschel H Peddy born 1911.

      Luke Peddy & some Grandchildren     See info below the picture.

      Amba Peddy, Herschel Peddy & Myrtle Peddy   Amba Gertrude Peddy 1909-1995, Herschel Hooper Peddy 1911-1968 and Myrtle Lavughn Peddy 1907-  .   Picture taken about May or June 1914.
      Herschel Hooper PEDDY Born Nov 10 1911 Chester Co TN, died Nov 5 1968, Bemis, Madison Co TN. Buried New Friendship Cemetery, Chester Co TN.
      Herschel H Peddy family   (Son of Luke & Callie Woodruff Peddy)   (Info below the picture.)
      Herschel H Peddy & his mother, Callie Woodruff Peddy   Herschel 1911-1968. Callie 1879-1970
      Hensel & Glendel Peddy Two brothers, one born Chester Co TN and the other born in Michigan. Picture taken about 1947-48.
      Glendel W Peddy   Picture taken Summer 2002 - before the beard was grown.

      Ollie Mae Peddy, born Aug 20 1882, daughter of Andrew Jackson and Sally "Sally" Bray Peddy.   Ollie died Aug 8 1905 and she is buried Friendship Cemetery, Chester Co TN.
      Minnie Orrah Peddy Feb 17 1884 - July 23 1916. Minnie married Henry Wafford Key Nov 23 1910 in Chester Co TN.
      Cora E Peddy   Cora Eva PEDDY born Feb 4 1890 in Chester Co TN, daughter of Andrew J & Sally Bray Peddy.   Cora married Frank Seaton.
      Mary Jane WEBB LIGHTSEY   a Grand Daughter of Cora PEDDY SEATON.
      Ernestine "Tina" PEDDY HEROLD Daughter of A. Ernest Peddy.

      Carissa Elizabeth NUNAMAKER     Picture
      Natasha and Carissa NUNAMAKER Picture
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      Mostly Texas people     Picture & Info      

        Texas PEDDY     Group plus 2 from TN.  

      More TEXAS people     Picture & info     

      PEDDY Men       (left to right as though one line)   (1) George E B Peddy   (2) John Allen Peddy, son of Andrew J Peddy.   (3) Bunyon Peddy son of William Henry "Buck" Peddy   (4) John D Fears, son of Narcissia Peddy Fears. (5) Grover C Peddy   (6) Walter Chambers Peddy, son of William H "Buck" Peddy   (7) Thomas Luther "Tom" Peddy, son of William H Peddy   (8) A. Ernest Peddy, son of Andrew J Peddy       PEDDY Men Picture & Information

George E B PEDDY 1892   George Edwin Bailey Peddy, born after his father died, was the son of William Henry "Buck" and Laura Gertrude CHAMBERS PEDDY.                   George E B Peddy Information.

      GEORGE W PEDDY George Washington Peddy born Nov 11 1858 in GA died Feb 26 1905 NM. George's 1st wife (married Jan 5 1881 Shelby Co TX) is Matilda Caroline CASH died Jan 18 1893. Two of their 6 children shown are Cora Lee Peddy born Dec 18 1881 near Tenaha TX & Ocie Oler Peddy born April 28 1883 - died Jan 25 1885.     picture from Jim & Peggy Eck.

      Grover C Peddy, 1889       Grover Cleveland Peddy was born Feb 13 1889 in Shelby Co TX, the son of John Thomas Peddy, 1866 and his wife Lizzie. Grover never married.

      William Randall Peddy and his Grandson, Colton Peddy (taken 2012)

      MAYNOR Picture Some of the children of John Thomas Maynor 1846-1917 and Mary "Molly" Peddy Maynor 1846-1901.
In the photo seated left to right: (6 of their 11 children)   (1) Thomas Alexander Maynor, born Feb 4 1876 died Dec 6 1934 Blount Co AL.   (2) William Franklin "Frank" Maynor, born Sept 29 1867 Lee Co AL. He died Dec 11 1952 Blount Co AL.   (3) Henry Crawford Maynor, born Jan 30 1873 died 1950 Washington DC.
Standing left to right:   (4) Eudell Bertha Maynor, born May 24 1884   (5) Lucy Virginia "Fannie" Maynor, born March 18 1878 died Jan 12 1959 in Birmingham AL.   (6) Minnie Evalina Maynor born Feb 14 1882 died May 16 1928.

John Thomas Maynor is my great-grandfather, Minnie Maynor is my grandmother.
John Thomas Maynor 1846 - 1917   Picture
Adelaide "Addie" PEDDY GARRETT   TombstoneOld Liberty Cemetery, Blount Co, AL   Daughter of James C and Jane PEDDY.   Sister of Molly PEDDY MAYNOR.
pictures from   Rilla H. Mewbourn, Remlap, Blount County, Alabama

      PEDDY REUNION 1990's in Chester Co TN.

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Glendel W "Glen" Peddy

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