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    If you know of a Peddy Reunion PLEASE let me know.    


      We have had 10 PEDDY Reunions (1996-2005) in Chester Co TN.   I thank Allen & Thelma Peddy and all the Others for all the work that they did to put these Reunions together.       The 2005 PEDDY REUNION was held Saturday, APRIL 30 2005 at the New Friendship Community Center, North (actually NNE) of Henderson TN.   Bring any old Pictures, articles, Obituaries notices, etc that you would like to show the group.      
For more information contact Glen Peddy
Hope to see you at a future PEDDY Reunion.
      Many PEDDY come to the Friendship Baptist Church on the First Sunday of May each year. Their Cemetery is decorated on Saturday, before the First Sunday of May each year.
        To get an Internet map go to: Yahoo Maps & type in Henderson TN in the "city, state" block area. Click "Get Map", then click the box below for "recenter only". Click on MIFFLIN ROAD (hwy 200). When the map recenters you will see "New Friendship" North of Henderson & to the left of hwy 200 (Mifflin Road). Zoom in for the exact road. Then zoom in & out as needed to find your way.   You may want to print a map with the local roads shown, if you have never been there to keep from getting lost.   These roads have more curves than the Yahoo Map shows.
We'll see "youall" at the next PEDDY REUNION the 1st Saturday morning in May 2006.
The Community Center is located left of the words "New Friendship" - The small circle is across the road and is in the New Friendship Cemetery & next to the New Friendship Baptist Church.  
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or Friendship Community   zoom in for a better view of Friendship.

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      We have had a Peddy Reunion in Chester County Tennessee for the last several years. It is held on the Saturday BEFORE the 1st Sunday in May at the New Friendship Community Center which is across the road from the New Friendship Church & Cemetery.       Andrew Peddy 1848 - 1923 and many of his descendants are buried in this cemetery.     The New Friendship Community Center is the old two room school building - grades 1 - 8, with a stage where I first attended school.
      This weekend is DECORATION DAY / MEMORIAL DAY for the Church and Cemetery. Many years ago when the Friendship Church only met once a month for Preaching it was on the 1st Sunday of the month and the Pastor had other Churches on the other Sundays and the 5th Sunday was rotated among the 4 churches - thus Friendship Baptist Church had their Memorial Day celebration on the 1st Sunday in May each year.     This tradition continues.   The Church has had a full time Pastor for many years, but Decoration Day is still Saturday before the 1st Sunday in May.
      For more information on the REUNION contact ME       Hope to See you at New Friendship Church and / or Cemetery each year for the Memorial Day Celebration on the 1st Sunday in May and on Saturday before the 1st Sunday in May each year.

PICTURE PEDDY REUNION. Picture taken 1990's at Peddy Reunion in Chester Co TN.   The bottom picture includes only the descendants of Luther Lee "Luke" Peddy.     Not all of Luke's descendants were at the reunion that year. All of his living grandchildren were in the picture.

      The descendants of Andrew and Sally Bray PEDDY met at the New Friendship Community Center for a barbecue luncheon.       Those from the area who attended are Lloyd and Lee Nell King; Allen and Thelma Peddy; Greer, Cynthia, Nathan and Derrick Haynes; Bryan Peddy; Lisa Peddy; Mark Peddy; Brent, Alexis and Justin Peddy; Eddie and Tina Henley; Maurine Talley; Bobby and Lurlene Hysmith; Houston and Faye Carroll; Jerry and Beverly King; Tommy, Nancy, Randy and Emily Connor; Max and LaVerne Lott; Jimmy and Sanndra Shepherd; Shelby and Bonice Henson; Sarah Peddy; and Hensel, Teressa, Dianne and Zachery Peddy.       Also attending were Hubert and Tylene Seaton; Nola Webb; John and Charlotte Webb; Janice, Desiree and Denee Brown; Mary Lightsey; F L Seaton; Lamar Seaton; Carolyn Chaffee; David Smith; Sue Williams; Dwain Seaton; Joe and Melba Seaton; Sue and Hershel Essary; Brian Clifford; Roy Allen and Martha Peddy; John Peddy, and Sean Cullin.       Charles Peddy traveled the fartherest, coming from Farmington NM. Hubert Seaton was the oldest. Justin Peddy was the youngest. and Allen Peddy had the most children in attendance.     Charley and Mary Jordan from Georgia. Glendel "Glen" Peddy from Illinois.   (also many others from out of state, but the Chester County Independent will NOT print out of state names, even though many of them were born locally.)   I, think, the 1997 Reunion was our 2nd reunion in Chester County TN.
      The descendants of Andrew and Sally Bray PEDDY met at the New Friendship Community Center for a barbecue luncheon.       This is the first reunion in Chester Co TN that we held and no Peddy, other than the descendants of Andrew Jackson Peddy 1848-1923 attended. We had a good number of people attending. Those that signed the Guest Book were:   Glen Peddy, Sr   Glen Peddy, Jr   Preston W Peddy   Velma Sells   Maurine Talley   Melba Seaton   Martha & Roy Peddy   Nancy Wells Carr   John Peddy   Mary Wells James   Hubert & Tylene Seaton   Allene Frix   Lloyd & Lee Nell King   Bryan Peddy   Lisa Peddy   Keith & Jill Rhodes   John & Charlotte Webb   Jesse Fisher   Nelma Davis   Allen & Thelma Peddy   Eddie, Tina & Taylor Henley   Nancy & Emily Connor   Leslie & Brett Birl   Kathy Ward   Joyce & Samantha Pruitt   Julia Webb Parchman   Frankie Ross   C. W. & Doris (Carroll) Matthews   Mark & Starla Peddy   Shelby & Bonice Henson   Mary Webb Lightsey   Nola Webb   Ken & Ann Rucker with George, Adam & Emma   Herschel & Sue Essary.   (For those attending and not listed I apologize - please write me or Email me.)

Dictionary of American Family Names, Patrick Hanks, Editor, 2003 edition has: PETTIE Scottish form of Peter.     PEDDY, probably a variant of Peddie.     PETTY, English variant of PETIT. The name is also found in Ireland, the main branch there having been established in County Kerry in the 17th Century by Sir William Petty.

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