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DAR Information - PEDDY
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Some web sites show that their are 39 Confederate Peddy Records and 5 Union Peddy Records. There are more PEDDY shown than what these web sites show.
        Soldier's Name                 Side fought for                         Regiment

A. Peddy, (Alexander Peddy) Confederate, Cavalry 8th Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Terry's - Co H) (1st Rangers - Co K) (8th Rangers) 20th TX Rangers Co C, Private ----- Information

      A. Peddy, Confederate Infantry, 20th Regiment, Texas Infantry (Elmore's) --- (see J J Peddy below)

A. L. Peddy, Private, Confederate, Infantry 7th Regiment, Georgia Infantry   Enlisted May 31 1861.   Discharged Winchester VA June 28 1861 - disability. ---------

Albert Peddy, Confederate, Infantry 5th Regiment, Florida Infantry (John Albert Peddy changed the spelling to Peddie after 1870) Also Co F 8 FL Infantry

Bradford Peddy, Confederate, Cavalry 29th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry ----------

      D. Peddy or David N Peddy   Confederate, 5th Regiment, Georgia State Reserves, Private Co C.   born April 17 1847 Leesburg GA.   David died in Confederate Old Soldiers Home, Atlanta GA Nov 25 1924. Buried Linwood Cemetery, Columbus GA.   Mustered in April 1864 in Macon GA, Co F, Private --------- information         Served in Company C, GA Naval Battalion (?). Filed for a Pension from Muscogee Co GA.   GA Pension Index 750

      D. Peddy, Confederate, Infantry 27th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (Non-Conscripts) Co E Private ---------

      D. C. PEDDY, Confederate, Co C, 3rd Regiment, GA Infantry.     (see David C Peddy) - - - - - -

      David Peddy, Confederate Infantry Capt Thornton's Company, Georgia Infantry (Muscogee Guards) Private -----------------

      David C PEDDY.   Co C, 3 Regiment GA infantry.   Carrie Peddy, widow. --------

      Dr Peddy,   private, 1862, Company A, 32nd Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry - Army of Tennessee from Jasper & Jones Counties, GA.   Transferred to Regimental Band in 1863. -----

      Edward Peddy, Union, US 40th Colored Infantry, Co H. -------

      G. Peddy or George D Peddy, Confederate, 5th Regiment, Georgia State Reserves, Co F,   Mustered in April 1864 in Macon GA.   also Co C and Georgia naval Battalion (?). His widow, Sarah Peddy filed for a Confederate pension from Muscogee Co GA. ----------

G. W. Peddy, Confederate, Infantry 23rd Regiment, Alabama Infantry, Surgeon --------

      George Peddy, Confederate, Infantry 27th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (Non-Conscripts) Co E Private ------

George Peddy, Confederate, Infantry Thornton's Company, Georgia Infantry (Muscogee Guards) Private -------

      George Peddy, Union, Infantry 155th Regiment, New York Infantry Private Co B, also Batty L US Artillery ---------------

George Peddy, Union Infantry, 135th Regiment, US Colored Infantry, Co B, Sergeant. - - - - -

      George B Peddy, (son of Alfred Peddy) Naval Reserves, Co C 5th Reserves Battallion.   After 1880 Mrs Sarah A Peddy applied for a Confederate pension.     George B Peddy, of Columbus GA first served in the State Troops and later in the Naval Battalion (Hardee's). He fought in many battles.

      George W Peddy, Confederate, Infantry 8th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (State Guards) Corporal ---------

George W. Peddy, Confederate, General and Staff Officers, Non-Regimental Enlisted Men, CSA -----------------------

George W. "G W" Peddy, Confederate Infantry, 56th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Co K, Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War to rank May 16, '62. Passed Board at Vicksburg April 6, '62. Sept. 30, 1863, 56th Georgia Regiment. April 30, 1864, no change. -----------------------------

George L PEDDIE, 2nd class fireman, side wheeler steamer CSS Pontchartrain, Arkansas waters, 1862 - 1863. -------------

I. E. Peddy, Confederate Artillery, Kilcrease Light Artillery, Florida. -----------------------

J. C. Peddy, (James C Peddy)   Confederate, Infantry, 3rd Battalion, Georgia Infantry. ----------------------------

J. C. Peddy, Confederate Infantry, 31st Regiment, Georgia Volunteers Infantry, Co F & Co B.   Evans Brigade, Gordon's Division, Private. Substitute for J. C. Wimberley. --------------------

J. C. Peddy, Confederate Infantry, 7th Regiment, Georgia Infantry ----------------

J. H. Peddy, Confederate Infantry, 12th Regiment, Louisiana Infantry -----------------------------------------------

J. J. Peddy, Confederate Infantry, 20th Regiment, Texas Infantry (Elmore's) Co G --   (This is most likely Jeremiah Peddy, brother to Alexander Peddy above.)   --------

J. T. Peddy, Confederate Infantry, 7th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, -----------------------

J. A. Peddy, Confederate Artillery, Dyke's Company, Florida Light Artillery , -------------------

James Peddy, Private, Confederate Infantry, July 17 1863, Co F, 64th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Muscogee Co GA).   Deserted October 1, 1864. Took oath of allegiance to U. S. Govt. at City Point, Va., October 15, 1864. Received at Washington, D. C., a Confederate deserter, October 17, 1864. Took oath of allegiance again and transportation furnished to Cincinnati, Ohio. -------------------------------

James Peddy, Confederate Infantry, 9th Regiment, Louisiana Infantry. Co K   and   Co A, Moore Fencibles, Claiborne Parish LA,   also see J. H. Peddy ------------

James H. Peddy, Confederate, Artillery, 12th Battalion, Georgia Light Artillery, Co B & Co A, Private, Enlisted 5/1/63, Sandersville GA, Teamster,   In hospital 5/30/64 - 6/16/64, Present 12/13/64.   Also see Info --------

    Jeremiah Peddy, Confederate, Co B, 3rd Louisiana Infantry, Private.   Mary Peddy, Winn Parish LA applied for a land grant as his widow. ---------

John Peddy, Confederate, Infantry, 154th Senior Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (1st Tennessee Volunteers) -------------------

John C. Peddy, Private July 12 1861. Confederate.   Capt Bradford's Co F 3rd Battalion, (Muscogee Co GA, Jackson Avengers) Georgia. Columbus GA,   Died in Ladies' Hospital at Lynchburg, Va. October 16, 1861. Buried during the Civil War in Old City Cemetery, Lynchburg VA, No. 6, 5th Line, Lot 159. - - ----

John A. Peddy, Confederate Artillery, Kilcrease Light Artillery, Florida. --------------------------------

John A. Peddy, Confederate Cavalry, 3rd Regiment, North Carolina Cavalry -----------------------------------

John H. Peddy, Confederate Infantry, 11th Regiment, Georgia Infantry ------------------

John Taylor Peddy, born Sept 27 1838 (son of Alexander George Peddy).     3rd Sergeant, Confederate Infantry, 7th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Enlisted May 31 1861, Co G "Franklin Volunteers".   Transferred to Co K & appointed Ordance Sergeant Dec 31 1862.   Discharged at Appomattox VA April 9 1865 on Lee's surrender.     Furloughed Feb 21 1865.   Paroled at Talladega AL June 3 1865.   His widow, Martha Brewer Peddy later drew a pension while living in Florida.

      Joseph C Peddy       On the grave of J C (James C) Peddy in Blount Co AL is a Confederate marker for Joseph C Peddy. This is an ERROR on the part of a descendant.   Joseph C Peddy did NOT fight in the Civil War. James C Peddy fought with Georgia Units, not Alabama units. [I have NOT found any Joseph Peddy fighting in the Civil War.] ---------

      Lemmon (or Lemon) Peddy,     Union, Infantry, 111th Regiment, Co H, United States Colored Infantry and Co H 3rd Alabama Colored Infantry.   Also known as Clark Petty. --------------------

      M. Peddy, Confederate, Sharpshooters, 30th Battalion, Virginia Sharpshooters (Clarke's) Martin Petty - not Peddy ---------------

      S. H. PEDDY, Pvt Co F 42 Virginia. Died as POW and b uried Woodlawn National Cemetry, Elmira NY.     Probably Samuel Peay or Samuel Pevy. ----------

T. J. Peddy, Confederate, Artillery, Pruden's Battery, Georgia Artillery (State Troops)   Also Gordon's Battery, GA Artillery, private. ---------

T. J. Peddy, Confederate Infantry, 8th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (State Guards) Co E & Co A, private -------     Information

      T J Peddy, Confederate, Co D, 1st GA, Longstreet Brig.     Information

      Thomas Beverly Peddy, Confederate Home Guard, on Muster Roll Loachapoka AL Sept 20 1864 as T B Peddy, age 50, Private, enlisted Sept 15 1864 Macon Co AL.   he was in W. E. Vaughn's Company.  (Ala Dept Archives & History shows a nickname of "Posey".)

      Thomas Peddy, Union, Infantry 135th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry,   also Co H 111th US Colored Infantry, Co K 10 US Calvery -------------   information

      Thomas Peddy, confederate, Co H 3rd ALABAMA Confederate Infantry.   Vinnie Peddy Widow ---------

      Thomas J Peddy.     T. J. Peddy served in Capt John Cottonís Battery of Artillery. Recruited at Milledgeville Ga, part of Caperís Battalion.   He 1st volunteered Co D, 1st GA Regiment, 2nd joined Caperís Battalion.     Anna E. Peddy, widow of Thos J. Peddy, Co B, GA - 1st applied Aug 27 1901. (She died July 11 1936.) Application dated July 29 1901 contains several papers including one dated Sept 10 1894.

W. B. Peddy, Confederate Artillery, 14th Battalion, Georgia Light Artillery (Montgomery's) Co A. ---------------

W. B. Peddy, Confederate Artillery, Havis' Battery, Georgia Light Artillery -------------------------------

W. J. (William Jeremiah) Peddy, Confederate Infantry, Co D 8th Regiment Alabama,   W. J. Peddy's Mounted Infantry.   Peddyís Mounted Infantry of Tallapoosa Co AL Militia   1864 Homeguard -------

William W "W. W." Peddy, Private, July 12 1861, Confederate Infantry, 3rd Battalion, Georgia Volunteer Infantry (Muscogee Co, Jackson Avengers). Discharged, disability, December 6, 1861. -----------------

William Peddy, Private, Confederate Infantry, April 22 1862. Co C, 46th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Muscogee Volunteers). Died at Griffin, Ga June 17, 1864. ----------------------

William Peddy, Union Infantry, 10th Regiment, Missouri Infantry, ----------------

William B. Peddy, Confederate Infantry, 1st Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Ramsey's) Pvt. -------------------
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