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Information this section from:   John White   Wolverhampton UK.   2005


          William PEDDY was the father of James Peddy born about 1800.


James PEDDY, born about 1800 married 1st Eliza Bicknell on April 9 1827 in Mark.       A different Bicknelll site
Eliza Bicknell baptised July 27 1800 in S. Brent was the daughter of George Bicknell baptised July 25 1773 in Spaxton. George married April 15 1799 Sarah Jervis baptised March 4 1767 in S. Brent.   [George Bicknell was buried June 9 1827 in Mark and Sarah Jervis Bicknell was buried July 5 1835 in Mark.]
      Children of James Peddy and Eliza Bicknell. THIRD GENERATION
(1) Ann Peddy baptised March 23 1828 in Mark
(2) George Peddy baptised March 7 1830 in Penarth
(3)William Peddy baptised Oct 21 1832. He was buried Dec 23 1834.
(4) Sarah Peddy baptised May 17 1835 was buried Oct 2 1836.
(5) Samuel Peddy baptised June 18 1837
(6) Joseph or John Peddy born Aug 11 1840.
      Eliza Bicknell PEDDY died April 19 1852. James Peddy married second Susan LANE, widow, Sept 29 1856 - no children this marriage. James died Nov 17 1868.


(1) Ann PEDDY {dau of James & Eliza BICKNELL PEDDY} baptized March 23 1828 at Mark married first, Henry Viner June 7 1849.  
(1) Job Viner born 1850
(2) Celia Viner born 1852.
(3) Eliza Viner born 1853.
      Ann married second June 29 1862, Joseph BOWN.   (Joseph lodged with Ann for some years before he married her - this was after her first husband died.) Sarah Ann was listed as VINER in the 1861 census, but BOWN later. She is probably a Bown.   Children:
(4) Sarah Ann Bown born 1859
(5) Walter Bown born 1862
(6) Henry Bown born 1866
(7) William Charles Bown born 1867
(8) Frank Bown born 1869
(9) Ellen Bown born 1874.
    Ann BOUNDS (sic) was buried December 18 1920.

      (John White reports that the earliest spelling that he has found for this family is BOWNE, the most common is BOWN, but BOUN, BOUND, BOUNS and BOUNDS are also found. Except for the last entry the most common spelling, Bown is used for all the rest.)

(2) George Peddy baptised March 7 1830 at Penarth, Glamorgan, S. Wales [son of James & Eliza BICKNELL PEDDY] married March 29 1850 Caroline Bown (a cousin of Joseph above) baptised June 19 1831 at Middlezoy. (George died Dec 22 1905 & Caroline died March 18 1902)     (Note: Caroline Bown took the EMERY name when her mother married in 1834).       Sarah Bown site
(1) James Peddy baptized Sept 14 1851
[2] Thomas Peddy baptized March 26 1854.
(3) Eliza Peddy baptized Feb 15 1857. Buried April 25 1858.
(4) Sarah Peddy baptized Feb 6 1859. Buried July 25 1861.
[5] Mary Ann Peddy born Jan 9 1861
(6) George Lott Peddy baptized July 19 1863. buried June 30 1864
[7] Joseph Peddy born July 12 1865 (immigrated to USA)   Joseph Peddy info
[8] Emily Eliza Peddy born Oct 25 1867
[9] George Peddy born March 13 1870     Information  
(10) Charles Henry Peddy born Jan 6 1873.   Drowned   Buried April 7 1877
(11) William Peddy born Feb 16 1875.   Buried May 20 1875.

(5) Samuel Peddy born June 18 1837 {son of James & Eliza BICKNELL PEDDY} married Ann LUXTON. (Samuel buried June 22 1895)  
  (1) James Peddy baptized Mar 2 1865, buried March 6 1865
  (2) Eliza Peddy born 1869
  (3) Lucy Ann Peddy born 1873.


[2] Thomas Peddy born March 26 1854 (son of George & Caroline Bown Peddy) was buried June 23 1883. (Note: Caroline Bown took the EMERY name when her mother married in 1834).   Thomas married Jan 7 1876 Eliza BRYNE.  
(1) Mary Ann Peddy born about 1870 (Possible Thomas's daughter and he had to wait until age 21 to marry.)
(2) Caroline Peddy born about 1877 Winscombe
(3) William David Peddy born about 1880 Winscombe
(4) Margaret Mary Peddy born 1882 Winscombe

[5] Mary Ann Peddy (daughter of George & Caroline Bown Peddy) born Jan 9 1861. She died Aug 22 1917. She married Sept 27 1887 Henry White.  
(1) Henry Charles White born 1887 Derbyshire, died 1962 Mickley, Derbyshire.
(2) James White born 1890 Derbyshire, died 1974 Stonebroom, Derbyshire.
(3) Thomas William White born 1893 Derbyshire, died 1960 Alfreton, Derbyshire.
(4) Hilda Mary White born 1895 Derbyshire, died 1898 Morton, Derbyshire.
(5) Daughter born and died 1897 Morton, Derbyshire.
(6) John White born 1889 Morton, Derbyshire, Killed in action in 1916 in France.
(7) Frederick George White born 1901 Morton, Derbyshire, died 1983 Sutton-inAshfield, Nottinghamshire.

[7] See Joseph Peddy family at: Joseph Peddy info    

[8]Emily Peddy born Oct 25 1867 (daughter of George & Caroline Bown Peddy) died April 25 1941. Emily married in the summer of 1891 William Martin.  
(1) Herbert Martin born 1890 Somerset. Killed in road accident 1939. Buried Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.
(2) Beatrice Cary Martin born 1894 Somerset, died 1965 Cossington.
(3) Eva Gladys Martin born 1905 Cossington, died 1980 Cossington.

[9] George Peddy born March 13 1870 (son of George & Caroline Bown Peddy) was buried Nov 18 1952. George married May 20 1894, Ann Mock.         Descendancy or Descendancy-2
(1) Annie Peddy born 1895   married Sept 23 1920 at Hull, East Yorkshire England, Charles Arthur GREEN.
(2) Florence Peddy born 1897
(3) Bertha Peddy born 1899   married Frank Pontin
(4) Caroline Peddy born 1901. Buried Aug 20 1943.     married William J Richards
(5) George Peddy born 1903 was buried Sept 7 1970.
(6) Mary Peddy born 1905
(7) Richard Peddy born 1908.
All Events at Huntspill, Somerset, except where noted.   Other locations in Somerset, except where a different county is named.
Information above here from:   John White   Wolverhampton UK.   2005

Information this section (below) from:   Allen WARREN   UK.   2008

Samuel PEDDY   Samuel was baptised on 18th June 1837.
In 1851 Samuel was living at home with his parents, James and Eliza, on the Turnpike Road. Aged 13 he was described as a "Labourer".
The 1861 Census shows Samuel as "Farm Labourer" but strangely there is no "Head" of family shown. There are three farm labourers all shown as lodgers. No address is given but the Tilley family is on the previous page so they are likely to be in the Alstone Road area. Samuel appears not to have had a regular job. Census returns show Brickyard Labourer, Agricultural Labourer and General Labourer.
On 1st November 1863 Samuel married Ann Luxton at Pawlett Parish Church (Reg. Cert. shows Luxton as Lupton). Both are shown as resident in Pawlett. Why and why not married at Huntspill? Both were in Huntspill in 1861 and they were in Huntspill in 1871. Ann was about 9 years older than Samuel.
Samuel was another Peddy who married a woman who had an illegitimate child.
Ann LUXTON   Ann’s birthplace is a bit of a mystery. An Ann Luxton appears on the 1841 Census, aged 12, at Broscombe in the village of Bratton Clovelly, Devon. She is a F.S. (Female Servant in a farmer’s family of Luxtons (James & Agnes both 65). Next door but one is another Luxton family (also James but aged 40 and therefore more likely to be her father. James was her father’s name on the marriage certificate. There is a gap between two boys, ages 15 and 8 so 12 would fit nicely). However, later Census returns give Bow, Uplowman, Uploman, Ufculme, (I have searched Parish registers for Uplowman and Uffculme and can find no record), and Pawlett & Wellington (both Somerset) as Ann’s birthplace!
The 1851 Census shows an Ann as a House Servant with another Luxton family (relations?) in North Tawton in Devon.
In the 1861 Census Ann was a Dairymaid on a farm in Withy Road, West Huntspill, birthplace given as Pawlett. But on 31st May 1859 Ann Luxton had given birth to Mary Jane Luxton in the Union Workhouse, Bridgwater (Reg. Cert.). Samuel later took responsibility for Mary Jane. The 1861 Census for Newton St. Petrock, Devon records Mary Jane as living with Elizabeth Skinner, a widow, a Glover and her grandmother. (Was the father Elizabeth’s son?). Mary Jane’s birthplace is shown as Merton, Devon! Had Ann come to Somerset to avoid scandal at home and had she gone to Pawlett to earn the right to use the Bridgwater Workhouse?
Samuel & Ann: Life Together. The Baptismal Register for Huntspill records the births of three children, the first of whom died.
Baptisms:   March 2nd 1865 # James son of Samuel & Ann Peddy Labourer   # Privately. Died same day.
1869 Jan. 24th Eliza d. " " " " "
1873 March 2nd * Lucy Anna d. " " " " "   *(born Jan. 26th)
Burials:   March 6th 1865   James Peddy 1 day son of Samuel & Ann
1871 Census: Mary Jane, aged 12, is with Samuel and Ann and this time is shown as born Bridgwater.
1881 Census: Ann is a Laundress and Eliza and Lucy Anna are Scholars.
Marriage:     Eliza married a railway worker from Bristol. Lucy Anna was a witness at the wedding but there is no record of her own marriage in Huntspill. (Still to be followed up: a marriage in 1894 in the Axbridge District)
1890 Sept. 4th Eliza Peddy Spinster, 21, Servant, (f = Samuel Peddy) m. Ernest John Palmer Bachelor, 20, Platelayer from St Luke’s, Bristol (f = William Palmer). Both signed, therefore literate. Witnesses: Samuel Peddy and Lucy Anna Peddy.
1891 Census: No children at home. Ann is still a Laundress.
Samuel’s Death:   Samuel died in 1895   May 22nd 1895 Samuel Peddy, aged 58.
1901 Census: Ann is shown as a widow, aged 72, living alone but still a "Wash Laundress".
Ann’s Death:   Ann died in 1901
1901 12th June aged 72 at 7 Stuart Street, Bristol from “Carcinoma of the bowel”. Son-in-law, Ernest J Palmer, was present at death so it looks as though Ann spent her last days with her daughter, Eliza, and son-in-law (see 1890 marriage.
Thomas was born on 15th February 1854 and baptised at West Huntspill Parish Church on 26th March 1854 the son of George and Caroline Peddy.
CENSUS Returns:   1861 New Road, Huntspill,   George Peddy, 33, Farm Labourer, Wales;   Caroline, " 32, South Brent;   James " 10;   Thomas " 7;   Sarah " 2;   Mary Ann " 3 mths.  
In 1871 he was employed as a 7quot;Farm Serv Indoors" by John Chapman, a farmer of 68 acres, in Banwell, Somerset.
By 1881 Thomas was married and living in Winscombe with Eliza and three children.
Two children were Thomas’s but when in January 1876 he married Eliza Bryne she brought a daughter, Mary Ann, to the marriage. Eliza had two other children, and all three were apparently illegitimate. The 1871 Census records Eliza Bryne as being an inmate of the Axbridge Union Workhouse. Also there, are Thomas Bryne aged, 6 born in Churchill; Maria Bryne aged 4, born in Theale; and Mary Ann Bryne aged 10 months, born in Compton Bishop. Eliza’s birthplace was given as Westbury. The Parish Register records “Eliza daughter of Esau (Labourer) & Hannah Byrne baptised June 23rd 1844, born May 25th 1844”. All birthplaces are in Somerset. (I have checked the relevant Parish Registers for the children and can find no baptisms recorded.) What happened to Thomas and Maria is not known. I cannot find them in the 1881 census.
1881 Winscombe
Thomas Peddy, Head, 27, Lab Huntspill
Eliza, Wife, 30# Westbury
Mary Ann , Dau, 11, Scholar Axbridge
Caroline " Dau, 4, " Winscombe
William David " Son, 1, "
# Aged 28 on 1871 census!
Caroline Peddy. 6th August 1876 dau of Thomas & Eliza. Abode = Winscombe.
William David Peddy. 21st Sept 1879 son of Thomas & Eliza. Abode = Barton.
Margaret Mary Peddy. 12th November 1882 dau of Thomas & Eliza. Abode = Woodborough. Margaret Mary died in infancy in the 1st quarter of 1883
Death of Thomas:   Thomas died on the 18th June 1883 aged 29 from “Meningitis 17 days Exhaustion”.
Eliza had to cope with the death of her husband and a child in the first 6 months of 1883.
Subsequent Censuses showed:
1891:   Eliza (44) a washerwoman with William David still in Woodborough a part of Winscombe.
Mary Peddy (22) a General Domestic Servant with a family (Hemmins) in Battersea, London. The whole family apart from Elisabeth Hemmins, the wife, were born in Winscombe and as the youngest child is only 3 it would seem that the family with Mary had come to London quite recently. Samuel Hemmins (43) is described as "Vanman to Bakers etc".
Caroline Peddy (15) a servant on a farm in Winscombe.
  1901:     Eliza (still 44!), still a widow, still in Winscombe and now described as a charwoman.
William Peddy. The only reference of the right age was found in a Scots Guard barracks in Glencorse, Midlothian but his place of birth was given as Stirling.
There was no trace of Mary and Caroline. They had probably married and changed their names.
Information this section (above) from:   Allen WARREN   UK.   2008

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Agnes PEDDY, (female) born about 1809 arrived in New York June 29 1852 on the ship Copnway from Glasgow Scotland.

Alx PEDDIE, born about 1845 arrived June 6 1853 in New York on the ship Statira Morse from Glasgow Scotland.

Andrew PEDDY was the son of John Peddy.   Andrew Peddy was an indweller to William COWAN, the younger, for 7 years.   Recorded Sept 9 1784 as an apprentice in Edinburg, Midlothia, SCOTLAND.

David PEDDY lived on Davies Street, Berkeley-square in London England and he was a baker in December 1831.   David Peddy's wife assisted him in the bakery.

David PEDDY, born about 1810 arrived in New York July 12 1851 on the ship "Huron of Boston" from Glasgow Scotland.

Edgar PEDDY was born in England in 1833. Married Sarah Archer about 1855. Sarah died in California.    

      Giles PEDDY scored Wickets in April 2003 in a victory for Oxfordshire against Oxford & Horspath.     In April 2004 it appears that Giles Peddy has played his last game of Cricket for Oxfordshire. He has a shoulder injury that has affected his bowling for some time.   Giles was a former St Edward's School pupil, who plays for Hamstead.

James PEDDY, born about 1833 arrived in New York Nov 3 1853 on the ship Forest King from Liverpool England.

John PEDDY, age 32, arrived on the ship MEDIATOR in New York on August 28 1845 from London, Great Britian.

John PEDDY, born about 1837 arrived at Manhattan, NY, Feb 26 1884 on the ship Arizonia from England. He was a farmer and age 47.

Joseph PEDDY, born about 1821 arrived May 31 1853 in New York on the ship Adonis from Greenock Scotland.  

Joseph PEDDY, born about 1866 arrived March 2 1887 in New York on the ship Gallia from Liverpool England and Queenstown Ireland.

Mrs PEDDIE, (female) born about 1813 arrived June 6 1853 in New York on the ship Statira Morse from Glasgow Scotland.

Sarah PEDDY born 1766 married June 7 1796 in the Parish Church of The Holy Trinity at Hull, York, England to William STORY.

Emilie PEDDY link     SCOTLAND

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Janet PEDDY, female, age 70, born Angus. . . . enumerated Arbroath-Angus, dist 4, page 14, lives Old Shorehead.       Also research Patie, Pattie, Peadie, Pedie, Peddie, Petie, Pettie, Pode, Pottie, Pyott.
Barney PEDDY, 40, male, born Ireland.   1841 Resides Cadder, Lanarkshire.
Donald PEDDY, 15, male, born Pertshire.   1841 Resides Blairgwrie, Pertshire.
Elisabeth PEDDY, 50, female born Pertshire.   1841 Resides Cargill, Pertshire
Janet PEDDY, 45, female, born Stirlingshire.   1841 Resides Airth, Stirlingshire.
Janet PEDDY, 70, female, born Forarshire.   1841 resides Arbroath, Forarshire.
Helen PEDDY, 21, female, born Stirlingshire.   1841 resides Airth, Stirlingshire.
Also research PEDDIE.

Research Paddie, Paddy, Patey, Peddie, Pettie, Petty, etc.
George Peddy, head, 33, Farm laborer, born Wales;   Caroline Peddy, wife, 32, born South Brent, Somerset, England;   James Peddy, son, 10, scholar, born Huntspill Somerset England;   Thomas Peddy, son, 7, born Huntspill Somerset;   Sarah Peddy, dau, 2, born Huntspill Somerset;   Mary Ann Peddy, dau, 3 months old, born Huntspill Somerset.     Enumerated Huntspill Somerset.

Joseph Peddy, head, 20;   Sarah Peddy, wife, 19, born Liverpool Lancashire, England.     Enumerated Burslem Staffordshire.

Perce PEDDY, head, 42, shoe maker,born Ireland;   Hannah Peddy, wife, 38, born Ireland;   Perce Peddy, son, 18, shoe maker, born Lancashire, Liverpool, England;   Mary Peddy, dau, 15, book binders;   Robert Peddy, son, 14, shoe maker;   John Peddy, son, 10, scholar;   James Peddy, son, 6, scholar;   Ellen Peddy, dau, under 1 month. . . . . . . all children born Liverpool, Lancashire, England. . . . . . enumerated at Liverpool, Lancashire.

George PEDDY, father in law, age - maybe 54, ag labor;   William MEAD, head, 30, mason;   Elizabeth Mead, wife, 31;   Frank Mead, son, 8;   Norwood Mead, son, 5;   Jimmie Mead, dau, 2. . . . . all born Stalbridge, Dorset, England. . . . . enumerated Stalbridge, Dorset.

Mary PEDDY, servant, 22, born Scotland Perth, house maid for George and Ann Rackhouse ages 82 & 75. . . . . enumerated Stoke, Middlese x,

Jeremiah PEDDY, lodger, 21, agricultural laborer, born St Faiths, Norfolk, England; .   enumerated with William _______, age 24, agricultural labor; . . . enumerated at Felthorpe Norfolk.

Philip PEDDY, head, 55, cabinet maker;   Thresa R Peddy, dau, 17,   both born at Devonport, Devon, England. . . . enumerated at East Stonehouse, Devon.

James PEDDY, in Royal Navy, rank - Ord, single, 22.

Richard PEDDY, head, 69, groom, born Lancaster, Lancashire, England;   Elizabeth Peddy, wife, 54, born Salgate, Lancashire, England. . . . . enumerated Lancaster, Lancashire.

Philip PEDDY, 22, on ship Cornwall, Carp crew, born Stoke, Devon, England.

Solomon PEDDY, married, age 38, in Royal Navy, African Labor, born Africa - naturalized citizen.

S. Jane PEDDY, 21, servant, pauper, birthplace - not shown, . . . . enumerated Charles, Devon.

Samuel PEDDY, 23, lodger, farm labor, born Huntspill Somerset England, . . . . . enumerated Huntspill Somerset.

1871 BRITISH CENSUS   Partial
George PEDDY, born 1830 Wales;   Caroline Peddy, wife, born 1831 East Brent Somerset England;   Joseph Peddy, son, born about 1865 Huntspill Somerset England;   Emily Eliza Peddy, daughter, born 1869 Huntspill Somerset England;   George Peddy, son, born 1870 Huntspill Somerset England. . . . . . . . . . enumerated Huntspill Somerset England.

Thomas PEDLEY or PEDDY, head, 46, coke inspector, born Yorkshire England;   Hannah Peddy, 41, born Cumberland Brurasite;   John James Peddy, 17, _____ laborer, born Crook, Durham, England;   Thos William Peddy, 7, born Crook, Durham England. . . . . . enumerated Crook with Billy Row, Durham.


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1881 British Census   Partial
      Andrew PEDDY, Lodger, martial status unknown, male, 33, born Dalketh, Engine Fitter;     Enumerated with Ann Harrison (age65) family at: 188 Stephenson St,   Tynemouth, Northumberland, England   Page # 62

      Jane PEDDY, 19, female, born Plymouth, Devon Shire, England, servant of Emma Parker, 61, widow. . . . . . . census taken 43 Headland Park, Plymouth Charles the Matyr, Devon Shire, England, page 34.

      Frederick B. PEDDY, Head, married, 37, born Cambridge, England, Stone Quarryman;   Anne PEDDY, wife, 37, born Bristol, Gloucester, England, Home Duties;   Hannah PEDDY, daughter, 10, born Edenfield, Lancashire, England, Scholar;   Elizabeth PEDDY, daughter, 8, born Shawforth, Lancashire, England, Scholar;   Emily PEDDY, daughter, 5, born Shawforth, Lancashire, England, Scholar;   Jane PEDDY, daughter, 3, born Shawforth, Lancashire, England.   Fredrick B. PEDDY, son, 1, born Shawforth, Lancashire, England.     enumerated at Spotland, Lancashire, England, page # 59.

      George PEDDY Head Married Male 51 Huntspill Farmer 20 Acres;   Caroline PEDDY Wife Married Female 51 East Brent;   Joseph PEDDY Son Male 15 Huntspill Scholar;   Emily PEDDY Daughter Female 13 Huntspill Scholar;   George PEDDY Son Male 11 Huntspill Scholar;         Home on   Withy Road   Census Place, Huntspill, Somerset, England.   Page # 8

      Kate PEDDY, servant, unmarried, Female, 15, born at Wedmore, Somerset, England; enumerated with     Henry HARSE, head, 50, born at Bleadon, Somerset, England, Farmer Of 60 Acres;   Ellen Harse, wife, 38, born at Berrow, Somerset, England;   Alice Harse, daughter, 7, born Barton, Somerset, England;   Ellen Harse, daughter, 9, born Barton, Somerset, England;   Henry HALLE, unmarried, 18, born Bleadon, Somerset, England, Farm Servant. . . . . . house at   Barton Hamlet, enumerated Winscombe, Somerset, England.

      Mary PEDDY, head, widow, female, 53, born Rotherhithe, Surrey, England;   Thomas Peddy, son, 21, born Bermondsey, Surrey, England, mason;   Annie Peddy, daughter, 17, born Bermondsey, Surrey, England, Domestic Servant;   Eliza Peddy, daughter, born Bermondsey, Surrey, England. . .   house 57 Raymouth Rd,   enumerated Rotherhithe, Surrey, England.   page 14.

      Philip PEDDY, head, 41, born Stoke, Devon, England, Naval Pensioner;   Eve Peddy, wife, 52, born Plymouth, Devon, England;   William J. Peddy, son, unmarried, 24, born Ireland, Baker;   Philip B. Peddy, son, unmarried, 23, born Ireland, Shipwright;   Jane A. Peddy, daughter, 20, born Ireland, in School;   George Peddy, son, 12, born Plymouth, Devon, England, in School;   Samuel Peddy, relative, male, 12, born Plymouth, Devon, England, General Servant;   William PENGELLY, relative, widow, 84, born Brent, Devon, England, Labourer. Harriett BRUMMAGE, visitor, unmarried, Plymouth, Devon, England, Shop Assistant. . . . . house, Higher Compton   enumerated Compton Gifford, Devon, England, page 26.

      Samuel PEDDY, head, married, 43, born at Huntspill, Somerset, England, Agricultural Labor;   Ann PEDDY, wife, 52, born Ufculme, Devon, England, Laundress;   Eliza PEDDY, daughter, 12, born Huntspill, Somerset, England, Scholar;   Lucy Anna PEDDY, daughter, 8, born Huntspill, Somerset, England, Scholar;     Enumerated at: Huntspill, Somerset, England,   Page # 18.

      Susan PEDDY, Mother (Head), widow, female, 72, born Huntspill, Somerset, England, Nurse;   Enumerated at Ashton Road,   Huntspill, Somerset, England   Page # 23

      Thomas PEDDY, head, 27, born at Huntspill, Somerset, England, laborer;   Eliza Peddy, wife, 30, born Westbury, Somerset, England;   Mary Ann Peddy, daughter, 11, born Axbridge, Somerset, England, Scholar;   Caroline Peddy, daughter, 4, born Winscombe, Somerset, England, Scholar;   William David Peddy, son, 1, born Winscombe, Somerset, England. . . . .   lives at: Barton Hamlet. Enumerated at Winscombe, Somerset, England.  

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1891 British Census
      Amelia R PEDDY, servant, single, F 16, General Servant/domestic, born Devon - Plymouth, Census taken at: Plymouth Charles   Living with Matilda WILLS
      Elizabeth PEDY, Boarder, single, female, 63, Laundress (Em'ee), born Suffolk - Woodbridge     Living with Ann Carter, 58, Laundress.     Census taken at Brighton
      Philip PEDDY, head, married, M, 52, Pensioner, born Devon - Stoke Damerell;   Ede PEDDY, wife, married, F, 63, born Devon - Plymouth;   George PEDDY, son, single, 21, Laborer(Em'ee), born Devon - Plymouth.   Census taken at Plymouth Charles
      J William PEDDY, head, married, M, 33, Laborer(Em'ee), born Ireland - Cork Queenstown;   Emma PEDDY, wife, F, 38, born Devon - Egg Buckland;   George PEDDY, son, 6, born Devon - Egg Buckland.   Census taken at Plymouth Charles.
      There are also Pady, Paddy, Pado, Patey, Payde, Pead, Peat, Peddie, Pett, Petty, Pitt, Poad, Poat, Poate, Pote, Puddy, Puttie, Pyatt in this census.

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1901 British Census
    Name   Age   Where Born   Administrative County   Civil Parish   Occupation
Albert Peddy   14   Aldershott Hants     Kent     Gillingham     Shipwright Apprentice D G
Alfred Peddy   9   Ireland Dublin    Staffordshire     Hanley     Scholar
Ann Peddy   57   Healaugh     York     Reeth       Living With ...
Ann Peddy   72   Wellington Somerset     Somerset     Huntspill     Retired Laundress
Annie Peddy   5   Somerset Tiverton     Somerset     Huntspill
Annie Peddy   29   Somerset Mark     Somerset    Huntspill
Bertha Peddy   2   Somerset Huntspill     Somerset     Huntspill
Caroline Peddy   2 months   Somerset Huntspill     Somerset    Huntspill
Caroline Peddy   70   East Brent Somerset     Somerset     Huntspill
Constance Peddy   4 Months   Bedford     London     Islington
Eliza Peddy   44   Somerset Westbury     Somerset     Winscombe     Charwoman
Elizabeth Peddy   4   New Brompton Kent     Kent     Gillingham
Elizabeth Peddy   37   Old Brompton     Kent     Gillingham
Emily Peddy   37   Bedford     London     Islington
Emma Peddy   55   Devon Egg Buckland     Devon     Plymouth     Laundress
Florence Peddy   2   London     Staffordshire     Hanley
Florence Peddy   4   Somerset Highbridge     Somerset     Huntspill
Frederick Peddy   12   Aldershott Hants     Kent     Gillingham    Grocer Errand Boy
George Peddy   16   Devon Plymouth     Devon     Plymouth     Carpenters Apprentice
George Peddy   31   Somerset Huntspill     Somerset     Huntspill     Railway Engine Stoker
George Peddy   71   Wales     Somerset     Huntspill     Farmer
Gerry Peddy   24   Winscombe Somerset     London     St Marylebone      Housemaid Domestic
Harriet Peddy   41   Devon Plymouth     Southampton     Portsmouth
Isabella Peddy   14   Staffordshire Hanley     Staffordshire     Hanley
Isabella Peddy   54   Healaugh    York     Reeth     Housekeeper
James Peddy   12   Staffordshire Hanley     Staffordshire     Hanley      Scholar
Laura Peddy   5   Staffordshire Hanley     Staffordshire     Hanley      Scholar
Lavinia Peddy   6   Ireland Dublin     Staffordshire     Hanley     Scholar
Lavinia Peddy   33   Staffordshire Hanley     Staffordshire     Hanley     Potters Ware Cleaner
Mable Peddy   17   Hants Portsmouth     Southampton     Portsmouth      Dressmaker
Maud Peddy   16   Hants Portsmouth     Southampton     Portsmouth
Nora Peddy   7   New Brompton Kent     Kent     Gillingham
Percy Peddy   10   New Brompton Kent     Kent     Gillingham
Philip Peddy   14   Hants Portsmouth     Southampton     Portsmouth
Philip Peddy   42   Cork Ireland     Southampton     Portsmouth     Shipwright H M Dockyard
Samuel Peddy   30   Plymouth     London     Islington     General Labourer
Sarah Peddy   45   Limehouse London     Middlesex     (no civil parish)         Charring
Thomas Peddy   59   Healaugh Reeth In County York       York     Reeth    Farmer & Carter
William Peddy   2   Hants Portsmouth     Southampton     Portsmouth
William Peddy   22   Somerset Winscombe     London     Islington    Railway Porter
William Peddy   43   Devonport Devon     Kent     Gillingham     Shipwright Gun Wharf Maker
William Peddy   43   Ireland Queens Town     Devon     Plymouth     Skilled Labourer Building

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      Will of Nicholaes Pedy, Widower of Arenbergh Street in Antwerp   Date 25 November 1723   PROB 11/594   Dept Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
      Will of Thomas Peddy,   Bachelor late belonging to Their Majesty's Ship Reserve   21 October 1689   PROB 11/397     Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
      Will of James Peddy otherwise Pedday,   Seaman belonging to His Majesty's Ship Ramillies now in Portsmouth Harbour   14 April 1760   PROB 11/855     Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

WAR 1812
      The British Navy had silenced the American Navy and they were prepared to attack New Orleans.     Jan 18 1815, a report to Government in London.     Lieutenant PEDDY was part of a landing party of the British. They pulled a canoe a distance of about 8 miles and landed within a mile and a half of the high road to and about six miles below New Orleans. They were sent to reconnoiter the Bayou Catalan (or Bienvenu) returning with a favorable report of its position for disembarking the Army.     The Annual Register, articles from London Gazette Jan 18 1815, regarding an unsuccessful attempt to gain possession of the enemy's lines near New Orleans. British Troops raided Dec 23 1814 and they were defeated Jan 1815.

      George Henry PEDDY,   Royal Engineers,   Regiment 154878   Corporal.
      William PEDDY,   Royal Scots   Regiment 7268   Acting Warrent Officer Class I.       also shown   -   Yorkshire Light Artillery   Regiment 48813   Acting Warrent Officer Class I.
      George H PEDDY,   Royal Engineers   Regiment 154878   Corporal.


Jessie Anderson COLHOUN PEDDY     January 8 1924 - September 17 2012     Buried Roselawn Cemetery, Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

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