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1. Martha Ann STANLEY was born on 8 Dec 1820 in Bedford, VA.
        She was married to Thomas Allen Howard Anderson on 11 Mar 1843 in Bedford Co, VA.
        She died on 10 Jun 1888 in CHEATHAM CO, TN.
        She and her husband are buried in the ANDERSON cemetery in Cheatham County, TN.



2. George STANLEY was born in 1762.
        He died in 1843 in Bedford Co, VA.
        He was married to Sarah Ann CLARK on 23 May 1811 in Befford Co, VA.

3. Sarah Ann CLARK 
       She was the second wife of George STANLEY.



4. Pleasant STANLEY was born on 25 Apr 1733 in Cedar Creek, Hanover Co, VA.
       He was married to Sarah McGHEE on 4 Dec 1757 in Weynoke Meeting House, Charles City Co, VA.

5. Sarah McGHEE 
       She was the second wife of Pleasant STANLEY.

6. Isham CLARK was born on 15 Mar1762 in Goochland Co, VA.
       He died in Aug 1824 in Bedford Co, VA.
       He was married to Mary Ann FAGG on 24 Jun 1786 in Goochland Co, VA.

7. Mary Ann FAGG died on 28 Nov 1828 in Bedford, VA.



8. Thomas STANLEY, JR. was born on 23 Oct 1689 in New Kent Co, VA.
        He died on 7 Aug 1754 in Hanover Co, VA.
        He was married to Elizabeth CREW on 8 Sep 1726.

9. Elizabeth CREW.
 She was the second wife of Thomas STANLEY, JR.

10. Samuel McGHEE was born about 1700 in New Kent (Hanover), VA.
         He died on 4 Aug 1753 in Hanover Co, VA.
         He was married to Mary LADD on 19 Feb 1721/22 in Charles City Co, VA.

11. Mary LADD.

12. Turner CLARK was born before 1730
          He died after 1776 in Goochland Co, VA.
          He was married to Jean EDWARDS before 1758.

13. Jean EDWARDS

14. Thomas FAGG was born about 1720 in MD.
          He died about Nov 1785 in Amelia Co, VA
          He was married to a woman named Judith

15. Judith



16. Thomas STANLEY "The Immigrant" was born in Lancastershire, England.

17. Mary HOLME

18. John CREW

19. Sarah GATLEY was born about 1670 in Charles City Co, VA.

20. William McGHEE was born about 1677 in New Kent (Hanover) Co, VA.
          He died before 1742 in Hanover Co, VA.
          He was married to Mary CARR about 1695 in Hanover Co, VA.

21. Mary CARR was born about 1677
          She died about 1754 in Caroline Co, VA.

29. Elizabeth FAGG



32. Edward STANLEY, Esquire of Preston was born about 1652.
          He died in 1755.

36. James CREW was born about 1630

37. Elyzabeth was born about 1632

38. Nicholas GATLET was born about 1643
          He died before 1678

39. Sarah was born about 1647
          She died after 1690

40. Thomas McGHEE was born about 1645 in Scotland.
          He died in 1727 in King William Co, VA.
          He was married to Ann BAYTOP in 1688 in England.

41. Ann BAYTOP was born in England.
          She died, probably in County Kent, England before 1727.

42. Thomas CARR

43. Mary


64. Henry STANLEY was born about 1617.

65. Mary CROPPER.

80. Patrick McGHEE

81. Marian McDonald



128. Edward STANLEY Esquire of Bickerstaff died about 1640.

129. Isabel WARBURTON.

130. Hamlett CROPPER of Bickerstaff



256. Henry STANLEY, Esq. was born in 1515.
            He died on 23 Jul 1595.

257. Margaret STANLEY.

258. Sir Peter WARBURTON, Knight of Arley.



512. Sir James Stanley, Marshall of Ireland.

513. Ann HART.

514. Peter STANLEY of Bickerstaff.



1024. Sir George STANLEY, Lord Strange; Member of Parliment

1025. Joan STRANGE Co-Heiress; Barony of Mohun.

1026. John HART of Lullington.



2048. Sir Thomas STANLEY, 2nd Lord, lst Earl of Derby was born about 1440.
              He died on 29 Jul 1504.

2049. Eleanor de NEVILLE died by 1473.
              She was sister to Richard de Neville, the Earl of Warick who was called "The Kingmaker"

2050. John STRANGE, 8th Baron Strange of Knokyn.

2051. Jaquetta WOODVIILLE.



4096. Sir Thomas STANLEY, 2ndLord Stanley of Lathom was born in 1406.
              He died on 20 Feb 1459.

4097. Joan GOUSHILL.

4098. Sir Richard de NEVILLE 1st., Earl of Salisbury was born about 1400.
              He died on 31 Dec 1460 in Pontefract, Yorkshire, England.

4099. Alice de MONTAGU, Countess was born about 1406 in Of Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.
             She died on 9 Dec 1462 in Bisham, Berkshire, England.
             She was buried in Bisham, Berkshire, England.

4102. Richard WOODVELLE was born about 1400.

4103. Jacquette was born about 1400.




8192. Sir John STANLEY, Knight of the Shire of Lancaster was born about 1386.
             He died in 1437.

8193. Isabel HARINGTON of Hornsby.

8194. Sir Robert GOUSHILL of Hoveringbam, Notts.

8195. Elizabeth FITZ-ALAN (widow Montagu) was born in 1375.
             She died on 8 Jul 1425.

8196. Sir Ralph de NEVILLE, Knight of the Garter was born before 1364.
             He died on 21 Oct 1425 in Castle, Raby.
             He was married to Joan BEAUFORT on 20 Feb 1397.

8197. Joan BEAUFORT was born about 1379 in Castle, Beaufort.
             She died on 13 Nov 1440 in Howden, Yorks.
             She was buried in Cathedral, Lincoln.

8198. Thomas de MONTAGU, Knight of the Garter and Earl of Salisbury was born about 1376.
              He died on 3 Nov 1428 in Orleans.
              He was married to Eleanor de HOLAND on 23 May 1399.

8199. Eleanor de HOLAND.


16384. Sir John STANLEY, Knight of the Garter, Lord Lt. of Ireland was born in 1350.
               He died on 6 Jan 1413/14 in Ardee, Ireland.
               He was married to Isabel de LATHOM about 1385.

16385. Isabel de LATHOM died on 26 Oct 1414.

16386. Sir Robert HARINGTON, Knight of the Bath was born on 28 Mar 1356.
               He died on 21 May 1406 in Aidingham.

16387. Isabel LORING.

16390. Sir Richard FITZ-ALAN, Knight of the Garter and 10th Earl of Arundel was born in 1346.
               He died in 1397.

16391. Elizabeth de BOHUN died in 1385.

16392. Sir John de NEVELLE Knight of the Garter was born about 1331.
               He died on 17 Oct 1388 in Newcastle.

16393. Maud PERCY died in 1378/79.

16394. John (Gaunt) PLANTAGENET, Duke of Lancaster was born Mar 1340 in Abbey, of St. Bavon, Ghent.
                He died on 21 Oct 1425 in Castle, Raby.
                He was married to Katherine ROET (the widow Swynford) on 13 Jan 1396 in Lincoln.
                By his first marriage to Blanche of LANCASTER, he was the Father of Henry IV, King of England.
                His brother, Edmund of Langley, the Duke of York, was ancestor to the House of York which fought                    with the descendants of John's House of Lancaster for the crown of England - known as the
                       Wars of the Roses.

16395. Katherine ROET (widow Swynford) was born in 1350.
               She died on 10 May 1403 in Lincoln. She was buried in Cathedral, Lincoln.
               By her marriage in 1396 to John of Gaunt, her children were legitimized as the BEAUFORTS.

16396. John de Montagu, Knight of the Garter, Earl of Salsbury was born about 1350.
                He died in 1400.
                He was married to Maud FRANCYS before 4 May 1383.

16397. Maud FRANCYS died in 1424.             

16398. Sir Thomas de HOLAND, Knight of the Garter died on 25 Apr 1397.
               He was married to Alice FITZ-ALAN in 1364.

16399. Alice FITZ-ALAN was born about 1352 in Arundel, Sussex, England.
              She died on 17 Mar 1415/16.