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Welcome. You've probably found your way here because you're interested in someone called Peasgood or perhaps Peasegood or even Paisgood.

Well I think you'll find you've come to the right place. I've tried to make this site the most comprehensive Peas(e)good family history resource on the net. That's not hard I hear you cry, you cynic!

Anyway, here you'll find information on the history of the name and learn about Peasgoods who have made their mark on society. Most of the pages though deal with my one name study of Peas(e)good. If you're not familiar with this term, it means that I am gathering data on all Peas(e)goods who ever existed. My hope is to link them together into one family. We'll see if that ever happens!

References to living people in the 'trees' give no information other than initial and surname unless they've asked for full details to be included. If you are in here and would rather not be mentioned at all then let me know.

I've done most of the data collecting that you'll come across but quite a bit of it has been done by other people and in particular I'd like to thank Janet Banks, Edwyna Trayhorn and Tony Flynn. Other people have also contributed bits and pieces and so a big thanks to them too.