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Thomas MORRELL (1630-1704) to John MORRELL (1865-1935)

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Marriage of John MORRELL (1865-1935) and Catherine Estella LEIGH ("Gramma Morrell") (1869-1959)

Thomas MORRELL (1630-1704)

Date and Place of Birth:  1630 - England
Date and Place of Death:  1704 - Newtown, Long Island, New York

Thomas MORRELL, born in England in 1630, is the immigrant ancestor of the
   Morrell family herein being traced.

Father:  Thomas MORRELL (b.1590 in England)
Mother:  Joan (Joanna) Searle (b.1593 in England)

Thomas Morrell b.1590 and Joan Searle were Married July 18, 1610 in 
   St. Andrews-Plymouth, Devonshire, England.
In addition to Thomas b.1630, there were two older children, Caleb and John. Thomas Morrell, the father, b.1590, died in about 1638 and Joan remarried. With her new husband, William Warner, and her son Thomas and his two older brothers, Caleb and John, they came here in about 1640 and settled in the vicinity of what became known as Newtown, New York, now Elmhurst, Queens, Long Island, New York where the family remained for some time.

Immigrant ancestor Thomas Morrell b.1630 did not stay permanently. He returned to England for schooling, and, while there, met and, in 1660, married wealthy heiress Hannah Anne Gleane who was probably British aristocracy, the daughter of or at least related to Sir Peter Gleane and Lady Penelope Rodney, close associates of the Duke of York.

The first son of immigrant ancestor Thomas b.1630 and his wife Hannah was Thomas MORRELL, born in England in 1662. Shortly thereafter, in 1664, the Dutch ceded New Amsterdam to England and Thomas, with his wife Hannah and son Thomas, now with the benefit of Hannah's money, returned to New York and prospered. Thomas bought extensive tracts of land, establishing a huge farm encompassing land that is now part of such sites LaGuardia Airport, the World's Fair site, the National Tennis Center, and Shea Stadium. Their family and descendents were extensive, beginning as follows:

Thomas MORRELL (1630-1704)
Spouse:  Hannah Anne GLEANE (16??-????)
Married: 1660 in England
Resided In:  England and Newtown, New York, now Elmhurst, Queens, Long Island, New York

   Thomas MORRELL b.1662 in England d.ABT 1714 m.Martha or
      may have married another Hannah in Newtown 6/18/1686
   Samuel MORRELL b.ABT 1664 d.18 NOV 1742 m.Susannah Salyer
      Children of Samuel Morrell & Susannah Salyer:
        Samuel Morrell m. Phoebe Bailey, Moved to NJ - Had 6 Children
        William Morrell m. Mary Fennimore in Burlington, N.J. - Many Children
           William died 10/28/1730
        Sarah Morrell m.John Smith & remained in Newtown
        Hannah Morrell m.John Bailey of Newton, L.I.
        Salyer Morrell b.1708 m.Huse Smith d.9/2/1700 in Middlesex Cty, N.J.
   Joseph MORRELL b.ABT 1667 d.18 NOV 1742 m.Hannah Reed
      Son Joseph b.1693 m.Elizabeth Lived in Newtown, L.I.
      Son John MORRELL b.1695 ? m.Judith ? See "Note" below. 
         Sons Joseph b.1716 & John b.1718 married with Children
      Son John b.1703 m.Phoebe Alburties - Children & Descendents
 * Jonathan MORRELL (1670-1726) See "Note" below.
   William MORRELL b.ABT 1672 d.ABT 1727 m.Elizabeth ?
      Children of William Morrell & Elizabeth ?:
         Elizabeth Morrell b.ABT 1700 m.Edmund Stickland 6/25/1719
         Caleb Morrell b.1702 m.Ann ? 
            Child John Morrell m.Phoebe Morrell & Ann White and Had Descendents
   Sarah MORRELL b.ABT 1674 
   Abigail MORRELL b.ABT 1676  
Note: Due to the number of family members of various generations named John, Jonathan, Joseph, and Thomas, and also the fact that there were multiple children and wives with names such as Hannah, Sarah, and Judith, there exists some confusion about who exactly was descended from whom in the very early stages. Thomas MORRELL (1699-1771), who was defnitely an ancestor, was most likely the son of Jonathan MORRELL (1670-1726). There are, however, some records that suggest that he was instead the son of Joseph MORRELL (1667-1742). It may be possible to confirm the actual parentage at some future time. For now, we are accepting the most likely explanation based upon the best available evidence - that Thomas MORRELL (1699-1771) was the son of Jonathan MORRELL (1670-1726). That is how the line is depicted in this chart. Thomas MORRELL (1699-1771) was, in any event, indisputably the grandson of Thomas MORRELL (1630-1704) and Hannah Anne GLEANE, most likely through their son Jonathan MORRELL (1670-1726), but possibly through Joseph MORRELL (1667-1742).

Jonathan MORRELL (1670-1726)

Date and Place of Birth:  1670 - Newtown, Long Island, New York
Date and Place of Death:  1726 - Newtown, Long Island, New York
Father:  Thomas MORRELL (1630-1704)
Mother:  Hannah Anne GLEANE (16??-????)

Spouse:  Judith JOHNSON
Married: 1693 - Newtown, Long Island, New York
Resided In:  

Children (All Births & Marriages in Newtown, Long Island, New York unless otherwise noted)
   Janet MORRELL b.ABT 1695 m.5 October 1719[2] to Robert Wood
   Jonathan MORRELL b.15 AUG 1697 m.Parnel Moss
 * Thomas MORRELL (1699-1771)
   Robert MORRELL b.ABT 1701 m.Mary Morse
   Hester MORRELL b.ABT 1703 m.March 1724/25 to John Moore
   Judith MORRELL b.ABT 1705 m1. Joseph Rodman m2.2 October 1757 to John Browne
   Susannah MORRELL b.ABT 1707 m.June 1721 to Elias Bailey
   John MORRELL b.ABT 1709 d.1761 m1.Elizabeth Furman m2.Elizabeth Goslin
   Daniel MORRELL b.ABT 1711 m.Alida Doxie
   Hannah MORRELL b.ABT 1713 m.21 July 1726 to Abraham Smith

Married 2nd Wife Sarah WEST 12/12/1720 Newtown, Long Island, New York
   Child Abraham MORRELL Born ABT 1722 at Newtown, N.Y. Died NOV 1779 at Newtown, N.Y. 
      Married Mary Brooks - Additional Line through
        Son Jonathan MORRELL (1738-1802) Married to Hannah COOK


Thomas MORRELL (1699-1771)

Date and Place of Birth:  1699 - Newtown, Long Island, New York
Date and Place of Death:  May 15, 1771 - Newtown, Long Island, New York
Father:  Jonathan MORRELL (1670-1726)
Mother:  Judith JOHNSON

Spouse:  Judith ????
Married: May 2, 1758 - Newtown, Long Island, New York
Resided In:  

   Jonathan MORRELL (1726-1805) b.6/26/1726 Newtown, L.I., N.Y. d.9/26/1805 Elizabethtown, N.J. 
      Married Catherine Elverson
   Jacob MORRELL (1728-1814) b.Newtown, L.I., N.Y. d. 2/23/1814 Chatham, N.J. 
      Married 1.Abigail Ross 2.Nancy Pierson 3.Mary Horton 4.Sarah Day in 
         New Providence, N.J. 12/19/1795 
   Samuel MORRELL (1733?-1783) b.3/3/1733 (or 1734) Newtown, L.I., N.Y. d.July 1783 Newark, N.J. 
      Married Margaret Warner
 * Robert MORRELL (1736-1774)
   Thomas MORRELL Born About 1739
Married (2nd) November 30, 1762 to Keziah (Morse) Johnson. Keziah (Morse) Johnson; 
   m. (1) ca. 1752 to Thomas Johnson


Robert MORRELL (1736-1774)

Date and Place of Birth:  March 1, 1736 (or 1737) - Newtown, Long Island, New York
Date and Place of Death:  1774 - Flushing, New York
Father:  Thomas MORRELL (1699-1771)
Mother:  Judith ???? - Born ABT 1702 - Died 2/25/1762 Newtown, Long Island, N.Y. 
Spouse:  Rebecca CORNISH
Married: May 2, 1758 - Newtown, Long Island, New York
Resided In:  

 * Elijah MORRELL (1759-1805)
   Ruth MORRELL (1760-????) b.11/16/1760   
Note: The Morrell family came apart at the seams during the Revolutionary War. Some of them were patriots and some of them were loyalists. Quite a few of the loyalist Morrells fled to Canada and are the ancestors of an extensive line of Morrells in Canada. The patriots obviously stayed as did some of the loyalists. Exactly who was who in terms of patriot vs. loyalist is a hard to determine. To some extent, one can say that the family lines may have followed the money or the lack thereof - the loyalist Morrells were the wealthy ones.

Elijah MORRELL (1759-1805)

Date and Place of Birth:  June 10, 1759 - Newtown, Long Island, New York
Date and Place of Death:  May 9, 1805 - 
Father:  Robert MORRELL (1736-1774)
Mother:  Rebecca CORNISH

Spouse:  Maria Ursilla WORT (1758?-????)
           Married Middlesex County, New Jersey
           Marriage License Dated March 28, 1780 - Witness Jona DEARE
           Maria Daughter of Casper & Ursilla WORT

              Casper WORT was from Germany b.1727
  Available information indicates that Casper WORT, like the SLAYBACKS described else in this family tree, came from the Palatine region of Germany. See Additional Notes Regarding the Early SLAYBACK Family. A Caspar WERT, age 32, alternate spelling WIRTH, arrived in Philadelphia on September 27, 1740 aboard the Lydia captained by James Allen that had come from Rotterdam by way of Dover. This could be he, although that individual would have been born in about 1708 which does not match the Casper WORT listed herein. It's possible, of course, that the Casper WORT who was the father of Maria Ursilla WORT was on that ship but was a child and therefore was not listed. There were at least 180 people on the ship and only the men appear to be listed on the available manifests. The various alternative spellings of the name are, of course, no surprise and do not rule out the possibility that it's the same family.
              Ursilla b.1731 in New Jersey

              It is believed that the WORT family lived near Hopewell at the
                time Elijah MORRELL and Maria Ursilla WORT were married.

Resided In:  Elijah MORRELL, although born in Newtown, Long Island, New York,
               probably moved to New Jersey to the general vicinity of Hopewell
               where he and Maria Ursilla WORT married and raised their family.

 * John MORRELL (1781-1857)
   Joseph MORRELL (1782-????) b.10/20/1782
   Aaron MORRELL (1784-1819) d.5/21/1819
   Charlotte MORRELL (1786-1787) b.12/14/1786 d.6/20/1787
   Rebecca MORRELL (1789-1809) b.6/15/1789 d.1/22/1809
   Robert MORRELL (1793-????) b.2/3/1793
   James MORRELL (1795-????) b.8/5/1795
   Ursilla MORRELL (1799-1800) b.6/27/1799 d.9/27/1800


John MORRELL (1781-1857)

Date and Place of Birth:  January 6, 1781 - 
Date and Place of Death:  October 18, 1857 - 
Father:  Elijah MORRELL (1759-1805)
Mother:  Maria Ursilla WORT (1758?-????)

Spouse:  Tamee ??? (1782-1844) b.4/16/1782 d.11/13/1844

Resided In:  

 * Elijah MORRELL (1802- )
   Thomas MORRELL (1802-1805) b.8/1/02 (Twin Brother of Elijah) d.2/18/1805
   Maria Ursula MORRELL (1804-????) b.5/4/1804
   Elizabeth MORRELL (1806-????) b.10/6/1806
   Joseph B. MORRELL (1808-????) b.7/29/1808
   Robert Calvin MORRELL (1811-????) b.2/3/1811
   Rebecca S. MORRELL (1814-????) b.10/14/1814
   Samuel Hill MORRELL (1816-????) b.1/26/1816
   William Henry Gary MORRELL (1818-????) b.6/1/1818
   John MORRELL (1820-????) b.10/22/1820
   Isaac MORRELL (1824-????) b/11/15/1824


Elijah MORRELL (1802-????)

Date and Place of Birth:  August 1, 1802 - 
Date and Place of Death:  
Father:  John MORRELL (1781-1857)
Mother:  Tamee ??? (1782-1844) b.4/16/1782 d.11/13/1844

Spouse:  Ellen WALDRON

Resided In:  

   John MORRELL (????-????)
 * Jerome W. MORRELL (1833-1885)
   William W. MORRELL (1829-????) b.10/9/1829
   Joseph MORRELL (Died in Army - Unmarried)

Jerome W. MORRELL (1833-1885)

Date and Place of Birth:  January 30, 1833 (or 1/20) - Neshanic, New Jersey
Date and Place of Death:  January 26, 1885 (or Jan. 22) 
Father:  Elijah MORRELL (1802-????)
Mother:  Ellen WALDRON

Spouse:  Elizabeth B. PACKER (1834-1931) b.2/9/1834 d.8/31/1931
           Daughter of Adam Bellis PACKER (1807-1899) and Elsey Ann QUICK  (1814-1859)
           For Details, Please See Ancestry of Elizabeth B. PACKER (1834-1931)

Married: January 14, 1854 at Adam Bellis Packer (Elizabeth's father) home in
           Somerset County, N.J. by Rev. Gabriel Ludlow
Resided In:  Pennington, New Jersey

   Ellen Anna MORRELL (1854-1917) b.7/9/1854 d.6/1/1917 m1.Edward Murry 
      (Miller,lived at Lawrenceville RR Station,died at 90) - m2.Young 1 Daughter
   Catherine Maria MORRELL (1856-1943) b.1/10/1856 d.7/10/1943 m.John Holcombe Son Fred
   Sarah (Sally) Aletta MORRELL (1857-1946) b.5/7/1857 d.8/31/1946 m.David Servis - 
      7 Children: Schench,Harry,Mamie,Jerome,Lily,David,Russell
   Henry (Harry) P. MORRELL (1858-1938) b.8/8/1858 d.2/22/1938 m.Annie Whitehead - 
      6 Children: August W.,Raymond,Carrie,Lorena,Minnie,Anna
   William M. MORRELL (1861-1930) b.6/8/1861 d.1/31/1930 m.Kathryn (Katie) Merrill - 
      2 Children: James,Denise
   Mary Lizzie MORRELL (1863-1941) b.5/20/1863 d.1/21/1941 m.William West - No Children
 * John MORRELL (1865-1935) b.3/22/1865 d.1/10/1935 
      m.Catherine Estella LEIGH (See John Morrell Details)
   Jerome W. MORRELL (1867-1951) b.10/30/1867 d.6/14/1951 m.Sally Seabold - 1 Daughter: Ethel
   Garrett P. MORRELL (1870-1946) b.7/12/1870 d.2/2/1946 
      m1.Jennie Stout  m2.Emma Van Fleet - No children
   Joseph Morrell MORRELL (1872-1873) b.6/25/1872 d.4/4/1873 Died at 9 months - 
      buried in Peter W. Young Farm Burial Ground
   Thomas M. MORRELL (1874-????) b.9/18/1874 d.???? m.Anna Mae Wyckoff - 
      2 Children: Wilmer M. & Flora
   Adelia MORRELL (1880-1880) b.6/23/1880 d.8/11/1880

Additional Details: Jerome Morrell operated a grain mill at Glen Moore near
   Marshalls Corner in Hopewell, N.J. 


John MORRELL (1865-1935)

Date and Place of Birth:  March 22, 1865
Date and Place of Death:  January 10, 1935
Father:  Jerome W. MORRELL (1833-1885)
Mother:  Elizabeth B. PACKER (1834-1931)

Spouse:  Catherine Estella LEIGH ("Gramma Morrell") (1869-1959)

For Details See Morrell/Leigh Marriage