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The Pâté Family
L'Ardoise, Cape Breton
by:  Maria (Pâté) Heemskerk

Jean Pâté became well know as an officer in the French Marine. A Lieutenant aboard ship at Louisbourg [1733-1734] according to Bernard A. Pâté and François J. Pâté who were cousins within the L'Ardoise Pâté family and who compiled the first known Pâté family genealogy in the year of 1897. Bernard and François were great-great-grandsons of Jean Pâté. 

Jean Pâté married one Claire Langlois at Port Royal, Annapolis Nova Scotia at some point in time in the year of 1738. Claire, was born in Port Royal on March 13, 1710 and was the daughter of François Langlois, a soldier of the Port Royal Garrison and Madeleine Comeau. Their heritage dates back to France and the 1600’s.

Jean Pâté and Claire Langlois at some point in time moved to France [most likely due to military posting]. In any case we find Claire returning to Louisbourg with their infant child, a son whom was named Jean-Marie, to find that her husband Jean had died. One story has it that he drowned somewhere between Quebec and Louisbourg, around the year of 1741. Another has it that he died fighting Indians. We his descendents may never know for sure, what happened.

In any case Claire Langlois remarried, she married one Jacques Maillet of L'Acadie. When or where this couple met is lost to Grandfather Time but what is of importance to us here is the fact that Jean-Marie Pâté found his way to L'Ardoise, at some point in time after the year 1752. It is believed that upon Claire's remarriage Jean Marie went to work for one Mathieu Samson, as a farm hand. 

Jean-Marie married one Françoise Louise Samson. Louise, born about 1739 at Port Toulouse, Cape Breton was the daughter of Mathieu Samson and Marguerite Poujet of Port Toulouse and later of L'Ardoise. Jean-Marie Pâté and Françoise Louise Samson had 10 children and it is from this line that the Pâté family of L'Ardoise and area descend. Our branch of the Pâté family lived in L’Ardoise from the date of Jean-Marie's marriage at least, and until well after the first World War.

Below is a link to a Pâté family genealogy report. Special thanks to Maria Heemskerk for sharing her research with us. If not not for Maria, this "Pâté Family"  web page would not be possible.

The report is in 'PDF' format and requires Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed, click on the icon below to obtain the reader and install it.

                   Descendants of Jean Pate  (PDF Format)

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