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Researchers are reminded that the following records are subject to human error. The microfilms of the L'Ardoise Parish Records are very difficult to read.  Therefore, please use these records only as a guide.  You may also review the actual microfilm records at P.A.N.S., Halifax, Nova Scotia or at Beaton Institute, Sydney, Nova Scotia.  And, the researcher may obtain a certified copy of a  required record from Holy Guardian Angels' Church, P.O. Box 145, L'Ardoise, NS, B0E 1S0, 902-535-2053
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Maureen McNeil:  Transcription of Holy Guardian Angels Birth, Marriage &
Death Records from 1821-1876.

In addition to these records, Maureen has generously supplemented the Holy Guardian Angels parish information with information from other primary and secondary sources. She does this so that we can more easily match individuals to our personal genealogies. You will find her 'Source Key' provided at the top of each record page. When Maureen provides us with information other than the basic parish data, you will find her source for that information in the far right column of the document.

These records are organized alphabetically, by family surname.
They cover the time period 1821 to about 1874.


L M1 M2 M3 O P R S T U-Y

This group of records covers the time period 1874 to 1876.


The next group of L'Ardoise records covers the period 1876 - 1911. With the release of the 1911 census, the precedent for publishing birth records is to that year. Additional records will be added, as appropriate. Many thanks to those who have invested many hours in the transcribing of these records.

  • Arlene MacDonald, Marriages 1876-1904

  • Arlene MacDonald, Sally Mombourquette & Jeanne Belford, Baptisms 1876 - 1904

  • Mary & John LeBlanc, Deaths 1820-1904

  • Paul C Landry, 1820- 1904 Missing Record Checks, P. A. N. S., Halifax, NS, Baptisms and Deaths 1906-1911

  • Sally Mombourquette & Jeanne Belford, 1876-1904 Baptisms & Marriages, Proof Microfilm transcriptions against HGA Parish Record.

  Carol Bonin has taken a great amount of time to create indices of many of the following records. Her work is linked here to aid in other people's research.

Births 1877-1911             Marriages 1823-1924             Deaths 1823-1911

Marriage Records

1874 to1883         1884 to 1895         1896 to 1923

L'Ardoise Civil Register Marriages 1899 to 1912

St. Peter's Civil Register Marriages 1903 to 1912

Nova Scotia Civil Register Marriages From Other Counties


1877 to 1882       1883 to 1891      1892 to 1895

1896 to 1900       1901 to 1905      1906 to 1911

1912 to 1921 

1820 to 1829       1830 to 1839       1840 to 1849

1850 to 1859      1860 to 1869        1870 to 1879

1880 to 1889      1890 to 1899        1900 to 1911

1912 to 1921

Cemetery Records
Old Cemetery       New Cemetery

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