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Church of the Holy Guardian Angel,
L'Ardoise, Richmond Co., Cape Breton, NS---- HGA
Legend age of majority over 20 years before ----bef. about ----abt. Militia Roll-----MR  
  minor born in the last 20 years after ----aft Louisbourg Ch. Records--L.R. CDR---County death Records
  degree --deg born ----b. Sacred Heart Ch.,Sydney----Sac.H.Ch.Syd.
  Fr.Infinity for affinity- abb. I died ----d. FBR ----Fr.Bailie.Register Dates - Yr.-Mo.- D.
  Consanguinity ----C Samson ---- for Sampson
  Affinity/Infinity relationships not always marked
Surname Given Names Birth Date Father Mother Godparents Bapt.Date Marr.Date Death Date 1st. Spouse/ Remarks 2nd Spouse/ Rel to Spouse 3rd.Spouse 4th Spouse Source
Kailey James 1789 abt. 1854-05-17 HGA  
Kavanaugh Alexandre 1830bef. Donald Kavanaugh Jeanne Corbett 1850-08-01 Isabella McDonald HGA  
Kavanaugh Anne 1845-04-14 James Kavanaugh Marie Grady John Campbell& Angele Sampson 1845-04-16 HGA  
Kavanaugh Brigette 1843-10-09 Maurice Kavanaugh Mora O'Neil Francois Grady & Angele Sampson 1843-12-03 HGA  
Kavanaugh Catherine 1824-??-?? Lawrence Kavanaugh Catherine Murphy Maurice Kavanaugh & Charlotte Kavanaugh June 03, 1824 HGA  
Kavanaugh Catherine 1846-01-08 Maurice Kavanaugh Rose O'Neil Thomas Kenna & Marie Doyle 1846-01-11 HGA  
Kavanaugh Donald ????-??-?? Jane Camille HGA  
Kavanaugh Edward 1828 abt. Laurent Kavanaugh Catherine Murphy 1851-02-09 HGA  
Kavanaugh Etienne Donald 1847-12-26 Maurice Kavanaugh Rose O'Neil James Cousins& Louise Biret 1847-12-30 HGA  
Kavanaugh Francoise 1837 bef. 1857-08-20 Henry Driscoll HGA  
Kavanaugh Francoise Felicitie Catherine 1830abt. Edward Kavanaugh Sarah Clarke Lawrence Kavanaugh & Catherine Murphy 1833-01-19 HGA  
Kavanaugh James 1825bef. Donald Kavanaugh GenevieveCampbell 1845-02-03 James Kavanaugh HGA  
Kavanaugh James Thomas 1864-09-24 James Kavanaugh Marie Grady Thomas Grady & Catherine Mattheux 1864-12-06 HGA  
Kavanaugh Joseph 1871-02-20 Maurice Kavanaugh Georgina Gladwin ?(Baldwin) 1871-02-21 HGA  
Kavanaugh Lawrence (Laurent) 1791 abt. 1862-06-22 Catherine Murphy HGA  
Kavanaugh Marie aft.1804 Donald Kavanaugh Jane Campbell 1824-01-07 William Doyle 0 deg. fr. River Bourgeois HGA  
Kavanaugh Marie Genevieve 1847-10-02 James Kavanaugh Marie Grady John Grady & Eutalie Grady 1847-10-03 HGA  
Kavanaugh Maurice 1810 abt. 1854-04-17 Couldn't make it out. d.age 44 yr. HGA  
Kavaugh Charlotte Dorothea 1865-10-03 Maurice Kavanaugh Georgina Baldwin  Wallace & Marguerite Kavanaugh 1866-02-06 HGA  
Keefe Brigette Anne 1853-11-26 James Keefe Marguerite Williams John Murphy &Anne Shaw 1853-12-23 HGA  
Keefe Catherine 1816bef. Patrick Keefe Brigette Dunn 1836-08-29 George Stone HGA  
Keefe Catherine 1857-11-14 James Keefe Marguerite Williams Michel & Catherine Fitzgerald 1857-12-14 HGA  
Keefe Catherine Elizabeth 1859-08-01 James Keefe dec. Marguerite Williams Michel Power & Brigette Power 1859-08-09 fr. River Bourgeois HGA  
Keefe Donald/Daniel 1829-03-15 Patrick Keefe Bridget Dunn Thomas Clannon & Marie Samson 1829-05-03 1855-03-15 HGA  
Keefe George 1845-01-24 John Keefe Helene Power James Keefe & Nancy Matteson 1845-01-30 1872-03-19 HGA  
Keefe Guillaume Thomas 1852-01-27 James Keefe Marguerite Williams Maurice & Marguerite Fitzgerald 1852-02-09 HGA  
Keefe James 1821 abt. 1859-04-05 Marguerite Williams HGA  
Keefe Jean Etienne 1848-12-26 James Keefe Marguerite Williams John Keefe & Helene Power 1849-01-24 1860-12-18 HGA  
Keefe John 1823bef. Patrick Keefe dec.Brigette Dunn 1843-11-28 Helene Power HGA  
Keefe John 1855-06-19 Patrick Keefe Anne Shaw John Keefe & Anne Bolden 1855-06-29 HGA  
Keefe Marie Genevieve 1855-09-21 James Keefe Marguerite Williams The Priest & Catherine Fitzgerald 1856-02-22 HGA  
Keefe Mary ????-??-?? 1832-02-17 Thomas Clannon HGA  
Keefe Patrick 1780-??-?? 1853-05-02 Bridget Poirier fr. Rocky Bay HGA  
Keefe Patrick Donald 1853-06-28 Patrick Keefe Anne Shaw Maurice & Marguerite Fitzgerald 1853-07-21 HGA  
Keefe Patrick Henry 1850-04-28 James Keefe Marguerite Williams Patrick Keefe & Marcelline McLean 1850-07-08 HGA  
Keefe  Patrick 1824Mar. Patrick Keefe  Bridgette Dunn Guillaume Toole Francoise Samson 1824-05-16 1851-01-09 Anne Shaw HGA  
Kehoe Elizabeth 1842 bef. William Kehoe Marie Shanahan 1862-11-24 Walter Bissett 0 deg. HGA  
Keiley Michel 1841-02-20 Cornelius Keiley Anastasia Deveaux James Cozens & Ludovine Biret 1841-02-28 HGA  
Kelly Catherine Anne 1856-10-26 William Kelly Elizabeth Scott James MacDougall & Catherine Cameron 1857-03-29 HGA  
Kelly Edward 1836-11-01 Michel Kelly Jane Moina William ?Harris & Elisabeth Murphy 1837-01-11 HGA  
Kelly Francois 1842-11-24 Michel Kelly Jeanne Miner Jacques Laffort & Sarah Currie 1842-12-11 HGA  
Kelly James 1850-04-23 Michel Kelly Marie Miner William Barny & Catherine McEnnally 1850-07-07 HGA  
Kelly John 1844-10-26 Michel Kelly Genevieve Miner John Campbell & Susanne McNally 1845-01-11 HGA  
Kelly John 1854-12-29 William Kelly Elizabeth Scott John Scott & Marguerite McDougall 1855-01-21 HGA  
Kelly Martin 1852-05-?? William Kelly Elizabeth Scott Edward Harris & Marie Scott 1852-11-29 fr. River Bourgeois HGA  
Kelly Micheal not given 1836-01-07 Jane Moina 0 deg. HGA  
Kelly William 1830bef. Martin Kelly Anne Heron 1850-09-25 Elisabeth Scott HGA  
Kelly  Dougall Vincent 1859-02-04 William Kelly Elizabeth Scott Daniel Murphy & Elizaabeth Boylan 1859-06-15 HGA  
Kenna Alexander ????-??-?? Thomas McEntire Mary Nurten 1823-10-14 Sarah McEntire0 Degree b.Scotland HGA  
Kenna Thomas ????-??-?? Mary Nurten HGA  
Kerry Mary ????-??-?? Michael Laughlan HGA  
Kyley David 1845-04-04 Cornelius ? Kyley Anathasia Devereau James Devereau & Marie Morgan 1845-04-19 HGA  
Kyley Marie 1843-04-15 Cornelius Kyley Anastasia Devereau Nicholas Donovan & Catherine Mathicks 1843-04-16 HGA  
Kyte Jean 1835-01-27 Thomas Kyte Marie Wood Simon Pate & Angelique Biret 1835-02-10 ?? Marguerite Power Elizabeth Robertson1859-11-09 HGA  
Kyte Marie Ally 1833-04-29 Thomas Kyte Marie Wood James Cozens & Ludivine Biret 1833-04-29 HGA  
Kyte Micheal 1836-02-11 Patrick Kyte Ellene Mahoney James Cozens & Ludovine Biret 1836-03-26 HGA  
Kyte Patrick 1833-11-?? Patrick Kyte Eleanor Kyte John McNeil & Angela Mombourquet 1834-01-25 HGA  
Kyte Patrick George 1860-07-02 Patrick Kyte Anne Morrison Abraham Robertson & Catherine Sheehan 1860-07-26 HGA  
Kythe Marie 1838 since Patrick Kythe dec. Helene Mahany 1859-01-10 James Robertson HGA  
Kythe Marie Anne 1869-02-19 Patrick Keefe Anne Morrison Archibald Morrison & Sara McNamara 1869-03-15   HGA  
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