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The last Will and Testament of me John EWENS of Broadwinsor, Dorset dated 11 May 1750

This is the last Will and Testament of me John EWENS of Broadwinsor, in the County of Dorset, Innholder, (being of an indifferent good ?????? and of sound mind) is posting (?) sound mind & memory and understanding | ?????? | that is to say | or first I give and devise unto my now dear and loving wife Hannah ?? ?? ?? ?? Allington ???????? Burgages [tenure of land in a town on a yearly rent]., Lands, Entitlements and Heriditaments ?????? lying & being in Bridport or elsewhere in the said County of Dorset for and during ??? ???????? ?? she shall be ??? ?????????? my Widow and important next ?? offer my Decease and from and immediately after the Derezminarrow of sufficient I??? ???whood or of lie? Death which shall first happen. It is ???? Will that the said Lands, Heriditaments ???????? shall remain and I do hereby Give and Devise ??????? unto my son Thomas EWENS ?????zed and ???????? but charged and ????? ??????? never therefore with the payment of the several sums of Ten Pounds or part to his two ???? Brothers Samuel and William EWENS within one year ?? ?? ?? or next after he my said son Thomas shall be Fu????led and come to the possession of the same penssed? And which said several sums of Ten Pounds do hereby give unto ?????? my sons Samuel and William accordingly.

Item I give unto my son Richard EWENS one shilling.

Item All the ??????? residue of my goods chattels and personal effects I give and bequeath ??? ??? and ???????? thereof unto my said wife for and during so long ??? she shall be and ???????? my Widow and in my ????? next after my decease and from and after ??????? a row of such her Widowhood or of her Death which shall first happen I do hereby give and bequeath ??? ???? unto my brother Thomas EWENS ?????? and for the only use or benefit of my sons Thomas, Samuel and William which shall be then living and to pay over and distribute ??? ????? the ????? Equally between them and share and share alike when and ??? they shall attain several and ??????? ages of one and twenty years. And in the ????? ???? and ?????? they shall attain their ????? first ???? ???? ?????? and appoint my said brother Robert ?? ???? very of my said children.

Item I do hereby ??????? and appoint my said wife to be the whole and sole Executrix of my Will And ??????? I do hereby revoke all former and other Wills ????? made.

??????? Whereof the said John EWENS leave ?? this my last will and testament ???? ?? ????? and seal this 13th day of May in the year of Our Lord Christ 1749.

Signed sealed and publicly declared by the said John EWENS And for his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his devise and request have hereunder subscribed our ??????? ??????? in his presence

Signed John EWENS - May 11th 1750
Robert Briant
John Halson
Rich: Hussey

The above written will of John EWENS deceased was proved by the Oath of Hannah EWENS the widow and relict of The said deceased and whole and sole Executrix ???? to whom Administrators Thereof att and singular the goods chattels and creditors of the said deceased was granted she being first sworn upon the Holy Evangelist well and faithfully to administer the same according to law. Before me Seth Banks surrogate……..

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