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A few Marriages extracted from various West Dorset and other sources

In no particular order - records have simply been appended as I've come across them - some records are complete - some are merely notes that the record exists, either for my own or someone else's information

Date of Event     Groom
First Name
Status Occ otp etc Age Bride
First Name
ot etc Status Occ Age Lic
Witness 1 Witness 2 Witness 3 Witness 4 Witness 5 Groom's
19 Apr 1771 George DARBY signed otp Mary BISHOP signed otp Licence Henry Shrive (rector) Rich. Symes Jon BISHOP Bridport PR
1 Aug 1831 John KNIGHT signed Bachelor of Abbotsbury Christian WAKELEY signed otp Spinster Banns Robt Broadley (rector) Abraham WAKELEY Harriet BUDDEN Bridport PR
15 Aug 1831 John MARTIN signed Bachelor otp Maria CLEAK signed otp Banns Robt Broadley (rector) George Wm CLEAK Eliza CLEAK Thirza CLEAK Bridport PR
18 Sep 1831 Matthew STEVENS signed Bachelor otp Mary LEACH signed otp Spinster Banns Robt Broadley (rector) John GRANGER Henry CURME ??? GRANGER Bridport PR
24 Jan 1764 William EWENS signed otp Martha TUCKER signed otp Licence Henry Shrive (rector) John CHILCOTT Eliza CHILCOTT Bridport PR
2 Sep 1723 Richard COLLINGDON Elizabeth EWENS Mosterton PRs
17 May 1692 Samuel DALLY Susanna EWENS Mosterton PRs
20 Sep 1756 William LOVELACE Elizabeth MEACHAM Thomas Lovelace Mary Meacham Mosterton PRs
27 Dec 1821 John STEVENS Charlotte MULLETT Bettiscombe PRs
12 Feb 1861 Edwin Walter EWENS signed Bachelor Printer Pip 'n Jay, Bristol 21 Jane STEVENS signed East St, Bridport Spinster Straw Bonnet Maker 24 William Parsonage? Matthew STEVENS Sarah Ellen EWENS John Bishop EWENS - Accountant Matthew STEVEN - Baker Marriage Certificate
24 Dec 1840 Geo' CORNICK mark Bachelor Labourer Stoke Abbot full Betsy SEAL mark Stoke Abbot Spinster full Banns Geo' S Payne (curator) George HARRISON? Ishannah CORNICK (mark) John CORNICK - Labourer John SEAL - Carpenter Marriage Certificate
1 Nov 1774 William PRESTON otp Abigail HAWKINS Widow George STRICKLAND Arthur HODGES Cerne Abbas PRs
1 Nov 1792 John GALE otp Ann HAWKINS of Abbotsbury Henry WHITTLE James HODGES Cerne Abbas PRs
3 Jun 1754 Jacob HAWKINS Abigail THORNE Edward JONES Jas. THORNE Cerne Abbas PRs
29 Jan 1832 Stephen HAWKINS Emma BAKER Thomas BAKER Anne BAKER Cerne Abbas PRs
9 Sep 1845 James LOVELACE Yeoman of Piddlehinton Louisa Jane DUNNING Joseph LOVELACE - Yeoman James DUNNING - Yeoman Cerne Abbas PRs
1 May 1827 Ambrose POWELL otp Hannah WARD otp Bridport PR
21 Apr 1829 George POWELL mark Susan PIKE mark Bridport PR
1 Oct 1852 Frederick CORNICK Mason full Emma Powell WHETHAM full John CORNICK - Mason James WHETHAM - Comber Bridport PR
21 Apr 1854 John Powell Grant WEBB Blacksmith full Jane Jolliffe ACKERMAN full Robert WEBB - Labourer Wm ACKERMAN - Comber Bridport PR
5 Jul 1855 Henry Robert ANGEL Master Mariner full Emily STEVENS full Robert ANGEL - Master Mariner George STEVENS - Confectioner Bridport PR
29 Sep 1855 William PIKE 20 Harriet SMITH 27 Samuel PIKE - Mason Jonas SMITH - Shoe Maker Bridport PR
8 Jul 1858 George STONE Widower Hackler full Susan POWELL Widow full Simon STONE - Hackler John PIKE - Barber Bridport PR
16 Feb 1860 John PIKE Widower Hairdresser full Martha WEBB Widow full John PIKE - Hairdresser Thomas BALSON Bridport PR
7 Apr 1862 George BENDALL Bachelor Labourer 20 Emma LARCOMBE 19 John BENDALL - Labourer Thos. LARCOMBE Bridport PR
10 Mar 1866 Henry Jenkins POWELL Mary Jane PAYNE Richard POWELL - Manufacturer Bridport PR
25 Feb 1794 William EWENS signed otp Esther DERBY signed otp Licence D Williams (Curate) E Bishop A Jeffery John Curme Bridport PR
4 March 1794 William SAMPSON signed otp Susanna OLIVER signed Licence D Williams (Curate) Thos. SYMES Samuel TAYLOR John Curme Bridport PR
4 March 1794 James TURNER mark otp Jane HAYWARD mark otp Spinster Banns D Williams (Curate) Jono? HOLLINGS Betty? James? John Curme Bridport PR
5 March 1784 Henry HULL signed of Bothenhampton Elizabeth SAUNDERS signed otp Banns D Williams (Curate) John Pope? John CURME Bridport PR
20 Dec 1763 John RICHARDS signed otp Sarah BEST mark otp Banns Henry Shrive (rector) William RICHARDS John JACOBS Bridport PR
27 Dec 1763 Joseph EDWARDS mark of Allington Ann ROGERS mark otp Banns Henry Shrive (rector) Henry SPRAKE John JACOBS Bridport PR
27 Dec 1763 Richard SUMMERHAYES signed otp Sarah CRABB mark otp Banns Henry Shrive (rector) Thomas CRABB John JACOBS Bridport PR
19 Jan 1771 John NICHOLS signed of Bradpole Hannah PHILLIPS mark otp Banns Henry Shrive (rector) Edward MITCHELL John HUMBER Bridport PR
24 Mar 1771 John HUSSEY signed otp Sarah BROWNE mark otp Banns Henry Shrive (rector) John GOLDING John HUMBER Bridport PR
20 May 1771 Richard RAWLINS signed otp Elizabeth COUSINS signed otp Banns Henry Shrive (rector) George STICKLAND John HUMBER Bridport PR
29 Jan 1794 Robert EWENS otp Bettey KEECH otp Licence Samuel EWENS James SLYFIELD Susan SYMES Ann EWENS Beaminster PRs
27 Dec 1801 Francis TETT of Hinton St George, Som Mary POELL Beaminster PRs
14 Oct 1739 John STEVENS Charlott MULLETT Bettiscombe PRs
2 Sep 1723 Roger BUGLER Joan LOVELACE Bettiscombe PRs
17 May 1692 Richard COLLINGDON Elizabeth EWENS Mosterton PRs
20 Sep 1756 Samuel DALLY Susanna EWENS Thomas LOVELACE Mary MEACHAM Mosterton PRs
14 May 1686 William LOVELACE Elizabeth MEACHAM Mosterton PRs
Richard EWENS Elizabeth HIT (HITALS) Stoke Abbot PRs
27 Oct 1825 Samuel BENNETT of Bridport Jane TIDBOLD otp Licence John GOLDING Mary BENNETT John BENNETT Thomas EWENS Allington PRs
9 Feb 1755 William POPE otp Elizabeth EWENS otp Licence Nicholas JEFFERY Henry SLADE Beaminster PRs
1 Aug 1798 William DAVY of Broadwinsor Ann BARTLETT otp Banns Clement DAVY Mary EWENS Beaminster PRs
7 Sep 1783 James DANIEL otp Elizabeth TIZZARD otp Licence W Oliver R Ewens Beaminster PRs
9 Jun 1783 Richard EWENS otp Rebecca DANIEL otp Licence W Oliver James DANIEL Elizabeth TIZZARD Rebecca DANIEL Thophila ENGLAND Beaminster PRs
23 Sep 1811 John EWENS otp Elizabeth BROWNE of Allington Licence Geo BROWNE Wm LOADER A EWENS Jos EWENS John CURME Bridport PR
30 Dec 1714 James EWENS Sarah POELL Bridport PR
15 Sep 1814 John TUCKER Ann EWENS Licence Geo BROWNE Eliz EWENS Thos EWENS Samuel EWENS Bridport PR
30 Aug 1836 James Septimus COX Clerk of Litton Cheney Mary Anne Palmer SWEETING Licence William SWEETING William Hamilton NANTES Francis Eliz. SWEETING William S SWEETING Ellen Loader EWENS Bridport PR
30 Aug 1788 William RICHARDS Rev of Piddletrenhide Hannah EWENS Licence Joseph HOUNSELL Eliza HOUNSELL Bridport PR
31 Dec 1709? William DARBY Susanna CRABB Bridport PR
29 Dec 1709? Richard STEVENS Mary WOOD Bridport PR
28 Feb 1708/9? John ????? Mary TUCKER Bridport PR
14 April 1757 Thomas EWENS Ann BROWN Joseph BROWNE Mary BYTHEWOOD Bridport PR
5 Jan 1771 John CLIFT late of Newton, Yorks Love PANCHEN Licence John CARTER Jno HUMBER Bridport PR
22 May 1777 Thomas EWENS Hannah HOUNSELL Licence S Partridge M Taylor Bridport PR
28 Feb 1786 John EWENS Martha TAYLOR Samuel TAYLOR Ann EWENS Bridport PR
8 Mar 1796 John JACOB of Vauchurch Sarah TAYLOR Licence Sarah TAYLOR Thos. EWENS John CURME Martha EWENS Mary PARTRIDGE Bridport PR
8 May 1816 John BISHOP Ann TRAPP Thomas BAKER John CURME Bridport PR
29 Sep 1816 Seth BISHOP Elizabeth NICHOLLS Richard COLLINS John CURME Bridport PR
6 Jun 1815 Samuel BISHOP Elizabeth LEGG Henry LEGG John CURME Bridport PR
6 Jun 1815 Ambrose BISHOP Susanna CROCKER John CROCKER Richard FREEMAN John Curme Bridport PR
23 Sep 1814 Francis HOARE Elizabeth BISHOP Martha CASE John CURME Bridport PR
11 Oct 1814 George BISHOP Widower Mary MAGRIE widow John Oliver John CURME Bridport PR
4 June 1754 Robert YOUNG Elizabeth DARBY spinster Banns Robt SEAL Thos CLIFT Bridport PR
3 Sep 1754 Samuel NURSE Sarah BISHOP Banns Saml BISHOP John WELCH Bridport PR
5 Dec 1754 William SAUNDERS Martha BROWN widow Banns ? ? Bridport PR
6 Jan 1755 William Henry? CRABB Widower Elizabeth BROWN widow Banns John MOORE Bridport PR
14 Jul 1755 Joseph BROWNE Jane COLLINS Banns Anne DOWNE A COLLINS Bridport PR
23 Dec 1755 Samuel SMITH Margaret DARBY Banns Nancy ELLNEY Thom. DARBY Bridport PR
7 Dec 1756 John GARDINER Widower Sarah STONE Banns Rebecca STONE Bridport PR
17 Apr 1757 Thomas EWENS Ann BROWN Banns Joseph BROWNE Bridport PR
3 Mar 1758 Thomas SYMES Martha RICHARDS Bridport PR
10 Jan 1759 William PANCHEN Susanna DARBY Benjamin HOUNSELL Jno BARTLETT Bridport PR
24 May 1759 George TUCKER Sojourner Martha HART Bridport PR
6 Mar 1760 Joseph BISHOP Sojourner of Bothenhampton Mary CAPON James LUSH Elizabeth LUSH Bridport PR
4 Sep 1760 Joseph HAYWARD Susanna BISHOP Bridport PR
19 Jan 1761 John STEPHENS Elizabeth JEFFORD Bridport PR
24 Feb 1761 John BISHOP Ann GHOST Bridport PR
4 May 1761 Joseph BROWN Hannah SAMWAYS Bridport PR
19 May 1762 James STODGEL Mary BROWN Bridport PR
6 Jan 1765 Jonathan GALE Martha BROWNE Bridport PR
6 Nov 1766 Joseph BROWNE Mary HOUSE? Bridport PR
11 Oct 1814 George DARBY Batchelor Rosina Bradford DAVIE of Bradpole Dinah BISHOP Jane BISHOP Bridport PR
16 Jul 1703 John DARBY Susanna ROWSEL Bridport PR
30 Dec 1714/15 James EWENS Sarah POELL Bridport PR
2 Oct 1829 John BISHOP of St Peters, Dorchester Harriet STEVENS Bridport PR
11 Jul 1830 Joseph BROWN Jane STEVENS Bridport PR
1 Feb 1831 William BROWNE Miriam BROWNE Bridport PR
8 Sep 1831 Matthew STEVENS Mary LEACH Bridport PR
1 Mar 1832 Reuben LOVELACE Eliza HAINES Bridport PR
19 Apr 1832 George STONE Eliza CHUBB Bridport PR
2 Jul 1832 George LOVERIDGE Harriet GRIFFIN Bridport PR
19 Nov 1832 Samuel SKINNER of St David's, Exeter Sarah LOVELACE spinster & minor Licence The party requiring licence have made oath that there is no person having authority to give consent Bridport PR
12 May 1833 Joseph LOVELACE Widower of Chard, Som Elizabeth GUPPY Licence Bridport PR
20 Jan 1835 John Cooke COX Rosina Harriet DARBY Bridport PR
1 Mar 1835 John HUMBER Billah BISHOP Bridport PR
28 May 1837 Eli WHITTLE Sarah STONE Bridport PR
16 Sep 1844 Robert SWAYNE Draper full Martha Ewens TUCKER full Robert SWAYNE John TUCKER Bridport PR
27 Nov 1849 James BISHOP Widower full Catherine POMEROY widow full Bridport PR

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