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Some Odds and Sods from the History and Antiquities for the County of Dorset - Hutchins
High Steward of Bridport:
Col Giles Strangways ob 1675
John Strangways esq elected 1675 on his father's death
Col Thomas Strangways 1677 on the deathe of his brother John
Thomas Strangways esq 1714 - 1727 on death of his father
Recorder 22 Dec 1707
Thomas Strangways of Melbury Sampford died 1726
Mayors of Bridport
1839 Thomas Ewens
1845 William Tucker
1846 John Pike Stephens
1848 Silvanus Stephens
1851 Richard Tucker
1852 John Hounsell
1856 Thomas Ewens
1834 Joseph Hounsell
1832 T.C. Hounsell
1830 Thomas Ewens
1829 Wm Hounsell
1828 Joseph Ewens and S.F Golding
1824 Thomas Ewens
1823 Joseph Ewens
1817 Wm Hounsell
1814 Wm Hounsell and Thomas Hounsell
1798 John Davie
1769 Joseph Brown (Dec'd 1769)
Broadwinsor Land at South Langley
A farm of 90 acres was dismembered from the principal estate in the reign of Elizabeth. In the reign of James I it was the property of john WHITE, patriarch of Dorchester and afterwards one of the assembly of devines
He parted with this estate before his death. Afterwards it was held by the EWENS of Broadwinsor, by one of who it was sold to ??????JONES and in 1790 was the property of Mr John PERKINS

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