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Some Marriages, Burials and Baptisms Extracted from Burstock, Dorset, Parish Registers

Surname Forename Event Date       Parents Event Remarks Remarks
Ewens John 12 Jun 1688 s/o Richard & Elizabeth Baptism
Ewens Richard 16 Feb 1689/90 s/o Richard & Elizabeth Baptism
Ewens Richard 1690 s/o Richard & Elizabeth Baptism
Ewens Richard 1691 s/o Richard & Elizabeth Baptism
Walbridge Elizabeth 17 May 1692 d/o William & Joan Baptism
Pitfold Elizabeth 21 Aug 1692 d/o John & Mary Baptism
Davis Elizabeth 8 Jan 1692/93 d/o John & Joan Baptism
Poly??? Nicholas 15 Feb 1692/93 s/o John & Elizabeth Baptism
Collingdon Richard ? s/o John & Mary Baptism
Ewens Thomas 19 Aprl 1694 s/o Richard & Elizabeth Baptism
Slade Elizabeth 7 July 1694 d/o Henry & Hannah Baptism
Collingdon Elizabeth 4 Jun 1695 d/o John & Mary Baptism
Pitfold John 17 Jun 1695 s/o John & Mary Baptism
Morris? John 2 Feb 1695/6 s/o John Baptism
Davy John 28 Apr 1696 d/o John Baptism (sic - dau)
Whetham Unity 3 Jul 1696 d/o Francis Baptism
Ewens Elizabeth 7 July 1696 d/o Richard Baptism
Pitfold Robert 4 Oct 1696 s/o John Baptism
Bussell William 13 Oct 1696 s/o William Baptism
Ewens William 1 Dec 1696 s/o Daniel Baptism
Hardy John 14 Feb 1696/7 s/o Thomas Baptism
Derman?? Mary 16 Feb 1696/7 d/o John Baptism
Hallett William 7 Mar 1696/7 s/o John Baptism
Stevens Jane 14 Mar 1696/7 d/o Elizabeth Baptism
Ewens Daniel 22 Oct 1699 s/o Daniel Baptism
Ewens Susanna 22 Oct 1699 d/o Daniel Baptism
Ewens Daniel 14 Oct 1701 s/o Daniel Baptism
Ewens Ann 14 Oct 1703 d/o Richard Baptism
Ewens Susanna 1 Jan 1704/5 d/o Daniel Baptism
Ewens Thomas 6 Sep 1734 s/o Thomas Baptism
Ewens Joseph 1735 s/o Thomas Baptism
Ewens Richard 7 Apr 1738 s/o Thomas Baptism
Ewens Harry 30 Apr 1740 s/o Thomas Baptism
Ewens Jenny 1 May 1741 d/o Thomas Baptism
Ewens Betty 4 Sep 1744 d/o Thomas Baptism
Ewens Molly 15 Feb 1745/6 d/o Thomas Baptism
Ewens Richard 26 Mar 1761 s/o Thomas Baptism
Ewens Mary 24 Jun 1763 d/o Thomas Baptism
Ewens Miriam 24 Jun 1763 d/o Thomas Baptism
Ewens Joan 1 Jan 1768 d/o Thomas Baptism
Ewens Ann 29 May 1771 d/o Thomas Baptism
Ewens Elizabeth 14 April 1773 d/o Thomas Baptism
Ewens William 13 Sep 1774 s/o Thomas Baptism
Ewens Ann July 1782? d/o Thomas Baptism Born 2 Aug 1780
Ewens Thomas 11 Jun 1784 s/o Richard Baptism 3d Richard is stated to be of Broadwinsor
Steven Alice 16 Jun 1700 Burial
Ewens Elizabeth 06 December 1721 Burial
Ewens Elizabeth 08 April 1732 Burial
Ewens Jenny 28 September 1776 Burial
Ewens Joanna 29 March 1784 Burial
Ewens Julianna 08 July 1784 Burial
Ewens Nathanial 22 May 1765 Burial
Price Rice 16 Mar 1805 Burial son of the rector who was drowned onboard the Abergaveny, East Indiaman, off Weymouth 5 Feb 1805 Take link to see passenger list
Date of Event Surname of Groom First name of Groom Surname of Bride First Name of Bride Event Source Remarks Remarks Witness Witness
12 Feb 1695/6 Bussell William Walbridge Joan Marriage Burstock PRs
8 Jun 1696 Hardy Thomas Crand Christobelle Marriage Burstock PRs
13 Jul 1698 Gray Robert Woolley Anne Marriage Burstock PRs Anne was of Axminster
[Bfr Jun 1699] Pullman William Pope Ann Marriage Burstock PRs William was of Netherbury Ann was of Burstock
29 Jun 1699 Spillar Geo, Elenor Palmer Marriage Burstock PRs Elenor was of Lyme Regis
15 Sep 1699 Gibb Will. Hicks Ann Marriage Burstock PRs Will was of Broadwinsor Ann was of Burstock
21 Sep 1699 Banks Daniel Ewens Hannah Marriage Burstock PRs Daniel was of Broadwinsor Hannanh was of Burstock
13 Feb 1699/1700 Wollden John Whetham Mary Marriage Burstock PRs John was of Netherbury Mary was of Broadwinsor
19 Sep 1700 Bonner William Prosser Eliz.. Marriage Burstock PRs
19 Sep 1700 Dinnes Geo, Halle or Kaile Eliz.. Marriage Burstock PRs
22 Apr 1701 Wellman John Powell Eliz.. Marriage Burstock PRs
29 Dec 1701       Hallett Henry Dunnan Susanna Marriage Burstock PRs Henry was of Broadwinsor Susanna was of Burstock
1 Jun 1702 Chinnock Geo, Hallett Hester Marriage Burstock PRs
31 Aug 1702 Mory Simon Bryant Jane Marriage Burstock PRs Jane was of Wayford
1 Apr 1702? Baker Thomas Sherewood Mortyme? Marriage Burstock PRs Thomas was of Burstock Mortyme was of Pilston
12 Feb 1703/04 Cole John Case Eliz.. Marriage Burstock PRs Eliz was of Seaborough
14 Dec 1704 Bonner John Gifford ?hen Marriage Burstock PRs
19 Apr 1705 Smith Robt. Farr Ann Marriage Burstock PRs Robt was of Broadwinsor Ann was of Thorncombe?
23 Oct 1751 Bishop Thomas Seal Mary Marriage Burstock PRs
1759 Ewens Thomas Knott Mary Marriage Burstock PRs Thomas was described as a Dyer? Mary was of Dennington Henry SLADE Eliz EWENS
1827 Ewens Geo Davy Reader Ann Marriage Burstock PRs by Licence Geo was of Axminster Mary READER Sophia READER

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