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Portland Year Book 1905

South Portland Liberal Radical Club
President : Mr T. L. Scarisbrick
Vice-presidents : Messrs E. J. Pearce, Robt, Pearce, Jno. Pearce, W. J. Scriven, and A. Ranger
Chairman of committee: Mr J. M. Smith
Treasurer : R. Smith, Reforne;
Secretary : Mr S. T. Attwooll 43, Wakeham

The Club is in a most flourishing condition and has a membership of two hundred and twenty.   The Club has one of the finest billiard tables in the county, purchased from Geo. Wright and Co., the firm that provided the table for the championship between Dawson and Stevenson, 1905. In 1888 the club started at Reforne and in April 1902 removed to the handsome new club premises and Coronation Hall in Moorfield Road.

South Portland Working Men's Conservative Club: Jubilee Hall, Easton Square
Chairman : Mr John Skinner
Secretary : Mr .J. J. Shaw

The club has 330 members

North Portland Liberal Club
President : Mr T. T. L. Scarisbrick
Vice-Presidents : Messrs S. Pearce, H. Gibbs, A. M. Wallis, J. Comben, W. Young, A. Ranger, J. A. Newman, J. Young, H. P. Murray, A. Attwooll, S. J. Fowler, S. Dunkley, J. S. Norman, W. Edwards
Committee: Messrs J. Comben Jun., E. Otter, L. Thorne, R. White, J. Patten, T. Bennett, T. Beck, J. Parsons, G. Mitchell, W. Comben, F. Read and W. Male
Secretary : Mr J. Fall
Treasurer: Mr T. Hinde
Assistant Secretary: Mr S. Pearce

The North Portland Liberal Club was established March, 1800. Its first meetings were held in the British School, High Street. Later it removed to Osborne Hall, Prospect Place, and afterwards rented a small Cottage at the top end of Fortune's Well. The members determined to build a club house at the beging of 1901, with the result that present admirable premises were erected at a total cost, included freehold land, of about 600 The building was opened in October 1901, by Mr. T. T. L. Scarisbrick.

North Portland Conservative Club
Chairman: Mr J. Waight
Secretary: Mr. R. G. C. Flew
Treasurer: Mr H. G. Mann
Trustees: Messrs J. C. Dine and J. Cleall

The number of members is over 300. The club was established in 1885, and occupies the old British School in High Street.

South Portland Liberal Association
President : Mr T. T. L. Scarisbrick
Vice-Presidents : Rev. J. Page, Messrs R. Pearce, E. J. Pearce ; John Pearce, and J. P. Scriven
Secretary: Mr W Edwards, 28 Park Road, Easton
Treasurer : Mr J. Maltby Channel View Road
North Portland Conservative Association
Chairman: Mr A. Score
Vice-Chairman : Mr E. Comben
Secretary: Mr J C. Dine
Assistant Secretary: Mr T. B. Waight
Treasurer: Mr H. G. Mann
South Dorset Liberal Association
President: Mr T. T. L. Scarisbrick
Vice-president: Mr H P. Murray
Chairman of Executive: Mr S. J. Fowler
Hon treasurer : Mr Robert Pearce (Portland)
Hon. Secretaries : Messrs W. Edwards (Portland) ; Lock (Dorchester) ; H. Dennis (Weymouth)
General secretary : Mr A. Ranger
An Executive Committee representative of every polling district in the division
Hon Auditors: T. Honebon ; R. Fowler

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