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Portland Year Book 1905

" PUBLICATION of the 1905 issue of the " PORTLAND YEAR BOOK AND ISLAND RECORD " has been delayed this year owing to the annual meeting of the Portland Urban District Council (at which the chairmen and committees are elected) falling so late in April. It was impossible to go to press without revising these most important details, and the last section could not be closed until after the Council had held its meeting.

We desire to acknowledge the many kind expressions of generous appreciation and thanks from far and wide on the publication of the first volume last year. The two large editions issued were wholly inadequate to meet the demand, and we regret that so many of our friends were disappointed in their efforts to obtain a copy of the book. We are printing nearly twice as many copies of this year's issue, and we hope there will be no further cause for complaint on that score.

Our aim has been to make the PORTLAND YEAR BOOK, an indispensable, and, in its scope and character, a comprehensive and absolutely reliable book of reference on all phases of the Island's life. No pains have been spared to bring the 1905 issue quite up-to-date. A large portion of the book is quite new, and there are many special and unique features that appear for the first time.

The HISTORY of PORTLAND has been entirely re-written and rearranged in strict chronological order. Many pages have been added to this section and also to the special section, containing articles dealing with subjects of historical and antiquarian interest. A valuable article on GEOLOGY appears for the first time.

The STATISTICAL SECTION has greatly expanded in size, and, we hope, in value and interest. The URBAN COUNCIL'S EXPENDITURE and INCOME, rates, local debt, &c., will be found carefully summarised and presented in a handy and readable form. COUNTY STATISTICS are also included in this section.

Accounts of the LOCAL PUBLIC WORKS have been brought up to date and carefully revised. A specially-written history and description of the new Gardens is included in this section ; also an article on the now Police Station and the, grant of a Petty Sessional Court to Portland.

A copy of an old Portland Poor Rate of the 1701 century, which Mr Robert Pearce has kindly placed at our disposal, forms an interesting " WHO's WHO " of the PORTLANDERS Of 200 YEARS AGO.

To the many kind friends who have rendered us such generous aid in preparing the present volume, we beg to tender our sincere and grateful thanks. F.T.

The Portland Telegram Office, April, 1905.

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