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RN Vessels Lost during 19th Century

A list of ships and vessels late belonging to the British navy, captured, destroyed, wrecked, foundered, or accidentally burnt.

Sources: William James Naval history (1837) and William Laird Clowes history of the Royal Navy, newspapers of the day and personal notes etc.

For more precise information regarding losses suggest visitors read David Hepper's "British Warship losses in the age of sail"

Date Lost         Rate Ship-Guns Commander           How and where lost

20 Nov. 1793


Scipion, 74

Captain Degoy

Accidentally burnt in Leghorn roads: crew saved.

4 Oct. 1793


Thames, 32

Captain Jas. Cotes

Captured by a squadron of French frigates.

27 May 1793


Hyena, 24

Captain W. Hargood

Captured by the French frigate Concorde.

13 Dec. 1793


Alerte, 14


Captured by the French on retaking Toulon. (not in commission)

18 Dec. 1793



Capt. J. Loring

Destroyed by the British at Toulon, to prevent capture.

18 Dec. 1793



Capt. Charles Hare

Destroyed in firing the French ships.

Dec. 1793


Pigmy, 14

Lieut. A. Pullibank

Wrecked on the Motherbank: crew, except seven, saved.

Dec. 1793


Advice, 4

Lieut. Edward Tyrrel

Wrecked to leeward of Key-Bokell, Honduras: crew saved.

Dec. 1793


Vipêre, 4

(name unknown)

Wrecked in Hières bay: crew saved.

18 Dec. 1793


Vlïgilante, 4

(name unknown)

Captured by the French on retaking Toulon

24 Aug. 1794




Burnt by accident and blown up, in Portsmouth harbour : crew saved (in ordinary)

6 Nov. 1794


Alexander, 74

R. Rodney Bligh

Captured by a French squadron of five 74s and three frigates off Sicily.

April, 1794


Ardent, 64

R. Manners Sutton

Burnt by accident and blown up with all the crew, off Corsica

8 March, 1794



John Lawford

Wrecked on the Grand Caymanes, West Indies: crew saved.

9 May 1794


Castor, 32

Thos. Troubridge

Captured by Admiral Nielly's squadron, off Cape Clear.

28 June 1794


Rose, 28

Matth. Henry Scott

Wrecked on Rocky-Point, Jamaica: crew saved

30 Jan. 1794


Amphitrite, 18

Anthony Hunt

Wrecked by striking on a sunken rock in the Mediterranean : crew saved

7 Jan 1794


Moselle, 24

H. A. Bennett

Captured by the French in Toulon, having entered by mistake.

May, 1794


Alert, 16

Charles Smith

Captured by the French frigate Unité, off the coast of Ireland.

26 Nov. 1794


Pylades, 16

Thomas Twisden

Wrecked in Heraldswick bay, isle of Nest, Shetland: crew saved

24 July 1794


Hound, 16

R. Piercy

Captured by the French frigates Seine and Galathée on her passage from the West Indies

1794, date unknown,


Espion, 16

W. Hugh Kittoe

Captured by three French frigates.

August, 1794


Scout, 16

Charles Robinson

Captured by two French frigates off Bona.

June, 1794


Speedy, 14

George Eyre

Captured by a French squadron, off Nice

8 May 1794 4 Placentia Lieutenant A Sheppard Wrecked off Marticot Island, Newfoundland ; crew saved.

26 Nov. 1794


Actif, 10

John Harvey

Foundered off Bermuda : crew saved.

June, 1794


Ranger, 14

Issaac Cotgrave

Captured by a French squadron, off Brest.

Feb. 1794


Spitfire, 6

J. W. Rich

Foundered or overset off St. Domingo: crew perished.

11 April, 1794



Walter Serocold

Destroyed by the fire from the French batteries at Bastia.

1 May 1795


Boyne, 98

George Grey

Accidentally burnt at Spithead: crew saved.

7 Oct. 1795


Censeur, 74

John Gore

Captured by a French squadron, off Cape St.-Vincent.

7 March 1795


Berwick, 74

Adam Littlejohn.

Captured by the French fleet in the Mediterranean.

14 March 1795


Illustrious, 74

T. L. Frederick

Wrecked in a gale, on the rocks near Avenge crew saved.

2 Aug. 1795


Diomede, 44

Matthew Smith

Wrecked by striking on a sunken rock off Trincomalé, island of Ceylon: crew saved.

29 Dec. 1795


Amethyst, 38

Thomas Affleck

Wrecked at Alderney crew saved.

9 Dec. 1795


Nemesis, 28

Samuel H. Linzee

Captured by the French frigate Sensible and corvette Sardine, in the road at Smyrna.

12 Feb. 1795


Daphne, 20

Wm. B. Cracraft.

Captured by a detachment of the Brest fleet.

12 Nov. 1795


Flêche, 14

Charles Came

Wrecked in San-Fiorenzo : crew saved

June, 1795


Flying-fish, 6


Captured by two French privateers.

date unknown, 1795


Musquito (Mosquito)


Wrecked on the coast of France, near Jersey : crew perished.

11 Dec. 1795

Hoy, 4

Shark, 4


Captured by being run away with into La Hogue by her own crew.

11 April 1796


Ca-Ira, 80

Chas. D. Pater

Burnt by accident and blown up, in San-Fiorenzo bay crew, except four, saved.

18 Dec. 1796


Courageux, 74

B. Hallowell

Wrecked near the foot of Ape's Hill, Straits of Gibraltar : crew, except 124, perished.

21 Dec. 1796


Bombay-Castle, 74

Tho. Sotheby

Wrecked in the river Tagus: crew saved.

10 Oct. 1796


Malabar, 54

Thomas Parr

Foundered in coming from the West Indies: crew saved.

13 May 1796


Salisbury, 50

Wm. Mitchell

Wrecked on the Isle of Avache, St. Domingo: crew saved.

27 Aug.


Undaunted, 38

R. Winthrop

Wrecked on the Morant Keys, West Indies crew saved. Had been Aréthuse c. 1793.

11 Jan. 1796


Leda, 36

John Woodley

Foundered by upsetting in a heavy squall, in lat. 38 8' long. 17 40' : crew, except seven, perished.

7 Dec. 1796



H. W. Bayntun

Wrecked in the Swin : crew saved.

July, 1796


Active, 32

Ed. Lev. Gower

Wrecked in the river St. Lawrence : crew saved.

22 Sep. 1796


Amphion, 32

Israel Pellew

Burnt by accident and blown up, in Hamoaze, Plymouth ; and most of the crew perished.

27 Dec. 1796


Hussar, 28

James Colnett

Wrecked on the coast of France : crew saved.

3 Oct. 1796


Narcissus, 20

Percy Fraser

Wrecked on Sandy key, New Providence: crew saved.

24 Dec. 1796


Cormorant, 18

Thomas Gott

Burnt by accident and blown up at Port-au-Prince, St.-Domingo : crew, except 20, perished.

10 June, 1796


Arab, 16

Step. Seymour

Wrecked on the Penmarcks near Brest : crew saved.

31 Dec. 1796


Curlew, 18

F. Ventris Field

Foundered in the North Sea : crew perished

Date unknown 1796


Scourge, 16

William Stap

Foundered off the coast of Holland : crew saved.

Date unknown 1796



Daniel Guerin

Wrecked in the Bay of Honduras : crew perished.

Date unknown 1796


Trompeuse, 16

James R. Watson

Wrecked on the Farmer-rock, Kinsale ; crew saved.

Date unknown 1796


Bermuda, 14

Thomas Maxtone

Foundered in the Florida gulf: crew perished.

3 Nov. 1796


Helena, 14

Jeremh. J. Symons

Foundered on the coast of Holland : crew perished.

2 Oct. 1796


Experiment, 10

George Hayes

Captured by a Spanish squadron in the Mediterranean.

Nov. 1796


Berbice, 8

John Trefahar

Wrecked on the coast of Dominica: crew saved.

Nov. 1796


Vanneau, 8

John Gourly

Wrecked at Porto-Ferrajo, Mediterranean: crew saved.

31 July 1797


Artois, 38

Sir Edmund Nagle

Wrecked on the coast of France: crew saved.

14 Jan. 1797


Amazon, 36

Rt. Carth. Reynolds

Wrecked on the French coast, near Isle Bas : crew saved, but made prisoners.

16 Nov. 1797


Tribune, 36

Scory Barker

Wrecked off Halifax, Nova Scotia : crew, except seven, perished.

22 Sept. 1797


Hermione, 32

Hugh Pigot

Captured by her crew mutinying and carrying her into La Guira, South America.

April 1797


Tartar, 28

Hon. C. Elphinstone

Wrecked at the island St.-Domingo : crew saved.

Date unknown 1797


Swift, 18

Thomas Hayward

Foundered in the China seas: crew perished.

27 Dec. 1797


Hunter, 18

Tudor Tucker

Wrecked on Hog island, off Virginia : crew, except five saved.

Date unknown 1797


Fortune, 16

Valentine Collard

Wrecked, near Oporto : crew perished.

2 Jan. 1797



Hen. Harding Parker

Foundered off the Shannon : crew perished.

Jan. 1797


Hermes, 14

William Mulso

Foundered at sea crew perished.

Date unknown 1797


Pandora, 14


Foundered in the North Sea: crew perished.

Date unknown 1797


Resolution, 14

William Hugget

Foundered at sea: crew perished.

Dec. 1797


Growler, 14

John Hollingsworth.

Captured off Dungeness, by two French row-boats.

May 1797


Lacedemonian, 14

Matthew Wrench

Captured in the West Indies by the French.

24 July 1797



John Gibson

Destroyed in front of Santa-Cruz : 96 of crew and passengers perished.

Date unknown 1797


M.-Antoinette, 10

John M'Inerheny

Captured by her Crew mutinying and carrying her into a French port in the West Indies.

27 April 1797



Henry Savage

Wrecked on the Middle sand, in the Swin ; crew saved.

16 May 1797



W. Hen. Broughton

Wrecked in the Pacific ocean: crew saved.

24 Feb 1797 Tender Bloom - Taken off Holyhead, in the Irish Sea, by the French.
24 Feb 1797 Tender Brighton - Taken off Holyhead, in the Irish Sea, by the French.

10 Dec. 1798


Colossus, 74

George Murray

Wrecked off Sicily: crew saved.

18 Aug. 1798


Leander, 50

T. Bould. Thompson

Captured by the French 74, Généreux, near Candia, Mediterranean.

24 July 1798


Resistance, 44

Edward Pakenham

Burnt and blown up in the Straits of Banca: crew, except about five, perished.

18 July 1798


Aigle, 38

Charles Tyler

Wrecked off Cape Farina, coast of Spain : crew saved.

13 Oct. 1798


Jason, 38

Charles Stirling

Wrecked near Brest : crew saved, but made prisoners.

Date unknown 1798


Hamadryad, 36

Thos. Elphinstone

Wrecked on the coast of Portugal.

29 June 1798


Pique, 36

David Milne

Wrecked on the coast of France: crew saved.

12 April 1798


Lively, 32

James Nic. Morris

Wrecked on Rota point, near Cadiz : crew saved.

4 April 1798


Pallas, 32

Hon. Henry Curzon

Wrecked on Mount-Batten point, Plymouth Sound: crew saved.

14 Dec. 1798


Ambuscade, 32

Henry Jenkins

Captured by the French 28-gun frigate Baïonnaise.

26 July 1798


Garland, 28

James Athol Wood

Wrecked off the coast of Madagascar : crew saved.

14 Dec. 1798


Peterel, 16

Charles Long

Captured by a Spanish frigate-squadron, off Majorca.

Date unknown 1798


Rover, 16

George Irvine

Wrecked in the gulf of St. Lawrence: crew saved.

3 Dec. 1798


Kingfisher, 18

Fred. L. Maitland

Wrecked on the bar of Lisbon: crew saved.

3 Feb. 1798


Raven, 18

J. W. Taylor Dixon

Wrecked on the Middle ground, near Cuxhaven : crew saved.

23 May 1798


Braak, 16

James Drew

Foundered by upsetting in the Delaware: captain and 34 of her crew perished.

26 Aug. 1798


Crash, 12

B. M. Praed

Captured on the coast of Holland.

3 Jan. 1798


George, 6

Michael Mackey

Captured by two Spanish privateers in the West Indies.

exact date unknown, 1799 Schooner Musquito, 6 Thomas White Captured by two Spanish frigates, off Cuba.
date unknown, 1799 Ship Sloop Orestes, 18 William Haggitt Foundered in a hurricane in the Indian Ocean : crew perished.
exact date unknown, 1799 Brig Contest, 14 John Ides Short Wrecked off the coast of Holland: crew saved.
Jan 7, 1799 Frigate Apollo, 38 Peter Halkett Wrecked on the coast of Holland : crew saved.
Jan 12, 1799 Brig Sloop Weazle, 14 Hon. Henry Grey Wrecked in Barnstaple Bay : crew, except the purser, perished.
Feb, 1799 T.S. Grampus, George Hart Wrecked on Barking shelf, near Woolwich : crew saved.
Feb 1, 1799 Frigate Proserpine, 28 James Wallis Wrecked in the river Elbe : crew, except 15 saved.
Feb 2, 1799 Ship Sloop Nautilus, 16 Henry Gunter Wrecked off Flamborough Head : crew saved.
May 8, 1799 Gun vessel Dame-de-Grace,
Captured along with Fortune, by a squadron of French frigates, off the coast Syria.
May 8, 1799 Brig Fortune, 10 Lewis Davis Captured by a squadron of French frigates, off the coast Syria.
May 23, 1799 Brig Deux-Amis, 14 Hen. Smith Wilson Wrecked on the back of the Isle of Wight: crew saved.
Sep, 1799 Brig Sloop Amaranthe, 14 John Blake Wrecked on coast of Florida ; and many of the crew perished on shore with hunger.
Sep 28, 1799 T.S. Blanche, John Ayscough Wrecked in the Texel : crew saved.
Sep 28, 1799 Schooner Fox, 14 Wm. Wooldridge Wrecked in the gulf of Mexico: crew saved.
Oct 9, 1799 Frigate Lutine, 36 Lancelot Skynner Wrecked off the Vlie-island, coast of Holland crew, except two, perished.
Oct 12, 1799 Ship Sloop Trincomalé, 16 John Rowe Destroyed by being blown up in action with a French privateer, in the Straits of Babelmandel : crew perished.
Oct 14, 1799 T.S. Nassau, George Tripp Wrecked on the coast of Holland : crew, except 42, saved.
Oct 19 1799 2nd Rate Impregnable., 98 Jonathan Faulknor Wrecked between Langstone and Chichester ; crew saved.
Nov 16, 1799 T.S. Espion, Jonas Rose Wrecked on the Goodwin Sands : crew saved. Was Atalante.
Dec 5 1799 3rd Rate Sceptre, 64 Valentine Edwards Wrecked in Table Bay, Cape of Good Hope 291 of the crew perished.
Dec 25, 1799 Frigate Ethalion, 38 John Clarke Searle Wrecked on the Penmarcks : crew saved.
exact date unknown, 1800 Ship Cormorant, 20 Courtney Boyle Wrecked on the coast of Egypt : crew saved, but made prisoners by the French.
Jan 5, 1800 Brig Mastiff, 12 James Watson Wrecked on Yarmouth sands : crew, except eight, saved.
Jan 21, 1800 T.S. Weymouth, Ambrose Crofton Wrecked on the Bar of Lisbon : crew saved.
Jan 26, 1800 Ship sloop Brazen, 18 James Hanson Wrecked near Brighton: crew, except one man, perished.
Mar 10, 1800 3rd Rate Repulse, 64 James Alms Wrecked on a sunken rock 25 leagues south-east of Ushant : crew, except 10 saved on the Glenan islands, but made prisoners.
Mar 17, 1800 Ship Danaé, 20 Lord Proby Captured by her crew mutinying and carrying her into Brest.
Mar 17, 1800 1st Rate Queen Charlotte, 100 Lord Keith (V.-admiral), Andrew Todd Accidentally burnt and blown-up, off Leghorn ; crew, except 167, perished.
May 16 or 17, 1800 Ship sloop Trompeuse, 18 Parker Robinson Foundered as is supposed, having parted company in a gale in the Channel : crew perished.
May 16 or 17, 1800 Ship sloop Railleur, 14 John Raynor Foundered at the same time as the Trompeuse (see above).
Jul 7, 1800 Fire Ship Falcon, H. Samuel Butt Destroyed in Dunkirk roads, in attempting to burn some French frigates.
Jul 7, 1800 Fire Ship Comet, Thomas Leef Destroyed in Dunkirk roads, in attempting to burn some French frigates.
Jul 7, 1800 Fire Ship Wasp, John Edwards Destroyed in Dunkirk roads, in attempting to burn some French frigates.
Jul 7, 1800 Fire Ship Rosario, James Carthew Destroyed in Dunkirk roads, in attempting to burn some French frigates.
Aug 10, 1800 T.S. Dromedary, Benj. W. Taylor Wrecked in the Bocca near the island of Trinidad : crew saved.
Sep, 1800 Brig sloop Diligence, 18 C. B. Hodgson Ross Wrecked on a small island near Havana ; crew saved.
Sep 6, 1800 Frigate Stag, 32 Robert Winthrop Wrecked in Vigo Bay crew saved
Sep 26, 1800 Brig sloop Hound, 18 W. Jas. Turquand Wrecked near Shetland : crew perished.
Oct, 1800 Ship sloop Martin, 16 Hon Mat. St.-Clair Foundered in the North Sea, as is supposed : crew perished.
Oct 9, 1800 Ship sloop Chance, 18 George S. Stovin Foundered after upsetting on her beam-ends crew, except 25, perished.
Nov 4, 1800 3rd Rate Marlborough, 74 Thomas Sotheby Wrecked on a sunken rock near Belleisle crew saved.
Nov 9, 1800 Ship sloop Havick, 16 Phil. Bartholomew Wrecked in St. Alban's bay Jersey; crew saved.
Nov 23, 1800 Brig sloop Albanaise, 14 Fran. Newcombe Captured by her crew mutinying and carrying her into Malaga.
Jan 1, 1801 Brig Requin, 10 Samuel Forvell Wrecked on the French coast near Quiberon crew saved, but about 20 were made prisoners.
exact date unknown, 1801 Ship sloop Légère, 18 Cornelius Quinton Wrecked near Carthagena, South America : crew saved, but made prisoners.
exact date unknown, 1801 Ship Babet, 20 Jemmett Mainwaring Foundered, as is supposed, in the West Indies : crew perished.
Jan 29, 1801 Fire Ship Incendiary, Rich. Dalling Dunn Captured by Rear-admiral Ganteaume, Mediterranean.
Feb 10, 1801 Cutter Sprightly, 12 Robert Jump Captured by Rear-admiral Ganteaume, Mediterranean.
Feb 13, 1801 Frigate Success, 32 Shuldham Peard Captured by a French squadron under Rear-admiral Ganteaume, Mediterranean.
Feb 27, 1801 Bomb Bull-dog, Barrington Dacres Captured at Ancona, having entered unaprized of its being in the possession of the French.
Mar 16, 1801 3rd Rate Invincible, 74 Tho. Totty (R.-Adm.), Capt. John Rennie, Wrecked on Hasborough Sand, near Yarmouth crew, except about 126, perished.
Mar 23, 1801 Brig Blazer, 12 John Tiller Captured under the Warborg : but afterwards restored.
Mar 25, 1801 Ship sloop Scout, 18 Henry Duncan Wrecked on the Shingles, west end of the Isle of Wight: crew saved.
Jun, 1801 Frigate Forte, 44 Lucius Hardyman Wrecked in Jedda harbour, Red Sea : crew saved.
Jun, 1801 Ship sloop Speedy, 13 Lord Cochrane Captured by a French squadron under Rear-admiral Linois.
Jun 9, 1801 Frigate Meleager, 32 Hon. T. Bladen Capel Wrecked on the Triangles in the Gulf of Mexico : crew saved.
Jun 24, 1801 3rd Rate Swiftsure, 74 Benjamin Hallowell Captured by a French squadron, Rear-admiral Ganteaume Mediterranean
Jul, 1801 T.S. Iphigenia, Hassard Stackpole Accidentally burnt at Alexandria, Mediterranean crew saved.
Jul 5, 1801 3rd Rate Hannibal, 74 Solomon Ferris Captured by a French squadron, under the batteries of Algesiras, Gibraltar bay.
Jul 21, 1801 Frigate Jason, 36 Hon. James Murray Wrecked by striking on a sunken rock in the bay of St: Malo : crew saved, but made prisoners.
Aug 11, 1801 Frigate Lowestoffe, 32 Robert Plampin. Wrecked on the island of Heaneäga West Indies : crew saved.
Sep 4, 1801 Frigate Proselyte, 32 George Fowke Wrecked by striking on a sunken rock off the island of St: Martin, West Indies: crew saved.
Oct 25, 1801 Ship sloop Bonetta, 18 Thomas New Wrecked on the Jardines, Cuba : crew saved.
Nov, 1801 Ship sloop Utile, 16 Edw. Jekyl Canes. Foundered by upsetting in a gale on passage from Gibraltar to Malta ; crew perished.
exact date unknown, 1802 Ship sloop Scout, 18 Henry Duncan Foundered off coast of Newfoundland : crews perished.
exact date unknown, 1802 Ship sloop Fly, 14 Thomas Duval Foundered off coast of Newfoundland : crews perished.
2 Mar 1802 T.S. Sensible, Robert Sauce Wrecked on a quicksand off Ceylon: crew saved.
Mar 29, 1802 4th Rate Assistance, 50 Richard Lee Wrecked between Dunkerque and Gravelines : crew saved.
1803 Ship Sloop Surinam, 18 Robert Tucker Captured by the Dutch, at the island of Curacoa.
Mar 26, 1803 Ship Déterminée, 22 Alexander Becher Wrecked on a sunken rock off the island of Jersey: crew and passengers (soldiers) saved, except 19.
May 31, 1803 Frigate Resistance, 36 Hon. P. Wodehouse Wrecked on Cape St. Vincent: crew saved.
Jun 5, 1803 Frigate Seine, 38 David Milne Wrecked in the night of on a sandbank near the Texel: crew saved.
Jul 2, 1803 Frigate Minerve, 38 Jahleel Brenton Captured after having run aground near Cherbourg crew saved, but made prisoners.
Aug, 1803 Ship Sloop Calypso, 16 William Venour Foundered by being run down in a gale, by one of a convoy coming from Jamaica : crew perished.
Aug, 1803 Schooner Redbridge, 12 George Lempriere Captured by a squadron of French frigates, near Toulon.
Aug 17, 1803 Schooner (S.S.) Porpoise, Robert Fowler Wrecked on a reef of coral in the Pacific Ocean : crew saved.
Nov, 1803 Ship Garland, 22 Frederick Cottrell Wrecked off Cape Français, St. Domingo : crew saved.
Nov 16, 1803 Frigate Circe, 28 Charles Fielding Wrecked on the Lemon and Ower, North Sea, in chase of an enemy: crew saved.
Dec, 1803 Ship Sloop Avenger, 14 Frs. Jackson Snell Foundered off the Weser : crew saved.
Dec 10, 1803 Frigate Shannon, 36 Ed. Leveson Gower Wrecked in gale, under the batteries near Cape la Hogue : crew saved, but made prisoners. Hull of the ship destroyed by the Merlin's boats.
Dec 25, 1803 Brig Sloop Suffisante, 16 George Heathcote Wrecked in a gale off Spike island, Cork harbour: crew saved.
Dec 31, 1803 Brig Grappler, 12 A. Wantner Thomas Wrecked on the isles de Chosey, and hull destroyed by the French : crew saved, but made prisoners.
Jan, 1804 3rd Rate York, 64 Henry Mitford Foundered, as is supposed, in the North Sea crew perished.
Jan 2, 1804 Frigate Creole, 38 Austen Bissell Foundered on passage from Jamaica : crew saved.
Feb, 1804 Brig Fearless, 12 George Williams Wrecked off Redding-point, Cawsand-bay crew saved
Feb, 1804 Frigate Hussar, 38 Philip Wilkinson Wrecked on the Saintes, in the bay of Biscay : crew saved.
Feb 19, 1804 Brig Cerbère, 10 Joseph Patey Wrecked the Berry-head: crew
Mar 1, 1804 Brig Sloop Weazle, 14 William Layman Wrecked on Cabareta point, Gibraltar-bay crew, except one man, saved
Mar 24, 1804 Brig Sloop Wolverine, 14 Henry Gordon Captured by a French privateer, on passage to Newfoundland
Mar 25, 1804 3rd Rate Magnificent, 74 William Henry Jervis Wrecked near the Pierres Noires, in the environs of Brest: crew saved, but 86 made prisoners.
Apr 1, 1804 Frigate Apollo, 36 J.W. Taylor Dixon Wrecked on the coast of Portugal : captain and many of the crew perished.
Apr 2, 1804 S.S. Hindostan, John Le Gros Burnt having caught fire in the hold, Mediterranean : crew, except five men, saved
May 20, 1804 Brig Sloop Vincejo, 16 James Wesley Wright Captured in a calm, by a flotilla of fr. gun-boats, in Quiberon-bay.
Jul 6, 1804 Brig Sloop Raven, 18 Spelman Swaine Wrecked on the coast of Sicily, Mediterranean crew saved.
July 14 1804 Ship Sloop Lilly, 14 William Compton Captured by the Dame-Ambert fr. privateer, off the Coast of Georgia.
Jul 14, 1804 Schooner Demerara, 6 Thomas Dutton Captured by the French privateer Grand-Décidé, West Indies
12 July 1804 Brig Sloop Drake, 14 William Ferris Wrecked on a shoal off the island of Nevis crew saved
Sep 3, 1804 R.S. De-Ruyter, J. Beckett Wrecked in the hurricane at Antigua crew saved
Oct 24, 1804 Brig Conflict, 12 Charles C Ormsby Wrecked in chase of the enemy, near Nieuport (sic) Isle of Wight: crew saved
Nov 19, 1804 4th Rate Romney, 50 Hon. John Colville Wrecked on the Haaks, near the Texel : crew saved.
Nov 24, 1804 3rd Rate Venerable, 74 John Hunter Wrecked on sunken rocks in Torbay : crew saved.
Dec, 1804 Schooner Morne-Fortunée, 6 John L Dale Wrecked on Crooked Island, West Indies : crew saved
Dec 18, 1804 Brig Sterling, 12 George Skottowe Wrecked near Calais : crew saved.
Dec 20, 1804 Brig Sloop (Bomb) Tartarus, Thomas Withers Wrecked on Margate sands : crew saved
Dec 21, 1804 T.S. Severn, Prince of Bouillon Wrecked in Grouville-bay, Jersey: crew saved.
Dec 25, 1804 Brig Mallard, 12 Thomas Read Captured after running on shore near Calais: crew saved, but made prisoners.
exact date unknown, 1805 Brig Sloop Seagull, 18 Henry Burke Foundered: crew perished
Jan 7, 1805 Frigate Sheerness, 44 Lord George Stuart Wrecked in a gale off Trincomalee bay, Ceylon: crew saved.
Jan. 21, 1805 Frigate Doris, 36 Patrick Campbell Wrecked on a sunken rock in Quiberon bay : crew saved.
Jan 29, 1805 Brig Sloop Raven, 18 William Layman Wrecked in Cadiz bay: crew, except two men saved
Feb, 1805 Brig Bouncer, 12 Samuel Bassan . Wrecked off Dieppe crew saved, but made prisoners.
Feb. 4, 1805 Ship Sloop Arrow, 28 Rich. Budd Vincent Captured by the French frigates Hortense and Incorruptible Mediterranean.
Feb. 4, 1805 Bomb Acheron, Arthur Farquhar Captured, with the Arrow, by the French frigates Hortense and Incorruptible Mediterranean.
Feb. 17, 1805 Frigate Cleopatra, 32 Sir R. Laurie, Bart Captured by the Ville-de-Milan French frig. off the coast of North America.
Mar 1, 1805 Ship Sloop Imogene, 18 Henry Vaughan Foundered on passage from Leeward islands : crew saved.
12 Mar, 1805 Schooner Redbridge, 10 J. Blower Gibbs Lost on passage from Barbados to UK - would appear to have suffered form 'iron sickness' in the fastenings & had to be abandoned while with a convoy in at position 43-46N 028-07W.
May or Jun, 1805 Ship Sloop Hawke, 18 James Tippet Foundered in the Channel : crew perished.
May, 1805 Ship Sloop Fly, 16 Pownoll B. Pellew Wrecked on the Carysfort fort reef, gulf of Florida: crew saved
May 12, 1805 Ship Sloop Cyane, 18 Hon. Geo. Cadogan Captured by the French frigates Hortense and Hermione, near Martinique.
Jul 11, 1805 Ship Sloop Orestes, 14 Thomas Brown . Wrecked on the Splinter sand, Dunkerque road: crew saved.
Jul 17, 1805 Ship Sloop Ranger, 16 Charles Coote Captured by the Rochefort squadron.
Jul 19, 1805 Frigate Blanche, 36 Zachary Mudge Captured by a French frigate two corvettes, and a brig, West Indies
Aug., 1805 Brig Plumper, 12 James H. Garrety Captured by five French gun-brigs off St: Malo.
Aug., 1805 Brig Teazer, 12 Geo. Lewis Kerr Captured by five French gun-brigs off St: Malo.
Aug, 1805 Schooner Pigmy, 14 William Smith Wrecked in St Aubin's bay, Jersey: crew saved.
Aug 5, 1805 Schooner Dove, 6 Alexander Boyack Captured by the Rochefort squadron.
Sep 26, 1805 4th Rate Calcutta, 54 Daniel Woodriff Captured by a French squadron, near Scilly
Oct, 1805 Ship Sloop Orquixo, 18 Charles Balderson Foundered near Jamaica : 95 of crew perished.
Oct 2, 1805 Schooner Barracouta, 4 J.Orchard Wrecked on the Jordan quay, Cuba: crew saved, but made prisoners.
Nov 10, 1805 Brig Biter, 12 Geo. T. Wingate Wrecked near Calais : crew saved.
Nov 18, 1805 Brig Woodlark, 12 Thomas Innes Wrecked near St: Valery : crew saved.
Dec, 1805 Schooner Pigeon, 4 John Luckraft Wrecked off the Texel : crew saved, but made prisoner.
1806 Ship Heureux, 22 John Morrison Foundered on passage from West Indies to Halifax: crew perished
exact date unknown, 1806 Schooner Berbice, 4 James George Gooding Foundered off Demerary: crew saved.
date unknown, 1806 Schooner Dominica, 6 Robert Peter Captured
exact date unknown, 1806 Schooner Zenobia, 10 (name unknown) Wrecked on the coast of Florida
1806 Brig Papillon, 10 William Woolsey Foundered on Jamaica station crew perished.
Jan, 1806 Brig Manley, 12 Martin White Captured by some Dutch gun-boats, in the river Ems.
1806 Ship Sloop Serpent, 16 John Waller Foundered on Jamaica station with all the crew.
1806 Ship Sloop Martin, 16 Thomas Prowse Foundered on passage to Barbadoes, with all the crew.
Jan 6, 1806 Ship Sloop Favourite, 18 John Davie Captured off Cape de Verd Islands, by a French squadron.
30 sept 1805 Brig Seaforth, 14 George Steel Foundered by upsetting, on the Leeward island station, off Antigua : crew, except two perished.
Feb 23, 1806 Schooner Unique, 10 George R. Brand Captured by a French privateer, on the Leeward island station.
Apr 12, 1806 3rd Rate Brave, 74 Edmond Edmond Boger Foundered off the Western islands, on passage from Jamaica: crew, except three, saved
Aug, 1806 T.S. Dover, (in ordinary) Burnt by accident, off Woolwich.
Aug 12, 1806 Schooner Belem, 6 James Groves Captured at the recapture of Buenos Ayres
Sep 5, 1806 Ship Sloop Wolf, 16 George C. McKenzie Wrecked on Heneaga, one of the Bahama islands: crew saved.
Oct 12, 1806 Ship Constance, 22 Alex. S. Burrowe's Captured after getting on shore in action, in the bay of Erqui, coast of France.
Oct, 18, 1806 Schooner Tobago, 10 (name unknown) Captured by the General-Ernouf French privateer, near Gaudaloupe
Oct 27, 1806 3rd Rate Athenien, 64 Robert Raynsford Wrecked on the rocks, called Esquerques, near Tunis : captain and 396 of crew perished
Nov 4, 1806 Schooner Redbridge, 12 Edward Burt Wrecked on the Providence station : crew saved.
Dec, 1806 Brig Clinker, 12 John Salmon Foundered in a cruise off Havre: crew perished.
Dec 9, 1806 Brig Adder, 12 Molyneux Shuldham Captured near Abreval, where she was driven ashore
Dec 17, 1806 Cutter Netley, 14 William Carr Captured by the French frigate Thetis and brig Sylphe, West Indies.
date unknown, 1807 Cutter Cassandra., 10 George Le Blanc Foundered off Heligoland: crew saved.
date unknown, 1807 Brig St.-Lucia, 14 Hon. Michael De Courcy Captured on the Leeward-island station.
date unknown, 1807 Brig Sloop Moucheron, 16 James Hawes Wrecked in the Mediterranean.
date unknown, 1807 Cutter Elizabeth, 12 John Sedley Foundered in the West Indies: crew perished.
date unknown, 1807 Brig Sloop Busy, 18 Richard Keilly Foundered on the Halifax station : crew perished
date unknown, 1807 Cutter Maria, 10 John Henderson Foundered in the West Indies: crew perished.
1807 Frigate Java, 32 George Pigot Foundered, with Blenheim crew perished.
date unknown, 1807 3rd Rate Blenheim, 74 Sir Thos. Troubridge, Bt. Captain Austin Bissell Foundered off the island Rodrigue, East Indies: crew perished.
Jan, 1807 Cutter Jackdaw, 4 Nathaniel Brice Captured by a Spanish row-boat: and retaken, Feb. 15, by the Minerve.
Jan. 4, 1807 Ship Nautilus, 22 Edmund Palmer Wrecked on Cenigotto a barren rock in the Levant : part only of crew saved.
Jan 23, 1807 Frigate Orpheus, 32 Thomas Briggs Wrecked on the Coral reef, Jamaica station : crew saved.
Jan 23, 1807 Cutter Felix, 12 Robert Clarke Wrecked in the bay of St. Andero: crew, except three, perished.
Feb, 1807 Brig Sloop Atalante, 16 John Bower Wrecked at Rochefort: crew saved, but partly made prisoners.
Feb 14, 1807 3rd Rate Ajax, 74 Hon. Hen Blackwood Burnt by accident the Mediterranean : 250 of her crew perished.
Feb 18, 1807 Brig Speedwell, 14 William Robertson Foundered off Dieppe.
Feb 18, 1807 Brig Griper, 12 Edward Morris Wrecked off Ostend: crew perished.
Feb 18, 1807 Brig Inveterate, 12 George Norton Wrecked near Saint Vallery en Caux : crew except four, saved, but made prisoners.
Feb 18, 1807 Bomb Prospero, William King Foundered in the North sea.
Feb 19, 1807 Cutter Magpie, 4 Edward Johnson Captured at Perros, where she was driven through stress of weather.
Mar, 1807 Brig Sloop César, 16 (name unknown) Wrecked on the coast of Gironde: crew, except 45, perished.
Mar 2, 1807 Brig Pigmy, 14 George Montagu Higginson Wrecked off Rochefort : crew saved, but made prisoners.
Mar 4, 1807 Frigate Blanche, 38 Sir Thomas Lavie Wrecked off Ushant : crew, except 45 seamen, saved, but made prisoners.
Mar 9, 1807 Cutter Crafly, 10 Richard Richard Spencer Captured by three privateers in the Straits of Gibraltar.
Mar 31, 1807 Brig Ferreter, 12 Henry Weir Captured by seven Dutch gun-boats, and carried into the river Ems.
Apr 20, 1807 Cutter Wagtail, 4 William Cullis Captured by the Murat French privateer, off Altavella. Wrecked.
Apr 20, 1807 Cutter Woodcock., 4 Isaac Charles Smith Collett February 13, at St. Michael's : crew saved.
Apr 20, 1807 Cutter Pike, 4 John Otley Captured by the Murat French privateer, off Altavella. Wrecked.
Apr 20, 1807 Fire Ship Ignition, Philip Griffin Wrecked, February 19, off Dieppe: crew, except four, saved.
May 26, 1807 Ship Sloop Dauntless, 18 Christopher Stracey Captured by the French, at the surrender of Dantzic.
May 29, 1807 Brig Jackall, 12 Charles Stewart Wrecked near Calais: crew saved, but made prisoners.
Sep 10, 1807 Bomb Explosion, Edward Ellicot Wrecked on Lundy island by the ignorance of the pilot: crew saved.
Sep 17, 1807 Cutter Barbara, 10 Edward A. D'Arcey Captured by the French privateer Général-Ernouf, in the West Indies.
Oct 1, 1807 Brig Sloop Pert, 14 Donald Campbell Wrecked on the island of Santa. Margarita: crew, except 11, saved.
Oct 7, 1807 Cutter Fire-Fly, 12 Thomas Price Foundered in a hurricane off the Spanish Main: crew, except the surgeon and three men perished.
Oct 26, 1807 Cutter Subtle, 8 William Dowers Wrecked on the rocks off Bermuda: crew saved.
Nov 10, 1807 Brig Sloop Leveret, 18 Rich. Jas. Laurence O'Connor Wrecked on the Galloper rock: crew saved.
Dec 5, 1807 Ship Boreas, 22 George Scott Wrecked on the Hannois rocks, near Guernsey : crew, except 68, perished.
Dec. 29, 1807 Frigate Anson, 44 Charles Lydiard Wrecked on a sand-bank off Eelstone, Mount's bay, crew, except 60, saved.
date unknown, 1808 Cutter Firefly, 8 (name unknown) Wrecked West Indies.
date unknown, 1808 Cutter Bacchus, 10 Henry Murray Captured on the Leeward-island station.
1808 Cutter Tang, 8 (name unknown) Foundered on her passage from Bermuda to England: crew perished.
Jan 15, 1808 Brig Sparkler, 12 J. S. A. Dennis Wrecked on the coast of Holland crew, except fourteen, saved, but made prisoners.
Jan 19, 1808 Frigate Flora, 36 L. Otway Bland Wrecked on the coast of Holland : crew, except nine, saved, but made prisoners.
Jan 31, 1808 Brig Sloop Delight, 16 Philip Cosby Handfield Wrecked on the coast of Calabria.
Jan 31, 1808 Frigate Leda, 38 Rob. Honyman Wrecked at the entrance of Milford Haven crew saved.
Feb 15, 1808 Brig Raposa, 12 James Violett Destroyed after running aground on a shoal near Carthagena, to prevent capture.
beginning of Mar, 1808 Brig Hirondelle., 4 Joseph Kidd Wrecked near Tunis crew, except four, saved.
Mar 24, 1808 Ship Muros, 20 Archibald Duff Wrecked in the bay of Honda, in Cuba: crew saved.
Mar 25, 1808 Brig Sloop Electra, 16 George Trollope Wrecked on the coast of Sicily crew saved.
Mar 25, 1808 Cutter Millbrook, 12 James Leach Wrecked on the Burlings: crew saved.
Apr 20, 1808 Cutter Wigeon, 8 George Elliott Wrecked on the coast of Scotland, crew saved .
Apr 22, 1808 Ship Sloop Bermuda, 18 W. Henry Bayne Wrecked on the Memory rock, Little Bermuda : crew saved.
May 18, 1808 Brig Rapid, 12 Henry Baugh Destroyed by the batteries in the Tagus, while attempting to cut out two valuable merchantmen.
May 24, 1808 Frigate Astraea, 32 Edm. Heywood Wrecked on the rock near the island of Anagada, West Indies : crew, except four, saved.
Jun 4, 1808 Brig Tickler, 12 J. W. Skinner Captured in the Great Belt, by four Danish gun-boats.
Jun 10, 1808 Brig Turbulent, 12 George Wood Captured in the bay of Malmo, by a Danish flotilla.
Jun 19, 1808 Brig Sloop Seagull, 16 Robert Cathcart Captured off the Naze of Norway, by the Danish 20-gun brig, Lougen and six gun-boats.
Jun 30, 1808 Cutter Capelin, 8 Joseph Bray Wrecked on a sunken rock off the entrance of Brest harbour : crew saved.
Jul 10, 1808 Brig Netley, 12 Charles Burman Wrecked on the Leeward-island station : crew, except nine, perished.
Jul 27, 1808 Cutter Pickle, 10 Moses Cannadey Wrecked while entering Cadiz with despatches,
Jul 30, 1808 Frigate Meleager, 36 Fred. Warren Wrecked on Barebushkey, Jamaica: crew, except a midshipman and three seamen, saved.
Aug 2, 1808 Brig Tigress, 12 Edward Nathaniel Greensword Captured in the Great Belt, by sixteen Danish gun-vessels.
Aug 4, 1808 Brig Sloop Delphinen, 16 Richard Harvard Wrecked on the coast of Holland.
Sep 15, 1808 Ship Laurel, 22 J. C. Woolcombe Captured off Isle-de-France, by the French 40-gun frigate Canonnière
Sep 29, 1808 Brig Maria, 12 James James Bennett Captured off Guadaloupe, by the French corvette Departement des Landes
Oct, 1808 Cutter Rook, 8 James Lawrence Captured off St.-Domingo, by two French privateers.
Oct 3, 1808 Brig Sloop Carnation, 18 Ch. M. Gregory Captured off Martinique, by the French 16-Gun Brig Palinure
Oct 4 1808 Frigate Greyhound, 32 Hon. Wm. Packenham Wrecked on the coast of Luconia: crew except one seaman, saved.
Oct 22, 1808 Brig Sloop Volador, 16 Francis George Dickins Wrecked in the gulf of Coro, West Indies : crew saved.
Oct 26, 1808 Cutter Crane, 8 Joseph Tindale Wrecked on the rocks at the West Hoe: crew saved.
Dec 4, 1808 Ship Banterer, 22 Alex. Shippard Wrecked in the river St. Lawrence: crew saved.
Dec 6, 1808 Frigate Crescent, 36 John Temple Wrecked on the coast of Jutland, in a heavy gale: crew, except about twenty, perished
Dec 10, 1808 4th Rate Jupiter, 50 Hon. E. R. Baker Wrecked on a reef of rocks in Vigo bay coast of Spain : crew saved.
Dec. 23, 1808 Brig Sloop Fama, 16 Charles Charles Tapping Wrecked in the Baltic : crew, except eight, saved.
Dec. 26 1808 Brig Bustler, 12 Richard Welsh Wrecked on the coast of France, crew saved.
1809 Brig Sloop Harrier, 18 Thomas R. Ridge Foundered as is supposed in the East Indies.
1809 Brig Contest, 12 John Gregory Foundered, as is supposed, on her passage from America.
Jan, 1809 Bomb Proselyte, H. James Lyford Wrecked in the Baltic: crew saved.
Jan 9, 1809 Brig Morne-Fortunée, 12 John Brown Wrecked off Martinique: crew, except nineteen, perished.
Jan 11, 1809 Brig Sloop Magnet, 18 George Morris Wrecked on the ice in the Baltic : crew saved.
Jan 15, 1809 Cutter Pigeon, 4 Richard Cox Wrecked near Margate : crew, except two, saved.
Jan 20, 1809 Cutter Claudia, 10 A. Bliss W. Lord Wrecked off Norway : crew saved.
Jan 22, 1809 Brig Sloop Primrose, 18 James Mein Wrecked on the Manacle rocks, near Falmouth : crew, except one boy, perished.
Jan 30, 1809 Cutter Haddock, 4 Ch. Win. Selwyn Captured by the French 16-gun brig Genie, Channel.
Feb 5, 1809 Cutter Carrier, 4 William Milner Wrecked on the French coast: crew saved, but made prisoners.
Feb 28, 1809 Frigate Proserpine, 32 Charles Otter Captured by the French frigates Pénélope and Pauline, off Toulon.
Apr 11, 1809 T.S. Mediator, Jas. Wooldridge Destroyed as a fireship in Basque-roads.
Apr 29, 1809 Frigate Alcmène, 32 Wm. Hy. Brown Tremlett Wrecked on a rock off Nantes: crew saved.
May 31, 1809 Brig Unique, 12 Thomas Fellowes Burnt at Basse-Terre, Guadaloupe.
Jun 18, 1809 Cutter Sealark, 4 James Proctor Wrecked in the North sea.
Jun 20, 1809 3rd Rate Agamemnon., 64 Jonas Rose Wrecked in the Rio de la Plata: crew saved.
Jul 11, 1809 Frigate Solebay, 32 Edwd. Hy. Columbine Wrecked on the coast of Africa: crew saved.
Aug, 1809 Cutter Dominica, 14 Charles Welsh Foundered in near Tortola: crew, except three, perished.
Aug 8, 1809 Ship Sloop Lark, 18 Robert Nicholas Foundered off Causada: crew, except or three, perished.
Aug 10, 1809 Brig Sloop Alaart, 16 James Tillard Captured by two brigs of war and some gun-boats, off Fredricksvaern.
Aug 31, 1809 Brig Sloop Foxhound, 18 James Mackenzie Foundered on her return from Halifax: crew perished.
Sep 2, 1809 Brig Minx, 12 George Le Blanc Captured by six Danish gun-boats, off the Scaw, where she was stationed with a light.
Nov, 1809 Brig Sloop Glommen, 16 Charles Pickford Wrecked in Carlisle bay, Barbadoes crew saved.
Nov 3, 1809 Brig Sloop Curieux, 16 Hon. Geo. Moysey Wrecked in the West Indies: crew saved.
Nov 28, 1809 Brig Sloop Victor, 18 Edward Stopford Captured the French frigate Bellone, bay of Bengal.
Dec, 1809 Brig Pelter, 12 William Evelyn Foundered on her passage from Halifax to Leeward Islands.
Dec 13, 1809 Frigate Junon, 38 John Shortland Captured by the French frigates Renommée and Clorinde, West India.
Dec 14, 1809 Brig Defender, 12 John Geo. Nops Wrecked on Cob point, near Folkstone: crew saved.
Dec 22, 1809 Cutter Saloman, 10 Andrew Duncan Wrecked in the Baltic : crew saved.
date unknown, 1810 Brig Sloop Achates, 10 Thomas Pinto Wrecked in the West Indies : crew saved.
Feb, 1810 Brig Sloop Wildboar, 10 Thomas Burton Wrecked in on a rock between Scilly island and the main.
Apr 4, 1810 Cutter Cuckoo, 4 S. Hiscutt Paddon Wrecked at Calantzoog, near Haerlem : crew saved, but made prisoners
May, 1810 Cutter Diana, 10 Wm. Kempthorne Wrecked at the island of Rodrigue, East Indies crew saved.
May 24, 1810 Cutter Racer, 12 Daniel Miller Wrecked on the coast of France : crew saved, but made prisoners.
May 24, 1810 Ship Sloop Flêche, 16 George Hewson Wrecked off the river Elbe : crew saved.
May 24, 1810 Cutter Alban, 10 Samuel Thomas Captured by several Danish gun-boats.
Aug 23, 1810 Frigate Néréide, 36 N.J. Willoughby Captured, by the French Squadron on the same occasion - in the harbour of Grand-Port, Isle-de-France, when advancing to the attack of a French squadron.
Aug 23, 1810 Frigate Magicienne, 36 Lucius Curtis Wrecked along with Sirius, in the harbour of Grand-Port, Isle-de-France, when advancing to the attack of a French squadron.
Aug 23, 1810 Frigate Sirius, 36 Samuel Pym Wrecked in the harbour of Grand-Port, Isle-de-France, when advancing to the attack of a French squadron.
Aug 26, 1810 Frigate Lively, 38 George M'Kinley Wrecked on some rocks near Malta: crew saved.
Aug 28,1810 Frigate Iphigenia, 36 Henry Lambert Captured by a French squadron at Isle-de-la-Passe, off Grand-Port
Nov 9, 1810 Brig Conflict, 12 Joseph B. Batt Foundered in the bay of Biscay.
Dec, 1810 Brig Sloop Satellite, 16 Willoughby Bertie Foundered in the Channel.
Dec 18, 1810 Frigate Pallas, 32 Geo. Paris Monke Wrecked at entrance of the Firth of Forth: the crews of both, except one or two men, saved.
Dec 18, 1810 Frigate Nymphe, 36 Edw. Sneyd Clay Wrecked at entrance of the Firth of Forth: the crews of both, except one or two men, saved.
Dec 22, 1810 3rd Rate Minotaur, 74 John Barrett Wrecked on Haak sands, at the mouth of the Texel: 360 of her crew perished.
Dec 25, 1810 Brig Monkey, 12 Thomas Fitzgerald Wrecked between two rocks at Belle Isle, coast of France.
Jan 8, 1811 Brig Fleur-de-la-mer, 10 John Alexander Foundered at sea: crew saved by an American vessel under her convoy.
Feb 13, 1811 Brig Sloop Pandora, 18 John Ferguson Wrecked on the Scaw reef, Kattegat : crew saved, but made prisoners.
Feb 16, 1811 Frigate Amethyst, 36 Jacob Walton Wrecked in Plymouth sound crew, except about thirty, saved.
Feb 25, 1811 Cutter Shamrock, 10 Wentworth P. Croke Wrecked on Cape Sta.-Maria.
Mar 2, 1811 Cutter Olympia, 10 Henry Taylor Captured by several French privateers off Dieppe.
Mar 6, 1811 Cutter Thistle, 10 George M'Pherson Wrecked near New York.
Mar 12, 1811 Brig Sloop Challenger, 16 Goddard Blennerhasset Captured by a frigate and an armed store-ship, off Isle-de-France.
May 2, 1811 Frigate Dover, 38 Edward Tucker Wrecked in Madras roads: crew, except two, saved.
May 2, 1811 S.S. Chichester, William Kirby Wrecked in Madras roads : crew, except two, saved.
May 26, 1811 Brig Sloop Alacrity, 18 Nisbet Palmer Captured by the French brig of war Abeille, off Corsica.
Jun 28, 1811 Brig Firm, 12 John Little Wrecked on a bank off the coast of France: crew saved.
Jun 29, 1811 Brig Safeguard, 12 Thomas England Captured by the Danes in the Baltic.
Jul 15, 1811 Cutter Snapper, 4 Henry Thrakstone Captured by French national lugger Rapace, off Brest.
Jul 29, 1811 Brig Guachapin, 10 Michael Jenkins Wrecked at Antigua : crew saved.
Aug 18, 1811 Frigate Tartar, 32 Joseph Baker Wrecked on a sand in the Baltic crew saved.
Sep 2, 1811 Brig Manly, 12 Richard Wm. Simmonds Captured by three Danish 18-g-brigs, in the Baltic
Oct 14, 1811 Frigate Pomone, 38 Robert Barrie Wrecked on the Needle rocks: crew saved.
Oct 21, 1811 Cutter Grouper, 4 James Atkins Wrecked off Guadaloupe: crew saved.
Dec 4, 1811 Frigate Saldanha, 36 Hon. William Pakenham Wrecked off Loughswilly, On the coast of Ireland crew mostly perished.
Dec 24, 1811 3rd Rate Hero, 74 James Newman Newman Wrecked, St: George & Defence off the coast of Jutland, on passage from Baltic, Hero on the Haak sand, Texel : crew of latter perished, and both crews of former, except about eighteen men.
Dec 24, 1811 3rd Rate Defence, 74 David Atkins Wrecked, St: George & Defence off the coast of Jutland, on passage from Baltic, Hero on the Haak sand, Texel : crew of latter perished, and both crews of former, except about eighteen men.
Dec 24, 1811 Brig Fancy, 12 Alexander Sinclair Foundered in the Baltic: crew perished.
Dec 24, 1811 Brig Sloop Grasshopper, 18 Henry Fanshawe Captured at Nieuve-Diep, Texel whither she had been driven by stress of weather.
Dec 24, 1811 2nd Rate St.-George, 98 R. Car. Reynolds, r._adm., Captain Daniel O. Guion, Wrecked, St: George & Defence off the coast of Jutland, on passage from Baltic, Hero on the Haak sand, Texel : crew of latter perished, and both crews of former, except about eighteen men.
Dec 26, 1811 Fire Ship Ephera, Thomas Everard Wrecked near Cadiz : crew saved.
date unknown, 1812 Cutter Porgey, 4 (name unknown) Foundered in the West Indies.
1812 Brig Sloop Magnet, 16 F. Moore Maurice Foundered, as is supposed, on her passage to Halifax.
Jan 28, 1812 Frigate Manilla, 36 John Joyce Wrecked on the Haak sand, Texel: crew except twelve, saved, but made prisoners.
Jan 31, 1812 Frigate Laurel, 38 S. Campbell Rowley Wrecked on the Govivas rock, in the Teigneuse passage : crew saved, except 96 made prisoners.
Feb 29, 1812 Brig Sloop Fly, 16 Henry Higman Wrecked on the Knobber reef, on the east point of the island of Anholt crew saved.
May 3, 1812 Brig Sloop Skylark, 16 James Boxer Wrecked near Boulogne : crew saved.
Jul 8, 1812 Brig Exertion, 12 James Murray Wrecked in the river Elbe, and afterwards destroyed by the boats of that ship.
Jul 11, 1812 Brig Encounter, 12 Jas. Hugh Talbot. Wrecked in an attempt to cut out some vessels at San-Lucar, coast of Spain.
Aug 3, 1812 Brig Sloop Emulous, 18 W. Howe Mulcaster Wrecked on Sable island: crew saved.
Aug 13, 1812 Ship Sloop Alert, 16 T. L. P. Langharne Captured by the American 32-grin frigate Essex, off the coast of North America.
Aug 14, 1812 Cutter Chubb, 4 Samuel Nisbett Foundered near Halifax : crew perished.
Aug 19, 1812 Brig Attack, 12 R. W. Simmonds Captured by a squadron of 14 Danish gun-boats, off Foreness.
Aug 19,1812 Frigate Guerrière, 38 Jas. Richard Dacres Captured by the American 44-gun frigate Constitution, lat. 41 north, long. 55 west.
Aug 22, 1812 Cutter Whiting, 4 Lewis Maxey Captured by the Diligent French privateer, coast of North America.
Sep 8, 1812 Cutter Laura, 10 C. Newton Hunter Captured by the Diligent, French privateer, coast of North America.
Sep 28, 1812 Frigate Barbadoes, 28 Thomas Huskisson Wrecked on the north-west bar of Sable island: crew, except one, saved.
Oct 8, 1812 Ship Sloop Avenger, 16 Urry Johnson Wrecked going into Newfoundland: crew saved.
Oct 10, 1812 Brig Sentinel, 12 W. Elletson King Wrecked on the shoals off the island of Rugen : crew saved.
Oct 18, 1812 Brig Sloop Frolic, 18 Thomas Whinyates Captured by the American ship-sloop Wasp, lat. 360 north, long 64 west, but recaptured same day by Poictiers 74.
Oct 25, 1812 Frigate Macedonian, 38 John Surman Cardan Captured by the American 44-gun frigate United-States, lat. 290 north, long. 290 30' west.
Nov 6, 1812 Cutter Nimble, 10 John Reynolds Foundered in a gale in the Kattegat: crew saved.
Nov 24, 1812 Brig Sloop Belette, 18 David Sloane Wrecked on the rocks, off the island of Lessee in the Kattegat: crew, except five, perished.
Nov 27, 1812 Frigate Southampton, 32 Sir Jas. Lucas Yeo Wrecked on a reef of rocks, near Conception island : crew saved.
Nov 30, 1812 Cutter Subtle, 10 Charles Brown Foundered off St. Bartholomew's, in the West Indies, whilst in chase of an American brig : crew perished.
Dec 5, 1812 Brig Plumper, 12 James Bray Wrecked in the bay of Fundy : crew part saved.
Dec 8, 1812 Brig Fearless, 12 H. Lord Richards Wrecked off coast of Spain.
Dec 18, 1812 Cutter Alban, 10 W. Sturg. Key Wrecked near Aldborough : crew, except two, perished.
Dec 29, 1812 Frigate Java, 38 Henry Lambert Captured by the same frigate off St.-Salvador.
Jan 1, 1813 Brig Sloop Sarpedon, 10 Thomas Parker Foundered, as is supposed
Jan 7, 1813 Brig Sloop Ferret, 18 F. Alex. Halliday Wrecked near Leith : crew saved.
Feb 7, 1813 Brig Daring, 12 William R. Pascoe Destroyed by her crew, to prevent her capture by the French frigate, Rubis.
Feb 21, 1813 Brig Sloop Rhodian, 10 John Boss Foundered on her passage to Jamaica crew saved.
Feb 21, 1813 Brig Sloop Peacock, 18 William Peake Captured by the American sloop Hornet, off Demerara
Feb 25, 1813 Brig Linnet, 14 Joshua Tracey Captured by the French 40-gun frigate Gloire, near the Madeiras.
Mar 22, 1813 3rd Rate Captain, 74 (in ordinary) Burnt in Hamoaze
May 20, 1813 Cutter Algerine, 10 Daniel Carpenter Wrecked in the West Indies.
Jun 16, 1813 Brig Sloop Persian, 18 Charles Bertram Wrecked on the Silver Keys, in the West Indies: crew saved
Jul, 2, 1813 Frigate Daedalus, 38 Murray Maxwell Wrecked off the island of Ceylon: crew saved.
Aug 5, 1813 Cutter Dominica, 14 Geo. W. Barrette Captured by the American privateer Decatur, off Charlestown.
Aug 22, 1813 Brig Sloop Colibri, 18 John Thompson Wrecked in Port Royal, Jamaica : crew saved. - per William James, although I am advised by "Adam Quinan" that this is incorrect and it should read Port Royal Bar South Carolina. Per subsequent Court Martial.
Sep 5, 1813 Brig Boxer, 12 >Samuel Blythe Captured by the American 16-gun brig Enterprise, off Portland, United States
Sep 9, 1813 S Highflyer, Wm. Hutchinson Captured by the American frigate, President, off Nantucket.
Sep 9, 1813 Cutter Alphea, 10 Thomas Wm. Jones Destroyed in action with French privateer Renard.
Sep 21, 1813 Brig Sloop Goshawk, 16 Hon Hon.William John Napier Wrecked in the Mediterranean: crew saved.
Sep 27, 1813 Brig Bold, 12 John Shekel Wrecked on Prince Edward's Island.
Oct 22, 1813 Ship Laurestinus, 22 Alexander Gordon Wrecked on the Silver Keys, Bahana Islands: crew saved.
Nov 5, 1813 Ship Sloop Tweed, 18 William Mather Wrecked in Shoal bay, Newfoundland crew, except fifty-two perished.
Nov 6, 1813 S.S. Woolwich, Thos. Ball Sullivan Wrecked, Barbuda: crew saved.
Nov 10, 1813 Ship Sloop Atalante, 18 Frederick Hickey Wrecked off Halifax lighthouse : crew saved.
latter end of 1813 or beginning of 1814 Cutter Dart, 10 Thomas Allen Foundered
exact date unknown, 1814 Cutter Cuttle, 4 (name unknown) Foundered on the Halifax station.
1814 Cutter Herring, 4 John Murray
date unknown, 1814 Cutter Rapide, 6 (name unknown) Wrecked on the Saintes.
1814 Brig Sloop Vautour, 16 Peter Lawless Foundered, as is supposed, exact date unknown.
Jan 29, 1814 Cutter Holly, 10 Samuel Sharpe Treacher Wrecked off St. Sebastian : crew, except, the commander and five men saved.
Feb 14, 1814 Brig Sloop Pictou, 16 Edward Stephens Captured by the American frigate Constitution.
Feb 28, 1814 Ship Sloop Anacreon, 18 John Davis Foundered in the Channel.
Mar 22, 1814 Cutter Decoy, 10 John John Pearce Captured: what exact force unknown known.
Apr 29, 1814 Cutter Ballahou, 4 Norfolk King Captured by the American privateer Perry, off the coast of the United States.
Apr 29, 1814 Brig Sloop Epervier, 18 Richard Wales Captured by the American sloop-of-war Peacock, off the southern coast of the United States.
May 19, 1814 Brig Sloop Halcyon, 18 John Houlton Marshall Wrecked on a reef of rocks in Anatto bay, Jamaica: crew saved.
Jun 28, 1814 T.S. Leopard, Edward Crofton Wrecked near the island of Anticosti, gulf of St. Lawrence: crew, except a few, saved.
Jun 28, 1814 Brig Sloop Reindeer, 18 William Manners Captured by the American sloop of war Wasp, Channel.
Jul 12, 1814 Cutter Landrail, 4 Robert Daniel Lancaster Captured by the American privateer Syren, Channel,
Aug, 1814 Ship Sloop Peacock, 18 Richard Coote Foundered in off the southern coast of the U. S.: crew perished.
Sep 1, 1814 Brig Sloop Avon, 18 Hon. James Arbuthnot Destroyed by sinking at the close of an action with the American sloop of war Wasp, Channel.
Sep 15, 1814 Ship Hermes, 20 William Henry Percy Destroyed in an attack upon an American battery at Mobile.
Sep 30, 1814 Brig Sloop Crane, 18 Robert Standley Foundered, West Indies.
Oct, (1814) Cutter Elizabeth, 10 Jonathan W. Dyer Foundered by upsetting in chase of an American privateer.
Oct 10, 1814 Cutter Racer, 14 Henry Freem. Young Pogson Wrecked in the gulf of Florida : crew saved.
Nov 24, 1814 Brig Sloop Fantome, 18 Thomas Sykes Wrecked on her passage front St. John's, New Brunswick to Halifax: crew saved.
date unknown 1815 Ship Sloop Cygnet, 16 Robert Mussel Wrecked off the Courantine river : crew saved.
Jan 17, 1815 Ship Sloop Sylph, 18 George Dickens Wrecked on Southampton bar, North America: crew, except six, perished.
Feb 26, 1815 Cutter St Lawrence, 12 Henry Gordon Captured by the American privateer-brig Chasseur, off Havana.
Feb 26, 1815 Frigate Statira, 38 Speelman Swaine Wrecked on a sunken rock off Heneage, off the isle of Cuba: crew saved.
Mar 20, 1815 Ship Cyane, 20 Gordon Thomas Falcon Captured by the American Frigate Constitution, sixty leagues west-south-west of Madeira
Mar 20, 1815 Ship Levant, 22 Hon. George Douglas Captured by the American Frigate Constitution, sixty leagues west-south-west of Madeira : Levant recaptured March 11.
Mar 23,1815 Brig Sloop Penguin, 18 James Dickinson Captured by the American sloop Hornet, off d'Acunha
May 1, 1815 T.S. Penelope, James Galloway Wrecked on the coast of Low. Canada part of crew perished.
Aug 15, 1815 Cutter Dominica, 14 Richard Crawford Wrecked near Bermuda.
Feb 20, 1816 Frigate Phnix, 42 Charles John Austen Wrecked near Smyrna, during a hurricane: crew saved.
Sep 21, 1816 Cutter/sch.? Whiting, 14 John Jackson Wrecked on Dunbar sand, harbour of Padstow crew saved.
Nov. 4, 1816 Frigate Comus, 32 Jas. John Gordon Bremer, C.B. Wrecked off Cape Pine, Newfoundland: crew saved.
Nov 5, 1816 Brig Sloop Briseis, 10 George Domett Wrecked on the reefs of Point Pedras : crew saved.
On her passage from Jamaica to New Providence, with a detachment of the 5th West India Regiment on board, was wrecked on the 4 Nov on Point Pedro, 9 miles to the leeward of Havannah. She got on shore from mistaking the high lands about the Bay of Florida for the Havannah. Endeavours were made to veer her off, but the wind setting from the E.N.E. the masts were cut away, when she fell over and bilged. The crew and troops were saved, with part of her stores. Times
Nov 11, 1816 Ship Sloop Tay, 20 Samuel Roberts, C.B Wrecked off the Alacranes, Gulf of Mexico : crew saved.
The Tay sloop of war, with two millions of dollars on board, is lost of Campeachy. Times
Nov 16, 1816 Brig Sloop Bermuda, 10 John Pakenham Wrecked on her passage from the Gulf of Mexico, near Tampico Bar: crew saved.
Jan 21,1817 Cutter/ sch.? Telegraph, 12 John Little, C.B. Wrecked on the point of Mount Batten, at the entrance of Catwater: one man saved.
Jan 21,1817 Brig Sloop Jasper, 10 Com. Thomas Carew Wrecked on the point of Mount Batten, at the entrance of Catwater, crew except captain, lieutenant, and two seamen, perished.
Feb 18, 1817 Frigate Alceste, 46 Capt. Murray Maxwell, C.B Wrecked off island of Pulo-Leat, China Sea: crew saved.
Oct 2, 1817 Brig Sloop Julia, 16 Com. Jenkin Jones Wrecked off Tristan d'Acunha: 55 of crew, including all the officers but captain and two midshipmen, perished.
Dec 8 , 1817
Martin, 18 Com. Andrew Mitchell Wrecked off W of Ireland
1818 Rec. Ship Shark, Lieut. Charles Newton Hunter (actg. Com.) Wrecked at Jamaica
Jun 1, 1819 Brig Erne, 20 Com. Timothy Scriven, C.B Wrecked on one of the Cape de Verds : crew saved.
Dec 5, 1819 Rev. cruis. Vigilant,, 14 Lieut. Hy. Nazer Wrecked near Torbay
Jul 6, 1820
Carron, 20 Com John Furneaux Wrecked near Puri, India
Oct, 1820 Rev. cruis. Hardwicke, 12 Lieut. Saml. Mottley Wrecked in Dundrum Bay
Jan, 1821 Rev. cut. Sprightly, 6 - Wrecked off Portland
Mch, 1821 Schooner Bermuda,, - Foundered between Halifax and Bermuda: all lost
Apr 21, 1822
Confiance, 18 Com. William Thomas Morgan* Wrecked off Mizen Head: all lost
Jun 20 , 1822
Drake, 10 Com. Charles Adolphus Baker * Wrecked off Newfoundland: many lost
Dec 14 , 1822
Racehorse, 18 Com. Wm Benj. Suckling Wrecked on Langness, Isle of Man
Dec 12, 1823
Arab, 18 Com. Wm Holmes * Wrecked off Belmullet, W of Ireland: all lost
Jan 25, 1824
Columbine, 18 Com. Hon Chas Abbot Wrecked off of Sapienza
Feb 23, 1824
Delight, 10 Com. Robt Hay * Wrecked in a cyclone, Mauritius: all lost
Mar 3, 1824 cut Dwarf, 10 Lieut Nicholas Gould Wrecked on the pier, Kingstown
Aug 1, 1825 disc. Ship Fury, 4 Com Henry Parkyns Hoppner Bilged in Regent's Inlet, Arctic
Nov 27, 1825
Partridge, 10 - Stranded off the Texel
Martin, 20 - Supposed foundered off the Cape
Jan 9, 1826
Algerine, l0 Com Charles Wemyss * Capsized in a squall, Mediterranean: all lost
Aug 27, 1826 sch Magpie, 5 - Wrecked in Colorados Road, Cuba nearly all lost
Redwing, 18 Com Douglas Chas. Clavering * Supposed foundered, W Afr station: all lost
Jan 14, 1827
Nimrod, 18 Com Saml. Sparshott Bilged in Holyhead Bay (Got off and sold)
Feb ,18, 1827
Diamond, 46 (In ordinary) Accidentally burnt at Portsmouth
Jun 6, 1827 packet Cynthia, Lieut. John White Wrecked off Barbados
Nov, 1827 packet Hearty, 10
Supposed burnt at sea: all lost
1828 packet Ariel, 6
Supposed lost near Sable Island
1828 packet Redpole, 10 - Sunk in action with Congress, a pirate, off C Frio
Jan 31, 1828
Cambrian, 48 Capt Gawen Wm. Hamilton CB Wrecked off Grabusa, Mediterranean
Apr 14, 1828
Acorn, 18 Com Edward Gordon * Wrecked on Halifax station: all lost
Apr 14, 1828 g b Contest, 12 Lieut. Plaggenborg * Wrecked on Halifax station: all lost
May 15, 1828
Parthian, 10 Com. Hon Geo Fredk. Hotham Wrecked near Marabout Isld, Egypt
May 17, 1828 sch Union, 4 Lieut. Chas. Madden Wrecked off Rose Isld, W Indies
Oct 11, 1828
Jasper, 10 Com Leonard Chas. Rooke Wrecked off Sta. Maura
Dec 18, 1828 surv. ves. Kangaroo, Master Anth. de Mayne Wrecked on Jamaica station
Feb 17, 1829 sch Nightingale, Lieut. Geo Wood Wrecked on the Shingles
Apr 3, 1829 packet Myrtle, 6
Wrecked off Nova Scotia
Nov 29, 1829
Success, 28
Wrecked in Cockburn Sound
Mar 10, 1830
Wolf, 18 Com Robt Russell Wrecked off I of Wight
Dec 5, 1830
Thetis, 46 Capt Saml. Burgess Wrecked off Cape Frio
May, 1831 sch Monkey, 3
Wrecked on Tampico Bar
1832 g b Recruit, 10 Lieut. Thomas Hodges* Supposed foundered off Bermuda : all lost
Feb, 1833 packet Calypso, 6 Lieut. Richard Peyton* Foundered between Halifax and England: all lost
Dec, 1833 packet Thais,
Supposed foundered in Atlantic: all lost
Aug 27, 1834 rev. cut. Chameleon, Lieut. John Pratten* Rundown off Dover by HMS Castor
Dec 4, 1834 sch. Nimble, 5 Lieut. Charles Bolton Wrecked in Old Bahama Channel
Feb 27, 1835 sch. Firefly, 3 Lieut. Jas. Julius McDonnell Wrecked off British Honduras
Mar 11, 1835 surv. sch. Jackdaw, 4 Lieut. Edward Barnett Wrecked off Old Providence, Honduras
Mar 27, 1835 rev. cut. Hound, Lieut. Jno. Hasler Helby Wrecked in Weymouth Bay
May 19, 1835
Challenger, 28 Capt. Michael Seymour Wrecked on coast of Chile
Feb 5, 1836 sch Pike, 12 Lieut. Arthur Brooking Wrecked on Pelican Reef, Jamaica
1838 rev. cut. Diligence, - Wrecked on coast of Ireland: 46 lost
Jan, 1838 packet Briseis, 6 Lieut. John Downey * Supposed foundered in Atlantic: all lost
Mar 6, 1838 sch Pincher, 5 Lieut. Thomas Hope * Capsized off the Owers: all lost
Apr 12, 1838
Rapid, 10 Lieut. Hon Graham Hay St. V de Ros Kinnaird * Wrecked off Crete, Mediterranean
Nov 28, 1839
Tribune, 21 Capt Chas. Hamlyn Williams Wrecked near Tarragona
Imogene, 26 (in Ordinary) Accidentally burnt at Plymouth
Victor, 16 Com. Chas. Cooks Otway * Supposed foundered between Vera Cruz and Halifax: all lost
Jul 28, 1840 st. ship Buffalo, Master James Wood Wrecked off New Zealand: Loss of the Buffalo Store-Ship.
This ship was at anchor in Mercury Bay, New Zealand, on the 26th July on which day it came on to blow a most powerful gale, and continued so for three days. Every preparation was made for encountering it by striking lower-top masts, and letting go all the anchors; but, not withstanding all these precautions, the ship parted from them, and by the coolness and good management of her commander, Mr. J. Wood, she was run ashore, and all the crew saved, with the exception of one poor unfortunate seaman, named Moore, and a boy by the name of Cornes, both belonging to Chatham. The ship is now high and dry at low water, on the beach, and is completely gone to pieces; and the crew were fully employed in saving what stores and provisions they could from the wreck. A great portion of the ship's company was at the time in the woods, cutting and transporting timber; but on hearing of the loss of the ship, they went from Cook's Bay, in an open boat, to the assistance of their shipmates and in so doing this they met with most severe weather, and were compelled to run into a creek to ride out a gale. At the slate of the information, August 6, a ship was standing into Mercury Bay, to convey the officers and crew who had been encamped on the beach to Sydney whence they would come to England. Hampshire Telegraph.
Oct, 1840
Talavera, 72 (In Ordinary) Accidentally burnt at Plymouth
Nov 13, 1840 surv ves Fairy, 10 Capt Wm Hewett * Wrecked off coast of Suffolk: all lost
Nov 28, 1840 packet Spey, Lieut. Robt Bastard James Wrecked on Racoon Key
Dec 2, 1840
Zebra, 16 Com. Robt. Fanshawe Stopford Wrecked off Mt Carmel, Levant
Jun, 1841 sch Skipjack, 5 Lieut. Aug. Chas. May Wrecked on the Caymans
Sep 10, 1842 steamer Spitfire, 2 Lieut. Hay Erskine Shipley Winthrop Wrecked on Half Moon Key, Honduras
Mar 4, 1843 steamer Megra, 2 Lieut. Geo Oldmixon Wrecked on Bare Bush Key
Jul 24, 1843 steamer Lizard, 3 Lieut. Chas. Jas. Postle Run down by French warship Véloce
Apr 25, 1845 packet Skylark, 4 Lieut. Geo Morris Wrecked on Kimmeridge Ledge
Mar 11, 1846 Brig Osprey, 12 Com. Fredk Patten Wrecked off False Hokianga, New Zealand.
LOSS OF H. M. BRIG OSPREY. (From the New Zealander, March 23.)
It is with the deepest regret we have to announce the loss of this beautiful brig of war ; mounting twelve guns, on the western coast, about eighteen miles to the northward of Hakianga, on Wednesday, the 11th instant, about three o'clock in the afternoon.
On Tuesday, the 10th instant, the Osprey made the western coast, and was enabled to take an observation, which proved that she was in the latitude of Hokianga ; but the weather coming on thick and hazy, she kept off the land until the evening, when it cleared away. She then stood in, fired two guns to announce to the pilot at Hokianga, that she was off the harbour, and again stood to sea for the night. On the following morning, on nearing the coast, a high southern headland, similar to Hokianga, was seen, with what was presumed to be the pilot's house ; but which, subsequently, proved to be a white spot on the cliff. Soon afterwards, perceiving a red flag run up, it was confidently anticipated that it was the entrance of the Hokianga, and the brig stood on, over the surf, bringing the northern and southern heads in one. After crossing the breakers, which were judged to be the three of Hokianga, the vessel touched ground; but it was thought that she was just merely on the bar, over which she would soon forge ; but almost immediately, she struck again, with increased violence, and succession of shocks brought the alarming conviction that she was ashore ; and that it was not the entrance to Hokianga. but that of Haere-kino or False Hokianga. The guns were instantly hove overboard, and the masts cutaway, which falling, with the sails set, towards the shore, dragged the vessel still higher on the beach. On the tide receding, the vessel being about half way between high and low water mark, the officers and crew were enabled to land, about two o'clock on Thursday morning, with their small arms and some dry ammunition, which had been fortunately saved on deck, the greater part having been thrown overboard. The vessel stands upright on her keel, in the sand, and is but slightly injured, the heel of the keel only being knocked away. .The stores are being landed, and the crew are assisted by one hundred and fifty natives, who are well disposed, and behave very friendly and peaceably. Two of them had been caught pilfering, and had been taken into custody. After the stores are all taken out of the Osprey, there is no hope of her floating, without a number of empty casks to raise her, or of hauling her off. The shore, on that part of the western coast is extremely shallow for a long distance outwards, with a heavy surf and breakers continually rolling in, even when the wind is off the land ; so that no vessel of proper size and power could approach with safety, sufficiently near to render the Osprey efficient assistance is hauling off. This untoward circumstance has arisen, it appears, from mistaking the headlands; and likewise, from being misled, by the hoisting of the red flag, similar to the practice at the true Hokianga, to apprise vessels that there is sufficient water for them on the bar. From information we have received, we learn that this little harbour of Haere-kino is precisely a miniature of Hokianga, and the principal native chief has adopted the plan of the pilot at the latter place, to announce high water to the smaller vessels that may approach his settlement. We consider that some measures should be taken to prevent in future recurrence of similar disasters to large vessels. The harbour of Hokianga, itself, although a bar harbour, can be approached and entered, with proper precautions ; therefore, the accident should not, in any degree, tend to the detraction of it. If some wooden beacon, or some other land mark, was erected at Haere-kino, and public notice given, the access to Hokianga would be more easily ascertained, and the strand of Haere-kino more certainly avoided. The Aurora, schooner, of Hokianga, is employed to convey the stores of the Osprey to that port, and the Adelaide, brig, has sailed from here, to take them on board for their ultimate destination. H.M.S. Racehorse, likewise, sailed on Thursday morning, for the Bay of Islands, to be in communication with the officers and crew of the Osprey.
Feb 3, 1847 Steam sloop Thunderbolt, 6 Com. Alexander Boyle Wrecked on Cape Recife, S Africa - Loss of HM Steam Sloop Thunderbolt.- On Sunday evening, an express arrived from Port Elizabeth, communicating to the Admiral, the painful intelligence of the loss of the Thunderbolt, at the entrance of Algoa Bay. The following particulars are extracted from a letter inserted in the Graham's Town Journal, dated Port Elizabeth, February 4 :- "Yesterday evening, at about five o'clock. the smoke of a steamer was seen over the sandy point, apparently rounding Cape Recife, and nearly at the same time the report of five or six guns were heard at intervals. The inhabitants were all on the qui vive, supposing it probable that this steamer was the bearer of our new Governor, and the guns excited no particular attention. Soon afterwards it was seen to be the Thunderbolt rather close in shore, and although to all appearance with all her steam up, she appeared to be making but little way, and to be deep in the water. As she neared the anchorage, it was discovered that her ensign was reversed, and then for the first time it became evident some accident had happened. Her close approach to the shore excited the alarm of the spectators. when in a few minutes it proved to be the intention to bring on the beach, and accordingly she grounded in an upright position, some distance out, nearly opposite the Baakens River. The port boat had been for some time alongside of her ; other boats put off to her assistance. The first which returned brought the unfortunate intelligence, that she had struck on one of the outer points of Cape Recife, had passed over the rock, but that immediately afterwards six feet of water were found in her hold, and that it was with great difficulty she had been kept afloat. This beautiful vessel is this morning in the same position, and the weather being very mild exertions are making to land her stores, &c., but scarcely any hopes are entertained of getting her off. She had been sent round from Simon's Bay for the 90th Regiment, and had only two or three steerage passengers."-Cape of Good Hope Shipping and Mercantile Gazette, February 12.
Aug 29, 1847
Snake, 16 Com. Thos. Bourmaster Brown Wrecked in Mozambique Channel
Dec 20, 1847 steam frigate Avenger, 6 Capt. Chas. Geo Elers Napier,* Wrecked on Sorelle Rocks, Mediterranean: 246 lost. The Avenger - Court Martial.- A court-martial assembled on the 31st of January, on board the Trafalgar, to try Lieutenant Rooke and the survivors of the Avenger, for the loss of that ship on the Sorella rocks, of Galita, on the night of the 20th December, 1847. The court lasted two days. The following sentence was read by the officiating Judge-Advocate: The court, after having the narrative of Lieutenant Rooke read, and the evidence adduced, are of opinion that the Avenger was as wrecked on a reef of rocks, about ten o'clock on the evening of the 20th of December last, but there is not sufficient cause shown in the evidence to account for the accident. No blame is attached to Lieutenant Rooke, or the other prisoners, and they are fully acquitted. The court consider the conduct of Lieutenant Rooke to have been proper, in lowering the cutter, as he was acting in obedience to orders given. The court consider the conduct of Lieutenant Rooke, in laying off the ship to save the lives of any who might seek safety, and his persevering efforts for the same object in returning to the vessel from Tunis, to have been most praiseworthy and humane. The court cannot separate without expressing their warm approbation of the conduct of Mr. Larcom through- out the trying scene. The court warmly eulogise the humanity of the Arabs, who assisted the sufferers on their reaching land. The court have very considerable doubts if the Avenger had the Admiralty charts of the Mediterranean on board. The court fully and entirely acquit the prisoners. The President, calling Lieutenant Francis Rooke, thus ad-dressed him:-" Lieutenant Rooke.- It is needless for me to make any comment, after the expression of the opinion of the court you have just heard and read, and I have the greatest pleasure in returning you your sword."
1848 screw disc.Ves. Terror, 4 Capt. Francis Rawdon Moira Crozier (d 1848) Abandoned in the Arctic Ice
1848 screw disc. ves . Erebus, 3 Capt. Sir John Franklin, Kt (d 1847) Capt. James Fitzjames (d 1848) Abandoned in the Arctic Ice
Dec 21, 1848
Mutine, 12 Com. John Jervis Palmer Wrecked in the Adriatic
Oct 9, 1850 tender Adelaide, Lieut. Jno. Lyons Macleod Wrecked on Banana Isld, W. Africa
Nov 22, 1850 steam g v Flamer, 3 Com. Jas. St. Leger Wrecked 14 miles off coast of Monrovia near Salt Pun Light.
May 31, 1851 steam g.v. Reynard, 9 Com. Peter Cracroft Wrecked on Pratas Shoal, China Seas
1852 surv. ves. Investigator, 3 Com. Robt Jno Le Mesurier McClure Abandoned in the Arctic Ice
Feb, 27, 1852 steam tr. s. Birkenhead, Master Robert Salmond * Wrecked off Pt Danger, St. Africa: 436 lost,
1854 screw tender Pioneer, Com. Sherard Osborn Abandoned in the Arctic Ice
Resolute, 2 Capt. Henry Kellett Abandoned in the Arctic Ice Recovered. 1856
Assistance, 2 Capt. Sir Edward Belcher, CB Abandoned in the Arctic Ice
1854 screw tender Intrepid, 2 Com Fras. Leop. McClintock Abandoned in the Arctic Ice
May, 1854 steam g v Jasper, Lieut. Chas. Gibbs Crawley Burnt in the Channel
May 12, 1854 steam frigate Tiger, 16 Capt Henry Wells Giffard * Grounded under batteries near Odessa: taken and sank
1855 sch. Bermuda, 3 Lieut. Wm. Cashman Wrecked in the W. Indies
Jul, 1855 steam g. v. Jasper,, 2 Lieut. Joseph Saml. Hudson Wrecked in the Sea of Azof. Taken by Russians
Aug 11, 1855
Wolverine, 12 Com. John Corbett Wrecked on Courtown Bank
Nerbudda, 12 Com. Henry Ashburton Kerr * Supposed foundered on Cape Station about July 10th: all lost
Note: I have recently kindly been advised by advised Colyn, of South Africa that the memorial at Runciman Drive cemetery in Simon's Town reads as follows:
120 MEN
LOST 1855
Jan 29, 1856 steamer Polyphemus, 5 Commander F.P. Warren Wrecked on sandbank near Hansholman Light off coast of Jutland
Apr. 14 1857 frig. Raleigh, 50 Commod. Hon. Hy. Keppel, C.B. Com. Edw. Winterton Turnour. Wrecked near Macao. All saved.
July 10 1857 screw iron trooper Transit, - Wrecked in the Strait of Banca
? 1859 brig sloop Sappho, 12 Com. Fairfax Moresby * Supposed foundered on Australian Station. All lost.
Feb. 8 1859 brig sloop Wizard, 6 Lt. Alf. Prowse Hasler Helby. Wrecked on Seal Rock, Berehaven. All saved.
Feb. 26 1859 scr. g. b. . Jaseur, 2 Lt. John Binney Scott. Wrecked on Baxo Nuevo, W. Ind. All saved.
May 9 1859 brig sloop . Heron, 12 Com. Wm. Henderson Truscott Foundered between Ascension and Sierra Leone, 25 saved.
Jun 25 1859 scr. g. b. . Plover, 2 R.-Ad. Jas. Hope, C.B.Lt. Wm. Hector Rason.* Abandoned under fire of the Pei-ho forts.
Jun 25 1859 scr. g. b. . Lee, 2 Lt. Wm. Hy. Jones. Sunk in action with the Pei-ho forts.
Jun 28 1859 scr. g. b. Cormorant, 4 Com. Armine Wodehouse Sunk by fire from the Pei-ho forts.
1860 scr. st. ship Assistance, Com. Chas. Jno. Balfour Wrecked off Hong-Kong.
Oct 21 1860 scr. iron trp. Ship Perseverance, 2 Com. Ed. Roche Power. Wrecked off Mayo, C. de Verdes. All saved.
? 1861 brig sloop Camilla, 16 (Com. Geo. Tw1stleton Colvile.* Supposed foundered on China station. All lost.
Aug. 1861 padd. Driver, 6 Com. Horatio Nelson . Wrecked on Mariguana I.
Dec. 29 1861 scr. Wood line-of-battle s Conqueror, 101 Capt. Ed. Southwell Sotheby, C.B. Wrecked on Rum Key.
Feb. 5 1863 scr. . Orpheus, 21 Commod. Wm. Farquharson Burnett, C.B, Com. Robt. Heron Burton. * Wreck off Manukau, N.Z.
Dec. 23 1863 scr. g. b. . Lively, 2 Lt. Wm. Walsh. Wrecked off the Dutch coast.
Apr. 3 1864 scr. g. b. Magpie, 2 Lt. Geo. Robt. Bell. Wrecked to Galway Bay.
Nov. 4 1864 scr. g. v. Racehorse, 4 Com. Chas. Rd. Fox Boxer. Wrecked near Chefoo. Few saved.
Dec. 14 1864 scr. Wood line-of-battle shp. Bombay, 67 R: Ad. Hon. Chas. Gilbert Jno. Brydone Elliot C.B. Capt. Colin And. Campbell. Burnt off Montevideo.
Oct 23 1865 padd. Bulldog, 6 Capt. Chas. Wake. Destroyed to prevent Capture, at C. Haytien.
July 10 1866 scr. Amazon, 4 Com. Jas. Ed. Hunter. Sunk by collision with s.s. Osprey, off the Start.
Oct 1866 scr. g. v. Griffon, 5 Com. Duncan Geo. Davidson Stranded after collision with H.M.S. Pandora off Little Popo
? 1867 scr. g. v. Osprey, 4 Com. Wm. Menzies Wrecked on coast of S. Africa
Sep 24 1868 scr. Rattler, 17 Com. Hy. Fredk. Stephenson Wrecked on China Station.
Nov. 15 1868 twn. scr. g. v. Gnat, 2 Com. Chas. Barstow Theobald Wrecked off Balabac I., China.
Mar 29 1869 brig sloop Ferret, 8 Lt. Hilary Mansell Carré Wrecked off Dover. All saved.
May 9 1870 scr. g. v. . Slaney, 1 Lt. Wm. Fras. Leoline Elwyn. Wrecked on the Paracels. China.
Sep 5 1870 scr. g.b Trinculo, 2 Lt. Hon. Fras. Geo. Crofton. Wrecked off Gibraltar. Only 2 lost.
Sep 7 1870 Iron turret battleship. Captain , 6 Capt- Hugh Talbot Burgoyne, V.C.* Capsized off Finisterre. Only 18 Saved.
Dec. 15 1870 padd. d. v. Psyche, 2 Lt. John Fellowes. Wrecked on Pt. Mechini, Catania.
Jun 19 1871 scr. Iron Store ship Megæra, 6 Capt. Arth. Thos. Thrupp Beached at St. Paul's I.
May 21 1874 scr. Niobe, 4 Com. David Boyle. Wrecked off Miquelon I.
Sep 1 1875 iron central battery battleship Vanguard, 14 Capt. Rich. Dawkins. Accidentally rammed by H.M.S. Iron Duke off the Kish Bank, and sank. No life lost.
Mar 24 1878 training frigate Eurydice , 4 Capt. Marcus Aug. Stanley Hare. * Capsized off the I. Of Wight. Only 2 saved.
Oct 31 1878 c g. cruiser Fanny, Chf. Offr. Joseph Greet. * Run down off the Tuskar, by ss Helvetia: 17 lost.
Mar(?) 1880 training Frigate Atlanta , 4 Capt. Francis Stirling Never heard of after having left Bermuda on Jan. 31st. All hands, 280, last
Apr. 26 1881 comp. Sc. Sloop Doterel, 6 Com. Rich. Evans. Sank off Sandy Pt. owing to an accidental explosion on board: 143 lives being lost.
Sep 12 1882 comp. Sc. Sloop . Phoenix, 6 Com. Hubert Hy. Grenfell. Wrecked of P. Edward's I. No lives lost.
Jun 7 1883 padd. Disp. v. Lively, 2 Com. Alf. Arth. Chase Parr. Wrecked off Stornoway. No lives lost.
Sep 22 1884 comp. sc. g. b. Wasp, 4 Lieut. Jno. Dundas Nicholls.* Wrecked off Tory Island: 52 lives lost.
Sep . 1887 comp. sc. g. b. Wasp, 6 Lieut. Bryan Jno. Huthwaite Adamson * Never heard of after having left Singapore, Sep 10. All hands, 80, lost.
Sep 16 1889 sc. g. vessel . Lily, 3 Com. Gerald Walter Russell Wrecked (off Labrador: 7 lives lost
Oct 1890 1st class Torpedo-boat No. 62, - Lost while in tow of H.M.S. Buzzard in a gale, N. Amer. Station.
Nov. 10 1890 3rd cl. cr. Serpent, 6 Com- Harry Leith Ross. * Wrecked off N. coast of Spain: 173 lives lost; 3 saved.
Aug. 8 1892 1st class torpedo-boat No. 75, Actg. Sub-Lieut. Arth. Wm. Craig. Sank after collision with t. b. No. 77 off the Maidens. No one lost.
Jun 22 1893 Battleship Victoria, 15 V.-Adm. Sir Geo.Tryon, K.C.B.Capt. Hon. Maur. Archib. Bourke. Sank after being rammed by H.M.S. Camperdown, off Tripoli, Syria. C.- in-Chf, 21 officers and 350 men lost.
July 29 1898 1st class Torpedo-boat No. 28, Lieut. Hon. Edw. Spencer Harry Boyle. Stranded in Kalk Bay. Badly damaged. Used in Dec. 1898 as a target by Cape Squadron, and sunk.
Nov. 27 1900 Coastguard Cutter. Hind., Chf. Off. John McDonald. Wrecked on Shipwash sands.
Jan. 16 1901 2nd cl. cr. Sibylle, 8 Capt. Hugh Pigot Williams Wrecked in Lambert's bent a Bay, S. Afr.
Nov. 12 1901 Coastguard Cruiser Active Chief Officer Culley Vessel was driven on Granton Breakwater and became a total wreck during a storm.

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