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Thunderer, 1831
Type: 2nd rate ; Armament 84
Launched : 22 Sep 1831 ; Disposal date or year : 1901
BM: 2279 tons

1 Jan 1820 building or ordered to be built, with a circular stern.

I note some confusion in the media of the day with the Thunder (a bomb), and this vessel, the Thunderer (2nd rate).

Jul 1830 Woolwich, building.

9 Jan 1831 to be commissioned at Woolwich and prepared for sea with despatch.

1 Nov 1831 fitting out at Woolwich.

28 Apr 1832 is to be commissioned by Capt. the Hon. Jocelyn Percy.

22 Sep 1832 is again supposed to have been commissioned by Capt. Percy., but subsequent events suggest that this never took place until 1833.

29 Dec 1832 has reputedly been ordered to Sheerness to be commissioned ?

18 Oct 1833 has been commissioned at Sheerness for service in the Mediterranean.

4 Jan 1834 fitting out at Sheerness.

8 Mar 1834 at Gibraltar, en route for Malta.

29 Apr 1834 remains Malta.

22 Jul 1834 has arrived Vourla, from Mytelene, and has since departed to Scalanova and Nauplia.

21 Aug 1834 arrived off Off Vourla, from a cruise off Mytelene.

26 Sep 1834 Malta.

1 Oct 1834 departed Malta to rejoin the squadron at Vourla with provisions and stores.

19 Dec 1834 Vourla Bay.

31 Jan 1835 is reported to be at Malta.

9 Feb 1835 departed Malta with a squadron for the Vourla, where it circa 15 Feb..

1 Jul 1835 lost some of her sails in a squall when serving with the Mediterranean squadron, in the Levant, off Cape Sapienza.

16 Oct 1835 arrived Malta from the Levant.

8 Dec 1835 at Malta.

7 Mar 1836 in Valetta harbour preparing for the Spring/Summer cruise.

11 Jun 1836 is reported to have returned to Malta from a cruise on 16 May, and departed on 25th to resume her station with the squadron in the Archipelago.

21 Jun 1836 departed Corfu for Patras.

7 Jan 1837 is ordered from Portsmouth to Plymouth.

1 Feb 1840 Captain M. F. F Berkeley, appointed to the Thunderer,

8 Feb 1840 Commander Woodford John Williams ; Lieutenants G. H. L. Beazeley, Hector Loring, Alexander Little, Augustus S. Booth, J. H. Bridges ; Master Henry Davy ; Second Master Richard Read ; Purser Richard Goodridge ; Surgeon John Edwards, appointed to the Excellent, vice Urquhart ; Mate John Risk ; Gunner William Brown ; Boatswain Thomas Goldingay, appointed to the Thunderer.

14 Mar 1840 Midshipmen S. F. Douglas, appointed from Boyne to Thunderer ; Mate David M. Gordon, appointed from the Excellent to the Thunderer

21 Mar 1840 Commander L. Massie, appointed to the Thunderer.

20 Mar 1840 Plymouth fitting nearly completed, along with her crew, and are in a very forward state.

21 Mar 1840 Assistant-Surgeons R. Paris and John Tait, appointed to the Thunderer.

24 Apr 1840 Plymouth, seamen have volunteered from the San Josef.

27 May 1840 Plymouth is nearly ready for sea.

8 Jun 1840 passed Gibraltar on her way from Lisbon to Malta.

25 June 1840 at Malta.

6 Jul 1840 Malta has departed to join the squadron in the Levant, and afterwards proceeds to the coast of Syria.

19 Jul 1840 at Vourla.

20 Jul 1840 departed from Vourla.

3 Aug 1840 Eriseos, Mytelene.

7 Aug 1840 departed round to Mytelene, and from there departed for Beyrout, via Rhodes, with the Ganges.

12 Aug 1840 off Beyrout.

14 Aug 1840 Beyrout, the Ganges and Thunderer were anchored off the Egyptian camp.

10 Sep 1840 covered the landing of troops at D'jounie Bay - see p. 314 at at

12 Sep 1840 Beyrout, bombarded General Soliman's troops ashore.

14 Sep 1840 Beyrout, The bombardment continued and the allied troops fortified their positions.

15 Sep 1840 Beyrout, Fired occasionally as targets showed themselves.

25 Sep 1840 Thunderer, Wasp, Cyclops, Gorgon and Hydra departed to take possession of Sidon, and was joined en route by the Stromboli.

26 Sep 1840 operations at Sidon. Men from the ship wounded. 1 royal marine, severely ; 3 seamen, 2 royal marines, slightly. See of 17 Nov 1840.

22 Oct 1840 at Sidon.

2 Nov, 1840 off St. Jean d’Acre.

3 Nov, 1840 bombardment of St. Jean d’Acre. Egyptian forces evacuate St. Jean d’Acre overnight and the town was occupied on the 4th by the Turks. See of 1 Dec 1840.

8 Nov 1840 off St Jean d’Acre, 2,000 prisoners have been sent away in the Bellerophon, Thunderer, Revenge, and Edinburgh, to Beyrout. See of 15 Dec 1840.

Aug - Nov 1840 Capture of Acre and operations on the coast of Syria. Turkish Medals awarded to the Officers and Men employed during the Campaign. 16 Oct 1844 those onboard between 9 Sep - 10 Oct 1840, and at the bombardment of St. Jean D’Acre, on the 3 Nov 1840, will be paid their respective proportions of the grant voted by Parliament for the said services.

8 Dec 1840 Marmorice Bay, had from Beyrout.

2 Jan 1841 Lieutenant Richard Williams, appointed to the Thunderer

9 Feb 1841 Malta, from Marmorice ;

10 Apr 1841 Midshipman ___ Dew, appointed to Thunderer.

3 Apr 1841 Malta, departed for Syracuse to water.

15 May 1841 to be stationed at Gibraltar, protem.

20 May 1841 at Gibraltar.

9 Jun 1841 departed Gibraltar for Tangier.

16 Jun 1841 departed Gibraltar for Cadiz, but contrary winds drove her to Malaga.

22 Jun 1841 in Gibraltar Bay.

31 Jul 1841 Assistant Surgeon F. M. Rayner appointed to the Thunderer

22 Jul 1841 at Gibraltar.

11 Aug 1841 Malta, from Gibraltar.

28 Aug 1841 Surgeon G. H. Dabbs, appointed to the Thunderer ;

4 Sep 1841 Mate R. B. Æneas M'Leod (1837), of the Thunderer, promoted to Lieutenant.

6 Oct 1841 Beyrout, departed for Caiffa, and will return on or about the 22d.

25 Oct 1841 was reported from Malta to be at Caiffa.

27 Nov 1841 Volunteer 1st Class C. C. Day, appointed to the Thunderer.

18 Dec 1841 Second Master D. Welch, from the Inconstant appointed to the Thunderer.

23 Dec 1841 arrived Malta from Beyrout with troops employed in Syria, along with much of their stores.

4 Jan 1842 at Malta.

15 Jan 1842 it is announced that Gunner's Mate William Neville has been promoted to Third Class Gunner.

Circa 20 Jan 1842 is under orders to depart Malta for Sidon.

1 Mar 1842 in harbour at Valetta.

31 Mar 1842 the Rodney, Vanguard and Thunderer were reported to have been put on alert following the report of 3 French ships of the line being at sea, but were stood down when it was understood they were returning to Toulon from Smyrna.

12 May 1842 following reports from the consul at Tripoli that the Pacha is becoming a problem again the Howe, Thunderer and Savage have departed Malta for Tripoli to restore peace.

20 May 1842 departed Valetta with the squadron, including the Queen (flag V.-Adm. Owen) Howe (flag R.-Adm Mason), Vanguard, Calcutta, Thunderer, Cambridge, Impregnable, Devastation and Vesuvius, on a cruize.

2 Jun 1842 returned to Malta from cruise.

9 Jun 1842 departed Malta for Gibraltar to relieve the Formidable, which is then due to return to Malta.

16 Jul 1842 at Cadiz.

25 Jul 1842 at Gibraltar.

18 Aug 1842 at Gibraltar.

26 Aug 1842 at Gibraltar, where a Royal Salute was fired on Prince Albert's birthday.

15 Sep 1842 at Gibraltar.

1 Oct 1842 departed Gibraltar for England.

19 Oct 1842 arrived Plymouth from Gibraltar.

29 Oct 1842 in Plymouth Sound under orders for the South America station ; and is at present shifting her foremast in the Sound.

1 Nov 1842 departed Plymouth for the Downs where she'll remain whilst her majesty is at Walmer.

5 Nov 1842 refitting in Plymouth Sound in preparation for a passage to China.

6 Dec 1842 is expected to depart the Downs for the Westward.

11 Dec 1842 arrived Plymouth Sound from the Downs to await orders.

14 Dec 1842 paid advance of wages, which was followed with rumours that the vessel is bound for the Brazils shortly.

20 Dec 1848 Devonport.

23 Apr 1856 Present at Fleet Review, Spithead ; Captain Randolph.

1860 Devonport.

1863 Target.

1869 Renamed Comet.

1870 Renamed Nettle.

1870 Target Ship, Portsmouth.

1879 Target Ship, Portsmouth.

1890 Target Ship, Portsmouth.