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Thunderbolt, 1856
Type: Floating Battery. ; Armament 16
Launched : 22 Apr 1856 ; Disposal date or year : 1948
Disposal Details : Rammed and sunk
BM: 1954 tons
Propulsion: Screw
Machinery notes: 200 hp

Some brief notes on the Thunderbolt.

Iron-hulled armoured batteries

23 Apr 1856 On Tuesday a numerous company assembled at Millwall, Poplar, on the occasion of the launching of her majesty's iron floating battery Thunderbolt, built by Messrs Samuda, Brothers, of Millwall. The Thunderbolt is 186 feet long, 48 feet broad, and 18 feet depth, whilst its burthen is 1954 tons. The vessel is propelled by a screw worked by engines of 200 hp, and she is pierced for 30 guns, though the intention was to arm her with 16 guns of 68 calibre, and each weighing 95 cwt. Her draught of water is calculated at 7 feet 2 inches aft and 5 feet 6 inches forward, while her sides would present only a depth of 4 feet 6 inches out of the water with all her armaments on board. Her keel is framed like that of an ordinary iron ship, and the framework is entirely of iron, the top sides, for twelve feet downwards, being covered with teak planks six inches in thickness. Over these are bolted iron armour places four inches thick, and weighing from two to three tons each. These plates are laid over the whole surface above water ; and it is stated that a shot or shell fired at her sides at a distance of 400 yards would produce no effect whatever. The beams which form the upper or weather deck are fitted so close to each other as to preserve the general characteristic of strength. The beams of the lower or fighting deck are also very strong, being fitted close to each other, and planked with teak. On this deck are the officers' cabins, whilst underneath are the magazines, storerooms, dispensary, &c. One of the most interesting facts in connection with this battery is the brief period occupied in its construction. It was commenced on 8 Jan last, and on 16th inst. the vessel was ready for launching.- Daily News.

1860 Chatham

1870 Sheerness

1873 Floating pier-head.

1879 Late Floating Battery. Attached to Temporary Pier, Chatham.

1890 Attached to Temporary Pier, Chatham.

1916-1919 Renamed Daedalus, depot ship. Nominal Depot Ship for RN Air Service.

NL Jan 1921 Daedalus (late Thunderbolt). Hulk.