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Powerful, 1783
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 1783 ; Disposal date or year : 1812

9 Oct 1797 joined Admiral Duncan's North Sea fleet off Yarmouth and sailed for the Texel. 11 Oct 1797 engaged the Dutch fleet in what was to be known as the Battle of Camperdown.

21 Feb 1798 prize money resulting from the sale of Dutch ships captured on the 11 Oct 1797 due for payment.

5 Dec 1798 with the squadron off Cadiz.

30 May 1799 joined the fleet in the Mediterranean off the Spanish coast.

8 Jun 1799 detached to join Nelson off Palermo.

14 Jun 1799 joined Nelson's squadron off Palermo.

2 Aug - 4 Sep 1799 brig laden with salt taken by the Powerful, Majestic, and Vanguard ; master and crew deserted.

1800 Doubled and sheathed &c.from lower sill of gundeck ports and strengthened with diagonal braces

23 Jan 1800 arrived Spithead from the Mediterranean, under the command of a Lieutenant, Captain Drury having previously returned to England due to ill health.

3 Feb 1800, Portsmouth, sailed with a convoy for the eastward.

May 1805 Well's Yard, Blackwall Repairing in Ordinary

Circa 23 Dec 1805 the squadron under V.-adm Duckworth, having lifted the blockade of Cadiz, was between Madeira / Canary isles, where it was reported a French Squadron had molested one and chased another convoy. The French squadron was sighted on 25 Dec and chased, but after 30 hours was discontinued. Powerful detached to victual and water at the Cape de Verds and to proceed to the East Indies.

13 Jun 1806 captured the French privateer Henriette on the East Indies station.

9 Jul 1806 the Rattlesnake and Powerful capture the French frigate privateer Bellone, which under the name of Blanche, became classed as a 28-gun frigate.

27 Nov 1806 a part of a squadron under R.-adm. Pellew which arrived off the road of Batavia and destroyed the Dutch frigate Phoenix and other vessels lying there.

20 Nov-11 Dec 1807 A part of a squadron under R.-adm Sir E. Pellew which entered Gressie, Dutch EI, to destroy vessels and stores.