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Richard ap Rhys to Hannah Price

compiled and copyright by MJP Grundy, 2011
Common Vetch, by Anne E. G. Nydam, copyright 1996, used with permission

Welsh Ancestors

This line has been traced back (but not checked by my own primary research) to infamous King John of the 1215 Magna Charta. For this web page we start with Richard ap Griffith ap RhysA of Tyddin Tyfod, in Merioneth. He was anglicized to the point that he adopted the surname of Price, but sometimes it was spelled Prees, which is certainly more phonetic for the Welsh pronunciation.

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I have not found the name of Richard's wife, who predeceased him. Nor have I discovered when he (or they) became Friends. At the time of his death Richard was a resident of the Parish of Llanfawr, Merioneth. He was a member of Penllyn Meeting near Bala, in Merionethshire. Richard's name often appeared on certificates from that meeting. For example, he signed the certificate of removal for his son-in-law Cadwalader MORGAN of "Gwernfell" [Gwernevel Llanycil-Bala].[1]

Richard's will was signed Eleventh Month [January] 1685/6, and proved in 1686 at St. Asaph's court. In the preamble Richard laid out his faith. He made provision for all his children.[2]

Children of Richard Prees/Price and his wife, as appear in his will. [See an explanation of Friends' Dates.]

  1. Edward Price/Prees/Rees1, bur. 6th Mo. 13, 1728; m(1) Mably or Mabby, daughter of Owen ap Hugh Ievan in Wales; Mabby was bur. 2nd Mo. 19, 1699[3]; Edward m(2) 1713 Rebecca HUMPHREY, daughter of Samuel Humphrey ap Hugh of Haverford. Edward emigrated to Penna. 1682 with his wife and 2 children from Kiltalgarth, Penllyn, Merionethshire. His first land was ca. 76 acres by deed dated Apr. 1, 1682 in back of the purchase of William ap Edward, between land of Edward JONES and Hugh ROBERTS. On 5th Mo. 5, 1691 he acquired 125 acres from Gov. Thomas LLOYD that adjoined the western end of his first land, plus two acres from Edward JONES on resurvey. He confirmed all 190 acres on Jan. 1, 1703/4. In 1707 he purchased 222 acres from Robert ROBERTS north of his Lloyd land and 10 acres on Cobb's Creek in Blockley Twp. On Jan. 9, 1708/9 he sold to Ellis DAVID/DAVIES 76 acres on Chester Creek and 78 ac. which he had bought in 1697 from John WILLIAM of Merion. He was one of the founders of Merion Meeting and sold a half acre 6th Mo. 20, 1695 for the meeting house. He was educated, owning Bibles and books of history in Welsh and English. Had children with his first wife (may be incomplete): [4]
    a.Rees Price aka Rees Rees2, b. 11 Mo. 11, 1678; m(1) 10 Mo. 6, 1705 Sarah MEREDITH, daughter of David of Radnor; m(2) 10 Mo. 9, 1718 Elizabeth ELLIS, daughter of Ellis and Lydia of Haverford; m(3) 3 Mo. 10, 1737 Ann (__) SCOTHORN, widow, of Darby.

    b. Catharine Price, b. 1680 in Wales; d. as a young child 2 months after arriving, bur. 8 Mo. 23, 1682 on her father's land.

    c. Jane Price, b. 9 Mo. 11, 1682, first birth in the settlement, 3 months after arrival; bur. 10 Mo. 13, 1769; m(1) 9 Mo. 23, 1709 at Merion Jonathan HAYES; m(2) 6 Mo. 7, 1718 at Merion Meeting house George MARIS or Mares.[5]
  2. ii. Jane Price, bur. 7 Mo. 19, 1710 at Merion Mtg.; m. Cadwalader MORGAN (his second wife?); his will pr. Oct. 10, 1711. He was one of the trustees of the Merion Meeting land. Had 5 children:[6]
    a. Morgan Cadwalader, b. 6 Mo. 23, 1679; Friends minister; d. fairly young, unmarried.
    b. Edward Cadwalader, b. 6 Mo. 22, 1682; d. before his father, unmarried.
    c. Sarah Cadwalader, m. Robert EVAN/S of Gwynedd and had children.
    d. daughter, m. Hugh EVAN/S of Gwynedd.
    e. daughter m. Abel THOMAS of Merion, had children. Their son Jacob Thomas bur. at Merion 12 Mo. 23, 1807, "with the waggon Load of Stone run over his head". [perhaps a generation missing between Abel and Thomas?]

  3. Hannah Price, b. 1656; d. ; m(1) Rees ap John ap William, aka Rees JONES, who d. in Merion 11 Mo. 26, 1697; their children assumed surname of Jones; Hannah married twice more. She was mentioned with her children in her father's will.

  4. daughter m. John WILLIAM

  5. Thomas ap Richard/Prichard/Price

Immigrant Generation

Hannah Price1, daughter of Richard Prees or Price, was born in 1656 in Wales and died in Pennsylvania. She married three times: Rees JONES ca. 1678 in Wales, Ellis DAVID/DAVIES in 1703, and Thomas EVANS in 1722. She was "of a good family, a woman of character, and interested in the religious society of which she was a member."[7]

On Second Month [April] 22, 1703 Hannah and the widower Ellis DAVID/Davies were married at Merion Meeting. They lived in Goshen. Hannah was active in the meeting. She and Ellis David signed the marriage certificate of her son John JONES, carpenter, son of Rees John William, when he and Jane EDWARD, sister of Griffith Edward of Merion, married one another at Gwynedd Meeting House, Fourth Month 9, 1713.[8]

On January 9, 1708/9 Edward Price, Hannah's brother, sold to Ellis David 76 acres on Chester Creek in Goshen Township and 78 acres which he had bought in 1697 from John WILLIAM of Merion. Ellis died in March 1720, and was buried First Month 17.[9]

After the death of Ellis Hannah married for the third time, at the age of 66 on First Month [March] 14, 1722 Thomas EVANS. He was one of the original settlers of Gwynedd Township, who later moved to Merion. Thomas died in Goshen Tenth Month 12, 1738, aged 87.[10]

Hannah died Ninth Month 29, 1741, aged 85. In her will she described herself as a "widdow, being Ancient in years but through the Goodness and Mercy of God who hath been my Supporter from my Youth to my old Age. Blessed be his Name, I am of sound disposing mind and Memory". She bequeathed £15 to daughter Jane & son-in-law David DAVIES "being due to me from him Upon Bond" as well as "all my Bedding and furniture of my Room and all my sheep which I have Upon my Said Son in Law's Plantation". Son John Jones, daughter Lowry EVANS, and daughter Margaret ASHBRIDGE were each given £10 "current Money of this Province" [worth less but more available than British sterling]. Daughter Sarah COWPLAND and son Edward Jones were each given £5 "current Money of this Province". The residue was left to eldest son Richard Jones except that granddaughter Margaret MATHER received "one Tamy Gown and Petty Coat" and all the rest of her wearing apparel went to daughter Jane DAVIES. She specified that the fine linen sheet that she had made herself and brought from Merion should be her winding sheet. Son Richard and son-in-law David Davies were named executors. Hannah signed it with her mark on Sixth Month [August] 29, 1740. Her son Richard wrote it for her. It was proved at Chester August 31, 1942 "by Rees Jones on affirmation". An inventory of her possessions was made September 16, 1742 by Isaac Haines and Richard Davies. Hannah's wearing apparel was valued at £8.0.0; bed and furniture (i.e. the bedding), £7.15.0; case of drawers, £2.10.0; 4 chairs, a pair of andirons, fire shovel and tongs, round table and chest, £2.0.0; money due Upon Bonds, £106.0.0. The total came to £126.05.0. Somehow the sheep never got added in. Subtracting the clothing and bed, there was still almost £40 left for Richard as "residue".[11]

Children of Hannah and her first husband, Rees Jones.[12]

  1. Richard Jones2, b. ca. 1679 in Merionethshire; d. 7 mo. 16, 1771 aged 92 in Goshen; m(1) Fourth Mo. 6, 1705 at Gwynedd Mtg house Jane EVANS who d. Second Mo. 27, 1711; m(2) 1718 Rebecca (Vernon), widow of Thomas Garrett, she d. Twelfth Mo. 23, 1748. Richard emigrated with his parents; inherited his father’s home farm of ca. 100 acres which he increased to 156.25 acres in Merion plus addition land in Goshen for a total of 293.75 acres by 1703; bought land in Goshen with his brother Evan Jones. In the 1701 resurvey for the land paid for by Welsh settlers in Merion that was laid out for them in Goshen, Richard Rees, alias Jones (son of Rees Jones), had 137 acres in Merion and 75 in Goshen. Richard and Jane had 6 children

  2. Lowry Jones, b. ca. 1680/1 in Wales; d. in Philadelphia 11 mo. 25, 1762 aged over 80; m(1) 8 mo. [Oct] 11, 1698 at Merion MM, Robert LLOYD(1669-1714) and had 8 children. Lowry m(2) Dec. 13, 1716 at Merion Meeting house Hugh EVANS (his third marriage), son of Thomas, and had 3 more children.

  3. Evan Jones, b. ca. 1682/3 in Wales; bur. at Merion 2m 7, 1708, aged ca. 25; unmarried; with his brother John inherited 153.5 acres in Goshen on Chester Creek; his will signed Jan. 28, 1708, pr. Oct. 2, 1708 in Phila., mentioned his mother, and siblings Lowry Lloyd, Richard, John, Edward, Jane, Sarah, and Margaret Jones. Executors were his brother Richard and brother-in-law Robert Lloyd, overseers Cadwalader MORGAN and Abel THOMAS. Richard and Robert were witnesses with Rowland ELLIS.

  4. Jane Jones, b. in Merion Ninth Month 15, 1685; d. Eighth Month 27, 1764, buried at Goshen Meeting; m. 1709 David DAVIES/DAVIS and had 9 children.

  5. John Jones, twin, b. 4m 6, 1688; d. 12 mo. 30, 1774 in Gwynedd; m. 4m 9, 1713 at Gwynedd Jane EDWARD (d. 5m 11, 1758 in Gwynedd Twp., sister of Griffith Edward of Merion); marriage certificate signed by Richard and Thomas Jones; Hugh, Evan and John GRIFFITH; Hannah and Ellis DAVID/DAVIES. With his brother Evan, John inherited 153.5 acres in Goshen on Chester Creek; removed to Gwynedd, and known as John Jones, carpenter; had 9 children.

  6. Catherine Jones, twin, b. 4 mo. 6, 1688; d. in infancy.

  7. Sarah Jones, b. 7 mo. 25, 1690; d. 3m 28, 1758; m(1) 8m 2, 1712 at Merion Jacob EDGE (b. 3m 8, 1690; d. 2m 7, 1720); had 4 children. Sarah m(2) 11m 10, 1721/2 Caleb COWPLAND (b. 1690; d. 10m 12, 1757 at Chester), and had 5 more children.

  8. Edward Jones, b. ca. 1692 or 1693; mentioned in his mother's will, 1740.

  9. Margaret Jones, b. 6 mo. 20, 1697; m(1) at Merion Meeting 10 mo. 16, 1716 Thomas PASCHALL, son of Thomas and Margaret (Jenkins) Paschall, b. 7 mo. 22, 1693; m(2) as his second wife 1 mo. 6, 1729/30 George ASHBRIDGE (d. 1748). Had children.[10]

Common Vetch

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The longer Price line contains the collateral lines of Ashbridge, Bonsall, Borton, Cadwallader, Cox, Davies/Davis, and a second (Ellis) Davies, England, Fisher, Haines, Harry/Harris, Hayes, Holliday, John, Jones, Kirk, one Lewis (Henry), another Lewis (Thomas), Malin, Massey, Morgan, Orbell, Paxton, the main Price, a third Price (David) branch, Roessen, Sharpley, Schumacher/Shoemaker, Taylor, Thomas, Townsend, Warner, White, Williams, Wood, and Wooderson families.

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Common Vetch

Notes and Sources

The full bibliographical citation is given the first time a source is mentioned, but is not repeated each time that source is cited. Scroll up til you find the first mention and there you will find the complete citation.

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  2. The text has been transcribed in Thomas Allen Glenn, Merion in the Welsh Tract, 75-78. But upon comparing this with the original I have made a few changes. See an image of the actual will on line at the Welsh National Library, at, under “Richard Price: 1686”, St. Asaph Probate Records, 1521-1858, The site asks that this be the citation: But when I tried it 5/22/2010 all I got was an error message. There are 7 separate images of the entire holding for Richard Price. The actual will is images #1-3; the inventory is #4-7. The right edge of the page is somewhat torn and obscured. My thanks to Richard C. Allen for directing me to this site.

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