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Edward, Sr. - Edward, Jr. - Hannah

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Common Vetch, by Anne E. G. Nydam, copyright 1996, used with permission

         This does not intend to be the definitive Morgan family page. This one is about the three individuals listed in the sub-title, as well as their siblings and children. If you have additional information or corrections about any of them I would be glad to hear from you at .

This short Morgan family line is part of a larger, expanded, hard copy work that includes a great deal of historical context.

Immigrant Generation

         The Morgan family, like most Welsh surname families in this country, has many unrelated branches.[1] As genealogist Stewart Baldwin explains, "Edward Morgan's origin is unknown. He was certainly not the son of Sir James Morgan (of the Morgans of Llantarnum), as has been frequently claimed."[2] Edward Morgan was the first Morgan in Philadelphia records, along with his probable kin/friend Maurice/Morris Morgan, although it is beginning to appear that there were two men named Edward Morgan, who may or may not be conflated. Edward and Morris both signed a document at a town meeting in Philadelphia "25th of ye 5 Mo., 1687" [July].[3] They were both living in caves on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River. Whether the cave dweller was "our" Edward Morgan or another man has yet to be proved. More research is needed.

         We start, then, with Edward Morgan1, who married Elizabeth, probably the daughter of John JARMAN.[4] Circumstantial evidence is strong that he was her father, but no definitive proof has been found. [See an explanation of the National Genealogical Society's Numbering System used on this web page.]

         An Edward Morgan appears frequently in the Radnor Monthly Meeting minutes because he and his wife Elizabeth needed assistance. From Twelfth Month [February], 1693/4 through Ninth Month, 1697, there are repeated mentions of assistance in both the men's and women's meting minutes.[5]

         Edward Morgan, a Welsh tailor, moved to Towamencin Township in what became Montgomery County from somewhere "near Philadelphia". In February, 1708, he bought 300 acres of land from Griffith JONES, the Philadelphia merchant. "The tract lay along William JOHN's [Jones] land, and was therefore on the township line. In 1714 he bought 500 acres more, near by, of George CLAYPOOLE, of Philadelphia, who, like Griffith Jones, was a speculative holder of the Towamencin lands. By 1713 Edward had apparently moved to Montgomery Township; in the deed from Claypoole he is described as 'yeoman, of Montgomery'."[6]

Morgan Log House

         Edward Morgan built a log house, which is commemorated by a log house and park in Towamensin. Unfortunately, the early stone foundation is all that is left of the real log house belonging to Edward Morgan. In the 1970s they actually demolished the remaining log cabin part because of faulty understanding of archaeology and historical records. The addition on the left end of the building, pictured here, was built as a gift shop and office on top of the original Morgan foundation. The foundation, shown here, may only have the lower horizontal rocks as part of Morgan's house.[7]

stone foundation of the original Morgan Log House

         Elizabeth was active in Gwynedd Meeting. A few examples include marriage clearness and oversight committees. On Fifth Month 20, 1720 Elizabeth Morgan & Mary Edward were named to a clearness committee for the marriage of John Webb and Mary Boone. The next month, presumably reporting back positively, the two women were appointed to see that the marriage was "orderly accomplished". The wedding was held at Gwynedd, September 13, 1720. The following year Elizabeth was named to a marriage clearness committee for Cunerad CUNRAD & Ann BURSON. The flurry of entries in the minutes in the 1730s do not distinguish between "our" Elizabeth, and her daughter-in-law, Elizabeth (ROBERTS) Morgan, wife of Daniel. Since Daniel Morgan and his wife (married in 1729) were both ministers, it is likely that many of the entries would be hers.[8]

         Edward was still living in 1732, although a relatively old man.[9]

         Children of Edward and Elizabeth (Jarman?) Morgan:[10]

  1. William Morgan3, d. before July 29, 1741; m(1) 8m/27/1713 at Haverford MM, Elizabeth Roberts; m(2) 10m/7/1731 at Gwynedd MM Catherine Robeson; had 6 children with his first wife.

  2. Edward Morgan, Jr., d. before May 7, 1718 in Philadelphia Co.; m. Margaret __; 3 children. Margaret m(2) Rees David; apparently 2 more children.

  3. Elizabeth Morgan, m. 3m/24/1710 at Haverford MM Cadwalader Morris; at least 4, probably 6 children.

  4. John Morgan, d. before May 5, 1747 in Frederick Co., Va.; m. 9m/8/1721 at Haverford MM Sarah Lloyd; 3 or 4 children.

  5. Daniel Morgan, b. 1691 in [Moyamensing,] Philadelphia, ["while still young his parents removed to Gwynedd, then just being settled."]; d. 6m/29/1773 [or 7m/6/1773, "having had a stroke or paralysis some time before"] recorded in Gwynedd MM; m. 9m/21/1718 in Gwynedd MM Elizabeth ROBERTS; 2 children. Daniel was a minister, as was his wife. "her memorial says she was born in Wales, came over while young, appeared in the ministry after her marriage, went to England in 1743 on a religious visit, in company with Susanna MORRIS, and remained two years, visiting most of the meetings in Great Britain. In her old age, she was injured by the fall from her horse. She d. 11th mo. 14th, 1777, in her 88th year."[11]

  6. Margaret Morgan, b. 8m/23/1693 in Gwynedd MM; d. 10m/24/1750; m. 3m/1/1713 Haverford MM Samuel THOMAS; 13 children.

  7. Morgan Morgan, d. Mar./Apr. 1727 in Philadelphia Co.; m. ca. 1718 Dorothy Hughes; had 2 sons, including Edward Morgan who m. Margaret RITTENHOUSE.

  8. Alice Morgan, d. before Oct. 23, 1742; m. 8m/17/1718 at Gwynedd MM Jenkin EVANS; he m(2) Jane HAMILTON and had additional children; Alice had 4 children.

  9. Deborah Morgan, d. 7m/18/1699, recorded in Philadelphia MM records.

  10. Sarah Morgan, b. ca. 1700/1; d. 1777; m. 7m/23/1720 at Gwynedd MM Squire BOONE; 12 children, one of whom was the famous Daniel Boone, another was Nathaniel Boone, who d.y. Was he the "Capt. Nathan Boone" of the First U.S. Dragoons, Company H of the U.S. Army that in 1834 and following engaged in ethnic cleansing of the Native American people?

  11. Mary Morgan, probably d. before 1755; m. John WRIGHT; 11 children including three Loyalists during the Am. Rev. (Jonathan, Abijah, and John Wright).

  12. Joseph Morgan, d. before Feb. 8, 1748/9 in Frederick Co., Va.; m. 9m/8/1728 at Haverford MM Elizabeth LLOYD; proof only for son Edward, with four more "probable" children.

Second Generation

         Edward Morgan, Jr.2, son of Edward and Elizabeth, married Margaret __. He is enigmatic at least in part because he died relatively young, apparently around the time Gwynedd MeetingGwynedd Monthly Meeting was set up [1714]. He is not in the records of the Meeting.[12]

         After his death Margaret (__) Morgan remarried. She and the widower Rees David brought their first intentions to Gwynedd Meeting on First Month 31, 1719. In the Gwynedd Meeting records where this marriage is noted, it is pencilled in that she was the widow of Edward Jr.[13] Witnesses who signed the certificate include Edward Morgan, her father-in-law; her brothers-in-law Will Morgan, Jno Morgan, Danl Morgan, Morgan Morgan, Cadwalader Morris, Samuel Thomas; Joseph Ambler, Morgan Hugh, Ellis Robert, Aaron Robert, Evan Robert, Griffith Hugh, Hugh Griffith, Abram Dawes; middle column: her mother-in-law Elizabeth Morgan; Mary David, Eliz Morgan Jr., Elizabeth Morris, Catherine William, Margaret Thomas, Alice Evans, Elizabeth Morgan, Dorothy Morgan, Sar? Dawes, Ellin Robert, Jane Hugh, Anne Roberts, Elizabeth Roberts, Mary Bartholomew, Gwen Humphrey, Elizabeth Jones, Ellin Foulke, Edith Dawes, Sarah Buck, Catherine Jones.[14]

         Rees died before Margaret, but apparently did not leave a will. Margaret, of "Upper Dublin, Co. of Philadelphia", signed her will as a widow on Fifth Month 16, 1748. It was proved June 13, 1758. The abstract mentioned her sons Enoch Morgan and Issachar and Benjamin, and grandchildren Hannah Martin, Issachar and Margaret Davies, Miriam Lewis, and Edward and Margaret Morgan, as well as her friend Hannah Foulke. Benjamin Davies was named executor. It was witnessed by Edward Foulke, William Foulke, and Jno. Evans.[15]

         Children of Edward and Margaret (__) Morgan:

  1. Hannah Morgan3, m(1) 3m/7/1734 in Gwynedd Thomas LEWIS; m(2) ca. 1761 David PUGH; 2 daughters, Miriam and Esther.

  2. Miriam Morgan, m. 3m/25/1738 at Gwynedd William Martin, had a daughter Hannah.

  3. Enoch Morgan, d. Dec. 1784 or Jan. 1785 in Montgomery Co.; m 3m/14/1741 in Gwynedd MM Sarah Kenderdine; 9 children, including Edward and Margaret Morgan.[16]
Children of Margaret and her second husband, Rees David, based on her will:
  1. Issachar Davies

  2. Benjamin Davies

Third Generation

         Hannah Morgan3 daughter of Edward ["and Margaret" - pencilled in] of Montgomery Township, Philadelphia Co., and Thomas LEWIS, son of Richard of Montgomery gave their intention to marry to Gwynedd Meeting First Month 25, 1733/4, and their second intentions Second Month 30, 1733/4. They married at Gwynedd Meeting house Third Month 7, 1733/4. Signatures in Column 2 (under bride and groom): Richard Lewis, Esther Lewis, Rees David, Margt David, Edward Lewis, Miriam Morgan, Marg or Mary Lewis, George Lewis, Jane Lewis, Isaac Jones, Eliz. Morgan, Eliza Morgan, Jane Evans Jr. In the first or left hand column were these signatures: Enoch Morgan, Mary Robeson, Bena Davis, Isachar David, Jane Davis, Esther Wm, Eliza Evans, Dorothy Wells, Ruth Morgan, Eliza Morgan, Eliza Morgan, Ellin Evans, Hannah Wm.[17]

         Children of Hannah (Morgan) Lewis and her husband, Thomas Lewis:

  1. Miriam Lewis5, married January 13, 1763 Lewis Williams at Goshen Monthly Meeting.

  2. Esther Lewis, m. May 21, 1767 at Buckingham Monthly Meeting Thomas GOODE.

Common Vetch

To continue the story of this family, go to the Lewis and the Williams family pages. The larger Price line, with over two dozen collateral lines, including this Morgan branch, has been expanded as a hard copy book with considerable historical context. It is available through Click on the title, then on "preview" to see the table of contents and a few sample pages.

This Price line contains the collateral lines of Ashbridge, Bonsall, Borton, Cadwallader, Cox, Davies/Davis, and a second (Ellis) Davies, England, Fisher, Haines, Harry/Harris, Hayes, Holliday, John, Jones, Kirk, one Lewis (Henry), another Lewis (Thomas), Malin, Massey, this Morgan line, Orbell, Paxton, the main Price, another Price (Richard), a third Price (David) branch, Roessen, Sharpley, Schumacher/Shoemaker, Taylor, Thomas, Townsend, Warner, White, Williams, Wood, and Wooderson families.

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Common Vetch

Notes and Sources

The full bibliographical citation is given the first time a source is mentioned, but is not repeated each time that source is cited. Scroll up til you find the first mention and there (in most cases) you will find the complete citation.

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