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Randal Malin1 and his daughter Mary Malin2 who married George Ashbridge in 1701.

compiled and copyright by M.J.P. Grundy, 2011
Common Vetch, by Anne E. G. Nydam, copyright 1996, used with permission

This web page does not intend to be the definitive Malin family site. It is mainly interested in Randal Malin1 (d. ca. 1728) and his daughter Mary (Malin) Ashbridge (1678-1728). If you have additional information or corrections about any of the people mentioned here I would be glad to hear from you at . This relatively short family line is part of a larger work on a Price family.

Genealogists who assume that the surname Malin is derived from the personal name, might want to check out newer methodologies pioneered by Peter McClure. He suggests that in this situation one needs to know what personal names were being used at that time in that location as well as have a linguistic explanation. Most important is to find evidence that identifies variant forms of the first name used by a single person either as an actual or implied alias.[1] "Malin" was a woman's name occurring frequently in Yorkshire records ca. 1300. It is likely to have been a pet form or nickname for Matilda or Maud, both of which were very popular there at that time. It could then have become the surname Mallinson, as these examples from Rastrick:

1297     Maude de Fekesby
1297     Malina de Fekesby
1379     Henry Malinson
1545     widow Malynson
The name could then be shortened to Malin.[1a]

This is not proved for our particular family, but is held up as a possible line of additional research.

Immigrant Generation

         Randal Malin1 was born January 22, 1649 in Netherton, Cheshire, son of Isaac and Elizabeth (JONES) Malin of Great Barrow, Cheshire. He died ca. 1728. He married twice, first in Netherton, England in 1676 to Elizabeth __, who died September 14, 1687. Randal married for the second time in Second Month 1692 Mary Conway or CONOWAY, widow of Thomas and daughter of Valentine HOLLINGSWORTH of New Castle County.[2] For an explanation of the superscript 1 following his name, see the Numbering System used on this web page. There are a great many variations in the spelling of Randal's name, and I am unclear which he preferred, if he even had a preference.

         As a Friend [Quaker] in England during the later Stuart monarchies, Randal first experienced persecution in 1678 for reproving the local "priest" who had been encouraging the work of an informer that resulted in the confiscation and sale of goods from Friends. Randal was imprisoned on the word of an informer who reported that Randal had discouraged a local butcher from selling cattle that had been distrained. Soon after he was fined £20.5.0, a very substantial sum, for praying at a meeting of Friends. Since he felt he had done nothing wrong he refused to pay the fine and distraint was made of his household goods, corn, and hay to cover the fine and probably something extra.[3]

         Randal purchased 250 acres in Pennsylvania for £5 from William PENN on March 6 and 7, 1681. He and Elizabeth emigrated in 1682 and settled on Ridley Creek in Upper Providence Township, near Media. Some of his descendants lived there for 214 years. Randal also had lot #192 in Philadelphia, adjacent to the present Washington Square.[4]

         Elizabeth died at the beginning of Seventh Month 1687. She left three young children[5]

         Five years later Randal was ready to remarry. He and the widow Mary (HOLLINGSWORTH) Connoway brought their intentions to Kennett Monthly Meeting in January and February, 1692/3. However, before the couple was given freedom to "accomplish their said intentions according to ye good order of Truth" arrangements had to be specified for Mary's children's finances.[6] This was part of Friends' ideas of good order.

         Mary Hollingsworth had been born January 25, 1656 in Belleniskcrannell, Sego Parish, Ireland, the daughter of Valentine Hollingsworth. Mary and Thomas CONWAY were cleared to marry by Lurgan Meeting, in Ireland, First month 22, 1681/2. The marriage took place April 28, 1682 at the house of Francis ROBSON. Mary and her husband came to Delaware with her father and settled near the Brandywine in New Castle County. Thomas Conway died Eleventh Month [January] 30, 1688/9. They had three children: Elizabeth Connoway, born September 7, 1687, Ann Connoway, born ca. 1688, and Sarah Connoway, born in 1689.[7] Spelling varied depending partly on who wrote the record. Consistency was not considered important. Randal also had three surviving children. To this blended family of six children, Randal and Mary had four more, one of whom died at less than four months of age.

         Both Randal and his first wife Elizabeth had been active in Providence Meeting and its parent Chester Meeting. On September 29, 1714 he was acknowledged as an Elder. Randal was recommended as a minister by Chester Monthly Meeting (Providence PM) on Tenth Month 27, 1725.[8]

         Randal took an active part in the civic affairs of his township. He served as a grand juror in Chester in Tenth Month 1684. In April 1696 Randal and George Smedley witnessed William Malin of Upper Providence sign his will, and then served as trustees for his estate. In 1698 Randal served on a coroner's jury, and the next year served as an appraiser. In 1700 and again in 1710 he was on a committee charged with laying out a road, while in 1706 "Randle Melin" was a Road Viewer ["Highway Supervisor"] for Upper Providence. In 1702 he served on a grand jury and in 1704 he was foreman of a grand jury. In 1708 he was named constable for his township.[9]

         Randal was apparently furious when his daughter Catherine eloped with George TATE. He requested a warrant (granted May 6, 1721, by Henry PIERCE, Esq.), directing the constable of Chester to arrest James MAURHEAD for clandestinely marrying his daughter, contrary to law. Maurhead or Muirhead was apparently the church official who performed the marriage. The meeting also looked askance at her marriage, and in Third Month 1721 the women Friends requested assistance from the men's meeting in "Drawing a Paper of Deniall against Katherine the daughter of Randall Malin for marrying out of the unity of friends: therefore this meeting appoints Ephraim JACKSON & Henry MILLER to assist the women friends in drawing the said Paper and bring it to our next monthly meeting for approbation." It was approved and signed Fourth Month 26, 1721.[10]

         On Second Month [April] 24 that year Randal requested (and received Third Month 29) a certificate of removal for himself and his wife from Chester Monthly Meeting (Upper Providence Preparative Meeting) to Goshen Monthly Meeting.[11]

         Randal died ca. 1728. I could find no will for him in the Chester or Philadelphia County Abstracts. However, Judy A. Gambert wrote that he bequeathed woolen weaving clothes to his son Isaac, then divided the estate into three equal parts. Two parts were to be divided equally among Isaac, Hannah, Catherine, Rachel, and granddaughter Elizabeth Ashbridge. The other part was to be divided among the [other] grandchildren. Executors were son Isaac and son-in-law George Ashbridge.[12]

         Children of Randal and first wife Elizabeth (__) Malin:

  1. John Malin, bur. in Netherton Aug. 1677.

  2. Mary Malin, b. Oct. 23 or 25, 1678 in Netherton; d. July 25, 1728; m. Aug. 23, 1701 George ASHBRIDGE.

  3. Isaac Malin, b. late 5m or Aug. 15, 1681 in Hallimore Heath, England; m(1) Jan. 1702/3 Elizabeth JONES, daughter of David Jones and Susanna (HOWELL) of Whiteland and sister of Susanna who mar. Jacob Malin. Elizabeth d. 4 mo. [June] 14, 1717, and Isaac m(2) 1727 Jane (ROBERTS) Pugh, daughter of Roger Roberts and Elizabeth, widow of Thomas PUGH; res. Whiteland Twp. On Nov. 30, 1703 Randal signed a deed of gift to his son Isaac for 150 acres in Upper Providence. Isaac and Elizabeth had 7 children.[13]

  4. Jacob Malin, b. Seventh Month [Sept.] 7, 1686; d. 1727; m. Oct. 17, 1710 recorded in Chester MM Susannah JONES, daughter of David Jones (dec’d) and Susanna (HOWELL) of Uwchlan, and sister of Elizabeth who mar. Isaac Malin; res. Upper Providence Twp. On April 26, 1727 Randal signed a deed to his son Jacob "for love & affection" granting him 100 acres on Ridley Creek in Upper Providence and Middletown to have immediately after the decease of Randal. Presumably this is the land on which Jacob was already living. Jacob's will (yeoman of Upper Providence), signed Nov. 3, 1726/7 [sic], pr. May 30, 1727, to wife Susanna the use and profits of his 150 acre plantation during widowhood for the support and maintenance of (unnamed) children. Executors Susanna and his brother Isaac Malin; witnessed by his father Randal Malin and Henry MILLER. Jacob and Susanna had 6 children, all born in Upper Providence Twp.[14]
  5. Children of Randal and his second wife, Mary (Hollingsworth) Conway:

  6. Hannah Malin, b. Dec. 6, 1694; d. 3 mo. [Mar.] 26, 1695.[15]

  7. Hannah Malin, b. 1m/7/1695/6; m. ca. 1716 Daniel WILLIAMSON, Jr.; had a daughter Rachel Williamson, b. 12m/1727; d. 3m/2/1794; m. Nathan GRIFFITH, son of Benoni Griffith, a Baptist. [p. 216] Nathan and Rachel had a daughter, Jane Griffith, b. 10 mo. 27, 1757, who mar. Ellis DAVIES, son of Ellis and Lydia (Ashbridge) Davies.

  8. Rachel Malin, b. 5m/24/1702; m. 9 mo. 7, 1722 John CANE, son of John, deceased, and Ann (__), from Ballyhagen, Ireland came to Newark Mtg 10 mo. 5, 1713.[16]

  9. Katherine Malin, m. 1721 George TATE. A warrant was granted May 6, 1721, by Henry PIERCE, Esq., directed to the constable of Chester, to arrest James MAURHEAD, on complaint of Randal Malin, for clandestinely marrying his daughter, contrary to law. [The will of James Muirhead of West Nottingham, signed Mar. 4, 1764, pr. June 29, 1764, mentions no wife or children, but two aunts (Agnes Rogers and Isabel Kirk) of Ireland and his father in Ireland if he is living, with reversion to "the latter children of my father".] Apparently Maurhead was the "priest" who performed the service, perhaps without the required banns? What became of Katherine and/or George Tate remains a mystery to me.[17]

Second Generation

         Mary Malin2 was born in October or Tenth Month 2nd, 1678 in Netherton, and died February 15, 1728 at age fifty. She was "of Upper Providence" when she and George ASHBRIDGE [Sr.] "of the borough of Chester, formerly of Edgmont and Goshen Twps, yeoman" married on Eighth Month 23, 1701. Their marriage certificate was signed in the right column by her father Randall, and brothers Isaac and Jacob Malin; also by Henry, Samuel, and Thomas HOLLINGSWORTH, John and Jane EDGE, and forty-two others including John RODMAN.[18]

         Children of George and Mary (Malin) Ashbridge:

  1. John Ashbridge3, b. 6m or June 1, 1702, in Edgmont Twp. [confusion among secondary sources on old style dating]; d. May 21, 1747, in Goshen Twp., age 44; married Hannah DAVIES on 8m or Aug. or Nov. 12, 1732 in Goshen MM. A Hannah Ashbridge was clerk of Goshen Women's Meeting, 1753-1758; Hannah was b. 1704, daughter of David, she d. in 1771. They had 8 children born in Goshen.

  2. George Ashbridge, b. 12m [Feb.] 9, 1703/4; d. 3m [Mar.] 6, 1773, age 69; married on 8m [Oct.] 21, 1730 in Goshen Twp., Jane HOOPES, daughter of Daniel Hoopes and Jane (WORRILAW) of Westtown, b. July 14, 1706, d. Jan. 31, 1789. George was on the tax rate for Willistown in 1726, 1730, 1732, 1734, 1735, 1737, 1739, and 1740 (and perhaps other years, these were the only ones I checked). George was elected to the Penna. Assembly in 1743, and continued to be re-elected each year until his death (nearly 30 years); George was named co-executor with his youngest brother Joseph for their father's will, but George refused, so letters of admin. were given only to Joseph. George and Jane had 9 children.

  3. Jonathan Ashbridge, b. 9m or Sept. 25, 1705, d.y.

  4. Elizabeth Ashbridge, b. 12m [Feb.] 6, 1708/9; d. Mar. or Dec. 18, 1767 in Nether Providence, age 59; married on Feb. or Apr. 4, 1729 in Goshen Monthly Meeting, John SHARPLESS, son of John Sharpless and Hannah (PENNELL), b. Aug. 16, 1699, d. Aug. 17, 1769. He had married first Mary Key and had 1 daughter. Elizabeth inherited £40 from her father; she had 5 children, including a daughter, Mary Sharpless who inherited a chest of drawers from her grandfather, George1 Ashbridge.

  5. Mary Ashbridge, b. 11m [Jan.] 10, 1710/1; d. 11m [Jan.] 20, 1745/6, age 35; married (1) Amos YARNALL, son of Francis Yarnall and Hannah (BAKER), on Apr. or May 18, 1727 in Goshen Twp. He was b. Jan. 28, 1700, d. Dec. 4, 1789; Amos married (2) Dec. 28, 1750 Sarah (__) GARRETT, the widow of Samuel. Mary had 5 children including a daughter Mary Yarnall who inherited £40 from her grandfather, to be given to her when she turned 18.

  6. Aaron Ashbridge, b. 12m [Feb.] 25, 1712/3; d. May 1776, age 63; married (1) Sarah DAVIES on 2m [April] 21, 1737 at Goshen Monthly Meeting. Aaron married (2) Elizabeth (SAMPSON) Sullivan, the widow of John SULLIVAN, on 9m or Sept. 4, 1746 in Burlington Mtg hse.; she was a convinced Friend who travelled in the ministry and d. in Ireland 1755. Aaron married (3) Mary TOMLINSON on June 4, 1760. Had one child with his first wife.

  7. Hannah Ashbridge, b. 2m [Apr.] 26, 1716 or 1715; d. Aug. 28, or 9 mo. 13, 1793, age 77; married Joshua HOOPES, son of Daniel Hoopes and Jane (WORRILAW), on Apr. 8, 1731 at Goshen Twp.; inherited £40 from her father. They had 9 children listed. Hannah's will, dated 6m 13, 1787, was pr. Dec. 17, 1793; she had a sizeable estate, leaving cash, a silver watch and spoons, pewter ware, and a corner cupboard, among other items.

  8. Phebe Ashbridge, b. 8m or Aug. 26, 1717; d. June 14, 1784, age 66; married (1) 2m 10, 1739 Richard THOMAS, son of Richard and Grace (ATHERTON), at Goshen Monthly Meeting. Richard d. 9m 22, 1754. Phebe married (2) William TRIMBLE Sept. 15, 1757 at Uwchlan Meeting. Phebe and Richard had 5 children.

  9. Lydia Ashbridge, b. 11m [Jan.] 22, 1719/20; d. in Goshen; married Ellis DAVIES on 9m [Nov.] 7, 1741. He was b. Oct. 24, 1713 and d. in 1773/4.

  10. Joseph Ashbridge, b. 5m [July] 9, 1723; d. 1796; m. 4m [June] 8, 1749 Priscilla DAVIES, sister of Ellis. Joseph inherited the "messuage" where his father was living in Chester along with the residue after other legacies had been given. Joseph executed his father's will. Joseph and Priscilla had 6 children.


Common Vetch

To continue the story of this family, go to Ashbridge. These Malin and Ashbridge lines are part of a larger Price line that, with most of its collateral lines, has been expanded as a hard copy book with considerable historical context. It is available through Click on the title, then on "preview" to see the table of contents and a few sample pages.

This Price line contains the following collateral lines, of which condensed versions are posted here: Ashbridge, Bonsall, Borton, Cadwallader, Cox, John Davies/Davis, Ellis Davies, England, Fisher, Haines, Harry/Harris, Hayes, Holliday, John, Jones, Kirk, one Lewis (Henry), another Lewis (Thomas), Massey, Morgan, Orbell, Paxton, the main Price, another Price (Richard), a third Price (David) branch, Roessen, Sharpley, Schumacher/Shoemaker, Taylor, Thomas, Townsend, Warner, White, Williams, Wood, and Wooderson. In time I hope that more of them will be posted. Some of these lines are very short, as I do not follow them after "my" ancestor married into another surname family.

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Common Vetch

Notes and Sources

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