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compiled and copyright by MJP Grundy, 2009
Common Vetch, by Anne E. G. Nydam, copyright 1996, used with permission

         There are two Lewis families on this web site, and neither intends to be the definitive Lewis family page. This one is about the four individuals listed in the sub-title, as well as their siblings and children. If you have additional information or corrections about any of them I would be glad to hear from you at .

This Lewis family is part of a larger, expanded work that includes a great deal of historical context.

Immigrant Generation

         The first person in this line that I've identified is Thomas1 Lewis, who emigrated from Wales, and died in 1723. In 1701 he bought 484 acres in the south corner of what became Montgomery Township in Montgomery County, from Thomas FAIRMAN, and was one of the first European settlers there. He was, presumably, a Friend.[1] [See an explanation of the National Genealogical Society's Numbering System used on this web page.]

         Thomas died in the summer of 1723. His will was dated 19 Twelfth Month [February] 1722/3, in which he identified himself modestly as a husbandman of Montgomery Township, Philadelphia County [now Montgomery County]. The will was proved 6 August 1723. He left 280 acres of his farm to his son George, 150 acres to his son Richard, and 50 to a grandson, Thomas. That this doesn't add up to 484 is most likely a factor of the early inaccurate surveys. Thomas also mentioned grandchildren Edward, Mary, and Elizabeth, and included Thomas STORY and his wife Ann. The witnesses were John ROBERT and John SAGANT. His son Richard administered the estate.[2]

         Sons of Thomas Lewis (probably incomplete, order uncertain):

  1. George Lewis2, b. ca. 1681 in Wales; d. 12 mo. 9, 1752; m. 9 mo. 3, 1708 at Gwynedd Mtg under the care of Radnor MM Jane Roberts; inherited 280 acres of his father's farm in Montgomery Twp. in 1723; George was a "prominent member" of Gwynedd Meeting, an elder for 30 years, 1722-1752; his memorial described him as having "a peaceable and inoffensive life and conversation." Jane was also very active in the Women's Meeting, serving as an overseer, appointed to visit families, etc. George signed his will 7 mo. 10, 1750; pr. Dec. 23, 1752.[3] One child survived him:
    a) Elizabeth Lewis, b. 1 mo. 7, 1711; d. ca. 1800; m. 1728 Isaac Jones; "Isaac Jones had purchased, in 1746, some land of Thomas Lewis, Jr. On this he built, in 1765, a large brick house, which stood for more than a century. In it, in 1798, he died, past the age of ninety, and his wife, surviving two years, attained an equal age." They had children: Daniel, Jane, Ruth, and Isaac Jones.[4]
  2. Richard Lewis, d. ca. March 1740/1; inherited 150 acres from his father in 1723.

Second Generation

         Richard Lewis2 was probably born in Wales and came to Pennsylvania with his father and brother. He died in Montgomery Township, Philadelphia County, ca. March 1740/1. Lewis married Esther __, ca. 1709.

         Richard and his father Thomas signed the marriage certificate for Richard's brother George Lewis and Jane ROBERTS on Ninth Month 3, 1708 at the Gwynedd Meeting house.[5]

         A return to Governor Thomas PENN in 1734 listed the names of the freeholders in the several townships of Philadelphia, "with the quantity of land they respectively hold therein, according to the uncertain returns of the constables." Richard Lewis was listed with the 150 acres in Montgomery Township that he had inherited from his father in 1723.

         The Lewises belonged to Gwynedd Monthly Meeting. On Third Month 30, 1727 Esther was named to clearness and marriage oversight committees for Mary TAYLOR who married Jonathan WORRALL.[6]

         Richard signed his will 13 Eleventh Month [January] 1740/1 and it was probated 14 March 1740/1. He named his wife sole executor, with his brother George Lewis, brother-in-law Evan EVANS (husband of Esther's sister Elizabeth), and cousin Isaac TOWS [?] as overseers. Richard mentioned his sons Thomas and Edward, and grandson George. It was witnessed by Jacob FOWS [?], Owen DUNRAN, and John EVANS.[7]

         Esther outlived her husband by twenty years, continuing to live in Montgomery Township. She left a will signed 19 June 1758, probated 15 April 1760. In addition to her son Edward and daughter-in-law Hannah, Esther remembered six grandchildren, her sister Elizabeth, wife of Evan EVANS of Tredyffrin, cousin Elizabeth EVANS, friends Elizabeth and Henry GRAMMER, and Elizabeth, the daughter of Isaac JONES.[8] Executors were Edward, "Merian" and "Ester" Lewis. The overseers were Isaac JONES [Sr.] (husband of her niece Elizabeth), Benjamin DAVIDS, and John WILLIAMS. It was witnessed by Jonathan EVANS, Jane ROBERTS, and Edward ROBERTS.[9]

         Children of Richard Lewis and his wife Esther (__) (may be incomplete):

  1. Thomas Lewis3, b. Sixth Mo. 19, 1710; m. 1734 Hannah MORGAN, daughter of Edward Morgan, Jr.[10] Thomas inherited 50 acres from his grandfather. Hannah was remembered in her mother-in-law's will, dated June 1758.

  2. Edward Lewis, b. Eighth Mo. 18, 1713; made co-executor of his mother's will;

  3. Mary Lewis, b. First Mo. 20, 1717; m. __ EVANS; had at least four children;

Third Generation

         Thomas Lewis3 was born Sixth Month 19, 1710. Thomas, "son of Richard, and Hannah Morgan, daughter of Edward, jun."[11] married each other at Gwynedd Monthly Meeting on Third Month [May] 7, 1734. They had brought their first intentions to Gwynedd MM First Month [March] 25, 1734. They appeared again the next month, and were "left to their liberty" to proceed.[12] The Lewises who signed the marriage certificate in the right column (traditionally reserved for immediate family) were Thomas's parents Richard and Esther LEWIS, his siblings Edward and Mary Lewis, and his uncle and aunt George and Jane Lewis. The only one missing was his cousin Elizabeth Lewis who had married Isaac Jones in 1728; he was present, but not Elizabeth. She was probably pregnant or caring for a baby.

         Thomas inherited fifty acres of land in 1723 from his grandfather, for whom he was presumably named. It was perhaps too small to make a living and they moved to within Chester MM. The 1740 tax index for Chester County lists Thomas Lewises in Upper Providence, East Nottingham, and Willistown Townships–the first of these is the only one from which someone would be a member of Chester Monthly Meeting. Then on Eleventh Month 26, 1741 Thomas and Hannah were received in Gwynedd MM on a certificate from Chester MM. This was soon after the death of Thomas's father. In 1746 Thomas sold land to his cousin Elizabeth Lewis's husband Isaac Jones.

         On Twelfth Month 26, 1750 they were granted a certificate to Goshen Monthly Meeting.[13]Thomas died, presumably before Twelfth Month 30, 1760 when Hannah and her daughter Esther were received at Gwynedd Meeting on certificate from Goshen MM.[14] Hannah married for a second time in ca. 1761 David Pugh. No will for Thomas in Philadelphia or Chester Will Abstracts, nor Montgomery up to 1800. No will for David or Hannah Pugh in Phila., Chester, or Montgomery (after 1784) Co. Will Abstracts.

         Children of Thomas and Hannah (Morgan) Lewis:

  1. Miriam Lewis4, m. 1 mo. 13, 1763 Lewis WILLIAMS (ca. 1724-1816) at Goshen MM. Miriam was remembered in her grandmother Esther Lewis's will, 1758, and made co-executor;

  2. Esther Lewis, m. May 21, 1767 at Buckingham MM Thomas Goode. Esther was remembered in her grandmother Esther Lewis's will, 1758, and made co-executor. On 12 mo. 30, 1760 Esther and her mother were received at Gwynedd MM from Goshen MM; she was granted a cert. from Gwynedd MM to Buckingham MM 11 Mo. 27, 1764.[15]

Fourth Generation

         Miriam Lewis4 daughter of Thomas, married January 13, 1763 Lewis WILLIAMS at Goshen Monthly Meeting. Lewis Williams was the son of Lewis [Sr.] and Ann (Thomas) Williams. In 1763 Goshen Monthly Meeting consisted of meetings in Goshen, Newtown, and Uwchlan, so it is possible that Miriam lived in any of those places.

         In Twelfth Month [February] 1750 Miriam moved with her parents and sister from Gwynedd to Goshen Monthly Meeting.[16] There she met and married Lewis Williams.

         Miriam received mention (presumably inherited something) in her grandmother Margaret (__) Morgan Davies's will abstract.[17] She was also remembered by her other grandmother, Esther (__) Lewis.[18]

         Children of Miriam (Lewis) and Lewis Williams:

  1. Lewis White Williams5, b. Dec. 20, 1804 in East Bradford Twp.; d. Sept. 19, 1873; mar. Lydia Ann TYSON; she was b. Apr. 9, 1804 in Aston Twp., daughter of James and Lydia (GRUBB) Tyson. Lewis was a teacher in Chester and Delaware Counties. Was a founding member of the Chester County Cabinet of Natural Sciences, organized in 1826, focussing his interest on mineralogy. In 1857 he was appointed by the Buchanan administration assistant geologist and naturalist in "The Camel Expedition", under Lieut. BEALE, U.S. Army, to reconnoitre and lay out a wagon-road on the 32d parallel from Texas to California.[24]

  2. Hannah W[hite?] Williams, b. Aug. 11, 1807, East Bradford Twp; d. Apr. 5, 1896; m. May 14, 1829 John T. HAINES

  3. Richard White Williams, b. July 31, 1809 in East Bradford Twp.; d. Feb. 1, 1890 in Westtown Twp; mar. Feb. 17, 1842 Martha GOOD/E, she was b. Oct. 5, 1818 in Cochranville, daughter of Joseph and Martha (MICHENER) Goode; had 6 children, all but the last one born in Parkesburg Twp.:[25]
    a) Rachel White Williams, b. Nov. 11, 1842; m. T. Ellwood BRINTON, son of Joseph and Susan (HACKETT) Brinton.
    b) Joseph Good Williams, b. Oct. 9, 1844; m. his first cousin on Mar. 6, 1879 Sarah Ann WILLIAMS, b. Nov. 22, 1846, daughter of Enoch T. and Eliza (SEAL) Williams; had 3 children.
    c) Edwin Jeffries Williams, b. Nov. 11, 1846; d. 1852.
    d) Richard Townsend Williams, b. Sept. 9, 1851; d. Jan. 26, 1872.
    e) Abram Good Williams, b. July 7, 1855; m. Mar. 4, 1880 in West Chester, Irene A. HALL, b. July 9, 1856, daughter of Albert Paxson HALL and Hannah (Hall) Hall.
    f) Annie Good Williams, b. Jan. 28, 1858 at Westtown Twp.; m. Oct. 2, 1900 James Henry CLOUSER, son of Aaron L. and Ann (ACKER) Clouser

  4. Enoch T. Williams, b. June 8, 1814 in East Bradford Twp.; d. Sept. 7, 1870 in Westtown Twp.; mar. Feb. 16, 1843 Eliza SEAL. She was b. May 25, 1815 in Birmingham Twp. and d. May 30, 1882, the daughter of Jesse and Sarah (SHARPLESS) Seal; had 3 children:
    a) Sarah Ann Williams, b. Nov. 22, 1846; m. Mar. 6, 1879 her first cousin Joseph Good Williams; 3 children.
    b) Abram Seal Williams, b. Apr. 27, 1849; d. 1919; m. Apr. 15, 1886 Anna Hall BENNETT; had 3 children.
    c) Emma Seal Williams, b. Oct. 24, 1851; m. Oct. 19, 1875 Mark Hollingsworth DARLINGTON; had 3 children.

  5. Ann T. Williams, b. Apr. 11, 1818 in East Bradford Twp.; d. before May 1860.

Common Vetch

To continue the story of this family, go to the Williams page. The larger Price line, with most of its collateral lines, has been expanded as a hard copy book with considerable historical context. It is available through Click on the title, then on "preview" to see the table of contents and a few sample pages.

This larger Price story connects with condensed web versions of Ashbridge, Bonsall, Borton, Davies/Davis, and a second (Ellis) Davies, England, Fisher, Haines, Harry/Harris, Hayes, Holliday, John, Jones, Kirk, another Lewis (Henry), Malin, Massey, Morgan, Orbell, Paxton, the main Price, another Price (Richard), a third Price (David) branch, Roessen, Sharpley, Schumacher/Shoemaker, Taylor, Thomas, Townsend, Warner, White, Williams, Wood, and Wooderson families. In time I hope that more of them will be posted here, although other tasks keep intervening. Some of them are very short, as I do not follow them after "my" ancestor married into another surname family.

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Common Vetch

Notes and Sources

The full bibliographical citation is given the first time a source is mentioned, but is not repeated each time that source is cited. Scroll up til you find the first mention and there (in most cases) you will find the complete citation.

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