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Common VetchHaines Common Vetch

Richard Haines to Anna Maria Haines Price

compiled and copyright by MJP Grundy, 2009
Common Vetch, by Anne E. G. Nydam, copyright 1996, used with permission

         This web page does not intend to be the definitive Haines family site. It is only interested in the line from Richard Haines to Anna Maria Haines Price. It also includes siblings and children of these individuals. If you have additional information or corrections about any of them I would be glad to hear from you at .

         We have eight generations in our Haines line in this country, but I've been unable to push it back farther in England than the emigrant generations. Information given here on the first five generations is from John Wesley Haines, Richard Haines and his descendants, A Quaker family of Burlington County, New Jersey since 1682[1] unless otherwise stated in the notes.

         This web page is a shortened version of a longer book about my Price line and more than two dozen collateral lines, set in a larger historical and social/cultural context. It covers about 250 years.

Immigrant Generation

         [See an explanation of the National Genealogical Society's Numbering System used on this web page.]

         Richard Haines1 was born in 1639, a husbandman in Aynhoe, or Aynho, King's Sutton Hundred, in the extreme south west corner of Northamptonshire. He died while crossing the Atlantic in 1682/3. Richard married Margaret LEEDS[?].

         The village of Aynho is on a rocky hill 2¾ miles east by north from Deddington. It was a Roman town, and the Roman Portway (a Roman feeder road) runs through the parish and is (or was) visible at the eastern end of the village. During the Commonwealth Robert WILD, Presbyterian minister, poet, and satirist, held forth in St. Michael's, the parish church. He was ejected from the living in 1662, after the restoration of the Stuart monarchy. In 1671 Mrs. Mary CARTWRIGHT founded a free school in the village.[2] This is the village our ancestors would have known.

         Richard and his wife Margaret became Quakers sometimes between 1672 when one child was baptized in St. Michael's parish church in Aynho, and 1676 when the birth of their next child was listed in the records of Banbury Monthly Meeting, Oxfordshire. Banbury, although across the Cherwell River in Oxfordshire, is also part of King's Sutton Hundred. The baptism of their son Richard, Jr. on August 6, 1665 is the first mention of Richard Sr., I've found in English records.

         Richard and Margaret's oldest son, John, emigrated to the new world with the John BORTON family, another Quaker family from Aynho.

         Richard was a husbandman, but had accumulated enough capital to be a First Purchaser of 100 acres of land in West Jersey. He made the purchase April 21, 1682 from Edward BYLLYNGE. It may be that this land was laid out in Eleventh Month [January] 1682/3 along the south side of the South Branch of Northampton River, in the name of their eldest son, John "Hayes".[3] Two days after the purchase the family sailed from the Downs on board the Amity. They were fellow passengers with William and James Paxson and their families. During the voyage Richard sickened and died. Soon after, Margaret gave birth to their son, whom she named Joseph.[4]

         It really required the labor of two parents to survive in their new home, and Margaret married for the second time, May 6, 1685, Henry BURCHAM, or Bircham, of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The marriage was under the care of Burlington Monthly Meeting and held at the house of Thomas GARDINER in Burlington.[5]

         Children of Richard and Margaret Haines:[6]

  1. John Haines2, b. ca. 1664; m(1) Esther BORTON; 13 or 14 children.

  2. Richard Haines, bapt. Aug. 6, 1665 at St. Michael's church, Aynho, Northamptonshire; had married Mary CARLILE by 1696 when they both signed the marriage certificate of Francis AUSTIN and Mary (BORTON) Austin; the myth that Mary Carlile may have been a Native American has been put to rest by recent research.[7]

    Richard emigrated to West Jersey in 1682; "located 100 acres of land in 1688"; purchased 100 acres from Elias and John BURLING in 1693; 100 acres from Thomas HAINES in 1695; 100 acres from Francis COLLINS in 1700. He was one of the purchasers of "Friendship Tract" in 1711. His will dated Dec. 17, 1744, prob. Apr. 12, 1746; Richard and Mary had children:[8]
  3. a) Abram, b. ca. 1696; d. 1758; m. 3m [May] 13, 1719 Grace HOLLINSHEAD, daughter of John and Agnes (HACKNEY) Hollinshead; farmer in Evesham Twp., Burlington Co., NJ; in Oct. 21, 1754 he was granted 882 acres along Back Creek, Frederick Co., Va.; at his d. owned at least 969 acres in Burlington Co., NJ; 10 children.

    b) Richard, d. 1777; m. 1721 Agnes HOLLINSHEAD, daughter of John and Agnes (HACKNEY) Hollinshead. Richard was reported to have had "great physical strength, and incidents where his strength was observed seemed incredible. It is stated in one such instance three or four men were endeavoring to extricate a cow which had become mired and helpless; that Richard Haines requested all of them to stand aside, took the cow by the horns and dragged her out of the mire by himself." 6 children.

    c) Carlile, b. 1700; d. 1774; m. 10m [Dec.] 11, 1721 Sarah MATLACK who d. 1774 from a wound in the foot; it was said Carlile had 2 thumbs on one hand; farmer in Evesham Twp. 14 children. One of whom, John (1742-1832) of Evesham Twp. was apparently largely responsible for the story that his grandmother Mary (CARLILE) was a Native American.

    d) Mary, b. 12m [Feb.] 2, 1701/2; d. 12m [Feb.] 11, 1728/9; m. Haddonfield MM 4m [June] 3, 1720 Timothy MATLACK; he m(2) 1730 Martha (BURR) Haines, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Hudson) BURR, widow of Josiah; moved from Pennsauken to Haddonfield in 1726; later he was a brewer in Philadelphia; 4 children.

    e) Rebecca, m. 1721 Richard MATLACK, brother of Timothy who m. Mary; he m(2) 1745 Mary (WOOD) COLES, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (KAY) Wood; Richard was a farmer in Waterford Twp., Gloucester Co.; at least 2 children.

    f) Rachel, m. Haddonfield MM 1725/6 Isaac ALBERTSON; farmer of Newton Twp., Gloucester Co.; 4 children.

    g) Enoch, m(1) __; m(2) Abigail __ by 6m [Aug.] 14, 1749 when it was reported to Haddonfield MM that he had married contrary to discipline; his acknowledgment was accepted 11m [Jan.] 8, 1749/50; Enoch and Abigail removed to Greenwich Twp. in Gloucester Co. ca. 1752 or 1753; by 1776 was a farmer in Evesham; 3 children.

    h) Bethenah, m. Mary __; on Jan. 11, 1747/8 they agreed to separate because of "differences, disputes and quarrels". Resided in Frederick Co., Va., where 5 Haineses (presumably his children) mar. in Crooked Run Mtg.

    i) Sarah, b. 11m [Jan.] 1716/7; d. 11m 4, 1796; m. Jan. 21, 1733 Edward HILLIER; farmer, Northampton Twp., Burlington Co.; resided on the old homestead between Mt. Holly and Rancocas; 9 children, of whom 2 used the spelling HILLIAR.

    j) Elizabeth, d. 6m 3, 1794; m(1) Jacob NEWBERRY; m(2) Apr. 29, 1746 Samuel HALL; they had a daughter Mary Hall; Elizabeth m(3) Joseph ARNEY; resided on a plantation at Arney's Mount in Northampton Twp., Burlington Co.; had a son Samuel Hall Arney; no children survived her, as her will (dated Mar. 4, 1793 and prob. June. 14, 1794) mentioned only her brother Enoch (bequeathed him £10) and cousin Cynthia Warner.

  4. Thomas Haines, bapt. Dec. 22, 1666; married Elizabeth AUSTIN, sister of Francis. Purchased a lot of land: 100 acres in 1688 from Samuel Jennings; 100 acres in 1688/9 "located" next to his brother John; 85 acres in 1693 from Samuel Jennings; 200 acres in 1694 from Henry Burr; ca. 300 acres (1/32 share) from Christopher Wetherill; 100 acres in 1703 from the Indians; 100 acres in 1703 from William Stevenson; 600 acres in Hunterdon Co. in 1720 from Samuel Furness; 625 acres in Hunterdon Co. from Benjamin Furness. His will, dated Jan. 17, 1748, was prob. Aug. 30, 1753, with his estate valued at £340.8.10.[9] They had children:
    a) Daniel, b. 1694; d. 1767; m. 7 7m [Sept.] 1719 Elizabeth Brian, daughter of Thomas and Rebecca (Collins) Brian; farmer in Springfield Twp., Burlington Co., NJ.; 7 children;

    b) Ann, b. 1696; m(1) at Mt. Holly mtg hse under the care of Burl. MM 28 9m [Nov.] 1717 John Sharp; res. in Evesham Twp; 5 children; Ann m(2) 21 11m [Jan.] 1730/1 William Hooton, farmer of Evesham Twp; 3 more children;

    c) Elizabeth, b. 1698; d. before 1730; m. 16 6m [Aug] 1725 Samuel Sharp, brother of John who m. Ann; Samuel m(2) 1730 Mary Tomlinson; probably no children, or no surviving children;

    d) Thomas, b. 1700; d. 1767; m. 3 8m [Oct.] 1726 Rebecca Foster, daughter of William and Mary Foster; farmer in Chesterfield Twp., Burl. Co.; served as constable of burl. Co. 1748, and overseer of the poor 1755; 5 children;

    e) Deborah, b. 1703

    f) Margaret, b. 1705; m. 6 9m [Nov.] 1727 Thomas Buzby; res in Willingboro Twp., Burl. Co.; 6 children.

    g) George, b. ca. 1709; d. 1760; m. 7 June 1731 Margaret Lamb, daughter of Jacob and Ann, by license, contrary to discipline; they ack & condemned 7 11m [Jan.] 1750/1; farmer in Northampton Twp., Burlington Co.; 8 children;

    h) Amos, b. ca. 1710; d. 1756; m. 1731 Rebecca Troth, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Field) Troth; farmer in Evesham Twp., Burl. Co.; 3 children and lots of grandchildren.
  5. William Haines, bapt. April 24, 1672, although he may have been several years old by that time as he purchased land in 1689; married (1) 1695/6 under the care of Burlington Mo. Mtg. Sarah PAINE, daughter of John; 9 children; m(2) 1732 Frances (GOODWIN) Chanders Bonnell, widow of Robert BONNELL (and mother of William's son Jeremiah's wife); no children. Made many real estate purchases: 1689 "located" 100 acres near Nancutting's Old Plantation; 1689 100 acres from Samuel JENNINGS; 1693 100 acres from Elias and John BURLING; 1698, 100 acres from Christopher WETHERILL; in 1700 100 acres from James BURCHAM; in 1712 150 acres from Henry PEEPS; was one of the purchasers of "Friendship Tract" in 1711. Children:
    a) Jacob, b. 7m [Sept.] 24, 1698; d. 1742; m. 2m [Apr.] 22, 1725 Mary COLES, daughter of William and Mary (__) Coles; farmer in West Nottingham (now Cecil Co., Md.). Cert. of removal from Burlington MM received at Nottingham Prep. Mtg of New Garden MM on 11m [Jan.] 9, 1724/5; also purchased June 8, 1734 350 ac of land in the Pequea area (later Salisbury Twp.) of Lancaster Co., Pa.; Mary m(2) 4m [Jne] 23, 1743 Henry REYNOLDS (his 3rd wife, the first being Hannah BROWN, daughter of William and Catherine (WILLIAMS) Brown and 2nd was Ann (__) HOWELL, widow of William Howell); 8 children.

    b) Margaret, b. 4m [June] 4, 1700; said to be 1st wife of William BROWN who m(2) her sister Elizabeth in 1737/8.

    c) Nathan, b. 7m [Sept.] 19, 1702; d. 6m [Aug.] 1751; m. 1725 under Haddonfield MM Sarah AUSTIN, daughter of Francis and Mary (BORTON) Austin; farmer in Evesham Twp. Burl. Co.; 6 children.

    d) Samuel, b. 11m [Jan.] 24, 1704/5; d. 1748/9; m. 1734 Lydia STOKES, daughter of Thomas and Deliverance (HORNER) Stokes; farmer in Northampton Twp., Burl. Co.; Lydia m(2) 1750 Jacob LAMB, son of Jacob and Ann (his first wife was Sarah HAINES, daughter of William); left several pieces of property and "sizeable inventory of personal property"; 5 children.[10]

    e) Nathaniel, b. 11m [Jan.] 22, 1706/7; d. Dec. 1788; m. 3m [May] 23, 1739 Mary HARVEY, daughter of John and Elizabeth (WOOLMAN) Harvey of Mansfield Twp., Burl. Co.; farmer, Rancocas, Northampton Twp., Burl. Co.; 4 children.

    f) Sarah, b. 12m [Feb.] 25, 1709/10; m. under care of burl. MM 1732 Jacob LAMB; he m(2) Lydia (STOKES) Haines, widow of Samuel; resided in Evesham Twp.; 2 children.

    g) Jeremiah, b. 1m [Mar.] 25, 1713; d. 10m 30, 1774; m. under Burlington Mo. Mtg.7m [Sept.] 6, 1736 Hannah BONNELL, daughter of Robert & probably his wife Francis (GOODWIN) who m(3) William HAINES, Jeremiah's father, ca. 7m 1736; farmer, Northampton Twp., Burl. Co.; 7 children. His grandsons included Josiah WHITE who made many inventions (and a fortune) in wire mills, the Fairmount Dam and Water works in Phila., locks and canals, and Joseph WHITE who pioneered the first steamboat on the Mississippi River.

    h) Elizabeth, b. 6m [Aug.] 1, 1716; m(1) under care of Burl. MM 1m [Mar.] 4, 1737/8 William BROWN, son of Joseph and Margaret (Swickler or Swicklear) Brown, a sawyer of Nottingham, Chester Co., Pa. ; resided in Nottingham; 2 children; she m(2) William ALLEN and was disowned by Nottingham 5m [July] 16, 1743. William Allen was appointed guardian of the 2 Brown children, 1745/6.

    i) Joseph, b. 2m [Apr.] 23, 1717; d. 1752; presumed to be the one who m. Aug. 25, 1740 by license Patience PRICKITT; blacksmith in Evesham Twp.; Patience m(2) Thomas SMITH; 2 sons, one of whom, Vincent Smith, is said to have died from drinking water from a well poisoned by Hessian soldiers.
  6. Mary Haines, b. June 30, 1676, listed in Banbury MM, Oxfordshire, resided in Aynho, until she emigrated with her parents to West Jersey.

  7. Joseph Haines, b. at sea on board the Amity, 1682; d. 12m 9, 1763; married (1) ca. 1704 Dorothy ___; cert of removal from Burlington Mo. Mtg. 2m [Apr.] 5, 1714; res. West Nottingham; 7 children; Dorothy d. 1m 7, 1719, aged 39. Joseph m(2) 1m [Mar.] 1, 1721/2 at Nottingham mtg hse under care of New Garden Mo. Mtg. Elizabeth THOMAS, daughter off James Thomas of Whiteland, Chester Co.; Elizabeth was the sister of Ann Thomas who m. 1720 Lewis Williams. 13 more children. Elizabeth d. 11m 24, 1796 ca. 100 years old. Will dated 10m 27, 1762, prob. Oct. 7, 1763.[11] Children of Joseph and Dorothy:
    a) William, b. 1m [Mar.] 3, 1705/6; d. 1m [Mar.] 5, 1706/7.

    b) Sarah, b. 6m [Aug.] 24, 1706; d. 4m [June] 28, 1716.

    c) Ruth, b. 8m [Oct.] 28, 1709; d. 1797; m, 1725 Robert MILLER, son of Gayne and Margaret (HENDERSON) Miller of East Caln Twp.; he received 250 acres from his father and they resided there in the Great valley, a little west of Downingtown. He was Treasurer of Chester Co. 1757-1759; 17 children.

    d) Miriam, b. 7m [Sept.] 24, 1711; m. at Nottingham mtg under care of New Garden MM 4m [June] 3, 1730 Robert HALLIDAY, son of William and Deborah (__).

    e) Solomon, b. 9m [Nov.] 22, 1713; d. 9m [Nov.] 16, 1726.

    f) Patience, b. 11m [Jan.] 24, 1715/6; m. at Nottingham mtg under care of New Garden MM 9m [Nov.] 5, 1735 Patrick MILLER, brother of Robert who m. Ruth Haines; he m(2) Anne __; resided in Haverford; 4 children.

    g) Dorothy, b. 11m [Jan.] 24, 1718/9; m. __ BEESON. She gave birth to a bastard child prior to 12m [Feb.] 25, 1735/6, acknowledged & condemned her actions to East Nottingham Mtg 2m [Apr.] 17, 1736.
    Children of Joseph and his second wife, Elizabeth (Thomas):
    h) Sarah, b. 27 9m [Nov.] 1722; d. 19 12m [Feb.] 1745/6; m. 12 3m [May] 1743 Samuel REYNOLDS, son of Henry and Hannah (BROWN) Reynolds. Samuel m(2) 1747 Susanna SIDWELL, daughter of Richard and Joanna; probably no children.

    i) Deborah, b. 14 2m [Apr.] 1724; d. 24 7m [Sept.] 1734.

    j) William, b. 8 4m [June] 1725; d. 19/9m/1800; m(1) London Grove Mtg under the care of new Garden MM 10 8m [Oct.] 1750 Lydia JOHNSON, daughter of Joshua and Sarah (MILLER) Johnson; m(2) Rebecca BARRETT. He lived in West Nottingham Hundred, Cecil Co. in 1790 census. 11 children.

    k) Reuben, b. 26 9m [Nov.] 1726; d. 7 8m [Oct.] 1745.

    l) Solomon, b. 28 6m [Aug.] 1728; d. 17 8m [Oct.] 1742.

    m) Joseph, b. 9 11m [Jan.] 1730/1; d. 1782; m. Lydia __ out of unity, with a "priest" by 15/12m/1753; he condemned his action 14/6m/1754; accepted. Active among Friends, visited several Prep. Mtgs, returning 24/4m/1762. Resided in West Nottingham, Cecil Co., Md.; no children, or none survived.

    n) Ann, b. 24 7m [Sept.] 1732; d. 1781, bur. 19/1m/1781; m.7 1m [Mar.] Hugh SIDWELL, son of Hugh and Ann [they had another child, Richard Sidwell, who m Charity Hackney, sister of our Rachel Hackney who m John Griffith]; res. East Nottingham, Chester Co.; his will dated 6/9m/1789, prob. 14 Feb. 1791 mentions grandchildren Reuben, Lydia, Susanna, and Prudence BROWN; 13 children.

    o) Margaret, b. 11 1m [Mar.] 1733/4; d. 6 8m [Oct.] 1734.

    p) Nathan, b. 28 2m [Apr.] 1735; d. 1802; m. Gunpowder MM 23/10m/1755 Sophia PRICE, daughter of Mordecai and Elizabeth (WHITE) Price of Priceville, Balt. Co. In 1756 removed to Pipe Creek (then Frederick Co., Va.) to land his father had purchased in 1750. Certificate of removal from Gunpowder MM received in Fairfax MM 31/4m/1756; on 1 Mar. 1773 he manumitted his slave Margaret; 9 children.

    q) Daniel, b. 15 9m [Nov.] 1736; d. 1770; m. Gunpowder MM 25/3m/1762 Mary PRICE, daughter of Mordecai and Elizabeth (WHITE) Price; in 1762 removed to moved to Pipe Creek (then Frederick Co., Va.) to land his father had purchased in 1750. Certificate of removal from Gunpowder MM dated 26/5m/1762 received in Fairfax MM. Manumitted his 3 slaves when they reached the age of 25. 4 children.

    r) Isaac, b. 19 4m [June] 1738; d. 1804; m. at London Grove Mtg under care of new Garden MM 24/11m/1762 Mary ENGLAND, daughter of John and Elizabeth of New Castle Co., Del.; Mary England b. 17 3m [May] 1738, d. 4m/1807, bur. 3/4m/1807. On 25/12m/1779 he acknowledged to Nottingham MM and condemned his behavior of "having given way to a stiffness of disposition several years back." In 1790 census listed as resident of West Nottingham Hundred, Cecil Co., Md.; had 5 children.

    s) Deborah, b. 15 1m [Mar.] 1740/1; d. 2/5m/1784; m. under care of Nottingham MM 15/1m/1767 Joseph ENGLAND (b. 10 1m [Mar.] 1742/3, d. 3/4m/1828), son of Samuel and Sarah (SLATER) England; no children; he m(2) 1785 Hannah PASSMORE; he was a prominent member of Friends, res West Nottingham, Cecil Co.

    t) Job, b. 26 8m [Oct.] 1744; d. 4/10m/1812; m. East Nottingham Mtg under care of Nottingham MM 6/2m/1765 Esther KIRK, daughter of Timothy and Ann (GATCHELL) Kirk.; disowned 27/8m/1780 for paying a tax that was primarily for support of the war. Served in Md. Legislature. In 1790 census was resident of West Nottingham Hundred, Cecil Co., Md.; had 12 children.

Second Generation

         John Haines2, eldest child of Richard and Margaret Haines, was born about 1664, and died in November 1728. He married twice, in 1684 to Esther BORTON, and in 1722 to Hannah Whitall Wood. His birth and baptism were not recorded in Aynho, Northamptonshire, while the baptism of his brother Richard was recorded there in August 1665. This leads to an unproved assumption that John was born elsewhere, and his parents moved to Aynho when he was an infant.

         John became a member of the Religious Society of Friends along with his parents sometime between 1672 and 1676. In 1679, when he was about 15 years old, John removed to West Jersey with the family of John BORTON, who also lived in Aynho. They probably sailed on the Griffith. For the record, there were other Quakers named John Haines (with the usual spelling variations) living in England and suffering for their faith. Besse lists a John Haines in Faringdon, and a John Haines in Watchfield, Berkshire, both in 1685. Neither are our young man, who was living in the Delaware Valley by this time. I do not yet know the relationship, if any of these other Haineses.

         It is said that when he first arrived John lived in a cave in "Haines Bank" on the south shore of the Rancocas, below Lumberton.

         On Tenth Month [December] 10, 1684 John and Esther BORTON, the daughter of John and Ann (KINTON) Borton, were married under the care of Burlington Meeting in the house of Thomas Gardiner, where John's mother would marry her second husband. Esther had been born Fifth Month [July] 25, 1667, and died in 1719.

         John was a farmer, and gradually became a large landowner. The first recorded survey of land was dated Eleventh Month [January] 1683, mentioned above. In 1687 he purchased 100 acres from Percival TOWLE. He purchased 100 acres on the south side of the Rancocas Creek in 12th month 1691/2. In 1693 he purchased 200 acres from the executors of Thomas OLIVE and 200 acres from Samuel JENNINGS. He bought 85 acres from his brother Thomas in 1694. Between 5th month and 11th month 1693 he became listed as "of Evesham Township", Burlington County, West Jersey.[13]

         Esther died in 1719. John married for the second time in 1722 at Woodbury meeting house, under the care of Haddonfield Monthly Meeting, Hannah Whitall Wood, the widow of James WHITALL and Henry WOOD.

         John continued to make real estate purchases in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.[14] In 1702 he bought 965 acres in Goshen Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, from the estate of Pennsylvania Governor Thomas LLOYD. Today the city of West Chester south of Gay Street is on part of this land.[15] Of this he conveyed to his son John 365 acres in 1715.[16] John bought another 254 acres in Chester County in 1710. The next year he joined Richard HAINES, William HAINES, Thomas WILKINS, John BORTON, Benjamin MOORE, and Jonathan HAINES to purchase a tract of 2240 acres of farm and wood land in southern New Jersey, named "Friendship Tract".

         John's will was dated November 4 and proved November 21, 1728. It mentioned his "now wife" Hannah and nine surviving children. His real estate included the home farm, a saw mill and lot, a farm of 245 acres adjoining his brother Richard Haines, land at the Hay Landing, and land at Goshen bought of Isaac Norris and David Lloyd. He also had personal property inventoried at £362.4.0, including a servant boy whose remaining time was valued at £12. His son Jonathan and son-in-law Thomas LIPPINCOTT were named executors. The will was witnessed by William HAINES, Mary WHITEHALL, and John BURR.[17]

         After John's death Hannah removed to Gloucester County, New Jersey. Her will was dated December 5, 1731, and affirmed December 26 the following year. Children of John and his first wife Esther (Borton) Haines:

  1. John Haines3, d. 1752; married (1) Elizabeth SATTERTHWAITE of Chesterfield Twp, at Chesterfield MM Tenth mo. [Dec.] 13, 1709. The marriage was witnessed by John Sr., Jonathan, Isaac, Mary, Thomas, and Joseph "Hains". John married (2) 1728 Jane (SIDDON) Whitall Smith. They moved to Goshen Twp. in Penna. in 1710 or 1711, and returned to New Jersey in 1741; left his land in Goshen to grandson [?] David (1719-1754).

  2. Elizabeth Haines, b. 1687; bur. Tenth Mo. [Dec.] 4, 1687 at Ancocas.

  3. Jonathan Haines, b. Third Mo. [May] 2, 1688; married Mary MATLACK. His son John was mentioned in the grandfather's will. Resided in Evesham. Jonathan's will pr. March 25, 1729, mentions his home farm, saw mill and lot, land on the creek inherited from his father, and personal property valued at £295.14.6 including a £15 clock.[18]

  4. Isaac Haines, b. Feb. 2, 1690/1; married Catherine DAVIES or DAVIS; 10 children.

  5. Mary Haines, b. Second Mo. [April] 20, 1693; d. 1729; married Dec. 19, 1711 Thomas LIPPINCOTT at Newton Mtg house under the care of Haddonfield MM; 6 children. Thomas was b. Tenth Mo. [Dec.] 28, 1686, d. Ninth Mo. 5, 1757, the son of Freedom and Mary (__) Lippincott; he married (2) 1732 Mercy (ALLEN) Middleton Hugg, daughter of Mathew and Rachel (FRENCH) Allen and widow of John HUGG, son of John Hugg; Thomas married (3) Rachel SMITH, widow. Thomas was a farmer in Cinnaminson Twp., Burlington Co., NJ and was repeatedly elected to township offices. His will was dated May 23, 1755, prob. Oct. 7, 1757. Children:[19]
    a) Nathaniel Lippincott, b. 2/5m/1713; d. 17/6m/1790; m. at Haddonfield MM 1736 Mary Engle; lived in Goshen Twp ca. 1736-1740, then res. South side of the North branch of Cooper's Creek in NJ; 6 children.
    b) Isaac Lippincott, d. 1785; m. at Haddonfield MM 1739/40 Hannah Engle; res. Chester Twp., Burlington Co., NJ; 7 children.
    c) Abigail Lippincott, m. at Haddonfield MM 1732 John Wills; probably res. Morris Co., NJ; at least 4 children.
    d) Esther Lippincott, m. 1742/3 John Roberts; res. Chester Twp., Burl. Co.; no children.
    e) Thomas Lippincott, d. 11m/1751/2; m. 1745 Rebecca Eldridge; probably res. Waterford Twp., Gloucester Co., NJ; at least 2 daughters.
    f) Mary Lippincott, unmarried.

  6. Caleb Haines, b. Second Month [April] 8, 1695; d. 1756; married at the mtg hse near Mt. Holly under care of Burlington MM Sarah BURR, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (HUDSON) Burr; farmer in Burlington Twp., Burl. Co.; will dated Jan. 15, 1763, prob. Dec. 15, 1770; 5 children:
    a) Esther, m(1) 27 Sept. 1736 Amos Austin, who d. 1770; reported 12m/1759 to Haddonfield MM for moa; farmer in Evesham Twp.; 7 children; she m(2) 24 Sept. 1773 Isaac Barber.
    b) Elizabeth, m. Burlington MM 2 2m [Apr.] 1747 Samuel WRIGHT, son of John and Abigail (CRISPIN) Wright; 3 children; he probably m(1) 7 2m [Apr.] 1743 Rachel KIRBY, and had a daughter Rachel who m. 1 Sept. 1761 George SHINN. Samuel m(3) Mary (SCHOLEY Barton Black, widow of Jonathan BARTON and of Thomas BLACK.
    c) Patience, d. 1793; m. Burlington MM 3 1m [Mar.] 1745/6 Silas CRISPIN, son of Benjamin and Margaret (OWEN) Crispin; res. Evesham Twp.; 10 children.
    d) Mary, b. 12 9m [Nov.] 1732; d. 3 June 1811; m. 1753 Tanton EARL, son of Thomas and Mary (CRISPIN) Earl; farmer, Springfield Twp., Burl. Co.; 10 children.
    e) Josiah, m(1) Abigail RIDGWAY; m(2) Mary __.

  7. Esther, or Hester Haines, b. First Mo. [March] 15, 1697/8; d. Twelfth Mo. [Feb.] 22, 1728/9; married Tenth Mo. [Dec.] 1, 1715 Thomas EVANS; he was b. 12m [Feb.] 12, 1693/4; d. 1 mo. 21, 1783; son of William and Elizabeth (HANKS) Evans. He married (2) 1730 Rebecca OWEN, daughter of Joshua and Martha (SHINN) Owen. Res. Evesham Twp., Burl. Co. 7 children:
    a) William Evans, b. 6 7m [Sept] 1716, d. 25/5m/1761, m. 8 3m [May] 1739 Sarah ROBERTS; he was a farmer in Evesham Twp.; 9 children,
    b) Elizabeth Evans, b. 8/1m [Mar.] 1718/9 Joseph LIPPINCOTT.
    c) Isaac Evans, b. 21 11m [Jan.] 1720/1; d. 30 11m 1720/1.
    d) Isaac Evans, b. 18 2m [Apr] 1722; d. 1782; m. 1745 Bathsheba STOKES, daughter of Joseph and Judith (LIPPINCOTT) Stokes; res. Evesham Twp.; at least 1 son.
    e) Esther Evans, b. 6 10m [Dec.] 1723; m. 1746 Samuel ATKINSON, son of John and Hannah (SHINN) Atkinson; he m(2) Elizabeth CONROW. Samuel was a farmer in Springfield Twp., Burl. Co.; 7 children.v f) Jacob Evens, b. 14 1m [Mar.] 1725/6; d. 1791; m(1) 1749 Rachel ELDRIDGE; m(2) 1756 Mary CHERRINGTON; res. Evesham Twp.; changed spelling to Evens; 2 children with first wife, 1 with second.
    g) Nathan Evans, b. Second Mo. [Apr.] 1727; d. 1769; m. 1752 Syllania GASKILL, daughter of Jacob and Susanna (BUDD) Gaskill; she m(2)1783 Abner ROGERS; Nathan res. Evesham Twp.; 6 children.

  8. Hannah Haines, b. Apr. 13, 1699; d. before 1728?; she was not mentioned in her fathers will.

  9. Joshua Haines, b. Mar. 14, 1701/2; d. July 3, 1714.

  10. Josiah Haines, b. 11m [Jan.] 21, 1703/4; d. 10m [Dec.] 28, 1728; married at Mt. Holly mtg hse under the care of Burlington MM 2m [Apr.] 25, 1723 Martha BURR, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (HUDSON) Burr. Farmer, resided in Evesham. She m(2)1730 Timothy MATLACK, whose first wife had been Mary HAINES. 3 children. Will pr. Feb. 18, 1728/9, included personal property valued at £223.2.2 which included books, an £8 clock, a negro boy assessed at £30, and a lot of debts. It also mentioned his two minor children, Reuben and Mary.[20]
    a) Mary, b. 7 5m [July] 1724; m(1) 1740 at Evesham Mtg under care of Haddonfield MM David ELOWELL; 2 children; m(2) Phila. MM 16 4m [June] 1748 Davis BASSETT, son of Elisha and Abigail Elizabeth (DAVIS) Bassett; farmer of Mannington Twp., Salem Co., NJ; 7 more children.
    b) Isaac, b. 28 8m [Oct.] 1725; d. 29 11m [Jan.] 1726/7.
    c) Reuben, b. 1 11m [Jan.] 1727/8; m. Margaret WISTAR.

  11. Rebecca Haines, b. Second Mo. [April] 10, 1705; d. Nov. 1771; married 6m 1722 Joseph MATLACK (d. 11m/1771, son of William and Mary (HANCOCK) Matlack) at Haddonfield Mtg.; William came on the Kent, Oct. 1677, as a carpenter employed by Daniel WILLS. Rebecca and Joseph received a certificate of removal from Haddonfield MM to Goshen MM dated 5m [July] 14, 1729, received 6 Mo. 1739. Rebecca's father John devised some land to her in Goshen, and her brother Isaac had been living there some years. They had 10 children:[21]
    a) Jemima Matlack, b. 20 Fourth Mo. [June] 1723; d. 1783; m. at Goshen MM 15 Eighth Mo. [Oct.] 1741 James Pennell (he was b. 21 6m [Aug.] 1717, d. 1767, son of William and Mary (Mercer) Pennell); res. Middletown, Chester Co.; 10 children.
    b) Isaiah Matlack, b. 25 Second Mo. [Apr.] 1725; d. 1794; m. 2 May 1754 Mary Hunter in Wilmington, Del.; res. Goshen; 7 children.
    c) Nathan Matlack, b. 16 3m [May] 1727; m. 14 12m [Feb.] 1749/50 Mary Mercer; res. Radnor; 5 children.
    d) Ruth Matlack, b. 23 12m [Feb] 1729/30; m. 10 9m [Nov.] 1748 at Goshen MM Thomas Sheward, son of James; 7 children.
    e) Esther Matlack, b. 23 6m [Aug.] 1733; d. 18 Jan. 1809; m. 27 Nov. 1753 in Wilmington George Brinton, son of Edward and Hannah (Pierce) Brinton; 7 children.
    f) Jesse Matlack, b. 2 10m [Dec.] 1735; d. unmarried, perhaps young.

  12. Abigail Haines, b. Oct. 1, 1708; d. Jan. 11, 1717/8.

  13. Phebe, or Pheby Haines, b. Ninth Mo. [Nov.] 6, 1710; married at Haddonfield MM 1726 John BURROUGH, or BURROWS. Received a certificate of removal from Haddonfield MM to Goshen MM Aug. 1729 and then back to Gloucester County, N.J. 10 children:
    a) Enoch Burrough, b. 28 10M [Dec.] 1726; d. 22/1m/1756; m. Haddonfield MM 1751 Deborah Middleton; she m(2)1758 Joseph Armstrong, farmer in Waterford Twp., Gloucester Co., NJ; 2 children.
    b) John Burrough, b. 31 Fifth Mo. [July] 1728; d. 11/7m/1805; m. at Philadelphia MM 7 2m [Apr.] 1748 Barbara Fussell, daughter of Solomon; farmer and blacksmith in Waterford Twp., Gloucester Co. (now Camden Co.); 3 children.
    c) Samuel Burrough, b. 30 6m [Aug.] 1730; d. 4m/1790; m. Mary (Gibbs) Black, widow of William Black; farmer who res. On a plantation on South Branch of Pennsauken Creek where he built "a famous stone house in 1752." Sold it to his uncle Isaac Burrough, and moved to where his father had lived in Waterford Twp.; 2 children.
    d) Hannah Burrough, b. 19 9m [Nov.] 1732; m. 14/3m/1757 Joshua Gibbs, son of Isaac and Mary (Shreve) Gibbs, brother of Hannah’s brother Samuel's wife; res. New Hanover Twp., Burlington Co., N.J.; 7 children.
    e) Josiah Burrough, b. 6 10m [Dec.] 1734; d. 1773; m. 1757 at Haddonfield MM Sarah Morgan; res. In Gloucester Co.; at least 1 child.
    f) Esther Burrough, b. 18 5m [July] 1737; m. 1756 Judah Clemens; farmer in Waterford Twp.; at least 2 children.
    g) Martha Burrough, b. 22 7m [Sept.] 1739; m. 1759 Benjamin Clemens, brother of Judah who m. Esther.
    h) Gideon Burrough, b. 3 11m [Jan.] 1741/2; d. 5m/1790; m. Phebe Burnett; he was a house painter in Gloucester (now Camden Co.); at least 1 child.
    i) Mary Burrough, b. 21 2m [Apr.] 1744; d. 25/4m/1812; m. at Haddonfield MM 19/11m/1761 Richard Gibbs, son of John and Hannah (Lucas) Gibbs; res. Upper Alloways Creek Twp. in Salem Co., N.J. but moved around a fair amount, as can be tracked in certs. of rem.; 10 children.
    j) Benjamin Burrough, b. 11 5m [July] 1746; d. 20 Apr. 1816; m. Phebe Potter; farmer in Chatham Twp., Morris Co., N.J.; 9 children.

  14. Ann Haines?[22]

Third Generation

         Isaac Haines3 third son of John and Esther (BORTON) was born Twelfth Month [February] 2, 1690/1 in Burlington County, West Jersey, and died in the summer of 1768 in Goshen Township, Chester County. He married in 1714 at Providence Meeting under the care of Chester Monthly Meeting Catherine DAVIS. She was the daughter of Ellis David/Davies. They brought their first intentions on Sixth Month [August] 30, 1714 to Newton Meeting, under the care of Chester Monthly Meeting. It was reported on Eighth Month 25 to Providence Meeting that the marriage had been accomplished in good order.

         Isaac moved from Newton Meeting in New Jersey with a certificate of removal that was accepted on Fifth Month [July] 26, 1714 by Providence Meeting in Pennsylvania under the care of Chester Monthly Meeting. He settled as a farmer in Goshen Township.

         Isaac served as an Overseer of Goshen Meeting from 1722 to 1725/6. Catherine served in the same office from May 18, 1730 to April 17, 1732.

         In 1742 Isaac and Catherine deeded 150 acres to their son Isaac4, who then sold it in 1764.[23]

         Isaac's will, dated Seventh Mo. [July] 6, 1766, was proved August 16, 1768. In it he gave his son Isaac 20 shillings, since he had already given him a plantation in Goshen. Son Ellis was given a plantation of 146 1/4 acres and 20 shillings. Son Josiah was given the plantation his parents had been living on, containing 133 acres. Daughter Sarah was given a "case of drawers", grandsons Isaac Yarnall and Hugh Derbrow were each to be given 10 shillings when they reached the age of 21. The remainder of his personal estate went to his wife and three daughters: Hannah EACHUS, Mary MARTIN, and Lydia WILLIAMS. The executors were his son Isaac and friend George ASHBRIDGE, Jr. (the son of our ancestor). The will was witnessed by Thomas HOOPES Jr., Thomas SCHOLFIELD, and Isaac HAINES (son).[24]

         Catherine's will, dated 19 February 1776, was proved 17 September 1785. She left each of her sons, Isaac, Ellis, and Josiah, five shillings apiece. Her daughter Hannah EACHUS was given her riding mare and furniture (meaning saddle, bridle, etc.). Granddaughter Lydia, the daughter of Lydia WILLIAMS, was given a bed, etc. Grandson Hugh DURBORAH was to be given 5 shillings when he reached age 21. Grandchildren William WALN and Tamar WALN were each given 5 shillings. The remainder of her estate was given to her three daughters who were then living. Executors were her friend Randal MALIN, who renounced the task, and her son Ellis. Her will was witnessed by James GARRETT and James ARNOLD.[25]

         Children of Isaac and Catherine (Ellis) Haines:

  1. Esther Haines4, b. Sixth Mo. [Aug.] 13, 1715; presumably died before 1776, as she was not mentioned in her father's will.

  2. Hannah Haines, b. First Mo. [March] 4, 1716/7; married Ninth Mo. [Nov.] 22, 1734 John EACHUS, son of Robert and Elizabeth (HARRY) Eachus under care of Goshen MM; John Eachus resided on his father's 200 acres in Goshen Twp. (now in NE part of West Chester);[26] John Eachus d. Jan. 19, 1779; Hannah and John had at least 2 children:
    a) William Eachus, accused by his aunt Sarah of being the father of her bastard, which he denied.[27]
    b) Phinehas Eachus, m. under the care of Goshen MM 23/11m/1757 Sarah Trego, daughter of William and Margaret (Moore) Trego of Goshen Twp. She m(2) William Evans of Vincent Twp., Chester Co., and m(3) __ Thomas. Phineas was a large landowner ca. 1760 between Philadelphia and the Great Valley Roads, now the NE section of Gay and High Streets, West Chester. He was a cooper, and also established a tavern on the SE corner of Gay and High Streets, known as the Turk's Head Tavern, which he operated from 1762-1768. He became surety for his friends, lost his property, and in 1768 absconded from his creditors. He was a fine classical scholar and after losing his property, established a school. 5 children.

  3. Isaac Haines, b. Eighth Mo. [Oct.] 10, 1718; married Mary COX; 10 children.

  4. Mary Haines, b. 6m [Aug.] 2, 1720; married (1) Nov. 25, 1741 William WALL or WALN, son of John and Mary, at Goshen MM; had children; Mary married (2) ____ MARTIN.
    a) William Waln
    b) Tamar Waln

  5. Jane Haines, b. 12th mo [Feb.] 18, 1721/2; married at Goshen MM 8m [Oct.] 7, 1743 Joseph YARNALL; he was b. 12m [Feb.] 25, 1724/5 in Willistown, son of Francis and Mary (BAKER); d. 9m 19, 1763 in Philadelphia;[28] He married (2) 3m [May] 9, 1750 Elizabeth RICHARDS, daughter of Rowland Richards. Jane and Joseph had children:
    a) Elizabeth Yarnall,
    b) Francis Yarnall, d. as a young man.
    c) Isaac Yarnall, disowned by Phila. MM 29/4m/1774 for marriage contrary to discipline.

  6. Ellis Haines, of Goshen, married 8th mo. [Oct.] 10, 1751 Margaret JONES, daughter of Evan and Sarah (WOODWARD) Jones of Bradford, at Bradford MM. Caln MM minutes for 10m 19, 1751 note that a paper was to be prepared against "Marget Haines", probably for marrying out of Friends' order. Presumably she acknowledged and condemned her behavior and was reinstated, because she was received at Goshen MM 3m 10, 1752 on cert from Bradford MM; 6 children; Ellis m(2) __ and was reported to Goshen MM 12m 8, 1769 for marrying a non-Friend. His acknowledgment was taken under consideration 2m 11, 1774, and a cert of removal granted 7m 7, 1775 to his children Nathan, Evan, Deborah, Jane, and Ellis from Goshen MM to Wrightsborough MM. Since only his children received a certificate, presumably Ellis's acknowledgement was not accepted. The children born by his second wife would not be considered Friends or entered in Friends' records. He lived in Chester Co. (on the West Whiteland tax lists in 1766-1769, and on Goshen lists 1765-66, 1769-70) until ca. 1774 or 1775 when he moved to Wilkes Co., Georgia with his wife, 5 sons, and 3 daughters, aged 19 to 1 year. There he purchased 300 acres in the forks of Fishing Creek on Nov. 9, 1773.
    a) Jonathan, b. Aug. 1750 in Chester Co.; m. __; complaint in Goshen MM 8/7m/1791 that he had moved many years ago to a great distance without a certificate; disowned 23/3m/1793 by Westfield MM, NC, for marrying out of unity; testimony vs him sent to Goshen MM and read there 11/4m/1794. In 1790 census was a resident of Surry Co., NC with 6 slaves. On 17 May 1833 submitted application for Rev. War pension that he enlisted as a volunteer militia soldier in 1775 in Reading in Capt. Witherington or Worthington's Co; went from Phila. to Boston under Gen. Putnam; was in battle of Bunker Hill; returned home (as they were routed, no discharge) then emigrated to Va., where he enlisted again in Augusta Co. for 3 mo but served 6 under Capt. Joseph Pugh, and fought in battle of Brandywine; then got a verbal discharge; drafted as a militia soldier in Bedford Co., Va. under Capt McDaniel and took part in capture of Cornwallis, serving for 1 year; lived in NC since 1782. His Petition was rejected.[29]
    b) Nathan, b. ca. 1754; owned land in Wilkes Co., Ga. In 1785.
    c) Evan, b. 17/7m/1756; m. Charity Enyart;
    d) Deborah
    e) Jane, disowned 3/9m/1785 by Wrightsborough MM, Georgia.
    f) Ellis, b. 9/3m/1765;
    g) additional children (2 more sons and a daughter? b. in Pa.) of his second wife plus any others born in Ga.

  7. Lydia Haines, married under the care of Goshen MM 2m [April] 1, 1748 Ellis Williams, son of Ellis and Mary (MEREDITH); resided in Goshen Twp.; children:
    a) Jesse Williams, m. at the bride's father's house under the care of Goshen MM 5/5m/1774 Sarah GOODWIN, daughter of Thomas and Ann (JONES) Goodwin.
    b) Ellis Williams, d. 30/5m/1821; m. at Goshen MM 19/11m/1789 Jane GARRETT, daughter of Joseph and Mary (YARNALL) Garrett; farmer in Willistown; 8 children.
    c) Isaac Williams,
    d) Nathan Williams,
    e) Jane Williams, m. at Goshen MM 18/5m/1780 Evan JONES, son of Rees Jones; cert of rem from Goshen 10/5m/1793 to SDMM, Phila.; 5 children.
    f) Lydia Williams, m. at Goshen MM 9/12m/1789 Griffith LEWIS, son of Samuel and Margaret (TROTTER) Lewis; at least one son.

  8. Josiah Haines, b. 1733; d. Feb. 6, 1822 aged 89; married (1) 4th mo. 11, 1765 Mary COCK, daughter of Benjamin and Ann (BRINTON) Cock of Thornbury; no children; married (2) 1768 Jane GARRETT, daughter of Joseph and Mary (SHARPLESS) Garrett by a justice; complaint to Goshen MM 10m 7, 1768; married (3) Sept. 4, 1775 Ann (PRICE) HUSBAND, daughter of William and Mary (KINKEY) Price; reported to Goshen MM 5m 10, 1776 for marrying a non-Quaker. Fought in Chester Co. militia from 1780 to first part of 1783 in Capt. Joseph Johnson's Co. during first 2 years, then in Capt. Alexander Boggs's Co.; officially accepted by DAR as a "Supplemental". Josiah and Ann deeded land in Cecil Co. Apr. 23, 1787 to Isaac JACOBS, and sold 193 acres in Goshen Twp. that year to William ROGERS; then removed to North Strabane Twp., Washington Co., Pa.; 8 children.
    a) Jane, b. 4/8m/1772; d. 22/1m/1852; m(1) __ McVEY; her ack received in Goshen MM 7/11m/1794 that she had removed some time ago with her parents to Westland MM, Washington Co., Pa., and married by a "hireling minister"; Westland recommended accepting it; McVey d. soon, no children. Jane m(2) at mtg in Fayette Co., Pa. under care of Westland MM 2/3m/1796 Asa CADWALLADER, son of Rees and Ruth (PERKINS) Cadwallader of Frederick Co., Va.. Cert of rem from Westland to Redstone MM 2/9m/1796, then on 17/8m/1805 to Short Creek MM, Ohio; res. in Jefferson Co., Ohio; 11 children.
    b) Hermon, b. 22 June 1776; m. Mary BEBOUT;
    c) Catherine, b. 2 Dec. 1777; d. 1820, unmarried.
    d) Lydia, b. 14 Oct. 1779; d. Washington Co., Pa. 7 Apr. 1859; m. in Phila. James THOMAS, son of Michael; both are bur. Presbyterian Ch cemetery, Pigeon Creek, Washington Co., Pa.; 12 children.
    e) Sarah, b. 17 July 1781;
    f) Margaret, b. 12 Mar. 1785; d. 21 Apr. 1853; unmarried.
    g) Joseph, b. 5 Mar. 1785; d. 18 Apr. 1832; may have been married, but left no children. Died intestate, letters of admin. To Daniel PALMER, his bro-in-law.
    h) Elizabeth, b. 22 mar. 1788; d. 24 Aug. 1813; m. Andrew VANEMAN.

  9. Phebe Haines, bur. April 5, 1762; married Goshen MM Tenth Mo. 17, 1760 Daniel DURBOROW (his 2nd of 3 wives); resided in East Whiteland Twp., Chester Co. Phebe had one son:
    a) Hugh Durborow.

  10. Sarah Haines, probably d. before 1776; on April 21, 1755 she accused William EACHUS, her nephew, of being the father of her bastard, which he denied.[30] Named in her father's will in 1766, but her mother said only three daughter were living (not Sarah), in 1776.

Fourth Generation

         Isaac Haines, Jr., eldest son of Isaac and Catherine (Davis) Haines, was born Eighth Month [October] 10, 1718 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He died in 1790, at the age of 72. On Eighth Month [October] 5, 1744 he married Mary COX, under the care of Goshen Monthly Meeting. Mary was born Tenth Month [December] 29, 1726, daughter of Lawrence and Ellen (__) Cox of Willistown. She died in 1773, age 46.

         In 1742 Isaac was granted 150 acres from his parents. He sold it in 1764.[31]

         When Francis SMEDLEY petitioned the Court of Quarter Sessions held at Chester on August 26, 1766 for a license to operate a Public House in Willistown at the intersection of the road from Edgmont to the Great Valley & its lime kilns and the road from Brandywine to Philadelphia, 57 men signed in support. Among them was Isaac Haines. The petition was granted, and Francis operated it, but apparently was too good a customer at his own bar, and was disowned First Month 8, 1773.[32]

         Isaac Jr. died intestate, of influenza in 1790, age 72. Letters of Administration were granted August 17, 1790 to his son Jacob Haines.

         Children of Isaac Jr. and Mary (Cox) Haines:

  1. Jane Haines5, d. at age 23.

  2. Eleanor or Ellen Haines, died at age 90; married (1) 1782 Jacob BUTLER of West Fallowfield Twp., a non-Quaker, son of John and Mary (FISHER) Butler, by a Baptist minister. Her acknowledgement was accepted Fourth Mo. 11, 1783 and her membership retained in the Society of Friends. Jacob was for a time a tavern keeper. They had no children. She married (2) June 13, 1821 at Doe Run Meeting, under the care of Fallowfield MM, Thomas FRAME of Londonderry, Chester Co.

  3. Elisha Haines, d. at age 81; perhaps married Elizabeth CROSBY; charges were brought against him in Goshen MM on 1m 8, 1790 and he was disowned Fourth Month 9, 1790. Said to have had 2 children:
    a) Rush Thompson Haines, b. Oct. 4, 1818; m. Hannah Miller.
    b) daughter, said to have m. a Cope, Copeland, or Hoopes who made false teeth in Camden, Kent Co., Del.

  4. Isaac Haines, b. 1750; m. Lydia DAVIES.

  5. Jacob Haines, b. ca. 1751; d. Sept. 25, 1811 in Goshen; married Nov. 6, 1783 in Bradford MM (1) Martha SHARPLESS, daughter of Nathan and Hannah (TOWNSEND) Sharples; no children; mar. (2) Apr. 2, 1797 in New Garden MM Mary HOOPES, widow; no children; mar. (3) 5m 14, 1801 in Birmingham Mtg., under care of Concord MM Lydia THOMPSON, daughter of Daniel and Ann Thompson of Thornbury, Delaware Co. Jacob and Lydia had a daughter:
    a) Martha Thompson Haines, b. 1805 in Chester Co., d. Mar. 9, 1870 in Chester Co. in her 65th year; m. Sept. 2, 1841 (as his second wife) Joshua DARLINGTON, son of Job and Rebecca (HOOPES) Darlington of East Bradford; his 1st wife was Eliza MERCER, daughter of William and Sidney (WOLLERTON) Mercer; Joshua ran the Indian King Tavern near West Chester; after his second marriage res. in West Goshen; Joshua and Esther had a son, Jacob H. Darlington who m. Anna M. Paxson, daughter of John S. and Lavinia (James) Paxson.

  6. Caleb Haines, b. Sixth Mo. 17, 1754; d. Nov. 12, 1846 in East Nottingham; mar. 1791 in West Chester Ann RYANT (b. 1m 13, 1759, d. 8m 29, 1822[33]), daughter of Charles and Hannah (TOWNSEND) Sharples Ryant. Caleb was "frequently involved in disputes in consequence of accusations against his friends and family, and came to be regarded as partisan to the Royal cause. Deeming himself unsafe at home, he fled to Philadelphia in 1777 … enlisted in the troop of Colonel Tarleton and served in that troop to the end of the War. … saw particularly heavy fighting." Disowned for enlisting by Goshen MM 7m 10, 1778; after the war went to Nova Scotia until Congress passed an amnesty & he returned to West Chester; purchased a farm in East Nottingham 1809. In later life described as "a man of excellent sense, quiet manners and amiable disposition." Had children:
    a) Townsend Haines, b. Jan. 7, 1792 in West Chester; d. Sept. 21, 1865 in West Chester; m. Jan. 4, 1819 in West Chester Anna Maria Derrick (b. Feb. 10, 1800 in Phila.; d. 1m/19/1865; member of Pa House; secretary of Penna.; US Treasurer apted by Pres Tyler in 2/1850, resigned to become judge;[34] 8 children all b. in West Chester.
    b) Abner Haines, b. Jan. 17, 1794 in Goshen; d. Sept. 25, 1882 in Pocopson; m. Nov. 29, 1827 Phebe Hamor; she was b. Feb. 11, 1803; d. May 2, 1883, daughter of Thomas and Phebe (Howard) Hamor; 3 children incl William Sharpless Haines, b. 5 Oct. 1828 in Nottingham; Abner in the 1880 census for Pocoposon Twp., Chester Co., aged 86, retired, with Phebe, 77, also retired, living in same house but separate household with [grand?] son William H. Haines.
    c) William Haines, b. ca. 1796; d. 1822; probably unmarried; lawyer, "a good writer and a fine speaker." versifier.
    d) Hannah Haines, b. ca, 1798; probably d.y.
    e) Martha Haines, b. ca. 1801; d. Mar. 12, 1893 in Pocopson; 1880 living with great nephew William H. Haines.

  7. Jesse Haines, b. Ninth Mo. 14, 1756; d. Sept. 8, 1856 (Muncy MM, Lycoming Co); married 10m 6, 1785 under the care of Concord MM Rachel OTLEY (b, 11m 21, 1755, d. 11m 8, 1834), daughter of James and Ann (PEIRCE) Otley. Jesse suffered repeatedly during Rev. War; at age 18 he was "called out to serve in the Army. He objected, and the officers took all his money, his watch, and his best clothes. Hearing that his brother, Caleb Haines, had left for Philadelphia, Pa., with intention of enlisting with the British, he followed him in the hopes of prevailing upon him not to enlist. He was stopped by American guards and thrown into jail. He was released a couple of days with the provision that he would not attempt to go to Philadelphia while the British were still there." Cert of removal from Goshen MM 6m 5, 1778 to Chester MM. Near end of war he was drafted again, refused, and jailed for a year; health failed and he was released after 3 months; resumed teaching in Middletown, Del. Co. In 1802 removed to Elkland, Tioga Co.; 1812 back to Concord MM [taught school in Upper Providence[35]]; finally settled in Muncy Valley, Muncy MM, Lycoming Co. Recommended minister ca. age 30; wife an elder for many years; travelled in the ministry 1816-1817 in New England, Canada, and upper NY. 6 children, first 4 b. in Wilmington, Del.
    a) Mary, b. 4/9m/1786; d. 27/2m/1859 aged 72; m. Concord MM 9/6m/1813 Jesse Hartley, son of Jonathan and Elizabeth; he m(2) Mary Kille. Removed to Gilead MM, Morrow Co., Ohio, 1854; probably 7 children.
    b) Jacob, b. 6/7m/1788; m. Rachel Ellis who was b. Nov. 25, 1788, recorded in Muncy rec., Lycoming Co.; had children.
    c) Reuben, b. 15/2m/1790; m. Anna Hawley.
    d) Jesse Pierce, b. 25/1m/1793; m. Sarah Snell.
    e) William Ellis, b. 15/4m/1796; d. Apr. 6, 1880; m. Apr. 19, 1821 Ellen Maria Cheyney; she was b. Sept. 27, 1800, d. Aug. 7, 1873; had at least one daughter.
    f) Thomas, b. 26/1m/1800; m. Mary Edwards.

  8. William Haines, d. aged two years.

  9. John Haines, b. May 8, 1766; d. Oct. 8, 1830 in Phila.; mar. with "a magistrate" Dec. 15, 1784 Jane SHARPLESS (b. 10m 23, 1764, d. 10m 21, 1843 or 11m 3, 1844), daughter of Jacob and Ann (BLAKEY) Sharpless; John was reported to Goshen MM for this "and other reasons" and was disowned 12m 17, 1834; she was disowned by Concord MM 12m 15, 1784. Prior to 1788 they removed to Phila. On Apr. 4, 1798 he was "recommended to the Select and Common Councils of the city of Philadelphia as a man of firmness, decision and integrity, and believed well qualified for the duties of High Constable." He held that position in 1801, but not in 1806. John was a saddler and harness maker in Phila. John and Jane had 11 children, the last 9 born in Phila.
    a) Imlah, b. 7m 2, 1784; d. 12m 11, 1828 of consumption, unmarried, watchmaker in Phila. He enlisted 10 July 10, 1812 as a private for 5 years, in Capt. Zachariah Rossell’s Company, 15th Regiment of Infantry, aka “New Jersey Regiment”, in the US Army.
    b) Caleb, b. 20/12m/1785; d. unmarried, away from home.
    c) Azubah, b. 15/3m/1788; d. 3/3m/1870 in Phila.; m. 11 Apr. 1811 David McKee, son of James and Rachel; res. Phila.; 7 children.
    d) Joseph, b. 21/1m/1790; m. Clarissa Mills.
    e) Eliza, b. 29/6m/1792; m. John Wisner; 2 children.
    f) Mary Ann, b. 8/11m/1794; bur. 8/6m/1798, age 4 years.
    g) Louisa, b. 27/3m/1797; d. 14/2m/1881; unmarried.
    h) William L., b. 1/10m/1799; bur. 28/12m/1833, age 33; m. __; no children; he was a bricklayer in Phila; SDMM.
    i) George W., b. 1/10m/1799; bur. 3/4m/1832, age 31; unmarried; bricklayer in Phila.; SDMM.
    j) Mary Ann, b. 12/12m/1806; m. 24 Nov. 1832 Charles M. Gray; moved to Chicago were he was engaged in manufacture of grain cradles; in 1847 became associated with Cyrus H. McCormick in manufacturing reapers; 1854 elected Mayor of Chicago; then appointed General Freight Agent of the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad, and was the "father of the Railway Freight System" in the US. 3 children.
    k) Ellen Maria, b. 12/1m/1810; m. 11 Oct. 1832 John Augustus PACKER, son of Edward Eggleston and Hannah Sophia (SLOEPFER) Packer; 7 children.

  10. Martha Haines, mar. (1) ca. 1788 Robert TAYLOR; she was reported to New Garden MM Third Mo. 1, 1788 for marriage with a non-Friend by a "priest", but they had already moved west to Redstone.

Fifth Generation

         Isaac Haines5, son of Isaac Jr. and Mary (Cox), was born about 1750 in West Chester, and died Fourth Month 29, 1837, nearly 87 years old. He married April 23, 1772 Lydia DAVIS, daughter of Ellis and Lydia (ASHBRIDGE) Davis of Goshen. They were married under license at St. Michael's and Zion Church in Philadelphia rather than according to the order of Friends.[36] Lydia was born 16 November 1749 and died 15 Ninth Month 1845. Isaac was reported to Goshen Monthly Meeting for his marriage, but acknowledged his misconduct and was retained in membership.

         During the American Revolution Friends were listed on the muster rolls along with all other resident men. If they turned out for muster days they were dealt with by their meetings. If they failed to appear they were fined, and refusing to pay the fines, suffered the distraint of goods. Isaac was reported to Goshen MM Tenth Month 11, 1782 for paying a military fine. Isaac Haines is listed on the Goshen muster roll, 7th class, for the year 1784, but was absent all 6 days: April 19, April 26, May 4, Oct. 4, Oct. 11, and Oct. 19.[37]

         Isaac served as a justice of the peace.

         Isaac died Fourth Month 29, 1837, nearly 87 years old. His will was dated Tenth Month 11, 1827, written when he was "far advanced in life". The total estate came to $3570.25.[38]

         Lydia died Ninth Month 15, 1845.

         Children of Isaac and Lydia (Davis) Haines:

  1. David Haines6, b. Sixth Mo. 18, 1773; d. Sat., Mar. 11, 1854, having "physical infirmities in later life"[39]; mar. Alice CULLIFER; was a carpenter in East Bradfield in 1820; then later a carpenter and builder in West Chester; had children:
    a) Benjamin Franklin Haines, m. 1833 Margaret Hoopes, b. 4m 24, 1804, daughter of Abner Hoopes Sr and Hannah (Pierce) of West Goshen Twp.[40]; she d. 11m 23, 1875 and was bur. in Friends Burial Society Cemetery, West Chester. He was the keeper of the county prison for many years.[41] 3 children listed in Birmingham MM records.
    b) Mary Haines, b. Aug. 18, 1803; d. Nov. 12, 1887; m. ca. 1841 Benjamin Garrett; he was b. Oct. 17, 1791 in Upper Darby, son of Thomas and Sarah (Price) Garrett; d. Apr. 4, 1884; Mary was left $25 by her grandfather; had 3 sons.
  2. Ezra Haines, b. Feb. 12, 1774; d. 28 May 1861; married 9 Dec. [or 12 Sept.] 1802 Ann JOHN; children.

  3. Mary Haines, called "Polly", b. 22 Second Mo. 1776; d. 3 Seventh Mo. 1825 aged 49 years and 4 months; mar. 1802 Thomas HOOPES, b. Tenth Mo. 7, 1770, d. Tenth Mo. 14, 1826, son of Thomas and Sarah (BANE). Polly was his second wife (he had m(1) Ann GREGG); they were married by a magistrate. Her acknowledgment was accepted by Goshen MM Tenth Month 7, 1803. 6 children:[42]
    a) David [or Davis Haines Hoopes] Hoopes, b. 10 July 1803; d. 17 July 1873; m. 29 Aug. 1833 in Wilmington Mary West Painter, daughter of William and Phebe (Churchman) Painter; res Port Gibson, then later in Baltimore; 2 children.
    b) Ann or Anna Hoopes, b. 19 Dec. 1804; d. 2 Feb. 1838; m. 14 Nov. 1827 at Kennett MM Harlan Webb, son of Stephen and Mary (Harvey) Webb; 4 children.
    c) Caleb Hoopes, b. Oct. 24, 1806; d. 16 Feb. 1885 in Balt. Co.; m(1) Sarah Roberts, daughter of David and Sarah Roberts of Lower Merion Twp.; 6 children; Caleb m(2) Mary W. Roberts, daughter of Joseph and Mary; no children in this second marriage. Caleb was a farmer.
    d) Lydia Hoopes, b. June 6, 1809; d. Oct. 6, 1863; m. 11 Apr. 1826 Joseph Painter Harvey ; 3 children.
    e) Mary Hoopes, b. Nov. 9, 1811; d. Apr. 13, 1891; m. Jan. 12, 1832 Samuel H. Painter; had 2 children.
    f) Sarah Hoopes, b. Dec. 1814; d. Aug. 15, 1836; m. Sept. 12, 1833 Eli Matson; had 1 daughter.

  4. Isaac Haines, b. Eleventh Mo. 21, 1779; d. Nov. 23, 1855; mar. Dec. 21, 1803 Lydia Smith (b. Mar. 30, 1777); 7 children b. in Chester Co.:[43]
    a) Smith Haines, b. Apr. 12, 1805; d. Nov. 3, 1838 in Blue Rock, Muskingum Co., Ohio; m. June 12, 1832 in Morgan Co., Oh., Elizabeth Baker; 3 children.
    b) Davis Haines, b. Aug. 11 1806; d. June 23, 1866.
    c) Samuel Haines, b. Feb. 20, 1808; m(1) Apr. 19, 1834 Mary “Polly” Briggs; m(2) Mar. 21, 1855 Hannah D. Barton; 7 children with first wife.
    d) Milton Haines, b. May 22, 1810.
    e) Hannah Haines, b. Oct. 8, 1811.
    f) Lydia Ann Haines, b. July 8, 1813.
    g) Mary Haines, b. Feb. 6, 1815.

  5. Lydia Haines, b. Seventh Mo. 17, 1784; d. Ninth Mo. 15, 1845.

  6. George Haines, b. Seventh Mo. 10, 1788; mar. Elizabeth GRRETT; she was b. Feb. 15, 1793, daughter of George and Sarah (HOOPES) Garrett; d. Sept. 17, 1883; 3 children:
    a) Granville B. Haines, b. ca. 1835 in West Goshen; d. Sept. 1905; m(1) daughter of Marshall B. Hickman; m(2) Apr. 1888 at her residence 1622 Arch St., Helen Stockton White, daughter of late president of S. S. White & Co., dental manufacturers; they were married by Bishop Warren of the Meth. Episc. Church. Granville was a merchant in Wilmington and Phila.; had a dry goods store on Market above 10th St. He was described in 1881 as "a fine looking gentleman with a marked tendency to what is considered handsome."[44]J. Charles Paxson (b. 9 Sept. 1858 in East Bradford Twp, son of Henry and Harriet A. (Harlan) Paxson.
    c) George D. Haines, m. Harriet Mercer ca. Jan. 3, 1860 by the Rev. William Moore;[45] res. in West Chester.

  7. William D. Haines, b. Fourth Mo., 18, 1790; d. Feb. 20, 1863; mar. 1825 Ellen ROBERTS, daughter of David and Sarah (WALKER) Roberts; 2 daughters:[46]
    a) Caroline Haines, b. 1829; d. 1836. b) Emily Haines, m. Phineas Pratt;

Sixth Generation

         Ezra Haines6, son of Isaac and Lydia (Davis) was born December 2, 1774. He married December 9, 1802 Ann JOHN, the daughter of Reuben and Lydia (TOWNSEND) John. She was born December 26, 1776 and died October 8, 1834. Ezra died May 28, 1861. Ezra was disowned for marriage contrary to Friends discipline.[47]

         For a while Ezra farmed on rented land. Then ca. 1808 he moved his family to Elkland, Lycoming County. By 1811 they were living near West Chester. By May 1831 Ezra had moved into West Chester to run a flower store.[48]

         In the 1850 census, taken August 12, 74 year old Ezra was living with his son Eber, both of them listed as merchants in West Chester. Eber was 35, his wife Sarah Anne was 38, and their daughter Ella D. was 2 years old. There was also 12 year old Mary E. Denny, attending school, probably a sister or niece of Sarah. Ezra owned real estate valued at $4,400.[49] (Eber's wife was Sarah Denny.)

         On June 18, 1860 we get another snapshot of Ezra, this time he was listed as 86 years old, with real estate worth $2,800 and personal estate worth $2,500. He was living with Hugh Sloan, a 60 year old day laborer, and his wife Maoma [sic] (58) and their daughters Mary (22), Elizabeth (20), and Hannah (19), along with Cornelia Osborn (4). This year the census did not enquire as to the relationship among the various inhabitants of the house. It may have been an ordinary boarding situation. Hugh had real estate worth $1,200 and personal estate of $150.

         Ezra died the next year, May 28, 1861. His will, dated Tenth Month 13, 1860, directed his heirs to sell his house and lot on Chestnut Street in the borough of West Chester. Son John T. was given $10, and son Reuben received $100 and all the room furniture and Ezra’s watch. The residue was to be divided into five equal parts, going to his surviving children Lydia Jefferis, Eber D., Reuben, and Jane D. Townsend.[50]

         Children of Ezra and Ann (John) Haines:[51]

  1. John Townsend Haines7, known as John T. Haines, was born October 24, 1803, and died December 22, 1884. He married Hannah W. WILLIAMS on May 14, 1829.

  2. Maria, or Mariah Haines, b. Mar. 26, 1805 in Goshen; d. June 1, 1830 following the birth of her first child, who also died; m. Dec. 11, 1828 George DARLINGTON; he was b. Aug. 21, 1804 at Pocopson Twp, Chester Co., and d. May 15, 1888; son of George and Lydia (BARNARD) Darlington; he m(2) Susanna Pusey COATES (Mar. 21, 1813-Feb. 2, 1898) and had 2 children.

  3. Davis Haines, b. Sept. 3, 1806; d. Aug. 23, 1815.

  4. Reuben Haines, b. First Mo. 13, 1808; d. Eighth Mo. 30, 1815.

  5. Lydia T. Haines, b. Nov. 28, 1810 in Goshen; m. James Bayard Jefferis (b. Dec. 11, 1815; d. Aug. 1863); he is listed in 1857 West Chester directory as Prothonotary, living at 27? W. Lafayette St.; had children:
    a) Maria Jefferis
    b) Anna Mary Jefferis, b. 1839
    c) Lucille Jefferis, b. 1849
  6. Isaac Haines, b. Nov. 10, 1812 in Goshen; d. 1876; m. 15 Feb. 1834 in Clark Co., Oh. Lydia HARRISON (1816-1854), daughter of Charles and Fannie (RECTOR) Harrison; had daughters: [My thanks to Karen E. McClain for additional information about this family, e mail 10/16/2013.]
    a) Lydia Haines
    b) Frances Elizabeth Haines, b. 10 Sept. 1845 in Springfield Twp., Clark Co., Ohio; d. 19 Jan. 1902 in Shawnee Twp., Allen Co., Oh.; m. 14 Dec. 1859 in Allen Co. William McCLAIN (b, 22 Apr. 1837, d. 31 Jan. 1917); had 8 children.
    c) Ella DuVal Haines, b. 1848; m. George Stanbery Zane; they had 2 daughters.
  7. Eber D. Haines, b. Nov. 3, 1814; d. __; m. Sept. 10, 1846 Sarah Ann(e) (DuVal) DENNY [?]; merchant in West Chester with his father's grocery store in 1850, then a bank clerk by 1857 (in West Chester directory); in 1850 census "E.D." was 35 year old merchant with his 38 year old wife Sarah Anne, 2 year old Ella D. and his 74 year old father Ezra, also a merchant, and 12 year old Mary E. Denny, perhaps Sarah's daughter from a pervious marriage?[52] In 1880 census Eber was a 65 year old banker living in a 3-generation household with his niece Ella, her husband George S. ZANE who was a clerk in an office, and their 2 children, plus a 25 year old black servant, Mary CURRY.

  8. Reuben Haines, b. Oct. 31, 1817; d. after 1862; he was bequeathed one fifth of his father's estate in 1860, paid out in 1862.

  9. Jane Davis Haines, b. Feb. 7, 1820; d. Mar. 19, 1873; m. ca. 1837 Eusebius Hickman TOWNSEND. He was b. July 13, 1817 in East Bradford or West Chester, and d. Sept. 20, 1889; son of Joseph and Sarah (HICKMAN) Townsend. In 1857 West Chester directory they lived at 3 W. Gay St.; he was a merchant at SW corner Gay & High St. In 1880 census Eusebius H. Townsend was a 63 yr old widower, dry goods merchant in West Chester.[53] Had 2 children:
    a) Mira T. Townsend
    b) William B. Townsend

Seventh Generation

         John Townsend Haines7, eldest child of Ezra and Ann (John), was born October 24, 1803 in West Goshen Township. John T. died December 22, 1885 in the 83rd year of his age.[54] John married May 14, 1829 Hannah W. WILLIAMS, the daughter of Abraham and Rachel (WHITE). She was born August 11, 1807 in East Bradford Township, and died April 9, 1896.[55]

         John T. was a house carpenter and builder at a time when window frames and floors were hand made rather than factory or milled. Probably for these skills he was on the building committee of the Independent Order of Odd-Fellows, West Chester Lodge No. 42, from about 1831 to 1834, when the building was sold at sheriff's sale.[56]

Horticulture Hall, photo by MJP Grundy, Nov. 2009

         John was a member of the Chester County Horticultural Society, founded in 1845, incorporated in 1848. That year the Society decided to erect a building at 225 N. High Street. It cost $1,222.69 ¼ in the account book of Thomas DARLINGTON, mason; John T. Haines signed for it (treasurer? Pres?) Besides the exhibitions of the society, the place became the town meeting hall and from 1850 to the end of the century hundreds of men and women in every field lectured here: Horace GREELEY, Lucretia MOTT, Sojourner TRUTH, Ralph Waldo EMERSON, and scores of others. Nearly all the town's church, school, and larger social events were held there. It was the second building in the country erected for these purposes. Later it was used as a town meeting hall, exhibition space, theater, and today is the home of the Chester County Historical Society. In the 1873 panic and depression the Horticultural Society was no longer able to keep it, and the building was sold at a sheriff's sale.[57]

         John went to the California gold fields of Tuolumne County, and stayed there a total of some thirteen years. He was involved in two companies. The City of Sonora Tunnel Company, a joint stock company organized for mining purposes had the right to run a tunnel under Washington Street.[58] This venture did not pan out, and in 1863 he tried again with the Severance Gold, Silver & Copper Mining Company. John also served as Probate judge and Land Surveyor.[59]

         Meanwhile, in 1860 Hannah was enumerated back in West Chester. She was 53, making ends meet running a boarding house. But in a way she might have meant it somewhat ironically, since the four people living there were all related. She herself had real estate worth $1,800 and personal estate of $400. In the household were her daughter Alice B. Haines, age 14, in school; granddaughter Allawilda [sic] Haines, age 4; and her father "Abram" WILLIAMS, age 77. His occupation was listed as "gentleman", as if that were self-explanatory. He owned real estate worth $1,000 and personal estate of $14,000.[60]

         John returned from California and got a job in his brother's banking house. In the 1870 census taken June 28, John T. Haines was listed as 66, a clerk in a bank, with real estate valued at $5,000 and personal estate of $15,000. His wife Hannah W. was 63, keeping house. Living with them were grandchildren Allawilda [sic], age 14, and Joseph T., age 12, both in school.[61] As an assistant in his brother's E.D. Haines & Co. banking house he was noted for his "uncommon accuracy and reliability."[62]

         Ten years later, the census was taken again. This time John T. Haines was a 75 year old watchman in a bank, while 73 year old Hannah W. kept house. Alawilda, 24, was a clerk in a bank, and Joseph F. [sic] at 21 was "learning trade", unspecified.[63] It was said of John T. Haines that he was "inflexible in his purposes, which were directed by strong convictions and an intelligent understanding which had been largely aided by extensive reading."[64]

         In May 1881 Alice B. KNICKERBOCKER and her two children came from New Lennox, Illinois, for a two month visit to her parents in West Chester. When a great grand daughter (Sue Price PAXTON) was brought to visit, the newspaper exulted that there were five generations in the house on West Barnard Street.[65]

         John T. died December 22, 1885 at the age of 82 years. His body was interred in the Friends Burial Society Cemetery, 404 Rosedale Avenue, West Chester. The funeral was held Seventh Day, December 26, at his home on West Barnard Street, from which the procession left at 2:00 p.m. for the Burial Ground. It was written that John was "exceedingly kind and affectionate in family intercourse, loyal in his friendships".[66]

         Hannah died April 5, 1896, at 7:30 in the evening, aged 89 years. Her body was buried in the same cemetery as her husband. Hannah's will was affirmed April 11. She left $400 to her granddaughter Annie J. PAXTON; $1500 to her son Thornton G. Haines; $100 each to granddaughters Mary J. Haines and Lulu A. SISBEE; and $200 to grandson Joseph T. PRICE. All the rest was to be divided equally between her daughter Alice B. Knickerbocker and granddaughter Alawilda Haines ("who has always acted as a daughter to me"). Alice and Alawilda were named executrixes with authorization to sell real estate. Witnesses were Mark H. DARLINGTON and Joseph T. MURTAGH.[67] The latter was her late brother-in-law Eber D. Haines's banking partner.

         Children of John Townsend and his wife Hannah (Williams) Haines:

  1. Abram W. Haines6, b. 1830; d. after May 1860, before April 1896.

  2. Anna Maria Haines, b. Apr. 20, 1832; d. Mar. 13, 1865; married Lucius Duncan Price;

  3. Thornton G. Haines, d. Sat. May 1, 1909 in Los Angeles; m(1) Elizabeth JOHNSON, sister of Bennett Johnson of Green Valley;[68] m(2) Mar. 25, 1874 Esther KNICKERBOCKER, in New Lennox, Ill.;[69] while in West Chester he was employed as a clerk in the grocery store, then employed as a clerk in the city water dept because he was "an unusually good penman". In the 1880 census Thornton was a 45 year-old farmer in New Lennox, Ill. with his wife Esther, age 40, b. in NY of NY parents, and 5 children.[70] Eventually moved to California. Children of Thornton and Elizabeth:
    a) Aliwilda Haines, b. 12m 28, 1856; d. 2m 19, 1937; unmarried; was raised by her grandparents John and Hannah (W.) Haines. An “able clerk to Joseph T. Murtagh in the banking house E. D. Haines & Co.” was commissioned a Notary Public in Harrisburg in June 1893.[71]
    b) John T. Haines, b. Feb. 1860; in 1880 census living with parents, age 20, a carpenter; in 1900, now a 40 yr old widower, was a carpenter and contractor living with his aunt Alice B. Knickerbocker and Alice's husband Ward and daughter Bell in New Lennox.[72]
    c) Mary J. Haines, b. Jan. 1865 in Penna.; in 1880 census living with parents, age 15.
    d) Ward K. Haines, b. ca. 1867; in 1880 census living with parents, age 13.
    e) Charles Haines, b. ca. 1871; in 1880 census living with parents, age 9.
    Children of Thornton and Esther:
    f) Frank R. Haines, b. ca. 1877; in 1880 census living with parents, age 3
    g) Lulu A., b. after 1880 census? m. __ SISBEE.
  4. Alice B. Haines, b. 2 Apr. 1846; m. by Friends ceremony in West Chester 7m/1/1869 Ward KNICKERBOCKER;[31] he was b. ca. 1845 in NY of NY parents; d. after a long illness in Dec. 1900 in New Lennox, Ill.; he was a Capt. of a company of sharpshooters in the union army and marched with Sherman through Georgia;[32] in 1880 census living in New Lennox Twp., Will Co., Ill. Ward was a grocer; 22 year-old Hiram O. Pelkey, who clerked in the store, lived with them.[33] In June 1900 he was a general merchant and druggist in New Lennox. Two daughters:
    a) Bell H. Knickerbocker, b. Nov. 1870 in Ill.; 9 years old in 1880 census; 1900 living with her parents in New Lennox, Ill., she was a 29 year old nurse.
    b) Amy W. Knickerbocker, b. Oct. 1880 in Ill.; a student at West Chester high School and Swarthmore College; living with her cousin Alawilda on W. Barnard St. in the 1990 census.

Common Vetch

To continue the story of this family, go to Price. The larger Price line, with many collateral lines, including this Haines branch, has been expanded as a hard copy book with considerable historical context. To learn more about the times in which these family members lived, you might want to read The Price Family in History. It gives a lot of social, religious, economic, and political context for the lives of these ancestors. The book is available on The price is the cost of printing and binding, plus shipping. I earn nothing on the book.

This Haines line connects (directly or indirectly) with these families that are described in the Price book: Ashbridge, Bonsall, Borton, Cox, one David/Davies, and the other (Ellis) Davies, England, Fisher, this Haines line, Harry/Harris, Hayes, Holliday, John, Jones, Kirk, one Lewis (Henry), the other Lewis (Thomas), Malin, Morgan, Orbell, Paxton, the main Price, another Price (Richard), a third Price line (David), Sharpley, Schumacher/Shoemaker, Taylor, Thomas, Townsend, Warner, Williams, Wood, and Wooderson. Some of these are very short, as I do not follow them after "my" ancestor married into another surname family. In time other lines may be posted, too.

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