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Swan ~ Hartzell Family History

These web pages comprise part of our Family History -- the ancestry of my sister Pat (Swan) Thiessen and mine, and, of course, that of our children and grandchildren. I'm interested in exchanging information with others who are researching the same lineages. Some of our lines are extensively researched, some are very sketchy. You're welcome to the good stuff -- hopefully some of you will help fill in our blank spots!

These pages contain a link "Hide All Notes" in the header. Clicking this will remove all notes (text, images, sources), so that only the vital statistics remain for each individual. This should allow an extensive lineage to be more easily visualized. This streamlined page has a link "Show All Notes" at the top to bring back those notes for the complete story of the lineage.

However, not all of my research notes have been edited yet in a form suitable for publication. For those lineages, I have posted only the vital statistics of the lineage, including siblings, cousins and spouses I have collected. I'd be very interested in exchanging information on these lines.

You're invited to read this very brief Introduction to our genealogy which identifies our great-grandparents, tells where their ancestors came from, and where they first lived in this country. Please contact me if you're interested in any of those lineages.

  The Hamilton lineage of
Millie  Hamilton  Swan
Paul R. Swan
Vail, AZ

Our  Grandparents'  Lineages

Swan   Märcklin / Markley  
Hirzel / Hirtzel / Hertzel / Hartzell Alford  

Our  Scottish  Ancestry

Brown McNaught Hamilton King Gulliland Whitefoord

Our  Quaker  Ancestry

Mitchell White Margerum Yardley Satterthwaite Stackhouse Lucas Janney

Our  English  Ancestry

Eaton   Ricker Sargent Chamberlin Clements Hadley Drew Johnson

Our  Swiss & German  Ancestry

Burger   Diederick / Deeter / Teeter Hefelfinger   Lein  
Mock   Märcklin / Markley   Schäublin / Shively   Thommen  

Alice J. Planck
1870 Bible and Genealogy

Introduction Planck Brown Van Ingen Horning
Gardenier_1 Gardenier_2 Van Alstine_1 Van Alstine_2  

Collateral Lines