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There are two Thommens in our ancestry; this one is connected to our Shively lineage, at that time spelled Schäublin. Our second generation Elsbeth Thommen married Ulrich Schäublin in 1745.

The other line is Verena Thommen, also from Switzerland, who married Hans Spithaler and whose daughter Barbara married Christian Schäublin in 1708.

Jacob Thommen  &  Barbara BŠr
Jacob 1, Elsbeth "Elizabeth" 2   Top  

Jacob Thommen was born about 1700* and died before 16 Oct 1745. 

Jacob was married to Barbara BŠr. 

Barbara BŠr was born estimated Apr 1702*

There is a letter by Jacob written two months after his arrival in Pennsylvania which he had reached in 4 months and 17 days - Apr. 28 to Sept. 15 - from Basel. It begins with a blessing and closes with the words that whoever seeks religious liberty will find it in Pennsylvania. Among other things he mentions the absence of tithes. He settled at Kanastangen (Conestoga).

See Burgert's Kraichgau book, appendix C,97 for several Bärs emigrating from Dühren in 1719, including a Barbara daughter of Hans Jacob Bär (Behr) and wife Barbara, Mennonites from Zürich, Knonauer Amt in 1740, Reformed Lutheran.

Barbara Bar born c1690, died 175_ Earl Township, married Jacob Baumon, from Hirzel, Switzerland (Mennonite Family History v.X, n.2, Apr 1991, p56, DPL G929.1M527). Hirzel, as it turns out, is not the ancetral home of our Swiss Hirzel lineage.

A daughter of Jacob and Barbara (BŠr) Thommen:   Elsbeth "Elizabeth"

1    Thommen, Elsbeth "Elizabeth".    

Elsbeth "Elizabeth" Thommen  &  Ulrich "Uhli" SchŠublin
Jacob 1, Elsbeth "Elizabeth" 2 Shively Top  

Elsbeth "Elizabeth" Thommen was born estimated Jan 1726* and died after 1777. 

Elsbeth "Elizabeth" and Ulrich "Uhli" SchŠublin were married before 16 Oct 1745 in Lancaster?, Pennsylvania. 

Ulrich "Uhli" SchŠublin was born estimated Oct 1724* in Frederick, Maryland and died before 1768 in Frederick.  He was the son of Christian and Barbara (Spithaler) SchŠublin.

Uhli emigrated as a youth of 14 in his parent's family, leaving Basel 28 Apr 1736 and arriving in Philadelphia where the adult passengers took the oaths 15 September of that year. His wife Elizabeth was quite young when they married, for on 16 Oct 1745, when she was only 18, they sold her father's farm. Whether or not her mother Barbara was still living we don't know, she may have come to live with Elizabeth and her husband after the sale of the family home.

Uhli next appears in the land records 27 Sep 1752 when, recorded as "William" Shively, he purchased 300 acres of a tract of land called Three Friends in Frederick County, Maryland, for £185 from John and Ann Jones of the same county [Recorded 24 Nov 1752, Frederick County Deed Liber E, Folio 2-4].

Andrews [1978 -- reference lost] reported this as "Three Rivers", and believed at first that this was in Mt. Aetna, a small community two miles northeast ofthe Beaver Creek Church of the Brethren. Beaver Creek is about six miles southeast of Hagerstown, which was then called Elizabeth Town, andjust past Funkstown, then called Jerusalem Town. However, in the Fellowship of the Brethren Genealogists Newsletter [v. 24, no. 3, Fall, 1992, pg. 42] he corrects this location to a tract, in the small town of Fairview, which extended from slightly north of the Mason-Dixon Line (decreed 1750, but only in 1763 surveyed at 39? 43' 26" North) nearly a mile south into Maryland. Fairview is about eight miles northwest of Hagerstown, and on the banks of Conococheague Creek. Andrews credits Newton Poling of Hagerstown for this information. One might suspect that Uhli's name Three Rivers refers to the Conococheague Creek, and the Antietam and Potamac rivers, the latter two flowing less than ten miles from his land.

At the top of page on which the this deed is recorded is found the end of some previous deed. It consists of an interesting notation following the name of Jacob Bear: "On the foot of which bill of sale was there Within found thereby Certify that the above Named Jacob Bear Came before me and Acknowledged the above Bill of Sale to Whi_ __ and deed and the Sundry Goods and Chattles to be the Right of Abraham Miller". Now Bear, originally Bär, is the maiden name of Elsbeth's mother Barbara, and Miller is possibly the maiden name of the wife of Johann Dieterich, father of Abraham Deeter who married Uhli and Elsbeth's daughter Elizabeth. It would be interesting to see if that deed, recorded just before Ulrich's, could be a transaction involving relatives of the family.

Uhli and his wife (unnamed) were baptised into the Conestoga congregation of the Brethren Church on 6 Mar 1748. On 24 May 1754, the last time he appears in the records, Uhli sold 100 acres of the Mount Aetna land to Christopher Knol [Liber E, Folio 450].

Elsbeth was an only child, as was noted on the record when she and Uhli sold her deceased parents farm 16 Oct 1745. Elizabeth, as a widow, was warranted a tract of land on 5 Feb 1768 [Warrant Book, vol. 35, p. 33 in Annapolis], but the location is not known to me. Later, 7 Apr 1777, Elizabeth was joined by her sons Christian and Jacob in the sale of the remaining 204 acres in Mt. Aetna to her son John's father-in-law, Adam Troup, for £1000 [Deed Liber RP-1, Folio 55]. See John's history, below, concerning Adam's will.

Gale Honeyman202 finds records of other Shivelys in Maryland who have not as yet been identified in relation to Ulrich. Charles Shively was on the 1783 tax list of Upper Antietam and Jerusalem Hundred; Eva Shively was issued a license 8 Aug 1778 in Frederick County (this was after Washington County had been erected in 1776) to marry Gudlip Sidely, or Gottlieb Seidel; Catherine Shively (1764-1844) married John Zook, Sr., then moved to Bedford County, Pennsyvlania, before moving on to Indiana; Mary Shively married Henry Rowland, Sr., and died in Washington County before 1833.

The seven children of Ulrich "Uhli" and Elsbeth "Elizabeth" (Thommen) SchŠublin:   Christian, Jacob, Elizabeth, Eva, Isaac D., John and Catherine. 

1    Shively, Christian was born about 1745* in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died about 1834 in Montgomery, Ohio.  He and Susanna Gripe were married about 1766 in Frederick, Maryland.  Susanna was born estimated May 1749*.  She was the daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Ulrich) Greib.

Christian bought land 8 Aug 1787 in Frankstown, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Much later, when the three eldest sons were married, the families together with Christian's brother Isaac moved in 1805 to Montgomery County, Ohio, where they joined the Bear Creek congregation. The trip was made by wagon to McKeesport where they transferred their possessions to a flatboat down the Ohio River to Cincinnati. They again traveled by wagon along the Great Miami River to Jefferson Township where they settled on 160 acres of new land [Lane,1991].

The will of Susanna's father, Jacob Gripe of Frankstown Township, Bedford County, left 200 acres to Christian Shively where he "used to live". Oddly enough, Susanna is not mentioned by name, although others of her siblings were.

Christian and Susanna's seven children were Jacob, Christian, Daniel, John, Susannah, Elizabeth, and David, born about 1744 to to 1786. All of the children except Elizabeth, who married a Replogle, married into the Ulrich and Cripe families. John's first wife's mother was a Cripe, and his second wife was the widow Catherine (Ulrick) Cripe.

The seven children of Christian and Susanna (Gripe) Shively:   Jacob, Christian, Daniel, John, Susannah, Elizabeth and David. 

i    Shively, Jacob was born about 1767 in Pennsylvania and died 1839 in Carroll, Indiana.  He was married to Elizabeth Cripe.  Elizabeth died 1840.  She was the daughter of Samuel and Catharine (Nesbitt) Greib.

I had from some source that this Jacob was married to an Elizabeth Martin. Lane226 says Jacob married Elizabeth Cripe (c1773-1860), his first cousin and daughter of Samuel. She gives in her genealogy their eight children, Susannah and all grandchildren. Their son Christian (1809-1898) had a daughter Esther who married John Miller (1830-1926), son of Frederick and Elizabeth Miller of Ohio.

ii    Shively, Christian was born 1770 in Pennsylvania and died 1836 in Montgomery, Ohio.  He was married to Susannah Cripe.  Susannah was born 1776 in Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 1859 in Miami, Indiana.  She was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Rench) Greib.

Lane gives this Susannah as d/o John and Susannah Rench Cripe. Mixup here to a fare thee well.

iii    Shively, Daniel was born about 1773 in Pennsylvania and died 1818 in Montgomery, Ohio.  He was married to Susannah Ulrich.  Susannah was born about 1770 in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania and died 1861 in Clinton, Indiana.  She was the daughter of David and Barbara (____) Ulrich.

Five children, eldest David married Barbara Bowser Bowman, of Montgomery County, Ohio.

iv    Shively, John was born 1775 in Pennsylvania and died 1848 in Carroll, Indiana.  He was married (1) to Esther Wolf.  Esther was born about 1785 and died 1822 in Montgomery, Ohio.  She was the daughter of Leonard and Catharine (Greib) Wolf. He was married (2) to Catherina Ulrich.  She was the daughter of Stephen and Susannah (Rench) Ulrich.

Nine children, most married Metzgers.

v    Shively, Susannah was born 1778 in Pennsylvania and died 1848 in Montgomery, Ohio.  She was married to Stephen Ulrich.  Stephen was born about 1773 and died 1823.  He was the son of David and Barbara (____) Ulrich.

Five children, married Wolf, Gripe, Ulrich, and two Metzgers.

vi    Shively, Elizabeth was born 1783 in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania and died 1865 in Macon, Illinois.  She was married to Peter Replogle. 

Nine children, married Metzgers and Cripes, primarily.

vii    Shively, David was born 1786 in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania and died 1867 in Miami, Ohio.  He was married to Hannah Gripe.  Hannah was born 1786 in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania and died 1868 in Miami, Indiana.  She was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Rench) Greib.

Three children, married Shively, Ulrich, and Haines.

2    Shively, Jacob was born about 1747* in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died after 3 Feb 1814 in Osnaburg, Stark, Ohio.  He and Elizabeth Snyder were married about 1788 in Washington, Maryland.  Elizabeth was born estimated Jul 1752*

Lane226 says this Jacob may have first married c1768 Elizabeth Ulrich, d/o Stephen and Elizabeth, and gives Jacob's first child as Jacob, Jr., born c1767. The Brethren Encyclopedia and Linder [1988, who cites Gene Miller, Gale Honeyman, Floyd Mason, and Don Bowman] says Daniel Miller married that Elizabeth Ulrich (c1757-1834) However, the children by those two men overlap in time, so only one marriage can be correct. Elizabeth and Jacob Shively had five children, Jacob, Ulrich, Susanna, Mary, and Elizabeth, born about 1767 to 1793. Elizabeth and Daniel Miller had ten children born 1775 to 1796, the first four in Washington County, Maryland, the rest in Bedford, Pennsylvania.

Jacob's family was in Stark County, Ohio, as early as 1804. Their daughter Susanna (1789-1860) married David Thomas (b 1786 in Washington County, MD), son of Peter who came from Schifferstadt, Germany on the Thistle in 1730, apparently not related to Susanna's paternal grandmother Elizabeth Thommen.

The children of Jacob as given here are from Lane.

The five children of Jacob and Elizabeth (Snyder) Shively:   Jacob, Ulrich, Susanna, Mary and Elizabeth. 

i    Shively, Jacob was born about 1767 and died 1814.  He and Barbara Thomas were married before 1790. 

Jacob and Barbara were of Washington County, Pennsylvania, in 1790 and 1800, and in Nimishillen Township, Stark County, Ohio, by 1810. Elder George Shively of that township was probably their son.

rom Mary Eloise Rettinger Smith, , 22 Mar 2000:

I enjoyed your website. I am descended from Durs Shively:

Durs Christian Ulrich Jacob Jacob Hannah Hildebrand Clara H. Summers Roy Summers Vonna S. Rettinger Mary Eloise Smith

Hannah came to Indiana and lived in St. Joseph County near North Liberty, Indiana. Her husband Jacob Hildebrand was a minister in the Church of the Brethren. Her daughter, Clara, her grandson, Roy, and granddaughter Vonna all lived near North Liberty. My mother, Vonna, graduated from North Liberty High School in 1945, married Don Rettinger and moved to Bourbon, Indiana where they still live. As far as I know all my ancestors were farmers and possibly preachers. My parents, my family, and my brother's family are members of the Mount Pleasant Church of the Brethren which was started in 1848 under the leadership of Jacob B. Shively, whose father was George.

Hannah had a brother, Jacob Shively, whose grandson, John W. Shively, helped start the nearby Camp Creek Church of the Brethren near Etna Green, Indiana. There are Shively families who are currently members there.

ii    Shively, Ulrich was born 1774 and died 1825.  He and Christina Shideler were married in Washington, Pennsylvania.  Christina was born 1776 and died 1838. 

Ulrich and Christina moved from Pennsyvlania to Stark County, Ohio, and later to Preble County in that state. Their thirteen children were (not in order), Elizabeth, Daniel, Margaret, Mary, Cathrena, Christina, Henry, and infant, Sarah, Jacob, Anna, Lydia, and Leah, born 1799 to 1820.

iii    Shively, Susanna was born 1788 and died 1869.  She and David Thomas were married about 1809 in Washington. 

The twelve children of Susanna and David were Jacob, Elizabeth, Sarah, Daid, Susanna, Mary, Christina, Lydia, Margaret, John, Anna, and Samuel, born 1810 to 1831.

Samuel Sheridan Thomas is the ancestor of Beverly Dowers , who has a Thomas Family Book that starts with this family [Personal correspondence, 10 Aug 2000].

iv    Shively, Mary was born about 1791 and died before 1850.  She was married to John Thomas. 

Mary and John lived in Nimishillen Township, and had possibly nine children, including Jacob, Ulrich, David, and Mary, born about 1808 to 1818.

v    Shively, Elizabeth was born about 1793. 

3    Shively, Elizabeth was born about 1751*.    

4    Shively, Eva was born about 1756*.  She and Gottlieb Seidel were married 1778 in Frederick, Maryland.  Gottlieb was born estimated Mar 1753*

5    Shively, Isaac D. was born about 1759* in Frederick and died 1823 in Montgomery, Ohio.  He was married (1) to Elizabeth Bossler about 1782.  Elizabeth was born 10 Feb 1764 and died about 1800 in Pennsylvania.  He was married (2) to Lydia Miller about 1803 in Clermont, Ohio.  Lydia was born about 1785* and died about 1805.  She was the daughter of David and Magdalena (Maugens) Miller. He was married (3) to Catharine Heck 1808 in Montgomery.  Catharine was born 1769 and died 1831 in Montgomery, Ohio. 

By Elizabeth Isaac had eight children, by Lydia he had a son David, and by Catherine he had Sarah and Ulery, according to Lane226.

Was Lydia Miller by any chance related to the (possibly Miller) wife of Abraham Deeter?

The eight children of Isaac D. and Elizabeth (Bossler) Shively:   Catherine, Mary, Barbara, Susanna, Daniel, Isaac, Elizabeth and Jacob C. 

i    Shively, Catherine was born 1783 and died before 1827.  She and Christian Horner were married about 1801.  Christian was born 1778. 

ii    Shively, Mary was born 1787 and died about 1824.  She and John Snell were married 1807 in Warren, Ohio.  John was born 1782 and died about 1840. 

Mary and John moved to Darke County, Ohio, and had eleven children.

iii    Shively, Barbara was born 1788.  She and William Martin were married 1806 in Clermont, Ohio. 

iv    Shively, Susanna was born 1790 and died 1861.  She was married to Nicholas Tinkle. 

v    Shively, Daniel was born 1792 and died 1841.  He was married (1) to Christena Heck 1813 in Montgomery, Ohio.  Christena was born 1794 and died 1833.  She was the daughter of Peter and () Heck. He was married (2) to Mary Stevens. 

Daniel had nine children by Christena, and one by Mary.

vi    Shively, Isaac was born about 1795. 

vii    Shively, Elizabeth was born 1797.  She and Jacob Winebrenner were married 1818 in Montgomery.  Jacob was born about 1797.  He was the son of Christian and Mary (Adams) Winebrenner.

Elizabeth and Jacob had five children.

viii    Shively, Jacob C. was born 1799 and died 1864. 

A son of Isaac D. and Lydia (Miller) Shively:   David. 

i    Shively, David was born 1803.  He was married (1) to Hannah Clapp 1825 in Darke, Ohio.  Hannah was born 1802 and died 1843.  He was married (2) to Esther (Angle) Rush 1844 in Darke.  Esther (Angle) was born about 1813. 

David had seven children by Hannah, and one by Esther.

The two children of Isaac D. and Catharine (Heck) Shively:   Sarah "Sally" and Ulery. 

i    Shively, Sarah "Sally" was born 1814 and died 1890.  She and Jacob Marker were married 1829 in Montgomery, Ohio.  Jacob was born about 1803.  He was the son of George and Margaret (____) Marker.

ii    Shively, Ulery was born 1814 and died 1903.  He was married (1) to Elizabeth Patton 1833 in Henry County, Indiana.  Elizabeth was born about 1814 and died 1861.  He was married (2) to Maria (?) Bear. 

Ulery had eight children by Elizabeth, and moved at some unknown date to Oklahoma.

6    Shively, John was born about 1761* and died before 6 Nov 1790.  He and Catharine Troup were married before 6 Apr 1786 in Frederick, Maryland.  Catharine was born estimated Feb 1764*.  She was the daughter of Adam and Catharina? (____) Troup.

There was a John Shively, private, in the German Regiment from Maryland 27 Jun 1776, and in White Plains 5 Sep 1778 [ Pennsylvania Germans in Maryland, Daniel Nead, 1914]. Also in that regiment were Jacob Heffner and John Heffner.

John's father-in-law, Adam Troup, wrote his will 6 Apr 1786 which was proved 16 June of that year. In it Adam wrote "my son David Troup and my son in law John Shively is to live in said plantation and to work it until it be sold…, the one to live in the house with my wife and the other in the house where Jacob Teeter now lives, and til he leaves, that house in [which] the widow Beard did live as they can agree." It is to be hoped that they were, in fact, able to agree. Which Jacob Teeter was living on the Troup land hasn't been determined.

By 6 Nov 1790, however, distribution of the estate to the widow and other heirs listed his daughter Catherine (Troup) Shively and her sons Isaac and Adam, so that John had died by that date. Catherine received 66£ 2sh 9 1/4p at that time. Nearly forty years later, the administrator for the estate of Adam Shively, received 2 Mar 1830, a final distribution of $1291.26 1/8, with a balance dure to the estate of $1221. Catherine and Adam, at least, had died (the latter sometime after 7 Aug 1829), without ever receiving their share of her father's estate. Honeyman relates this to the intestate papers filed 25 Sep 1830 for Adam Shively of Montgomery County, Ohio, leaving a widow Mary and four children.

The two children of John and Catharine (Troup) Shively:   Isaac and Adam. 

i    Shively, Isaac. 

ii    Shively, Adam.  He was married to Mary Heck.  Mary was born about 1802 and died 1881.  She was the daughter of Peter and () Heck.

Adam and Mary had four children, William, Harriet, Sarah, and Mary, born 1823 to 1830.

7    Shively, Catherine was born 1764* and died 1844.  She and Johannes Zook were married about 1787.  Johannes was born 1763* and died 1830.  He was the son of Jacob and Elizabeth (____) Zook.

Catherine and Johannes moved in 1789 to Morrison's Cove, Bedford, Pennsylvania, and in 1828 to Wayne County, Indiana.

The ten children of Johannes and Catherine (Shively) Zook:   John, Jacob, Elizabeth, David, Daniel, Samuel, Abraham, Susannah, Isaac and Mary. 

i    Zook, John was born 1788 and died 1852.  He was married to Elizabeth Hetrick. 

ii    Zook, Jacob was born 1789 and died 1849.  He was married to Esther Hart. 

iii    Zook, Elizabeth was born 1791.  She was married to Abraham Leedy. 

iv    Zook, David was born 27 Jun 1793 in Yellow Creek, Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 1851.  He and Nancy Mack were married 13 Apr 1817.  Nancy was born 5 Mar 1796 and died 1858. 

David's information was given to me by Dick Fricke [Personal Communication, 4 Jun 1998] citing the Zug/Zuck/Zouck/Zook Genealogy428 {Zook, Harry D., Zug/Zuck/Zouck/Zook Genealogy, Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, 1983}. His wife Nancy was the daughter of William Mack, son of Alexander, the Founder of the Church of the Brethren.

The children of David and Nancy are given by Harry D. Zook as John M., Catharine, Elizabeth, Jacob, Joseph, Mary, Alexander M., Susan, Hannah, Lydia, Sarah and David M., five of them born in Bedford Co, through 1823, and the rest born 1824 through 1835 in Pike Twp., Knox, Ohio..

v    Zook, Daniel was born 1794 and died 1871.  He was married to Susannah Snider. 

vi    Zook, Samuel was born 1797 and died 1829.  He was married to Susanna Long. 

vii    Zook, Abraham was born 1798 and died 1832.  He was married to Elizabeth Replogle. 

viii    Zook, Susannah was born 1799 and died 1870.  She was married to John E. Snowberger. 

ix    Zook, Isaac was born 1802 and died 1869.  He was married to Susan Hoover. 

x    Zook, Mary was born 1808 and died 1874.  She was married to Jacob E. Snowberger. 

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