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The parentage of our great-grandmother Mary Alice (Mitchell) Markley seems to be reasonably well documented. We know her birth date of 11 Jan 1832 from several later records, and when she married Aaron Markley 15 Sep 1850, he was living in Casstown, Lost Creek Twp., Miami Co., OH. In that township in the 8 Aug 1850 census we find Richard and Rachel Mitchell, both born in Pennsylvania, with nine children including daughter Mary born 1831/32 in Pennsylvania. Richard also appears in the 1840 census of Lost Creek Twp. as Ritchard Mitchaland , in the 1835 state census as Richard Mitchel.

His cemetery record in Ohio indicates that Richard was born in Berks County, Pennsylvania on 5 Mar 1801, his wife Rachel's that she was born 1801/02, and from the 1850 census we know that their first three children were also born in Pennsylvania. Examination of the 1830 census index for that state reveals only one Richard Mitchell of the right age, living in Lower Makefield, Bucks County (that his birthplace was mis-recorded in Ohio, over 70 years later and 500 miles away, as Berks County seems not too unlikely.) That 1830 Bucks County Richard had a wife his own age, 29, and a daughter and son under five, all of which agrees with the 1850 Ohio census listing Richard, Rachel and their two eldest children Martha and John born 1827/28 and 1828/29 in Pennsylvania.

In December of 1998 a set of web pages were found which give the ancestors and descendants of Richard's sister Esther (1810-1901), who married Soton Sanford. These pages present the research of Andrew Burdett who has in his possession two documents from the last century which he has determined to his own satisfaction, from later family letters, to have been written by Esther, herself92. One of these is a drawing of a family tree, in pencil on a very thin sheet of paper about 16 x 22 inches, which shows the descendants of Richard Mitchell and Esther "Shittathite", father of Mahlon93. See the Satterthwaite chapter regarding our search for Esther. The second document, "a very old sheet of paper", is titled "Family Record", and appears to be taken from a bible and added to later on. It contains the birth dates of Mahlon and Letitia Mitchell and all of their thirteen children94.

We are greatly indebted to Andrew for copies of these documents. Together, they provide first hand information on the first three generations of our Mitchell ancestry. See the history below for Esther Mitchell, daughter of Mahlon, which contains Andrew's description and more details of these two invaluable documents. In addition, Andrew sent me a 32 page document, “Descendants of Richard Mitchell”, which provides all of his research results on this line of his in a Register format95.

There were many Mitchells in this corner of Bucks County during this period, many of whom belonged to the Quaker lineage deriving from the immigrant Henry orphaned shortly after his arrival in 1699. The family of Henry's grandson Richard, born 18 Aug 1739, and so contemporary to our progenitor Richard, is well documented in the Quaker records. The Quaker practice of meticulous documentation of their lives helped considerably in separating the records of the lives of these two Richard Mitchells.

There were, however, many other Richard Mitchells of that time and place who might be confused with ours, but who are apparently not him on the basis of various lines of evidence. One lineage which should be mentioned is that of Mary Mitchell of Bristol Township, widow, who wrote her will 14 Feb 1758 and which was proved 17 Apr of that year. In it, she ordered that sons Richard, John and Henry be put to trade until age 14, and her daughter Sarah was left in the care of Mary's sister Margaret. Relatives Thomas Janney, mason, and James Bodine were named as trustees [Bucks County Wills 2:333]. (Note that our Richard, also a mason, named a son John and a daughter Sarah.)

Thomas Janney and James Bodine appeared in Orphans Court in 1762 [Book 1:310, file #324] to request that Gabriel Vanhorne be appointed guardian to the three youngest children. (Our Richard's granddaughter Mary Mitchell married a James Van Horn in 1826.) At that court action, it was recorded that the childrens' ages at the time of Mary's death (1758) were "Henry, Aged about 14 Years, Richard Nine, Sarah Seven, and John Mitchell about Five". Thus this Richard Mitchell was born about 1748/49, quite an acceptable age were he to turn out to be our Richard.

However, this Mary was probably Mary Bessonett of Bristol, as that Mary married Henry L. Mitchell in 1743, and the husband of her sister Sarah was James Bodine. Her father John Bessonett in his will of 1774 listed the “deceased children of deceased daughter Mary Mitchell”, so this Richard b 1748/49 died before 1774, and could not have been our Richard, despite all of the resemblances and connections. Also, Thomas Janney was married to Martha Mitchell, daughter of Henry and Sarah (Gove) Mitchell, of the Quaker family. Martha had a brother Henry, of whom I know nothing else, but he must have been this Henry L. Mitchell for Mary (Bessonett) Mitchell to call him relative. Finally, Mary's "sister" Margaret, to whom her daughter Sarah was entrusted, was probably Margaret (Stackhouse) Mitchell, wife of John Mitchell, brother to Henry and Martha.

It's of interest to note that another Mary Mitchell, of Philadelphia, made her will 9 Aug 1742, probated 21 Sep 1742 in Bucks County, naming, among her other children, daughter Martha Janney. Also, Mary Bessonett's sister Elizabeth married a Nicholas Larzalere in 1741, and their daughter Hestor or Esther, born 1744, married a Richard Mitchell 1771 in the Newtown Presbyterian Church. And, finally for this family, Mary's brother Charles had a grandson Charles Bessonett III who married in 1843 a Deborah Mitchell. As with so many others, these lineages kept intermarrying over the generations, but with a common name like Mitchell it requires careful research to determine whether or not any particular surname identity was familial.

Another early record is that of a Richard Mitchell, Jr., who as a Trustee purchased Middletown land in 1752. That would make him of the generation of our Mitchell's father. Finally, a Richard Mitchell produced a certificate from Philadelphia to the Middletown Monthly Meeting 22 Feb 1762, which places him also in the generation of or before our Richard. These might have been the same Richard, who knows?

A record exists, mentioned above, of a Richard Mitchell who married a Hesther Larzeleer in the Newton Presbyterian Church, Bucks County, Pennsylvania 26 Jun 1771. She was named as Hesther Mitchell in the will of Nicholas Larzelere of Maxfield Township, Bucks County, on 2 Aug 1791 (Will Book 6:198, #2899). I'm indebted to Jeanne Larzalere Bloom for the first two citations79. A genealogy from Dale Stewart, which gives her name as "Hester or Esther", says she was born in 1744, daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth (Bessonett) Larzalere 367. The 176 acre land parcel on the 1798 map of Lower Bucks County townships spells his name as Nicholas Lazalere.

This marriage first came to my attention in a genealogy submitted to Everton's Family File by a Kathleen Mitchell, of Wisconsin, who is no longer at the address accompanying the file, and which appears also on She had Richard and Hesther as the parents of Mahlon Mitchell, born "1769 PA", and listed also Mahlon's wife Letitia Margerum and seven of their thirteen known children, plus one other. This clearly is our Mahlon Mitchell, father of Richard who came to Ohio with his family in 1832. Mahlon was actually born a decade later, and we have no way of knowing how Kathleen Mitchell decided that Richard and Hesther Larzelere were his parents. But since Hesther was still living in 1791, she could not have been a first wife of our Richard. Jeanne Bloom has a note, but cannot find the source, that Hesther lived to age 84 years. I can only assume for now that the connection described above is simply incorrect, as it contradicts the much more nearly contemporaneous account of Esther (Mitchell) Sanford, daughter of Mahlon, who drew the Mitchell-Shittathite tree ca. 1900.

Richard Mitchell  &  Esther Satterthwaite
Richard 1, Mahlon 2, Richard 3, Mary Alice 4 Satterthwaite Top  

Richard Mitchell was born about 1750 and died before 19 Sep 1800. 

Richard was married to Esther Satterthwaite. 

Esther Satterthwaite was born 1750.  She was the daughter of John and Martha (Walker) Satterthwaite.

Richard Mitchell was a mason of Yardleyville in Lower Makefield Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Since Richard's children were born after 1774, according to the 1790 census, and since the most probable age of marriage for men of that time was about 24, I would estimate his birth as ca. 1750. But we don't know his parentage or where he was born. He married Esther Satterthwaite, born 1750 in Hawkshead Parish, Lancashire, England, and they had seven children from after 1774 thru the early 1790s. Richard died between February and September of 1799.

Richard was censused in Lower Makefield, Bucks County, Pennsylvania in 1790, but was not taxed there in 1778, when he would have been about 28 years of age (nor was any other Mitchell taxed in that township then or in earlier years back to 1742). But also in 1790, on 15 February, Richard and Esther sold to William Vansant "a lot or piece of one acre of land and premises" for £16. The deed was not recorded until 19 Oct 1799 [Bucks County Deeds 30:290], about a year before Richard's death. Below is an outline map of southern Bucks County showing Lower Makefield's location between Philadelphia, on the left, and Trenton, New Jersey, across the Delaware on the right. It is probable that the land they sold in 1790 was on what is now Main Street of Yardley, Pennsylvania. Where they lived after that is not yet known.

IMAGE: Lower_Makefield_Map.jpg
Lower Makefield County, PA

Note the lack of any record of Richard in Lower Makefield before 1790, and in particular he was not taxed in 1778. Also note the immigration of Esther into Bucks County long after her relatives had come to Bucks County. This leads one to consider the possibilities either that they married in her native Lancashire, England, and then come to Bucks County, or that they both immigrated as single people, and married here. A preliminary search did not locate possible marriage or birth records in Lancashire, and none have been found in Bucks County, either.

At his death, Richard was a mason of Lower Makefield whose will, signed 27 Jul and proved 22 Dec 1800, bequeathed one dollar to each of his children, John, Elizabeth Carlile, Mahlon, Mary, Sarah, Esther and Daniel [Bucks County Wills 6:310, #2973]. He gave all of his residual real and personal property to his "dear wife Esther", and he named her and his friend William Aspey of Lower Makefield as executors. Witnesses were Joseph and David Vanhorn and Alexander Derbyshire. The surname was spelled "Mitchel" throughout the will, but he signed it "Richard Mitchell". Here is that signature:

IMAGE: Richard_Mitchell_signature.jpg
Richard Mitchell's Will Signature

A grandson-in-law of Richard's was a James Van Horn, and the guardian named for the widow Mary Mitchell's children was a Gabriel Vanhorne. There were three Vanhorns censused close to Richard in 1790, and Van Horn's continued to be closely associated with the Mitchell line, even to being close neighbors in Miami County, Ohio, fifty years later.

Although Richard's will was proved 22 Dec 1800 when letters testamentory were granted to Esther and William Aspey, the inventory of his estate filed at that time is dated 19 Sep 1800, indicating that he died between July and September. The most highly valued of some 50 items on the inventory were "two pair of Bedsteads 3 Feather Beds and Bedding" £10 7s, and "a Feather Bed Bedsteads and Bedding", £6. Next in value were a "Coalt" and two cows valued at £5 each. Although most of the estate consisted of household furnishings and farm tools and supplies, two items of intellectual interest were a "large Bible and Salmons Geography", 10s. The total of the inventory was £71 16s 7p.

A document filed 13 May 1806 lists some 30 debts owed to the estate totaling £116 7s 4p which, when added to the above amount, gave a total value of Richard's estate of over £188. In addition to some £8 from Alexander Derbyshire, one of the witnesses to his will, there was an amount of 9 pence owed by Giles Satterthwaite, and five debts totaling over £50 from Abraham, Nicholas and John Larzelere. Giles was a first cousin once removed of Richard's wife Esther, living on 235 acres at the southwest corner of Lower Makefield Twp. Note the discussion in the introduction above concerning the erroneous claims that a Richard Mitchell and Hester Larzelere were parents of the Mahlon who married Letitia Margerum.

The accounts of their Administration were filed 15 Jul, and the estate proceedings were confirmed by the court 2 Sep 1806, when the accounts of the executors listed an inventory of £180 3s 11p, disbursements of £150 16 1 1/2 and remainder of £33 7 9 1/2 "to be disposed of as the will directs" [Bucks County Orphans Court, Book 3, p 257, 1806], i.e., bequeathed to his widow Esther. Were the disbursements for debts owed by Richard more than the money owed to him?

Esther, daughter of John and Martha Satterthwaite of Tockhow, Hawkshead Parish, Lancashire, England just HAS to be the wife of Richard Mitchell of Lower Makefield, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

However, we have absolutely NO PROOF that this is so.

For starters, all of the Satterthwaites of this world descended from the Hawkshead area, so we know Richard's wife is related to the other Satterthwaites in this country.

The circumstantial evidence is that I had estimated Richard and Esther were born ca 1750, as they started their family after 1774, and that is just the date given for this Esther's birth. Also, that Esther's uncle William Satterthwaite was an immigrant 1734 to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where Richard and Esther lived. And William's grandson Giles lived near the Mitchells in Lower Makefield Township, Bucks County (and owed nine pence to Richard's estate after his death).

The negative circumstantial evidence is that we have been unable to find (despite extensive search) an American born Esther Satterthwaite in either Bucks County or in Burlington County, New Jersey, just across the Delaware.

If these two Esthers are one and the same, then two possibilities exist: She immigrated to America a single woman, say in the 1770s, or she married Richard in England and they came together then or a few years later. They may even have had one or more children in England, as we have no birth places documented for any of their children (save Daniel, the youngest, born after the 1790 census).

Birth records in Lancashire in the second half of the 1770s for John and/or Elizabeth Mitchell, children of Richard and Esther, would be factual evidence for this identification.

The children in Richard and Esther's family are given in the order listed in the abstract to Richard's will, mentioned above. Specifically, it reads "John, Elizabeth Carlile, Mahlon, Mary Mitchell, Sarah Mitchel, Esther Mitchel & Daniel Mitchel". From the 1790 census for Richard in Lower Makefield, the first six children were born 1774 to 1790, and so Daniel after that latter date. Burdett [1999c] gives estimates for the birth years of the children, but in a different order which agrees with neither the will nor the census, so those have not been adopted here.

The seven children of Richard and Esther (Satterthwaite) Mitchell:   John, Elizabeth "Betsy", Mahlon, Mary "Polly", Sarah, Esther and Daniel. 

1    Mitchell, John was born after 1774.  He was married to Hannah Sauders.  Hannah was born about 1780. 

2    Mitchell, Elizabeth "Betsy".  She was married to Amos Carlile / Corell. 

Burdett [1999c] lists the children of "Betsy" and Amos Corell, she is named as Elizabeth Carlile in her father's will.

The name of Elizabeth's husband is given as Carlile in her father's will, and as Amos Corell by Burdett [1999c].

The two children of Amos and Elizabeth "Betsy" (Mitchell) Carlile / Corell:   Betsy and Esther. 

i    Corell, Betsy was born about 1800. 

ii    Corell, Esther was born about 1805. 

3    Mitchell, Mahlon was born 19 Sep 1779.    

4    Mitchell, Mary "Polly". 

Mary was mentioned in her father's will, and is surely the "Polly" named by Burdett [1999c].

5    Mitchell, Sarah.  She and Richard Margerum were married 13 Apr 1803 in Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania.  Richard was born about 1775 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  He was the son of Richard and Hannah (White) Margerum.

Note that Richard Margerum married Sarah Mitchell, while Sarah's brother Mahlon Mitchell married Richard's sister Letitia Margerum.

The birth years of Sarah and Richard's children as shown below are as given by Burdett [1999c]. However, he identifies the Richard who was the father of these children as Richard, Jr., the son of Richard and Hannah (White) Margerum, whose wife was reported as Sarah ____ .

The relations between the two Richards needs to be clarified. Several references95,110,198,232,268 to these families have to be re-examined to collect additional details and checked for possible mis-readings.

The three children of Richard and Sarah (Mitchell) Margerum:   Abram, Esther and Betsy. 

i    Margerum, Abram was born about 1800. 

ii    Margerum, Esther was born about 1803. 

iii    Margerum, Betsy was born about 1804. 

6    Mitchell, Esther was born before 1790. 

7    Mitchell, Daniel was born after 1790. 

Daniel married, lived in Ohio, and had two or three children95.

Mahlon Mitchell  &  Letitia Margerum
Richard 1, Mahlon 2, Richard 3, Mary Alice 4 Margerum Top  

Mahlon Mitchell was born 19 Sep 1779, died 14 Nov 1862 in Naples, Ontario, New York and was buried in Garlinghouse Cemetery, Naples. 

Mahlon and Letitia Margerum were married 24 Nov 1801 in Newtown Twp., Bucks, Pennsylvania. 

Letitia Margerum was born 16 Jun 1783 in Bucks, Pennsylvania and died 30 Dec 1869 in New York.  She was the daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (White) Margerum.

We have the names and birth dates of Mahlon, his wife and children from a family record copied for me by Andrew Burdett94. The original record was written in an elegant script on two sides of an old, 12 inch wide by 8 inch high piece of paper subsequently folded into 3 by 2 inches. The document also contains the death dates of individuals between 1862 and 1875, written on the second side in various hands at more than one time, possibly at least in part by Esther Mitchell Sanford sometime before 1900. This is the same Esther who drew the tree of Mahlon's parents Richard and Esther93.

Mahlon was censused in Lower Makefield Township in 1810, with three males and three females under the age of ten. Either a daughter has been unrecorded in the above family record, or another child, most likely a relative, was residing in the household.

There is an Administrative proceeding, #5147, recorded 1823 for Esther Mitchell of Falls, Bucks Co, not yet examined. Whether or not that is Mahlon's mother is as yet unknown, but note that she did not appear in his household in 1810.

From the birth places given for their children, Mahlon and Letitia moved from Bucks County a hundred miles west to Shamokin, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania sometime before 1817. Indeed, there is an 1820 census record in Augusta Township of that county for a "Melon Mitchel", but the ages don't correspond at all to those of Mahlon and his family.

Richard, at most 15 years of age at that time of the move before 1817, presumably would not have stayed behind. However, he was not censused with the family in 1820, when he was 18, so must have gone back to Lower Makefield where he was married in 1827 and censused in 1830. Martha, even younger, must also have returned, as she was married in Hunterdon Co., NJ, in 1826.

Finally, the birth of Mahlon and Letitia's daughter Letitia in Sparta, Livingston County, New York, would seem to indicate that the family moved there between 1820 and 1826. There is no recognizable census index entry there in 1830 for Mahlon or any of his sons. He does appear in the census indexes for Sparta in 1840 and 1850, however, and in Naples, Ontario County, New York, in 1855 and 1860.

The online index to the Naples 1855 census lists, page 016:

Mitchell, Abigail
Mitchell, Charles
Mitchell, Lutitia
Mitchell, Lutitia
Mitchell, Mahlon
Mitchell, Mahlon
Mitchell, Rebecca
Mitchell, Roxanna

Charles, Rebecca and Letitia were names of Mahlon's younger children, the others may be his grandchildren.

In 1860, on page 305, we find

Mitchel, Abigal
Mitchel, Benjamin
Mitchel, Benjamin Jr
Mitchel, Charles
Mitchel, Delilah
Mitchel, Elizabeth
Mitchel, Letitia
Mitchel, Mahlon
Mitchel, Zachariah

In 1865, only Mahlon Mitchell, Jr. appeared.

On 8 Jan 1999 I received from Andrew Burdett a photo, taken about 1989, of Mahlon Mitchell's cemetery marker at the Garlinghouse Cemetery in Naples. Its date of Nov. 14 1862 and age at death of 83 3 5 leads to a birth date of 9 Aug 1779, a month and ten days earlier than the Family Record94.

IMAGE: Mahlon_Mitchell_Marker.jpg

The Mahlon Mitchell "Family Record"94 contains a notation that "Letitia Mitchel Died Dec 30th 1869 Aged 86 7 months 16 Days". This leads to a birth date of 14 May 1783, which doesn't agree exactly with her birth date originally recorded on the same document as 16 Jun 1783.

The children of this family, with their birth dates, are from that record and also from Bill Burdine [1999c]. Burdine doesn't specify the birth places of the first eight children, but it can be assumed that most were born in Lower Makefield, Bucks.

The thirteen children of Mahlon and Letitia (Margerum) Mitchell:   Richard, Martha, Benjamin, Mahlon, Elizabeth B., Esther, John, Rebecca, Daniel, Margerum, Charles, Amos and Letitia. 

1    Mitchell, Richard was born 6 Mar 1802.    

2    Mitchell, Martha was born 30 Aug 1803.  She and James Van Horn were married 2 Feb 1826 in Hunterdon, New Jersey.  James was born about 1800. 

Witnesses to the will of Martha's grandfather Richard Mitchell included Joseph and David Vanhorn, and her brother Richard was censused 1830 next to Pattison Vanhorn in Lower Makefield.

The marriage of Martha and James, recorded in Hunterdon County, was performed by Johnston, Justice of the Peace [Deats, 1915-1918]. Their children are given by Burdett [1999c].

The seven children of James and Martha (Mitchell) Van Horn:   John, Letitia, Hannah, Coleman, Libbie, Mary and Lyman. 

i    Van Horn, John was born about 1823 and died about 1840. 

ii    Van Horn, Letitia was born about 1827. 

iii    Van Horn, Hannah was born about 1830 and died in Potter County, Pennsylvania. 

iv    Van Horn, Coleman was born 28 Aug 1834.  He was married to Hattie Ellis Sanford.  Hattie Ellis was born 10 Sep 1864 in Springwater, Livingston, New York. 

v    Van Horn, Libbie was born about 1836. 

vi    Van Horn, Mary was born about 1838. 

vii    Van Horn, Lyman was born about 1840. 

3    Mitchell, Benjamin was born 9 Jun 1805 in Lower Makefield, Bucks, Pennsylvania and died 7 Jul 1862 in New York.  He was married to Mary "Polly" Brewer.  Mary "Polly" was born about 1810. 

Benjamin appears in the census index in 1840 in Sparta, the same town in which his father was living at that time. He does not appear later, however, in Livingston County.

Benjamin's death is given here as recorded on the Mahlon Mitchell "Family Record"94.

The children of Benjamin and Polly are as given by Burdett [1999c].

Polly was of Naples, New York.

The nine children of Benjamin and Mary "Polly" (Brewer) Mitchell:   John, Samuel, Mary, Mahlon Gray, Matilda, Elizabeth "Lizzie", Zachariah, Benjamin and Delilah. 

i    Mitchell, John was born about 1830. 

ii    Mitchell, Samuel was born about 1832. 

iii    Mitchell, Mary was born about 1834.  She and M. J. Steffy were married 7 Sep 1857.  He was the son of Isaac and ____ (____) Steffy.

iv    Mitchell, Mahlon Gray was born about 1833 in Sparta, Livingston, New York and died 19 Jan 1906 in Crawford, Wisconsin.  He and Lucy Sampson were married 7 Mar 1865 in Utica Twp., Crawford, Wisconsin.  Lucy was born in near Cleveland, Ohio. 

Mahlon went to Wisconsin and had a large family95.

From the "Collins Family Tree" of William Collins on [, 2010], we find Mahlon's middle name, wife and children. Also, that he settled in 1866 on section 24, town 10, range 5 west, on a farm which had been entered by O. D. Stearns in 1854. His farm contains 160 acres of land near Utica in Crawford County, Wisconsin.

The two children of Mahlon Gray and Lucy (Sampson) Mitchell:   Roscoe S. and Howard P. 

v    Mitchell, Matilda was born about 1836. 

vi    Mitchell, Elizabeth "Lizzie" was born about 1838. 

vii    Mitchell, Zachariah was born about 1839 in Naples, Ontario, New York and died Mar 1865. 

Zachariah died during the Civil War on his way home from Andersonville Prison95.

viii    Mitchell, Benjamin was born about 1840. 

ix    Mitchell, Delilah was born about 1842. 

4    Mitchell, Mahlon was born 24 Dec 1806 in Lower Makefield, Bucks, Pennsylvania and died 6 Feb 1889.  He was married to Elizabeth Sauders.  Elizabeth was born 25 Feb 1815. 

Mahlon Mitchell, Jr., was a Christmas Eve child!

Mahlon Mitchell appears in the census index for Almond Township, Allegheny County, New York, the county south of where his father was living, in 1850 and 1860. He is probably the Mahlon who appears in the State Census index for 1865 in Naples, after his father's death.

The eleven children of Mahlon and Elizabeth (Sauders) Mitchell as given by Burdett [1999c]:

The eleven children of Mahlon and Elizabeth (Sauders) Mitchell:   Martha, Mary, Ellen, Sarah, Lydia, John, Ann E., Rachel, George Washington, Emma C. and Richard. 

i    Mitchell, Martha was born 26 Feb 1834. 

ii    Mitchell, Mary was born 11 Jan 1836 and died 17 Apr 1917. 

iii    Mitchell, Ellen was born 8 Jun 1837. 

iv    Mitchell, Sarah was born about 1838. 

v    Mitchell, Lydia was born about 1839. 

vi    Mitchell, John was born 20 Feb 1840 and died 1861. 

John served as a Private in the Civil War. He was the "first Sourthern Tier Fatality" in 186195.

vii    Mitchell, Ann E. was born about 1842.  She was married to Wes Allen.  Wes was born about 1830. 

viii    Mitchell, Rachel was born about 1843.  She was married to ____ Ward.  ____ was born about 1840. 

ix    Mitchell, George Washington was born 8 Jun 1844. 

x    Mitchell, Emma C. was born about 1848 in Almond, Allegheny, New York and died 23 Apr 1917.  She was married to Horace Tombs.  Horace was born about 1835. 

xi    Mitchell, Richard was born 3 Feb 1850 in Almond. 

5    Mitchell, Elizabeth B. was born 17 Dec 1808 in Lower Makefield, Bucks, Pennsylvania.  She was married to Leonard Gilbert.  Leonard was born about 1805. 

Elizabeth and Leonard's children are from Burdett [1999c].

The five children of Leonard and Elizabeth B. (Mitchell) Gilbert:   Diana, Lyman, Clarrisy, Susan and Cassent. 

i    Gilbert, Diana was born about 1830. 

ii    Gilbert, Lyman was born about 1831. 

iii    Gilbert, Clarrisy was born about 1833. 

iv    Gilbert, Susan was born about 1836.  She was married to Benjamin Brown. 

v    Gilbert, Cassent was born about 1837.  She was married to Abram Brown. 

6    Mitchell, Esther was born 9 Nov 1810 in Lower Makefield and died 13 Sep 1901 in Wayland, Steuben, New York.  She and Soton Sanford were married 29 Mar 1832 in Springwater, Livingston, New York.  Soton was born 11 Sep 1807 in Dryden, Tompkins, New York and died 28 Dec 1859 in Naples, Ontario, New York.  He was the son of Elisaph and Rebecca (Wheeler) Sanford.

Esther is believed to be the creator of the "Family Record" and the "Mitchell Ancestral Tree", copies of which were made for me by Andrew Burdett. His description of these documents follows:

"I have a "Family Record" that appears to be taken from a Bible and added to later on. Most likely it was written by Richard's sister Esther Mitchell Sanford. It's a very old sheet of paper found among my grandmother's things and now kept in my safe. On it are all the birthdates and names of all of Mahlon's children, Richard is the eldest, born, according to this record 6 Mar 1802 and died 17 Jul 1875.

"I also have a drawing of a family tree, about 2 foot by 2 foot in size on very thin paper, written in pencil. It's a drawing of the descendants of Richard Mitchell (father of Mahlon). I would assume it was drawn by Esther Mitchell Sanford. It is unfinished, as it doesn't include all of Esther's children, so its obvious that she was still working on it, probably when she died (in 1901). In a letter I found to my grandmother (Fannie Briggs Haynes), dated 17 Sep 1958 from a cousin (Sadie DeGoyler), it states "...grandma (Rebecca Sanford, d/o Esther) had sort of a tree the Mitchells had or some records mother (Emma Scott) gave your mother (Lillian Staley) who likely had that record somewhere." The things I have appear to be those records and "tree." From that letter I believe the information came from Esther Mitchell, as Sadie states that grandma had, not necessarily drew the tree."

The children of Soton and Esther are listed on a RootsWeb Family Tree as:

Gilbert L. b 4 MAR 1833 in East Sparta, NY

Martha b 22 SEP 1834 in East Sparta, NY

Mary b 22 SEP 1834 in East Sparta, NY

Letitia b 27 AUG 1836 in East Sparta, NY

Rebecca b 8 DEC 1837 in Springwater, NY

Salinda b 16 MAR 1839 in Springwater, NY

Ann b 16 DEC 1840 in Springwater, NY

Saul S. b 1 AUG 1842 in East Sparta, NY (Soton Saul)

Ezekiel Reed b 26 AUG 1844 in East Sparta, NY

Josephine b 4 OCT 1846 in Springwater, NY

Matilda b 10 APR 1848 in Springwater, NY

Van Rensselaer b 12 SEP 1852 in Springwater, NY

Sarah Corile b 27 NOV 1854 in Naples, NY

The two children of Soton and Esther (Mitchell) Sanford:   Letitia P. and Rebecca E. 

i    Sanford, Letitia P. was born 27 Aug 1836 in Springwater, died 28 Aug 1912 in Milaca, Mille Lacs, Minnesota and was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery.  She and Alexander Blood Shute were married 8 Aug 1852 in Springwater, Livingston, New York.  Alexander Blood was born 11 Feb 1834 in New York, died 16 Apr 1897 in Princeton, Mille Lacs, Minnesota and was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. 

A daughter of Alexander Blood and Letitia P. (Sanford) Shute:   Jennie Clara "Clara". 

ii    Sanford, Rebecca E. was born 3 Dec 1837.  She was married (1) to Daniel B. Scott 4 Jul 1853.  Daniel B. was born 21 Jul 1832.  She was married (2) to Isaac Staley 1 Nov 1870.  Isaac was born 27 Oct 1837. 

A daughter of Isaac and Rebecca E. (Sanford) Staley:   Lillian Mae. 

7    Mitchell, John was born 19 Oct 1812 in Lower Makefield, Bucks, Pennsylvania, died 19 Mar 1900 in Crawford County, Wisconsin and was buried in Gays Mills, Crawford, Wisconsin.  He and Maria Flick were married 13 Oct 1849 in Johnstown, Crawford, Wisconsin.  Maria was born about 1815.  She was the daughter of John and Nancy (Reasoner) Flick.

John appears in the census index in 1840 in Sparta, the same town in which his father was living at that time. He does not appear later, however, in Livingston County.

According to Andrew Burdett, John and Marida moved to Wisconsin and had an additional boy and girl.

The five children of John and Maria (Flick) Mitchell:   Letitia, John, Mahlon, Benjamin and ____. 

i    Mitchell, Letitia was born about 1835. 

ii    Mitchell, John was born about 1836. 

iii    Mitchell, Mahlon was born about 1862.  He and Jennie Clara "Clara" Shute were married 1883 in Mille Lacs Co., Minnesota.  Jennie Clara "Clara" was born 12 Sep 1868 in Princeton, Mille Lacs, Minnesota.  She was the daughter of Alexander Blood and Letitia P. (Sanford) Shute.

Mahlon and Clara were first cousins once removed, her mother being his first cousin. Described in another way, his grandparents and her great-grandparents were Mahlon and Letitia (Margerum) Mitchell.

Their son's ancestry, therefore, looks like this:

IMAGE: Mitchell_Cousins.jpg
Ancestry of Earl W. Mitchell

A son of Mahlon and Jennie Clara "Clara" (Shute) Mitchell:   Earl W.. 

iv    Mitchell, Benjamin was born 1850 in Utica, Crawford, Wisconsin and died 1916. 

v    Mitchell, ____. 

8    Mitchell, Rebecca was born 22 Sep 1815. 

Rebecca was born deaf and dumb95.

9    Mitchell, Daniel was born 20 Jul 1817 in Shamokin, Northumberland, Pennsylvania and died 1 Dec 1879.  He was married (1) to Phebe White 27 Jan 1842.  He was married (2) to Sarah Scott.  Sarah was born 30 Jul 1814.  She was the daughter of William and Mary (____) Scott.

A GenForum post 22 Feb 2005 by Ellen Scheffler lists entries in a Bible belonging to Daniel Mitchell. The information given there can be arranged in a descent chart plus two unconnected entries:

Mitchell, Mahlon
m Letitia ____
    Mitchell, Daniel, b 22 Jul 1817, d 1 Dec 1879 ae 63y
    m1) 27 Jan 1842 to Phebe White
        Mitchell, Charles W., b 22 May 1843, d 26 Mar 1873 ae 30y
        Mitchell, Martha Ann, b  9 Sep 1844
    m2) 23 Jan 1848 to Sarah Scott, b 30 Jul 1814,
        dtr of William and Mary Scott
            (the name "Mrs. Sarah Mitchell" was written
            in the Bible and dated February 10 1872)
        Mitchell, Joseph Downing, b 12 Oct 1849, d 15 Jan 1933
        Mitchell, Lucy Thompson, b 4 Oct 1853, d 6 Jul 1931
    Mitchell, Sarah V., d 17 Jul 1901 ae 87 [b 1813/14]
    Sanderson, Robert B., d 27 Jan 1940

I have used the first part of this chart in identifying the families of this Daniel; the other two individuals must at this point remain unidentified.

The two children of Daniel and Phebe (White) Mitchell:   Charles W. and Martha Ann. 

i    Mitchell, Charles W. was born 22 May 1843 and died 26 Mar 1873. 

ii    Mitchell, Martha Ann was born 9 Sep 1844. 

The two children of Daniel and Sarah (Scott) Mitchell:   Joseph and Lucy Thompson. 

i    Mitchell, Joseph was born 12 Oct 1849 and died 15 Jan 1933. 

ii    Mitchell, Lucy Thompson was born 4 Oct 1853 and died 6 Jul 1931. 

10    Mitchell, Margerum was born 20 Jul 1817 in Shamokin and died 6 Oct 1894 in Shell Rock Twp., Freeborn, Minnesota.  He was married to Sarah A. Tainter.  Sarah A. was born 24 Sep 1825 in New York and died after Jan 1895. 

Margerum Mitchell's children are given according to Burdett [1999c].

Jonathan Durr [Personal Communiation, Feb 2012] found an image of Margerum's death record, on which it is stated that he died of Lung Desease at the age of 76y 9m. However, it gives his birthplace as New York, not Pennsylvania. As it says he died in Shell Rock Township, that is probably where he was farming at the end of his life. Freeborn County is on the southern tier of counties adjacent to Iowa, directly south of Minneapolis.

The four children of Margerum and Sarah A. (Tainter) Mitchell:   Abner, John S., Daniel and Matilda. 

i    Mitchell, Abner was born about 1840. 

ii    Mitchell, John S. was born about 1841. 

iii    Mitchell, Daniel was born about 1845. 

iv    Mitchell, Matilda was born about 1850. 

11    Mitchell, Charles was born 26 Jan 1819 in Shamokin, Northumberland, Pennsylvania and died 12 Jun 1873. 

Charles' death is given here as recorded on the Mahlon Mitchell "Family Record"94.

12    Mitchell, Amos was born 16 Oct 1821 in Shamokin. 

13    Mitchell, Letitia was born 10 May 1826 in Sparta, Livingston, New York.  She and Imos/Amos Hurd Sanford were married 14 Dec 1843 in Springwater, Livingston, New York.  Imos/Amos Hurd was born 25 Feb 1820 in Dryden, Tompkins, New York and died 27 Apr 1905 in Alanson, Emmet, Michigan.  He was the son of Elisaph and Rebecca (Wheeler) Sanford.

See the note above that Letitia and Esther married brothers.

Burdett says the given names of Letitia's husband are Imos Hurd, but the 1880 census of his household reads Amos H. (and Lutisia). I'm retaining both versions of his first name here. At that time, Hettie and Willie were 15 and 11 years, the other children no longer at home in Conesus, Livingston, New York [pg 69B].

The children of Imos Hurd and Letitia (Mitchell) Sanford were Eliza Ann, Margerum Mitchell, Theodore Nelson, Franklin Wallace, Leroy Valores, Richard Cresan, Mary Elizabeth, Emma Philena, Ida Matilda, Soton Eugene, Hattie Ellis and William Alonzo Sanford, born 1844 through 186895.

Richard Mitchell  &  Rachel White
Richard 1, Mahlon 2, Richard 3, Mary Alice 4 White (2) Top  

Richard Mitchell was born 6 Mar 1802 in Lower Makefield, Bucks, Pennsylvania, died 17 Jul 1875 in Lost Creek Twp., Miami, Ohio and was buried in Lost Creek Cemetery. 

Richard and Rachel White were married 24 Apr 1827 in Trenton, New Jersey. 

Rachel White was born 23 Oct 1802 in New Jersey, died 20 Nov 1891 in Lost Creek Twp., Miami, Ohio and was buried in Lost Creek Cemetery, Casstown, Miami, Ohio.  She was the daughter of James and Hannah (Yardley) White.

The record of Richard's birth is contained in the "Family Record" mentioned in the introduction to this chapter, and described in more detail, above, in the history of Esther Mitchell, Richard's sister and believed to be the creator of this document and the "Mitchell Family Tree". Here is a detail of the top of the first page of that "Family Record" from Andrew Burdett, showing Richard's birth as the first in the family:

IMAGE: Mitchell_Family_Detail.jpg
Richard Mitchell's 1802 birth record

On 24 Apr 1827 Richard Mitchell of Lower Makefield married Rachel White of Trenton, New Jersey. The ceremony was performed in Trenton by the Rev. Eli F. Cooley399. Cooley was the pastor at that time of the Trenton First Presbyterian Church which became, on 23 Apr 1850, the Presbyterian Church of Ewing359. Trenton then was near (or straddled) the border between Hunterdon and Burlington Counties. Ewing Township, Hunterdon County, was formed from the northern part of Trenton Township, in 1834, and Mercer County was erected in 1838 with Trenton as its county seat. The marriage was reported 7 May in the Bucks County Patriot.

There is a mysterious 1820 census record in Lower Makefield for a Richard Mitchell born 1794/1804. It records a male under ten years and one 10 to 16, and six women in the household, two of whom were over 26 years and two more over 45. Who this family is we have no idea, but its existence warns us to be careful when interpreting records in that township and time period. It could be an error filled record of our Richard with various related or unrelated individuals, but that can only be speculation.

Richard was censused 1830 in Lower Makefield. He and his wife were recorded as born 1800 to 1810, and their son and daughter 1825 to 1830, all of which agree with the later record in Ohio. Also in his household was a female over 60 years of age, undoubtedly Rachel's mother Hannah (Yardley) White, about 64 years old at that time, who moved to Ohio with them in 1832. Richard was censused there in 1835 Miami Valley Genealogical Index (MVGI hereafter), although I have not seen that record, itself.

Andrew Burdett describes that part of the Mitchell tree chart concerned with Richard and his family92 as follows:

"Richard Mitchell, married Bucks, -- Ohio -- large family. Also branching from him are named two children: Mary and Creson M. In the family record information, it names a Hannah, daughter of Richard Mitchell, who died July 18th 1873. Nothing in the record gives Richard's wife's name."

Since the three eldest children were born in Pennsylvania through January of 1832, and Sarah, the next, was born 1832/33 in Ohio according to the 1850 census, the family must have moved west in 1832. The first land purchase recorded for Richard, in Lost Creek Township, Miami County from his mother-in-law Hannah White, was in 1835 [Miami Valley Genealogical Index]. Rachel's mother had purchased two lots totaling 221 acres in that township on 27 Dec 1832. This indicates the she and most probably the Mitchells had arrived in Ohio before that date, and it might well be surmised that Richard's family lived with her until he purchased the 124 1/4 acres from her on 23 Mar 1835 [Deeds, 13:224].

Here is a rather large map of Lost Creek Township with the various Mitchell land parcels marked (opens in another window).

Jonathan Durr's mother has the agreement by which Hannah bought the land in Ohio, and he provided a transcript to me for inclusion on this web page. My abstract is followed with the text of the agreement:

Agreement  30 May 1832
John Shidler sale to Hannah White
20a S8 and 201a S9 T2 R11 @ $10/a
Possession and payment 4 Jun 1832

"Article of agreement between John Shidler of the one part and of Hanna White of the other part witnesseth that the said John Shidler has sold unto the said Hanna White all that tract of land lying and being in section number eight and in section number nine Town Two Range eleven containing two hundred and twenty one acres more or less for the said tract of land the said Hanna White covenants and promises to pay the said John Shidler at the rate of Ten Dollars per acres and the said John Shidler binds himself his heirs executors and administrators to make a good general warrentee deed for the whole of the said Land whenever he procures a pattent or deed for the twenty acres in section number eight Town Two or he binds himself as aforesaid to make a good warrentee Deed as aforesaid for the two hundred one [acres?] being part of section no nine Town Range eleven as soon as the said Hanna White shall pay or bind her self in notes for the payment of said money and the said Hanna is to secure the ballance that may remain unpaid by a mortgage on part of the promises the said Deed to be made to the said Hannah White or to her heirs or assigns when ever called for, for the said two hundred and one acres as aforesaid possessions to be given and payment to be made on the fourth day of June next witness our hands & seals this the thirtyeth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty two". Attest Thos S. Barrett, John Shidler (seal), Hannah White (seal)

This land parcel in Section 8 & 9, as well as others belonging to the family over the years, are shown in the Lost Creek Township Plat Map (source lost) published sometime around 1850.

1832, when the Mitchells moved to Ohio, was a year of an extensive cholera epidemic, and Lost Creek Township suffered the loss of many individuals and entire families. A tale of this devastation can be found in the "History of Miami County"72 which also has extensive additional information about the township and the village of Casstown.

Hannah signed a deed of sale of the southern part of that land to Richard on 23 Mar 1835 [Deeds, 13:224]. His purchase amounted to 129 1/4 acres lying in Section 8 and Section 9. On 22 Sep 1836 Richard sold that land to Thomas Mitchell [Deeds, 14:464]. Four days later, Hannah's heirs - Samuel and Mercy White, Richard and Elizabeth White, Richard and Rachel Mitchell, George and Mary White, Asa and Mary Scott - sold the remaining 100 acres of her land in Section 9 also to Thomas Mitchell [Deeds, 14:466].

Twelve years later Thomas Mitchell deeded part of the Section 9 property to the Trustees of the Christian Meeting House for the sum of $20 [Lost Creek Township History]. That congregation, originally The Christian Church or the New Light Church, became The Lost Creek Christian Church in 1886.

That Thomas Mitchell, of about the same age as Richard, is as yet unidentified as to any family relationship. Richard's father Mahlon did not have a son Thomas, but Mahlon had two brothers, John and Daniel. The latter is reported to have lived in Ohio and had two or three children, but Daniel's birth after 1790 makes him too young to have Thomas for a son. Mahlon and Daniel's elder brother, John, however, was born probably in the mid 1770s, and so could have had a son Thomas of the right age. However, I have no information on John, so do not know if by that route Thomas and Richard might have been first cousins.

The children of Thomas and his wife Sarah were John, Isaac, Margaret, Frederick and David according to the 1850 census, where they appear some 24 households after Richard. On the 1853 map of Miami County, Thomas Mitchell is shown holding 137 acres in Section 9, with a small appendage in Section 8, in Lost Creek Township, two miles east of Richard's Section 20 land (below). The Christian Church is shown on the west edge of his property.

Less than two weeks after selling his land to Thomas Mitchell, Richard purchased 80 acres on 8 Nov 1836 from Ezra Brelsord right in the middle of Lost Creek Township [Deeds, 14;571]. Richard's name appears on the township plat map [WEB LINK] occupying the north half of the north-east quarter ofSection 20, with the Troy-Urbana road cutting diagonally across the north border of his land. On 26 Jan 1862 Richard and William Hearst, his neighbor to the north, exchanged deeds, [37:140 and 39:63], in order to align the boundary between their land along the road instead of along the section line.

Here is a modern satellite photograph [] of the farm now at the location of Richard's homestead. (Note that range and township surveys in Ohio east of the Miami River were laid out at a small angle to true north.) The thinner, blue east-west line denotes the original parcel boundary; the Troy-Urana Rd road cutting diagonally across the top of the image constitutes the boundary after the land swap with Hearst (I've expanded the blue outline slightly so as to not obscure the hedgerows which still mark the 150 year old bounds):

IMAGE: Richard_Mitchell_homestead.gif

In 1840, the census for Richard shows seven children, and agrees in age brackets with the children born by that time as indicated in the 1850 census. The 1850 census, taken 8 August, is the primary source of our knowledge of the children of Richard and Rachel, including their ages. It shows Mary (Alice) and her two older siblings born in Pennsylvania, and the rest of the children born in Ohio. It also indicates that Richard and two of his sons, John and Edward, were engaged in farming, and that his real estate was worth $2500.

In 1860 Richard was censused, as a Mitchel with only one “l”, age 58, with Rachel, 57, George, 23, Hannah, 25, Cressen, 11 and their daughter Martha H. Buvinger, 32, in his home. In 1870 Richard and Rachel Mitchel were living alone, her age recorded as 56 years. Perhaps the census taker simply misunderstood.

Richard and Rachel bought land in Lost Creek Township in 1862, and sold it that same year [Deeds 37:140 and 39:63], but I have not seen the records of those transactions.

We have from the family Bible a list entitled "Names of Heirs - Richard Mitchell", but this doesn't include grandchildren.

IMAGE: Richard_Mitchell_heirs.jpg
Bible Birthdates of Children of Richard and Rachel Mitchell

Richard died intestate, and letters of administration were filed in the Miami County Probate Court 28 Jul 1875. The procedures took almost three years, with the distribution of the estate made 19 Apr 1878. Here is the list of the amounts bequeathed at final settlement:

IMAGE: Richard_Mitchell_estate.jpg
Richard Mitchell estate final settlement

You'll notice that the eldest son, John, did not appear in this list. This is because, according to the administrator, "[he] being largely in debted to the said estate in a sum greater than his distributive share" had assigned his share to the administrator to pay for his indebtedness.

Also among the probate papers was a petition by Rachel for increased support from the estate. Dated 8 Jun 1876, she acknowledged that the appraisers of the estate "allowed the sum of four hundred dollars in property and money for the support of your petitioner for one year from the time of his death". However, she went on to state that she was seventy five years of age. quite feeble and infirm, and needed the constant care of an attendant. She therefore petitioned for an additional sum of $200.

The second, undated document, was an order by the court that the allowance for her support should be increased by $150. She didn't get all that she asked for, but the court on looking at the evidence agreed that she deserved more money from the estate.

The "Family Record" cited above for Richard's birth also gave his death date as July 17th 1875, "Aged 73 years 4 months 11 days". As mentioned in the introduction, Richard and Rachel are buried in the Lost Creek Baptist Church cemetery, some two miles north of Troy on the west side of SR589. The tombstone was photographed and sent to me by Jonathan Dorr:

IMAGE: Richard_Mitchell_tombstone.gif

Although a little difficult to read, careful study provides the folowing inscription:

in Burks Co. Pa.
Mar. 3, 1801
July 17, 1875
74 yrs  4 mo.
12 ds.

This has led to several misreadings reported in the literature, including this web page previously. Jonathan concurs that the second letter in the county name is “u”, but I cannot read “c” for the third. That has led some to report “Berks Co.” but I believe that “Burks” is simply an error made in carving “Bucks”. (But someone else's reading of “Berks” originally sent me off on a long, futile search for Richard Mitchell in that county.)

The other inconsistency is the age at death. It clearly reads 12 days, but should have read 14, given the birth and death dates shown. However, the birth date here differs by about a year from the “Family Record” cited earlier. These are simply evidence of poor memory or records over the years of Richard's life. I accept the birth date from the document, and the death date from the tombstone.

Rachel's place of birth was in Pennsylvania according to the 1850 Miami County Census, but New Jersey in the 1860 census and her death certificate, also in that county. It was also given as New Jersey in the 1880 census of her daughter Sarah (Mitchell) Long Ike. Her father bought land in 1801 and was taxed in 1802 in Hopewell Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

For some reason Rachel does not appear in the quite comprehensive index for the 1880 census at

In 2007 Jonathan Durr sent me a scan of a photograph of the Mitchell home at that time in the possession of his mother. This is what he wrote:

"Here's the Mitchell home photograph. George W. is at the right, and Cresson Mitchell is at the far left. Rachel is, as you can guess, the older lady near the door. The other two and I am not sure about although the woman may be Laura Ann Scoby Mitchell."

IMAGE: Mitchell_Home.jpg
The Mitchell Home, ca. 1880's

And here is a close-up of the people in front of the home.

IMAGE: Mitchell_Home_detail.jpg
Rachel (White) Mitchell and two of her sons

From the Casstown column of "The Buckeye" of Troy, Ohio on Thursday, 26 Novermber 1891:

"Mrs. Mitchell, wife of Richard Mitchell, one of the old residents of this township, passed away from labor to rest, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Paul Ike [Sarah] on Friday morning, the interrment taking place in Lost Creek Baptist Cemetery".

Rachel signed her will on 23 Jun 1883 in the presence of D. W. White and Edwina White. As is demonstrated by the probate documentation, "D. W." was David White, of St. Paris, Champaign, Ohio, and Edwina was his daughter. (Edwina, born 3 Jul 1856 in Ohio, was later married, at age 52, to Henry Harrison Brecount in Covington, Kentucky.) David was born 1823/24 in Pennsylvania, and so a contemporary of Rachel's eldest children. Surely from his surname he was a relative, presumably a nephew, but I've not been able to establish that connection.

Rachel's heirs and the amounts she bequeathed to them (spelling as recorded by whoever wrote out the will):

Daughter Francis Merritt $100

Son George Mitchell $100

Son Crescent Mitchell $100

Son John Mitchell $100

Grandchild William Froninger $5

Grandchild Nitta Froninger $5

Grandchild Edward Froninger $5

Daughter Letita Rhapp $1

Daughter Martha Lavan 1/3 of remainder

Daughter Mary Markley 1/3 of remainder

Daughter Sarah Ike 1/3 of remainder

There are many fascinating aspects to these bequests. Did Letitia somehow incur the displeasure of her mother, or had she received a sizable gift at some earlier time? We don't know.

The grandchildren of her daugher Hannah Frolinger (not Froninger) received small bequests, but not those of her deceased son Edward. The Frolingers were in their late teens at that time, while Edward's three were in their twenties, perhaps that was the difference.

The most intriguing aspect to Rachel's will, however, is the bequest to her "Daughter Francis Merritt". First on the list, but given the same amount as the sons, rather than sharing equally with her other daughters, this daughter was NOT listed as an heir of Richard's in 1875. The story of this newly discovered daughter, Frances White-Mitchell, is related immediately below.

Rachel's tombstone gives her death on 20 Nov 1891 aged 89y's ??ds. From her birth date recorded in her Bible, that should read 23 days.

IMAGE: Rachael_Mitchell_tombstone.gif

The ten children of Richard and Rachel (White) Mitchell:   Frances, Martha Huff, John H., Mary Alice, Sarah Ann, Edward Y., George White, Letitia, Hannah E. and Cresson B. 

1    White-Mitchell, Frances was born Feb 1818 in Pennsylvania, died 23 Nov 1901 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio and was buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio.  She and Abraham Merritt were married 6 Oct 1836 in Miami County, Ohio.  Abraham was born 1814/1816 in Warren County, Ohio, died 11 Nov 1893 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio and was buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio.  He was the son of Joseph and Nancy (____) Merritt.

"Francis Merritt" was named as a daughter in Rachel Mitchell's 1883 will, but not in Richard Mitchell's estate proceedings of 1875. That she was a member of the family is attested also in a letter and reply entered into the probate documents along with Rachel's will.

The letter, addressed to "Dear Aunt Fanny", was dated 11 Dec 1891 in Casstown, Ohio, and signed by O. G. Long. This was Oswald George Long, Rachel's grandson by her daughter Sarah Ann. The purpose of the letter was to inform Aunt Fanny about a paper which the court was asking for her to sign as an heir of Rachel.

The reply from Aunt Fanny, dated 14 Dec from Columbus, Ohio, and addressed to "Osie", indicates that she doesn't think it necessary that she should come because "I don't know anything about law, and I don't feel like spending that much money". However, she goes on to say that she will take the train to Troy Saturday or Sunday morning, although "I don't know where Cresons lives but I guess I could find the place".

Fanny is widely used as a diminutive for Frances, and using the location of Columbus, it was easy to find an 1880 census record:

Abraham MERRITT Self 65 Shoe Maker OH ENG CT
Francies MERRITT Wife 62 PA PA PA
1880 Census, Columbus, Franklin, Ohio

Then, given her husband's first name of Abraham, it was possible to find their marriage record: "Frances Mitchell was married 6 Oct 1836 in Miami County to Abraham Merritt". This demonstrates that, although not an heir of Richard Mitchell, Frances was using the name Mitchell at the time of her marriage.

Finally, looking back in time to the 1870 census in Columbus, we find that Frances and Abraham, he working as a shoemaker, had a son Abraham E., born 1853/54, who at that time was working as a Clerk in Store.

Abraham was listed as a shoemaker in the Columbus City Directories for 1887-92, but died 11 Nov 1893, and at that time was described as an Agent for Fruit Trees and as a Canvassor, the son of Joseph and Nancy Merritt.

This all adds up to the fact that Rachel White, at age of about 15 or 16, had a daughter Frances. The birthplace of Pennsylvania may be fictive, as Rachel's mother, and presumably Rachel, were living in Trenton, NJ, at that time. We don't know the name of Frances' father, but the likelihood is that they weren't married at that young age. The chances are that Frances was raised for many years by Rachel's mother Hannah, or at least in her home, until taking on the name Mitchell sometime after Rachel's marriage in 1827. Hence I have given her the surname White-Mitchell. Frances was not censused 1830 at age 12 or 13 with Richard and Rachel, but I have not seen the 1830 census for Rachel's widowed mother Hannah (Yardley) White.

This was the extent of my research into this family, until Jonathan Durr came up with two very valuable leads. He found the burial records of both Frances and Abraham, and of both of their married daughters, and he found the 1900 census record of Frances "Merutt".

The two records for Frances' date of birth differ, the 1900 census records Feb 1818, and the cemetery record Feb 1819, also naming her father as Richard Mitchael. Again, for all practical purposes, Frances counted herself as a Mitchell.

Abraham's death record also gives us the name of his parents, Joseph and Nancy Merritt, and his place of birth in Warren County, Ohio. The death records of the daughters will be described below, but the 1900 census is invaluable in that Frances testified that she had had five children, of whom three were then living.

Finally, Jonathan recognized that I had a son of Frances already named in my account of her half-brother John Mitchell, who had a farm worker Oliver Meritt, 19, in his home in Lost Creek Township, Miami County, in 1860.

Thus at this point, we have identified four children of Frances (daughter Mary had predeceased her mother), and I have placed the unknown, fifth child somewhat arbitrarily in the ten year gap between Oliver and Abraham E.

The five children of Abraham and Frances (White-Mitchell) Merritt:   Mary J., Elizabeth, Oliver C., ____ and Abraham E. 

i    Merritt, Mary J. was born 20 Aug 1837 in Ohio, died 25 Aug 1884 and was buried 27 Aug 1884 in Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus, Franklin, Ohio.  She and Byron Hutchinson were married 29 Jan 1861 in Franklin County, Ohio.  Byron was born 1 Aug 1840 in Dublin, Franklin, Ohio and died 29 Jul 1919 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio.  He was the son of Zenas and Caroline (Sells) Hutchinson.

Byron and Mary received their marriage license in Franklin County on 24 Jan 1861, based on the affidavit of his father Zenas Hutchinson.

Zenas and Caroline Hutchinson were living in Dublin (a suburb of Columbus), Franklin, Ohio, in 1880, ages 66 and 62, both born in Ohio, his parents in New York, and hers in Pennsylvania. They had a granddaughter, whose name was indexed as "Era" Hutchinson, 19, living with them. This was actually "Eva", daughter of Byron and Mary.

We have Mary's burial record as Mary J. Hutchinson, daughter of Abraham and Fannie Merritt. She was living with her parents as Mary Hutchinson, 32, in 1870, but I was unable to find Byron that year, and neither Mary nor Byron in the 1880 census.

Byron's death record lists his wife's name as Mary E. Hutchinson, and gives us the names of both of his parents.

The two children of Byron and Mary J. (Merritt) Hutchinson:   Eva M. and Edna. 

ii    Merritt, Elizabeth was born 10 Feb 1839 in Ohio, died 21 Feb 1904 and was buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio.  She was married to James H. C. "Harry" Kerr.  James H. C. "Harry" was born Jun 1839 in Ohio, died 24 Feb 1906 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio and was buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio. 

James and his brother-in-law Oliver Merritt were Privates in Company E, 95th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry ["History of Franklin and Pickaway Counties, Ohio"]. Other sources list James in Company F of the 11th Regiment. He may well have served twice.

Harry and Elisabeth Kerr, both 31, were censused 1870 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, with their daughter Alice, 5, and Edna Hutchinson, 1 year old, in their home. The wife and daughter's names identify Harry as James H. C. Kerr. Edna is Elizabeth's niece, the daughter of her sister Mary Hutchinson.

Elizabeth and James were censused 1880 in Columbus with their daughter lice, 16. Also in the home were Jennie Kerr, 23, James' sister, and two men Thomas Kelley and Paul Jones, students at the University. James was working as a printer. Elizabeth gave her mother's birthplace as Pennsylvania.

In 1900, James H. and Elizabeth C. Kerr were still in Columbus, James birth date being Jun 1839, his father was born in Ohio and his mother in Virginia. They had been married 36 years. Elizabeth, born Feb 1839, had had two children of whom one was still living at that time. The census is interesting, as James and Elizabeth had in their home Orvill and Allace May Harrington, and Elizabeth's mother Frances Merutt:

Kerr, James H. Head Jun 1839 60 OH OH VA m 36 yr Printer

Kerr, Elizabeth C. Wife Feb 1839 61 OH OH PA 2 ch 1 living

Harrington, Orvill Head Dec 1865 34 OH OH OH m 14 yr Printer

Harrington, Allace May Wife May 1865 35 OH OH OH m 14 yr 0 ch

Schutzman, Nellie Roomer Apr 1860 40 OH OH OH

Price, Ann Roomer Jul 1863 36 OH OH OH

Merutt, Frances, widow m-inlaw Feb 1818 82 NJ PA NY 5 ch 4 living


1900 Census, Columbus City, Franklin, OH

I'm inclined to think that the wife Allace May of the second "head" of household, Orvill Harrington is probably James and Elizabeth's daughter Alice, but I've not yet found the records to back this up.

James H. C. Kerr died a widower in Dayton, Montomery, Ohio, 24 Feb 1906, and was buried back in Columbus, Ohio.

The two children of James H. C. "Harry" and Elizabeth (Merritt) Kerr:   Alice May? and Eddie. 

iii    Merritt, Oliver C. was born Oct 1841 in Ohio and died Aug 1917 in California?.  He and Lucy C. Smith were married 31 May 1868 in Franklin County, Ohio.  Lucy C. was born Aug 1853 in Ohio. 

Oliver enlisted in Co. D of the 95th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He was captured and spent time as a prisoner of war. According to Jonathan, there are payment cards for both Oliver Merritt and then his widow Lucy Merritt after his death. His brother-in-law James H. C. Kerr was also in the 95th Regiment with him.

Oliver (a shoemaker) and Lucy (Smith) Merritt were in Topeka, Kansas, within a year or so after their marriage, where they were censused on 21 Jul 1870. Their son Harry was seven months old, so born Nov/Dec 1869.

Interstingly enough, they were censused adjacent to two Smith families also from Ohio. The first couple was A___n and Mary Smith, 67 and 60, with a son Robert A., 32, working as a carpenter. Unfortunately, I just cannot decipher his given name. The next family was Justus R. and Mary Smith, ages 37 and 32. He also was a carpenter, and they had three children, William, Flora and Robert.

A___n was 30 when Justus was born, 35 for Robert, and would have been 47 (and his wife 40) when Lucy was born in 1849/50. I think it likely, from the three censuses being adjacent and the families all being from Ohio, that A___n and Mary were Lucy's parents, but the age span is somewhat large.

Oliver and Mary were again in Topeka in 1880, and it is from that census that we have the names and ages of four of their children. However, later records indicate that Edwin was actually Edward A., born in Ohio according to Ohio records. Lucy reported this year that both of her parents were born in Ohio.

Oliver Merritt 38 Shoemaker OH OH OH

Lucy Merritt 28 Keeping House OH OH OH

Harry Merritt 10 KS OH OH

Wallace Merritt 8 KS OH OH

Edwin Merritt 5 KS OH OH

Fanny Merritt 1 KS OH OH

Oliver and Lucy were still in Topeka in 1900. They had Edward and David living with them. Oliver was employed as an Engineer Stationary, Edward as a Machinist, and David an Electrician. This year, Lucy reported her father as being born in Kentucky.

Oliver Merritt Oct 1841 58 OH OH OH married 32 years
Lucie Merritt Aug 1853 46 OH KY OH 5 children, 4 living
Edward A. Merritt Jul 1875 24 OH OH OH son
David F. Merritt Nov 1882 17 KS KS OH son
1900 Census, Topeka, Shawnee, KS

Two households away was their son Walter, living in a household with widower Jacob Yohey, 59, a bill collector. Walter also was employed as an Engineer Stationary, but reported that he had been unemployed for three months that year.

Walter Merritt Dec 1871 28 KS OH OH married 2 years
Sally Merritt Dec 1879 20 KS OH OH 1 child, living
John O. Merritt Aug 1899 8 mo KS KS KS
1900 Census, Topeka, Shawnee, KS

Next there is a census record taken in Los Angeles, California, in 1910 in which Lucie again reported her father's birthplace as Kentucky, rather than Ohio. Their son Frank, 27, would have been born after their 1880 Kansas census, but his birthplace implies that the couple had at that time returned to Ohio.

Oliver Merritt 69 OH OH OH
Lucie Merritt 58 OH KY OH
Frank Merritt 27 OH OH OH son
John Merritt 10 KS KS OH grandson
1910 Census, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Finally, in 1920, Lucy is again found living in Los Angeles, but now as a widow, with her widowed son Wallace and grandson John. So at this point, there is no way to determine whether John is the son of Frank (unlikely at age 17) or of Wallace.

Lucy C. Merritt Head, Widowed 68 Ohio
Wallace Merritt Son, Widowed 46 Kansas
John Merritt Grandson, Single 20 Kansas
1920 Census, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

The five children of Oliver C. and Lucy C. (Smith) Merritt:   Harry, Wallace, Edward A., Fanny and David Frank. 

iv    Merritt, ____. 

Frances asserted in the 1900 census that she had borne five children. The fifth, unknown child I've place here in the ten year period between Oliver and Abraham. Since I've found no records that might belong to this child, the obvious assumption is that he or she died either at birth or as a young child. I haven't seen the 1850 census in Miami County for Abraham and Frances, and that might bear light on this child.

v    Merritt, Abraham E. was born 1853/1854. 

2    Mitchell, Martha Huff was born 8 May 1828 in Lower Makefield, Bucks, Pennsylvania, died 4 Dec 1912 in Piqua, Miami, Ohio and was buried in Fletcher Cemetery, Fletcher, Miami, Ohio.  She was married (1) to George Buvinger.  She was married (2) to David Lavan.  David was born 1828 in Ohio, or, Pennsylvania, died 1892 and was buried in Fletcher Cemetery, Fletcher, Miami, Ohio. 

We have Martha's married name of Lavan from the “Heirs of Richard Mitchell” document. David, age 50 and a shoemaker, and Martha H. Levan, age 52, both born in PA, were censused 1880 in Wabash, Wabash, Indiana. Their children born in Indiana were Sarah R., 14, Willie K., 12, and Georgia A. Levan, 9. Note that the husband and three brothers-in-law of Martha's sister Mary Alice (Mitchell) Markley were shoemakers in Lost Creek Township.

David Lavan was censused as a 25 year old shoemaker in 1860 in Wabash & Noble Twp., Wabash Co., IN (born 1834/35 in OH); as a 38 year old shoemaker 1870 in Wabash, Wabash, IN (born 1831/32 in PA); and as David Levan, shoemaker in 1880 in the same place at age 50 (born 1829/30 in PA). He died before 1900, so we don't have the more specific birth date for him provided in that census.

The tombstone in Fletcher Cemetery reads (thanks to Jonathan Durr):

1829 - 1892
His Wife
Martha H.
1828 - 1912

There are submitted IGI records of a David Levan born 1830 in PA to Isaac and Sarah (Kimmel) Levan, and a man by the same name born about 1832 in Columbia, PA to Daniel and Elizabeth (Hower) Levan, but no way as yet to determine whether either is the husband of Martha. The first of these is made more likely since David and Martha named their first daughter Sarah, but that doesn't constitute proof.

The three children of David and Martha Huff (Mitchell) Lavan:   Sarah R., Wilber K. "Willie" and Georgiana "Georgia" A. 

i    Lavan, Sarah R. was born Feb 1866 in Indiana.  She and John J. Dooley were married 1879/1880.  John J. was born Feb 1859 in Illinois. 

ii    Lavan, Wilber K. "Willie" was born 1867/1868 in Indiana. 

Jonathan Durr reads this son's name as Wilbert in the 1870 census, but I find the census too difficult to read to be sure of the final "t". He was censused as Willie K. in his parents home in 1880.

iii    Lavan, Georgiana "Georgia" A. was born Mar 1871 in Indiana.  She was married to Oliver D. Rees. 

Georgia's wedding announcement named her as Georgiana LaVan, rather than Georgia, so I'm taking the latter as a short version of her name.

3    Mitchell, John H. was born 1 Oct 1829 in Lower Makefield, Bucks, Pennsylvania, died 3 Mar 1910 in Piqua, Miami, Ohio and was buried in Fletcher Cemetery, Fletcher, Miami, Ohio.  He and Jerusha Anne Frazee were married 2 Oct 1853 in Miami, Ohio.  Jerusha Anne was born 23 Aug 1835 in Miami Co., Ohio, died 10 Jul 1888 in near Fletcher, Miami, Ohio and was buried in Fletcher Cemetery, Fletcher, Miami, Ohio.  She was the daughter of Lewis Day and Rebecca (Wolcott) Frazee.

An index to Beers History of Miami County72 shows a John Mitchell and Jerusha Frazee married in the county, and an IGI extracted record provides the date. A map of Miami County, Ohio, shows John H. Mitchell holding 80 acres in Section 3 of Lost Creek Township two miles east of John Frazee's 195 1/2 acre parcel. This land was purchased by John Mitchell from David Frazee 1 Nov 1853 [Deeds 28:509], which dates the (undated) mapto at least the next year, or possibly later. David had bought the land 14 Feb 1850 from Joseph W. Leonard.

John H. and Gerushe Mitchel were censused 1860 in Lost Creek Twp., with children Emma, 5, Adaline A., 2, and Cholista, 1 year of age. They had a farm laborer Oliver Meritt, 19, in the home, and were censused two households before his sister Sarah Long, and three before brother Edward. (The spellings are shown here as clearly written by the census taker.)

On 17 Jan 1859 John H. Mitchell bought additional land in the same section from Asa Fordyce, and on 18 Jun 1863 he and Jeruesha sold land in the same section (part or all of their holdings, I don't know) to Lewis N. Huddleston. This sale was about four years after John and Jerusha's youngest child was born.

In 1870, John and Jerusha, ages 40 and 34, were censused in Lost Creek Twp. with Emma, 15, Adaline, 12, Cortisha, 11, Anna, 7, and Richard L., 2 years of age.

In 1880, John H. and Jerusha were in Brown Twp., Miami Co., OH. Adaline A., Calesta B., Jerusha A. and Richard were still at home, Adaline working as a Milliner. Brown township is adjacent north of Lost Creek township.

According to Mike Damon [Personal Communication, 1999], brothers John and G. M. Mitchell married sisters Jerusha Anne and R. Delcina Frazee. Unfortunately, this is incorrect. See the discusision concerning George W. Mitchell, John's brother. However, I retain Jerusha's middle name from this source. That Jerusha and Delcina were sisters, however, is proved by the Probate Court proceedings of 1 Apr 1846, in which Dulcina P., Jeresha, John W., Morris, Moses, Priscilla and Sarah Frazee were involved in Guardianship proceedings [Probate C:653, Case 1452]. This took place just six months after the 3 Oct 1845 estate probate for Lewis D. Frazee, their father [Probate C:449, Case 1418].

IGI submittd records show Moses and Prissilla Frazee as the parents of Lewis D. Frazee, born about 1800 in Ohio. IGI submitted records also claim that Lewis Day Frazee and Rebecca Wolcott were the parents of Moses Robinett Frazee, born 5 Dec 1838, and it is from this record that I take Lewis' middle name, and the couples. births and marriage dates.

There are records of a Jerusha E. Frazee buying (and losing in a Sheriff's sale) land in Miami County in 1861/62, but that was after the marriage of Jerusha Anne. So all-in-all the name is not completely uncommon, and Jerusha Mitchells can be found from Iowa to Connecticut.

The names and ages of the children (except Emma, not at home by then) are as given in the 1880 census of Brown Township (just north of Lost Creek), Miami County, Ohio [pg. 24B]. (I'm also retaining the spelling Chalista which I had originally from some unrecorded source, rather than Calesta of the 1880 census.) In addition, a newspaper obituary from the "St. Paris Er-Dispatch" posted on sates that Jerusha was the other of six children. The sixth, John S., lived just one month, and is buried in the same cemetery as his parents.

The six children of John H. and Jerusha Anne (Frazee) Mitchell:   Emma, Adaline Alice "Adda", Chalista B. "Callie", Jerusha Anne, Richard L. and John S. 

i    Mitchell, Emma was born 19 Aug 1854 in Casstown, Miami, Ohio, died 22 Jul 1928 in Piqua, Miami, Ohio and was buried in Fletcher Cemetery, Fletcher, Miami, Ohio. 

ii    Mitchell, Adaline Alice "Adda" was born 29 Sep 1857 in Miami, Ohio and died before 1939.  She and Garret H. Staats / States were married 1882 in Miami Co., Ohio.  Garret H. was born 11 Aug 1854 in Bethany, Butler, Ohio.  He was the son of David and Sarah A. (____) Staats.

Descendants of this line were in Wichita, Kansas, in 1985. A letter written that year by Warren D. States, Sr., of Wichita, said that his grandfather Garret H. Staats changed the name to States at Lawrence, Kansas between 1885 and 1890 [copy courtesy of Mike Daley]. We know that both Mitchells and Markleys were in Lawrence by 1879, and that Aaron and Mary Alice (Mitchell) Markley moved on to Topeka by July, 1885.

We find Garret as a son, age 5, in the home of David and Sarah Staats 1860 in Spring Creek Twp., Miami Co., Ohio, adjacent on the west of Lost Creek Township. The couple also had a daughter Hannah, aged 9. The MVGI index indicates that David bought land 1862 in Brown Twp., Miami Co., adjacent on the north of Lost Creek Twp.

In 1880 in Brown Twp., David and Sarah H. Staats were censused with Garret H., 25, still at home, and another son (presumably, because the census taker left a lot of blanks) John G., age 14. Also in the home was a grandson, Frank Brelsford, 18. At this same time, in Lost Creek Township to the south, Adaline Mitchell was living in her parent's home and working as a Milliner.

The MVGI records the marriage then in 1882 of "George H. Staats and Adda Mitchell", Lic. #15459, Miami County. I don't know whether the county recorded gave his name as George, or the indexer erred in copying it.

By 1900 Garret and Adaline were in Waco Townhip, on the southwest edge of Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas, with their son Ward and daughter Effie (possibly named after Effie May Rapp, daughter of Letitia Mitchell?). It is from this census that we get the names and birth information for the children. And those tell us that the family moved from Ohio to Kansas between March of 1884 and July of 1885. If their name change was in Lawrence in 1885 (see above), then they must have moved from Lawrence to Sedgwick County that year.

By 1910 the family, with Effie by then out of the home, were in Gypsum Twp., Sedgick County, and their son was named as Ward R. States. Gypsum township is on the southeast edge of Wichita. By 1920, Ward and his wife (born in Kansas of parents both born in Denmark) and their two children were living with Garrett and Adda in Gypsum Twp.

The two children of Garret H. and Adaline Alice "Adda" (Mitchell) Staats / States:   Ward Roy and Effie. 

iii    Mitchell, Chalista B. "Callie" was born May 1858 in Ohio and died 25 Apr 1929 in Washington, D. Cemetery.  She and Jason Kirby were married 1890 in Miami Co., Ohio.  Jason was born 30 Sep 1862 in Ohio.  He was the son of Aaron and Evaline (Scott) Kirby.

The 1890 marriage of Callie Mitchell to Jason Kirby in Miami County, Ohio, License #18327, is recorded in the MVGI.

In 1900, Jason and Callie were censused in Lost Creek Twp., Miami County, with their three children. It is from this record that I obtain the names of the children, and birth months/years of the entire family. Jason's exact birth date is taken from a submitted IGI record of his birth to Aaron and Evaline Kirby.

By 1910, Jason and Callie were in Brown Twp., north of Lost Creek Twp., with an additional daughter, Lala, aged 9. On 5 Jan 1920, "Kallie" Kirby was censused renting a home in the the city of Piqua, Washington Twp., Miami County. Her son Homer and daughter Lulu were living with her at 409 Virginia Street near the corner of West Ash Street. Her son Howard and his wife were living about 5 blocks north and three blocks to the west. Piqua is about six or seven miles NW of the family home in Lost Creek Township.

Here is Chalista's obituary in the "Piqua Daily Call":

IMAGE: Calista_Mitchell_Kirby_obit.jpg
Calista Mitchell Kirby obiturary

The four children of Jason and Chalista B. "Callie" (Mitchell) Kirby:   Howard M., Homer H., Walter J. and Lulu. 

iv    Mitchell, Jerusha Anne was born 20 May 1863 in Casstown, Miami, Ohio, died 8 Oct 1939 in Piqua, Miami, Ohio and was buried in Fletcher Cemetery, Fletcher, Miami, Ohio.  She and John Franklin Long were married 30 Oct 1902.  John Franklin died 1903. 

I have lost track of where I had found Jerusha's middle name as Anna, but I think it likely that it was Anne, as was her mothers. Her obituary names her as Jerusha Ann:

IMAGE: Jerusha_Ann_Long_obit.gif
Jerusha Ann (Mitchell) Long obituary

v    Mitchell, Richard L. was born 1867/1868 in Ohio and died before 1939.  He and Katherine R. ____ were married 1897/1898.  Katherine R. was born 1880/1881 in Louisiana. 

There is a census record in 1910 in Houston, Texas, which in many respects matches what we know of Richard, son of John and Jerusha. This man was Richard L. Mitchell, age 42, born in Ohio, his father born in Pennsylvania, all of these correct. The sole discrepancy is that he had his mother's birthplace also as Pennsylvania, instead of Ohio. He was a commercial traveler in electrical gear, and with his family was boarding with several other families in the Justice Precinct of Houston.

He and his wife had been married 12 years (i.e., 1897/98). Her name was Katherine R., age 29, and their only child was Katherine L., age 11. Both Katherines had been born in Louisiana, the mother's parents born in Massachusetts and Maine.

In 1920 this couple were renting a home in the Precinct 1 in Houston, and this time Richard recorded his mother as born in Ohio. I believe this correction justifies identifying this man as Richard, son of John and Jerusha of Ohio. This census Katherine also changed the place of birth of her mother to Louisiana. She was working as a receiving clerk in an oil company, and Richard worked as a salesman of electric fixtures. Their daughter Katherine, 20, was a bookkeeper in a packing house.

A daughter of Richard L. and Katherine R. (____) Mitchell:   Katherine L.. 

vi    Mitchell, John S. was born 10 Jun 1870 in Miami, Ohio, died 10 Jul 1870 in Miami and was buried in Fletcher Cemetery, Fletcher, Miami, Ohio. 

John's tombstone reads "Son of J. H. and J. Mitchell".

4    Mitchell, Mary Alice was born 11 Jan 1832.    

5    Mitchell, Sarah Ann was born 22 Oct 1834 in Lost Creek Twp., Miami, Ohio, died 5 Apr 1914 in Williams County, North Dakota and was buried in Lost Creek Cemetery, Casstown, Miami, Ohio.  She was married (1) to James L. Long 18 Nov 1851 in Miami, Ohio.  James L. was born 1830 in Ohio, died 31 Mar 1867 in Miami, Ohio and was buried in Casstown Cemetery.  He was the son of Thomas and Margaret (____) Long. She was married (2) to Paul F. Ike 1873/1878.  Paul F. was born 1807/1809 in Pennsylvania, died 1892 and was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Piqua, Miami, Ohio. 

The birthday of Sarah Ann, fourth child of Richard and Rachel, is variously reported in censuses taken from 1850 thorugh 1910. Together, they encompass years from 1832 to 1834, but in particular, the 1900 census specifies Oct 1832. That is just nine months after the birth of her older sister, Mary Alice, on 11 Jan 1832. The latter date was recorded by Mary Alice's son Orren Mitchell Markley in a carefully compiled Markley family history, and so one I accept as correct with a high probability. It's very unlikely that Rachel would have had children just nine months apart.

According to Jonathan Durr, the North Dakota Department of Health Public Death Index gives Sarah's birth as 22 Oct 1834, and her death on 5 Apr 1914. The fact that both records specify the month as October probably points to the 1900 census as being wrong only in the year. (That same census had her son born Oct 1899, age 20.) I am accepting both of these North Dakota dates as correct for Sarah.

Sarah married twice, and had children by both husbands. She first married James L. Long on 18 Nov 1851, when she was 17 and he 21 years of age. They had seven children, and James died 31 Mar 1867 at the early age of 37 years. Her second husband Paul Ike was about 26 years her senior.

The 1900 census indicated (a difficult reading but corroborated in 1910) that Sarah had born eight children, of whom three were still living. Since there is a gap of over five years between her marriage and her first known child, I tend to believe that her first two died as infants. We know that Estaville and Sylvia also both died as infants, and that Oswald and Thomas lived well into the 20th century, so the fifth child that died before 1900 must have been James' last child, James E. Long, for whom I have no records after 1880 when he was censused at age 17.

After James death, some time before 1879, Sarah married Paul F. Ike, who was 26 or 27 years her senior. Paul's first wife, also named Sarah, had died Feb 12(?) 1873 at age 62. Paul Ike and his second wife had one son, Richard Calvin. Paul died sometime after 1880, and Sarah was again a widow when censused in Lost Creek township in 1900. She then moved to North Dakota with Richard around 1903, and died there in 1914.

Sarah's death was in Williams County, North Dakota where she had been living 1910 with her son Richard. Her body was returned to Miami County, OH, for burial. William's County is in the north-west part of the state, but one county away from Canada.

James L. Long was censused at age 20 in 1850 in the home of his parents Thomas and Margaret Long in Lost Creek, Miami, Ohio. Thomas, 50, was born in Virginia and Margaret, 49, in Ohio. James' younger siblings were Elizabeth M., 15, and Mary J., 9, all three born in Ohio. (Thomas and Margaret were also censused in 1860 with ages given as 54 and 53. The names and birth places agree, the ages are inexplicable.)

James L. Long purchased land in Section 3 of Lost Creek Township on 27 Mar 1859 from George McCullough, and on 15 Dec of that year from Mary J. McCullough. Section 3 is where Sarah's brother John Mitchell bought land, and adjacent to Section 9 where Sarah and John's maternal grandmother Hannah (Yardley) White settled when she came to Ohio.

James L. and Sarah A. Long were censused 1860 in Lost Creek Twp., ages 30 and 26. They had two sons, Oswell B., aged 2, and Thomas, aged 11 months. James was a farmer, and they had living with them Henry Frulicher, an 18 year old farm worker born in Germany, and Martha C. Westfall, age 9, born in Ohio. I'm not aware of any connections to the surname Westfall, but this record might hint that one exists.

There were other James Longs in Miami county as evidenced, e.g., by the will of James Long in 1860 [MVGI]. That will might have been written by the James Long whose estate was probated that year [Case 03389] or that of the James Long probated in 1861 [Case 03546]. But the existence of these men calls for caution in interpreting records that might pertain to James

The Casstown Cemetery record for James L. Long (tombstone photo not available) says he died 21 Mar 1867 at age 36y 7m 28d. That implies a birth date of Wed, 21 Jul 1830, although I had 3 Aug 1830 from some other source now lost. His own will was written in 1860, but he survived to have two more children before his death in 1867. His estate was probated that year (Case 04409).

As mentioned above, Paul Ike had a previous wife also named Sarah. There is a record of a Paul Ike marrying Sarah Reynolds 1832 in Shelby County, Ohio [MVGI], just north of Piqua. That Sarah appeared in two census records and on her tombstone.

Paul Ike entered into several land transactions recorded in Miami County. He bought Rossville Lot 20 across the river from Piqua in 1840, and sold it 1843. He purchased "outlot" 18 in Piqua 1848. The current definition of outlot is very hazy, and what that meant 160 years ago is anyone's guess. He also sold property in Springcreek Twp. that same year. That township abuts Piqua on the east.

In 1850 Paul and Sarah (the first) Ike, ages 41 and 40, were censusd in Washington Township, to the southwest of Piqua, where he was working as a carpenter. With them were their daughter Hannah E., 17, and son Joseph L., 5.

A Lucinda Ike was married 12 May 1853 in Miami Co to William M. Winans [Miami marriage records]. No relationship to Paul has come to light, but as she was born around 1830 or so, she was of the right age to have been his daughter.

In 1855 Paul bought and then sold in the same year Piqua outlot 6.

In July of 1866, Paul put his homestead for sale. The ad was still running in "The Piqua Democrat" on August 8, so he did not get a quick sale of the "best home in Piqua":

IMAGE: Ike_home_sale.jpg
Paul Ike Home for Sale

The description of the home does make it sound quite palatial for the times. Texas Street was renamed Park Avenue in 1874, and as part of highway 185, it's one of the main east-west streets through the middle of Piqua.

In 1860 Paul, a carpenter, and Sarah, 51 and 48, were censused in Piqua with sons Joseph, 14, and William, 11. In 1870 he and Sarah, 61 and 51, were censused again in Piqua (four households from a Jacob Long) with son William G., age 21. Paul was born in Pennsylvania, and Sarah in Ohio. He was now a pump maker, and William a journeyman pump maker.

A tombstone in Forest Hill Cemetery, in Piqua, reads "Sarah Ike, Wife of Paul, died Feb 12(?) 1873 at age 62y 1(?)m 25d" and was buried 14 Feb [; photo, inscription and note by Pamela Holeton]. Disregarding the question marks indicating my doubtful reading of the tombstone image, this implies Sarah Reynolds was born 18 Dec 1810.

Some time between Sarah's death and 1878 Paul married Sarah Ann (Mitchell) Long. Their only child, Richard Calvin Ike, was born in 1879.

Paul F. Ike was censused 1880 in Lost Creek Township as a 72 year old farm laborer, with wife Sarah A. Ike, 47, parents born in PA and NJ. Also in the home were his three stepsons (and farm laborers) Oswell [Oswald] B. Long, 23, Thomas E. Long, 21 and Jas. E. Long, 17. And in the home was a Rosa M. Rush, 7 years old, born in Ohio of Ohio born parents.

In the society news for 3 Jan 1884, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ike living near Casstown, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Long of Dayton and Mr. & Mrs. C. B. Mitchell attended a surprise 20th anniversary celebration for Mr. & Mrs. David LaVan of Fletcher, about 7 mi E of Piqua. Mrs. Ike was of course Sarah (Mitchell), T. E. Long was her son Thomas by her first marriage, C. B. Mitchell was her brother Cresson, and Mrs. LaVan was Martha Huff (Mitchell) Buvinger LaVan, eldest sibling of Sarah and Cresson.

The seven children of James L. and Sarah Ann (Mitchell) Long:   ____, ____, Oswald George, Thomas E., Estaville, Sylvia S. and James E. 

i    Long, ____ was born 1852/1855. 

ii    Long, ____ was born 1852/1855. 

iii    Long, Oswald George was born 10 Jun 1858 in Ohio and died 18 Dec 1946 in Modesto, Stanislaus, California.  He and Melissa J. Applegate were married 19 Sep 1880 in Miami, Ohio.  Melissa J. was born Jul 1858 in Ohio and died 1 Nov 1938 in Modesto, Stanislaus, California.  She was the daughter of William and Hannah (____) Applegate.

The guardianship action in 1868 after his father's death named this son as Oswald G. [MVGI]. The California Death Index names him as George Oswald.

He was censused in Lost Creek Township in 1880 as Oswell B. in the household of Paul F. Ike, his step-father. By 1900 he was on his own farm in Lost Creek Township, age 42 and married 20 years. His wife was Malissa J., born July 1858, and her parents were reported as born in Ohio. She had borne two children of whom one was living. That was Anna M. Long, born Nov 1882 in Ohio.

Oswald and Melissa were living in Maryland Township, Ward County, North Dakota in 1910 with their daughter Anna Sise, and in 1920 they were by themselves in Minot, of that county, where he was working at some job (which I can't decipher) in a theater. By 1930 they had moved to Modesto, Stanislaus, California, where he was working as a hotel porter, and where he died in 1946 at age 88.

His entry on the California Death Index lists him as George Oswald, rather than v.v..

Melissa's maiden name I found in an IGI record extracted from "Marriage records, 1807-1968 ; index, 1807-1968 Ohio. Probate Court (Miami County)". Her parents were censused 1880 in Brown, Miami County where she was the second of six children.

Melissa predeceased her husband by eight years, dying in 1938 in Modesta, CA.

A daughter of Oswald George and Melissa J. (Applegate) Long:   Anna May. 

iv    Long, Thomas E. was born Aug 1859 in Ohio.  He was married to Edith ____.  Edith was born Feb 1863 in Ohio. 

Thomas E. Long is indexed on the MVGI in re' the Probate Court Guardianship proceedings in 1868 after his father's death.

In 1880 Thomas E. Long was censused in Lost Creek Township in the household of Paul F. Ike, his step-father.

By 1900, Thomas and his wife Edith (census taker wrote Eadth) were in Dayton City, Montgomery County, Ohio, some 20 miles south of Lost Creek Township. This record gives their birth years and months, and records that they had been married 18 years, and had not had any children.

In 1910, Thomas and Edith were in Pike Twp., Clark County, Ohio, adjacent to the south east of Miami County. Living with them that year was John E. Moler, 14, a nephew. This may be a hint to Edith's maiden name, but the relationship is too vague to make that at all certain. She listed her parents variously over the years as born in MD and OH, or MD and MD.

In 1920, Thomas and Edith were back in Dayton, he working as a Stock ___, Recording Device, and she as a saleslady in a department store. IN 1930 they were still living in Dayton, and had living with them Estellas M. Myres [as written by the census taker], a 41 year old widowed niece, and Robert K. Myres, a 15 year old nephew. It's entirely possible that Moler and Myres are the same surname, garbled in both cases from som more common name. In that last census year Thomas was working as a bill clerk in the House of Representatives.

v    Long, Estaville died 14 Jan 1860 in infant. 

vi    Long, Sylvia S. was born 1861 in Ohio and died 11 Oct 1862. 

vii    Long, James E. was born 1862/1863 in Ohio and died 1880/1900. 

Jas. E. Long was censused in Lost Creek Township in 1880 in the household of Paul F. Ike, his step-father.

A son of Paul F. and Sarah Ann (Mitchell) Ike:   Richard Calvin. 

i    Ike, Richard Calvin was born 9 Oct 1880 in Lost Creek, Miami, Ohio and died 2 May 1945 in Williams County, North Dakota.  He was married (1) to Lillian F. "Lillie" Kirby 12 Feb 1902 in Ohio.  Lillian F. "Lillie" was born 20 Apr 1880 in Ohio and died Apr 1926 in Williams, North Dakota.  He was married (2) to Mary Ann Tibbets 1938 in North Dakota. 

Jonathan Durr found that Richard patented the northwest quarter of Section 34 in Twelve Mile Township (Township 154 North Range 99 West), Williams County, North Dakota, on 18 September 1907. His mother Sarah patented the southwest quarter of Section 34, just south of Richard's on 29 March 1909. Jonathan also found their property on a Historic Map Works map, taken from an atlas by Geo. A. Ogle and Co., 1914, that shows Sarah's name still on her quarter, but Richard's had been sold to N. Held.

IMAGE: Sarah_Ike_land_ND.jpg
Sarah Mitchell Ike's Land in North Dakota

Richard L. and Lille Ike were censused 1910 in District 221, Williston, Williams County, North Dakota with his mother "Sayrah Ike", 76. Richard, 29, was working in real estate, his wife's age was given as 30 years, and they had been married 8 years.

Lillie reported in 1910 that she had had six children, of whom one had died. The eldest child, Hazel, while born 1902/03 according to that census, was born 1903/04 according to the 1920 census. This latter date does leave room for a child born late 1902 or early in 1903, which I'm assuming here for the deceased child.

In 1920 Richard C. and Lillian F. Ike (originally indexed as Ice on were censused in Stony Creek, Williams, ND with children as listed below, but the youngest named only as McManus Ike, 2 yrs, 5 months.

Richard was censused in 1930 as a widower in Williston with his children except for Harvey and Chester. His married daughter Hazel and her two sons were also living with him.

The youngest son of this family, Calvin, wrote an account of their lives which appeared in "The Wonder of Williams, A History of Williams County)" by the Williams County Historical Society (1975). This source was found and pointed out to me by Jonathan Durr, and from it I've extracted the following information:

Richard first came to Williston to look for a home in 1901. After returning to Lost Creek, he and Lillie were married and then loaded their horses and household goods in a box car and came to Williston to homestead. He was postmaster of the Baqual P. O. located in their home from 1903 to 1910. He was then appointed assessor which took him on horseback from the Missouri River to the Canadian border while Lillie took care of the post office. They moved into Williston in 1910, and Richard then worked in the post office in that town.

Jonathan found confirmation of those two employments of Richard in the "Official Register of the United States" for 1907 and 1910.

Lillie died in 1926, and Richard married Mary Ann Tibbets in 1938. After he retired from the post office in 1942, the couple moved to San Francisco, but soon returned to Williston.

I have not located a record of Lillie's birth, but in 1900 she was living, at age 20, with her grandparents William T. and Elizabeth Kirby in Casstown Village, Miami County. Also in the home was Esther Kirby, daughter, just six years older than Lillie.

Wm. T., 56, and Elizabeth, 46, were in Lost Creek Township in 1880. He was born in OH, his father in NJ and his mother in OH. Elizabeth was born in OH, her father in VA and her mother in PA. Esther E., age 7, was born in OH, and they had also in the household Samuel N. Kirby, age 12, a nephew born in Indiana of parents born in OH and IN.

All of these individuals should appear in the 1870 census, but an exhaustive search unrestricted as to location failed to turn them up.

Also, we know that Chalista B. Mitchell, daughter of John H . Mitchell (Sarah's brother) and Jerusha Anne Frazee, married in 1890 a Jason Kirby, and had children Howard M., Homer H., Walter J. and Lulu, born 1893 through 1902. No other connection has as yet been established.

The names and birthdates of the children of this family I take from "The Wonder of Williams ..." cited above. (Except Margery, see below.)

The ten children of Richard Calvin and Lillian F. "Lillie" (Kirby) Ike:   ____, Hazel P., Harvey A., Chester L., William Percy, Marian Elizabeth, Richard Ralph, Sarah Edith, Margery L. and Calvin McManus. 

6    Mitchell, Edward Y. was born 4 Oct 1835 in Lost Creek Twp., Miami, Ohio, died 25 Apr 1866 and was buried in Mays Cemetery, Onward, Cass, Indiana.  He and Victoria A. Fields were married 26 Sep 1858.  Victoria A. was born May 1839 in Ohio, died Jan 1921 and was buried 17 Jan 1921 in Mount Hope Cem, Peru, Miami, Indiana. 

Edward's maternal grandmother was Hannah (Yardley) White, so it's at least a possibility that his middle initial "Y" stands for Yardley.

According to the Miami Valley Genealogical Index, Edward and Victoria Fields obtained a marriage license in 1858, and in the IGI is found the marriage of Victoria Fields and Edward Matchell [sic] on 26 SEP 1858 [Miami County Probate Court Marriage records]. (There is also an IGI submitted record erroneously reporting that Victoria married James L. Long - Sarah Ann Mitchell's husband - on 22 Sep 1858.) In the 1860 Lost Creek census they had a son George who was eight months old, and a "laborer" Marian Fields, 18, in their household. They were listed next after Edward's sister Sarah Long.

In 1870, Victoria Mitchell, 31, was recorded as a housekeeper for Zimn(?) H. French in Staunton Twp., Miami County. With her were her daughter Mary A., age 8 and born in Ohio, and son Edward E., 6, born in Indiana. (HeritageQuest incorrectly indexes her name as Mitcell.) I was unable to find her son George in the census that year.

In 1880, Victoria A. Mitchell, aged 42, was censused in Tipton, Cass County, Indiana [pg. 419A] with a son George B., 20, a daughter-in-law Laura B., 19, and another son Elmer E., 16. Victoria was born in Ohio, and the father of her two sons was also. These ages and birthplaces make in quite probable in my mind that these were the widow and sons of Edward, and I'm accepting these names and dates, except for the younger son's name (see below). Note that Edward's sister Mary Alice and Aaron Markley moved to Kansas in 1879 from Wabash County, some 30 miles east of Cass County, Indiana.

The births of Victoria's three children are recorded in the family Bible from Jonathan Durr which lists the Edward Y. Mitchell Heirs as:

IMAGE: Edward_Mitchell_Heirs.jpg
Heirs of Edward Y. Mitchell

I read this record as:

George B. "16 years ago in Oct"
Mary A. "15 years ago last May"
Ellsworth "11 years ago last January"

These dates are mutually inconsistant, as they imply George and Mary were born four months apart. Comparison with the above census dates indicates that Mary's record should have read "13", rather than "15". With this correction, we thus have the months of birth of these three children.

Jonathan Durr believes that Edward's middle name was Yardley, after his maternal grandmother. He notes that the age at birth on Edward's (broken) tombstone differs by about a year from what it should have been based on the Mitchell Heirs document.

All of the children and descendants of Edward and Victoria were initially, and primarily, from a descent chart which Jonathan sent me 23 Dec 2009. Some additions were made later, but that's my primary source.

Victoria was living with her daughter Mary Smith in 1910 in Tipton Twp., Cass, Indiana. She had been in that town also in 1900, and was in Peru, Cass County in 1920.

The three children of Edward Y. and Victoria A. (Fields) Mitchell:   George B., Mary A. and Elmer Ellsworth. 

i    Mitchell, George B. was born 30 Oct 1859 in Troy, Miami, Ohio and died 15 Jul 1924 in Warroad, Roseau, Minnesota.  He was married (1) to Flora A. Brandt 11 Jan 1880 in Pipe Creek Twp., Miami, Indiana.  Flora A. was born Dec 1860 in Pipe Creek Twp., Miami, Indiana and died 14 Aug 1948 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland.  He was married (2) to Anna Matilda Dowsland 2 Jun 1906 in Indiana.  Anna Matilda died after 1930. 

The given name of George's spouse was misunderstood as Laura by the census taker in 1880 when they, with his brother Elmer were living in his widowed mother Victoria A. Mitchell's home in Tipton Twp., Cass Co., Indiana. In that record "Laura" was born 1860/61 in Indiana, her father born in Pennsyvania, and her mother's birthplace was not given.

Victoria A. MITCHELL Self W 42 OH Keeps House OH OH
George B. MITCHELL Son M 20 OH Laborer OH OH
Laura B. MITCHELL DauL M 19 IN Housework PA --
Elmer E. MITCHELL Son S 16 IN Laborer OH OH
1880 Tipton, Cass, Indiana

However, the 1900 census correctly names her as "Flora", age 39, wife of George, age 40, in Peru, Miami, Indiana. George was working as a carpenter contractor. Their children recorded that year were Wilbur, 19, Harry, 16 and Emma, 12.

Sometime during the next fifteen years George and FLora divorced. He appears with his mother in the 1905 Minnesota State Census living in Clear River Township, Roseau County, Minnesota. The next year George remarried, and the following year, May 1907, he patented land in that county. By 1910, he and his wife Anna were in Warroad village on the Lake of the Woods, about 22 miles east of Roseau, the county seat, with their son Geo. Richard, 14 months old.

Jonathan Durr found a biography of George and Anna in a histry of early settlers in Roseau County entitled "Pioneers! O Pioneers!":

"George Mitchell … was attracted to this part of the country after he had come up to Warroad area to hunt in the year 1903. He came up in 1904 and took out a homestead and built a house in Clear River. In 1907 he built a home on east Lake Street."

"The Mitchell family went to Florida during the winters after 1910. George had what was then called the grippe every winter. In 1914 the family moved to Kokomo, Indiana, but moved back to Warroad in 1922. George suffered a stroke and died in Warroad at the age of 62."

"Anna Dowsland Mitchell was a resident of Roseau County since 1902. She was the first person to secure a teacher`s certificate in the county. She was married in December 1894 to Archie MacDonald. The MacDonalds moved to Crookston where her husband worked on a paper. The son Ralph was born there. They came back to Warroad in 1902. In 1903 she began teaching in the primary grades at Warroad. Later she ran a little confectionary store. She married George Mitchell in 1906 and took in teachers for board and room. "

Anna, as a widow, was running a boarding house in 1930 in Warroad Village. (Jonathan Durr found all of these records.)

Jonathan found Flora's obituary in the "Logansport Press", of Tuesday, August 17, 1948: "Flora A. Mitchell, a former Peru resident and mother of Wilbur Mitchell, 221 E. Eighth, died Saturday at the home of her daughter. Mrs. George Newlin. at Baltimore. Md. Funeral services will be held at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Harry Moore chapel. 2058 E. Michigan. Indianapolis. Burial will be in Washington Park Cemetery at Indianapolis."

The three children of George B. and Flora A. (Brandt) Mitchell:   Wilbur Leo, Harry J. and Emma Edna. 

A son of George B. and Anna Matilda (Dowsland) Mitchell:   George Richard. 

ii    Mitchell, Mary A. was born 6 Jul 1861 in Miami County, Ohio and died 14 Jun 1947 in Miami County, Indiana.  She and Peter Smith were married 26 Sep 1878 in Cass County, Indiana.  Peter was born about 1856 in Indiana and died 10 Apr 1930 in Pipe Creek Twp., Miami, Ohio. 

Mary A. Mitchell's name appears in the guardianship case #04922 in the Probate Court of Miami County in 1870. Mary was not at home with her widowed mother in Cass County, Indiana, in 1880, when she would have been 18 years old.

We have the name of Mary's husband from a news article 31 Mar 1916 stating that "George Mitchell from Warroad, Minn. has come to spend the summer with his sister, Mrs. Peter Smith", and an adjacent social notice that "Victoria Mitchell has come to spend the summer with her daughter, Mrs. Peter Smith". These were found by Jonathan Durr in the"Logansport Pharos"

Mary was buried in Little Deer Creek Cemetery in Onward, Cass, Indiana.

A son of Peter and Mary A. (Mitchell) Smith:   Edward Elsworth. 

iii    Mitchell, Elmer Ellsworth was born 20 Jan 1864 in Lewisburg, Cass, Indiana and died 13 Jan 1938 in Steuben County, Indiana.  He and Lillian M. "Lilly" King were married 23 Jul 1885 in Miami County, Indiana.  Lillian M. "Lilly" was born 1868/1870 in Indiana. 

The "Heirs of Edward Mitchell" document lists this son as Ellsworth, the 1870 Guardianship record in Probate Court gives his name as Elmer E., as does his mother's 1880 census record when he was 16. However, her 1870 record names him as Edward E., age 6. I've ignored this 1870 census to record him as Elmer Ellsworth.

The only Elmer Mitchell of the right vital data seems to be the man censused 1910 and 1920 in Miami County, Indiana. He was a baker by trade, and his wife was named as Lillian M. in 1910, and as Lillie in 1920. She was born in Indiana; both of her parents were born in Germany. She had borne four children, of whom two were living in 1910, they having been married 25 years at that time.

The two children of Elmer Ellsworth and Lillian M. "Lilly" (King) Mitchell:   Edgar Elden and Mary Gladys. 

7    Mitchell, George White was born 19 Nov 1837 in Lost Creek Twp., Miami, Ohio, died 24 Jan 1908 in Pemberton, Perry Twp., Shelby, Ohio and was buried in Ceder Point Cemetery, Pasco, Shelby, Ohio.  He was married (1) to Rebecca Delcina Covault 11 Dec 1866 in Miami, Ohio.  Rebecca Delcina was born 6 Sep 1841 in Miami County, Ohio, died 4 Oct 1875 in Lost Creek Twp., Miami, Ohio and was buried in Lost Creek Cemetery, Casstown.  She was the daughter of Lewis Carmen and Susannah (Yates) Covault. He was married (2) to Laura Ann Scoby 5 Mar 1878 in Shelby County, Ohio.  Laura Ann was born 3 Oct 1856 in Perry Twp., Shelby, Ohio, died 23 Nov 1938 in Union Twp., Miami, Ohio and was buried in Ceder Point Cemetery, Pasco, Shelby, Ohio.  She was the daughter of William G. and Mary (More / Moore) Scoby.

I had originally recorded on this web page that George White Mitchell married R. Delcina Frazee, sister to the Jerusha Frazee who married his brother John. This was incorrect. A descendant of George, Jonathan D. Durr, contacted me in June of 2007, and provided me with the correct information concerning George as recorded in George Mitchell's bible, now in the possession of Jonathan's mother. More recently, I was contacted by Delcia Hill, another descendant of George White Mitchell, and my record here of this branch of the Mitchell line is primarily due to ongoing, generous contributions of Jonathan and Delcia.

George was married twice, and the details of his famillies as recorded here are from Jonathan. In addition, he writes "George was a Civil War veteran. He served in the 2nd O.V.I, Company D. as a private. My mother now has the pension documents belonging to Laura Ann Scoby Mitchell and also his G.A.R hat pin (so I assume he was a member of a G.A.R. post)." Delcia Hill quotes details from his discharge papers which indicate he was enrolled 10 Sep 1861, and discharged 10 Oct 1864 at Camp Chase, Ohio, his three year enlistment having expired. Jonathan also provided me with this portrait of George, and a letter of his from which I have copied his signature.

IMAGE: George_W_Mitchell_portrait.jpg
George W. Mitchell

IMAGE: George_W_Mitchell_signature.jpg
George's signature

George was still in his father's home in 1860, but on 30 Jun 1870 George and Rebecca D. Mitchel were censused in Lost Creek Township, ages 32 and 28. His real estate was valued at $4000; his personal estate at $1200.

On April 1, 1868, George purchased two parcels of land from Jacob Cromer for the sum of $5130. The land constituted the east half of section 31, township 2, range 11, in Lost Creek Township [Delcia Hill]. However, in 1870, George and Rebecca were censused in South Creek Township, Miami, Ohio.

It is believed in the family that the children of George and Rebecca both died of scarlet fever.

I was unable to find George and his second wife Laura Ann in the 1880 census index. But Jonathan's mother said that the couple homesteaded for a while in Michigan, and according to Delcia Hill, they bought a home in Petoskey, on the shore of Lake Michigan. Jonathan found their record in Springvale Township, Charlevoix, MI. George's age was recorded as 41 (born 1838/39 instead of 1837), and his wife "Sarah" was (correctly) 23, both born in Ohio. Where the name Sarah came from is unguessable, and the Family Search version of the record had his parents both born in New York. However, the Heritage Quest image of that census page is totally unreadable at that spot. Their son "Willie" was aged one year, and his place of birth was given as Ohio, acording to Family Search.

In 1900, they were back in Ohio, in Brown Twp., Miami Co.. That census record gives their ages as 62 and 43, and their birth dates as Nov 1837 and Oct 1856. They had been married 22 years, and had three children, all living, and all at home. William was 22, b Jan 1878, Mable 17, b Oct 1882, and Blanche, b Nov 1891. Two of these dates also differ by one year from those in the George Mitchell Bible.

George's death record, a copy of which Jonathan Durr sent me, reports that Goerge died of paralysis 24 Jan 1908 at age 70y 2m 4d (which should have read 5 days if the birth dates have is correct) [Record of Deaths, Probate Court, Shelby County, Ohio].

His family Bible records, apparently incorrectly, that he died on 28 January. Jonathan Durr and Delcia Hill both provided me with a copy of George's obituary, which reported that he died on a Friday, which would have been the 24th:

"Death of George W. Mitchell, An Old Resident of Pemberton.

"George W. Mitchell died at his home in Pemberton last Friday morning. He was the son of Richard and Rachel Mitchell and was born in Miami county, November 19, 1837. He was married March 5, 1878, to Miss Laura A. Scoby, and there were born three children. William Mitchell, Mrs. Mabel Mason [sic] and Blanche Mitchell. He was a kind and loving husband and father. He served as a soldier in the Civil with the 20th O. V. I. He united with the Lost Creek Christian church in the winter of 1858. He is also survived by two brothers and four sisters. The funeral services were held Sunday morning at Pasco and were conducted by Rev. E. M. Rapp, who was his associate in youth. Interment in Cedar Point."

Delcina's birth date is from the family Bible in the possession of Jonathan Durr's mother. According to Jonathan, she was censused in her parents' home in 1850 as Rebecca. But in 1860, Dulcena Covalt was censused as an 18 year old daughter in the Lost Creek Twp. home of Lewis and Susannah Covault, ages 42 and 49. Also in the home were her siblings Mary Y., 24, her brother Nance, 20, Caroline, 15, and Precilla, 13. Lewis' estate was valued at $4000 and his personal property at $1115, and both he and his wife were born in Ohio.

A plat map for Lost Creek Township shows an 80 acre parcel belonging to L. C. Cavault just one half mile east of George Mitchell's land north of Casstown. This is quite probably Lewis Covault, and if so illustrates both an alternate spelling of the surname, as well as his middle initial "C".

The MVGI lists a Marriage License #9484 for Abraham Garver and Casena Cavault. Here again is the alternate spelling, and I have no doubt that Casena is simply a misunderstood rendering of Delcina. The IGI, citing "Marriage records, 1807-1968 ; index, 1807-1968 Ohio. Probate Court (Miami County)", has their marriage on 31 Dec 1864. Abraham died 5 Jan 1865, just five days after his marriage. Delcina two years later married George White Mitchell on 11 Dec 1866.

Delcina's tombstone gives her death date and age at death, as do those of her two children who both died as infants [Wattman, 1999a]. The record gives her name as "R. Delcina wife of G. W.". Note that she died just one week after giving birth to Anna, who hen lived less than ten months. According to Pauine Mitchell, as cited by Delcia Hill, Delcina died of scarlet fever.

In 1860 William and Mary Scoby, ages 44 and 34, were censused in Perry Twp., Shelby, OH with their three children Leroy H., 11, Laura A., 3, and Matilda, age 2. William was born in Pennsylvania, and Mary in Ohio. His real estate was valued at $2400, and personal property at $350. According to an autobiographical sketch by Mary Blanche Mitchell, supplied to me by Delcia Hill, the daughter's full name was Matilda Jane. That document also says that the mother Mary died when Laura Ann was seven years old.

I was unable to find this family in the 1870 census, when Laura would have been 13 years old, but in 1880 William appears in Perry, Shelby County, with a wife Elizabeth, age 51, daughter Matilda, age 20, and four more children. Whether Mary and Elizabeth were one and the same, or two different wives, I don't know. Laura by that time, of course, was married and living in her own home.

In 1910 Laura was censused as living alone in Perry Twp., Shelby, Ohio. Her age was given as 53, and her parents' birth states as New Jersey and Ohio. I have been unable to find her census record in 1920 or 1930.

About 1912 or so, Laura had her photograph taken with her son and grandson:

IMAGE: Laura_Mitchell_sons.jpg
Laura Ann (Scoby) Mitchell, her son William Cresson Mitchell, and her grandson Harry Russell Mitchell

According to Delcia Hill, Laura Ann received a widow's pension.

The two children of George White and Rebecca Delcina (Covault) Mitchell:   Freeman † H. and Anna Lorena. 

i    Mitchell, Freeman † H. was born 1 Jun 1873 in Casstown, died 7 Aug 1873 in Casstown, Ohio and was buried in Lost Creek Cemetery, Casstown. 

ii    Mitchell, Anna Lorena was born 30 Nov 1874 in Casstown, died 27 Sep 1875 in Casstown, Ohio and was buried in Lost Creek Cemetery, Casstown. 

Anna's birth is recorded in the Birth records, 1853-1965 Ohio. Probate Court (Miami County), where her mother's name is spelled Delcina Covalt, and her father as George W. Mitchel.

The four children of George White and Laura Ann (Scoby) Mitchell:   William Cresson, ____, Mabel Claire and Mary Blanche. 

i    Mitchell, William Cresson was born 9 Jan 1879 in Dinsmore, Shelby, Ohio, died 22 Sep 1963 in Miami County, Ohio and was buried in Fletcher Cemetery, Fletcher, Miami, Ohio.  He was married (1) to Iva Vitella Pence 11 Dec 1907.  Iva Vitella was born 5 Jan 1881 in Miami, Ohio, died 1951 and was buried in Fletcher Cemetery, Fletcher, Miami, Ohio.  She was the daughter of George W. and Josephine (Shanks) Pence. He was married (2) to Emma C. ____.  Emma C. was born 1882, died 1960 and was buried in Fletcher Cemetery. 

"Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-1994" on shows an image of the Marriage License Application and Marriage Certificate for Wm C. Mitchell, born Shelby County, Ohio, to Iva V. Pence, born 1881 in Miami Co., Ohio. Both of their residences were in Fletcher. Their marriage date was 11 Dec 1901 in Miami County, Ohio, and their parents were named as Geo. W. Mitchell and Laura A. Scoby, and Geo. W. Pence and Josephine Shanks.

William C. and Iva V. Mitchell with their son Harry R. were censused 1920 in Lost Creek Twp. Their ages were given as 41, 39 and 11, and Iva's parents were noted as both born in Ohio. I was unable to find them in the 1910 census where Harry would have been just one year old.

The family gravestone in Fletcher Cemetery, Miami County, reads "MITCHELL" followed by

Kathryn I. Iva V. William C. Emma C.
1912-1913 1881-1951 1879-1963 1882-1960

My thanks to "Candy" who responded promptly to my request on with an excellent, clear image of this gravestone.

The two children of William Cresson and Iva Vitella (Pence) Mitchell:   Harry Russell and Kathryn Irene. 

ii    Mitchell, ____ was born 1880 in Shelby County, Ohio and died 1880 in Shelby County. 

According to Delcia Hill, the death records of Shelby County indicate this child lived only three days.

iii    Mitchell, Mabel Claire was born 16 Oct 1882 in Sidney, Perry Twp., Shelby, Ohio, died 28 Jun 1977 in Lancaster, Los Angeles, California and was buried in Ceder Point Cemetery, Pasco, Shelby, Ohio.  She and Robert Joseph Nason were married 20 Feb 1907 in Shelby, Ohio.  Robert Joseph was born 30 Dec 1872 in Patterson Twp., Darke, Ohio, died 6 Nov 1946 in Covington, Miami, Ohio and was buried in Pasco Cemetery, Shelby, Ohio.  He was the son of Job and Phoebe (West) Nason.

The name of Mabel's husband as Robert Joseph was given to me by Jonathan Durr, and Delcia Hill provided her marriage and her and Robert's deaths. However, the record of his 30 Dec 1872 birth in "Ohio, County Births, 1856-1909" on familysearch, which also names his parents, gives his name as Jos. R. Nason.

Robert was censused at age 7 years in his parents home in Patterson Twp., Darke County, Ohio, in 1880. His father's parents were born in Ohio and Virginia; his mother's in England and Pennsylvania. This record names his two older and three younger siblings, as well.

In 1900 Robert was censused in Piqua, Miami County, with his first wife Amanda Batty and the first two of their children, Ethel L., 4, and Lucy, 1 year old. He gave his birth date as Dec 1871, not 1872.

In 1910 he was censused at age 37 in Brown Twp., Miami Co., (adjacent to the north of Lost Creek Township) with his wife Mabel C., 27, and two of his daughters Ethel, 15 and Clissie L., 7. Robert and Mabel reported that they had been married three years, and it was recorded on her line of the census that she had born three children of whom two were still living. This is a flaw in the census in that the three children of Robert's were by his deceased first wife, but there was no simple way of indicating that on the census forms. Lucy was missing from that census, so must have died during the preceeding decade. Adjacent to the family on that census page are George and Josephine Pence, in-laws of Mabel's brother William Cresson Mitchell.

Then in 1920 Robert was in the 3rd Ward of Piqua, with Mabel 37, daughter Blanch 10, and Wilma 4 years and ten months. That year he was working as a machine operator in a box factory. The 1930 census is weirdly inaccurate, giving Blanche's age as 15 instead of 20, and Wilma's as 9 instead of 15. Their parents' ages, however, were recorded correctly.

Mable's death appears in the SSDI where it gives her birth date of 16 Oct 1882, and her death in Jun 1977 when she was living in Los Angeles, California. She had outlived her husband by over 30 years. When she went to California, and what she did there, are presently unknown.

The three children of Robert Joseph and Mabel Claire (Mitchell) Nason:   Delcia Blanche, Wilma Catharine "Grace" and Robert Walter. 

iv    Mitchell, Mary Blanche was born 22 Nov 1891 and died 7 Apr 1982 in Dover, Tuscarawas, Ohio.  She was married (1) to Frank Davidson Idle 30 Sep 1909 in Shelby, Ohio.  Frank Davidson was born 16 Jul 1891 in Fletcher, Ohio and died 18 Feb 1974 in Tallmadge, Summit, Ohio.  He was the son of Lafayette "Lafy" and Mary Jane Bell (Davidson) Idle. She was married (2) to Jasper Rosser 1943.  She was married (3) to Clifford Barnes 1957.  Clifford was born 31 May 1891 and died Jan 1981 in Stow, Summit, Ohio. 

Mary Blanche was a great-grandmother of Jonathan D. Durr, who provided me with corrected information on both of the wives of George White Mitchell, and of his children by his second wife [Personal Communication, June 2007]. The source of his information is the George W. Mitchell family bible, in his mother's possession.

Frank and Mary were censused 1920 in Akron Twp., Summit, Ohio with their three children, Elsie C., Edison M. and "Magy" F., ages 8, 6 and 4.

After their divorce, Frank Davidson Idle remained estranged from the family for the rest of his life. Mary Blanche married twice more, her husbands' names I received from Jonathan Durr.

I obtained Clifford's birth and death dates from the SSDI, based on Jonathan's information that he died in Stow.

The three children of Frank Davidson and Mary Blanche (Mitchell) Idle:   Elsie Claire, Edison Mitchell and Mary Frances. 

8    Mitchell, Letitia was born 6 Jun 1841 in Lost Creek Twp., Miami, Ohio, died 9 May 1917 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois and was buried in Defiance, Ohio.  She and Benjamin F. Rapp were married 1858 in Miami Co., Ohio.  Benjamin F. was born 1833/1834 in Pennsylvania.  He was the son of Barnet and Mary (Wersler) Rapp.

Letitia's married name of Rapp comes from the "Heirs of Richard Mitchell" document from Jonathan Durr [Personal Communication, 2007]. There is a marriage reported in Miami County for Leutitia Mitchall and Benjamin F. Rapp, 1858, License #7964 [Miami Valley Genealogical Index], which thus provides us with his given name and middle initial.

Letitia's birth and death dates are taken from an image of her death certificate provided to me by Jonathan Durr. Her parents birthplace, however, were both listed as New Jersey, as testified by the informant, J. Schmidt. Her burial place of Defiance could be either the city or the county.

I could not find this couple in the 1860 census, but in 1870 in Sprigg Twp., Adams Co., OH, we find Benjamin Rapp, Minister of the Gospel, born 1833/34 in PA, and wife Letitia, born 1841/42 in Ohio. From this record also we find their first two children, Effie May, 9 years old and born in Indiana, and William, 3, born in Ohio. (Interestingly, the family was censused twice, on the 4th and 8th of August). Adams County is on the southern border of Ohio, about a hundred miles from Miami County. Considering his age, Benjamin may have been studiing for the ministry in Indiana when Effie May was born there.

Again, in 1880, I was unable to find this family anywhere in the U. S. Census, but Jonathan Durr [Personal Communication, 2007] found them recorded with surname Ruff (possibly Raff) in Columbus Grove, Putnam County, Ohio. Benjamin, 47, was listed as a Minister, Letitia's age was given as 38, and they had with them son Willie, 13 and Gracie, 4, both born in Ohio.

The Miami Valley Genealogical index references a county history naming Benjam F. Rapp as a son of Barnett and Mary Rapp, but without dates. However, there was in 1880 in Lost Creek Twp. an Elijah M. Rapp, born 1835/36, Farmer & Minister, born in OH of PA born parents. His wife was Mary F., b 1840/41, and they had three children and her mother Emeline C. S. Titus living with them that year. An IGI record identifies Elijah as the son of Barnet and Mary (Wersler) Rapp, and I take these combinations of records as identification of Benjamin's parentage.

According to Jonathan Durr, Benjamin and Letitia were in Defiance, Ohio in 190 with their daughter Grace. Benjamin died in that town, and from 1902 through 1914 Letitia Rapp, widow of Benjamin, appeared in the Chicago city directories, for six years at 8914 Houston Avenue, then on Saginaw Avenue and on East 72nd.

Benjmain belongs to an extensive Rapp lineage in Pennsylvania which includes the given name Barnet in several generations. His lineage, in brief, and extracted from various Ancestral File and GenForum records, is:

Rapp, Asmus         b 1623 m Appolina Wenz
    Rapp, Hans Peter    b 1648
        Rapp, Frederick     b 1689 m Anna Katherine Pingolet
            Rapp, Philip        b 1724 m Elizabeth Rossiter
                Rapp, Barnet        b 1761 m Esther Rossiter
                    Rapp, Barnet        b 1800 m Maria Wesler

The three children of Benjamin F. and Letitia (Mitchell) Rapp:   Effie May, William "Willie" and Grace "Gracie". 

i    Rapp, Effie May was born 1860/1861 in Indiana. 

ii    Rapp, William "Willie" was born 1866/1867 in Ohio. 

iii    Rapp, Grace "Gracie" was born 1875/1876 in Ohio.  She and Ferdinand Frederick Schmidt were married 2 Dec 1916. 

9    Mitchell, Hannah E. was born 3 Aug 1843 in Lost Creek Twp., Miami, Ohio, died 18 Jul 1875 and was buried in Lost Creek Cemetery, , Casstown.  She and Henry Froliger were married 1866 in Miami, Ohio.  Henry was born May 1842 in Switzerland and died after 1880. 

The Miami Valley Genealogical Index [MVGI] lists married License #10215 for Henry Froliger and Hannah E. Mitchell, from which we have her middle initial.

In 1870, Henry and Hannah were censused adjacent to her parents in Lost Creek Twp., Miami County. The children were William L., 3, and Nettie, 1 year of age. Henry reported his birth place as Prussia, but see contradictory reports below.

Hannah's death date is from her tombstone in Lost Creek Cemetery, as shown on this image below. Note that her father had died 17 Jul 1875, the day before Hannah. However, he died intestate, and the earliest document actually naming the heirs, in this case Hannah's three children, was the final distribution on19 Apr 1878.

IMAGE: Hannah_Froliger_tombstone.jpg
Tombstone of Hannah Mitchell Froliger

In the 1880 Lost Creek census [pg. 117D], Henry, a farm laborer, was recorded as 38, “Willie L.” 14, Nettie 12 and Edward 9 years of age, the three children all born in Ohio. This year, Henry reported his birth place as Switzerland, and his parents as well.

By 1900, Henry had remarried, and was censused as a farmer with a wife Julia A., son William, and daughter Retha F., born Aug 1888. This year he stuck with Switzerland as his birth place, as in 1880.

In 1910, Henry and Julia Anna still had son William L. and daughter Retha Fern at home in Lost Creek Township. By 1920, Julia had died, but the two children still lived with Henry. That year, Henry still claimed Switzerland as his birth place, but reported that his father had been born in Switzerland and his mother in Germany.

William L., Nettie and Edward E. Mitchell were named in Guardianship proceedings in Probate Court in 1877 [Case 06089]. These three also appear in the family Bible from Jonathan Durr which lists the three heirs of Hannah E. Froliger as Willy, Nettie and Eddie:

IMAGE: Hannah_Mitchell_Froliger.jpg
Heirs of Hannah E. Froliger

In 1878 a Habeas Corpus was filed in Probate Court for a Jeannetta Froliger. Was the court trying to find another daughter for Guardianship proceedings? Finally, for completeness, it should be noted that a Stephen Froliger was censused in 1840 in Cincinnatti. Probably not a relative, either, but these are the only MVGI Froliger entries other than those for this family. Aside from these Ohio records, I have found the surname Froliger in no other sources, and wonder if it is a local variant of the very common German name Froelich, or Frölich.

The four children of Henry and Hannah E. (Mitchell) Froliger:   Sarah, William L., Nettie E. and Edward C./E. 

i    Froliger, Sarah. 

ii    Froliger, William L. was born Jun 1866 in Ohio. 

William sustained a head injury as a child, and after another injury by a horse at age 36 was committed to the Dayton State Hospital:

IMAGE: Wm_Froliger.gif
Wiliam Froliger committed to State Hospital

iii    Froliger, Nettie E. was born Sep 1869 in Ohio.  She and Robert H. Hannon were married 1893.  Robert H. was born Feb 1870 in Ohio. 

The MVGI gives marriage license #19981 for Nettie and Robert, 1893.

Robert H. and Nettie E. Hannon were censused in the 3rd Ward of Troy Twp., Miami Co. in 1900. He was born in Ohio, his father and mother in Ireland. Nettie listed her parents as born in Germany and Ohio. They had been married 7 years, and had no children.

By 1910, Robert H. and Nettie E. were living in the 4th Ward of Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio. Robert reported his parents as born in Ireland and Ohio this time, and Nettie reported her's as born in Switzerland and Indiana. The couple had been married 16 years, and Robert was working in a piano manufactery.

iv    Froliger, Edward C./E. was born 10 Nov 1871 in Miami County, Ohio. 

Edward's birth date is based on an extracted IGI record citing "Birth records, 1853-1965 Ohio. Probate Court (Miami County)". I have found no other record for Edward. From the guardianship index, his middle initial was "E", but his birth record gives "C".

10    Mitchell, Cresson B. was born 18 Apr 1849 in Lost Creek Twp., Miami, Ohio, died 1 Apr 1931 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio and was buried 4 Apr 1931 in Riverside Cemetery, Troy, Miami, Ohio.  He and Emma C. Conklin were married 22 Feb 1877 in Miami, Ohio.  Emma C. was born 20 Jan 1844 in Miami County, Ohio, died 4 Jul 1918 in Troy, Miami, Ohio and was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Troy. 

Cresson and Emma settled in Lawrence 25 Mar 1879, according to a web site of Lineages, Inc. (which no longer has online its "Kansas Settlers Living in 1879" page), and it is from that source that I find the birthdates for Cresson and his wife:

C. B. Mitchell, b 18 Apr 1849 in Miami Co., to Lawrence 25 Mar 1879.
Mrs. Emma C. Mitchell, b 20 Jan 1844 in Miami Co., to Lawrence 25 Mar

Cresson's name I read as Eresen? from the 1850 census, where his age was given as one year, but the USGenWeb index read it as Cusen. The age corresponds to a birth year of 1848/49. Andrew Burdett read it as Creson from the (somewhat faint) "tree"93.

In 1860 Cresson was in his father's home, he was Cresson B., as best as I can read it, age 11; as Cresson in 1870, age 21, living with his widowed sister Sarah A. Long.

Cresson and Emma's marriage record, from which we get her maiden name, is recorded in the IGI, citing the Miami County Probate Court marriage records.

In 1880, the Grant Twp., Douglas Co., Kansas census listed him as Cresson B., aged 34:

Cresson B. MITCHELL Self M 34 Farmer OH NY PA
Emma C. MITCHELL Wife M 31 Keeping House OH OH OH
Emma TRUE Servant S 22 Servant OH OH OH

(Grant Twp. includes the NE edge of Lawrence, and extends north and east into the countryside.) The birthplace of New York for his father is incorrect, but was matched in Mary Alice Mitchell's 1880 census record in Lawrence which had both her parents also born in New York. Cresson and Emma's ages were not particularly accurate in that census.

I was unable to locate this couple in any subsequent Kansas census index, but was pleased to find Cresson B. and Emma C. Mitchell in Troy, Miami, Ohio in 1910, where he reported to the census taker that he had been born in Kansas (!), that his father had been born in New York, and his mother in Pennsylvania. What the family preoccupation with New York was I have no idea, but claim of a Kansas birth must have been simply a case of kidding the census taker.

In 1927 Cresson was listed in the "Cleveland City Directory" as living at 1151 E 112th. This location is in what is now called East Cleveland, and his home was a little less than two miles from Lake Erie.

Cresson's funeral announcement indicated he was buried Saturday, April 4, 1931 in Piqua:

IMAGE: Cresson_Mitchell_obit.jpg
Cresson Mitchell's obituary

From his death certificate, a copy of which was made available by Jonathan Durr, Cresson died on 4 Jan 1931. I doubt that the funeral was three months after his death, so there is a transcription error somewhere. The informant listed on the certificate was Bernie M. Mitchell of Troy, but I don't know what the relationship might have been.

In December, 2011, Jonathan found an image of the tombstone for Cresson and Emma on the web site. They were buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Troy, Ohio.

IMAGE: Cresson_Emma_stone.jpg
Cresson and Emma Mitchell Tombstone

A son of Cresson B. and Emma C. (Conklin) Mitchell:   Ralph. 

i    Mitchell, Ralph was born 1884 in Kansas, died 1921 and was buried in Riverside Cem, Troy, Miami, Ohio.  He was married to Bessie M. Boyles.  Bessie M. was born 1877, died 27 Oct 1967 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio and was buried in Riverside Cem, Troy, Miami, Ohio. 

From his father's obiturary, above, we learn that after the death of his mother, Cresson came to live with Ralph and his wife, and remained with her after Ralph's death until he died in 1931.

From the obituary of his son Louis, we find that Ralph moved from Troy to Cleveland about 1908, and worked for the county auditor's office. He was followed there by Louis.

A son of Ralph and Bessie M. (Boyles) Mitchell:   Louis B.. 

Mary Alice Mitchell  &  Aaron Markley
Richard 1, Mahlon 2, Richard 3, Mary Alice 4 Markley Top  

Mary Alice Mitchell was born 11 Jan 1832 in Lower Makefield, Bucks, Pennsylvania and died 15 Apr 1910 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. 

Mary Alice and Aaron Markley were married 15 Sep 1850 in Miami County, Ohio. 

Aaron Markley was born 9 Oct 1828 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died 8 Jan 1915 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  He was the son of George M. and Sarah (____) Markley.

According to the 1850 census, Aaron Markley, 22, was living with his brother Daniel and family in Lost Creek Twp., Miami County, Ohio.

By 1860, Aaron and his brother Daniel were both living in the town of Wabash in Nobel Twp., Wabash County, Indiana. At this time, Aaron's personal property was worth $650, and his real estate $1000. He was slightly better off than Daniel, but at that time he had only three children as compared to Daniel's seven, so may have been able to save a little more from their common occupation of shoemaker. This town, Wabash, is some 100 miles west of Miami County, Ohio, where Aaron and Mary Alice Mitchell were married.

A scan of the census record in 1860 provides an interesting glimpse of the neighborhood where Aaron and Mary Alice lived in Wabash. In order of the sequence of households censused immediately following Aaron were Supervisor, County Treasurer, County Clerk, Deputy Clerk, Clerk, Justice of the Peace, Carpenter, Mason, … .

The web page presents the 1867 Allen County gazetteer by John C. W. Bailey, Chicago, in an excellent, searchable format. There we find Aaron was a partner in two shoe companies. His personal entry reads

"Markley, Aaron, (T. N. Hood & Co., also Markley, Schrader & Co.) h Bluffton rd, s w city limits",

and his brother's reads

"Markley, Daniel, (Markley, Schrader & Co.), h Bluffton Rd, s w city limits".

Bluffton Road, home address for both of the brothers, starts about a half-mile east of the Fort Wayne Airport, and runs due south, crossing Interstate 469, and becoming state route 1.

The company entry reads

"MARKLEY, SCHRADER & CO., (Aaron Markley, H. C. Schrader and Daniel Markley), boots and shoes wholesale and retail, 4 Keystone Block",

and their brother-in-law's entry reads

"Schrader, Henry C., (Markley, Schrader & Co. and T. N. Hood & CO.), h 216 W. Wayne".

Other employees of the company were Joseph David, Henry Haavelhorst, ____ Lodear and Christopher Voorhees, all shoemakers, and Charles W. Dunn, salesman.

T. N. Hood & Co. was another boot and shoe dealer at 74 Barr, and the principals were Thompson N. Hood, Aaron Markley and H. C. Schrader. Thompson, for a while, was a co-leaser of the Fort Wayne Times, which later on was purchased by his partner, John Dawson. Dawson over time became a "formidable editor and political activist as a Whig, an anti-Nebraskan, a Know-Nothing, a Republican, a Democrat, a Union supporter", and was "stoutly opposed to the Kansas-Nebraska Act which opened new territory to slavery" according to a history of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette by Scott M. Bushnell [2007].

In the 1867 Allen County gazetteer quoted above, there were almost 60 "Boot and Shoe Makers, and Retail Lealers" listed, but only four display advertisements, including Markley, Schrader & Co. Two of the others, however, were much larger in size, so they were probably only in the top tier of shoe makers, not necessarily the largest.

In the 1870 Aaron and Mary Alice were censused in Wayne Twp. in Allen County, Indiana, adjacent to his brother Daniel and family. Wayne Twp encompasses what is now the southwest part of the city of Fort Wayne, but was not indicated in the census to be part of the city at that time. They were probably still at the Bluffton Road addresses mentioned above.

When their youngest child Marguerite was about four years old, Aaron and Mary Alice in 1879 came to Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, with all of their family except Viola, who remained in Fort Wayne with her husband, Lewis Hull. In Lawrence, Aaron and his sons Orren and Otto Guiles opened a shoe manufacturing plant, where the shoes were made by hand. In 1880 the family were all living on Connecticut Street in Lawrence in 1880 — Otto and his three younger sisters with their parents, and two households away Orren, his wife Mary and their daughter Ollie, age 4. Apparently the shoe business had not been established by that time, as Aaron was a commercial agent, Otto was working as a showmaker, and Orren was a carpenter.

Then, on 1 Jul 1885, Aaron purchased for $750 ten acres in Topeka (described as the W 1/2 of N 1/2 of NE 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Section17.T12.R16 [Shawnee County, deeds v107 p574]), so he moved sometime between those two dates. This ten acre parcel was south of the present 29th Street, and extended between what are now Minnesota and Iowa Streets. Seven months later, 1 Feb 1886, Aaron bought an additional five acres in that section for $375 [153:374], and on 21 Feb 1888 he bought land in Tract 10 of William J. Fritz' subdivision [153:374], which further extended his original purchase.

Here Aaron and Mary Alice built their home, and in that house their daughter Marguerite married James Swan in 1898. As this land was on the south side of 29th, it was just outside the Highland Park addition which Joseph Kennedy Hudson bought in June 1886, and for which he filed a plat in March, 1887. In 1891 Aaron sold 2.5 acres of his land to his son Orren for $1000 [207:441]. This increase in price from $75 to $400 per acre probably indicates the general increase in land values due to the sale of lots in Highland Park. Aaron's timing of his land purchase could not have been much better.

By 1900 all of the children were gone from the home, and Aaron and Mary, 71 and 68, had a servant girl named Gertrude C. Smith, 14, living with them. In so far as I know, she was not a relative of the family.

For 21 May 1902 there is a record of Aaron and Mary Alice selling lot 151 and the west half of lot 153 on East Tenth in Halliday's Addition. This property, sold for $300 in hand and the balance of $1650 to be paid $50 per month, is on the south side of the street between Monroe and Madison, and is now covered over by Interstate 70. The record of their purchase of this land was not found.

About ten weeks after Mary Alice sold the dress making establishment and bought two lots further south on Buchanan (see below), she also purchased land in Highland Park. On 10 Oct 1906, in her own name, she bought the first six, empty lots 242 to 252 south of Eagle (28th) Street on the east side of Ohio [326:135]. Then, on 3 Dec of that year, Aaron purchased lots 254 and 256 [327:214] on which a house was located, and they had moved there by 1907. Aaron was by then almost eighty years old, and they probably did not want to keep up the larger home on 29th Street. (See the Swan family history for James and Margaret's purchase of lots on the west side of Ohio, and the story of the electric rail line that ran past this corner along 28th.)

Mary Alice died in 1910, and five weeks later Aaron was censused as a retired widower, living alone, and listed on the same page as his daughter and son-in-law Margaret and James A. Swan with their chldren, and Hamilton Swan, James' brother, with his family.

On 5 Aug 1908, Aaron's son Orren and his wife May sold for $4800 ten acres of the 29th Street property (described as 5 acres of the W 1/2 of the N 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of S17 T12 R16, and the W 1/2 of Lots 7 & 10 in the Fritz subdivision D, in all 10 acres [341:108]). Apparently Aaron and Mary Alice had passed the home on to their eldest son to sell as part of their children's inheritance.

The six lots belonging to Mary Alice on Ohio were also inherited by the children at her death in 1910. On 8 Feb 1911 Otto and the other heirs quitclaimed to their father all of their rights to that land, so Aaron then held all eight lots in his name. However, he did not continue to live in the house at 2814 Ohio, but soon moved into rented rooms. We have a note written on tablet paper in his hand which reads:

Topeka Kns. August 29th 1913.

To whom it may consern.

This is to certify that I contracted with Miss Arlina Buell over two years ago for Room, Bard, Washing and mending at her hom Corner Virginia and Eagel Streets Highland Park for three dollars per week. Since then I valentarily proposed to ad one dollar per each week from the commencement to continue as long as I remain with her and Sister.

A Markley

These sisters, Arlina and Sadie Buell, were seamstresses living at 2803 Virginia, one block behind his daughter Maggie's home on Ohio. (Aaron's 1910 census was adjacent to Arlina Buell, although not in the same household.) The house at 2814 Ohio was apparently then rented out, as it was the address in 1914 of William and Cora Schlichter and their four boys. It was later inherited by Aaron's daughter Maggie, and sold to her brother-in-law Hamilton Swan in 1919.

Aaron invented a revolutionary dress making chart that became very popular and from which he derived quite a substantial income. He engaged in several business enterprises in Topeka and helped to promote others, including the woolen mills in Oakland. According to The History of Highland Park,48, Aaron had a small fruit farm between Wisconsin and California on 29th where he grew and sold cherries and raspberries. If this location is correct, this orchard must have been planted on the 1886 and 1888 additions to the original land purchase he made on 29th Street. In Radge's Topeka Directory for 1905 Mary Alice Markley is listed as proprietor of a glove fitting and dress-cutting system at 1255 Clay Street. In 1907 Aaron has the same listing, while their home address was given as the first block south of Eagle, i.e. 28th Street, on Ohio.

Aarons obituary in the Topeka Daily Capitol for Sunday, January 10, 1915:

"Aaron Markley, 86 years old, died Friday night at his home in Highland Park. He is survived by two sons, O. M. Markley of Houston, Texas, and O. G. Markley of Topeka, and three daughters. Mrs. L. O. Hull of Fort Wayne, Ind.; Mrs. E. J. Cavanaugh and Mrs. J. A. Swan, of Topeka. The funeral will be held from the home, Twenty-eighth street and Virginia Avenue, at 2:30 o'clock Monday afternoon. Burial will be in the Topeka cemetery."

Aaron died of chronic valvular heart disease, and was buried in the Markley family plot in Topeka Cemetery, on California Avenue. He died "at his son-in-law's", probably James Swan "who will look after the account" of the burial, according to cemetery records. The details of the disposal of his estate are not known, but his daughter Margaret in 1919 sold the property on Ohio to her brother-in-law Hamilton Swan.

In the 1850 and 1860 censuses, Mary Alice was listed as having been born in Pennsylvania. Then in the 1880 census record in Lawrence, Kansas, she listed her birthplace as Ohio, and the census taker recorded that both of her parents were born in New York (which led me seriously astray in trying to trace her lineage). By 1900, she was censused in Topeka, Kansas, as having been born in Pennsylvania, with both of her parents indicated as being born in Pennsylvania, which from other sources was eventually found to be correct.

Finally, when she died in 1910, the registry of deaths in Topeka and her obituary both indicated that she had been born in Ohio. The Mitchells moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio just after her birth, and apparently the family did not distinquish carefully that she had actually been born in Pennsylvania. I accept the 1850 census, nearest to her birth, as definitive in regard to this question. But why the 1880 census shows her parents as being born in New York remains a mystery.

The 1900 census, incidently, lists her birthdate as Feb, 1828, one month later that our Markley family history, which I've used here.

Mary Alice purchased five pieces of real estate in Topeka in her own name over a period of four days in October, 1892, for a total expenditure of nearly $5000. Whether this represented the use of her own money, or there was some advantage in having their joint property in her name, is not known. My sister Pat (Swan) Thiessen helped dig out these records from the court house basement, and I wish to thank her here for this field research. The five transactions involved were:

1) 13 Oct 1892, for $800, lot 164 on the east side of Tyler Street between 5th and Willow [208:349]. She and "husband Aaron" sold this property 28 Apr 1908 for $2000 [340:211]. Either land values increased considerably in those fifteen years, (but see the following item) or they in some way made improvements to this property.

2) 13 Oct 1892, for $1300, lot 440 on the east side of Clay between 12th and Munson [208:350]. This they sold 22 May 1908 for $1500 [340:414], not a particularly substantial profit.

3) 13 Oct 1892, for $1500, lots 499, 501, and 503 Clay in the middle of the block between Munson and 13th [208:341]. Here she located her dress making establishment listed at 1255 Clay in the 1905 City Directory. Mary Alice "and husband" sold this property 26 Jul 1906 for $5000 [326:125], although Aaron is still at this address in the 1907 City Directory, probably as an out-of-date listing. That same day Mary Alice bought for $2000 lots 642 and 644 on Buchanan, in the middle of the block south of 17th Street [326:136].

4) 15 Oct 1892, for $550, a half interest in lot 299 and the south half of lot 297 in Holliday's Addition on the west side of Jefferson Street between 9th and 10th [208:348].

5) 17 Oct 1892, for $500 and the assumption of half of a $600 mortgage, the north half of lot 299 and the south half of lot 297 on Jefferson [228:192]. This describes the same location as the previous item 4), and must have been the concluding part of a complicated transaction, but the deeds themselves hav not been examined to see exactly what transpired with this purchase. Mary Alice "and Aaron, husband and wife" sold this property 5 Apr 1898 for $1250 [261:379], making a profit of $450 in five and one-half years on an $800 investment.

Mary Alice died 2 p.m. 15 Apr 1910 of blood poisoning at age 78 years, 3 months, 4 days, according to the records of the Topeka Cemetery, where she was buried 17 April. A note under "Remarks" in those records says that she was "an old friend of D. O. Crane", a founder of the city of Topeka.

The information for each of Mary Alice and Aaron's children is given by George Mitchell Markley in his family history. He compiled it with the help of his niece Frieda Carter and our mother, Mildred Swan, using in part the Markley-Swan family bible which at that time was in mother's possession, and which is now owned by my sister Pat. In two instances where George's dates vary slightly from those in the family bible, published 1866, I have retained the latter, assuming typographical errors in his transcription.

On 8 Feb 1911, "Otto G. Markley and others" quitclaimed Mary Alice's six lots on the east side of Ohio to their father Aaron, as described above. The names in that transaction [373:85] are found to agree with those listed here, thus providing independent documentation for the names of the children who grew to adulthood, and of their spouses.

The eight children of Aaron and Mary Alice (Mitchell) Markley:   Anna Eliza, Viola Candace, Orren Mitchell, Otto Giles, Emma Edna, Belle Eve, Ovid and Marguerite "Maggie"

1    Markley, Anna Eliza was born 21 Jul 1851 in Indiana and died 15 Dec 1853 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana. 

2    Markley, Viola Candace was born 16 Feb 1853 in Indiana.  She and Lewis O. Hull were married 27 Oct 1875 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana.  Lewis O. was born Aug 1849 in Lucas, Richland, Ohio. 

Viola was the only child who stayed behind in Indiana when the Markleys moved to Kansas.

Lewis became a successful dry goods merchant in Fort Wayne. But before that, in 1880, he was censused, as L. O. Hull, as a painter in Fort Wayne with wife Viola and daughter Gracie. Apparently Lewis often preferred to use his two initials, rather than his first name, as that is the way he appears in the note below about his store.

A short "local news" item in the Fort Wayne Sentinel of 11 Apr 1891 copied an item from the Kendallvile Sun: "Mr. Lewis Hull, of Fort Wayne, was called to Lisbon this morning by the sudden illness of his mother who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Frost. She is also the mother of Mrs. Whitbeck, of this city."

In 1900 Lewis was censused (as Louis) as a wall paper merchant in Fort Wayne, and it is from this record I take the birth months and years of Lewis and his family, except for Grace who was no longer in his home.

In 1901 an article appeared in the Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel about a chance meeting of Civil War veterans:

IMAGE: Lewis_Hull_drummer_boy.jpg
Lewis Hull as a Civil War drummer boy

By 1910 all of the daughters were out of their home, and "Louis" was censused as a wholesale and retail merchant. Viola reported that she had borne three children, of whom two were still living. This probably indicates that Grace had died, possibly before 1900.

The three children of Lewis O. and Viola Candace (Markley) Hull:   Grace "Gracie", Clara L. and Mabel Margaret. 

i    Hull, Grace "Gracie" was born 1876/1877* in Indiana. 

Grace died at age 20 years

ii    Hull, Clara L. was born Oct 1882 in Indiana and died 1968.  She was married to Norman E. Olds.  Norman E. was born 1881* and died 1960. 

The four children of Norman E. and Clara L. (Hull) Olds:   Jane Allison, Virginia Hull, Nancy Elizabeth and Margaret Ann. 

iii    Hull, Mabel Margaret was born May 1888 in Indiana.  She and Harold A. Baxter were married 16 Apr 1913 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana.  Harold A. was born estimated Aug 1888*

The four children of Harold A. and Mabel Margaret (Hull) Baxter:   Harold A. Jr., Elizabeth H., Marian A. and Barbara. 

3    Markley, Orren Mitchell was born 4 Aug 1856 in Wabash, Indiana and died 1923.  He and Mary C. Base were married 15 Oct 1874 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana.  Mary C. was born Aug 1856 in Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio and died 2 Oct 1930.  She was the daughter of Joseph and Esther (____) Base.

There was a record available at one time in a database entitled "Kansas Settlers Living in 1879" on the website of which stated that O. M. Markley, born 4 Aug 1854 (sic, 1855 or 1856, see below) in Wabash Co., Indiana, settled in Lawrence, Doublas, Kansas on 8 Mar 1879. This confirms our family record as to the year that his father, Aaron, brought the family to Kansas. See also the Mitchell Chapter which notes, from this same database, that Cresson Mitchell and his wife Emma settled in Lawrence two weeks later. Cresson was the youngest brother of Orren's mother Mary Alice (Mitchell) Markley.

In 1880, Orren and Mary were living on Connecticut Street in Lawrence, Kansas, censused adjacent to his father Aaron.

Sometime later, Orren purchased a tract of land south of what is now Highland Park, in Topeka, and for several years operated a dairy farm. His home address was 1707 East 29th, and for many years there were no homes on the north side of 29th. For some reason this land purchase was not found in the Shawnee County Index of Deeds. The large barn on that property was torn down some time around 1990.

Orren engaged in several land transactions in and around Topeka. On 13 Oct 1892 he purchased for $2400 lot 257 and the east 8 1/3 feet of lot 259 on Sixth Avenue in Hornes Second Addition [Shawnee County Deeds, v 208 p300]. This lot is located on the south side of Sixth just east of Horne Street. On 3 Oct 1900 he and his wife Mary sold or mortgaged this property for $1600 [259:413] and the transaction is mentioned again under the date of 24 Dec 1904 [312:146], probably the clearing of the mortgage.

Two other land deeds in the index were transcribed as O. H. Markley, and this may have been Orren, but the deed books themselves would have to be examined to determine this. The first of these properties consisted lots 193 and 196 of Roots subdivision on Lafayette Street between 6th and 7th [387:323], purchased 24 Aug 1912 for $1 and other considerations. The second, somewhat more costly at $2150 on 21 Feb 1913, was lot 432 on Clay Street, between Munson and 12th.

Upon his retirement, Orren and his wife moved to Abilene, Texas, where they made their home. When his mother died and her estate was distributed in 1911, he and Mary were of Harris County, Texas, and he was of Houston when his father died in 1915. His residence at the time of his own death from Bright's desease was with his daughter Lillie in Abilene, Texas, but he was interred 17 Jul 1923 in the Markley family plot in Topeka Cemetery. That plot contained also the graves of his parents, Aaron and Mary Alice, and his wife Mary would be buried next to him some seven years later.

In the Markley Family genealogy, Orren's birth date is given as 4 Aug 1855, but his grave marker reads "1856-1923". Which birth year is correct I don't know, but I do note that Mary's middle initial, given as "G" in the genealogy, is clearly "C" on the 1860 census when she was three years old, and her tombstone also records "C". The inference here is that the family genealogy does have some known mistakes, so I combine the day and month of Orren's birth from the genealogy, but correct the year to that of his tombstone, 1856.

Mary came back to Topeka sometime after Orren's death, as she was living at 1116 Huntoon at the time of her death of "Lobar" Pneumonia at age 75. She was buried with Orren in the Markley plot in Topeka Cemetery which also holds the graves of Aaron and Mary Alice.

I've had Mary's middle initial as "G" from the Markley Family History, but her gravestone is clearly "C", which I accept as correct.

The two children of Orren Mitchell and Mary C. (Base) Markley:   Ollie May and Lillian M. "Lillie". 

i    Markley, Ollie May was born 19 Dec 1875 in Fort Wayne and died 4 Apr 1967 in Glendale, California.  She and William H. "Will" Lyman were married 16 Nov 1898.  William H. "Will" was born 4 Apr 1874 and died 14 Sep 1961 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. 

An index to Kansas marriages lists her as Olive.

Dr. Will Lyman was a dentist in Topeka most of his life until moving to California in 1949. (But notice that Walter Markley has his death in 1961 as being in Topeka.)

A son of William H. "Will" and Ollie May (Markley) Lyman:   William Orren. 

ii    Markley, Lillian M. "Lillie" was born Oct 1889 in Kansas and died 18 Apr 1930.  She was married to David S. Castle.  David S. was born 1883/1884* in Michigan. 

Lillie's birth in the 1900 census is given as Oct, 1889, her age as 10, and her middle initial as "M". I could not locate her in 1910, but in 1920 she and her husband were censused in Abilene, Taylor, Texas. His age was given as 36, born in Michigan (as were both of his parents), and Lillie, as "Lillian M", was of age 30 and born in Kansas. Their older childrens' ages were recorded as 11 and 10 years, and the youngest as 6 months (as of 9 Jan 1920). David's occupation was listed as Architech Engineer, working from his own office.

In 1930, Lillie's name was again recorded as Lillian, and I'm therefore taking that as her given name, with "Lillie" as a nickname. That census was taken on 3 April, just two weeks before she died at age 40 years.

The three children of David S. and Lillian M. "Lillie" (Markley) Castle:   Catherine, Laura and David. 

4    Markley, Otto Giles was born 19 Mar 1858 in Somerset, Wabash, Indiana and died 2 Oct 1937 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  He and May Emma Dyer were married 18 Aug 1881.  May Emma was born 7 Apr 1861 in Castleton, Rutland, Vermont and died 21 Jan 1948 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  She was the daughter of Horace W. and Sarah (Palmer) Dyer.

Following their marriage, Otto took his bride back to her native Rutland County, Vermont, where they engaged in farming. After the birth of their three girls, they returned to Kansas and acquired a farm of 160 acres in Lyon County near the town of Allen, about twenty miles north of Emporia.

The "hard times" which afflicted the country around the turn of the century, together with crop failures and heavy losses in the cattle business in 1905, forced Otto to give up his Lyon county farm. They then bought the National Hotel in Rossville, a small town some 20 miles northwest of Topeka. The purchase 18 May 1906 of lots 74 and 76, for $4000, was for some reason made in May Emma's name [Shawnee County Deeds, v 322 p479]. Perhaps they were using some of her money for this new endeavor. On 12 Nov 1906 Otto and May sold two feet off of the south side of lot 76 of that Rossville property.

However, the hotel also proved not to be a promising venture, and they sold out in early 1907 for the same price they paid, $4000, and Otto went to work in the Santa Fe shops. He later was route salesman, then store manager, for the Union Pacific Tea Company. When that company sold out to the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, and moved to Kansas City, Otto went to work for the McCord-Kistler Wholesale Grocery company where he stayed until his retirement when that company went out of business about 1933. In the 1929-30 Topeka directory Otto was listed as a farmer at 2207 California Avenue. He may have been farming and holding down a job at the same time during those years, but no deed for purchase of land at this address was found. Otto was living in Topeka when his father died in 1915.

May Emma was a native of Rutland County, Vermont. Her parents died when she was a child, and she was sent to live with an aunt, Mrs. Perry Smith, in Lawrence, Kansas. She received her education in the Episcopal Female Seminary at Topeka, later known as the College of the Sisters of Bethany.

The four children of Otto Giles and May Emma (Dyer) Markley:   Lola, Alice Emma, Bertha Belle and Walter Mitchell. 

i    Markley, Lola was born 1882/1883* in Castleton, Rutland, Vermont and died in Castleton. 

Lola died in infancy.

ii    Markley, Alice Emma was born 15 Oct 1884 in Castleton and died 4 Aug 1973 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. 

iii    Markley, Bertha Belle was born 31 Aug 1888 in Castleton, Rutland, Vermont and died 27 Jul 1920 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  She and Fred Eli Hopkins were married 13 Jan 1907 in Rossville, Shawnee, Kansas.  Fred Eli was born 1879* in Topeka and died 18 Sep 1927 in Topeka. 

Fred was from Rossville, and opened a hadware store in Delia, Kansas. He then took the hardware business to Burlingame, and later moved to Topeka.

The three children of Fred Eli and Bertha Belle (Markley) Hopkins:   Freida Bell, Walter Edward and Ella Mae. 

iv    Markley, Walter Mitchell was born 27 Sep 1896 in Allen, Lyon, Kansas.  He was married (1) to Hazel Myrtle Wait 3 Jun 1917.  Hazel Myrtle was born 1896/1897* in Kansas.  He was married (2) to Martha Viva Parker 31 Dec 1943 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri. 

Walter's birthplace has been listed as Allen, Lyon, Kansas [], and as a young child in 1900 and 1905 the family was censused in Agnes City Township, Lyon County. Allen is on the eastern border of the township, and twenty miles almost due north of Emporia [].

Walter's draft registration card of 5 Jun 1918 records that he had blue eyes, light brown hair. He was living with his father, O. G. Markley, at 350 Oakland Ave, Oakland, Kansas. That source also gives his birthplace as Allen, Kansas, and his employer as the Topeka State Journal. The card gives his father's birthplace as "Summerset", Indiana. This is probably Somerset, a town in Wabash County, Indiana, on the Mississinewa River.

In 1920 and 1930 Walter and Myrtle were censused in Oakland city (later annexed as a northeast part of Topeka, in a loop of the Kansas River) and then on Kansas Avenue in Topeka, where his occupation was listed as a newspaper reporter.

Walter became a district manager for the Union Pacific Tea Company, the company for which his father had worked. But when it sold out, he chose a career in newspaper and promotion work. From 1926 through 1928 he is listed as a reporter for the Topeka State Journal, and in 1929-30 he held the job of feature editor for that newspaper.

Walt wrote a book entitled "Builders of Topeka", published by the Capper Printing Co. in 1934, and another entitled "Builders of Topeka, 1956 : Who's Who in the Kansas Capital", also published by Capper.

Walter is the author of A Genealogical Record of the George Markley Family, 1828-1975248, the source of our original information on Aaron Markley's family in Indiana and Kansas.

Hazel's parents were both born in Illinois. As noted above, she was listed as Hazel M. in the 1920 and 1930 censuses, but Walter gives her name as Myrtle Hazel in his own Markley Famiy Genealogy, written about 1975.

Martha Viva's working years were spent in the Santa Fe offices in Topeka.

5    Markley, Emma Edna was born 3 Mar 1865 in Indiana and died 14 Mar 1913 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  She and Henry Scott were married 15 Oct 1884 in Topeka.  Henry was born 25 Sep 1857 in Staffordshire, England and died 1925 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  He was the son of Thomas and Ruth (Brownhill) Scott.

Henry Scott worked for the Santa Fe Railway Company in its Topeka offices from the time he came to America. From "Who's Who in Topeka" by Howard D. Berrett, 1905 , we find:

"Scott, H. — Chief clerk, government accts., freight auditor's dept., A. T. & S. F. Rwy.; born, Staffordshire, England, Sept. 25, 1857; son of Thomas and Ruth (Brownhill) S. ; married Emma Markley, Topeka, Oct. 15, 1884; book- keeper, wholesale grocery house, London, 4 years; bookkeeper, wholesale harness mfg. company, 5 years; to America, 1882; to Topeka, 1882; began work with Santa Fe Rwy., as clerk, freight auditor's dept., 1882; in various capacities until made chief clerk, government accts., 1887 ; has held that office continuously since then."

The four children of Henry and Emma Edna (Markley) Scott:   Nellie B., Hazel Jeanette, Blossom and Donald. 

i    Scott, Nellie B. was born 8 Jun 1885 in Topeka and died 26 Mar 1971. 

ii    Scott, Hazel Jeanette was born 9 Dec 1887 in Topeka and died 17 May 1972 in Topeka. 

iii    Scott, Blossom was born 27 Mar 1891 in Topeka and died 27 Jul 1972 in Topeka.  She was married to Claude Dargitz.  Claude was born estimated Feb 1888*

The four children of Claude and Blossom (Scott) Dargitz:   Helen Louise, Marjorie, Claude and Elizabeth Jeanette. 

iv    Scott, Donald was born 26 Jul 1903 in Topeka.  He was married (1) to Emily Barber 4 Dec 1927.  Emily was born 5 Dec 1898 in Nebada, Missouri.  He was married (2) to Georgia J. ____ 8 Nov 1947.  Georgia J. died 26 Dec 1987 in Monterey, Monterey, California. 

A daughter of Donald and Emily (Barber) Scott:   Deborah. 

6    Markley, Belle Eve was born 31 Aug 1867.  She and Edward J. Cavanaugh were married 4 May 1885.  Edward J. was born 1867* in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas, died 1938 in Topeka and was buried in Topeka, Cemetery.  He was the son of ____ and ____ (____) Cavanaugh.

Ed worked as a printer, operating his own shops, and lived with his wife Belle at 2714 Adams St. Also living at this address in 1914, according to a Highland Park History, was his daughter Alice who worked as a collector at the Topeka Transportation Co. After Ed died, my sister Pat and I "helped" our father dispose of Ed's printing shop equipment.

The three children of Edward J. and Belle Eve (Markley) Cavanaugh:   Clifford, Edward Clyde and Mary Alice. 

i    Cavanaugh, Clifford was born 1886/1887*

ii    Cavanaugh, Edward Clyde was born 15 Apr 1888 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas and died 22 Jun 1932 in Topeka.  He and Myra A. Smith were married 2 Dec 1912.  Myra A. was born 21 Oct 1890 in Topeka. 

Worked as a plumber, lived at 2600 Mass Ave [Highland Park History]. According to the Markley family history, Edward invented an "anti-cow kicker", a metal device to place on a cow's hind legs to prevent the animal from kicking while being milked. This device enjoyed world wide sales.

We have Edward's middle name from his signature on his WWI draft registration card. That record (undated) says he was working as a plumber for the Patterson Plumbing Company in Topeka.

iii    Cavanaugh, Mary Alice was born 10 Nov 1892.  She and W. C. Houghtelin were married 20 Oct 1925.  W. C. was born 3 Jul 1880 and died 24 Jan 1966 in Robinson Twp., Allegheny, Pennsylvania. 

Mary Alice engaged in a career in the office of the Surgeon General of the U. S. in Washington, D.C. There she met and married Dr. Houghtelin, a dentist who had relatives in Topeka. She was joined in the Surgeon General's office by her widowed sister–in–law Myra (Smith) Markley after the death of Edward. Upon retirement, the two women moved to Alexandria, Virginia, where they were living in 1975.

7    Markley, Ovid was born 14 Jul 1871 in Indiana and died 21 Aug 1871 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana. 

8    Markley, Marguerite "Maggie" was born 20 May 1875.    

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