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b 1540      d ____
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b ____      d 1620
b 1606      d ____
b ____      d ____
b 1635      d 1690
b 1633      d 1690
b 1662      d 1662
b 1661      d 1706
b 1702      d ____
b 1704      d ____
b 1731      d 1799
b 1740      d ____
b 1764      d 1828
b 1766      d ____
m  SARAH ____
b 1794      d 1848
b 1799      d ____
b 1828      d 1915
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b 1875      d 1949
b 1874      d 1937


That our Markley line in this country originated in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania is documented in a note in my possession written by my great-grandfather Aaron Markley early last century. Census, court, and marriage records point to the town of Strasburg in that county as the place of residence of the family, starting with George Markley who appeared in the records there from 1753 through August, 1799. The details of three generations of Markleys in Strasburg will be given later.

We have from Ruth Markley [Markley, 1992] (no relation) a genealogy by Solomon Markley entitled "Markley Descendants from Germany" [Markley, 1906]. It identifies the founding parents of his line in this country as Hans George Markle, b 1730 near Basel, Switzerland, and Regina Dora Barbara Frohlich, b 1740 in Württemberg, Germany, and he says they settled near Strasburg. The children he ascribes to this couple correspond to those listed in the will of the George Markley who died 1799. (I don't know who added the handwritten notes, nor when that was done.)

IMAGE: Solomon_Genealogy.jpg
Solomon Markley Genealogy

The text ends with the notation: "July 10, 1906, I, Solomon Markley, have copied this genealogy out[?] from an old record up to my father's family; from that time until the present date I have kept the record and it is correct". This genealogy gives the appearance of having come from a genealogical society or family newsletter. His statement that six of his twelve children were dead is in disagreement with the death dates recorded below, as I have the seventh of his children dying in 1892. One, at least, of my dates must be in error.

On 30 Aug 1749 the Crown arrived in Philadelphia, with passengers designated as “Switzers”, among whom were Hans, Hans Jacob, and Hans George Markly [Strassburger and Hinke, 1934]. A detailed comparison was made of the names of all the male passengers on this ship with the emigrants who received permission to emigrate from Baselland, Switzerland that year [Faust and Brumbaugh, 1925]. We find in common from these two references three related families, one of which consisted of Hans Joggi Märcklin, 47, "Released from payment of dues", his wife Elizabeth Hefelfinger, 46, and four of their children (Hans Jacob, Hans Georg, Magdalen and Ursula), from Rothenfluh, Amt Farnsworth.

We turn next back to the Kirchenbücher, the church record book, of Rothenfluh, Baselland. There we find recorded the births of the children of Hans Joggi and Elizabeth Märcklin who came on the Crown, as well as the births of their siblings. The second son, Hans Georg Märcklin, was baptised 28 Jan 1731, in excellent agreement with the birth in 1730 ascribed by Solomon Markley to Georg Markle.

Although this history is written starting from the earliest ancestor in each line, the identification of each generation was of course accomplished working backwards in time. This was made relatively easy as the FHL IGI contains all of the records of these families translated from the filmed copies of the church records. Thus it was only necessary to scan the Swiss German language films to find already identified baptismal and marriage records in order to verify them. This process disclosed some serious errors in the FHL IGI, and these are footnoted in the appropriate places in the family histories. Nevertheless, the existence of the FHL IGI certainly facilitated this research, and it is only necessary to recognize that this secondary resource always needs to be checked against primary source documents. The practice in the German churches of providing the maiden name of the mother for every child's baptism should be noted as one of the best genealogical research aids available.

The most serious problem in using the Swiss birth records is the repetitive use of the same given names within contemporary families of the same surname. Thus the birth of a Jacob in 1633 in Rothenfluh, and one born in 1638 in the same town, leads to an ambiguity when one finds a marriage record for a Jacob in 1690. And it is just this situation which led me astray in the lineage I originally presented in this chapter.

An extensive discussion with Ken Regenos (Personal Correspondence, Nov 2008) uncovered and corrected my choice of the wrong Jacob Märcklin. Ken pointed out that all of the children of Jacob and Verena Soland had godparents with the surname Gaß, the name of Barbara Gaß, mother of the Johann Jakob baptised 5 Oct 1662. This is quite convincing, genealogically, and I have now revised my lineage to follow that of Ken Regenos. His genealogy is based only on information which he has personally verified from Swiss primary records.

Ken has also generously permitted me the use of as yet unpublished research results from his study of images of the original Kirchenbücher records (Personal Communications, Nov 2008). The sources he cites for this research are

Rothenfluh 01, “Taufen, Ehen,” 1559-1625, Staatsarchiv Basel-Landschaft in Liestal.
Rothenfluh 02, “Taufen, Ehen, Tote Konfirmierte,” 1625-1675, Staatsarchiv Basel-Landschaft in Liestal.
Rothenfluh 02a, “Taufen, Tote, Ehen, Konfirmierte,” 1675 - 1757, Staatsarchiv Basel-Landschaft in Liestal.
Oltingen 01, “Ehen, Taufen, Tote, Konfirmierte,” 1572-1791, Staatsarchiv Basel-Landschaft in Liestal.

The towns in which we find these families lived are shown on the Google satellite map below of the Canton of Baselland. In addition to the Märcklin and Hefelfinger lines which came from this region, several of our ancestors on the Hartzell side of the family also originated in this small area. Christian Schäublin's home was in Oberdorf, and his wife Barbara Spitteler was from Bennwil. Their son Ulrich married Elsbeth Thommen, daughter of Jacob and Barbara (Bär) Thommen from Zeglingen. All of these had emigrated in 1736, but there were also Thommens and Spittelers on the Crown with the Märcklins in 1749. As can be seen from the map, all of these towns lie within a circle of about seven miles radius, to the southeast of the city of Basel.

IMAGE: Baselland.jpg
Ancestral towns of Baselland

Sebastian MŠrklin  &  Anna Schmid
Sebastian 1, Johannes 2, Matthias 3, Jakob 4, Johann Jakob 5, Han§ Jacob "Joggi" 6, Han§ Gešrg 7, George 8, George M. 9, Aaron 10, Marguerite "Maggie" 11   Top  

Sebastian MŠrklin was born about 1540. 

Sebastian and Anna were married 6 Jan 1563 in Rothenfluh, Baselland, Switzerland. 

Anna Schmid

The date of about 1540 for the birth of Sebastian is merely my estimate of 23 years as the most common age of a male at marriage, and of 24 years as the most common age of a father at the birth of his eldest child.

The three children of Sebastian and Anna (Schmid) MŠrklin:   Samuel, Johannes and Jakob. 

1    MŠrklin, Samuel was born 1565 in Rothenfluh.  He and KŸngold Ga§ were married 1595 in Rothenfluh.  KŸngold was born in Rothenfluh. 

The five children of Samuel and KŸngold (Ga§) MŠrklin:   Barbara, Johannes, Barbara, Sebastian and Johannes. 

i    MŠrklin, Barbara was born 5 Dec 1599 in Rothenfluh. 

ii    MŠrklin, Johannes was born 12 Jan 1601 in Rothenfluh. 

iii    MŠrklin, Barbara was born 30 Jan 1603 in Rothenfluh. 

iv    MŠrklin, Sebastian was born 26 Jan 1606 in Rothenfluh. 

v    MŠrklin, Johannes was born 31 Jul 1608 in Rothenfluh.  He and Barbara Schaub were married 1629. 

The children and grandchildren of Johannes and Barbara are given by Ken Regenos:

Johannes Märklin, b 8 Jul 1632, Rothenfluh, d 8 Dec 1663, Rothenfluh
Barbara Märklin, b 10 Nov 1633, Rothenfluh
Jacob Märklin, b 23 Sep 1638, Rothenfluh, d 1 Oct 1697, Rothenfluh
m 1661 to Anna Erb, b 18 Sep 1636, Rothenfluh,
d 10 Oct 1709, Rothenfluh
Margaretha Märklin, b 1 May 1642, Rothenfluh, d 25 Mar 1694, Rothenfluh
m Johannes Gass, b 7 Jan 1631, Rothenfluh, d 4 Mar 1696, Rothenfluh
Friedrich Gass, b 8 Nov 1663, Rothenfluh, d 6 Nov 1718, Rothenfluh
m 6 Feb 1703, Rothenfluh to Katharina Gass,
b 27 Aug 1676, Rothenfluh, d 1753
Heinrich Gass, b 11 Feb 1666, Rothenfluh
m 1692 to Barbara Weber, b Ormalingen
Johan Jakob Gass, b 1673, Rothenfluh, d 1700
Martin Gass, b 24 Dec 1682, Rothenfluh, d 18 Oct 1709, Rothenfluh
Margaretha Gass, b 1 Aug 1686, Rothenfluh, d 23 Mar 1745, Rothenfluh
m 7 Oct 1710, Rothenfluh to Abraham Weber, b 1686, Ormalingen,
d 1755
Heinrich Märklin, b 13 Jul 1645, Rothenfluh
Küngold Märklin, b 25 Aug 1647, Rothenfluh, d 3 Aug 1685, Rothenfluh

Note that some of the descendants shown here also appear below in the descent from Johannes' uncle Jacob Märklin, born 1568, since Margaretha's husband Johannes Gaß, above, was a grandson of Jacob Märklin by his daughter Elizabeth who married Heinrich Gaß.

2    MŠrklin, Johannes was born 1570.    

3    MŠrcklin, Jakob was born 1568.  He and Margaretha Ga§ were married 9 Jul 1597 in Rothenfluh. 

The children and descendants of Jacob and Margaretha, as taken from original records by Ken Regenos, are shown here in descent form. (In order to enhance the readability of the descent, I've abbreviated Rothenfluh to "R".) The sources cited by Ken have been given above. No connection has been found between the Heinrich Gaß, below, born 18 Jan 1599 and Barbara Gaß, baptised 17 Nov 1633 in Rothenfluh, who married Jakob Märklin of our direct line. Since this Heinrich Gaß had a son born in Rothenfluh in December of 1633, he well could have been an uncle of Barbara.

Märklin, Johannes, b 21 Aug 1597, R
Märklin, Barbara, b 31 Dec 1598, R
Märklin, Elisabeth, b 22 Apr 1601, R, d 22 Apr 1658, R
m 1 Mar 1625, R to Heinrich Gaß, b 18 Jan 1599, R
Gaß, Ursula, b 30 Dec 1627, R
m 1650 to Heinrich Buser, b 1624, Buckten
Gaß, Johannes, b 7 Jan 1631, R, d 4 Mar 1696, R
m Margaretha Märklin, b 1 May 1642, R, d 25 Mar 1694, R
Gaß, Friedrich, b 8 Nov 1663, R, d 6 Nov 1718, R
m 6 Feb 1703, R to Katharina Gaß, b 27 Aug 1676, R,
d 1753 Gaß, Heinrich, b 11 Feb 1666, R
m 1692 to Barbara Weber, b Ormalingen
Gaß, Johan Jakob, b 1673, R, d 1700
Gaß, Martin, b 24 Dec 1682, R, d 18 Oct 1709, R
Gaß, Margaretha, b 1 Aug 1686, R, d 23 Mar 1745, R
m 7 Oct 1710, R to Abraham Weber, b 1686, Ormalingen,
d 1755
Gaß, Fridlin, b 15 Dec 1633, R, d 7 Oct 1707, R
Gaß, Anna Maria, b 18 May 1637, R, d 13 May 1702, R
m 1658 to Heinrich Gaß, b 16 Oct 1631, R, d 28 May 1700, R
Gaß, Barbara, b 12 Feb 1665, R, d 8 Aug 1726, R
m 1691 to Friedlin Gaß, b 15 Oct 1667, R,
d 30 Jul 1730, R
Gaß, Jakob, b 15 Oct 1667, R,
d 12 Oct 1749 Ephrata, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Gaß, Martin, b 1669, d 28 Dec 1745, R
Gaß, Johan Jakob, b 1673
Gaß, Heinrich, b 1675, R, d 17 Oct 1745, R
m 16 Feb 1706, R to Barbara Märklin, b 25 Apr 1680, R,
d 17 Oct 1745, R
Märklin, Barbara, b 30 Jan 1603, R
Märklin, Barbara, b 27 Jan 1605, R
Märklin, Johan Jakob, b 11 Feb 1610, R
Märklin, Barbara, b 26 Apr 1612, R
Märklin, Christian, b 6 Jan 1614, R, d 15 Feb 1680, R
m 29 Jan 1639, R to Elisabeth Tschopp, b 1608, Tenniken,
d 15 Aug 1686, R
Märklin, Georg, b 24 Apr 1642, R, d 24 Apr 1705, R
m 1 May 1677, R to Elisabeth Gaß, b 2 Aug 1641, R,
d 3 Jul 1705, R
Märklin, Matthias, b 28 Apr 1616, R
m 1646 to Verena Eng
Märklin, Barbara, b 13 Jan 1647, R, d 10 Apr 1714, R
m 1670 to Georg Gaß, b 15 Dec 1633, R, d 6 Oct 1689, R
Märklin, Anna, b 28 Jul 1618, R, d 5 Jun 1678, R
m Niklaus Itin, d 1678

Another Märklin/Gaß family in Rothenfluh contemporary to Jakob was that of Barbel Mercklin, born ca. 1567 and married 3 Aug 1584 in Rothenfluh to "Hans Jacob Gas or Gass", christened 6 Apr 1567 in Rothenfluh, son of Martin Gass and Esther Hummel [Ancestral File of Charles Mark Chestnutwood]. Hans Jacob married over 30 years later, 28 Nov 1615, to Barbel Zender. His first wife Barbel could well have been a sister to Jakob but, if not, was surely a cousin.

Johannes MŠrklin  &  Cordula Billinger
Sebastian 1, Johannes 2, Matthias 3, Jakob 4, Johann Jakob 5, Han§ Jacob "Joggi" 6, Han§ Gešrg 7, George 8, George M. 9, Aaron 10, Marguerite "Maggie" 11   Top  

Johannes MŠrklin was born 1570 in Rothenfluh, Baselland, Switzerland. 

Johannes and Cordula were married 19 Jul 1589 in Rothenfluh. 

Cordula Billinger died 1620. 

There were two families in Rothenfluh contemporary to Johannes and Cordula who bear mention.

There was a Barbara Billinger, daughter of Hans and Barbel (Gass) Billinger born 21 Oct 1565 in Rothenfluh, who married a Hans Wirz and died about 1620, as reported by [Robert G. Wilson]. These folk are surely related to Cordula, and could well be her sister and parents.

A son of Johannes and Cordula (Billinger) MŠrklin:   Matthias

1    MŠrklin, Matthias.    

Matthias MŠrklin  &  Anna Eng
Sebastian 1, Johannes 2, Matthias 3, Jakob 4, Johann Jakob 5, Han§ Jacob "Joggi" 6, Han§ Gešrg 7, George 8, George M. 9, Aaron 10, Marguerite "Maggie" 11   Top  

Matthias MŠrklin

Matthias and Anna were married. 

Anna Eng

The Family History Library's IGI lists 147 Engs in Switzerland, those of the seventeenth century mostly from Canton Aargau, just a few miles down the road southeast from Rothenfluh, Baselland. Twenty eight of those 147 Engs were named Anna!

A son of Matthias and Anna (Eng) MŠrklin:   Jakob

1    MŠrklin, Jakob.    

Jakob MŠrklin  &  Barbara Ga§
Sebastian 1, Johannes 2, Matthias 3, Jakob 4, Johann Jakob 5, Han§ Jacob "Joggi" 6, Han§ Gešrg 7, George 8, George M. 9, Aaron 10, Marguerite "Maggie" 11 Ga§ Top  

Jakob MŠrklin died 21 Jan 1690. 

Jakob and Barbara were married 10 Mar 1657. 

Barbara Ga§ died 5 Feb 1690.  She was the daughter of Johannes and Anna (Graf) Ga§. 

Our line descends from this Jakob Märcklin though his son Johann Jacob and grandson Hanß Jacob "Joggi". The spelling of the surname with a "c" is first evidenced to my knowledge in the baptismal record of Johann Jacob, son of Jakob Märklin and Barbara Gaß.

Barbara's lineage is shown below, as synthesized from two sources, that of Ken Regenos, which provides the generational connections back through Johannes, Georg, and Johannes, supplemented with IGI submitted records, not sourced. These latter provided specific birth days, but they were more likely baptismal dates (which I have editorially corrected). All of the birth and marriage dates are in Rothenfluh, except for the birth of Adelheid Schaub in Wittinsburg, which is about 8 miles southwest of Rotherfluh. Both sources use the spelling Gass, not Gaß, which I retain.

Gass, Johannes/Hans, b ca 1548, son of Michel
m 30 Jun 1572 Adelheid Schaub, b ca 1552 Wittinsburg
Gass, Diebold/Theobald, bpt 6 Jun 1574, d 1639
m1) 21 Oct 1596 Chrischona Bräulin, d 1603
m2) 1604 Katharina Gass, b 1585, d 1639
Gass, Barbel, bpt 9 Dec 1576
m 27 Jan 1611 Mathys Keller
Gass, Georg/Joerg, bpt 27 Apr 1578, d 16 Jun 1639
m 15 Nov 1605 Barbara Meier/Meyer
Gass, Johannes, b 1610, d 1693
m Anna Graf, b 1615
Gass, Barbara, b 1633, d 1690
m 10 Mar 1657 to Jakob Märcklin, b 1635, d 169
Gass, Michel, bpt 20 Sep 1579
Gass, Hans, bpt 1 Jan 1581
Gass, Hans Jakob, bpt 16 Jun 1583
m 15 Feb 1614 Margreth Graesser
Gass, Margreth, bpt 31 Oct 1585
Gass, Hans, bpt 12 Jan 1589, d 19 Jul 1637
Gass, Mathis, bpt 26 Jul 1590, [d bef 1594]
Gass, Eva, bpt 31 Jul 1592
Gass, Mathis, bpt 28 Jul 1594
Gass, Elsbeth, bpt 14 Mar 1596

The marriage of Jakob and Barbara was not the first, nor the last, union between the Märklin and Gaß families in Rothenfluh. Here are six that I know of, indented to show approximate generations:

Gaß, Margaretha, b est 1575
m 9 Jul 1597 to Jakob Märklin, b 1568,
son of Sebastian and Anna Schmid
Gaß, Heinrich, b 18 Jan 1599
m 1 Mar 1625 to Elisabeth Märklin, b 22 Apr 1601
dtr of Jakob and Margaretha Gaß
Gaß, Johannes, b 7 Jan 1631
m Margaretha Märklin, b 1 May 1642
dtr of Johannes and Barbara Schaub
Gaß, Barbara, b 1633
dtr of Johannes and Anna Graf
m 10 Mar 1657 to Jakob Märcklin, b 1635, d 169
son of Matthias and Anna Eng
Gaß, Georg, b 15 Dec 1633
m 1670 to Barbara Märklin, b 13 Jan 1647
dtr of Matthias and Verenna Eng
Gaß, Heinrich, b 1675,
son of Heinrich and Anna Maria Gass
m 16 Feb 1706 to Barbara Märklin, b 25 Apr 1680

A son of Jakob and Barbara (Ga§) MŠrklin:   Johann Jakob

1    MŠrklin / MŠrcklin, Johann Jakob was baptised 5 Oct 1662.    

Johann Jakob MŠrklin / MŠrcklin  &  Verena Soland
Sebastian 1, Johannes 2, Matthias 3, Jakob 4, Johann Jakob 5, Han§ Jacob "Joggi" 6, Han§ Gešrg 7, George 8, George M. 9, Aaron 10, Marguerite "Maggie" 11   Top  

Johann Jakob MŠrklin / MŠrcklin was baptized 5 Oct 1662 in Rothenfluh, Baselland, Switzerland and died 1 Jan 1734. 

Johann Jakob and Verena were married 25 Feb 1690 in Rothenfluh. 

Verena Soland was born 25 Jun 1661 in Oltingen, Baselland, Switzerland and died 17 Mar 1706.  She was the daughter of Mathias and Anna (Grif) Soland. 

Here is the baptismal record of "J__aß Jacob Ja___ Marcklin", son of Jacob Marcklin and Barbara Gaß. (This is as best as I can read it; if anyone familiar with the script can provide a more accurate reading, I'd really appreciate hearing from you)

IMAGE: Jacob_Marklin_1662_.jpg
Johann Jakob Märcklin baptism 1662

Twenty-eight years later the Rothenfluh record appears for the marriage of Hanß Jacob Märcklin and Verena Soland:

IMAGE: Hans_Jacob_m_Verena.jpg
Marriage Record for Hanß Jacob Märcklin and Verena Soland

Every one of the children in this family had at least one godparent surnamed Gaß, the maiden name of the mother of Hanß Jacob. Gaß (often written Gass in English, which is the equivalent of writing Hanss for a given name) seems to be one of the most common names in Rothenfluh, and there were many marriages recorded in the town between Märcklin and Gaß families in every generation.

The five children of Johann Jakob and Verena (Soland) MŠrklin / MŠrcklin:   Han§ Jacob, Elsbeth, Han§ Heinrich, Adam and Han§ Jacob "Joggi"

1    MŠrcklin, Han§ Jacob died in Rothenfluh, Baselland, Switzerland. 

This first Hanß Jacob is noted in the church record as having died early, as did the second child, Elsbeth. Both of their baptismal records have been marked with a Greek theta, the Swiss equivalent of the German cross to indicate death. Hanß Jacob's godfather was Jacob Gaß.

IMAGE: Hans_Jacob_birth_and_death.jpg
Hans Jacob Märcklin baptism 1690 and death

2    MŠrcklin, Elsbeth died in Rothenfluh. 

Elsbeth's godmother was Margreth Gaß. Here is her baptismal record marked with a style variant of a Greek theta (beneath the month November) to indicate that she died young. Her parents names read "Hanß Joggi Märklin" and "Verna Soland". Her godfather was Jacob Soland, an uncle or her grandfather, and her godmother was Elsbeth (of course), but I cannot read the surname, nor the third name at the bottom right.

IMAGE: Elsbeth_birth_1682_death.jpg
Elßbeth Märcklin baptism 1692 and death

3    MŠrcklin, Han§ Heinrich. 

Hanß Heinrich's godfather was Hans Heinrich Gaß.

4    MŠrcklin, Adam. 

Adam's godfather was Adam Gaß.

5    MŠrcklin, Han§ Jacob "Joggi".    

Han§ Jacob "Joggi" MŠrcklin  &  Elsbeth "Elisabeth" HŠfelfinger
Sebastian 1, Johannes 2, Matthias 3, Jakob 4, Johann Jakob 5, Han§ Jacob "Joggi" 6, Han§ Gešrg 7, George 8, George M. 9, Aaron 10, Marguerite "Maggie" 11   Top  

Han§ Jacob "Joggi" MŠrcklin

Han§ Jacob "Joggi" and Elsbeth "Elisabeth" were married 8 Jan 1726 in Dietgen, Baselland, Switzerland. 

Elsbeth "Elisabeth" HŠfelfinger She was the daughter of Han§ Georg and Maria (____) HŠfelfinger. 

Hanß Jacob, the youngest child of Johann Jakob and Verena (Soland) Märcklin, is our immigrant ancestor. His godfather was Heinrich Gaß, possibly the same man as the godfather to his brother Hanß Heinrich, and that Heinrich was identified as a metzger, or butcher.

Here is his baptismal record of 26 Nov 1702, son of Hanß Jacob Märcklin and Verena Soland:

IMAGE: Hans_Jacob_bapt_1702.jpg
Hanß Jacob Märcklin baptism 26 Nov 1702

In the record of his daughter Elsbeth's baptism, Hanß "Jogi" is identified as a borstenmacher, or bristlemaker. Evidently he was involved in the manufacture of brushes.

Hanß Joggi (a diminutive for Jacob, his baptismal name) was recorded as being 47 years of age when he received permission in 1749 to emigrate with his wife and four children from Rothenflu, Amt Farnsburg, Baselland, Switzerland [Faust and Brumbaugh, 1925]. He is noted as having been released from payment of dues, the practice when the emigrant had less than one hundred pounds. A further notation reads: "Did not live up to the reputation of honesty which he enjoyed with his pastor, but made use of the money of his wards (Vogtgelder) in his financial straits."

Also in that reference is a discussion of the difficulties created by the government as early as 1735 for those who wished to sell their property in order to emigrate. In describing the circumstances of the emigrants they cite a wry note from the records: "Hanß Jacob Märcklin from Dürnen has 1 wife, 4 children, and otherwise nothing (sonst nichts)." In 1738(?) permission to emigrate was given to the family of this other Hanß Jacob Marcklin, 56 years, wife Anna Hofmann, 39 years, children Anna bp 1717, Catharina bp 1720, Friedrich bp 1723, and Anna Maria bp 1730, from “Thurnen or Durnen”. I could not locate Dürnen on a modern map, but Thurnen lies less than five miles to the west of Rothenfluh and is quite likely the modern name of that town. What relationship there was between this family and our ancestors who emigrated a decade later is not known. That Hanß Jacob was just 20 years older than our Hanß Jacob.

A second family of interest given by Faust and Brumbaugh received permission to emigrate from Frenkendorf, Amt Liestal, Baselland. This couple was Johannes Tschudin, cooper and son of Martin, bp 26 Nov 1724, and his wife Anna Maria Märcklin, "daughter of Hanß Joggi M. of Rothenfluh above", bp 23 Mar 1727. There is more to report below on the Tschudins in Anna Maria's part of this family history.

Also receiving permission to emigrate at that time from Rothenfluh were Jacob Hassler, cooper, about 30 years of age, his wife Maria Märcklin, about the same age, and three children under the age of four years. Maria is possibly a niece of Hans Joggi, but no relationship was specified in the record in this case, nor was I able to identify her in the church record. Jacob was also released from payment of dues, and is noted as "honest and industrious".

All of the men of these three families are listed as passengers on the ship Crown which arrived in Philadelphia 30 Aug 1749 via Rotterdam and Cowes, Michael James, Master [Strassburger and Hinke, 1934]. The first three signatures on the "C" list of the Crown are Hans Jacob Markly, Hans George Markly, and Hans Markly, with all three of the men signing with an "X".

Also on that passenger list were Martin Tschudi, a second Johannes Tschudi, and a Sepastian Hassler. None of these were mentioned in the Basel records of Faust and Brumbaugh, but they were undoubtedly relatives of the above mentioned families, even though the Tschudi surnames were recorded on the passenger list without the final "n".

The name of Hanß' wife was recorded at her baptism as Elsbeth Häfelfinger, daughter of Hans Georg and Maria V____. An image of this record was sent to me by Ken Regenos [Personal Communication, 26 Jul 2011].

IMAGE: Haefelfinger_Elsbeth_1704.jpg
Birth Record of Elsbeth Häfelfinger, 27 April 1704

Diegten, the home of the Hefelfingers, is about 12 miles by road from Rothenfluh.

The ancestry of Elsbeth has yet to be researched, as I had initially identified another Elizabeth as the wife of Hanß Jacob.

We have no record of this family of Hanß Jacob and Elsbeth Märcklin in America until their son Hanß Geörg appears in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (as George Markley) four years after their arrival here.

The eight children of Han§ Jacob "Joggi" and Elsbeth "Elisabeth" (HŠfelfinger) MŠrcklin:   Anna Maria, Han§ Jacob, Han§ Gešrg, Han§, Elsbeth, Anna, Magdalena and Ursula. 

1    MŠrcklin, Anna Maria died 1749/1750.  She and Johannes Tschudi were married in Baselland, Switzerland.  He was the son of Martin and Elisabeth (Tschudi) Tschudi. 

Anna Maria's baptismal record:

IMAGE: Anna_Maria_1727.jpg
Anna Maria Märcklin baptism 1727

Johannes and his wife were from Frenkendorf, Amt Liestal, Basel, Switzerland. He "was released from payment of emigration dues because he claimed to have only one pound, 19 shillings, 2 pence left. Later on the papers of his father revealed however that he had been given 150 pounds before emigrating which enabled him to make such a start in Pennsylvania that he could undertake a business trip to Europe two years later", [Faust and Brumbaugh, 1925].

Anna Maria emigrated 1749 with her parents, brothers and husband on the Crown. She died in 1749 or 1750, apparently just after she arrived in this country [Faust and Brumbaugh, 1925].

After Anna Maria's death, Johannes was married in Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands on his second trip to America. His new wife was Maria Magdalena Schaffner, born 17 Apr 1729 in Tenniken, daughter of Johan Jakob Schaffner and Anna Maria Häfelfinger, born in Diegten, Baselland.

A daughter of Johannes and Anna Maria (MŠrcklin) Tschudi:   Elizabeth. 

i    Tschudi, Elizabeth was born 20 Jan 1760 in Fort Pitt, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.  She and Martin Tschudi were married 1777 in Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania.  Martin was born Oct 1757 in Frenkendorf, Baselland, Switzerland and died 2 Sep 1831 in Winchester, Clark, Kentucky. 

As shown in the above descent, Elizabeth and Martin were first cousins.

The most extensive WorldConnect web page listing the descendants of their nine children, all of whom apparently adopted the spelling Judy for their surnames, is that of [Phillip Auth].

2    MŠrcklin, Han§ Jacob. 

Hanß Jacob was baptised 3 Oct 1728, as can be barely seen in the image of his record. Another readable part of the record is that his godfather was Adam Märcklin, his uncle.

IMAGE: Hans_Jacob_1728.jpg
Hanß Jacob Märcklin baptism 1728

Hans Jacob emigrated 1749.

3    MŠrckly / Markley, Han§ Gešrg was born 28 Feb 1730.    

4    MŠrcklin, Han§. 

Hans would have been 16 when his family emigrated, and is surely the Hans Markly on the Crown's list where he also signed immediately following his father and older brother Hanß George. I've found no further reference to this son, either as Hanß or as John Markley.

5    MŠrcklin, Elsbeth. 

6    MŠrcklin, Anna. 

7    MŠrcklin, Magdalena. 

Here is the birth record for Magdalena, daughter of "Hans jogi Märcklin and Elßbeth Hefelfinger".

IMAGE: Magdalena_Marcklin_1740.jpg
Magdalena Märcklin baptism 1740

8    MŠrcklin, Ursula. 

Here is the baptismal record of Ursula, daughter of Hans Joggi Märcklin and Elßbeth Hefelfinger, born 21 Jul 1744.

IMAGE: Ursula_baptism_1744.jpg
Ursula Märcklin baptism 1744

Han§ Gešrg MŠrckly / Markley  &  Regina Dora Barbara Fršlich
Sebastian 1, Johannes 2, Matthias 3, Jakob 4, Johann Jakob 5, Han§ Jacob "Joggi" 6, Han§ Gešrg 7, George 8, George M. 9, Aaron 10, Marguerite "Maggie" 11   Top  

Han§ Gešrg MŠrckly / Markley was born 28 Feb 1730 in Rothenfluh, Baselland, Switzerland and died Aug 1799 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

Han§ Gešrg and Regina Dora Barbara were married 30 Oct 1761 in Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

Regina Dora Barbara Fršlich was born 24 Dec 1740 in Württemberg, Germany.  She was the daughter of Jacob and ____ (____) Fršlich. 

The record of the baptism 28 Jan 1731 of "Hanß geörg Märckly", son of Hanß Joggi and Elizabeth Hefelfinger, appears in the Rothenfluh record:

IMAGE: Hans_Georg_1731.jpg
Hanß Geörg Märckly baptism 1731

As you can see, it is preceded by the record of the death of a child of another Hanß Yogi Märckly, and followed by the birth of an Elisabeth Märckly whose father's given name I cannot decipher (but it's not Hanß Joggi).

Hanß Geörg Märckly was eventually called George Markley in this country. (During his first forty years there, the Strasburg tax records spelled the name Markle, Markley, Markly, and Merckley, as well as aberrant Marchly and Martley on occasion. In Baselland, sometime after our ancestors left, the spelling of the name evolved to Merkel, Merkle, Merkli, and Merklin.) Hanß Geörg immigrated 1749 at the age of 18 with his parents and siblings. Twelve years later he married Barbara Frölich in the Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster. The marriage record reads “Georg Marcle of Lan. Co. & Barbara Frölichin, spinster”, by license, Pastor Gerock [Smith, 1988)]. Jeremy Arment [Arment, 2008] places their marriage in the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster Township.

The records of Pennsylvania show that in 1752 he became the owner of one hundred acres of land [Jordan, 1935].

According to the records of Strasburg, George Markley was first taxed as a Freeman in 1753, and does not appear on the earliest and apparently complete record of 1751. From then through 1799, George appears on the almost yearly tax lists except those for 1754 and 1793. In 1759, the tax records included a list of young men in Strasburg who were not taxed, and on this list appeared the name George Markley. Since “young men” implies that these were not minor children, and hence were 14 years of age or older, this second George’s birth was before 1745. I have as yet not identified this extraneous George Markley of early Strasburg. Also that year, our George’s name was crossed out on the freeman list, and he was taxed on the regular roll.

During the revolutionary war George saw service in the Pennsylvania militia. There is record of a Militia Draught by the 7th Batt., Col. John Boyd commanding made in the west end of Strasburgh Township. Capt. James Brown’s 1st Company, report dated 8 Dec 1777, [Pennsylvania Archives, Fifth Series, Vol. VII, pg 637-641], recorded that George Markly served in the 7th class, and Jacob Feelick (see below regarding George’s probable brother–in–law Jacob Frölich) in the 6th class. George was 49 at this time, and his son George was only 13, so it seems sure that this represents the drafting of the elder George. We have no further information as to just what that particular militia service entailed.

Also for Lancaster county are recorded a George Merkle, “removed” from Capt. Smuller’s Co. in 1779 [op. cit., pg 903], and a George Merkol on 20 Dec 1780 in the 4th class of Capt. Reims Co., 3rd Batt., [op. cit., pg 225]. It is difficult to tell whether or not either of these are the Strasburg George Markley, or even by the latter date his son, as we know that there were other George Markleys in the county.

After a ten year gap in the tax records, George was again shown taxed 1769 as a Freeman, but thereafter on the regular rolls for the rest of his life. That year the tax inventory showed him as an inhabitant owning 100 acres (although a note indicates that it was poor land), of which 50 acres were improved, with two horses, two cows, and five sheep, and he paid a quitrent of four shillings. Starting in 1771, George no longer was listed as a Freeman of the town. Why this change occurred we don’t know; about ten percent of the landowners were so designated, all of them paying a uniform tax about in the middle of the range of taxes paid by the other inhabitants. By 1789, George had increased his land holdings to 165 acres. A decade later, his name on the 1800 tax list had been crossed out, and no tax was assessed. He had died in August of 1799.

About a decade before George’s death his sons began to appear also on the Strasburg tax rolls. In 1789 both John and George, Jr. were first listed, each with 10 acres of land. In 1793, when George, Sr. for some reason didn’t appear, George Jr. was taxed 15 shillings, and may have been working his father’s land, although both appear on the next list in 1796. At that time only George, Sr. was described as a farmer, and John was listed as an innkeeper. Jacob Markley appears for the first time that year, with the inventory showing “one cattle” for him. In 1797, George Jr. is listed as a carpenter, and in 1800, after his father’s death, Henry Markley makes his first appearance on the list. By 1810 John was listed as a stiller, and in 1813 a distiller. That year he owned 9 acres of 1st rate land, George 25 acres, also 1st rate, and Jonathan owned 43 acres, but his were described as 3rd rate land.

Finally, in 1821, there were listed along with John and Jonathan both a George, Sr. a George, Jr., and a third George, a storekeeper. (The storekeeper was taxed 37˘, twice as much as George, Jr., but only one tenth that of George, Sr.). This not only marks the first appearance of the next generation of the Markley family, but, most importantly, provides a piece of vital documentation. This second George, Jr. (the first one now being “promoted” to Sr.) can only be the son of the George who was the son of the immigrant George. There is no record of any other George Markley in Lancaster county who could be father to a George, Jr. first appearing on the tax rolls in 1821. The third George listed that year was almost certainly the son of John, eldest brother in the first American born generation.

The Orphans’ Court proceedings after George’s death indicate that his 165 acres were valued at 3 £ 5 sh. per acres, with a total valuation of 590 £ 15 sh. On 11 Nov 1799 the court had appointed Henry Brenneman as guardian of the estates of Jonathan and David during their minorities, as they were then under the age of 14. On the same day, John as the eldest son and heir petitioned for an Inquest to “view the premises”. On 21 Jan 1800, the Inquistion proceedings confirmed that the land could “Only accomodate one of the children without prejudice to & spoiling of the whole”, and ordered that John on paying the other children their respective shares could “hold and enjoy the Estate in fee agreeable”.

John was also to pay their mother 11 £ 16 sh 3 pence halfpenny out of a principal sum of 196 £ 18 sh 4 pence, “one third part of the said valuation” yearly for the rest of her life. Although law provided that the widow receive one third of her husband’s estate, that money was in this case charged by the court against the premises as security, and the responsibility given to the eldest son and heir to administer a yearly allowance of 6 percent of the principal. The Inquistion action of the court ended with a notation by the court clerk:

John Markley Sent 1181 £ 10 sh 0 p
George Markley Sent 1181 £ 10 sh 0 p
To the Honorable John Joseph Henry, Esq. President of the Orphans Court for the use of the widow & children upon condition John Markley shall pay the shares … agreeable to the order… then this recognizance shall be void otherwise to be and remain in the full force & virtue.

This appears to be a bond in total amount of four times the value of the estate sent to the court by John and George to ensure that the widow and her other children be paid their rightful amounts.

In the Deed Book for Lancaster county under date 21 Apr 1801, “George Markley et al. to John Markley et al.”, the children, all carefully named except John and Jacob (“Harry” Brenneman still appears at this time as guardian for Jonathan & David), were adjudged to be paid shares of 35 £ 16 sh halfpenny, totaling 322 £ 4 sh 5 pence, by John, “eldest son & heir at law”. (This 322 £ represents 9/11 of 2/3 of the original evaluation of the estate, 590 £.) For this they released John and Jacob of all claims by them against the estate. Just how Jacob, the third son, became also liable for the estate is an intriguing question not answered by the dry, legal words of the court action. But two years later, Georg and Jacob were shown as Administrators of their father’s “Goods & Chattles, Rights & Credits” when the court approved final distribution of the estate on 29 Mar 1803.

Our source for Barbara's complete name is the genealogy by Solomon Markley [Markley, 1906]. According to that article, she was born 1740 and was 14 years old when she emigrated from "Watemberg", Germany. Solomon's place name undoubtedly refers to Württemberg, a Duchy at the time of Regina's birth, now Baden-Württemberg, a state of the Federal Republic of Germany. The "Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania" [Jordan, 1935] gives her birth date as 24 Dec.

If that birth and age are exactly correct, then she was not the daughter and sister of the Jacob Fröhlichs, father and son, who came on the Phoenix in 1752, but the discussion above concerning Solomon's dates argues against an unquestioning aceptance of the age he gives for her at immigration. Therefore I have tentatively identified the Jacobs as her father and brother.

The WorldConnect post of Brenda Frazer [Frazer, 2008] and the Pedigree Resource File of Kathleen Michaels Peterson [Peterson, 2008] reverse Regina's middle names. In Switzerland records, Dora would probably appear as Dorothea.

I believe it probable that Barbara was in fact a sister of Jacob Frölich of Strasburg, and that he may well be the son on the Phoenix. He is the only one of that surname (which in the various Pennsylvania records was also spelled Fralich, Fralick, Freelich, Frelich, Froelich, and Frohlich) appearing

in the tax records of Strasburg from 1769 to 1805. The characters “oe”, as in Froelich, are used for the German “ö”, and pronounced approximately as a long “e”.

Already in Lancaster city where Barbara and George were married were John Jacob and Elizabeth (Branner) Froelich who had a daughter Elizabeth born there born 8 Feb, baptised 6 Apr 1740 [FHL IGI], and these may be related to Barbara. If that mother’s maiden name was actually Brunner, then this may also connect with the George Brunner who married George and Barbara’s daughter Mary in 1799.

Jacob Froelich appears on the 1769 and 1770 Strasburg tax rolls as an “inmate”, not “inhabitant”, indicating that he rented or leased the property on which he was taxed. In 1772 he was taxed 2 shillings on 0 acres and 1 cattle. In 1779 Jacob was taxed as an innkeeper, with 1 acre of land, 1 horse, and “1 cattle”. In the Lancaster County Orphans’ Court, Jacob Frolich’s name appears in an administrative account proceeding: Misc. Book 1784-1787, p. 197. Sep 6, 1785, John Masencope, Jr., Administrator of Jacob Frolich of Strasburg Township, reported a balance of 17-17-2 ["The Roots and Branches of the Jacob Snyder Family Tree" by Elizabeth Snyder Lowe, digitized by Google].

In 1793 the name Jacob Froelich again appears on the Strasburg tax list, and we may assume that this was a Jacob Jr., hence possibly a nephew to Regina. This appearance of this Jacob contemporary to George and Regina’s eldest sons provides the evidence that the first Jacob in Strasburg was of Regina’s generation, and not that of her father. In 1810, Jacob Frölich was listed as a blacksmith, and there was also a John Frölich, probably his brother, who was a wagonmaker.

There is an abstract of an Account book 1815-21 of Jacob Froelich in the "Guide to the Winterthur Library, digitized by Google. This Jacob was "a whitewasher and plasterer from southeastern Pennsylvania". Was he also the blacksmith of Strasburg?

There were two Jacob Froelichs born in Lancaster County around this time, one in 1776 (parents not mentioned) and one in 1799 to Jacob Froelich and Veronica Fritz, according to submitted IGI records. Also, a Jacob married Mary Hartman about 1813 in Lancaster County [similarly, an undocumented IGI submission].

Again, court proceedings starting about 1825 indicate that the second Jacob Frölich died in Lancaster county. And in the records of St. Michael’s Lutheran Church of Strasburg, Barbara, wife of John Froelich, died 4 Dec 1828 ae 54 yr 8 mo (and was thus born ca. April, 1774). There are other Froelichs (of various spellings) mentioned in the History of Lancaster County [Ellis and Evans, 1883].

Hans Georg Märcklin had eighteen children. Undoubtedly the surname of these children was spelled Markley. The order of some of their births is provided by the court records of George’s estate, and the estimated birth years given below have been inferred from the few census, court, and church records available.

The most recent finding is the birth year of Nancy, who married Samuel Dening. See her discussion below for the details, but if all of the dates and relationships I've presented here are correct, her birth 53 years after that of Regina Dora Barbara Frölich pretty well rules out a mother-daughter relationship. Thus Regina was probably deceased, and Hanß Georg, remarried by Nancy's birth in 1794.

However, three of the last four listed are known only from the David Markley Journal [Markley, 1855]. I have no information to place them in the proper sequence with their siblings. In fact, this could even be an incorrect placement of next generation siblings, as David's journal entries were quite casual in nature.

A short biographical paragraph [Jordan, 1835] states that "George Markle evidently married a second time, as at his death, a guardian was appointed for two young sons of his". Although I do not see that that conclusion necessarily follows, it is certainly possible, even probable, that more than one mother bore these eighteen children. There is indeed a six year gap between Hannah and Jonathan, and a five year gap beteen Jonathan and David, either possibly a hint of the death of Regina around 1780 or 1786.

Most of the children of George and his wife/wives married in Pennsylvania before they moved west to Miami County, Ohio. Here is a Wikipedia map of the townships of Lancaster County which will be mentioned in the material that follows on the children of this family.

IMAGE: Lancaster_Co_townships.jpg
Lancaster County, PA, townships

The eighteen children of Han§ Gešrg and Regina Dora Barbara (Fršlich) MŠrckly / Markley:   John, George, Jacob, Daniel, Anna, Mary, Martin, Barbara, Elizabeth, Henry, Joanna, Hannah, Jonathan, David, Benjamin, Nancy, Rudolph "Rudy" and Samuel. 

1    Markley, John was born 31 Jul 1762 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died before 22 Nov 1836.  He was married (1) to Catherine Bailey 29 Mar 1791 in Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvnia.  He was married (2) to Elizabeth Frey 19 Nov 1793.  She was the daughter of Rudolph "Rudy" and Barbara (____) Frey. 

John's marriage to Catharine Bailey of Martic was in the First Reformed Church of Lancaster, by Rev. Boehm [Irish, 1982]. His second, to Elizabeth Frey, daughter of Jacob of Muddy Creek, by Pastor John Caspar Stoever, was at the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in New Holland, some 8 miles north of Strasburg [Schwalm, 1977]. She was born before 1770 [1830 census], and a widow by 22 Nov 1836. There is an IGI submitted record of an Elizabeth Frey born 19 Apr 1768 in Lancaster County, father Jacob, but whether or not that was the Jacob of Muddy Creek I don't know.

I have Catherine's surname as Bailey, op. cit., but I notice that Ken Regenos lists her as Reily [Regenos, 2008]. I have found nothing more concerning this first wife, although she must have died shortly after their marriage.

A Jacob Frey died testate 1792 [Will Book F, v1, p340]. Another connection among the families is that a Jacob Frey, at that time of Cocalico, just a few miles from Muddy Creek, married ca. 1753 Mary Wolfersberger, daughter of John and Margaret. Mary's younger sister Anna married ca. 1756 Martin Hefelfinger who was baptised 22 Nov 1733, this date identifying him as the Martin from Dietgen, Baselland, Switzerland, the home town of John's paternal grandmother Elisabeth Hefelfinger.

John was listed as eldest son, in the Orphans’ Court proceedings for his father’s estate. As a carpenter, he bought land jointly with his brother George, 18 Oct 1788. Again as a carpenter, he and wife Elizabeth sold half of their joint land back to George, 29 Mar 1794. A quit claim was signed to him by all his siblings for father’s estate, proceedings 1799-1801.

He was taxed from 1789 onward, as innkeeper 1793, distiller 1809 to 1813, as Esq. 1822 & 1825, and justice 1825 (end of tax records). John was censused in 1800, 1810, and 1830, but the 1820 Strasburg census is missing. (The censuses need to be analysed to see who all was living in his household.) The 1825 appellation "justice" was Justice of the Peace [Markley, 1855].

The first Strasburg public election was held in April of 1816 when the following were elected to the borough council: James Whitehill, burgess; Jacob Miller, assistant burgess; Nathaniel W. Sample, Thomas Crawford, John Connolly, Robert Spencer, Peter Hall, Samuel Miller and William Hauge, councilmen; John Markley, constable; George Hoffman, treasurer, and Martin Foute, clerk ("A Brief History of Strasburg",].

"1 Nov 1835 ... On Thurs 20th ult, at his res in the borough of Strasburg, John Markley, Esq. in his 75th yr" [Marriages and Deaths in the Newspapers of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania ..., by F. Edward Wright]. Whether or not this is a record of the correct John Markley is hard to tell. The date is internally inconsistent, as the "20th ult", i.e., 20 Oct 1835, was a Tuesday, not a Thursday, and the age of 75 years places that man's birth before 20 Oct 1760. I'm inclined to conclude that this is another John of Strasburg, but cite the record here for future consideration.

John’s children, listed in order in his own estate proceedings in Orphans’ Court, 1836, were probably all by his second wife Elizabeth, although without specific dates, it's not impossible that the elder one or two were by Catherine.

The four children of John and Elizabeth (Frey) Markley:   George B., John, Susan and Jacob F. 

i    Markley, George B. was born 1793/1794 in Pennsylvania? and died 10 Aug 1850 in Pennsylvania?.  He was married to Elizabeth H. Hufnagle.  Elizabeth H. was born 1793/1794 in Pennsylvania and died 27 Jan 1864. 

George B. was over 14 years when his father was appointed his guardian 28 Nov 1808 in the matter of his inheritance from Rudy Frey of Brechnoch Twp. From this, we know his birth year was before 1794. If Elizabeth Frey was his mother, then he was born about 1793; however, it's possible that John's first wife Catherine died during childbirth or after George was born. This cannot be decided based on the evidence at hand, but I have listed him with John's other children, for lack of any other information.

George was probably the man taxed as a merchant and storekeeper in 1821 and 1822, and he was administrator of his father's estate in 1836. He was censused as George B. in 1840, and in Lancaster CIty's North East Ward as a Medical Reformer in 1850, at age 55. With him were his wife Elizabeth, 56, and sons George B. (Jr.), 16 and Samuel 15. The younger George was working as a Grocer.

Also in the household in 1850 was a Sarah Martin, 22, and this might be a lead to Elizabeth's maiden name. However, Sarah could also be a married daughter, so more research would be necessary to follow up on this young woman. According to David Markley [Markley, 1855], George lived in Lancaster, and was a merchant and later a doctor which confirms this identification of 1850.

In 1860 Elizabeth H. Markley was censused, still in the North East Ward of Lancaster City, with her sons George H., 26 and Samuel B., 25. George was listed as a Doctor, and Samuel as a Printer, and all three were noted as born in Pennsylvania. Also in the home was an Elizabeth Brown, 14, working as a Domestic.

The six children of George B. and Elizabeth H. (Hufnagle) Markley:   Amos H., George H., Samuel B., Elizabeth M., Henry H. and John B. 

1    Markley, Amos H.

2    Markley, George H. was born 1833/1834 in Pennsylvania.  He was married to Emma Snyder.  Emma was born 1840/1841 in Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of Charles A. and Barbara A. (Keller) Snyder. 

Geo. H. Markley, of Lancasetr, PA, matriculated from the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania in 1857 [].

G. H. Markley, Doctor, was censused 1870 at age 37 in the Third Ward of Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. With him were his wife Emma, 29, and daughters Willa and Georgina, ages 6 and 1 years. Also in the home waw Barbara Snyder, 61, May Snyder, 23 and May Galebrugh, 23, a servant.

Note that George was censused here as "G. H.", but as a child as "Geroge B.". I don't know wich one is correct; I have one brother's middle initial as "H", and the other as "B".

One would think that the presence of these two Snyders almost certainly identifiies Emma's maiden name. And, indeed, looking for Emma and Barbara Snyder back in 1850, we find in the West Ward of Harrisburg the family of Chas. A. Snyder, a 51 year old Scrivener, with wife Barbara A., forty something (the blur of ink doesn't resemble any of the other numerals on the page), with eight children including Emma, age 9.

Finally, looking forward to 1880, we find George H. and Emma in Harrisburg, ages 47 and 39, with Barbara A. Snyder, age 73, and the presence of the middle initial seems to identify her with the wife of the Scrivenor. George is now listed as a druggist, not a doctor (which happens), Nellie is now Helen L., and Georgina is Elva G., ,11. Added to the family since the previous census is Kate E., age 9

A short biography of George is online at, and cited as a 5 Nov 2000 transcription by Kathye Thornton for the Dauphin County Genealogy Transcription Project, but the original source is not identified.

The three children of George H. and Emma (Snyder) Markley:   Helen L. "Nellie", Elva Georgina and Kate E. 

i    Markley, Helen L. "Nellie" was born 1863/1864 in Pennsylvania. 

ii    Markley, Elva Georgina was born 1868/1869 in Pennsylvania. 

iii    Markley, Kate E. was born 1870/1871 in Pennsylvania. 

3    Markley, Samuel B. was born 1834/1835 in Pennsylvania and died 17 Sep 1868. 

"In December, 1850, Martin M. Rohrer published the first newspaper in Strasburg, called the Strasburg Bee. ... The Bee was published afterwards by W. T. McPhail, Esq., until I855, when Samuel B. Markley became the proprietor for about one year, when the paper was discontinued.

" In 1858 Mr. Markley sold the printing shop to William J. Kauffman, who printed "The Strasburg Herald" for three years, after which it was purchased by Jacob Hilderbrand, who used the building for job printing until 1870." [].

From another account ["An authentic history of Lancaster County: in the state of Pennsylvania", by Jacob Isidor Mombert]:

"In December, 1855, Samuel B. Markley became publisher of the Strasburg Bee, and on the 24th of May following, he enlarged and materially improved the paper, and published it until Nov. 8, 1850, when he retired, and the paper was soon after discontinued for want of patronage."

4    Markley, Elizabeth M. died 8 Nov 1893. 

5    Markley, Henry H. died 21 Sep 1868. 

6    Markley, John B.

ii    Markley, John was born 1791/1794 in Pennsylvania.  He and Elizabeth Bushman were married 21 Nov 1815 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Elizabeth was born 1833/1834 in Pennsylvania. 

John, Jr. was taxed 1815 as a young man, 1816 as a wheelwright, 1817 as a constable, and in 1819. He had been elected high constable in the first town election in April, 1816. He was possibly the John, Esq. censused in Strasburg in 1830.

David Markley [Markley, 1855] writes that John was a farmer in Halifax (a town in Dauphin County about 64 miles to the NW of Strasburg). That enables us to identify John in the 1860 Halifax census as the farm hand John Markely, 68, with wife Elizabeth, 64, and two sons, Uriah and Joseph, 44 and 42, both listed as Sadlers. They were all born in Pennsylvania, and also had in their house a Sarah Lontz, 16, working as a servant.

I'm accepting the marriage record, the contemporary location given by David Markley, and the (loose) agreement of census ages to claim these records are all for the sons of John and Elizabeth (Bushman) Markley of Strasburg.

The two children of John and Elizabeth (Bushman) Markley:   Uriah and Joseph B. 

1    Markley, Uriah was born 1815/1816 in Pennsylvania. 

2    Markley, Joseph B. was born 1817/1821 in Pennsylvania. 

By 1870 Joe Markley, 49, was censused as head of household with his father John, 76, living with him. Joe was still a Saddler, and they had a Susan Miller, 33, keeping house for them. Susan had a daughter Susan, age 6. The ages for Joe and his father imply significantly different birth years from those they reported ten years earlier, i.e., 1820/21 instead of 1817/18 for Joe, and 1793/94 for his father instead of 1791/92.

in 1880, Joseph B. Markley , 61, was living alone in Halifax District 79, working as a Harness Maker.

iii    Markley, Susan was born 1794/1800 in Pennsylvania?.  She and Daniel Holl were married 26 Dec 1820. 

Susan's and Daniel's marriage was from the journal "Genealogical Gleanings from Lancaster", by Rita Mowrer, but I have lost the specific reference.

There was an Adam and Ann Holl family in Strasburg in 1850, with three children ranging in age from 6 months to 6 years. Adam's age of 32 makes him a possible son of Damiel and Susan, but I've yet to find anything to connect him in that relationship. By 1860 his wife had died, but they had one more child born in 1850/51.

iv    Markley, Jacob F. was born 1800 in Pennsylvania? and died 1854. 

Jacob is known from an antiques auction online database, which listed a Sheraton mahogany dressing table he made.

IMAGE: Jacob_Markley_table.jpg
Jacob Markley dressing table

In addition to describing the table, the accompanying text (no longer online) also gave a brief biographical note on Jacob's ancestry:

J.F. Markley, Cabinet Maker(1800-1854) – Lancaster County, Columbia, Pennsylvania.

An early 19th century Sheraton mahogany dressing table from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania having a top with veneered half-column mirror frame supported by turned stiles. The rectangular top is over three drawers, over two draws and above a single shelf supported by turned legs. The interior of the central drawer bears the stencil of "J.F. Markley Cabinet Maker Locust St., Columbia, Pa.

The Columbia cabinetmaker Jacob F. Markley was the grandson of Hans Georg Markley (1730-1799) who came to American in 1749 and settled in Strasburg Township, Lancaster County. Hans Georg and his wife, Barbara Frohlich, had eleven children, one of whom was John Markley (1762-1836). He was a farmer, carpenter, and distiller as well as a Revolutionary War soldier and Justice of the Peace.

Columbia is some 20 miles west of Strasburg on the east bank of the Susquehanna River. It seems unusual that a business man could avoid the censuses all of his life, but a diligent search leads to that conclusion.

Another online paragraph is somewhat hard to interpret as to whether of not there were two Jacob F. Markleys in Strasburg : "ARTHUR D MARKLEY, M.D., was born in Columbia, Lancaster Co., Pa., April28, 1832. His father, Jacob F. Markley, was born in the borough of Strasburg, Lancaster Co., Pa., and in due time became a physician, he having in the meantime married a daughter of the late John Hamilton, Esq., of Leacock township, Lancaster Co. I suppose cabinetmaker and physician are not incompatible occupations for one man, but more research would be needed to clarify this situation. (The biography of Arthur is on, but buried so deeply in the archives that the URL is unwieldly. The interested reader should carry out a Google search for the beginning of the above quotation.)

2    Markley, George was born 4 Jun 1764.    

3    Markley, Jacob was born Aug 1765 in Strasburg and died 21 Feb 1829 in Strasburg.  He and Barbara Frey were married 26 Feb 1793.  She was the daughter of Rudolph "Rudy" and Barbara (____) Frey. 

Jacob's marriage date came from the IGI, originally, although I cannot now find such a record. However, it is also reported by Ken Regenos [Regenos, 2008].

Jacob was censused 1790, 1800, 1810. He was taxed 1793, missing 1796-1799, then from 1800 thru 1810 as farmer, as tenant 1813 and some years thru 1819. His death date (and inferred birth) are from St. Michael’s Lutheran Church cemetery in Strasburg.

He was both a farmer and a doctor, living about two miles from New Holland (a town about 14 miles by road to the NE of Strasburg), and had a large family, the eldest child being Jacob who lived near Mount Joy [Markley, 1855]. Mount Joy is a borough northwest of Lancaster City, about 22 miles from Strasburg.

From a 19 Oct 1998 RootsWeb PADUTCH archive which is no longer freely available online, I found:

Will of Rudy Frey, written 9 Sept. 1796 and probated 29 Nov. 1796. Wife, Barbara Frey. Children: John, Eve wife of John Detwiler, Veronica wife of Peter Ressler, Barbara wife of Jacob Marckle, Christiana wife of Conrad Orth, Anna wife of Dewald Powman, Magdalena wife of Philip Stober and Mathias.

Executors: Philip Stober and John Lesher. Brecknock Township.

This establishes the inlaws of Jacob, whom I had previously identified incorrectly. Rudy Frey ran a saw mill in Brecknock Twp.

Then, in August, 2012, I received a communication from Ed Wevodau who pointed out that the above will abstract was incomplete, and that a daughter Elizabeth was also mentioned, married to John Marckle. Thus the Frey sisters Elizabeth and Barbara were married to the brothers John and Jacob Markley.

A son of Jacob and Barbara (Frey) Markley:   Jacob. 

i    Markley, Jacob was born about 1794 in Pennsylvania?. 

The testimony of David Markley that Jacob was the eldest son of Jacob and Barbara Frey would ordinarily lead one to expect a son born shortly after their marriage date in 1793. However, if several children had died before he wrote his Journal, it might be that Jacob, Jr., was born somewhat later.

In any event, a census search turned up only one candidate for this son, a Jacob Markley born 1802/1803 and living in Maytown, East Donegal Township, about 30 miles by road west of Strasburg. He was a farmer censused there in 1860 and 1870. His wife was Elizabeth, born 1807/1808, and they had at least two sons, Charles born 1830/31 and George born 1857/58, both living with them in 1870. Whether or not this Jacob is the "eldest son" of Jacob and Barbara I don't know, but is the only one who seems likely.

4    Markley, Daniel was born 10 Aug 1768 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, died 29 Mar 1833 and was buried in Bethany Cemetery, Ephrata, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  He was married (1) to Anna Burkholder 25 Mar 1793.  She was the daughter of Ulrich and Anna (Musselman) Burkholder.  He was married (2) to Catharine Ressler 1803/1806.  Catharine was born 12 Aug 1768, died 19 Dec 1843 and was buried in Bethany Cemetery. 

Daniel and his family lived near Ephrata, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He is an ancestor of Solomon Markley [Markley, 1906] as obtained from Ruth Markley, whence came the names of the children of this couple.

Daniel was the executor of his brother Martin's estate (see below).

"Daniel, my uncle, ... lived about Dunkards Town in Lancaster Co. He was a small, stout, fine looking man. He accumulated some property, belonged to some religious church. Died probably in 1826 or 1827." [Markley, 1855]. "The London Chronicle", from London, England, dated January 1, 1785, contains an extensive article on the "Society called Dunkards" which begins with the sentence: "The Dunkard town, called Ephrata, is situated on the frontier part of Lancaster county & lies between two small hills..." [].

Jeremy Arment [Arment, 2008] named Daniel's wife as Catharine Ressler, and provides complete details on both her, her parents (John and Barbara, born in Germany), and the children, all of which I had originally accepted, although that attribution for the mother of Daniel's children turns out to be in queston.

Gladys Horvath [Personal Communication, Nov, 2009], of Louisville, Kentucky, questioned this identification, as her father's notes of "many years ago" had noted that Daniel married a "Miss Burkholder". Her research is based on that of her father, the Rev. John Rupp Albright, great-grandson of John Rupp and Anna Markley Rupp, and she says that he should get the credit for the research on her Rupp ancestry. See below for her information on the marriage and family of Daniel's granddaughter, Anna Markley Rupp.

Gladys then wrote [Personal Communication, Aug 2010] that she has found a record of the marriage of Daniel Merckle and Anna Burckholder on 25 Mar 1793 [ Pennsylvania Marriages, Donna R. Irish, 2002]. Anna was of Brecknock, which is near Ephrata, where Daniel lived and died. The date is right for Daniel's first chlld born 1795, and I have corrected my record to accept Anna as the wife of Daniel.

Jeremy Arment most recently conveyed to me (26 Apr 2012) that "Catharine Ressler & Daniel are mentioned (as husband & wife) in John Ressler's will of 1809. And she's buried beside him in the Bethany UCC Cemetery in Ephrata.". Finally, in May 2012, Gladys Horvath wrote to me that she and Jeremy are now in agreement that Daniel married twice. Part of the evidence of Anna Burkholder's parentage is the 1805 estate inventory of her father, Ulrich, which lists as an asset a debt of some 10 pounds from Daniel Markle. Gladys says that Jeremy estimates for the second marriage a date of between 1803 and 1806, based on documents of Catharina Ressler's father. His web page gives a date of about 1807.

With these estimates for Daniel's second marriage, it's not clear whether sons Daniel and David were born to Anna, or to Catherine. I'm leaving them with Anna in the list below, but need to emphasize that this is speculation until some documentary evidence shows up for Anna's death or Catharine's marriage date.

Gladys also noted that her grandfather listed six children of Anna in the order of Daniel, John, Anna, Mary, Elizabeth and David, but she only has a birth date for John, her ancestor.

The five children of Daniel and Anna (Burkholder) Markley:   John, Henry, Anna "Nancy", Daniel and David. 

i    Markley, John was born 2 Apr 1795 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, died 11 Dec 1829 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania and was buried in Trindle Springs, Cemetery.  He was married to Mary Mohler.  Mary was born 20 Jul 1793 in Cocalico, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, died 5 Sep 1849 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania and was buried in Trindle Springs, Cemetery.  She was the daughter of John and Anna (Bollinger) Mohler. 

John's wife and children, except Susan and Anna, as given here are from an Ancestral File (AF) by Elizabeth Landis Carson citing St John's Cemetery, Lower Allen Twp, and Mohler Cemetery, Allen Twp., Cumberland Co., PA.

John was a butcher in Cumberland County who died young [Markley, 1855]. Gladys Horvath reports that he and Mary are buried in Trindle Springs Cemetery, Cumberland Co., PA.

The seven children of John and Mary (Mohler) Markley:   John, Anna, Daniel, Mary, Susan, Henry and Solomon. 

1    Markley, John was born 1817 and died before 1906. 

"John was a tinner" [Markley, 1855]. He died before his brother Solomon wrote his pedigree in 1906.

2    Markley, Anna was born 22 Feb 1818, died 13 Jun 1890 and was buried in St. John's Cemetery, Lower Allen Twp., Cumberland, Pennsylvania.  She and John M. Rupp were married 10 Nov 1840.  John M. was born 17 Jan 1801 and died 21 Feb 1872 in Hampden Twp., Cumberland, Pennsylvania.  He was the son of Martin and Anna (Schnebele) Rupp. 

I originally found the seven children of John and Anna, all born in Cumberland Co., PA, from Brenda Fraser [Frazer, 2008]. Lance Mohler [Mohler, 2008] also provided some details that I have incorporated into the Rupp branch of the family.

Then, in November, 2009, Gladys Horvath contacted me and shared images of pages from John Rupp's family Bible, which recorded the couples' marriage and the births of their seven children (complete with the signs under which they were born). There Anna's maiden name was spelled Markle. Also given were the death dates, shown below, of the five youngest children who died in their infancies. Each entry began "My son …" or "My daughter …", and gave both the death dates and the ages of the children at their deaths.

In 1850 John and Anna, 49 and 32, were censused in Hampton Twp., Cumberland, PA with children Mary, 8, John, 6, and Daniel, 2. Also in the home listed after the children were Solomon Rupp, 20, Abraham Rupp, 19, and Martha Rupp, 18. Gladys noted that these three children may have been the children of John's brother Jacob Rupp who died in 1844.

In 1860, same location, their ages were 59 and 42, with Mary 18 and John 16 in the home. In 1870, John and Anna were were censused in Hampden Township with their son John, 25. And in 1880, we find Anna living with her son John and his family in Hampden, Cumberland County.

John was commonly known as the Honorable John Rupp "to avoid confusion among the many John Rupps". He had been elected a judge, but I don't have the details of his service in that position. John and Anna lived in the homestead built, in 1787, by his immigrant grandfather, Jonas Rupp.

Here is an image of their marriage license I received from Gladys Horvath in Nov, 2009, but I don't have the location of the ceremony:

IMAGE: John_Rupp_&_Ann_Markly.jpg
Marriage license of Ann Markly to John Rupp

The seven children of John M. and Anna (Markley) Rupp:   Mary, John Martin, Martin, Daniel, Anna, Elizabeth and Susannah. 

i    Rupp, Mary was born 7 Oct 1841 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania, died 15 Aug 1896 and was buried in St. John's Cemetery, Peace Church, Trindle Road, Cumberland Co..  She and Charles Hertzler were married 5 Jan 1869.  Charles was born 1844, died 24 Feb 1926 and was buried in St. John's Cemetery. 

Gladys Horvath reports that John and Mary had four children, John, Annie M., who married Joseph G. Zimmerman, Abraham and William, born 1871 through 1879. The two youngest died as infants and are buried with their parents in St. John's Cemetery behind Peace Church on Trindle Road.

ii    Rupp, John Martin was born 30 Mar 1844 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania and died 1910.  He and Ellen Speidel / Spidel were married 1873.  Ellen was born 23 Aug 1857 in Pennsylvania and died 25 Sep 1930. 

According to Gladys Horvath, John and Ellen's children were John Milton, Jacob Speidle, Maggie Estella, Naomi Annie (her grandmother who married Harvey Albright) and Edgar Franklin Rupp, born 1842 through 1889.

John Rupp, age 36, was censused 1880 as a farmer in Hampden, Cumberland, Pennsylvania, with his mother Anna, wife Ellen, 22, and children John, age 6, Jacob, 4, Maggie, 2, and Naomi, 9 months old.

A son of John Martin and Ellen (Speidel / Spidel) Rupp:   Naomi. 

1    Rupp, Naomi was born Sep 1879, died Nov 1964 and was buried in St. John's Cemetery, Peace Church, Shiremanstown, PA.  She was married to Harvey Albright.  Harvey was born 1880, died 1950 and was buried in St. John's Cemetery. 

Gladys Horvath, in a message 29 Aug 2013, corrected some errors in my database, and noted that “Naomi and Harvey Albright are buried in St. John's Cemetery behind Peace Church, Shiremanstown, PA, same as her grandparents Anna Markley and John Rupp”.

A daughter of Harvey and Naomi (Rupp) Albright:   John Rupp. 

i    Albright, John Rupp was born 11 Jul 1912 and died 5 Sep 1992.  He and Salome Shettel Shettel were married 18 Jun 1936.  Salome Shettel was born 1 Aug 1909 and died Nov 1999. 

John Rupp Albright (my father) was born 11 July 1912 (not June).

A son of John Rupp and Salome Shettel (Shettel) Albright:   Gladys Ann. 

1    Albright, Gladys Ann She was married to Ronald Joseph Horvath. 

Gladys is the source cited several times on this web page in re. research by her and her father primarily on the Rupp lineage, and on the families of Anna (Markley) Rupp's father and grandfather, John and Daniel Markley.

iii    Rupp, Martin was born 27 Jul 1845 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania and died 15 Nov 1846. 

iv    Rupp, Daniel was born 26 Jul 1848 in Cumberland and died 23 May 1851. 

v    Rupp, Anna was born 11 Nov 1851 in Cumberland and died 23 Mar 1854. 

vi    Rupp, Elizabeth was born 8 Aug 1853 in Cumberland and died 10 Dec 1853. 

vii    Rupp, Susannah was born 30 Oct 1854 in Cumberland and died 25 Dec 1854. 

3    Markley, Daniel was born 10 May 1823 in Pennsylvania, died 26 Jan 1897 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania and was buried in Mohler Cemetery, Allen Twp., Cumberland.  He was married to Elizabeth ____.  Elizabeth was born 24 Aug 1819. 

The two children of Daniel and Elizabeth (____) Markley:   Mary and Daniel. 

i    Markley, Mary was born 27 Apr 1855, died 9 Feb 1890 and was buried in Mohler Cemetery. 

ii    Markley, Daniel was born 1858, died 1923 and was buried in Mohler Cemetery. 

The names of Daniel and "Sister - Mary" are engraved on one tombstone in the Mohler Dunker Cemetery. Note that their paternal grandmother was Mary Mohler.

4    Markley, Mary was born 18 Apr 1825, died 25 Dec 1895 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania and was buried in St. John's Cemetery, Peace Church.  She was married to Martin Rupp.  Martin was born 24 Feb 1817.  He was the son of Martin and Anna (Schnebele) Rupp. 

Gladys Horvath, op. cit., confirms that Mary and her sister Anna married brothers. There was also a marriage between a Barbara Markle and Jacob Rupp 1 Sep 1833 in the Bethany United Church of Christ in Ephrata [; "Pennsylania, Church and Town Records, 1708-1985"]. I don't know the connection, if any, between that Barbara and our Markleys; she was apparently about half-way between the generations of Martin and Mary Rupp and their children.

Martin, a retired farmer aged 63, and Mary, 55, were censused 1880 in 2nd Ward, Mechanicsburg, Cumberland, PA together with their son William and his family.

The four children of Martin and Mary (Markley) Rupp:   Daniel M., Anna Mary, Martin M. and William Henry. 

i    Rupp, Daniel M. was born 1 Jun 1847 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania.  He was married to Lusetta ____.  Lusetta was born 1849/1850 in Pennsylvania. 

Daniel and Lusetta were censused 1880 in 1st Ward, Carlisle, Cumberland, PA, together with their sons John, born 1872/73 PA, and William, born 1876/77 PA.

ii    Rupp, Anna Mary was born 3 Sep 1848 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania. 

iii    Rupp, Martin M. was born Sep 1850 in Cumberland.  He was married to ____ ____.  ____ died before 1900. 

Martin M. Rupp, born Sep 1850, was censused 1900 in Mechanicsburg Boro, Cumberland County, with a son William born Jul 1881, age 8, and daughter Anna, born Apr 1890, age 10. I don't know whether William's age or birth year are incorrect by a decade, but he was listed before Anna. By 1910, Martin was living alone in the 2nd Ward, Mechanicsburg, except for a boarder, Willim W. Emerson, age 35.

iv    Rupp, William Henry was born 13 May 1852 in Cumberland and died before 1910.  He was married to Annie B. ____.  Annie B. was born Jun 1856 in Pennsylvania. 

William H. and "Anna" were censused 1900 in Mechanicsburg Boro, Cumberland County, from which record we find her birth month. They had two daughers at home, Edith M., born Feb 1880 and Bertha, born Dec 1881.

By 1910, Annie B. Rupp, age 53, was living with her daugher Bertha E., age 28, two households from her brother-in-law Martin M. Rupp in the 2nd Ward, Mechanicsburg.

5    Markley, Susan was born 1825/1828 and died 1891 in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland, Pennsylvania.  She was married to ____ Swartz.  ____ was born before 1849. 

I could not find Susan in the 1880 census index.

6    Markley, Henry was born 1825/1829 and died before 1870.  He was married to Susan Raudabaugh.  Susan was born 1828 and died 1891. 

Henry died before his brother Solomon wrote his family history in 1906, and I was unable to find him in either the 1880 or 1900 censuses.

In 1870 Susan was living with her daughter and son-in-law.

The death and burial information for this family came from a web page of Lance Mohler which is no longer online.

A son of Henry and Susan (Raudabaugh) Markley:   Anna/Annie M.. 

i    Markley, Anna/Annie M. was born 1850/1851 in Pennsylvania and died 13 May 1910 in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland, Pennsylvania.  She was married to Alfred C. Koser.  Alfred C. was born 21 May 1847. 

Alfred was censused as a butcher 1880 in 3rd Ward, Mechanicsburg, Cumberland, PA, with his wife Annie M., 29, daughter Grace E., age 10, and Bej. U. Kerr, 16, a butcher's apprentice.

Anna's will, Cumberland Co Z-481, bequeathed her estate to daughter Grace Koser Schroeder and granddaughter Anna Koser Schroeder.

A daughter of Alfred C. and Anna/Annie M. (Markley) Koser:   Grace E.. 

1    Koser, Grace E. was born 1869/1870 in Pennsylvania and died 1957.  She was married to Byron R. Schroeder.  Byron R. was born 1873/1874.  He was the son of Harry B. and Susan J. (____) Schroeder. 

7    Markley, Solomon was born 27 Feb 1830 in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland, Pennsylvania and died 14 Dec 1908.  He and Sarah Ann Kaufmann were married 15 Dec 1850.  Sarah Ann was born 26 Mar 1831 in York, Pennsylvania and died 17 Dec 1914. 

Solomon was the author of the genealogy discussed and imaged in the introduction to this Markley chapter. Here is a photograph of Solomon povided to me by Gladys Horvath [Personal Communication, Jul 2011].

IMAGE: Markley_Solomon_1830_1908.jpg
Solomon Markley 1830-1908

When the photo was taken we don't know, but a little research on the design of the border and of the style of the clothing would probably provide a reasonable estimate of the date. Since I don't think he looks like a man who has as yet fathered eight children, my guess for the date would be around 1860.

Solomon was a farmer 1880 in Silver Spring, Cumberland, PA, censused with Sarah A., 49, and eight of their children.

Tolbert G. MARKLEY
William H. MARKLEY
Francis Esther MARKLEY
Keeping House
Farm Laborer
At Home
At Home
At Home
At Home

At Home

Two mysteries appear in this census. Sarah E., born 29 Mar 1863 was censused as Ann A., age 15, and Tolbert G. Markley, age 4 and described as a son, is listed, but no such child appears in Solomon's own genealogy. Mohler notes that Tolbert was listed in the Solomon home in the 1895 Kansas state census, and I presume he was a grandson of Solomon, possibly a son of William H., since he was married but without a wife in 1880. It seems not unlikely that "Ann A." was a mis-recording of "Anna", but why Sarah E. would have been called that is difficult to imagine.

Notice that William, 26, was followed by Francis Esther, age 2. The Solomon genealogy gives Williams's death as 31 Jul 1879, and that of Francis E. as 5 Oct 1879, with their specified ages at death agreeing with their birth dates. Mohler [2008] notes that the "actual" census has the names of William and Frances Esther crossed off, and that the PA mortality index had his death as July 1880. This calls into question the accuracy of Solomon's dates, and I am guessing that the census cross-offs were made by someone relying on his genealogy, but not considering why the names would appear in the census in the first place.

Solomon and Sarah moved to Abilene, Dickinson, Kansas sometime between 1880 and 1895, according to Mohler. The 1895 Kansas state census had Solomon, Sarah A., Levi K. & Tolbert. They were censused in Abilene in 1900 having been married 49 years. A grandchild, Mamie Marrett, born Sep 1884, was living with them that year, but I have not established who her mother might have been.

The information I've recorded here for Solomon's children and grandchildren comes primarily from Solomon's own genealogy mentioned above. Some additional details are from Lance Mohler's RootsWeb WorldConnect post [Mohler, 2008].

The twelve children of Solomon and Sarah Ann (Kaufmann) Markley:   J. Henry, William H., George W., David K., Mary E., John K., Susan E., Sarah A., Ellen K. "Ellie", Levi B., Bertie L. and Francis Esther. 

i    Markley, J. Henry was born 4 Oct 1851 and died 4 Mar 1852. 

ii    Markley, William H. was born 9 Dec 1852 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania and died 31 Jul 1880 in Pennsylvania. 

See the discussion above concerning William's death date. It is possible that he was the father of Tolbert G. Markley, born 1875/76.

iii    Markley, George W. was born 12 Nov 1854 in New Market, York, Pennsylvania, died Aug 1910 and was buried in Chestnut Hill, Cumberland, Pennsylvania.  He and Mary A. M. Snyder were married 1873/1874.  Mary A. M. was born Dec 1852.  She was the daughter of Peter and Susan (____) Snyder. 

George and Mary were censused 1880 in York County, PA:

Keeping House

Thyrsa is probably a slurred version of Teresa as heard by the census taker. New Market is about nine miles east of Mechanicsburg, on the bank of the Susquehanna River.

In 1900 George and Mary were back in Mechanicsburg, censused with their two youngest children, Ella and Solomon. This census tells us quite a bit about the family. First, in their home was their married daughter Anna E. Morton, born Jun 1875, married two years, with one child. This has to be "Lizzie" from the 1880 census, and gives us her married name, but no Morton chlld appears there nor have I been able to find a record of her marriage or giving birth.

Next listed after Anna was Ralph M. Cline, grandson, born in Apr 1892. Ella was too young to have been his mother, so Ralph was probably the son of Teresa, but I've found no marriage or birth record to confirm this.

Finally, in the household, was a widower Peter Snyder, Father-in-law, born Nov 1824, which gives us Mary's maiden name.

In 1910, George W. and Mary were living in the 5th Ward of Mechanicsburg, and she reported that she had borne 7 children, of whom 4 were living as of 26 April that year. They also reported, erroneously, that they had been married 31 years, rather than 36. Soloman, 19, was still at home that year.

"There were 6 children buried with them, three were theirs and three siblings of George. George died intestate, Leroy G. Markley named Administrator of estate." [Lance Mohler, a web page now missing].

Mary's father Peter Snyder we found in the 1900 census, and looking backward we find him censused 1870 in Silver Springs Twp., Cumberland County, PA,with wife Susan, Mary A., age 18, and four of her younger siblings, Susan, Louisa, Elizabeth and James B. Snyder, ages 16, 11, 9 and 8.

Ten years earlier yet, we find "Mary A. M.", age 7, and in addition to the other siblings, an Amelia, aged 4, who apparently died before 1870.

The five children of George W. and Mary A. M. (Snyder) Markley:   Anna E. "Lizzie", Thyrsa (Teresa?), Leroy George, Ella S. and Solomon P. 

1    Markley, Anna E. "Lizzie" was born Jun 1875 in Pennsylvania.  She and ____ Morton were married 1897/1898.  ____ was born 1897/1898. 

2    Markley, Thyrsa (Teresa?) was born 1876/1877 in Pennsylvania. 

3    Markley, Leroy George was born 5 Aug 1879. 

Leroy George was listed as Geo. Roy when censused at nine months of age in his parents' home. But on his draft registration card (see below) he gave his name as Leroy George. And, according to the 1900 census and a land purchase, he apparently went by the name of George.

George Markley of 225 Louise St., Mechanicsburg, was censused 1900 in the Military and Naval Forces in Binan, Philippine Islands. He was a Corporal, 20 years old and single. In 1910 he was boarding in a home in Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, and working as a brakeman for the railroad.

This newspaper announcement of a farm sale in 1912 occurred when George Markley was 33 years old.

IMAGE: George_Markley_farm.jpg
George Markley farm sale

Yellow Breeches Creek constitutes part of the Cumberland/York County line, and is from five to ten miles southeast and south of Mechanicsburg.

Men of apparently all ages were required to register for the World War II draft, and Leroy George Markley, born 5 Aug 1879 in New Market, York County, Pennsylvania was one of the registrants 1942 at age 62 years. He printed his name as Leroy George, but signed the card as Leroy G., and listed S. P. Markley of Mechanicsburg as the "Person Who Will Always Know Your Address", that being, of course, his brother Solomon. Leroy George worked for the Reading Railroad in Harrisburg, and lived at 127 Sylvan Terrace of that city, Dauphin County.

4    Markley, Ella S. was born Mar 1884 in Pennsylvania. 

There was an Ella Markley, a public school teacher born 1883/84 in Pennsylvania, boarding 1920 in Pittsburgh Ward 4, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. There is no other informaiton to tell whether or not that record is for the daughter of George and Mary.

5    Markley, Solomon P. was born 29 May 1890 in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland, Pennsylvania.  He and Cora R. ____ were married 1911/1912.  Cora R. was born 1896/1897 in Pennsylvania. 

When Solomon filled out his World War II draft card (more below), he wrote "Solomon P(initial only) Markley", and signed it S. P. Markley.

Solomon P. and Cora R. Markley were censused as one of two families on Walnut St., in Boiling Springs, South Middleton Twp., Cumberland County in 1920. Several other entries were similarly marked head of household "1" and "2" on that census page. Their daughters age on this mid-January census was given as 3 years, 5 months, so born Jul/Aug 1916. Solomon was a dry goods and groceries merchant.

In 1830 Solomon P., by then a widowere, was censused as the proprietor of a lunchroom in Mechanicsburg, with his 13 year old daughter helping there.

In 1917/18 and in1942 when he registered for the drafts, he provided his exact date and place of birth. The first time he recorded that he was a self-employed merchant, and the second that he was employed by Mr. A. Wayne Smith at the Mechanicsburg Club. At that time he was living at 137 West Main St. in Mechanicsburg.

A son of Solomon P. and Cora R. (____) Markley:   Mary B.. 

i    Markley, Mary B. was born 1917. 

iv    Markley, David K. was born 6 Oct 1856 and died 17 Jul 1862. 

v    Markley, Mary E. was born 27 Nov 1858 and died 1935.  She and J. Henry Bricker were married 2 Oct 1880 in Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania. 

There was a marriage of a Mary E. Markley and J. Henry Bricker on 2 Oct 1880 in the First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Carlisle, Cumberland, PA [IGI extracted record]. Solomon and Sarah's daughter would have been just under 22 years of age on that date, and Carlisle is just 11 miles west of Mechanicsburg.

Mary was not in her parents' home in the 1880 census taken in June, so the Oct marriage would leave her missing for a few months. However, on the basis of this record, only, I'm tentively identifying J. Henry as Solomon's son-in-law, but must emphasize that I haven't found any corroborating evidence for this.

vi    Markley, John K. was born 23 Feb 1861 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania and died 26 Nov 1947.  He was married to Ella M. ____.  Ella M. was born Oct 1864 in Pennsylvania. 

In 1900 John, a traveling salesman, was censused in the 3rd Ward, Abiline, Dickinson, KS, with his wife Elan(sic), born Oct 1864, and their son Evan J., born Jan 1897.

A son of John K. and Ella M. (____) Markley:   Evan J.. 

1    Markley, Evan J. was born Jan 1897 in Kansas. 

Evan's middle initial was "J." in the 1900 census, but listed as "K." by Mohler [2008].

vii    Markley, Susan E. was born 29 Mar 1863 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania and died 24 Apr 1865. 

viii    Markley, Sarah A. was born 19 Sep 1865 in Cumberland and died 30 Dec 1892. 

There is an IGI record, described as "Extracted marriage record for locality listed", whih gives the marriage 29 Apr 1907 in Mechanisburg, Cumberland County, of "Sarah E. Markley", daughter of Geo. and Mary Markley. Presumable Solomon correctly recorded the death of his daughter Sarah A. in 1892, but the correspondance of names and places is eerie. The record source is idenified only by "batch" number, and seems to be a county wide compilation of over 200 births and deaths.

ix    Markley, Ellen K. "Ellie" was born 20 Mar 1868 in Cumberland and died 11 Aug 1938. 

x    Markley, Levi B. was born 16 Mar 1870 in Cumberland and died 27 Feb 1923.  He was married to Alice H. Herr.  Alice H. was born Nov 1876 in Pennsylvania. 

Levi, a farmer, was censused with Alice in Newbern Twp, (HeritageQuest misidentifed the page as Lyon Twp. and the census taker recorded his middle initial as "K"), Dickinson Co., Kansas in 1900 with their first child. In 1910 he was "Levy B." in Logan Twp., Dickinson Co., in 1910 with three children, and in Logan Twp. with all four children in 1920.

Lyon Twp. is in the extreme SW corner of Dickinson Co.; Newbern and Logan are adjacent six mile square townships south and southeast, respectively, of Abiline in the middle of the county.

An Alice Herr of the right age, 3, appears in the family of John and Mary Herr of West Donegal Twp., Lancaser, Pennsylvania. That township is about 12 miles west of Strasburg. I think it likely that these were the parents of the Alice who married Levi, but some confirmation would be desirable.

The four children of Levi B. and Alice H. (Herr) Markley:   Preston Herr, Helen, John Dean and Harold. 

1    Markley, Preston Herr was born 30 Mar 1899 in Kansas and died 17 Jul 1977 in San Bernardino, California. 

2    Markley, Helen was born 1906/1907 in Kansas. 

3    Markley, John Dean was born 11 Jun 1909 in Kansas. 

4    Markley, Harold was born 14 Aug 1911. 

xi    Markley, Bertie L. was born 3 Jul 1872 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania and died 22 Jun 1942. 

xii    Markley, Francis Esther was born 30 Mar 1876 in Cumberland and died 5 Oct 1880. 

I've changed Francis' death date from 5 Oct 1879, given by her father in his genealogy, to 5 Oct 1880 since she appeared in the 1880 census. That correction is surely in the right direction, but nevertheless may not be correct.

ii    Markley, Henry was born 15 Apr 1799 in Ephrata Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died 11 Feb 1871 in Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  He and Margaret Kleis were married 8 Sep 1839 in Reihers Reformed, Elizabeth Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Margaret was born 9 Feb 1806 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, died 14 Dec 1885 and was buried in Lancaster Cemetery. 

Henry and Margaret's church record of their marriage reads "Henrey Markly to Margrata Kleis, both of Lancaster City". The top of the page carries the notation "Adamstown". Most of the data given here for Margaret and Henry's family and descendants came from Jeremy Arment [Arment, 2008].

This family was not found in PA census indexes for 1860 and 1870. Margret Markley, age 74 and born in PA of parents born in Germany, was censused as a widow with son David Markley, single, age 33, on West Walnut Street in Lancaster, Lancaster, PA [1880].

"Henry ... was a fine man, dealing in lumber in Lancaster Co. I think a carpenter by trade." [Markley, 1855]

There is a problem with one of the census records for Margaret. Jeremy Arment shows her parents, John Kleiss and Margaret Kean, both born in Lancaster Twp., 1774 and 6 Mar 1777, respectively. In 1880, Margret Markley, 74, and her son David Markley, 33, were censused in Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. But the problem is that Margret ostensibly reported that both of her parents were born in Germany. Jeremy believes that this attribution is simply a census taker's error. That explanation is supported in that the previous household on that census contains a similar, but more obvious, mistake: John and Louisa Troyer were both born in Pennsylvania, and her parents were born in Germany. Then their nine year old son is listed as born in Pennsylvania with both parents born in Germany. I'm now convinced that the census entry for Margaret is also simply an error on the part of the census taker, but Jeremy writes [2012] that he's not sure he has correctly identified her parents, so I'm leaving Margaret an "orphan" for now.

The four children of Henry and Margaret (Kleis) Markley:   Rebecca E., Daniel H., Joseph W. and David K. 

1    Markley, Rebecca E. was born 11 Aug 1840 in Lancaster Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

There was a Rebecca Markley, age 21, working as a servant in the home of Isaac and Margaret Hoover in Strasburg Borough in 1860.

2    Markley, Daniel H. was born 27 Oct 1842 in Lancaster Twp..  He was married to Carrie M. ____.  Carrie M. was born 1841/1842 in Maryland. 

Carrie's father was born in England, her mother in Württemburg, according to the 1880 census in the city of Lancaster.

3    Markley, Joseph W. was born 19 Mar 1845 in Lancaster Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  He and Mary E. Pyle? were married 1879/1880.  Mary E. was born Aug 1845 in Ohio. 

Joseph was censused 1880 as a retail grocer in Lancaster, Lancaster, PA with wife and 71 year old Philip Pyle, born PA, mother born VA. In 1900, Joseph, a grocer, and Mary were living on North Mulberry in Lancaster City with their three children. In the 1910 census they were on West Chestnut Street, and recorded that they had been married 30 years. By that time Walter was married, and he and his wife Rebecca, as well as Daniel, were still living with Joseph and Mary, as they were also in 1920.

Mary's parents were both born in Ohioo [1880] or in Pennsylvania [1900 & 1910].

The three children of Joseph W. and Mary E. (Pyle?) Markley:   Claude H., Walter R. and Daniel R. 

i    Markley, Claude H. was born Apr 1881 in Pennsylvania.  He was married to Hatty H. ____.  Hatty H. was born 1913/1914 in Pennsylvania. 

Claude was an apprentice electrician when censused in his parents' home in 1900.

A son of Claude H. and Hatty H. (____) Markley:   Henry L.. 

1    Markley, Henry L. was born 1913/1914 in Pennsylvania. 

ii    Markley, Walter R. was born Jan 1886 in Pennsylvania.  He and Rebecca ____ were married 1907/1908.  Rebecca was born 1884/1890 in Pennsylvania. 

Walter was listed as a newspaper reporter in the 1910 census. Rebecca's age was given as 25 in 1910, and 30 in 1920.

iii    Markley, Daniel R. was born Dec 1892 in Pennsylvania. 

4    Markley, David K. was born 27 Apr 1848 in Lancaster Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  He was married (1) to Emma D. Dorwart about 1869.  Emma D. was born 17 Sep 1850 in Lancaster Twp. and died 1 Sep 1888 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of Jacob and Catherine (Leonard) Dorwart.  He was married (2) to Mary E. Stahl 1 Jan 1889 in Lancaster Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Mary E. was born Oct 1852 in Pennsylvania. 

The basic information I've given here on David and his two wives and children has been taken from the WorldConnect page of [Jeremy D. Arment]. The census records add some interesting information.

In 1880 David was censused as a grocer at age 33 living with his mother Margret, 74, at 229 W. Walnut Street, Lancaster City. Several blocks away David's wife Emma, 29, and their two daughters, Margie 9 and Katie 7, were living at 15 Frederick Street in the home of widower Joseph Davidson, 46, a Boiler Maker. Also in that household was Louisa Dorwart, 34 and single, and both she and Emma were described as sisters-in-law of Joseph. This implies that there were (at least) three Dorwart sisters, one deceased, one single, and Emma, living separately from her husband. And, in fact, looking back to 1860 we find, in Lancaster City, Jacob and Catharine Dorward (not "t") with two sons and daughters Margaret E., Louisa A. and Emma E, the latter 10 years old.

In 1900 David was censused as a grocer living on East Marrion St. in Lancaster with his second wife Mary, to whom he had been married 10 years. That record stated that David was born in Apr 1848, and Mary E. in Oct 1852. In 1910 and 1920 they lived on North Mulberry St, David working as a laborer and then as a stock clerk in a cotton mill.

The two children of David K. and Emma D. (Dorwart) Markley:   Margaret A. and Katie R. 

i    Markley, Margaret A. was born 1870/1871 in Lancaster Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died 1918 in Lancaster Twp.. 

ii    Markley, Katie R. was born 2 Nov 1872 in Lancaster Twp., died 8 Aug 1904 in Lancaster Twp. and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery.  She and William H. Barber were married about 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  William H. was born 5 May 1867 in Milton, Turbot Twp., Northumberland, Pennsylvania, died 1937 and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery.  He was the son of William and Eliza A. (____) Barber. 

I had previously misinterpreted what little information I had about William's marriages. Thanks to Jeremy D. Arment [persional communications, Sep 2009], I believe I've now corrected those errors.

William Barber's first wife, whom the 1900 census names as Kate, was born Nov 1872. They had been married 9 years, and she had borne 3 children, all censused at home with them. William, a pattern maker, was born May 1867. This Kate is David and Emma's daughter Katie, surely christened as Katherine or Catherine.

William Barber was censused 1910 with "Lizzie" as his second wife, to whom he had been married six years. Jeremy tells me that this wife was Mary Elizabeth Erb, and that this was her second marriage. William was recorded as age 41, and worked as a pattern maker at a lock works. Lizzie, 28, reported having 3 children, all living. His previous four children by Katie Markley, as well as their own three, were all living with them, ages 1 through 16.

To complete the record, William was censused in 1920 and 1930 with wife Mary, and an additional eight children. He was listed as a pattern maker for carbon steel. Here are his censuses, all in the city of Lancaster, with the red material emphasizing information that was explicit in the 1910 census.

IMAGE: William_Barber_censuses.jpg
William Barber censuses

According to Jeremy Arment, William, Katie and Mary are all buried in Greenwood Cemetery, and all of the dates I give here are those which he transcribed directly from the tombstones. Katie's name there is given as Katie Markley Barber, this constituing a primary source for her marriage. Jeremy's ancestor is their daughter Erma, who married John H. Arment in 1925.

iii    Markley, Anna "Nancy" was born 12 Oct 1800 in Ephrata Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died 31 Jul 1871.  She and John E. Pfautz were married 21 Apr 1825 in Ephrata, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  John E. was born 1804/1805 in Pennsylvania. 

The image of the marriage record of Anna and John (see discussion below for her brother David) records her name as Ann Markly. Anna and John's marriage took place in the Bethany United Church of Christ. In the 1860 census she is recorded as Nancy.

On the US GenWeb archives, we find, in "The Statues at Large of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg PA, 1911, LAWS PASSED SESSION 1836-1837, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania":

"Whereas, DANIEL MARKLEY, HENRY MARKLEY, and DAVID MARKLEY, have been appointed trustees of JOHN E. PFAUTZ and ANNA PFAUTZ, his wife, and have invested their legacy in a tract of land containing 15 acres and 117 perches, adjoining the Cocalico creek. Whereas, the parties interested believe an advantageous exchange of property can be made. Therefore, the trustees are hereby authorized to sell a tract of land situated in Cocalico Twp., Lancaster county, containing 15 acres, 117 perches, which they purchased for $1071.75 and now hold by deed from JUSTICE GRAY and BARBARA GRAY his wife, dated 27 Jan 1835, and to make and execute a deed of conveyance to purchaser and to invest proceeds in other real estate." Undated and not chronologically printed

Apparently, Anna and John's share of the estate of her father, who died in 1833, was being held in trust for by her brothers, even though she was a married woman. I have no idea a priori why this occurred, but her father's will (if he died testate) might provide some light on this situation.

John and Anna were censused 1850, 1860 and 1870 in Ephrata, Lancaster County, where his job was described as a painter. By 1880, still in Ephrata, John was described as a widower and carpenter. A John Albright was listed as a boarder in John's home in 1870 and 1880.

The two children of John E. and Anna "Nancy" (Markley) Pfautz:   Mary Ann and Daniel M. 

1    Pfautz, Mary Ann was born 1827/1828 in Pennsylvania. 

Mary Ann was censused in her parents' home from 1850 through 1880.

2    Pfautz, Daniel M. was born 1832/1833 in Pennsylvania.  He and ____ Anna were married about 1852.  ____ was born Mar 1832 in Pennsylvania. 

Annie Pfautz, born March, 1832, was censused as mother in the home of Jacob and Mary S. Pfautz of Warwick, Lancaster County, in 1900. Jacob's age was given as Dec 1873, some twenty years after his putative sister, Anna E. Pfautz. Warwick is some 25 miles east of Ephrata. I'm tentatively accepting this record as pertaining to the widow and son of Daniel M. Pfautz, even though the very late birth is somewhat unusual.

The two children of Daniel M. and ____ (Anna) Pfautz:   Anna E. and Jacob. 

i    Pfautz, Anna E. was born 1853/1854 in Pennsylvania. 

Anna was listed as a 16 year old dressmaker in her parents' home in Ephrata in 1870.

ii    Pfautz, Jacob was born Dec 1873.  He was married to Mary S. ____.  Mary S. was born Feb 1874. 

iv    Markley, Daniel was born about 1803 in Ephrata Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  He was married to ____ ____. 

"Daniel, the oldest, lived in 1835 in Cumberland Co., a large fine man. He belonged to the Unitarians. He had a large family and became wealthy." [Markley, 1855].

Here is a picture of Daniel Markley, "uncle of Anna and Solomon", from a family album of Gladys Horvath [Personal Communication, Jul 2011].

IMAGE: Markley_Daniel_1803.jpg
Daniel Markley, b ca 1803, son of Daniel and Anna Burckholder

v    Markley, David was born 26 Feb 1806 in Ephrata Twp., died 10 Feb 1880 and was buried in CharlesEvans Cem, Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania.  He and Rebeca Bushong were married 11 Feb 1830 in Ephrata, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Rebeca was born 14 Jun 1811, died 17 Jul 1888 and was buried in CharlesEvans Cem, Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania. 

"David ... married rich and lived at Dunkards Town in Lancaster Co." [Markley, 1855]. has two records for the marriage of David Markely to Rebeca on 11 Feb 1830 in the Bethany United Church of Christ. The first is an image of the church record, and it transcribes Rebeca's surname as Linslang. The image itself it looks more to me to read Linshang. But the second record is a typescript of this same list, and there her name is recorded as Bushong. On that same page, there is a record of a marriage of a Phillip Bushong, and there the same hand writes the "Bus…" very clearly. (The "…shong" is identically written for both cases.) Jeremy Arment now tells me (28 Apr 2012) that Rebecca was indeed a Bushong, as indicated by her son Jacob's middle name, and he cites a family record naming her parents as given here.

Considering the popularity of the name David, I originally hesitated to assign this marriage record to David, son of Daniel, since the record itself provides no clues as to family of bride or groom. But on the same record we find an Anna Markley married 21 Apr 1825 to John Pautz. These two marriages fit so well the siblings David and Anna, that I accept them here as pertaining to the children of Daniel.

On 2 Jul 2012 Jeremy Arment wrote that he had visited the Charles Evans Cemetery in Reading, and read the birth and death dates for David and Rebecca, their son Henry and his wife Mary K., and their grandchildren buried there. The dates given here are as given to me by Jeremy.

Jeremy also provided the names of the children of Rebeca and David, as listed below. He says he found baptism records for only Anna E., Sarah M., and Jacob B., from the Bethany UCC/Cocalico Reformed Church.

The eight children of David and Rebeca (Bushong) Markley:   Anna E., Maria C., Sarah M., Jacob Bushong, Henry D., Samuel R., Leah A. and David G. 

1    Markley, Anna E.

2    Markley, Maria C.

3    Markley, Sarah M.

4    Markley, Jacob Bushong. 

5    Markley, Henry D. was born 1842, died 1903 and was buried in CharlesEvans Cem.  He was married to Mary K. ____.  Mary K. was born 1844, died 1935 and was buried in CharlesEvans Cem. 

The four children of Henry D. and Mary K. (____) Markley:   Edith R., Willie †, Raymond † and Guy H. 

i    Markley, Edith R. was born 1868, died 1949 and was buried in CharlesEvans Cem. 

ii    Markley, Willie † was born 1873, died 1877 and was buried in CharlesEvans Cem. 

iii    Markley, Raymond † was born 1874, died 1877 and was buried in CharlesEvans Cem. 

iv    Markley, Guy H. was born 1877, died 1935 and was buried in CharlesEvans Cem. 

6    Markley, Samuel R.

7    Markley, Leah A.

8    Markley, David G.

The two children of Daniel and Catharine (Ressler) Markley:   Mary and Elizabeth. 

i    Markley, Mary was born 1810 in Ephrata Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

ii    Markley, Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth was not listed as a child in this family by Jeremy Arment [2008].

5    Markley, Anna was born 28 Feb 1767 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

[Arment, 2008]

6    Markley, Mary was born 1768/1773.  She was married (1) to Henry Stoner.  Henry died Sep 1796.  She was married (2) to George Runner 22 Jun 1799 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

I originally had Mary's birth in 1768, but Karen Fugate gives the later date of 1773 [Fugate, 2008].

A Stoner Genealogy says that Mary was married twice. Her first husband, Henry Stoner, married her as his second wife. She then married as her second husband George Runner. That records adds Colerain Twp., Lancaster County, but it isn't clear whether that is a residence of George, or the location of their marriage.

The entry for his first marriage reads: "Henry Stoner d. ca. Sept. 1796. Owned large farm in Martic Twp. Lancaster Co. PA; drowned while shad fishing in the Susquehanna River. m.1 Veronica Hostetter Herr; widow of Abraham Herr, the last Herr occupant of the renowned 1719 Herr House, Willow Street, PA. "

The "Christian Stoner 1734" web page [] records that Henry Stoner, son of Christian of West Lampeter Twp., first married Veronica Hostetter Herr, widow of abraham. He secondly married Mary Markley, "dau of immigrant George Markley", who after his death ca. Sep 1795, married as her second husband George Runner of Colerain Twp., Lancaster County.

George's name was given, consistently, as Runner in the estate papers of his father–in–law George Markley. And a George Runner was censused 1800 in Colerain Twp., Lancaster County (40010-40010) indicating that he and his wife were born beween 1755 and 1775, and that they had four girls and four boys under the age of ten in their household. Colerain Twp. is about 10 miles south of Strasburg. In 1810 in that township, George Runner was censused (10010-30010), indicating their births between 1765 and 1784, and with one boy and three girls born after 1800, and none before. These two censuses narrow their birth years to 1765/1775, but the children in the household are difficult to explain. I didn't find George in the 1820 census index for Pennsylvania.

David Markley names Mary's husband as a Stonner, of Pecqua, Lancaster County, a town and township about five miles west of Strasburg [Markley, 1855]. There was no Brunner or Runner on the Strasburg tax lists.

7    Markley, Martin was born 12 May 1770 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died after 28 Aug 1819.  He and Anna Summe were married 13 Mar 1798 in Earl, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Anna was born 2 Jun 1771 in Earl and died 5 May 1854.  She was the daughter of Jacob and Margaret (Graff) Summe. 

Martin was born after 1774 according to the 1790 census, before 1774 according to the 1800 census. This is probably the Martin censused 1810 near David in Earle Twp., and, according to Ramirez [2008], the Martin who died 1819 [Will Bk 1M).

The will of Martin Markley of Earl Twp. was writen 5 Sep 1818 and registered for probate 28 Aug 1819. The abstract lists his wife as Anna, his child as Martin, and his brother Daniel as executor [Abstracts of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Wills: 1786-1820, google books].

"Mr. Summey gave him a farm near New Holland, adjoining the old homestead. It was secured to the children by Will. Thanks to grandfather for his care and foresight." [Markley, 1855].

As mentioned above, Anna's surname is recorded as Summe, Summy, Sumi, Sommy, and probably other variants I haven't come across. I'm using Summe throughout this report as that was the spelling used in Margaret (Summe) Markley's book.

David Markley writes [Markley, 1855]:

"Ann married my uncle Martin Markley, a few years older than my father. He was a drinking man and I think finally died with the delirium tremons. ... [They had a good] farm 2 miles west or more north of New Holland. Joining grandmother's homestead, I'm not certain how many children they had but I think the oldest dtr, Elizabeth, married a Mr. Raganoss. They afterwards moved to Ohio."

The Martin Markley whose widow Catharine married Michail Everly and filed for Revolutionary War benefits in Pennsylvania doesn't seem to be this Martin, as the latter was too young to have served during the war. His existence in the state, however, alerts us to be careful about assigning particular events when we have three men of the same name within two generations in Pennsylvania.

Most of the information given below for Martin's family and descendants came from Ken Regenos [Regenos, 2008], with additions from the Federal censuses and the IGI.

Anna was named, as the wife of Martin Markley, in the will of her father Jacob Summy of Earl Twp. written 13 Sep 1904, probated 25 Aug 1897. The will Will Abstracts names also her sisters Margaret and Barbara -- without surnames. But it also lists a son-in-law Abraham Gittinger, and a grandson Abraham Witwer. Since we know that Margaret also married a Markley, one of these two names may be the married name of Barbara.

Anna's birthstone in Groffdale Mennonite Brick Church Cemetery, Leola, Lancaster County is imaged on, where she is listed as the widow of Martin Markley by the transcriber. This is my source for her b irth and death dates. However, the stone is so weathered that whether the additional names listed in the transcription are from the stone or from other sources:

Mary Ann SUMMY
Sara Ann SUMMY
John SUMMY; son/of Peter & Mary; age 69y 7m 4d

There are some marginally legible years on the stone (1774, 1854), but I cannot tell what they refer to.

The eight children of Martin and Anna (Summe) Markley:   Anna, Elizabeth, Samuel, Susanna, Nancy, Martin, Betsy and Sally. 

i    Markley, Anna was born 1799/1800 in Earl. 

ii    Markley, Elizabeth was born 10 Jan 1799 in Earl, died 4 Aug 1882 in Lawrence, Stark, Ohio and was buried in Paris Cemetery.  She and Christian Regenos were married 21 May 1819 in Earl, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Christian was born 29 Dec 1793 in Lampenberg, Bennwil, Switzerland, died 21 Jan 1867 in Paris Twp., Stark, Ohio and was buried in Paris Cemetery.  He was the son of Johan Jacob and Barbel (Flubacher) Regenos. 

Elizabeth Ragennos [sic] was censused 1870 in Paris Twp., Stark County, aged 71, with Frances, 30, and Henry, 7, at home.

Elizabeth Regenas [sic] was censused 1880 in Paris, aged 81, with Henry Regenas, her grandson aged 17, born in Indiana. Henry, born 1862/63, wa the son of Samuel and his second wife, Charity. Also in her home that year was Sarah Oswalt, 21, probably a servant.

From the locations of their childrens' births, Christian and Elizabeth moved from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to Stark County, Ohio around 1825/26.

Christian and Elizabeth were censused 1860 in Paris Twp., Stark County at ages 66 and 61, with Jacob, 30, Frances, 20, and Mellisa, 17, at home. His real estate was valued at $4400, and his personal at $480.

The ten children of Christian and Elizabeth (Markley) Regenos:   Lucy Elizabeth, Sarah, Samuel, Isaac, Martin, Jacob, William, Elizabeth, Frances and Malinda. 

1    Regenos, Lucy Elizabeth was born 18 Apr 1820 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died 26 May 1896 in Paris, Stark, Ohio.  She and Samuel Musser were married 2 May 1841 in Stark, Ohio.  Samuel was born 1 Apr 1819 in Ohio and died 20 May 1896.  He was the son of Peter and Nancy (____) Musser. 

The Stark County Probate Court record [IGI extraction] gives the name of Samuel's wife as "Lucy Ann Regenoss". Why this constrasts with Ken Regenos' record stating "Lucy Elizabeth" is not known. It should be pointed out that the extracted court records for four Regenos siblings spelled their surname four different ways.

Lucy and Samuel were censused 1880 in Paris, Stark Co., Ohio. Because the easily available FamilyHistory census index for this family is completely hashed up (Samuel separated from his family, and the rest interleaved with a second adjacent Sheatsley household ), I recreate here the transcription for the family by reading from the census itself:

Samuel Musser
Lucy A. Musser
Jeremiah Musser
Sarah E. Musser
Edward M. Musser
Albert A. Musser
Alice C. Musser
August Melza
Nancy Musser


Switz PA

Their son Lyman was censused in the next household:

Lyman Musser
Mary E. Musser

I think we can safely assume that Nancy Musser, born 1798/99 in Pennsylvania, is Samuel's mother, and this is confirmed by Ken Regenos, who identifies Samuel's father as Peter. Also, the birthplaces associated with grandson August evidence a marriage that we don't yet know about. But we do know there's a twelve year gap between Lucy's marriage and birth of the oldest child we know about, Jeremian.

There was a couple, Augustus C. and Margaret, who had a son John Lonis Melza 1877 in Saginaw, Michigan [extracted IGI record]. In 1870 Peter and Louisa were censused on June 2nd with a son August, 19, in their home in Chesaning, Sainaw, Michigan. That August would be just old enough to have a son August later that same year, but he was born in Ohio and so doesn't fit the father of August in the census above. Peter, however, was born in France, so there surely is some kind of connection.

The twelve children of Samuel and Lucy Elizabeth (Regenos) Musser:   Amanda Mary, Simon, Lyman, Obediah, Deliah, Angeline, Jeremiah, Sarah E., William E., Edward M., Albert A. and Alice C. 

i    Musser, Amanda Mary was born 20 Jun 1843 in Paris Twp., Stark, Ohio and died 16 Feb 1927 in Louisville, Stark, Ohio.  She and Louis G. Myers were married 9 Aug 1862 in Stark, Ohio.  He was the son of John and Sarah (Yearick) Meier. 

ii    Musser, Simon was born 1844 in Paris Twp., Stark, Ohio.  He was married to Catherine Maken. 

iii    Musser, Lyman was born 1844 in Paris Twp..  He was married to Mary Elizabeth Mizer.  Mary Elizabeth was born 14 Jun 1843 in Bucks, Tuscarawas, Ohio. 

Lyman's 1880 census transcription at FamilySearch was on the same page as his father's, and messed up in the same way. Reading from the census itself for Paris Twp., we have:

Musser, Lyman 34, a farmer, his wife Mary E., 32, and children Elsworth D., 14, Dora, 12, Ida M., 10, daughter Minelva, 7, son Meret, 5, Eva, 3, Sarah, 2 and Viola, 1.

iv    Musser, Obediah. 

v    Musser, Deliah was born 1848 in Paris Twp., Stark, Ohio and died in Paris Twp..  She was married to George Dallas Livelsberger.  George Dallas was born 20 Jan 1846 in Ohio and died 16 Jan 1914 in Stark, Ohio. 

vi    Musser, Angeline was born 1849 in Ohio. 

vii    Musser, Jeremiah was born Jan 1853 in Paris Twp., Stark, Ohio and died 1944 in Paris Twp..  He and Rosalia Bair were married 1877 in Paris Twp..  Rosalia was born Feb 1859 in Ohio.  She was the daughter of Abram and Elizabeth (____) Bair. 

Jeremiah and Rosella were censused 1900 in Paris Twp. with Earnest 20, Daisy 19 and Luleh 15.

viii    Musser, Sarah E. was born 10 Oct 1854 in Paris Twp., Stark, Ohio and died 6 Mar 1935 in Myers, Ohio.  She and David M. Myers were married 1885.  David M. was born 9 Jan 1828 in Paris Twp., Stark, Ohio and died 5 Nov 1902 in Paris Twp..  He was the son of Jacob B. and Susanna (Miller) Myers. 

Note that her census record, above, implies a birth year of 1856/57 for Sarah.

Regenos gives David's birth date as 9 Jan 1828, which would make him 26 years older than Sarah. This year needs to be confirmed. There was a David Myers born 15 Feb 1852 in Stark County, son of John D. and Esther Myers, and that is a more likely date for the husband of Sarah.

ix    Musser, William E. was born about 1856 in Ohio.  He and Mary Louise Lane were married 11 Feb 1880 in Cuyahoga, Ohio. 

There may be a problem with the marriage of William as reported by Ken Regenos. He has him married to a Mary Louise Lane on 11 Feb 1880 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, but does not identify either her age or parents.

There was a William Musser censused as a medical student in Akron, Ohio, in 1880, living in a household with three families: Aaron and Emma Gould; Royal W. Lane, his wife Julian, and their daughter Emma; and WIlliam Musser, son-in-law aged 21 and born in Ohio with wife Mary, 19, born in England. This age for William implies a birth year of 1858/59, rather than 1856 as given by Ken Regenos, but that his wife was a Mary Lane agrees with Ken's record.

However, the censused William reported his father as having been born in Pennsylvania, not Ohio, his mother in Connecticut, not Pennsylvania. This leads me to believe that the marriage of Samuel's son William to Mary Louise Lane may be in error. Of course, there could have been two William Musser and Mary Lane couples in Ohio of very nearly the same age.

The IGI has a submitted record of the marriage about 1885 of a William Musser born about 1860 and Mary Lane born about 1864, essentially matching Ken Regenos' record. But there are two Pedigree Resource Files that have a William Musser born about 1859 in Ohio to a William and Mary (Young) Musser. And there were eight William Musser's born in the 1850's censused 1880 in Ohio. So there is room here for a misidentifcation.

x    Musser, Edward M. was born 29 Nov 1859 in Paris Twp., Stark, Ohio and died 5 Aug 1939 in Strasburg, Tuscarawas, Ohio.  He and Sarah Amelia Van Wagner were married 22 Aug 1885.  Sarah Amelia was born 24 Oct 1860 in Bucyrus, Crawford, Ohio and died 5 Aug 1939 in Strasburg, Tuscarawas, Ohio.  She was the daughter of Harlow and Huldah (Denman) Van Wagner. 

xi    Musser, Albert A. was born 1861/1862 in Ohio.  He and Hattie De Witt were married 24 Feb 1880. 

xii    Musser, Alice C. was born 1865/1866 in Paris Twp., Stark, Ohio and died in Canton, Stark, Ohio.  She and John Gonser were married 19 Jan 1892.  John was born Dec 1847 in Ohio.  He was the son of William and Ann (____) Gonser. 

2    Regenos, Sarah was born May 1822 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  She was married to Lewis Koons.  Lewis was born 1814/1816 in Alsace, France. 

In 1860, Lewis Koontz, 45, and Sarah, 34, were censused in Paris Twp., Stark County, OH, with Daniel, 16, and John, 13. Lewis, born in France, was a grocer with real estate valued at $4300, and personal estate at $500. The age of 34 for Sarah should have been 38.

Lewis and Sarah were censused 1800 in Canton, Stark County, Ohio, with Mary and Edward still at home. There is an intervening township between Paris and Canton, so this indicates a move of from 6 to as much as 18 miles between 1860 and 1880.

The four children of Lewis and Sarah (Regenos) Koons:   Daniel, John, Mary K. and Edward H. 

i    Koons, Daniel was born Jan 1844 in Stark, Ohio.  He and Minnie M. ____ were married 1893. 

ii    Koons, John was born 1846 in Ohio.  He and Ella B. Shalters were married 21 Sep 1876. 

iii    Koons, Mary K. was born Feb 1861 in Ohio and died 23 Apr 1925.  She was married to Samuel Burgert.  Samuel was born Jan 1861 in Ohio. 

iv    Koons, Edward H. was born 1862/1863 in Ohio. 

3    Regenos, Samuel was born 19 Oct 1825 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died 26 Mar 1908 in Kosciusko, Indiana.  He was married (1) to Mary M. Snoke 30 Jun 1852 in Kosciusko.  Mary M. was born about 1835 in Pennsylvania and died 13 Jan 1861 in Kosciusko, Indiana.  She was the daughter of ____ and Catherine (____) Snoke.  He was married (2) to Charity A. Harris 30 Mar 1862 in Kosciusko.  Charity A. was born 10 Nov 1842 and died 28 Mar 1863 in Kosciusko.  He was married (3) to Elizabeth Pontius 11 Jul 1863.  Elizabeth was born 11 Sep 1835 and died 18 Nov 1893.  She was the daughter of David and Anna M. (____) Pontius.  He was married (4) to Drucilla Howard 8 Sep 1901 in Whitney County, Indiana.  Drucilla died 14 May 1916. 

Samuel and his third wife Elizabeth were censused in Clay Twp., Kosciusko, Indiana in 1870 with four children at home, Wilson 16, William 14, Clara A. 5 and Tressie B., 2. Also in the home was Jane A. Pontius, 16, presumably either a young sister or a niece of Elizabeth's. Samuel was reported as a farmer with valuations of $3200 and $600.

Samuel was censused as a 54 year old farmer in Clay Twp. in 1880 again with his third wife Elizabeth, their two daughters, and his son William by his first wife, Mary. By 1900, Samuel was widowed and had his daughter Clara and her three children living with him.

The two children of Samuel and Mary M. (Snoke) Regenos:   John Wilson and William. 

i    Snoke, John Wilson was born 1853 and died 1941. 

ii    Regenos, William was born May 1857 in Silver Lake, Kosciusko, Indiana and died 1949.  He and Anna Maria Bowman were married 26 Mar 1881.  Anna Maria was born 30 Aug 1859 in Beaver Dam, Kosciusko, Indiana and died 27 Apr 1934. 

William was described as a Nursery Dealer when he was censused at age 24 in his father's home in 1880.

A son of Samuel and Charity A. (Harris) Regenos:   Henry Elmer. 

i    Regenos, Henry Elmer was born Jan 1863 in Kosciusko County, Indiana, died 1943 and was buried in Silver Lake, Lake Twp., Kosciusko, Indiana.  He and Nannie Stevens were married 12 Sep 1885.  Nannie was born Oct 1862 in Ohio and died 1942. 

The two children of Samuel and Elizabeth (Pontius) Regenos:   Clara Alice and Tressie B. 

i    Regenos, Clara Alice was born 28 Mar 1866 in Kosciusko, Indiana and died 4 Jul 1949.  She was married (1) to George W. Wiley 3 Oct 1883 in Kosciusko.  She was married (2) to Leonard Cherry Stoner 18 Aug 1889. 

Clara A. Stoner was censused 1900 in her father's home in Clay Twp. with her daughters Orla H., born Apr 1890 amd Gladys G., born Sep 1893, and son Newell L., born Jul 1899.

ii    Regenos, Tressie B. was born 14 Mar 1868 in Indiana and died 19 Jun 1893.  She and Philip Brown were married 10 Feb 1889 in Kosciusko, Indiana. 

4    Regenos, Isaac was born 1826 in Stark, Ohio and died about 1838. 

5    Regenos, Martin was born 1 Dec 1827 in Ohio, died 3 Sep 1901 and was buried in Seward, Kosciusko, Indiana.  He was married (1) to Eliza Douglas 14 Sep 1851 in Paris, Stark, Ohio.  Eliza was born 1824/1825 in Ohio and died before 1880.  He was married (2) to Amanda F. Stauffer Feb 1872.  Amanda F. was born 1818/1819 in Ohio. 

Martin and Eliza were censused 1870 in Seward Twp., Kosciiusko, Indiana, with their daughter and twin sons. The wedding date given here is from an extacted IGI record; Ken Regenos gives the 21st instead of the 14th.

Martin and his second wife were censused again in Seward Twp. with Madison, one of his twin sons, still at home working on the farm. Amanda reported that her father was born in Maryland and her mother in Virginia.

The three children of Martin and Eliza (Douglas) Regenos:   Emeline, Madison and Jefferson. 

i    Regenos, Emeline was born 1 Jul 1852 in Stark, Ohio and died 7 Jul 1917.  She and George W. Shoemaker were married 14 Jan 1872.  George W. was born 13 Jan 1848 in Fulton County, Indiana and died 30 Aug 1903. 

ii    Regenos, Madison was born 19 Feb 1858 in Ohio and died 25 Jan 1937 in Mentone, Kosciusko, Indiana.  He and Mary C. Anderson were married 18 Mar 1883.  Mary C. was born about 1862 in Indiana and died before 29 Jan 1947 in Kosciusko, Indiana. 

iii    Regenos, Jefferson was born Feb 1858 in Ohio.  He and Mary Elizabeth Warren were married 4 Mar 1880 in Kosciusko, Indiana.  Mary Elizabeth was born 10 Jul 1857 in Wabash, Indiana and died 30 May 1961 in Warsaw, Kosciusko, Indiana.  She was the daughter of Samuel and Marie (____) Warren. 

Jefferson and Mary E. were censused 1900 in Seward Twp., Kosciusko County with daughter Nellie E., born Jan 1881, son Harle R., born Jan 1883, and Showley H., born Jun 1889.

6    Regenos, Jacob was born 5 Jul 1830 in Stark, Ohio, died 13 Apr 1897 in Kosciusko, Indiana and was buried in Fairview Cemetery.  He and Julia Ann Brown were married 19 Mar 1857 in Stark, Ohio.  Julia Ann was born 11 Nov 1836 in Ohio, died 5 Dec 1911 and was buried in Fairview Cemetery. 

A son Jack of age 30 was censused in his parents home in 1860, but no Jacob Regenos (of any spelling) could be located in Stark or Kosciusko Counties that year. I'm assuming, therefore, that Jack was a nickname for Jacob.

The census taker spelled their surname as Regas when Jacob and Julia A. were censused 1870 in Seward Twp., Kosciusko, Indiana. They had four children by that time, Mary C., 12, Laura A., 7, Alice E., 5 and Ira E. 2. All were born in Ohio, so they must have moved on west to Indiana between 1868 and 1870. Their son Charles Melvin has the ealiest IGI recorded birth in Indiana, 1872, for any of the Regenos family.

Jacob and Julia were censused 1880 in Seward, Kosciusko, IN, with all of their children except Henry at home.

The five children of Jacob and Julia Ann (Brown) Regenos:   Mary C., Laura A., Alice E., Ira Elmer and Charles Melvin. 

i    Regenos, Mary C. was born 1857/1858 in Ohio. 

ii    Regenos, Laura A. was born 1862/1863 in Ohio. 

iii    Regenos, Alice E. was born 19 Dec 1866 in Stark, Ohio, died 3 Apr 1943 and was buried in Palestine Cemetery.  She was married (1) to Lidner Kisinger 7 Mar 1888.  Lidner was born 8 May 1866 and died 17 Aug 1939.  She was married (2) to John Philip Kurtz 2 Dec 1890.  John Philip was born 21 Sep 1869 in Ohio and died 1949. 

iv    Regenos, Ira Elmer was born 17 Aug 1868 in Ohio, died 27 Dec 1937 and was buried in Niles, Berrien, Michigan.  He was married (1) to Rosa Leona Rhodes 30 Jun 1889.  Rosa Leona was born 4 Mar 1870 and died 13 Apr 1902.  She was the daughter of Solomon and Elizabeth (Newton) Rhodes.  He was married (2) to Matilda Compky 24 Dec 1902 in Benton Harbor, Berrien, Michigan.  Matilda was born 1874 in Canada.  He was married (3) to Elizabeth Lauer Schutt 16 Jun 1907 in St. Joseph, Michigan.  Elizabeth Lauer was born 1888 in Indiana and died 1954. 

v    Regenos, Charles Melvin was born 14 Jul 1872 in Seward Twp., Kosciusko, Indiana.  He and Rozella Belle Clink were married 24 Dec 1895 in Kosciusko, Indiana.  Rozella Belle was born 23 May 1874 in Seward Twp., Kosciusko, Indiana and died 1 Dec 1947 in Warsaw, Kosciusko, Indiana.  She was the daughter of John Wesley and Caroline (Rhoades) Clink. 

A son of Charles Melvin and Rozella Belle (Clink) Regenos:   Graydon Wendell. 

1    Regenos, Graydon Wendell was born 8 Jan 1902 in Seward, Kosciusko, Indiana and died 11 May 1987 in Galesburg, Knox, Illinois.  He and Ada May Young were married 8 Sep 1928.  Ada May was born 28 Jun 1902 in Fulton, Illinois and died 19 Jun 1982 in Galesburg, Knox, Illinois. 

A son of Graydon Wendell and Ada May (Young) Regenos:   Kenneth Melvin. 

i    Regenos, Kenneth Melvin He was married to Ursula Lee Boulton. 

7    Regenos, William was born Apr 1832 in Paris, Stark, Ohio and died in Seward, Kosciusko, Indiana.  He was married (1) to Susanna Snoke 18 Sep 1859 in Paris Twp., Stark, Ohio.  Susanna was born 9 May 1840 in Ohio and died 21 Mar 1880.  She was the daughter of Amos and Elizabeth (____) Snoke.  He was married (2) to Magdalena Crise 5 Dec 1880.  Magdalena was born Oct 1833 in Switzerland and died 20 Jun 1901.  He was married (3) to Nancy Jane Rupe 26 Jul 1902.  Nancy Jane was born about 1840. 

A son of William and Susanna (Snoke) Regenos:   Alzines Castleman. 

i    Regenos, Alzines Castleman was born 6 Jun 1860 in Indiana and died 4 Apr 1939 in Kosciusko, Indiana.  He was married to Abbie ____.  Abbie was born 1852 in Illinois. 

A son of William and Magdalena (Crise) Regenos:   Charles H.. 

i    Regenos, Charles H. was born 1872 in Indiana. 

8    Regenos, Elizabeth was born 14 Jul 1835 in Paris, Stark, Ohio and died 28 Dec 1913 in Michigan.  She and George W. Douglas were married 29 Nov 1855 in Paris, Stark, Ohio.  George W. was born Sep 1834 in Ohio.  He was the son of George W. and Polly (____) Douglas. 

9    Regenos, Frances was born 8 May 1838 in Ohio and died 15 Jan 1917 in Alliance, Stark, Ohio.  She and Joseph Oswalt were married 26 Apr 1875.  Joseph was born 1823 in Ohio and died 1904. 

Frances married Joseph as his second wife. In 1880, the census recorded their two children, and then listed the youngest two of his seven children by his first wife, Mary Grimes:

Frances OSWALT
Edward S. OSWALT
Joseph B. OSWALT
Benjamin F. OSWALT
Keeping House
At Home
At Home
At Home
At Home

The two children of Joseph and Frances (Regenos) Oswalt:   Edward C. and Leona B. 

i    Oswalt, Edward C. was born Feb 1876 in Stark Co., Ohio. 

ii    Oswalt, Leona B. was born Jul 1878 in Stark Co.. 

10    Regenos, Malinda was born 15 Aug 1842 in Ohio and died 12 Jul 1883 in Minerva, Ohio.  She and Daniel Becher were married 16 May 1868 in Paris, Stark, Ohio.  Daniel died before 1880.  He was the son of Andrew and Barbara (____) Becher. 

In 1880 Malinda, a widow, was living with her mother-in-law Barbara Becher in Paris, Stark, Ohio with her daughter Emma F. Becher, age 7.

The two children of Daniel and Malinda (Regenos) Becher:   Adaline and Emma F. 

i    Becher, Adaline was born about 1869. 

ii    Becher, Emma F. was born 30 Dec 1872 in Paris and died 4 Jan 1940 in Warsaw, Kosciusko, Indiana.  She was married to Edward Scherer.  Edward was born 7 Nov 1865 in Lena, Stephenson, Illinois and died 19 Sep 1938 in Warsaw, Kosciusko, Indiana. 

iii    Markley, Samuel was born 1802 in Earl, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died before 1818. 

iv    Markley, Susanna was born 1803/1805 in Earl and died after 1850.  She and Henry Deimler / Dibler were married 1825. 

The name of Susanna's husband was given by [Peterson, 2008].

v    Markley, Nancy was born 1808/1810 in Earl. 

vi    Markley, Martin was born 1808/1810 in Earl and died 1869.  He and Rachael Lutz were married 1832.  Rachael was born 1815 in Pennsylvania. 

This family's information came from Kathleen Michaels Peterson's Pedigree Resource File [Peterson, 2008].

The four children of Martin and Rachael (Lutz) Markley:   Uriah, Lewis, Jesse and Samuel. 

1    Markley, Uriah was born 1836 in Pennsylvania.  He and Carolina Lutz were married 1859.  Carolina was born 1841 in Pennsylvania. 

Uriah Markley was censused 1880 in Juniata Precinct, Adams County, Nebraska. That Uriah was 45 years old, so born 1834/35 in Pennsylvania. He had with him in the household a wife Caroline, 39, and children Lemon, Melvin and Lina, ages 20, 17 and 6. Both boys were born in Michigan, Lina in Indiana. Also boarding in their home was a Wm. Spade, 38, a Carpenter born in Pennsylvania.

The Pedigree Resource File cited above for this family names the son of Martin Markley, Jr., as Urias, married about 1859 to Carolina Lutz. Although he was of the same generation as Uriah Markley, another great-grandson of Hanß Märckly and Regina Frölich, and so was his second cousin, he was twenty years younger, and I take his given name as evidence this man, identified online as Urias, was most probably named Uriah, also.

2    Markley, Lewis was born 25 Mar 1837 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania and died 25 Mar 1909 in Juniata, Adams, Nebraska.  He and Corinda Elizabeth Garman were married 10 Apr 1864. 

3    Markley, Jesse was born 1839 in Pennsylvania.  He was married to Harriet Caughman. 

4    Markley, Samuel was born 1841 in Pennsylvania.  He and Mary Hagerman were married 1864. 

Samuel was probably the 18 year old farmhand living with J. M. Brenneman in Manor Twp., Lancaster County in 1860. Manor Twp. is about 15 miles west of Earl Twp., and this was about two years before Samuel married.

vii    Markley, Betsy was born 1812 in Earl, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

viii    Markley, Sally was born 1814 in Earl. 

8    Markley, Barbara was born 8 Sep 1772 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

9    Markley, Elizabeth was born 8 Sep 1772 in Strasburg.  She and George Getz were married 8 Aug 1797. 

"Jacob Rumple, a tinner, in Columbia, Lancaster Co., PA, married one of the daughters" of George and Elizabeth [Markley, 1855].

10    Markley, Henry was born May 1776 in Strasburg.  He was married to Margaret Summe.  Margaret was born 16 May 1776 in Earl, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died 26 May 1849.  She was the daughter of Jacob and Margaret (Graff) Summe. 

Henry and Margaret Summe, his wife, are the ancestors of Karen Fugate, who contacted me concerning our Markley ancestry [Fugate, 2008]. This was what sparked my current (2008/09) review and extension of the Markley Chapter of this Family History, and our collaboration has greatly extended the scope of my original research. Karen has graciously shared images of Margaret's book (below), and of the Journal of Margaret's son David, and I'm deeply appreciative of her generosity in doing this.

Henry was over 14 years as of the Nov, 1799 Orphans Court proceedings, so born before 1785. He was taxed 1800 and 1802, only, in Strasburg.

The 1850 censuses for Strasburg Borough and for Strasburg Township were searched without locating Henry.

There was a namesake of Henry in the Lancaster County Militia 26 Aug 1780. That was Major Henry Markley, a field officer with Lieut. Col. Jacob Carpenter ["An authentic history of Lancaster County: in the state of Pennsylvania", by Jacob Isidor Mombert]

Margaret's surname is recorded as Summa, Summe, Summy, Sumi, Sommy, and probably other variants I haven't come across. I'm using Summe throughout this report as that was the spelling used in the inscriptions in her own book, as well as in the David Markley Journal of her son.

Margaret was the owner of the book [Summe, undated] from which birth and death dates, including her own, have been extracted. The inscription on the inside of the cover, "My Mother's Book, D. Markley" indicates that her son David took possession of the book on his mother's death, and it has since been passed down from him to Karen Fugate's mother, Dorothy (Markley) Denning. Here is the title page of the book, with a partial translation (by my brother-in-law, Leo Thiessen and a German-born neighbor of his), indicating that it was printed in 1742:

IMAGE: Margaret_Summe_Book_Title.jpg
Margaret Summe Book Title Page

This next image is of the facing pages where, on the left, David's inscription appears, and on the right, Margaret's inscription, in German, where she gives her birth record and finishes with her signature. Note that she spells her surname as Sümme, with an umlaut.

IMAGE: Margaret_and_David.jpg
Margaret Sümme and D. Markley Inscriptions

Margaret's son David writes [Markley, 1855]:

My mother, Margaret, was the youngest of the 3 dtrs. She married Henry, my father, before he was 21 years of age. Mother was 3 years older than father. He commenced his career by keeping a tavern - The Black Horse. Father was a shoemaker by trade but married in a rich family and he, young and inexperienced, led him to hotel keeping. ... [Margaret] returned home to her father. I think about this time, the first child, Samuel was born. But this broke up the hotel keeping. How long a time intervened I know not but finally grandfather [Jacob] gave her this farm of 80 acres of land and mill on it.

The names and birth dates of the children of this famiy are from Margaret Summe's book. Here are the images of the pages recording Margaret's birth and death, and Henry's death, and of the births of Samuel, Ann and Elizabeth, of Sarah, Levina and David, and of the marriage of Elizabeth to John McClane.

IMAGE: Margaret_and_Henry.jpg
Margaret Summe and Henry Markley Records

IMAGE: Samuel_Ann_Elizabeth.jpg
Samuel, Ann and Elizabeth Birth Records

IMAGE: Sarah_Levina_David_Markley.jpg
Sarah, Levina and David Birth Records

IMAGE: Elizabeth_and_John_McClane.jpg
Marriage Record of Elizabeth and John McClane

The six children of Henry and Margaret (Summe) Markley:   Samuel, Ann, Elizabeth, Sarah, Levina and David. 

i    Markley, Samuel was born 15 Aug 1802. 

There is recorded [USGenWeArchives] the marriage 18 Mar 1824 of Samuel Markley to Margaret Smith in Juniata County, Pennsylvania. We know some brances of our Markley lineage stayed for a while in that county before moving on west.

ii    Markley, Ann was born 24 Sep 1803.  She and John Stauffer were married 1821. 

Ann's parentage and marriage are from Peterson [2008].

iii    Markley, Elizabeth was born 6 Nov 1809.  She and John McClane were married 1853.  John was born 1813/1814 and died 25 Nov 1857. 

iv    Markley, Sarah was born 7 Jan 1811. 

v    Markley, Levina was born 12 Aug 1812 and died 27 Feb 1813. 

vi    Markley, David was born 26 Jan 1814 and died 6 Sep 1840.  He was married (1) to Sarah Smullen 23 Feb 1836.  Sarah was born 1817 and died 6 Sep 1840.  He was married (2) to Mary Rebecca Smullen 10 Oct 1848.  Mary Rebecca was born 25 Dec 1820 in Pennsylvania and died 27 May 1897. 

This was the David Markley who authored the David Markley Journal [Markley, 1855], transcribed and made available to me by Karen Fugate, his great-great-granddaughter. Dates in his journal were from 1851 through 1868. Here are two pages written over 150 years ago in which he starts a discourse on his Summey relatives [Markley, 1855]:

IMAGE: David_Markley_1858.jpg
'David Markley Journal', 1858 Entry

"3/3/1858 -- I, David Markley, son of Henry and Margaret Markley, was born 1/26 or 27/1814 in Earl Township, Lancaster Co., PA about 300 yards south of the Harrisburg and Downingstown Turnpike, 4 miles east of New Holland, 2 miles east of the Blew Ball Tavern, near the Sorrel Horse Tavern."

David and Mary, ages 46 and 40, were censused 1860 in Hennepin, Putnam, IL, in 1860 with their two children.

Essentially all of the details shown below for the descendants of David and Mary Rebecca were furnished to me by Karen (Denning) Fugate, his great-great granddaughter.

The three children of David and Mary Rebecca (Smullen) Markley:   Mary C., John Wesley and Emma Belle. 

1    Markley, Mary C. was born 8 Aug 1849 and died 8 Sep 1850. 

2    Markley, John Wesley was born 30 Aug 1855 in Peoria/Hennepin, Illinois and died 26 Dec 1892.  He and Jennie M. Greiner were married 11 Sep 1878.  Jennie M. was born 11 Sep 1860 in Illinois and died 25 Nov 1945.  She was the daughter of Charles and Ida (Ehmler?) Greiner. 

John Wesley was censused 1880 as a hardware merchant in Hennepin, Putnam, IL with his wife and daughter Essie.

The three children of John Wesley and Jennie M. (Greiner) Markley:   Essie B., Lotta Mae and Harold David. 

i    Markley, Essie B. was born 10 Nov 1880 in Illinois and died 2 Nov 1965.  She was married to Charles Robert Hamill.  Charles Robert was born 16 Oct 1872 and died 26 Mar 1945. 

The four children of Charles Robert and Essie B. (Markley) Hamill:   Janice Miriam, Monafae, Thomas Wesley and William Howard. 

1    Hamill, Janice Miriam was born 9 Apr 1901 and died 6 Aug 1958.  She and Daniel George Cole were married 23 Apr 1919.  Daniel George was born 9 Jan 1898 and died 11 Aug 1958. 

2    Hamill, Monafae was born 25 Dec 1902.  She and Roy T. Elmer were married 2 Nov 1940.  Roy T. was born 10 Aug 1901. 

3    Hamill, Thomas Wesley was born 30 Nov 1905 and died 24 Feb 1978.  He and Sydney Mayo were married 14 Feb 1939.  Sydney was born about 1920. 

4    Hamill, William Howard was born 24 Jul 1909 and died 3 Jun 1976.  He and Ethel Timmons were married 21 Sep 1931.  Ethel was born 15 Apr 1913. 

ii    Markley, Lotta Mae was born 18 Apr 1888 and died 8 Jul 1970.  She and John Stacker Van Leer were married 10 Aug 1916.  John Stacker was born 1 Jul 1890. 

A daughter of John Stacker and Lotta Mae (Markley) Van Leer:   Virginia Clark. 

1    Van Leer, Virginia Clark was born 17 Feb 1928 and died 20 Jun 2003.  She was married (1) to George Alva Young.  George Alva was born 17 Feb 1929.  She was married (2) to Harold Levine Melgaard 6 Sep 1958.  Harold Levine was born 11 Apr 1925 and died 1 Oct 1984. 

iii    Markley, Harold David was born 15 Apr 1891 and died 6 Dec 1972.  He and Dorothea Marie Bauer were married 15 Jun 1925.  Dorothea Marie was born 26 Oct 1895 and died 6 Mar 1989. 

This is the lineage of Karen Fugate, who has provided me with so much of the genealogy of Henry Markley and Margaret Summe, including the latter's inscriptions in her book shown above [Fugate, 2008].

Markley, Dorothy Marie
m Robert Francis Denning
Denning, Karen Dorothea
m Michael W. Fugate

A son of Harold David and Dorothea Marie (Bauer) Markley:   Dorothy Marie. 

1    Markley, Dorothy Marie was born 8 Oct 1926.  She and Robert Francis Denning were married 21 Sep 1957.  Robert Francis was born 29 Jan 1926 and died 16 Jan 2006 in Whittier, Los Angeles, California.  He was the son of Robert Francis and ____ (____) Denning. 

The dates for the children of Dorothy and Robert, and the names of the two grandchildren, were given to me in 2008 by Karen Fugate.

The three children of Robert Francis and Dorothy Marie (Markley) Denning:   David Markley, Gary Robert and Karen Dorothea. 

i    Denning, David Markley was born 2 Aug xxxx.  He and Valerie Terrones were married 23 Jun 1979.  Valerie was born 25 Jul xxxx. 

The two children of David Markley and Valerie (Terrones) Denning:   Kristina Marie and Kevin David. 

1    Denning, Kristina Marie. 

2    Denning, Kevin David. 

ii    Denning, Gary Robert was born 27 Sep xxxx.  He and Elizabeth Ann Salas were married 11 Sep 1999.  Elizabeth Ann was born 3 Oct xxxx. 

iii    Denning, Karen Dorothea was born 14 Feb xxxx.  She and Michael W. Fugate were married 7 Nov 1987.  Michael W. was born 14 Dec xxxx. 

3    Markley, Emma Belle was born 22 Mar 1858 in Illinois and died about 1893.  She and Joseph Cory Moore were married 16 Oct 1878.  Joseph Cory was born 1852. 

The four children of Joseph Cory and Emma Belle (Markley) Moore:   David Cory, Ila May, John Clyde and Eldred C. 

i    Moore, David Cory was born Oct 1879. 

ii    Moore, Ila May was born Jul 1881. 

iii    Moore, John Clyde was born Feb 1885.  He and Laura M. ____ were married 1910.  Laura M. was born 1888. 

iv    Moore, Eldred C. was born 16 Apr 1888 and died 6 Jul 1965.  He was married to Hazel H. ____.  Hazel H. was born 1887. 

11    Markley, Joanna was born 12 Oct 1777 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

12    Markley, Hannah was born about 1778.  She was married to Hyronimous Miller.  He was the son of Hieronymus and Catharina (____) Miller. 

This daughter Hannah might be identical to Joanna.

David Markley [Markley, 1855] gives the first name of Hannah's husband as "Cronimn".

A Hieronimous and Catherine (Scultz) Miller appear in the Strasburg records during the 1750’s and 60’s, and are probably this Hyronimous’ parents.

13    Markley, Jonathan was born 1782/1784.  He and Catherine ____ were married 1805.  Catherine was born 1781/1782 in Pennsylvania. 

A minor (under 14) at his father's death in Nov 1799, and still represented by his guardian in 1801. Could not be identified in the census of any brother in 1800. Jonathan was taxed beginning 1808. He was surely the Jonathan censused 1810, 1830 and 1840 in Strasburg. The 1820 Strasburg census is missing.

In 1850 Jonathan was censused at age 68 in the Strasburg household of his son John, while his wife was living with their son Joseph.

The two children of Jonathan and Catherine (____) Markley:   Joseph and John. 

i    Markley, Joseph was born 1813/1814 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  He and Susan ____ were married 1846 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Susan was born 1803/1805 in Pennsylvania. 

Joseph and Susan were censused 1850 on his farm in Strasburg Twp. with his mother Catherine and son George, who worked as a carpenter. In 1860 they had a Mary Wenger, 25, in their home working as a servant. That was often the designation give to a young sister or niece living with a married couple, so that might provide a clue to Susan's maiden name.

A son of Joseph and Susan (____) Markley:   George. 

1    Markley, George was born 1823/1824 in Pennsylvania. 

ii    Markley, John was born 1814/1815 in Pennsylvania.  He was married to Elizabeth ____.  Elizabeth was born 1814/1816. 

John was censused 1850 in Strasburg with Jonathan, age 68 in his household. It is from this record that we infer John as son of Jonathan, and find the names of his wife and daughters. It's interesting, and fairly rare, to find two brothers each of whom has one of the parents living with them. In 1860 John was censused in Strasburg as a farmer, with his wife Elizabeth and daughter Ann M., age 17.

An 1863 map of Strasburg Township, Lancaster County, shows Jos. and Jn. Markley residences about seven miles apart in the southeast portion of the township.

IMAGE: Markleys_Strasburg.jpg
Joseph and John Markley in Strasburg

The two children of John and Elizabeth (____) Markley:   Elizabeth and Ann M. 

1    Markley, Elizabeth was born 1839/1840. 

2    Markley, Ann M. was born 1842/1843. 

14    Markley, David was born 1788/1789.  He was married to ____ ____. 

David was a minor (under 14) at his father's death in Nov 1799, and still represented by his guardian in 1801. He could not be identified in the census of any brother in 1800. His father was nearly 60 years of age at David's birth, and his mother in her late forties.

David Markley, a farmer aged 70, born in PA, was censused 1860 in West Jersey Twp., Stark, IL. He had in his household Cornelias J. Stewart, 30, and Eliza Stewart, 26, both born in OH, and Mary Stewart, age 3, born in IL, as well as a Daniel Pembles, age 64, born in NY.

A son of David and ____ (____) Markley:   Eliza. 

i    Markley, Eliza was born 1833/1834 in Ohio.  She was married (1) to ____ Koontz.  She was married (2) to Cornelias J. Stewart.  Cornelias J. was born 1829/1830 in Ohio. 

That David had a daughter Eliza was testified to by [Markley, 1855], who reported that she was married first to a man by the name of Koontz, and second to one named, he thought, "Shirts" (both of whom he judged to be wealthy). Since David had in his home in the 1860 census a Cornelius Stewart and an Eliza Steward, I take these to be his son-in-law and daughter. I've used their ages in that census to determine their birth years.

A daughter of Cornelias J. and Eliza (Markley) Stewart:   Mary. 

1    Stewart, Mary was born 1846/1857 in Illinois. 

15    Markley, Benjamin. 

Benjamin and his siblings Nancy, Rudy and Samuel are known only from David Markley's Journal [Markley, 1855]. Since we have no dates of any kind for them, I've listed them as the "last" of the children of Hanß Georg and Regina, but in this case that does not mean the "youngest".

"Benjamin F. was ... a Methodist more than 20 years ago. He moved to Ohio. I see him at Mansfield, Ohio in 1836. He was, then, a Drayman. Had a smart wife and smart girls and family. He belonged to the United Bretheren Church." [Markley, 1855].

16    Markley, Nancy was born 1793/1794 in Pennsylvania.  She was married to Archibald Dening.  Archibald was born about 1810 in Ireland. 

Almost all of the information I present here about Nancy and Archibald's family and descendants I've received from Marta Hoelscher, whose sons are direct descendents of the couple. Additional information I've found will be cited expressly, so interpret the rest of what is here as her contributions.

Nancy's appearance in the 1860 census in Pleasant Township, Putnam, Ohio as the widowed mother of Samuel Denning provides the only source I have found for her birth year. Her age was given there as 66 years, which translates to a birth year of 1793/94. This means she was about 43 years old when Samuel was born. But this also means that Nancy herself was born when Regina Dora Barbara Frölich, wife of Hanß Georg Marckley, would have been 54 years of age. I think this constitutes high probability proof that Hanß Georg had more than one wife.

That Archibald's wife Nancy Markley was the daughter of Hanß Georg and Regina is demonstrated in that, before this connection was discovered, the Dening family records mention her brother Rudy Markley. To strengthen that inference, Marta's family information, which came in part from a Bible of Rudy, described him as blind. My previous information was that Rudy was "near sighted" as a young man.

Marta wrote: "I know from his son Samuel's information that Archibald Dening was born in Ireland and his mother Nancy Markley in Pennsylvania. They moved to Northeastern Ohio and continued moving until Samuel settled in Shelby County, Ohio."

The Ireland origin of Archibald is documented from the type of secondary sources that would have depended upon the family's beliefs, such as census records and death certificates. These all agree consistently in his Ireland birth. However, I do question whether this means that he was actually Irish.

First of all, Dening was a much more common name, on a per capita basis, in Scotland than in Ireland in 1810, about when Archibald was born. While this is only a "soft" indication, the second point is that Archibald is simply not an Irish given name. One online source writes that the name Archibald was "brought to Britain with the Norman Conquest, and popular largely in Scotland, where it is used as the English version of Gaelic Gilleasbaig".

It should also be noted that, starting some ten years before the turn of the century, a second wave of emigration from Scotland of about twenty years duration occurred as the land owners forced the transition from land cultivation to sheep farming, which which was more profitable but required many fewer inhabitants. So it might have been that Archibald's parents were Scotish tenant farmers from the highlands who moved to Ireland as one possible refuge from the notorious land clearances of the times. For these reasons, I do not equate an Ireland birthplace to an Irish ancestry for the Denings.

Nancy's husband was a weaver, they had several children, and moved to Ohio. One daughter married an Isaac Detwiler, a cooper, and lived near New Holland [Markley, 1855].

The two children of Archibald and Nancy (Markley) Dening:   Samuel and ____. 

i    Denning, Samuel was born 26 Apr 1837 in Wayne County, Ohio, died 12 Aug 1911 in Anna, Shelby, Ohio and was buried in Pearl Cemetery.  He was married (1) to Nancy Ann Rush 24 Sep 1859 in Putnam County, Ohio.  Nancy Ann was born 18 Feb 1842 and died Aug 1870.  He was married (2) to Nancy Jane "Jane" Munch 1870/1871.  Nancy Jane "Jane" was born Jul 1841 in Ohio, died 19 Jun 1921 in Ohio and was buried 22 Jun 1921 in Pearl Cemetery, Shelby County, Ohio.  She was the daughter of Alexander "Alex" and ____ (____) Munch. 

From Marta; "Samuel was married two times and my sons are descended from the marriage of Samuel and his first wife." In the 1900 census with his second wife Jane, they reported that they had been married 20 years, so were married in 1870/71. This is in agreement with his 1870 census, early that year, in which his first wife was named as Nancy A. Dennings, and his second wife usually went by her middle name Jane.

In censuses over his lifetime, Samuel's surname was spelled both Denning and Dennings. Later generations used the final "s" almost exclusively, according to Marta.

Here is the marriage certificate of Samuel and his first wife Nancy, furnished to me by Marta.

IMAGE: Denning_Bush_marriage.jpg

Samuel was a Civil War veteran, serving in the 156th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry. According to his obituary in the Sidney, OH newspaper, he was a paper hanger, and died of heart trouble.

In that 1870 census in Clay Township, Auglaize County, Samuel Dennings was listed as a 33 year old farmer with wife Nancy A., 28. His middle son was listed as six year old "Dennie V." Marla suggests, and I agree, that this was probably meant to be "Bennie", for Benjamin, and it's anyone's guess as to whether the "V" was correct.

In 1880 Samuel Denning was censused as a farmer in Dinsmore, Shelby County, the county adjacent to the south of Auglaize. Also living with the family that year were Alex Munch, 62, and Laura Munch, 31. Jane (Munch) Denning was born in Ohio with both parents born in Virginia.

The Munch family records are very confusing at first glance. Alex was censused, each time in Dinsmore Township, as 40 years old in 1860, 52 years old in 1870 (as Alexander Munk), and 62 years old in 1880. An Ancestral File for his parent's family (mispelling his name as Elaxander) gives his birthdate as 2 Dec 1817 in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia (at that time, Virginia), so the later two censuses are exactly correct. In 1870, when she living at home with her father just before her marriage to Samuel, his daughter Nancy J. was age 29, so born in 1840/41. This means her father was 23 when she was born -- quite reasonable.

But the 1880 census gives her birth year as 1831, and the 1900 census reports that she was 68, born July 1831, and married for 29 years. In 1831, Alexander would have been only 14 years old, so obviously the latter two census records are incorrect. One such error you could blame on a census taker, but two, identical errors surely indicates that Jane was reporting herself as ten years older than she really was, and six years older than her husband.

Finally, a word should be said about Laura Munch, 31, censused with presumably her father in Samuel and Nancy Jane's home in 1880. That record gives the birthplace of Laura's mother as Ohio, but Jane's as Virginia. The interpretation must be that Alexander remarried between 1841 and 1849, so the ladies were step-sisters, although Laura is listed simply as "sister" on Jane's death record.

An index lists an Alexander Munch born 1817 in Greene County, Ohio citing a "Kamiinsky Kast Family Tree". I don't have access to that source for the details, but accept the county provisionally.

The MVGI lists some two dozen nineteenth century records for Munch, including three marriages as early as 1835, but does not identify birth or marriage records for either Alexander, Nancy Jane, or Laura.

The seven children of Samuel and Nancy Ann (Rush) Denning:   John Adam, Margaret Ann, Benjamin, Jacob Grant, William Henry, George Washington and Samuel †. 

1    Dennings, John Adam was born 31 Mar 1861 and died about 1898.  He was married (1) to Charity Catherine Park 3 Sep 1880.  Charity Catherine was born 6 Oct 1862 and died 29 Sep 1892.  He was married (2) to Amanda Bingley. 

A son of John Adam and Charity Catherine (Park) Dennings:   John Howard. 

i    Dennings, John Howard was born 6 Jul 1881 and died 15 Nov 1931.  He was married (1) to Charlotte Abe.  Charlotte was born 6 Dec 1884 in Wapakoneta, Auglaize, Ohio.  She was the daughter of John and Martha (Schwartz) Abe.  He was married (2) to Nina Lauretta Siferd 4 Nov 1906 in Auglaize, Ohio.  Nina Lauretta was born in Indianapolis, Marion, Ohio.  She was the daughter of James A. and Lillie (Fritz) Siferd. 

John and Charlotte are thought to have eloped, and their union was either divorced or annuled, according to Marta. On his marriage application, John listed his employment as a chainmaker.

John was a volunteer fireman in St. Marys, Ohio, and later owned a tire shop. Nina was working as a waitress when they married.

The nine children of John Howard and Nina Lauretta (Siferd) Dennings:   Dorothy Merle, Lillie Mae, Nancy Lucille, Martha Elizabeth, John Howard, Samuel Frank, Guy Eugene, Treola and Jane Marie. 

1    Dennings, Dorothy Merle was born 17 Apr 1907 in St. Marys, Auglaize, Ohio and died 18 Jan 1988 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. 

2    Dennings, Lillie Mae was born 25 Apr 1909 in St. Marys, Auglaize, Ohio and died 8 Oct 1993 in Wapakoneta, Auglaize, Ohio. 

3    Dennings, Nancy Lucille was born 18 Jun 1912 in St. Marys, Auglaize, Ohio. 

4    Dennings, Martha Elizabeth was born 9 Jun 1914 in St. Marys and died 13 Dec 1994 in Wapakoneta, Auglaize, Ohio. 

5    Dennings, John Howard was born 16 Nov 1917 in St. Marys, Auglaize, Ohio and died 18 Sep 1969 in California. 

6    Dennings, Samuel Frank was born 26 Dec 1919 in St. Marys, Auglaize, Ohio and died 18 Sep 1992 in St. Marys. 

7    Dennings, Guy Eugene was born 21 Mar 1924 in St. Marys and died 23 Jun 2008 in Covington, Miami, Ohio. 

8    Dennings, Treola was born 29 Jan 1926 in St. Marys, Auglaize, Ohio and died 18 Jun 1995 in St. Marys. 

9    Dennings, Jane Marie was born 23 Jul 1930 in St. Marys and died 20 Feb 1993 in St. Marys. 

The two children of John Adam and Amanda (Bingley) Dennings:   Archie and Frank. 

i    Dennings, Archie was born 1893. 

ii    Dennings, Frank was born 1895 and died 1949 in Jackson County, Michigan. 

2    Dennings, Margaret Ann. 

3    Dennings, Benjamin was born 1863/1864. 

4    Dennings, Jacob Grant. 

5    Dennings, William Henry was born 1866/1868. 

6    Dennings, George Washington. 

7    Dennings, Samuel † was born 10 Apr 1872 in Anna, Shelby, Ohio and died in Anna. 

Samuel died young, on 15 Sep in either 1878 or 1879.

A son of Samuel and Nancy Jane "Jane" (Munch) Denning:   Samuel Alexander. 

1    Dennings, Samuel Alexander. 

ii    Dening, ____ She was married to ____ Detwiler. 

17    Markley, Rudolph "Rudy". 

"Rudy was a heavyset, broad shouldered, dark complected, near sighted young man." [Markley, 1855].

There is a record in Noble Co., Indiana, of a marriage between a Rudolph Markley and a Mary Markley 25 Nov 1865. Probably too late for this Rudolph, but the name is not all that common, and I don't have dates for him, nor am I certain of his generation (see remarks above).

Also in a Cass County, Indiana (about 75 miles from Noble County) history a list of soldiers buried in Mt. Hope cemetery includes "Rudolph Markley, Company K, 189th Ohio, d. 1887". Again, too late for this Rudolph, but worth noting for the record.

Finally, as mentioned above, the Denning descendants of Rudy's sister Nancy had at some time access to Rudy's Bible, but it seems not to be available now for inspection.

18    Markley, Samuel. 

"He boasted that he was a distiller" [Markley, 1855].

George Markley  &  Elizabeth Lein
Sebastian 1, Johannes 2, Matthias 3, Jakob 4, Johann Jakob 5, Han§ Jacob "Joggi" 6, Han§ Gešrg 7, George 8, George M. 9, Aaron 10, Marguerite "Maggie" 11 Lein Top  

George Markley was born 4 Jun 1764 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died 23 Nov 1828 in Strasburg. 

George and Elizabeth were married 12 Apr 1791 in Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

Elizabeth Lein was born about 1766.  She was the daughter of Johanes "John" and ____ (____) Lein. 

George was married by the Rev. Boehm in the First Reformed Church, Lancaster city and county. The identification of Elizabeth as the spouse of this George is confirmed by Donna R. Irish [Irish, 1982] who records the marriage as “George Merckle of Strasburg and Elizabeth Lein of Martic”. Irish also gives the first wife of George’s brother John as Catharine Bailey “of Martic”. George's birth and death dates are from the St. Michael's Lutheran Church records of Strasburg which say he died ae 64 yr 5 mo 19 da.

Described as a carpenter, George bought land jointly with his brother John, 18 Oct 1788. He was first taxed as a Jr. in 1789, as a carpenter 1797, and on tax lists continuously through 1802.

Again as carpenter, George bought half of their jointly owned land from John and his wife, 29 Mar 1794, but at this time no wife was mentioned for George. He reappears on tax lists 1813 thru 1820 with 25 ac. land, and it is unknown as to where he was from 1802 to 1813. Both George and George, Jr. were taxed from 1821 to 1825, the end of the extant tax records.

In the census of 1800 George appears with 1 male & 1 female born 1755-1774, 1 male & 2 females born 1790-1800. But in the census 1810 he was missing, just as he was from the tax records. The 1820 census records for Strasburg are missing.

It may be useful to review here the connections through three generations of George Markleys in Strasburg. These relationships are based in part on the very fortuitous preservation of most of the tax records for the town from 1751 through 1825. In addition, various probate and land court records help to identify the relevant family members.

The immigrant George was first taxed 1753. In 1789 he was called George, Sr., and George Jr. appeared on the rolls for the first time. After his father's death in 1799, George Jr. was then named simply George, until his son George in turn appeared in 1821 denoted as Jr. There are some unanswered questions which, however, don't seem to disprove the basic message of these tax rolls: The immigrant George was first taxed as a freeman. Then, in 1759 his name was crossed out on the freeman list, and he was taxed that year on the regular roll. After a ten year gap in the record, he was again shown taxed 1769 as a Freeman, but thereafter on the regular rolls for the rest of his life. Conceivably these could be different individuals, but the coincidence of only one being taxed in any one year would be fairly farfetched. Also, as mentioned earlier, there was an as yet unidentified George Markley named on the list of young men of the town, untaxed, in 1759, but his age seems to preclude any confusion of identity with our lineage of three Georges.

That the third George, below, is the father of Aaron seems to be soundly based on the fact that his wife was named as Sarah in the court records of their sale of land to his brother–in–law William Giles. No other George Markley of this age in Strasburg is unaccounted for (although his cousin George B., son of John, was there at that time). Aaron named one of his sons Otto Giles, after his aunt Mary's husband, which serves to confirm these family ties, but it would be desirable to find records of the births of George and Sarah's children in Strasburg.

As mentioned above, Eliabeth was described as “of Martic” in Irish's 1982 description of her marriage, in the First Reformed Church of Lancaster City, to Georg “Merckle” of Strasburg. Martic township lies about 13 miles south of the city; Strasburg Township is about 9 miles southeast of the city.

The four children of George and Elizabeth (Lein) Markley:   George M., ____, ____ and Mary. 

1    Markley, George M. was born about 1794.    

2    Markley, ____ was born about 1796. 

3    Markley, ____ was born about 1798. 

This daughter from the1800 census, if it was taken before 24 August. Otherwise this may be a record of Mary, the next child listed here.

4    Markley, Mary was born 24 Aug 1800 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died before 1860.  She and William Giles were married 8 Aug 1819 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  William was born 26 May 1795 and died 16 May 1867. 

"Church records, 1749-1964" of the St. Michael's Lutheran Church in Strasburg provide births and deaths of several Markleys and Giles. In particular, John and Rebecca Giles were recorded as the parents of children born 1814 and 1816, and may well have been the father of William, as the new church, dedicated 1816, does not record earlier baptisms. The records of the baptisms of William's children from that church record spell his wife's name as Maria, and their surname as Giles.

William Guiles came to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, about 1805 with his stepmother, worked as wagonmaker, and was a member of the M. E. Church [Beers, 1903]. He purchased land 24 Mar 1830 from his inlaws, George and Sarah, and was administrator 1829 for the estate of George Markley.

Three of their eleven children died in infancy [Beers, 1903].

In 1850 William was censused in Strasburg Borough (not township) as a 55 year old Waggen Maker, with his wife Mary M., 49. Children at home with them were David, 20, Elizabeth, 16, John, 14, Abraham, 9, and Charlott, 12 (listed in that order).

In 1860 William was living in the home of Jacob S. Buckwalter, a pumpmaker, in Strasburg Borough, so Mary had probably died before that date.

The ten children of William and Mary (Markley) Giles:   Sarah Ann, George, William, Mary, David, Amos, Elizabeth, John W., Charlotte W. and Abraham Groff. 

i    Giles, Sarah Ann was born 22 Dec 1820 and died before 1903.  She and David S. McElheney were married about 1850. 

David S. was of Quarryville, Lancaster, PA, [IGI] about five miles south of Strasburg, and of Marticville, Lancaster, PA, [source?], about six miles WSW of Strasburg.

There was a David McElheney, possibly this David, a retired farmer born 1815/16, living with his brother Thomas in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland, PA in 1880.

They had a son John W. born 15 Oct 1858 in Quarryville.

ii    Giles, George was born 6 Aug 1822. 

iii    Giles, William was born 6 Apr 1824 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died before 1903.  He and Mary E. Hess were married 7 Mar 1847.  Mary E. was born 13 Sep 1830 in Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of Benjamin and Fanny (Light) Hess. 

The History of Strasburg, Lancaster County, PA Until the Sesqui-Centenial Year, by the graduating class of 1926 of Strasburg High School lists William as a wagon maker in 1850. William was censused in Conestoga, Lancaster, PA, as a wheelwright in 1870 and 1880.

That History also listed a Samuel B. Markley as proprietor of The Strasburg Bee in 1855, but I haven't identified which particular Samuel that was. And it recorded that John Markley was elected High Constable at the First Town election in April, 1816, and that John also might have been any one of several.

From Ellis and Evans 'History of Lancaster County...", we find Benjamin Markley and William Guiles, Jr. in a list of Conestoga Twp. men who went into the field on the invasion of Pennsylvania.

"The genealogy and history of the Guild, Guile and Gile family", B. Thurston & Co., 1887 [google books] reports that William was six years school director, trustee and steward of the M. E. church twenty years, and superintendent of the Sunday-school; by trad a wheelwright." It also lists their children as Albert W., Clara Ella Young, Martha Mylin Steighman, Benjamin Kendig and Charles Hess, born 1948 through 1873.

The children of William and Mary, from the 1870 and 1880 censuses, were

Albert, born 1848/49, a wheelwright Clara, born 1853/54 Anna M., born 1855/56 Martha, born 1857/58 Benjamin K., born 1866/67 PA Charles H., born 1872/73 PA

iv    Giles, Mary was born 10 Feb 1826 and died before 1903.  She was married to Rev. Albert G. Williams. 

v    Giles, David was born 18 Oct 1829 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died before 1903. 

David's birth information was from and IGI submitted record. He was at home with his parents 1850, but I could not find him (as Guiles or Giles) in 1860 or 1870.

vi    Giles, Amos was born 4 Dec 1831. 

vii    Giles, Elizabeth was born 1834 in Strasburg.  She was married to John J. Long. 

Elizabeth's birth was from the IFI, as well, and she was at home with her parents in 1850.

John J. Long, a carpenter, age 56 so born 1823/24, and Elizabeth T. Long, age 46 so born 1833/34, were censused 1880 in Freeport, Armstrong, PA with six children born 1855/1868. His middle initial correct, but Armstrong locale not known otherwise, so this identification can only be tentative. The family was also censused earlier in the same town, 1860 and 1870. Other John and Elizabeth Longs of nearly the right age (for Elizabeth) appear also in the census indexes.

viii    Giles, John W. was born 1836 in Strasburg and died before 1903.  He was married to Mary Ann Tangart.  Mary Ann was born 1843 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of Peter and Elizabeth (____) Tangart. 

Birth from the IGI; at home with parents 1850. Censused 1860 in Martic, Lancaster County as a master Wheelright

Mary Ann's parents from the IGI, which also list her children as

Franklin, born 1860 Clara, born 1861 Mary, born 1863 Alva, born 1864 William, born 1865

ix    Giles, Charlotte W. was born 5 Mar 1839 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died 27 Jul 1872 in Sterling, Illinois.  She and Simon Groff were married after 1870.  Simon was born 18 Sep 1840 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died 16 Nov 1897 in Williamsville, New York.  He was the son of Simon and Barbara (____) Groff. 

Simon was censused in the home of his parents, Simon, a Blacksmith and Farrier, and Barbara Groff in Strasburg in 1860, age 19, and 1870, age 28. I could find neither Simon nor Charlotte in the 1880 US Census.

x    Giles, Abraham Groff was born 3 Oct 1840 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  He and Rebecca K. Welsh were married 1861.  Rebecca K. was born 1840/1841 in Pennsylvania. 

The Groff connection here is obscure, as his sister Charlotte later married Simon Groff. Abraham was at home with parents 1850, and censused in 3rd Ward, Columbia, Lancaster, PA, in 1870 working as a Shoe Manufacturer, and in a Dry Goods/Notion Store in 1880.

Rebecca might possiby be the Rebecca Catharine Welsh, born 9 Apr 1841 in Orange Twp., Columbia, PA, daughter of Isaac and Sarah Mary Elizabeth (Kline) Welsh, but that's about 75 miles north of Lancaster Co. Their children from the 1880 census:

Samuel W., born 1861/62 in PA Ida M., born 1863/65 in PA William M., born 1865/68 in PA

George M. Markley  &  Sarah ____
Sebastian 1, Johannes 2, Matthias 3, Jakob 4, Johann Jakob 5, Han§ Jacob "Joggi" 6, Han§ Gešrg 7, George 8, George M. 9, Aaron 10, Marguerite "Maggie" 11   Top  

George M. Markley was born about 1794 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died about 1848 in Casstown, Lost Creek, Miami, Ohio. 

George M. and Sarah were married 1818/1819 in Lancaster Co.?, Pennsylvania. 

Sarah ____ was born 1798/1799 in Pennsylvania. 

George and his family moved from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to Ohio in 1847 according to a note in his son Aaron's hand which is in my files. However, no other record of George, Sr., in Ohio has been located. He died shortly after his move there, as Sarah was censused without him in 1850.

That 1850 census of Casstown, Lost Creek Twp., Miami County, Ohio, on the fourth of August, is particularly interesting in one aspect, that of the shoemakers of the town. Between households 520 and 532 there were no less than six shoemakers, half of them sons of George and Sarah.

Sarah Markley, Sr., aged 51, and Sarah Markley, Jr., aged 22, were living in household #524. Next door to his mother and sister, at #523, was Henry A. Markley, a shoemaker, with his wife Hannah and children Mary and William, aged 14 and 8, respectively. Also in that household was a Catherine Markley, 12, otherwise unidentified, but known from research to be Henry's niece. Three households further in that direction, at #520, were Elijah Gorsuch, 55, from Massachusetts, and Jacob Hammond, 25, from Pennsylvania, both shoemakers. It could well be that Henry had apprenticed with Elijah, and settled near him while learning the trade.

In the other direction from the Sarah, at #530, were her son Daniel Markley with his wife Catherine and their first three children, and in his household his younger brother Aaron, our ancestor, both of the men working as shoemakers. Finally, two households further along was Jacob Zeigler, 54, yet another shoemaker. A well shod neighborhood.

Also nearby, some ten households further down the census list, lived Joseph Mitchell, 25, a printer born in Ohio. Whether he was related to Mary Alice Mitchell, whom Aaron was to marry the following month, we do not know. But two of her maternal uncles, George and Richard White, were also shoemakers. There had to be some way for her and Aaron to have met, as she was from a farm quite some way out of town, and either a professional connection amongh shoemakers, or a relative a few houses away might have sufficed to introduce the two.

Casstown lies in the east central part of Miami county, about eight miles southeast of Piqua, and the same distance northeast of Troy, the county seat. The marriage of Aaron and Mary Alice is registered in the latter town in the Probate Records [BkF, p385,1843-54]. Our own family records say that the couple were married in Piqua, possible the location of the church to which she belonged.

The Markleys were, for our family, comparative newcomers to Miami county. The Hartzells came in 1815, the Mitchells around 1832, and David Shively Deeter, brother to our ancestor John Shively Teeter, arrived in 1812, having first moved to Montgomery County, Ohio, in 1805.

The sketch map below shows some of the towns of interest in Miami County, Ohio. Covington is the home of the Hartzells; the Mitchells lived out in the country to the northeast of Lost Creek. The dotted lines show the six mile square sections of the two adjoining surveys in Ohio. The early governmental learning process of just how to sell land to the settlers is reflected in that the first survey, east of the Miami River, doesn't have its range and townships aligned on the major compass directions.

Miami Co., OH and Principal Towns

After George's death, Sarah remarried in 1858 to Richard Batty, and they were censused 1860 In Harrison, Cass, Indiana, about a hundred miles NW of Miami County, Ohio, where Richard was a farmer.

In 1870, Sarah Batty, again a widow, and her daughter Sarah Markley were living together in Troy, Miami, Ohio.

NOTE: My daughter, Deb Swan, has carried out extensive and detailed studies of the children and descendants of George and Sarah. She has been able to trace many branches of the family across the country, and has unearthed interesting stories about many of their lives. I've included here all of the descendants she has identified, but not the stories she has assembled that are yet to be published.

I have, however, included findings of my own research, which overlap somewhat with hers, but my material is quite incomplete by comparison. If any reader is interested, you are most welcome to contact her via e-mail.

The eleven children of George M. and Sarah (____) Markley:   Henry Augustus, Daniel, Sarah, Aaron, Eliza Ann, Susan, Mary, Katherine "Kate", Christine A. "Christie", George W. and Ann. 

1    Markley, Henry Augustus was born 18 Dec 1819 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died 18 Dec 1896 in Quincy, Adams, Illinois.  He and Hannah Weaver were married about 1839.  Hannah was born 4 Mar 1817 in Pennsylvania and died 5 May 1902 in Quincy, Adams, Illinois.  She was the daughter of John and Hannah (Mager) Weaver. 

In the Markley and Swan family Bible, there is mention of Henry with only a notation "Quincy, Illinois". That is all that the family knew of Henry after he left Ohio prior to my daughter Deb Swan undertaking research into his children and descendants.

The 1860 census for Henry's family in St. Mary, Hancock, Illinois names their seven year old daughter as Henrietta A.

The children in this family have widely spaced birth dates, Juniata, in particular, being recorded as born seven years after Ella when her mother was 42. However, that 1880 census clearly lists her as a daughter. Three other children are buried in the Casstown Cemetery near John H. : Ann, “d. 2 Apr 1848, age 2 yrs”; Alice, “ d/o H&A, d. ?”; Juanita, “d. Sept 1854”. Also buried with them is “Markley, George W., s/o G&S, d. 24 Jun 1850, age 6-3-18”, a young brother of Henry.

Ann, Alice and Juanita are probably children of Henry and Hannah, and certainly are relatives. It is likely that the couple did have children in the early years in Pennsylvania who died young, since there is a six year gap after William Giles was born. In the 1910 census, Hannah (widow, living with her daughter Augusta Niemeyer) is recorded as having had 11 children, 4 still living.

In her granddaughter Lillian (Markley) Chubb's mémoire, she relates that her grandmother Markley went to New Mexico with mother and siblings about 1882. Hannah must at some point have returned to Illinois, probably after William Giles Markley's death.

The six children of Henry Augustus and Hannah (Weaver) Markley:   Kate M., William Giles, John H., Augusta H. "Gussie", Ella and Juniata "Juny". 

i    Markley, Kate M. was born 12 Mar 1840 in Pennsylvania, died 29 Nov 1917 in Wabash, Wabash, Indiana and was buried 1 Dec 1917 in Falls Cemetery, Wabash.  She and Joseph W. Busick were married 13 Nov 1865 in Miami, Indiana.  Joseph W. was born 22 Feb 1830 in Scott County, Kentucky, died 8 Mar 1897 in Wabash, Indiana and was buried 11 Mar 1897 in Falls Cemetery.  He was the son of Levin and Charlotte (Dingle) Busick. 

Joseph, the fifth and youngest son of Levin and Charlotte Busick, was of Welsh descent on his father's side, and of English descent on that of his mother.

Joseph had an adopted son Allen G. Busick, born 1858 in New York. There are also two infant burials, undated, denoted as the children of Joseph and buried in the same plot with his first wife Margaret.

A court proceeding regarding his estate stated that his will was executed 16 Oct 1896 and probated in the Wabash Circuite Court on 12 Mar 1897. His estate was valued over $100,000, and extensive court procedings resulted from challenges to his will.

A daughter of Joseph W. and Kate M. (Markley) Busick:   Marguerite L. "Maggie or Madge". 

1    Busick, Marguerite L. "Maggie or Madge" was born Sep 1867 in Indiana and died after 1943.  She and Robert Lee Bailey were married 1890/1891.  Robert Lee was born about 1870 in Kentucky and died after 1930. 

The two children of Robert Lee and Marguerite L. "Maggie or Madge" (Busick) Bailey:   Robert and Junella. 

i    Bailey, Robert was born Sep 1891. 

ii    Bailey, Junella was born Aug 1895. 

ii    Markley, William Giles was born 8 Oct 1842 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, died 6 Oct 1887 in Dale's Ranch, La Plata River, San Juan, New Mexico and was buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Farmington, San Juan, New Mexico Territory.  He and Mary Jane "Minnie" Blake were married 13 Aug 1867 in Peru, Miami, Indiana.  Mary Jane "Minnie" was born 4 Nov 1847 in Peru, died 1 Oct 1906 in Durango, La Plata, Colorado and was buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Farmington, San Juan, New Mexico Territory.  She was the daughter of Alexander Freelove and Mary Hutton (Todd) Blake. 

IMAGE: William_&_Mary_Jane.jpg
William Giles Markley and Mary Jane (Blake) Markley

These portraits of William and Mary were provided by Debbie Doggett, Collections Manager at the Farmington Museum, and I wish to thank her for her gracious assistance in making them available to me. Although I've joined them here in one image, neither of the originals were dated, and may have been taken at different times.

The next image, titled "The Markley Ladies", was published by Agnes Miller Furman in Tohta, An Early Day History Of The Settlement Of Farmington And San Juan County, New Mexico, 1875-1900 [Nortex Press, Wichita Falls, Texas, c1977]. The copy in the Farmington Museum had identifications of the sisters, written on the back by Mary Jane's granddaughter Wilma (Markley) Riestad in 1980, which differed from the caption in the book. I've shown her identifications under the image. Guessing that Mary Ione was about 10 years old places the photograph in about 1892. At that time the youngest daughter, Lucille, would have been about five years old.

IMAGE: The_Markley_Ladies.jpg
The Markley Ladies

William and Minnie were censused 1870 in Wabash, Wabash, Indiana. With benefit of hindsight, it appears that the census taker may have written his name as "W. Mils", but the handwriting is not at all clear. With them was their daughter Maud, four months old.

The family was censused 1880 in Ellington, Adams, Illinois, adjacent to William's parents Henry and Hannah. Listed were: William Markly, 37, Minnie, 32, Maud, 10, Juny, 8, and Lillian, 6. However, we know from a Mémoire written by Lillian, many years later, that William had left for New Mexico Territory in 1879, and the family joined him there only in June of 1881. The family, however, was also censused in Farmington, Rio Arriba, New Mexico Territory in 1880 as W. G. Markley, 37, Minnie J., 33, Maud, 11, Junie, 8 and Lillie C., 5. (San Juan County was erected 1887 from the part of Rio Arriba County that included Farmington.)

William was a farmer in Illinois, and a shoemaker in New Mexico Territory. Evidently both census takers listed the entire family, notwithstanding the fact that they were at that time separated in the process of moving to New Mexico Territory. Lillian was born in Illinois, according to her father, but in Kansas, according to her mother.

While the rest of the family was still in Illinois, William built an adobe home for them in Farmington. This photograph of the home was given to me by Vickie Gurry of Farmington, who did a great job of restoring a very faded original. My thanks to Vickie for sharing the image with me. Unfortunately, the four ladies standing in front of the home are unidentified.

IMAGE: Markley_adobe_home.jpg
Markley Adobe Home

After William's death, Mary Jane is known to have patented 160 acres in what is now the southwest part of Farmington, but which would have been open land at that time, probably planted with fruit trees or other crops. Here is a plat map of ca, 1895 showing her parcel within the 1901 incorporation ["Homesteads to Boomtown" by Marilu Waybourn] The next image shows that land, as well as the location of the adobe home on their original 60 acres homestead, and the cemetery where they are buried, located on a map of the city from the DeLorme "New Mexico Atlas & Gazetteer".

IMAGE: Farmington_parcels_1895.jpg
Farmington Plat Map

IMAGE: Farmington_NM.jpg
Markley locations in Farmington

Here is an image of the gravestone for Mary Jane and William Giles Markley, photographed Sep 2009 in Woodlawn Cemetery.

IMAGE: Markley_gravestone.jpg
Markley gravestone, Farmington, NM

The six children of William Giles and Mary Jane "Minnie" (Blake) Markley:   Maude Estelle, Juniata "June" "Kate", Lillian C. "Lillie", Mary Ione "Mamie", William Blake and Lucille M. 

1    Markley, Maude Estelle was born 24 Feb 1870 in Wabash, Wabash, Indiana and died 10 Oct 1939 in Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado.  She and Herbert Orlando Willis were married 11 Mar 1889 in Farmington, San Juan, New Mexico Territory.  Herbert Orlando was born Nov 1851 in Erie County, New York, died 30 Nov 1933 in Albuquerque, Bernalillo, New Mexico and was buried in Durango, La Plata, Colorado.  He was the son of Orlando H. and Ann Janette "Angenette" (Edgerton) Willis. 

According to a Pedigree Resource File, Maude and Herbert's wedding was on the Crystal Springs Ranch near Farmington. Maude's death date was either 8 or 10 Oct 1939.

Herbert's ancestry is known back to his great-grandparents Abigail (Belkman) and Charle Willis and Abigail (Parker) and John Edgarton [ OneWorldTree].

His father was censused 21 Sep 1857 in Hastings, Dakota, Minnesota Territory as Orlando H. Willis, age 47, born in New York. Herbert was censused in his parents' home 1860 in Ottawa, LaSalle, Illinois; by himself working in a sawmill in Randolph, Cattaraugus, New York in 1870; back with his parents in Evanston, Cook, Illinois in 1880.

By 1900 Herbert and Maude were married with three children and living in Abiquiú, Rio Arriva, New Mexico. This town is abou110 miles ESE of Farmington, and is notable as the home of Georgia O'Keefe from 1949 until her death in 1986.

Herbert and Maude were censused 1910 in La Plata, Colorado, 1920 in Fort Collins, Larimer, Colorado, and 1930 in Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado. That year their widowed daughter Ruth Smith was living with them with her daughter (erroneously recorded as Herbert's niece), age two years and nine months, and born in California.

The seven children of Herbert Orlando and Maude Estelle (Markley) Willis:   Herbert Edgerton M., William Markley, Edward Shields, Alexander Blake, Paul Brooks, Mary Janette and Ruth C. 

i    Willis, Herbert Edgerton M. was born Nov 1890 in New Mexico Territory, died 16 Oct 1918 in Camp Dodge, Johnston, Polk, Iowa and was buried in Greenmount Cemetery, Durango, La Plata, Colorado.  He and Lola Georgina Michelson were married 2 Dec 1915 in Telluride, San Miguel, Colorado.  Lola Georgina was born 24 Dec 1894/1895 in Iowa and died 17 Aug 1985 in Riverside, California.  She was the daughter of J. and Mary D. (____) Michelson. 

Herbert E. M. Willis and wife, newlyweds, are to make their home at the Tomboy [Telluride Daily Journal, 16 Dec 1915].

Tomboy, Colorado Ghost Town, closed in 1927 when the ore at the Tomboy mine ran out.

1913/14 works with W. (William Blake?) Markley for Primos Chemical Co, Newmire, near Telluride.

Herbert, Sgt. of the 163rd Depot Brig. died 16 Oct 1918 [tombstone] of the influenza epidemic.

ii    Willis, William Markley was born 27 Oct 1894 in Farmington, San Juan, New Mexico Territory, died 11 Oct 1918 in Camp Funston, Fort Riley, Kansas and was buried in Green Mt. Cemetery, , Boulder, Colorado. 

William died of the Influenza epidemic while a soldier at a military academy near Lincoln, Nebraska.

Another source gives 8 Oct at Camp Funston, Fort Riley, Kansas.

iii    Willis, Edward Shields was born Dec 1898 in Espanola, New Mexico Territory and died 22 Jul 1976 in Lakewood, Jefferson, Colorado.  He and Alice O'Brian were married 9 Oct 1924 in Brighton, Adams, Colorado.  Alice was born 22 May 1904 in Denver, Colorado and died 28 Jan 1976 in Ft. Collins, Larimer, Colorado.  She was the daughter of Peter and Alice Amelia (Johnston) O'Brian. 

Española is about 30 miles north of the city of Santa Fe, and according to Wikipedia is now partly in Rio Arriba County and partly in Sante Fe County. What the county was in 1898 I don't know, as the boundaries between the two counties changed slightly between 1900 and 1910.

Enlisted from La Plata County.

A son of Edward Shields and Alice (O'Brian) Willis:   Alice. 

1    Willis, Alice was born 1928/1929 in Colorado. 

Alice's age in the 1930 census was recorded as 1 yr and 2(?) months, the latter digit very hard to read.

iv    Willis, Alexander Blake was born 2 Feb 1902 in New Mexico Territory and died 4 Oct 1976.  He and Mildred K. "Polly" ____ were married 1924/1925.  Mildred K. "Polly" was born 1900/1901 in Wyoming. 

A son of Alexander Blake and Mildred K. "Polly" (____) Willis:   Jerome M.. 

1    Willis, Jerome M. was born 1929/1930 in Wyoming. 

v    Willis, Paul Brooks was born 3 May 1903 in Farmington, San Juan, New Mexico Territory, died 13 Oct 1981 in Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico and was buried 22 Oct 1981 in National Cemetery, Santa Fe.  He and Helen Stevens were married 10 Dec 1940 in Albuquerque, Bernalillo, New Mexico.  Helen was born 20 May 1906, died 25 Aug 1993 and was buried 27 Aug 1993 in National Cemetery, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She was the daughter of Douglas Maltby and Alice Gertrude (Maltby) Stevens. 

Paul received Social Security retirement checks while living in Agua Fria, Canada De Los Alamos, Canoncito, Chupadero, Cuyamungue, Hyde Park Estates, Jacona, La Cienega, Nambe, Pojoaque Valley, San Ildefonso Pueblo, Santa Fe, Seton Village and Tesuque Pueblo, all in Santa Fe County, New Mexico.

The information concerning Helen's parents and marriages is taken from the "Maltby Genealogy" (26 Aug 2001) of Harry Maltby ( on RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project. Various sources on give Helen's middle name as Maltby, after her mother's name.

Harry Maltby also gives three generations of living descendants of Helen and Stephen Baker.

vi    Willis, Mary Janette was born 1904/1906 in New Mexico Territory.  She was married to William "Bill" Lumpkins. 

vii    Willis, Ruth C. was born 1906/1907 in New Mexico Territory and died 1992 in Albuquerque, Bernalillo, New Mexico.  She and ____ Smith were married 27 May 1926 in Gallup, McKinley, New Mexico. 

Ruth's middle name is given variously as Isabelle, Irene, "C." and "J". in online sources. Her birth year from censuses is 1906/07; one report gives 6 Apr 1906 (without source citation).

Ruth's husband appeared to be Henry R. Smith as attested by the Gallup Independent which reported the marriage 27 May 1926, of Miss Ruth Willis of Colorado Springs to Henry R. Smith, of Kline, Colorado. Ruth was a teacher in Arizona. Kline is about 30 miles north of Farmington and 150 miles by road NNE of Gallup; Colorado Springs is almost 500 miles by road from Gallup.

However, various online sources give Ruth's husband as Arthur Raymond Smith. A OneWorldTree entry says that Arthur was the son of Charles D. Smith and Mary Louise Wilson, and gives Ruth's birthdate as 6 Apr 1906 in New Mexico. That source also says that she married a second time on 11 Feb 1946 to Harold A. Barton, born 2 Feb 1907, died 1992 in Albuquerque. There was a Howard A. Barton, age 23, born in Indiana, censused 1930 in Mesilla Park, Dona Ana, New Mexico (suburb of Los Cruces). Note that OneWorldTree is an amalgamation of other records, without primary sources.

Which one of these records is the correct marriage for the daughter of Herbert Orland Willis and Maude Estelle Markley I just don't know. That there were two Ruth Willises married to a Smith might also explain the variety of middle names mentioned above.

Ruth we do know was censused as Ruth Smith, daughter, in the home of her parents Herbert and Maude Willis in Colorado Springs in 1930. She was listed as a 23 year old widow, and two year old Shirley Smith was listed as a niece. Here is that census as recorded by, with the three birth places for each being the individual, the individual's father, and the individual's mother.

Herbert Willis
Maude Willis
Paul Willis
Mary Willis
Ruth Smith
Shirley Smith

That census also gives the birthplace of Ruth's mother as New York, not Indiana.

A daughter of ____ and Ruth C. (Willis) Smith:   Shirley. 

1    Smith, Shirley was born 1927 in California. 

Shirley's age was given as 2 9/12 in 1930, thus born Jun/Jul 1927.

2    Markley, Juniata "June" "Kate" was born 27 Oct 1871 in Lyndon, Osage, Kansas and died 13 Jan 1965 in Alexandria, Douglas, Minnesota.  She was married (1) to Francis Elgin "Frank" Prewitt 5 Aug 1891 in Farmington, San Juan, New Mexico Territory.  Francis Elgin "Frank" was born Mar 1868 in Lincoln, Missouri and died 5 Nov 1934 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona.  He was the son of Francis Elgin and Mary Christianna "Kitty" (Tinsley) Prewitt.  She was married (2) to Joseph Robert Wilkin 15 Mar 1899 in New Mexico Territory.  Joseph Robert was born 4 Apr 1859/1860 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah and died 1949/1950 in Winnemucca, Humboldt, Nevada.  He was the son of David and Jane (Easton) Wilkin. 

A Pedigree Resource File shows that Juniata was also called Kate.

By June, 1900 Frank E. Prewitt had been married four years to Anna Arrington and they were living in La Plata, CO. They were divorced 17 Jul 1909 and by 1910 he was married to Kartherine Hartsel, born in Hartsel, Colorado, and they were living in Denver, CO. Ages and birthplaces of Frank and his parents on censuses from 1870 through 1930 confirm that these three marriages were by the same individual.

In 1920 "Junito" Wilkin, a 48 year old widow, was living in Powhattan, Brown, Kansas, and working at the Kickapoo Indian Reservation. Her daughters Louise and Lillian were living with her.

Joseph's birth year is 1859 or 1860.

The four children of Joseph Robert and Juniata "June" "Kate" (Markley) Wilkin:   Robert David, Dorothy, Louise Elizabeth and Lillian E. 

i    Wilkin, Robert David was born 21 Feb 1900 in Farmington, San Juan, New Mexico Territory, died 28 May 1980 in Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada and was buried in Pioche, Lincoln, Nevada.  He was married (1) to Olive Joyce Gray 28 Dec 1917 in St. George, Washington, Utah.  Olive Joyce was born 23 Jun 1900 in St. George, died 30 Mar 1988 in St. George and was buried 4 Apr 1988 in Rose Hills Cemetery, Whittier, Los Angeles, California.  She was the daughter of William Newell and Helen Francis (Judd) Gray.  He was married (2) to Della Faye White 25 Oct 1933 in Pioche, Lincoln, Nevada.  Della Faye was born 24 Aug 1910 in Summit, Iron, Utah, died 10 Apr 1983 in Calliente, Lincoln, Nevada and was buried in Pioche, Lincoln, Nevada.  She was the daughter of Herbert and Lillian (____) White. 

The children of Robert David Wilkin, and their families and descendants, are given here from the research of my daughter Deb Swan.

The four children of Robert David and Olive Joyce (Gray) Wilkin:   Howard D., Joyce, Robert Gray and Paul LaMar. 

1    Wilkin, Howard D. was born 19 Oct 1918 in Utah and died 19 Oct 1988. 

2    Wilkin, Joyce. 

3    Wilkin, Robert Gray was born 9 Jun 1922 in St. George, Washington, Utah and died 31 Jan 2010 in St. George.  He was married to Lois ____. 

Gray served in the Army and was stationed in Hawaii during WWII. He was assigned to a horse and mule outfit which fit him well. He will be remembered best for the saddles he made, the horse's he shod and the many rodeo events he competed in. In 1946 he won the All Around at the Dixie Roundup and proudly wore the buckle. He was honored as the Grand Marshall at the 2003 Dixie Roundup [Google cache of, 15 Feb 2010].

The four children of Robert Gray and Lois (____) Wilkin:   Keith Gray, Robert Scot, Claudia and Kathryn. 

i    Wilkin, Keith Gray. 

ii    Wilkin, Robert Scot. 

Robert is probably the Robert Scot Wilkin doing business as "Scot's Recycling" on Hwy 93 in Pioche, Nevada.

iii    Wilkin, Claudia. 

iv    Wilkin, Kathryn. 

4    Wilkin, Paul LaMar was born 12 Feb 1927 in St. George.  He was married to Margaret Chadburn.  Margaret was born 18 Dec 1927 in St. George. 

The four children of Robert David and Della Faye (White) Wilkin:   Joseph D. "Joe", June, Lillian Faye and Bruce White. 

1    Wilkin, Joseph D. "Joe" was born 13 Dec 1934 in Pioche, Nevada and died 5 Feb 1997.  He was married (1) to Betty DuFer 10 Nov 1959.  He was married (2) to Susanne B. "Susi" Clay 1982. 

Joseph and Betty had five children, David, Robert "Bob", Amy, Betina and Nick Wilkin.

Joseh and Susanne had three daughters, Tesa, Launa and Jenna.

The five children of Joseph D. "Joe" and Betty (DuFer) Wilkin:   David, Robert "Bob", Amy, Betina and Nick. 

i    Wilkin, David. 

ii    Wilkin, Robert "Bob". 

iii    Wilkin, Amy. 

iv    Wilkin, Betina. 

v    Wilkin, Nick. 

The three children of Joseph D. "Joe" and Susanne B. "Susi" (Clay) Wilkin:   Tessa, Launa and Jenna. 

i    Wilkin, Tessa. 

ii    Wilkin, Launa. 

iii    Wilkin, Jenna. 

2    Wilkin, June. 

3    Wilkin, Lillian Faye She was married to ____ Odor. 

4    Wilkin, Bruce White was born 2 Nov 1939 and died 9 Aug 2008.  He and Caria Jo Thompson were married 21 Oct 1981. 

Bruce and Caria Jo had four children, Joni who married Todd Hougaard, Helen Louise who married first Robert Potter and second Robert Duane Faircourt, James E. "Jim", whose wife was named Uvada, and Makrley Wilkin, of Salt Lake City in 1980.

The four children of Bruce White and Caria Jo (Thompson) Wilkin:   Joni, Helen Louise, James E. "Jim" and Markley. 

i    Wilkin, Joni was born in Murray, Salt Lake Co., Utah.  She was married (1) to Todd Hougaard.  She was married (2) to Lorrain Hansen Memory. 

Joni and Todd Hougaard had four children, Dallin, Adam, Ryan and Annika.

ii    Wilkin, Helen Louise She was married (1) to Robert Potter.  She was married (2) to Robert Duane Faircourt. 

iii    Wilkin, James E. "Jim". 

iv    Wilkin, Markley. 

Markley Wilkin married, and had a son Lorin James. Lorin was married in Panaca, NV to Amy Joe Elmer, and they had daughters Erika Jo and Aspen Lee.

ii    Wilkin, Dorothy was born 1901/1902 in New Mexico Territory. 

There was a Dorothy Wilkin, b 22 Aug 1903, d 19 Oct 1994, whose SSN was issued in Kansas. She was living in Mission Hills, Prairie Village and Shawnee Mission, all in Johnson County, Kansas. If June's daughter Dorothy never married, this could be her record, as she is known to have gone to business school in 1920 in Kansas.

iii    Wilkin, Louise Elizabeth was born 13 Jul 1907 in Farmington, San Juan, New Mexico Territory, died 13 Jul 2004 in Edina, Hennepin, Minnesota and was buried 15 Jul 2004 in Union Cemetery, Mandan, Morton, North Dakota.  She was married to Erwin Arnold Gussner.  Erwin Arnold was born 19 Mar 1906 and died 6 Feb 1990 in Freeborn, Minnesota.  He was the son of Stephen and Jary (Johnke) Gussner. 

A daughter of Erwin Arnold and Louise Elizabeth (Wilkin) Gussner:   Robert Erwin. 

1    Gussner, Robert Erwin was born in Hawley, Clay, Minnesota.  He was married (1) to Carol Marie Jorgensen.  He was married (2) to Joan Low. 

Robert and Carol Marie had two children, Linda Marie born in Ramsey, Minnesota who married a Kowalski, and Timothy P.

iv    Wilkin, Lillian E. was born 1909 in Utah and died after 1930. 

Lillian was six months old in the census taken 11 May 1910, so born Oct/Nov of the previous year. In 1920 Lillian was living with her mother "Junito" in Powhattan, Brown, Kansas. She was in Pierre, Hughes, South Dakota in 1930 working as a Stenographer in the State Capital and boarding with a Brawn family.

3    Markley, Lillian C. "Lillie" was born Jun 1873 in IL or KS and died after Apr 1919.  She and Erwin A. Chubb were married after Oct 1906.  Erwin A. was born Dec 1871 in Glencoe, McLeod, Minnesota.  He was the son of Prentiss and Anna (____) Chubb. 

4    Markley, Mary Ione "Mamie" was born Jun 1882 in Illinois, or, New Mexico Territory and died 1904 in New Mexico Territory.  She and James Andrew Duff were married 14 Jun 1900 in Farmington, San Juan, New Mexico Territory.  James Andrew was born 1870 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and died 6 Jul 1909 in Farmington, San Juan, New Mexico Territory. 

Mary Ione's son Stuart reported in the 1930 Durango, Colorado, census that his mother had been born in Illinois.

After Mary Ione's death in 1904, or after James Andrew's death in 1909, their sons Percival and Thomas were living with their aunt Lillian L. (Markley) and Irwin A. Chubb. In 1910 they were in Tiffany, La Plata, Colorado, where their father was recorded, for some unknown reason, as having been born in New York rather than Canada. By 1920, this family was in Durango, La Plata, and this time their father's birthplace was correctly listed as Canada.

The three children of James Andrew and Mary Ione "Mamie" (Markley) Duff:   Percival A. "Percy", Thomas Stewart and Baby. 

i    Duff, Percival A. "Percy" was born 13 Aug 1901 in Farmington and died 18 Sep 1989 in Waco, McLennan, Texas.  He was married to Geraldine Stubbs. 

Percival was censused 1910 in Tiffany, La Plata, CO, in 1920 in Durango, La Plata, and in 1930 in El Segundo, Los Angeles, CA.

The name of his wife was taken from the Eilkin Hougaaard Family Tree on

A son of Percival A. "Percy" and Geraldine (Stubbs) Duff:   James Alexander. 

1    Duff, James Alexander. 

The family tree which listed this child also had his grandfather's middle name as Alexander, rather than Andrew.

ii    Duff, Thomas Stewart was born 1903/1904 in New Mexico Territory.  He and Mary S. ____ were married about 1925.  Mary S. was born 1924/1925 in Denmark. 

Thomas's name as it was recorded in the 1930 census was "T. Stuart".

A son of Thomas Stewart and Mary S. (____) Duff:   Eliza J.. 

1    Duff, Eliza J. was born 1927 in Colorado. 

In her parent's 1930 census taken of April 17, Eliza's age was given as two years, ten months, so she was born in May or June of 1927.

iii    Duff, Baby was born in New Mexico Territory, died in Farmington, San Juan, New Mexico Territory and was buried in Greenlawn Cemetery. 

5    Markley, William Blake was born 30 Jun 1884 in Farmington, San Juan, New Mexico Territory.  He and Mabel L. Allen were married 1909.  Mabel L. was born Aug 1886 in Missouri.  She was the daughter of Daniel and Adah (LaMar) Allen. 

adjacent to Maude and Herbert Willis, June 1884, 16, working as a clerk

Censused as W. B. Markley 1900 New Mexico > Rio Arriba > Abiquiú > District 86

Is this the W. Markley who works with Herbert Willis for Primos Chemical Co, Newmire, near Telluride, 1913/14?

The two children of William Blake and Mabel L. (Allen) Markley:   Mary Allene and Wilma Lois. 

i    Markley, Mary Allene was born about 1911 and died after 1986.  She was married to ____ Brown. 

ii    Markley, Wilma Lois was born about 1912 in Colorado and died after 1980.  She was married to ____ Reistad. 

Wilma is the granddaughter who identified the individuals in the Markley Ladies photograph, correcting the caption in the published version.

6    Markley, Lucille M. was born 1 Feb 1887 in New Mexico Territory and died 3 Jul 1974 in St. Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida.  She and Paul Robert Hoppe were married 28 Jun 1911 in Syracuse, Onondaga, New York.  Paul Robert was born 3 Aug 1880 in Prussia, Germany and died Jun 1962 in Pinellas, Florida. 

Lucille was counted in a census in 1910 in Manchester, Ontario, NY. She and Paul were censused in 1920 in Atlantic City, Alantic, NJ. He resided 6 in Sep 1956 in St. Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida.

A daughter of Paul Robert and Lucille M. (Markley) Hoppe:   Harriet Lucille. 

i    Hoppe, Harriet Lucille was born 1912/1913 in New York.  She was married to George J. Walters. 

iii    Markley, John H. was born 1848/1849 in Ohio, died 12 Sep 1849 and was buried in Casstown Cemetery, Lost Creek, Miami, Ohio. 

iv    Markley, Augusta H. "Gussie" was born Sep 1852 in Miami, Ohio and died after 1910.  She and John C. Niemeyer were married 1877/1878.  John C. was born Jan 1855 in Illinois. 

Augusta and John were censused 1900 in Quincy, Adams, Illinois, with her mother Hannah Markley living with them. Both of John's parents were born in Germany.

v    Markley, Ella was born Sep 1854 in Miami, Ohio and died after 1920. 

vi    Markley, Juniata "Juny" was born 1860/1861 in Illinois and died after 1870. 

The children in this family have widely spaced birth dates, Juny, in particular, recorded as born when her mother was 42. However, that 1880 census clearly lists her as a daughter, and she was named as "June", sister of Mrs. Joseph W. Busick, in a news item concerning their gift of an organ to the Wabash street Methodist Church.

2    Markley, Daniel was born 9 Dec 1823 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, died 3 Jul 1905 in Fort Wayne, Indiana and was buried in Wabash, Wabash, Indiana.  He and Catherine Weaver were married 9 Apr 1844.  Catherine was born 10 Jun 1826 in Mont Alto, Franklin, Pennsylvania, died 7 May 1895 in Fort Wayne, Indiana and was buried in Wabash, Wabash, Indiana. 

Daniel was censused 1850 in Casstown, Lost Creek, Miami, Ohio as a shoemaker. There was a Christy Markley, "male", censused in Daniel's household that year who was born 1840-1841 in Pennsylvania. However, this was in fact Daniel's sister Christine, nicknamed "Christie".

In 1857 Daniel and Catherine sold Lot 37 in Troy [Miami Valley Genealogical Index], where his brother Henry also owned town lots. Daniel was then censused in Wabash, Noble Township, Wabash County, Indiana in June,1860 as was his younger brother Aaron. Daniel's personal and estate values were listed that year as $600 and $800.

By 1868 Daniel was in Fort Wayne in the shoe business with his brother Aaron (see the gazeteer entries detailed for Aaron, below), and he was still there in the 1870 census.

In 1880 Daniel was back in Wabash, Indiana, and most of the children were still living at home:

Daniel Markley
Catherine Markley
Jennie Markley
Flora Markley
Auguste Markley
Jesse Markley
Gilbert L. Fox
Minnie Fox
Owner Monument Fac
House Keeper
At Home
Clerks In Store
At School
Buzz Sawyer
House Keeper
-- --
-- --
-- --

Minnie Fox is their daughter Merab Katherine, nicknamed "Minnie".

In a Ft. Wayne news item 23 Dec 1896 concerning the death of Henry Markley, of Quincy, Illinois, he was named as the brother of "Rev. Daniel Markley" and of "Mrs. H. C. Schrader" (their sister Kate). This is the only indication I have that Daniel was a minister.

The eight children of Daniel and Catherine (Weaver) Markley:   Mary A., Merab Katherine "Minnie", Sarah Jane "Jennie", Henry Oscar, Flora A., Susan Augusta, ____ and Jessie. 

i    Markley, Mary A. was born 1847 in Franklin, Pennsylvania.  She and Charles Beecher Beaver were married 17 Feb 1869 in Allen County, Indiana.  Charles Beecher was born 17 Feb 1848 in Indiana, died 24 Jan 1923 and was buried 27 Jan 1923 in Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne, Indiana.  He was the son of Daniel S. and Sarah A. (Lamb) Beaver. 

ii    Markley, Merab Katherine "Minnie" was born 27 Dec 1849 in Miami, Ohio, died 19 Jul 1913 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana and was buried in Lindenwood Cemetery.  She and Gilbert L. Fox were married 12 Jan 1876 in Wabash, Indiana.  Gilbert L. was born Jul 1850 in Indiana, died 20 Dec 1926 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana and was buried in Lindenwood Cemetery.  He was the son of Hiram and Mary (Miller) Fox. 

iii    Markley, Sarah Jane "Jennie" was born 12 Jan 1852 in Casstown, Miami, Ohio, died 24 Sep 1925 in Wabash, Wabash, Indiana and was buried in Falls Cemetery, Wabash. 

iv    Markley, Henry Oscar was born 24 Dec 1853 in Miami, Ohio, died 24 Dec 1907 in Wabash, Wabash, Indiana and was buried in Falls Cemetery, Wabash.  He was married (1) to Emma M. ____.  Emma M. was born 1850/1851 and died 22 Feb 1884 in Wabash, Wabash, Indiana.  He was married (2) to Florence I. Carpenter 12 Aug 1885 in Deleware, Indiana.  Florence I. was born Jun 1861 in Muncie, Delaware, Indiana, died 26 Oct 1909 in Wabash, Wabash, Indiana and was buried in Muncie, Indiana. 

v    Markley, Flora A. was born Nov 1856 in Indiana and died 1913/1915 in Wabash, Wabash, Indiana.  She was married to Jesse H. Kunse.  Jesse H. was born 25 Mar 1853 in Wabash and died 18 Jun 1915 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana.  He was the son of David and Maria (Crawford) Kunse. 

vi    Markley, Susan Augusta was born 17 Jun 1858 in Wabash, Wabash, Indiana and died 29 Mar 1930 in Franklin, Ohio.  She and Edwin Eugene Stitt were married 29 Dec 1881 in Wabash, Indiana.  Edwin Eugene was born 22 Jun 1857 in Indiana and died 2 Jul 1913 in Franklin, Ohio.  He was the son of Alexander and Mahala (Miles) Stitt. 

vii    Markley, ____ was born May 1860 in Wabash, Indiana and died before 1870 in Wabash. 

viii    Markley, Jessie was born Aug 1862 in Wabash.  She and Charles Spencer Rose were married May 1886 in Wabash, Wabash, Indiana.  Charles Spencer was born Mar 1862 in Indiana, died 26 Sep 1918 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana and was buried in Wabash, Indiana.  He was the son of Levi B. and Mary J. (Hunt) Rose. 

3    Markley, Sarah was born 1826 in Pennsylvania and died 1875. 

Sarah was censused 1850 as "Sarah Jr.", 22, living with her mother, "Sarah Sr." in Lost Creek Township, Miami County, Ohio.

Sarah appears in the 1870 census of Troy, Ohio, living with her remarried and widowed mother, Sarah Batty, age 69. A headstone in the Casstown, Ohio, Cemetery "Sarah A. Markley, 1826-1875", is probably hers, and I have accepted those two dates for her.

4    Markley, Aaron was born 9 Oct 1828.    

5    Markley, Eliza Ann was born 18 Jan 1831 in Pennsylvania, died 16 Jan 1891/1892 and was buried in Casstown Cemetery.  She was married (1) to Allen M. Walker 20 Oct 1847 in Miami, Ohio.  She was married (2) to Charles Parker Rogers 10 Sep 1850 in Miami.  Charles Parker was born 18 Oct 1818 in Clermont, Ohio, died 20 Oct 1892 and was buried in Casstown Cemetery.  He was the son of Asa and Rebecca (Parker) Rogers. 

There is a dearth of records of Eliza Ann's first marriage to Allen Walker. The marriage itself is recorded in the Probate Court of Miami County, Ohio. And her tombstone is the only record of their daughter Ruth, who lived only about five and a half months. Neither Allen's parentage nor his death (or divorce) record have as yet been discovered.

Eliza Walker, 20, was cenused 4 Aug 1850 in the home of Charles Rogers, 30, a blacksmith in Casstown, and the man whom she married the following month.

Charles P. Rogers, ... "on September 10, 1850, was united in marriage with Mrs. Eliza Ann Walker, a daughter of George and Sarah Markley". Charles was a blacksmith until 1863, when he became a farmer in Casstown for the rest of his life [Beers, 1880]. Charles had previously been married to Sarah Cox, who died 11 Aug 1849, leaving him with a son Firman, born in August, 1848.

Charles father Asa had brought the family from New Jersey to Claremont County, Ohio, where Charles was born. When he was five, the family moved to the neighborhood around Addison (now Christiansburg). In 1847 Asa bought a Casstown lot from Henry Markley, Eliza Ann's eldest brother. This was a year after Charles married Sarah Cox, and about the time that Eliza married her first husband, Allen Walker. Whether or not Charles and Sarah came to Casstown with Asa at that time is not known.

However, by 1850 the census of Casstown for Charles P. Rogers, 30, and his 2 year old son Firman Rogers, lists also Eliza Walker, age 20. Both Charles and Eliza were by that time widowed, and she had lost her daugher Ruth the year before. Also in the household was 19 year old Alonzo Sherman. (Note that 15 years later Eliza Ann named her youngest child Sherman.) Both men are listed as blacksmiths, with Charles' real estate valued at $650. The census was taken about a year after the death of Charles' first wife, Sarah Cox, and a month before he and Eliza married.

Two households from this census entry is that of two Sarah Markleys, "Sr." and "Jr.", the mother and sister of Eliza, and the next household is that of Henry Markley, Eliza Ann's eldest brother, and his wife Hannah.

In 1854 Charles Rogers bought two lots in Casstown, one from John Vance on April 4 (Lot #26), and one from Isaac Meeks on June 7 (#24). After moving to Addison (now known as Christiansburg) in neighboring Champaign County) to learn the blacksmith trade, he returned in 1864 and bought 100 acres north of Casstown. Two years later he sold that land and bought 193 acres on the Addison and Casstown Turnpike, where he took up farming again.

By the time of the 1860 census, Charles and Eliza had wed and had five children, of whom only Irene and Theodore were still living. Lewis, Florence and Marion had died very young. Charles' son Firman was still at home at age 13, and they had another blacksmith as well as a well-to-do merchant living with them:

Charles P. Rogers
Eliza A.
Gideon Sise
Ruleeni? Hiskey
Black Smith

Black Smith
1400 3057

500 900
1300 925

By 1870, Gilbert, age 7, and Sherman, 4 months, had been added to the household. Firman (recorded variously as Ferman and Furman) was still there, working as a farmer, but he married the next year to Delia M. Cromer (1854-1936). In 1880, Theodore, 20, was still at home, with his two younger siblings Gilbert and Sherman.

Chas. P. Rogers
Eliza Rogers
Theodore Rogers
Gilbert Rogers
Sherman Rogers
Keeping House
Farm Laborer
At Home
At Home

There are conflicting reports on the day of Charles' death, the Casstown Cemetery transcription give 30 Oct, while the 1909 Miami County History says he died 20 Oct 1892 "while at the home of his son, Dr. S. T. Rogers, at New Albany, Indiana". Similarly, the cemetery transcription gives 16 Jan 1892 for Eliza Ann's death, while the county history gives 16 Jan 1891.

The children of Eliza Ann's second marriage were named in the History of Miami County, Ohio, [Beers, 1880], but their exact birth and death dates as given here are taken from their tombstones. (Contributed IGI records that I previously quoted have many dates disagreeing with the tombstone data.)

A daughter of Allen M. and Eliza Ann (Markley) Walker:   Ruth. 

i    Walker, Ruth was born 26 Feb 1849, died 9 Aug 1849 and was buried in Smith Cemetery, Christiansburg, Champaign, Ohio. 

The tombstone in Smith Cemeter is the only record we have of this child of Eliza Ann and Allen Walker.

IMAGE: Ruth_Walker_tombstone.jpg
Ruth Walker, daughter of Eliza Ann and Allen Walker

The seven children of Charles Parker and Eliza Ann (Markley) Rogers:   Louis/Lewis, Florence, Irene R., Marion, Theodore Lincoln, Gilbert M. and Sherman Tecumseh. 

i    Rogers, Louis/Lewis was born 26 Jul 1851 in Casstown, Miami, Ohio and died 4 Sep 1852. 

His tombstone age at death probably reads 1y 1m 9d, but the "9" is uncertain, so Louis' birth date is likewise possibly in error by a few days.

ii    Rogers, Florence was born 21 Sep 1853 in Casstown and died 4 Oct 1854. 

iii    Rogers, Irene R. was born 31 Aug 1855 in Casstown and died 17 Nov 1920.  She and Albert B. Thackara were married 16 Sep 1874 in Miami, Ohio.  Albert B. was born Jun 1843 in Ohio, died 1924 and was buried in Casstown Cemetery.  He was the son of Charles and Catharine (____) Thackara. 

Irene's marriage is from the Miami County Probate Court as listed in an extracted IGI record. Albert was from a family of five children, and worked as a farm laborer all of his life, being censused in his father's home thorugh 1870.

In 1880, Albert and Irene were censused in their own home with their son whose name was recorded as Chas. R., age 1 year. They also had a Thomas Duke, 22, living with them. Twenty years later, in the 1900 census, their son's name was recorded as Rogers C. And on his tombstone, his name was engraved as Roger C. I'm inclined to believe that he was originally given his mother's maiden name of Rogers as his middle name, and that he later reversed the sequence and eventually dropped the final "s".

In 1900 they were censused next to Firman and Delia Rogers, he being Irene's step-brother, and in 1910 next to Firman's son Eddie and family. That year and in 1920 Irene and Alert were somewhat imprecise (by four years) in reporting their ages, the last year they having moved to Troy.

A daughter of Albert B. and Irene R. (Rogers) Thackara:   Charles Rogers. 

1    Thackara, Charles Rogers was born Apr 1879, died 21 Jul 1902 and was buried in Casstown Cemetery. 

iv    Rogers, Marion was born 22 Jun 1857 in Casstown, Miami, Ohio and died 30 Sep 1859. 

Marion's name and dates come from her tombstone in the Lost Creek Cemetery which gives her age at death as 2y 3m 8d.

v    Rogers, Theodore Lincoln was born 6 Mar 1860 in Casstown and died 29 Dec 1911.  He and Altazera "Alta" Sayres / Sayers were married 6 Dec 1883.  Altazera "Alta" was born Sep 1860 in Illinois.  She was the daughter of Ezekial F. and Caroline M. (French) Sayers. 

Theodore lived at home until his marriage in 1883. He bought 128 acres of land in Elizabeth Township from his father-in-law and sold it back to him four years later. He then bought 130 acres of a parcel called Fairview Farm. He was censused 1900 and 1910 as a farmer with his wife and two sons, next to Albert and Lettie Kinders, whose daughter Mary would later marry his son Charles. The next adjacent census in 1900 was that of his sister Irene and her family, and then her brother-in-law Firman and Delia Rogers.

In 1920, the widow Alta was living alone in Troy. In the Casstown Cemetery the tombstones of Theodore and Altazera, of their sons Charles P. and Albert M., and of Charles' wife Mary are grouped together.

The two children of Theodore Lincoln and Altazera "Alta" (Sayres / Sayers) Rogers:   Charles P. and Albert Markley. 

1    Rogers, Charles P. was born Jun 1892.  He was married to Mary E. Kinders.  Mary E. was born 1890/1891 and died 1964.  She was the daughter of Albert and Lettie (____) Kinders. 

The four children of Charles P. and Mary E. (Kinders) Rogers:   Caroline P., Theodore K., John S. and Mary I. 

i    Rogers, Caroline P. was born 1917/1918 in Ohio. 

ii    Rogers, Theodore K. was born 1919/1920 in Ohio. 

iii    Rogers, John S. was born 1921/1922 in Ohio. 

iv    Rogers, Mary I. was born 1925 in Ohio. 

Mary's age was given on the 9 Apr 1930 census as 4 years, 6 months, so born Sep/Oct 1925.

2    Rogers, Albert Markley was born 5 Sep 1894 in Elizabeth, Miami, Ohio.  He was married (1) to Mary C. ____.  Mary C. was born 1894/1895 in Ohio.  He was married (2) to Cleo ____. 

The two children of Albert Markley and Mary C. (____) Rogers:   Pennie and Robert M. 

i    Rogers, Pennie was born 1913/1914 in Ohio. 

ii    Rogers, Robert M. was born 1918/1919 in Ohio.  He was married to ____ ____. 

A son of Robert M. and ____ (____) Rogers:   Robert M.. 

1    Rogers, Robert M.

vi    Rogers, Gilbert M. was born 19 Oct 1862 in Casstown, Miami, Ohio and died 2 Jul 1881. 

"Gilbert M. [Rogers], who was cut off in his brilliant youth, was a mechanical genius and the family preserves models that he had made for a phonograph before the Edison discovery was put on the market." [1909 History of Miami Co, p536].

vii    Rogers, Sherman Tecumseh was born 9 Dec 1865 in Casstown and died 6 Feb 1947.  He and Lucy B. McPherson were married 26 Jan 1888 in Casstown.  Lucy B. was born 23 Apr 1869 in Ohio.  She was the daughter of Cyrus M. and Mary Catherine (Knoop) McPherson. 

"Sherman T. [Rogers] was a graduate of the Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati [1909 History of Miami Co.] and was a practicing doctor in New Albany, Indiana, by the time of the 1900 census. Eclectic Medicine was the practice of using herbal remedies and physical therapy to treat patients, established in the first part of the nineteenth century as a reaction to the then standard medical treatments of blood letting and mercury purges.

In 1910 and 1920 Sherman was also censused in New Albany as a physician, with wife Lucy and, in 1910, his daughter Mildred. New Albany is across the Ohio River from Louisville, Indiana, and is about 180 miles from Casstown.

Sherman, Lucy and Mildred are buried in the Casstown Cemetery with his parents and his brother Gilbert.

It is interesting that Lucy also had a brother by the name of Sherman Tecumseh.

A son of Sherman Tecumseh and Lucy B. (McPherson) Rogers:   Mildred Ruth. 

1    Rogers, Mildred Ruth was born 27 Mar 1891 in New Albany, Floyd, Indiana and died 12 Oct 1979.  She and Louis Meyers Hartman were married 1 Jun 1912 in New Albany.  Louis Meyers was born 25 Aug 1889 in New Albany and died 27 Dec 1967.  He was the son of Edward Alexander and Henrietta Margarite (Meyers) Hartman. 

Mildred, but not her husband Louis Meyers Hartman, was buried in the Casstown Cemetery with her parents and other family members. There were two other Hartman burials in Casstown Cemetery, William S., born 1915, and Mary Helmick, born1917, two and four years after the marriage of Mildren and Louis. I've not been able to find a birth record for these two, but by their birth years could have been her children.

6    Markley, Susan was born 1834 in Pennsylvania and died 2 May 1895 in Union, Montgomery, Ohio.  She was married to George Lockhard.  George was born 1829 in Pennsylvania and died 1882/1890. 

The five children of George and Susan (Markley) Lockhard:   Ida Belle, Aurilla, Charles E., George and Lulu. 

i    Lockhard, Ida Belle was born Sep 1859 in Ohio. 

ii    Lockhard, Aurilla was born 1861/1862 in Ohio. 

iii    Lockhard, Charles E. was born Apr 1864 in Montgomery, Ohio and died 27 Apr 1943 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.  He was married (1) to Nellie Todd.  Nellie was born Sep 1867 in Ohio.  He was married (2) to Bessie ____. 

The two children of Charles E. and Nellie (Todd) Lockhard:   Earl Todd and Hazel. 

1    Lockhard, Earl Todd was born 21 Jan 1890 in Norwood, Hamilton, Ohio, died Aug 1944 and was buried 29 Aug 1944 in Oak Hill Cemetery, Lakeland, Polk, Florida.  He was married to Eloise G. ____.  Eloise G. was born about 1895 in Tennessee, died May 1980 and was buried 13 May 1980 in Oak Hill Cemetery, Lakeland, Polk, Florida. 

2    Lockhard, Hazel was born Mar 1893 in Ohio. 

A son of Charles E. and Bessie (____) Lockhard:   Gwendolyn. 

1    Lockhard, Gwendolyn was born 1905 in Ohio. 

iv    Lockhard, George was born 1867/1868 in Ohio. 

v    Lockhard, Lulu was born 1877 in Ohio. 

7    Markley, Mary was born 1835/1836. 

8    Markley, Katherine "Kate" was born Aug 1838 in Pennsylvania and died 19 Apr 1903 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana.  She and Henry Charles Schrader were married 10 Oct 1859 in Cass County, Indiana.  Henry Charles was born Oct 1837 in Ohio and died after 1930. 

Kate and Henry were censused 1860 in Wabash, Waash, Indiana where he was working as a grocer. Kate's sister Christie was living with them.

By 1874, Henry was a principal in two shoe companies in Fort Wayne with his brothers-in-law Aaron and Daniel. See the details of these associations in the writeup, below, for Aaron.

In 1880 the family was censused in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana with her mother Sarah Batty living with them. Henry then was working as a fire insurance agent.

Kate, as "Mrs. H. C. Schrader", was named as a sister of Henry Markley and of "Rev. Daniel Markley" in a Ft. Wayne news item reporting the death of Henry of Quincy, IIllinois, in 1896.

The four children of Henry Charles and Katherine "Kate" (Markley) Schrader:   Caroline B. "Carrie", Nellie M., Addie Lillian and L. Gertrude. 

i    Schrader, Caroline B. "Carrie" was born 1864 in Indiana and died after 1910.  She and Elmus R. Gesaman were married 8 Sep 1898.  Elmus R. was born Jun 1863 and died 15 Aug 1909 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana. 

ii    Schrader, Nellie M. was born 1866 in Indiana and died 16 Apr 1889 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana. 

iii    Schrader, Addie Lillian was born 23 May 1873 in Indiana and died 15 Feb 1973 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana. 

iv    Schrader, L. Gertrude was born Aug 1881 in Indiana and died after 1930. 

9    Markley, Christine A. "Christie" was born Oct 1841 in Pennsylvania.  She and Solomon Wilson were married 4 Nov 1861 in Wabash County, Indiana.  Solomon was born Feb 1832 in Rush County, Indiana and died 21 Feb 1906 in Wabash, Indiana. 

Christine was living with her married sister Katherin Schrader in Wabash in 1860.

The four children of Solomon and Christine A. "Christie" (Markley) Wilson:   Franklin P., George Arthur, Edward Markley and Edith. 

i    Wilson, Franklin P. was born Aug 1862 in Wabash County, Indiana and died 1910/1911.  He and Ada M. Stratton were married 26 Sep 1883 in Wabash County.  Ada M. was born Mar 1858 in Wabash County, died 1950 in Wabash County and was buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Lagro, Wabash.  She was the daughter of Mark and Mary (Shallenberger) Stratton. 

The four children of Franklin P. and Ada M. (Stratton) Wilson:   Merlin Stratton, Gladys, Roger Edward and Donald Frank. 

1    Wilson, Merlin Stratton was born Sep 1885 in Wabash County, Indiana. 

2    Wilson, Gladys was born 19 May 1887 in Wabash County and died 18 Apr 1974 in Los Angeles, California.  She and James Sweetser Lawshe were married 1 May 1912 in Wabash County, Indiana.  James Sweetser was born 15 Nov 1886 in Converse, Miami, Ohio and died 2 Jun 1947 in Los Angeles, California.  He was the son of Abraham Lincoln and Anna (Sweetser) Lawshe. 

The four children of James Sweetser and Gladys (Wilson) Lawshe:   Johanna May "Jo", Mary Hester, James Sweetser and Henry Daniel. 

i    Lawshe, Johanna May "Jo" was born 4 Jul 1915 in Los Angeles Co., California and died 17 Jan 1997 in Corona Del Mar, Orange, California.  She was married to George Edward Hoedinghaus. 

The two children of George Edward and Johanna May "Jo" (Lawshe) Hoedinghaus:   Agnes May "Happy" and Georgia Gene. 

1    Hoedinghaus, Agnes May "Happy" was born 28 Apr xxxx in Los Angeles, California.  She and Richard R. Parks were married 10 Apr 1965 in Los Angeles. 

2    Hoedinghaus, Georgia Gene was born 6 Aug xxxx in Los Angeles.  She was married (1) to Ronald J. Lisi 30 Aug 1962.  She was married (2) to Kenneth R. Storti 20 Jul 1970 in Orange County, California. 

ii    Lawshe, Mary Hester was born 30 Apr 1917 in Los Angeles Co., California and died 1 Dec 1987 in San Diego, California.  She was married to George Edward Mayer. 

A daughter of George Edward and Mary Hester (Lawshe) Mayer:   George Edward. 

1    Mayer, George Edward was born 7 Dec xxxx. 

iii    Lawshe, James Sweetser was born 4 Nov 1924 in California. 

iv    Lawshe, Henry Daniel was born 3 Feb 1931 in California and died 8 Feb 2003 in Maricopa County, Arizona.  He and Eleanor Gledhill Duffy were married 20 Aug 1976 in Los Angeles, California. 

3    Wilson, Roger Edward was born Sep 1888 in Wabash County, Indiana and died 1920/1946.  He and Hedwig S. ____ were married in Minneapolis?, Minnesota?.  Hedwig S. was born 10 Oct 1889 in Minnesota and died 6 Jun 1976 in Berkeley, Alemeda, California. 

The two children of Roger Edward and Hedwig S. (____) Wilson:   Hedwig and Jane. 

i    Wilson, Hedwig was born 1921 in Minnesota.  She and Moreland B. Falkell were married 4 Apr 1940. 

ii    Wilson, Jane was born 1925 and died after 1971.  She and R. Bok Reitzel were married 9 Feb 1947 in Burlingame, San Mateo, California. 

A daughter of R. Bok and Jane (Wilson) Reitzel:   Melanie Gail. 

1    Reitzel, Melanie Gail was born 22 Mar xxxx in San Mateo, California.  She was married (1) to William Ray Ashworth Jan 1971 in San Mateo.  She was married (2) to Stephen William Shutt.  Stephen William was born 1921. 

4    Wilson, Donald Frank was born 12 Jul 1890 in Wabash County, Indiana and died Mar 1961 in Kendallville, Noble, Indiana.  He was married (1) to Phoebe Snavely 1 Jan 1921.  Phoebe was born May 1892 in Indiana.  He was married (2) to June Rupel 8 Aug 1952.  June was born 5 Sep 1917 in Jay County, Indiana.  She was the daughter of Ezra E. and Kathryn (Egly) Rupel. 

ii    Wilson, George Arthur was born 17 Mar 1864 in Wabash County, Indiana and died 5 Oct 1941 in North Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts.  He and Winifred Warren were married 6 Aug 1902 in Hyannisport, Banstable, Massachusetts.  Winifred was born 3 Jan 1870 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts and died 16 Nov 1958.  She was the daughter of William Fairfield and Harriet Cornelia (Merrick) Warren. 

iii    Wilson, Edward Markley was born Sep 1867 and died 1941/1942.  He and Mary A. McCrea were married 4 Feb 1891.  Mary A. was born Aug 1866 in Wabash County, Indiana and died 1944/1945 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana. 

The two children of Edward Markley and Mary A. (McCrea) Wilson:   Trafford McCrea and Mary Eleanor. 

1    Wilson, Trafford McCrea was born Feb 1892 and died 20 May 1917 in Asheville, Buncombe, North Carolina. 

2    Wilson, Mary Eleanor was born 1901.  She and William Adams Telfer were married 16 Jun 1927.  William Adams was born 23 Jul 1885 in Bedford, Lawrence, Indiana. 

A daughter of William Adams and Mary Eleanor (Wilson) Telfer:   William W.. 

i    Telfer, William W. was born 1928 in Indiana. 

iv    Wilson, Edith was born Aug 1873.  She and Marshall Payne were married 16 Nov 1898 in Wabash County, Indiana.  Marshall was born Sep 1871. 

The two children of Marshall and Edith (Wilson) Payne:   Christine and Margaret Louise. 

1    Payne, Christine was born Sep 1899.  She was married to ____ Kauffman. 

2    Payne, Margaret Louise was born 1903. 

10    Markley, George W. was born 6 Mar 1844 and died 24 Jun 1850. 

11    Markley, Ann was born about 1845 and died 1848. 

Aaron Markley  &  Mary Alice Mitchell
Sebastian 1, Johannes 2, Matthias 3, Jakob 4, Johann Jakob 5, Han§ Jacob "Joggi" 6, Han§ Gešrg 7, George 8, George M. 9, Aaron 10, Marguerite "Maggie" 11 Mitchell Top  

Aaron Markley was born 9 Oct 1828 in Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died 8 Jan 1915 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. 

Aaron and Mary Alice were married 15 Sep 1850 in Miami County, Ohio. 

Mary Alice Mitchell was born 11 Jan 1832 in Lower Makefield, Bucks, Pennsylvania and died 15 Apr 1910 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  She was the daughter of Richard and Rachel (White) Mitchell. 

According to the 1850 census, Aaron Markley, 22, was living with his brother Daniel and family in Lost Creek Twp., Miami County, Ohio.

By 1860, Aaron and his brother Daniel were both living in the town of Wabash in Nobel Twp., Wabash County, Indiana. At this time, Aaron’s personal property was worth $650, and his real estate $1000. He was slightly better off than Daniel, but at that time he had only three children as compared to Daniel’s seven, so may have been able to save a little more from their common occupation of shoemaker. This town, Wabash, is some 100 miles west of Miami County, Ohio, where Aaron and Mary Alice Mitchell were married.

A scan of the census record in 1860 provides an interesting glimpse of the neighborhood where Aaron and Mary Alice lived in Wabash. In order of the sequence of households censused immediately following Aaron were Supervisor, County Treasurer, County Clerk, Deputy Clerk, Clerk, Justice of the Peace, Carpenter, Mason, … .

The web page presents the 1867 Allen County gazetteer by John C. W. Bailey, Chicago, in an excellent, searchable format. There we find Aaron was a partner in two shoe companies. His personal entry reads

"Markley, Aaron, (T. N. Hood & Co., also Markley, Schrader & Co.) h Bluffton rd, s w city limits",

and his brother's reads

"Markley, Daniel, (Markley, Schrader & Co.), h Bluffton Rd, s w city limits".

Bluffton Road, home address for both of the brothers, starts about a half-mile east of the Fort Wayne Airport, and runs due south, crossing Interstate 469, and becoming state route 1.

The company entry reads

"MARKLEY, SCHRADER & CO., (Aaron Markley, H. C. Schrader and Daniel Markley), boots and shoes wholesale and retail, 4 Keystone Block",

and their brother-in-law's entry reads

"Schrader, Henry C., (Markley, Schrader & Co. and T. N. Hood & CO.), h 216 W. Wayne".

Other employees of the company were Joseph David, Henry Haavelhorst, ____ Lodear and Christopher Voorhees, all shoemakers, and Charles W. Dunn, salesman.

T. N. Hood & Co. was another boot and shoe dealer at 74 Barr, and the principals were Thompson N. Hood, Aaron Markley and H. C. Schrader. Thompson, for a while, was a co-leaser of the Fort Wayne Times, which later on was purchased by his partner, John Dawson. Dawson over time became a "formidable editor and political activist as a Whig, an anti-Nebraskan, a Know-Nothing, a Republican, a Democrat, a Union supporter", and was "stoutly opposed to the Kansas-Nebraska Act which opened new territory to slavery" according to a history of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette by Scott M. Bushnell [2007].

In the 1867 Allen County gazetteer quoted above, there were almost 60 "Boot and Shoe Makers, and Retail Lealers" listed, but only four display advertisements, including Markley, Schrader & Co. Two of the others, however, were much larger in size, so they were probably only in the top tier of shoe makers, not necessarily the largest.

In the 1870 Aaron and Mary Alice were censused in Wayne Twp. in Allen County, Indiana, adjacent to his brother Daniel and family. Wayne Twp encompasses what is now the southwest part of the city of Fort Wayne, but was not indicated in the census to be part of the city at that time. They were probably still at the Bluffton Road addresses mentioned above.

When their youngest child Marguerite was about four years old, Aaron and Mary Alice in 1879 came to Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, with all of their family except Viola, who remained in Fort Wayne with her husband, Lewis Hull. In Lawrence, Aaron and his sons Orren and Otto Guiles opened a shoe manufacturing plant, where the shoes were made by hand. The family were all living on Connecticut Street in Lawrence in 1880 — Otto and his three younger sisters with their parents, and Orren and his wife and first child in their own home. Aaron was a commercial agent, and Otto was working as a carpenter, as were the three youngest daughters. The adjacent census was for their son Orren, also a carpenter, with his wife Mary and their daughter Ollie, age 4. Apparently the shoe business had not been established by that time.

Then, on 1 Jul 1885, Aaron purchased for $750 ten acres in Topeka (described as the W 1/2 of N 1/2 of NE 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Section17.T12.R16 [Shawnee County deeds v107 p574]), so he moved sometime between those two dates. This ten acre parcel was south of the present 29th Street, and extended between what are now Minnesota and Iowa Streets. Seven months later, 1 Feb 1886, Aaron bought an additional five acres in that section for $375 [153:374], and on 21 Feb 1888 he bought land in Tract 10 of William J. Fritz' subdivision [153:374], which further extended his original purchase.

Here Aaron and Mary Alice built their home, and in that house their daughter Marguerite married James Swan in 1898. As this land was on the south side of 29th, it was just outside the Highland Park addition which Joseph Kennedy Hudson bought in June 1886, and for which he filed a plat in March, 1887. In 1891 Aaron sold 2.5 acres of his land to his son Orren for $1000 [207:441]. This increase in price from $75 to $400 per acre probably indicates the general increase in land values due to the sale of lots in Highland Park. Aaron's timing of his land purchase could not have been much better.

By 1900 all of the children were gone from the home, and Aaron and Mary, 71 and 68, had a servant girl named Gertrude C. Smith, 14, living with them. In so far as I know, she was not a relative of the family.

For 21 May 1902 there is a record of Aaron and Mary Alice selling lot 151 and the west half of lot 153 on East Tenth in Halliday's Addition. This property, sold for $300 in hand and the balance of $1650 to be paid $50 per month, is on the south side of the street between Monroe and Madison, and is now covered over by Interstate 70. The record of their purchase of this land was not found.

About ten weeks after Mary Alice sold the dress making establishment and bought two lots further south on Buchanan (see below), she also purchased land in Highland Park. On 10 Oct 1906, in her own name, she bought the first six, empty lots 242 to 252 south of Eagle (28th) Street on the east side of Ohio [326:135]. Then, on 3 Dec of that year, Aaron purchased lots 254 and 256 [327:214] on which a house was located, and they had moved there by 1907. Aaron was by then almost eighty years old, and they probably did not want to keep up the larger home on 29th Street. (See the Swan family history for James and Margaret's purchase of lots on the west side of Ohio, and the story of the electric rail line that ran past this corner along 28th.)

Mary Alice died in 1910, and five weeks later Aaron was censused as a retired widower, living alone, and listed on the same page as his daughter and son-in-law Margaret and James A. Swan with their chldren, and Hamilton Swan, James' brother, with his family.

On 5 Aug 1908, Aaron's son Orren and his wife May sold for $4800 ten acres of the 29th Street property (described as 5 acres of the W 1/2 of the N 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of S17 T12 R16, and the W 1/2 of Lots 7 & 10 in the Fritz subdivision D, in all 10 acres [341:108]). Apparently Aaron and Mary Alice had passed the home on to their eldest son to sell as part of their children's inheritance.

The six lots belonging to Mary Alice on Ohio were also inherited by the children at her death in 1910. On 8 Feb 1911 Otto and the other heirs quitclaimed to their father all of their rights to that land, so Aaron then held all eight lots in his name. However, he did not continue to live in the house at 2814 Ohio, but soon moved into rented rooms. We have a note written on tablet paper in his hand which reads:

Topeka Kns. August 29th 1913.

To whom it may consern.

This is to certify that I contracted with Miss Arlina Buell over two years ago for Room, Bard, Washing and mending at her hom Corner Virginia and Eagel Streets Highland Park for three dollars per week. Since then I valentarily proposed to ad one dollar per each week from the commencement to continue as long as I remain with her and Sister.

A Markley

These sisters, Arlina and Sadie Buell, were seamstresses living at 2803 Virginia, one block behind his daughter Maggie's home on Ohio. (Aaron's 1910 census was adjacent to Arlina Buell, although not in the same household.) The house at 2814 Ohio was apparently then rented out, as it was the address in 1914 of William and Cora Schlichter and their four boys. It was later inherited by Aaron's daughter Maggie, and sold to her brother-in-law Hamilton Swan in 1919.

Aaron invented a revolutionary dress making chart that became very popular and from which he derived quite a substantial income. He engaged in several business enterprises in Topeka and helped to promote others, including the woolen mills in Oakland. According to The History of Highland Park, [Anon., 1956], Aaron had a small fruit farm between Wisconsin and California on 29th where he grew and sold cherries and raspberries. If this location is correct, this orchard must have been planted on the 1886 and 1888 additions to the original land purchase he made on 29th Street. In Radge's Topeka Directory for 1905 Mary Alice Markley is listed as proprietor of a glove fitting and dress-cutting system at 1255 Clay Street. In 1907 Aaron has the same listing, while their home address was given as the first block south of Eagle, i.e. 28th Street, on Ohio.

Aarons obituary in the Topeka Daily Capitol for Sunday, January 10, 1915:

"Aaron Markley, 86 years old, died Friday night at his home in Highland Park. He is survived by two sons, O. M. Markley of Houston, Texas, and O. G. Markley of Topeka, and three daughters. Mrs. L. O. Hull of Fort Wayne, Ind.; Mrs. E. J. Cavanaugh and Mrs. J. A. Swan, of Topeka. The funeral will be held from the home, Twenty-eighth street and Virginia Avenue, at 2:30 o'clock Monday afternoon. Burial will be in the Topeka cemetery."

Aaron died of chronic valvular heart disease, and was buried in the Markley family plot in Topeka Cemetery, on California Avenue. He died "at his son-in-law's", probably James Swan "who will look after the account" of the burial, according to cemetery records. The details of the disposal of his estate are not known, but his daughter Margaret in 1919 sold the property on Ohio to her brother-in-law Hamilton Swan.

In the 1850 and 1860 censuses, Mary Alice was listed as having been born in Pennsylvania. Then in the 1880 census record in Lawrence, Kansas, she listed her birthplace as Ohio, and the census taker recorded that both of her parents were born in New York (which led me seriously astray in trying to trace her lineage). By 1900, she was censused in Topeka, Kansas, as having been born in Pennsylvania, with both of her parents indicated as being born in Pennsylvania, which from other sources was eventually found to be correct.

Finally, when she died in 1910, the registry of deaths in Topeka and her obituary both indicated that she had been born in Ohio. The Mitchells moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio just after her birth, and apparently the family did not distinquish carefully that she had actually been born in Pennsylvania. I accept the 1850 census, nearest to her birth, as definitive in regard to this question. But why the 1880 census shows her parents as being born in New York remains a mystery.

The 1900 census, incidently, lists her birthdate as Feb, 1828, one month later that our Markley family history, which I've used here.

Mary Alice purchased five pieces of real estate in Topeka in her own name over a period of four days in October, 1892, for a total expenditure of nearly $5000. Whether this represented the use of her own money, or there was some advantage in having their joint property in her name, is not known. My sister Pat (Swan) Thiessen helped dig out these records from the court house basement, and I wish to thank her here for this field research. The five transactions involved were:

1) 13 Oct 1892, for $800, lot 164 on the east side of Tyler Street between 5th and Willow [208:349]. She and "husband Aaron" sold this property 28 Apr 1908 for $2000 [340:211]. Either land values increased considerably in those fifteen years, (but see the following item) or they in some way made improvements to this property.

2) 13 Oct 1892, for $1300, lot 440 on the east side of Clay between 12th and Munson [208:350]. This they sold 22 May 1908 for $1500 [340:414], not a particularly substantial profit.

3) 13 Oct 1892, for $1500, lots 499, 501, and 503 Clay in the middle of the block between Munson and 13th [208:341]. Here she located her dress making establishment listed at 1255 Clay in the 1905 City Directory. Mary Alice "and husband" sold this property 26 Jul 1906 for $5000 [326:125], although Aaron is still at this address in the 1907 City Directory, probably as an out-of-date listing. That same day Mary Alice bought for $2000 lots 642 and 644 on Buchanan, in the middle of the block south of 17th Street [326:136].

4) 15 Oct 1892, for $550, a half interest in lot 299 and the south half of lot 297 in Holliday's Addition on the west side of Jefferson Street between 9th and 10th [208:348].

5) 17 Oct 1892, for $500 and the assumption of half of a $600 mortgage, the north half of lot 299 and the south half of lot 297 on Jefferson [228:192]. This describes the same location as the previous item 4), and must have been the concluding part of a complicated transaction, but the deeds themselves hav not been examined to see exactly what transpired with this purchase. Mary Alice "and Aaron, husband and wife" sold this property 5 Apr 1898 for $1250 [261:379], making a profit of $450 in five and one-half years on an $800 investment.

Mary Alice died 2 p.m. 15 Apr 1910 of blood poisoning at age 78 years, 3 months, 4 days, according to the records of the Topeka Cemetery, where she was buried 17 April. A note under "Remarks" in those records says that she was "an old friend of D. O. Crane", a founder of the city of Topeka.

The information for each of Mary Alice and Aaron's children is given by George Mitchell Markley in his family history. He compiled it with the help of his niece Frieda Carter and our mother, Mildred Swan, using in part the Markley-Swan family bible which at that time was in mother's possession, and which is now owned by my sister Pat. In two instances where George's dates vary slightly from those in the family bible, published 1866, I have retained the latter, assuming typographical errors in his transcription.

On 8 Feb 1911, "Otto G. Markley and others" quitclaimed Mary Alice's six lots on the east side of Ohio to their father Aaron, as described above. The names in that transaction [373:85] are found to agree with those listed here, thus providing independent documentation for the names of the children who grew to adulthood, and of their spouses.

The eight children of Aaron and Mary Alice (Mitchell) Markley:   Anna Eliza, Viola Candace, Orren Mitchell, Otto Giles, Emma Edna, Belle Eve, Ovid and Marguerite "Maggie"

1    Markley, Anna Eliza was born 21 Jul 1851 in Indiana and died 15 Dec 1853 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana. 

2    Markley, Viola Candace was born 16 Feb 1853 in Indiana.  She and Lewis O. Hull were married 27 Oct 1875 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana.  Lewis O. was born Aug 1849 in Lucas, Richland, Ohio. 

Viola was the only child who stayed behind in Indiana when the Markleys moved to Kansas.

Lewis became a successful dry goods merchant in Fort Wayne. But before that, in 1880, he was censused, as L. O. Hull, as a painter in Fort Wayne with wife Viola and daughter Gracie. Apparently Lewis often preferred to use his two initials, rather than his first name, as that is the way he appears in the note below about his store.

A short "local news" item in the Fort Wayne Sentinel of 11 Apr 1891 copied an item from the Kendallvile Sun: "Mr. Lewis Hull, of Fort Wayne, was called to Lisbon this morning by the sudden illness of his mother who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Frost. She is also the mother of Mrs. Whitbeck, of this city."

In 1900 Lewis was censused (as Louis) as a wall paper merchant in Fort Wayne, and it is from this record I take the birth months and years of Lewis and his family, except for Grace who was no longer in his home.

In 1901 an article appeared in the Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel about a chance meeting of Civil War veterans:

IMAGE: Lewis_Hull,_drummer_boy.jpg
Lewis Hull as a Civil War drummer boy

By 1910 all of the daughters were out of their home, and "Louis" was censused as a wholesale and retail merchant. Viola reported that she had borne three children, of whom two were still living. This probably indicates that Grace had died, possibly before 1900.

The three children of Lewis O. and Viola Candace (Markley) Hull:   Grace "Gracie", Clara L. and Mabel Margaret. 

i    Hull, Grace "Gracie" was born 1876/1877 in Indiana. 

Grace died at age 20 years

ii    Hull, Clara L. was born Oct 1882 in Indiana and died 1968.  She was married to Norman E. Olds.  Norman E. was born 1881 and died 1960. 

The four children of Norman E. and Clara L. (Hull) Olds:   Jane Allison, Virginia Hull, Nancy Elizabeth and Margaret Ann. 

1    Olds, Jane Allison She was married to Carl J. Harbert. 

The two children of Carl J. and Jane Allison (Olds) Harbert:   Norman Curl and David Olds. 

i    Harbert, Norman Curl. 

ii    Harbert, David Olds. 

2    Olds, Virginia Hull She was married to William R. Hough. 

The three children of William R. and Virginia Hull (Olds) Hough:   Steven Hedges, Nancy Olds and Patricia. 

i    Hough, Steven Hedges. 

ii    Hough, Nancy Olds. 

iii    Hough, Patricia. 

3    Olds, Nancy Elizabeth She was married to Herbert G. Cannon. 

The three children of Herbert G. and Nancy Elizabeth (Olds) Cannon:   Nancy Elizabeth, Thomas Grove and Debra Ann. 

i    Cannon, Nancy Elizabeth. 

ii    Cannon, Thomas Grove. 

iii    Cannon, Debra Ann. 

4    Olds, Margaret Ann was born 1919.  She was married to Frank D. Pillatt.  Frank D. was born 1917. 

The three children of Frank D. and Margaret Ann (Olds) Pillatt:   Frank D. III, Richard Olds and Patricia Claire. 

i    Pillatt, Frank D. III. 

On 5 Jan 03 I received the following e-mail from Frank D. Pillatt III in connection with my earlier correspondance with Tracie Perrin:

Sir -- I am the Frank D. Pillatt III that you wrote to Tracie about. My father was indeed Frank Jr. and my Grandfather was Frank Sr., from Nottingham, England.

My father and mother were born 1917 and 1919, respectively. Thank you for giving the info to Tracie. Much has been buried/forgotten and is hard to dig out.


ii    Pillatt, Richard Olds. 

iii    Pillatt, Patricia Claire. 

iii    Hull, Mabel Margaret was born May 1888 in Indiana.  She and Harold A. Baxter were married 16 Apr 1913 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana. 

The four children of Harold A. and Mabel Margaret (Hull) Baxter:   Harold A. Jr., Elizabeth H., Marian A. and Barbara. 

1    Baxter, Harold A. Jr. He and Dorothy Walker were married 1950. 

A son of Harold A. Jr. and Dorothy (Walker) Baxter:   Dione. 

i    Baxter, Dione. 

2    Baxter, Elizabeth H. She and Frank Lathrop were married 1940. 

The three children of Frank and Elizabeth H. (Baxter) Lathrop:   Steven, Susan and Sharon. 

i    Lathrop, Steven. 

ii    Lathrop, Susan. 

iii    Lathrop, Sharon. 

3    Baxter, Marian A. She and Bert Reedy were married 1941. 

The four children of Bert and Marian A. (Baxter) Reedy:   John, Robert, Marian and Lisa. 

i    Reedy, John. 

ii    Reedy, Robert. 

iii    Reedy, Marian. 

iv    Reedy, Lisa. 

4    Baxter, Barbara She and Julius Beers were married 1947. 

The four children of Julius and Barbara (Baxter) Beers:   Richard, Bruce, Nancy and Elizabeth. 

i    Beers, Richard. 

ii    Beers, Bruce. 

iii    Beers, Nancy. 

iv    Beers, Elizabeth. 

3    Markley, Orren Mitchell was born 4 Aug 1856 in Wabash, Indiana and died 1923.  He and Mary C. Base were married 15 Oct 1874 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana.  Mary C. was born Aug 1856 in Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio and died 2 Oct 1930.  She was the daughter of Joseph and Esther (____) Base. 

There was a record available at one time in a database entitled "Kansas Settlers Living in 1879" on the website of which stated that O. M. Markley, born 4 Aug 1854 (sic, 1855 or 1856, see below) in Wabash Co., Indiana, settled in Lawrence, Doublas, Kansas on 8 Mar 1879. This confirms our family record as to the year that his father, Aaron, brought the family to Kansas. See also the Mitchell Chapter which notes, from this same database, that Cresson Mitchell and his wife Emma settled in Lawrence two weeks later. Cresson was the youngest brother of Orren's mother Mary Alice (Mitchell) Markley.

In 1880, Orren and Mary were living on Connecticut Street in Lawrence, Kansas, censused adjacent to his father Aaron.

Sometime later, Orren purchased a tract of land south of what is now Highland Park, in Topeka, and for several years operated a dairy farm. His home address was 1707 East 29th, and for many years there were no homes on the north side of 29th. For some reason this land purchase was not found in the Shawnee County Index of Deeds. The large barn on that property was torn down some time around 1990.

Orren engaged in several land transactions in and around Topeka. On 13 Oct 1892 he purchased for $2400 lot 257 and the east 8 1/3 feet of lot 259 on Sixth Avenue in Hornes Second Addition [Shawnee County Deeds, v 208 p300]. This lot is located on the south side of Sixth just east of Horne Street. On 3 Oct 1900 he and his wife Mary sold or mortgaged this property for $1600 [259:413] and the transaction is mentioned again under the date of 24 Dec 1904 [312:146], probably the clearing of the mortgage.

Two other land deeds in the index were transcribed as O. H. Markley, and this may have been Orren, but the deed books themselves would have to be examined to determine this. The first of these properties consisted lots 193 and 196 of Roots subdivision on Lafayette Street between 6th and 7th [387:323], purchased 24 Aug 1912 for $1 and other considerations. The second, somewhat more costly at $2150 on 21 Feb 1913, was lot 432 on Clay Street, between Munson and 12th.

Upon his retirement, Orren and his wife moved to Abilene, Texas, where they made their home. When his mother died and her estate was distributed in 1911, he and Mary were of Harris County, Texas, and he was of Houston when his father died in 1915. His residence at the time of his own death from Bright's desease was with his daughter Lillie in Abilene, Texas, but he was interred 17 Jul 1923 in the Markley family plot in Topeka Cemetery. That plot contained also the graves of his parents, Aaron and Mary Alice, and his wife Mary would be buried next to him some seven years later.

In the Markley Family genealogy, Orren's birth date is given as 4 Aug 1855, but his grave marker reads "1856-1923". Which birth year is correct I don't know, but I do note that Mary's middle initial, given as "G" in the genealogy, is clearly "C" on the 1860 census when she was three years old, and her tombstone also records "C". The inference here is that the family genealogy does have some known mistakes, so I combine the day and month of Orren's birth from the genealogy, but correct the year to that of his tombstone, 1856.

Mary came back to Topeka sometime after Orren's death, as she was living at 1116 Huntoon at the time of her death of "Lobar" Pneumonia at age 75. She was buried with Orren in the Markley plot in Topeka Cemetery which also holds the graves of Aaron and Mary Alice.

I've had Mary's middle initial as "G" from the Markley Family History, but her gravestone is clearly "C", which I accept as correct.

The two children of Orren Mitchell and Mary C. (Base) Markley:   Ollie May and Lillian M. "Lillie". 

i    Markley, Ollie May was born 19 Dec 1875 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana and died 4 Apr 1967 in Glendale, California.  She and William H. "Will" Lyman were married 16 Nov 1898.  William H. "Will" was born 4 Apr 1874 and died 14 Sep 1961 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. 

An index to Kansas marriages lists her as Olive.

Dr. Will Lyman was a dentist in Topeka most of his life until moving to California in 1949. (But notice that Walter Markley has his death in 1961 as being in Topeka.)

A daughter of William H. "Will" and Ollie May (Markley) Lyman:   William Orren. 

1    Lyman, William Orren He was married to Jean Patterson. 

The two children of William Orren and Jean (Patterson) Lyman:   William Lawrence and Marylin Kay. 

i    Lyman, William Lawrence was born 7 May 1932.  He and Marylin Jean Williams were married 5 Sep 1953. 

The two children of William Lawrence and Marylin Jean (Williams) Lyman:   Kimberly Ann and Nancylin. 

1    Lyman, Kimberly Ann was born 17 Nov xxxx. 

2    Lyman, Nancylin was born 20 May xxxx. 

ii    Lyman, Marylin Kay was born 2 Jul 1933.  She was married to Thomas Belden Bushey. 

The three children of Thomas Belden and Marylin Kay (Lyman) Bushey:   Gregory, Karen Louise and Jeffrey Clay. 

1    Bushey, Gregory was born 17 Nov xxxx. 

2    Bushey, Karen Louise was born 3 Mar xxxx. 

3    Bushey, Jeffrey Clay was born 22 Mar xxxx. 

ii    Markley, Lillian M. "Lillie" was born Oct 1889 in Kansas and died 18 Apr 1930.  She was married to David S. Castle.  David S. was born 1883/1884 in Michigan. 

Lillie's birth in the 1900 census is given as Oct, 1889, her age as 10, and her middle initial as "M". I could not locate her in 1910, but in 1920 she and her husband were censused in Abilene, Taylor, Texas. His age was given as 36, born in Michigan (as were both of his parents), and Lillie, as "Lillian M", was of age 30 and born in Kansas. Their older childrens' ages were recorded as 11 and 10 years, and the youngest as 6 months (as of 9 Jan 1920). David's occupation was listed as Architech Engineer, working from his own office.

In 1930, Lillie's name was again recorded as Lillian, and I'm therefore taking that as her given name, with "Lillie" as a nickname. That census was taken on 3 April, just two weeks before she died at age 40 years.

The three children of David S. and Lillian M. "Lillie" (Markley) Castle:   Catherine, Laura and David. 

1    Castle, Catherine was born 1907/1909.  She was married to W. C. Smith. 

Catherine had a son and daughter, but I do not know their names.

2    Castle, Laura was born 1909/1910.  She was married to Dan Stitch. 

3    Castle, David was born 1920.  He was married to ____. 

David married and had a daughter, whose name I don't know.

4    Markley, Otto Giles was born 19 Mar 1858 in Somerset, Wabash, Indiana and died 2 Oct 1937 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  He and May Emma Dyer were married 18 Aug 1881.  May Emma was born 7 Apr 1861 in Castleton, Rutland, Vermont and died 21 Jan 1948 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  She was the daughter of Horace W. and Sarah (Palmer) Dyer. 

Following their marriage, Otto took his bride back to her native Rutland County, Vermont, where they engaged in farming. After the birth of their three girls, they returned to Kansas and acquired a farm of 160 acres in Lyon County near the town of Allen, about twenty miles north of Emporia.

The "hard times" which afflicted the country around the turn of the century, together with crop failures and heavy losses in the cattle business in 1905, forced Otto to give up his Lyon county farm. They then bought the National Hotel in Rossville, a small town some 20 miles northwest of Topeka. The purchase 18 May 1906 of lots 74 and 76, for $4000, was for some reason made in May Emma's name [Shawnee County Deeds, v 322 p479]. Perhaps they were using some of her money for this new endeavor. On 12 Nov 1906 Otto and May sold two feet off of the south side of lot 76 of that Rossville property.

However, the hotel also proved not to be a promising venture, and they sold out in early 1907 for the same price they paid, $4000, and Otto went to work in the Santa Fe shops. He later was route salesman, then store manager, for the Union Pacific Tea Company. When that company sold out to the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, and moved to Kansas City, Otto went to work for the McCord-Kistler Wholesale Grocery company where he stayed until his retirement when that company went out of business about 1933. In the 1929-30 Topeka directory Otto was listed as a farmer at 2207 California Avenue. He may have been farming and holding down a job at the same time during those years, but no deed for purchase of land at this address was found. Otto was living in Topeka when his father died in 1915.

May Emma was a native of Rutland County, Vermont. Her parents died when she was a child, and she was sent to live with an aunt, Mrs. Perry Smith, in Lawrence, Kansas. She received her education in the Episcopal Female Seminary at Topeka, later known as the College of the Sisters of Bethany.

The four children of Otto Giles and May Emma (Dyer) Markley:   Lola, Alice Emma, Bertha Belle and Walter Mitchell. 

i    Markley, Lola was born 1882/1883 in Castleton, Rutland, Vermont and died in Castleton. 

Lola died in infancy.

ii    Markley, Alice Emma was born 15 Oct 1884 in Castleton and died 4 Aug 1973 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. 

iii    Markley, Bertha Belle was born 31 Aug 1888 in Castleton, Rutland, Vermont and died 27 Jul 1920 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  She and Fred Eli Hopkins were married 13 Jan 1907 in Rossville, Shawnee, Kansas.  Fred Eli was born 1879 and died 18 Sep 1927 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. 

Fred was from Rossville, and opened a hadware store in Delia, Kansas. He then took the hardware business to Burlingame, and later moved to Topeka.

The three children of Fred Eli and Bertha Belle (Markley) Hopkins:   Freida Bell, Walter Edward and Ella Mae. 

1    Hopkins, Freida Bell was born 13 Aug 1907 in Delia, Jackson, Kansas and died 18 May 1977 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  She and Cecil Sylvester Carter were married 6 Nov 1926 in Topeka.  Cecil Sylvester was born 1 Jan 1905 in Covington, Garfield, Oklahoma and died 13 Dec 1986 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. 

Carol [Personal Communication 21 Mar 2004] provided me with the ancestry of Cecil as well as his death date. His father Thomas Grant Carter was the son of John William Carter and Nancy Ann Frazer; his mother Sarah Hannah Smith was the daughter of John McCracken Smith and Mary Elizabeth Alexander. There are additional generations specified in Carol's chart which carry the lines back to England.

The two children of Cecil Sylvester and Freida Bell (Hopkins) Carter:   Kent Lyman and Carol Lynn. 

i    Carter, Kent Lyman was born 8 Oct 1937 in Topeka.  He was married (1) to Florence Duncan.  He was married (2) to Glenda Jean Clausen 16 Jul 1962 in Topeka.  Glenda Jean was born 6 Aug xxxx in Topeka. 

A son of Kent Lyman and Florence (Duncan) Carter:   Diana Sue. 

1    Carter, Diana Sue was born 16 Jul xxxx. 

The two children of Kent Lyman and Glenda Jean (Clausen) Carter:   Linda Kay and Ann Marie. 

1    Carter, Linda Kay was born 2 Dec xxxx in Wellington, Sumner, Kansas.  She and Roberto Calderon were married 1 Dec 1995. 

2    Carter, Ann Marie was born 3 Jan xxxx in Wellington. 

ii    Carter, Carol Lynn was born 24 Sep 1940 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  She and William James Quednow were married 2 Sep 1961 in Topeka.  William James was born 2 Jul 1935 in Topeka. 

The two children of William James and Carol Lynn (Carter) Quednow:   Maryam Bianca and Maryetta Balinda. 

1    Quednow, Maryam Bianca was born 29 Mar xxxx in Topeka.  She and Robert Clyburn were married 17 Apr 1993.  Robert was born in Atlanta, Georgia. 

The two children of Robert and Maryam Bianca (Quednow) Clyburn:   Knox Thomas and Reid William. 

i    Clyburn, Knox Thomas was born 22 Jun xxxx in Atlanta. 

ii    Clyburn, Reid William was born 25 Jun xxxx in Atlanta. 

2    Quednow, Maryetta Balinda was born 4 Mar xxxx in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  She and Patrick Casey were married 9 Apr 1988.  Patrick was born 4 Mar xxxx in Warner Robins, Houston, Georgia. 

The eight children of Patrick and Maryetta Balinda (Quednow) Casey:   Edward Garrett, Kylie, Gunnar James, Gatlin Thomas, Karly Nicole, Killian Carter, Gannon Patrick and Kadi Rose. 

i    Casey, Edward Garrett was born 16 Feb xxxx in Germany. 

ii    Casey, Kylie was born 12 Jul xxxx in Wright Patterson, Ohio. 

iii    Casey, Gunnar James was born 2 Mar xxxx in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. 

iv    Casey, Gatlin Thomas was born 17 Jan xxxx in Ft. Walton Beach. 

v    Casey, Karly Nicole was born 18 May xxxx in Ft. Walton Beach. 

vi    Casey, Killian Carter was born 17 Jul xxxx in Ft. Walton Beach. 

vii    Casey, Gannon Patrick was born 4 Mar xxxx in Ft. Walton Beach. 

viii    Casey, Kadi Rose was born 19 Nov xxxx in Ft. Walton Beach. 

2    Hopkins, Walter Edward was born 29 Apr 1912 in Burlington, Coffey, Kansas.  He and Rose Kechter were married 22 Mar 1938 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. 

3    Hopkins, Ella Mae was born 1 Apr 1918 in Topeka.  She and Benjamin Franklin II Barrett were married 19 Mar 1938 in Topeka. 

The two children of Benjamin Franklin II and Ella Mae (Hopkins) Barrett:   Benjamin Franklin III and Thomas David. 

i    Barrett, Benjamin Franklin III was born 24 Aug 1940 in Topeka.  He and Diane Tucker were married 2 Sep 1961 in Topeka.  Diane was born 26 Feb xxxx in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri. 

The two children of Benjamin Franklin III and Diane (Tucker) Barrett:   Angelique Kathleen and Daniel Stephen. 

1    Barrett, Angelique Kathleen was born 10 Dec xxxx in Wheatridge, Colorado. 

2    Barrett, Daniel Stephen was born 10 Jul xxxx in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. 

ii    Barrett, Thomas David was born 21 Nov xxxx in Newton, Harvey, Kansas.  He and Vicki Mosler were married 21 Aug 1971 in Sherwin, Kansas. 

iv    Markley, Walter Mitchell was born 27 Sep 1896 in Allen, Lyon, Kansas.  He was married (1) to Hazel Myrtle Wait 3 Jun 1917.  Hazel Myrtle was born 1896/1897 in Kansas.  He was married (2) to Martha Viva Parker 31 Dec 1943 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri. 

Walter's birthplace has been listed as Allen, Lyon, Kansas [], and as a young child in 1900 and 1905 the family was censused in Agnes City Township, Lyon County. Allen is on the eastern border of the township, and twenty miles almost due north of Emporia [].

Walter's draft registration card of 5 Jun 1918 records that he had blue eyes, light brown hair. He was living with his father, O. G. Markley, at 350 Oakland Ave, Oakland, Kansas. That source also gives his birthplace as Allen, Kansas, and his employer as the Topeka State Journal. The card gives his father's birthplace as "Summerset", Indiana. This is probably Somerset, a town in Wabash County, Indiana, on the Mississinewa River.

In 1920 and 1930 Walter and Myrtle were censused in Oakland city (later annexed as a northeast part of Topeka, in a loop of the Kansas River) and then on Kansas Avenue in Topeka, where his occupation was listed as a newspaper reporter.

Walter became a district manager for the Union Pacific Tea Company, the company for which his father had worked. But when it sold out, he chose a career in newspaper and promotion work. From 1926 through 1928 he is listed as a reporter for the Topeka State Journal, and in 1929-30 he held the job of feature editor for that newspaper.

Walt wrote a book entitled "Builders of Topeka", published by the Capper Printing Co. in 1934, and another entitled "Builders of Topeka, 1956 : Who's Who in the Kansas Capital", also published by Capper.

Walter is the author of A Genealogical Record of the George Markley Family, 1828-1975 [Markley, 1975], the source of our original information on Aaron Markley's family in Indiana and Kansas.

Hazel's parents were both born in Illinois. As noted above, she was listed as Hazel M. in the 1920 and 1930 censuses, but Walter gives her name as Myrtle Hazel in his own Markley Famiy Genealogy, written about 1975.

Martha Viva's working years were spent in the Santa Fe offices in Topeka.

5    Markley, Emma Edna was born 3 Mar 1865 in Indiana and died 14 Mar 1913 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  She and Henry Scott were married 15 Oct 1884 in Topeka.  Henry was born 25 Sep 1857 in Staffordshire, England and died 1925 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  He was the son of Thomas and Ruth (Brownhill) Scott. 

Henry Scott worked for the Santa Fe Railway Company in its Topeka offices from the time he came to America. From "Who's Who in Topeka" by Howard D. Berrett, 1905 , we find:

"Scott, H. — Chief clerk, government accts., freight auditor's dept., A. T. & S. F. Rwy.; born, Staffordshire, England, Sept. 25, 1857; son of Thomas and Ruth (Brownhill) S. ; married Emma Markley, Topeka, Oct. 15, 1884; book- keeper, wholesale grocery house, London, 4 years; bookkeeper, wholesale harness mfg. company, 5 years; to America, 1882; to Topeka, 1882; began work with Santa Fe Rwy., as clerk, freight auditor's dept., 1882; in various capacities until made chief clerk, government accts., 1887 ; has held that office continuously since then."

The four children of Henry and Emma Edna (Markley) Scott:   Nellie B., Hazel Jeanette, Blossom and Donald. 

i    Scott, Nellie B. was born 8 Jun 1885 in Topeka and died 26 Mar 1971. 

ii    Scott, Hazel Jeanette was born 9 Dec 1887 in Topeka and died 17 May 1972 in Topeka. 

iii    Scott, Blossom was born 27 Mar 1891 in Topeka and died 27 Jul 1972 in Topeka.  She was married to Claude Dargitz. 

The four children of Claude and Blossom (Scott) Dargitz:   Helen Louise, Marjorie, Claude and Elizabeth Jeanette. 

1    Dargitz, Helen Louise. 

2    Dargitz, Marjorie She was married to William Pennington. 

The two children of William and Marjorie (Dargitz) Pennington:   Mary Diane and John William. 

i    Pennington, Mary Diane She was married to ____ O'Keefe. 

ii    Pennington, John William. 

3    Dargitz, Claude. 

4    Dargitz, Elizabeth Jeanette. 

iv    Scott, Donald was born 26 Jul 1903 in Topeka.  He was married (1) to Emily Barber 4 Dec 1927.  Emily was born 5 Dec 1898 in Nebada, Missouri.  He was married (2) to Georgia J. ____ 8 Nov 1947.  Georgia J. died 26 Dec 1987 in Monterey, Monterey, California. 

A son of Donald and Emily (Barber) Scott:   Deborah. 

1    Scott, Deborah was born 20 Oct 1929 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  She and Harold Hunt were married 20 Apr 1952.  Harold was born 2 Feb 1929 in Lebo, Coffey, Kansas. 

1901 SW Sims Ave, Topeka, 272-9591.

The three children of Harold and Deborah (Scott) Hunt:   Stephen Scott, Karen Christine and Deborah Diane. 

i    Hunt, Stephen Scott. 

ii    Hunt, Karen Christine. 

iii    Hunt, Deborah Diane. 

6    Markley, Belle Eve was born 31 Aug 1867.  She and Edward J. Cavanaugh were married 4 May 1885.  Edward J. was born 1867, died 1938 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas and was buried in Topeka, Cemetery.  He was the son of and (____) Cavanaugh. 

Ed worked as a printer, operating his own shops, and lived with his wife Belle at 2714 Adams St. Also living at this address in 1914, according to a Highland Park History, was his daughter Alice who worked as a collector at the Topeka Transportation Co. After Ed died, my sister Pat and I "helped" our father dispose of Ed's printing shop equipment.

The three children of Edward J. and Belle Eve (Markley) Cavanaugh:   Clifford, Edward Clyde and Mary Alice. 

i    Cavanaugh, Clifford was born 1886/1887. 

ii    Cavanaugh, Edward Clyde was born 15 Apr 1888 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas and died 22 Jun 1932 in Topeka.  He and Myra A. Smith were married 2 Dec 1912.  Myra A. was born 21 Oct 1890 in Topeka. 

Worked as a plumber, lived at 2600 Mass Ave [Highland Park History]. According to the Markley family history, Edward invented an "anti-cow kicker", a metal device to place on a cow's hind legs to prevent the animal from kicking while being milked. This device enjoyed world wide sales.

We have Edward's middle name from his signature on his WWI draft registration card. That record (undated) says he was working as a plumber for the Patterson Plumbing Company in Topeka.

iii    Cavanaugh, Mary Alice was born 10 Nov 1892.  She and W. C. Houghtelin were married 20 Oct 1925.  W. C. was born 3 Jul 1880 and died 24 Jan 1966 in Robinson Twp., Allegheny, Pennsylvania. 

Mary Alice engaged in a career in the office of the Surgeon General of the U. S. in Washington, D.C. There she met and married Dr. Houghtelin, a dentist who had relatives in Topeka. She was joined in the Surgeon General's office by her widowed sister–in–law Myra (Smith) Markley after the death of Edward. Upon retirement, the two women moved to Alexandria, Virginia, where they were living in 1975.

7    Markley, Ovid was born 14 Jul 1871 in Indiana and died 21 Aug 1871 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana. 

8    Markley, Marguerite "Maggie" was born 20 May 1875.    

Marguerite "Maggie" Markley  &  James Albert Swan
Sebastian 1, Johannes 2, Matthias 3, Jakob 4, Johann Jakob 5, Han§ Jacob "Joggi" 6, Han§ Gešrg 7, George 8, George M. 9, Aaron 10, Marguerite "Maggie" 11 Swan Top  

Marguerite "Maggie" Markley was born 20 May 1875 in Indiana and died 29 Dec 1949 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. 

Marguerite "Maggie" and James Albert were married 4 May 1898 in Topeka. 

James Albert Swan was born 29 Mar 1874 in Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and died 28 Jan 1937 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  He was the son of James W. and Jane (Brown) Swan. 

IMAGE: James_and_Maggie.jpg
James Albert Swan and Margaret (Maggie) Markley

James Albert, called "Burt" within the family, was much the youngest child, being born ten years after his brother Will. He was a small child when the family moved to Kansas. His name first appears in the Topeka directory of 1893-94 when he is listed as a brass molder, living with his parents.

According to The History of Highland Park [Anon., 1956], page 72, James Albert worked for the Hewitt Company, "a brass factory, located in the Santa Fe yards". An advertisement in The Santa Fe Magazine in 1918 described "The Hewitt Company" of Chicago as providing Babbitt Metals, "Machine Finished Standard Metallic Packing Rings". This is the kind of material used in the journal bearings for which his father had received patents in 1898 and 1903 . It seems quite likely that this is the company that maintained a branch in the Santa Fe yards in Topeka.

The The History of Highland Park goes on to say "Later he started a business of his own in a steel corregated building at his home. Because of transportation difficulties this business did not prosper and he went into the store department of the Santa Fe where he worked until his death". (These events must have been before 1907, when we know that Burt went to work as a clerk for the Santa Fe, and the home and business may have been on the Lane Street property, but of that we're not sure.) By 1909 he was a clerk auditor of disbursements, an assistant clerk and general storekeeper or clerk in the R. R. Store House [census] in 1910, and was listed as a clerk in the shops from 1916 until at least 1935.

On 25 Jul 1895, James bought twelve lots on Indiana Street next to the new Highland Park Addition. (Described as Lots 2, 4, and 16 [sic?] on Indiana and lots 6-8-10-12-14-16-17-18-19 on Indiana in Hughes Park Addition and Lot 20 on Indiana [223:265]. Lots on the west side of Indiana, within the Highland Park addition, carried odd numbers. Highland Park lots to the south, on both sides of the street were above 100, and Indiana was not platted north of 23rd.) I failed to examine the relevant plot maps, but it is likely that this purchase was on the east side of Indiana between Oriole (23rd) and Falcon (24th). The land was bought just five days after his father bought lots on Grand in downtown Topeka, and both were apparently buying investment property. The disposition of this Indiana Street property was not found in the Shawnee County deed index, but may simply have been overlooked in our search. Alternatively, this purchase might have been made by the James Swan, unrelated, who lived south of Topeka. The record of the sale (with the wife's name) would have to be found to determine this.

James Albert and Margaret were married, Wednesday, 4 May 1898, by George S. Dearborn, Minister of the Gospel at the Methodist Episcopal Church in Highland Park. Their son Albert in his genealogical notes says that they were married in the Markley home on the southeast corner of 29th (then Jay) and Minnesota Streets.

Burt and Maggie first made their home at 1194 Clay, across the street from his brother Hamilton and a block south of the dress making establishment of her parents. This is probably the lot 440 which Margaret's mother Mary Alice bought 13 Oct 1892, but I failed to examine the plat map carefully enough to determine this. This is probably the address given as 1161 Clay by their son Albert in his notes, and corrected by someone else to 1261, but those numbers would have been on the other side of the street. Here a least four of their boys were born. Burt bought lots 496 and 498 on Buchanan 28 Mar 1901 for $700, across the street from Mary Alice's dress making establishment. There they lived until 1905, according to Albert, when they moved to Highland Park.

On 15 Sep 1906 Burt bought for $35 land on the west side of Lane between 5th and Willow (fractional lots 127-29-31 and the N 1/2 of 133 [319:278], the block being quite small and trapezoidal in shape), and apparently mortgaged the lots to the Cheshire Provident Institution. However, our copy of that transaction [326:294 and 324:15] is incomplete and may be misinterpreted, as the day we wrote was 1 Sep, before the purchase. On 4 Nov 1910 they sold this property for $1200 [368:399], and so must have had a home or business built on it during that period. Whether they lived there for a time and did not in fact move to Highland Park until 1910, is unknown (but see below).

About the same time as the Lane Street purchase, James bought the six lots on the west side of Ohio Steet in Highland Park, 1 Sep 1906, from Cornelia Curry [326:299]. These were directly across the street from the six lots that Mary Alice Markley bought the next month. Then, in December, Aaron Markley bought the next two lots and house on the east side of the street. Surely the two families planned these purchases together.

The location was a choice one in the Park, as the electric train line to Topeka ran along 28th Street right by these properties. Converted from the old steam line in 1903, the route started in a loop in downtown Topeka, ran across the Shunganunga Creek and through a pasture to 21st and Maryland. There it ran south to 28th where it turned and ran several miles east to Vinewood Park. This was a wooded area developed by the Edison Electric Company with lagoons, band shell, skating rink, dancing pavilion, and other fairground type of amusements. The electric line from there continued east as a freight line to the stone quarry about where Lake Shawnee is now located. Regular freight runs were made carrying supplies for Vinewood and feed and machinery to the farmers, and returning with grain, crushed rock, and often cattle and sheep destined for Topeka. While the freight movements might have seemed a nuisance, that was surely more than offset by the ready passenger access both to Vinewood, and every forty five minues to downtown Topeka. This service continued until 1926 when the trains were replaced by bus service ['The History of Highland Park'].

IMAGE: James_Hamilton_Aaron_1910.jpg
James A. Swan, his uncle Hamilton Swan,
and father-in-law Aaron Markley, 1910 census

Margaret's parents Aaron and Mary Alice Markley had purchased the eight lots in Highland Park on the east side of Ohio at 28th Street in 1906. These had been passed on to their children (the details are not known), and on 19 Aug 1919 Margaret and James Albert sold them to his brother Hamilton [452:288]. By this time they had been living for some fourteen years in the house across the street at 2809 which they made their home for the rest of their lives. That was the first house built by Ham on Ohio. (Burt much later also bought lot 253, either the house south of 2809, or an empty lot, on 18 Oct 1923 [502:488].)

Burt bought the corner lots (241-43-45) between his land and 28th from Cornelius Curry 1 Sep 1906 [326:299], and sold them to his brother Ham 7 May 1909. That was the same time he bought the Lane Street property described above. Then, on 9 Jul 1926 Burt repurchased those corner lots and house from W. C. Lamb for $1 and other considerations, probably an exchange of property. Apparently Ham had sold the house he built there (where he lived in 1914) probably around the time he purchased the Markley property across the street in 1919.

A few months after selling the corner lots on Ohio to Ham, and while owning the Lane Street property, Burt on 19 Oct 1909 purchased, for $200, three quarters of a square mile (SW 1/4 and the W 1/2 of the SE 1/4 of Section 27.T11.R15, from the Coromedo Development Company [324:237]) on the Kaw (Kansas) River in west Topeka. This land is now bisected by Interstate 70, but includes the present location of the Governor's Mansion. We missed finding the sale of this property, which is unfortunate, as the record of the sale would confirm, by his wife's name, that this buyer was indeed our James Albert Swan.

On 8 Jul 1926 Burt and Maggie mortgaged the three corner lots for $2000, to be repaid to the Capitol Building and Loan Association of $22.20 monthly until July of 1938. Two months later, on 23 Sep 1926, they took out an additional mortgage on the property of $200, to be repaid at the rate of $2.22 monthly. The larger loan was repaid in full by 1935, but the small loan continued until its original maturity date. This is the home, then numbered 2801, that our parents moved into before 1931, and purchased from James Albert and Margaret in 1937.

"The Topeka Daily Capitol"

"The graduation exercises of the eighth grade of the Highland Park school were held Wednesday evening at the schoolhouse. The following was the program: Processional. Miss Roberta McKirahan; invocation. Rev. C. W. Marlin; song, class; address. Rev. Harry Wise; piano solo, Retta Main. Mr. J. A. Swan presented the diplomas to Marius Ahlstrom, Margaret Anderson, Roberta Cromwell, Carol Dean, Paul Hill, Edwin Leuenberger, Nettie Leuenberger, Lillle Sayler, Donald Swan, Paul Swan, Clyde Davidson, Retta Main and Harriet McCarter."

The six children of James Albert and Marguerite "Maggie" (Markley) Swan:   Albert Markley, Donald Eugene, Paul Reese, James Aaron, Francis Hamilton and Margaret Louise. 

1    Swan, Albert Markley was born 9 Dec 1899 in Topeka and died 25 Dec 1968 in Topeka.  He and Lillian Evangeline Jeanette Harrison were married 16 Mar 1940 in White City, Kansas.  Lillian Evangeline Jeanette was born 30 Sep 1908 in Dwight, Morris, Kansas and died 21 May 1993 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  She was the daughter of Charles Henry and Hilda Elizabeth (Tysell) Harrison. 

Albert and Lillian were married in the home of J. J. Richards, the pastor who performed the wedding ceremony. The license had been obtained at Alma, Kansas. They lived with his parents for some years at 2809 Ohio, then moved to 1434 Washburn in 1946. Albert for most of his life was an electrician, and owned the Swan Electric Company at 1414 West 15th Street in Topeka. His brother Fritz in 1937 worked for him and received mail at that location, and may have lived in the building at that time.

On 2 Mar 1918 Albert enlisted in Company A, Ninth Battalion, of the Kansas State Guard, and was promoted to Corporal 29 July of that year. He was discharged 16 Aug 1918 from the Kansas State Guard because he had enlisted in the Kansas National Guard, although his State Guard enlistment had been "for the peroid [sic] of the war and one year thereafter", according to the printed discharge document.

Albert then registered for the draft on 12 Sep 1918, at which time he was working as an electrician for the Santa Fe. According to a source I've since lost, he entered the Army 1 Oct of that year. Then, on 9 Dec 1918 Albert received his honorable discharge from the Army of the United States by reason of the expiration of his term of service at Washburn College in Topeka.

Al and at least two of his brothers, Dad and Fritz, were amateur radio enthusiasts. Al gave his return address on a 1962 letter to Fritz in New Mexico as "W0JCZ, 1414 W. 15th St., Topeka, Kansas", thus identifying himself by his ham call letters.

Albert wrote several pages of undated notes on our family history which contain considerable detailed information on our line which is otherwise unrecorded [Swan, Undated]. These notes were found in Lillian's home after her death in 1993 by their niece, Vickie (Dial) Smith, who had looked after Lillian in the later years of her life. They have been cited above, primarily in regard to the life of his grandfather James W. Swan.

Albert's Social Security number was #511-32-4471, issued in 1951, and the SS Death Index indicates that he was born 9 Dec 1899 (which is correct) and that his last benefit payment was Dec 1968 at Zip Code 66604, in the south part of Topeka.

According to the Social Security records, another Albert Swan, #511-36-8785, was born 10 Nov 1899, about a month before Al, and died Jul 1985 in Topeka at Zip Code 66605.

Lillian's Social Security number was 512-50-0459, issued in Kansas 1963 or 1964, and the Death Index gives her birth and death dates.

2    Swan, Donald Eugene was born 28 Dec 1900 in Topeka, died 10 Oct 1991 in Bedford, Tarrant, Texas and was buried in Topeka Cemetery, Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  He and Percita Robbins Waggoner were married 4 May 1935 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  Percita Robbins was born 28 Sep 1906 in Topeka, died 1 May 1994 in Keller, Tarrant, Texas and was buried in Topeka Cemetery, Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  She was the daughter of Albert Tenney and Margaret Grace (Jones) Waggoner. 

IMAGE: Don_and_Percita.jpg
Don and Percita (Waggoner) Swan

Don worked for 20 years at the Topeka Supply Depot. Late in life, he and Percita moved in Aug 1990 to Bedford, Texas, in order to be closer to their daughter, Mary Alice. However, he and Percita are buried in the Topeka Cemetery.

Don's Social Security number was 709-16-1304, which is interesting because that number was assigned to railroad workers through 1963, so he must have been employed with the Santa Fe when his card was issued. For some reason, no Zip Code was recorded for his last Social Security payment, but his birth date and death year were correctly recorded.

The two children of Donald Eugene and Percita Robbins (Waggoner) Swan:   Mary Alice and Jean Rosanne "Annie". 

i    Swan, Mary Alice was born 6 Mar 1939 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  She and Charles "Chuck" W. Black were married 16 Nov 1957.  Charles "Chuck" W. was born 30 Aug 1936 in Henryetta, Okmulgee, Oklahoma.  He was the son of Charles Frank and Lois Velma (Hawkins) Black. 

The three children of Charles "Chuck" W. and Mary Alice (Swan) Black:   Teri Dawn, Timothy David and Thomas Daniel. 

1    Black, Teri Dawn was born 24 Apr xxxx in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  She and Mark Johnson were married 24 Apr 1982.  Mark was born 24 Apr xxxx. 

The three children of Mark and Teri Dawn (Black) Johnson:   Adam Robert, Katrina Marie and Alex Charles. 

i    Johnson, Adam Robert was born 16 Jul xxxx in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

ii    Johnson, Katrina Marie was born 30 May xxxx in Germantown, Maryland. 

iii    Black, Alex Charles was born 3 May xxxx in Shawnee, Kansas. 

2    Black, Timothy David was born 6 Jul xxxx in Aurora, Kane, Illinois.  He and Jennifer Margaret Harris were married 12 Nov 1994. 

The two children of Timothy David and Jennifer Margaret (Harris) Black:   Addison Rebeka and Megan Elizabeth. 

i    Black, Addison Rebeka was born 25 Nov xxxx in Dublin, Ohio. 

ii    Black, Megan Elizabeth was born 19 Sep xxxx in Southwick, Massachusetts. 

3    Black, Thomas Daniel was born 30 Sep xxxx.  He and Micaela Marie Bergstrom were married 24 Jul 2002 in Clark, Nevada. 

Tom, Micaela and their son Evan reside in Indianapolis where Tom is doing his residency in emergency medicine and critical care [Personal Communication, 2006, Mary Black].

A son of Thomas Daniel and Micaela Marie (Bergstrom) Black:   Evan Thomas. 

i    Black, Evan Thomas was born 1 Sep xxxx in Galveston, Texas. 

ii    Swan, Jean Rosanne "Annie" was born 6 Jun xxxx.  She was married (1) to John Albert Corn 28 Nov 1968.  John Albert was born 12 Jul xxxx in Saint Joseph, Buchanan, Missouri.  He was the son of John Henry and Anna Lee (Hill) Corn.  She was married (2) to Gary Armstrong 5 May 1990 in Saginaw, Michigan. 

According to her sister [Personal Communication, April 2004], Rosanne had her name legally changed to Annie Swan Armstrong. Annie herself got in touch with me in Nov 2009, and her name is now Annie Robbins Swan.

3    Swan, Paul Reese was born 15 Oct 1903.    

4    Swan, James Aaron was born 13 Sep 1904 in Topeka and died 9 Jun 1964 in California.  He and Inez LeClerc were married 16 Oct 1939 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  Inez was born 1 Feb 1903 in Hutchinson, Kansas and died 15 Dec 1992 in Grants Pass, Josephine, Oregon.  She was the daughter of Harry and May (Sample) LeClerc. 

A letter from his brother Fritz in Mexico City was sent to Jim at 11057 South Atlantic Ave., Lynwood, California, and the envelope later returned to Fritz for the Mexican stamp. Unfortunately the cancellation is faint and the date unreadable, but there is another registered envelope to Fritz from Jim at that same address on 20 Jul 1957. Lynwood is in greater Los Angeles, some twelve miles east of the L. A. airport, and a few miles south and east of Watts.

I did have an address for Jim and Inez in May 1957 at 8530 Lemoran Avenue, Riveria, a town just north of Santa Monica, and four miles west of Beverly Hills, California.

Apparently Jim did not receive Social Security payments, probably because he worked for the Santa Fe all of his life. However, there was a James Swan recorded, #150-09-5491, who was born less than six months before Jim in 1904, and who died one month before he did in 1964.

5    Swan, Francis Hamilton was born 26 Oct 1908 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas and died 22 Jan 1984 in Alamogordo, Otero, New Mexico. 

The two main activities of interest to Fritz were radio electronics and stamp collecting. He apparently at one time had a ham radio license, but his main interest was in building electronic gadgets and listening, as did our father, to short wave transmissions from around the globe.

At his death Fritz left behind with his friends of many years, Susan and Michael Shyne, all of his personal possessions. Included in these effects was a collection of envelopes he had received (or, in a few cases, mailed), some still with the letters, some empty. From these, we have been able to reconstruct a list of the places Fritz lived over the years.

The earliest envelope in this set was obviously saved for its philatelic value, as it bore a "first day" cachet and was cancelled in Atlanta, Georgia, 2 May 1928. Apparently the envelope had travelled on a New Orleans to New York airmail flight before continuing to Fritz's address at 2809 Ohio. The next envelope was from his mother, sent to him 21 Jul 1928 at Walden, Colorado, where he was presumably vacationing.

There follows a gap of over nine years in Fritz's collection of old envelopes. We then find him receiving mail in January 1937 at 1414 West 15th Street in Topeka, his brother Al's Swan Electric Company business address. He probably worked there for Al, and may have lived at the shop as well. However, by the time of his notice to appear for his Selective Service examination 17 Jul 1942, he was back living with his mother at 2809 Ohio. In October 1942 and February, 1943, Fritz received mail at 721 Washington Blvd., Kansas City, Kansas. The first letter was from a friend Cleora discussing army matters, and enclosing a newspaper clipping reporting his sister Louise's marriage to Martin Tritt. The other envelope had as a return address the Officers Mess at Topeka Army Air Field. On 17 May 1943 Fritz received a draft notice, classifying him as "1C", but he had already mailed a letter to Cleora Campbell on 22 Mar 1943 and given his return address as "Pvt. F. H. Swan 17058639, R. C. 1773, Fort Levenworth Kans." The reason for this sequence of events is somewhat obscure.

Twelve days after his draft classification notice was mailed, he was back in Topeka at the Army Air Base where Lieut. J. T. Pierce signed a pass (typed on a three by five inch file card) entitling Fritz "to be admitted at any time" to the Office of the Officer-in-Charge, Signal Section, 307th Depot. On the reverse was another typed note good for admittance to the "confidential radio room", also signed by J. T. Pierce. Jack Pierce became a long time friend of Fritz, as we have a letter he mailed 15 Oct 1945 from Irumagawa, Japan, discussing a Japanese radio receiver he had "liberated" and sent to Fritz at 2809 Ohio. Incidently, John was incensed at that time about being marooned in Japan because the longshoremen were on strike, and there was no transport available back to the U. S.

After Pierce did return to this country, on 3 Dec 1945 he sent to Fritz in Topeka a series of six small photographs taken at various locations in Japan. His letter, with the photographs taped on, was written from the Madigan General Hospital in Tacoma, Washington, where he was recuperating from some illness. The letter mentions that he had been corresponding with various photographic and cartoonist schools, and was anxious to get back to an artistic profession. He also hoped that Fritz might "drop in with Henrietta" to visit, indicating that she had been on his staff along with Fritz. By 19 Dec Fritz received a letter from his mother addressed to him at 4125 Brooklyn, Seattle, Washington, so presumably did in fact journey there to see his friend.

In May of 1947 Fritz sent a letter to his mother postmarked Camp Verde, Arizona, and the next month our Dad sent him a letter at 4628 Date Street, La Mesa, California. This was evidently a vacation to the southwestern part of the country, and possibly the time in which he first became aquainted with the areas to which he would later return to live the rest of his life. On 9 Jun 1948 he received a registered letter from Jack Pierce (at 2613 12th Ave. No., Seattle) addressed to him at 2615 Virginia Street, Topeka. This was the address of his brother Don, and confirms my vague recollection that he lived for a time with Don and Percita before building his own house at 2807 Ohio. Exactly when over the next years he built this small home next to ours, with Dad's help, is not known. There he received in April, 1953, a postcard titled "Official Bulletin Nr. Umpteen From KVRC Hdqrs., Police Department, 5th & Jackson, Topeka" requesting his presence at the next meeting of the Kaw Valley Radio Club.

Soon after our father died, Fritz sold his house to mother and moved to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Although he continued to correspond with his brothers for several years, as far as we know Fritz never returned to Kansas. While in New Mexico he lived first at several addresses in "T or C" from August 1954 through July 1956. He then moved to La Luz, New Mexico, just outside of Alamogordo, where he lived from August, 1956 through January 1957.

Fritz gave to his brother Jim a power of attorney dated 16 May 1957 to sell for him approximately 200 acres of subdivided land in Los Angeles County. By 20 July 1957 Fritz had moved back to Truth or Consequences, where he received a registered letter from Jim (at 11057 Atlantic, Lynwood, CA) on that date. Fritz's address there was 618 Silver Street until he left for California. However, the date of his move from New Mexico is somewhat unclear. A return notice from the Society of Philatelic Americans was sent 20 Dec 1957 to him at 8530 Lemoran Avenue, Rivera, California, acknowledging his change of address. But he continued to receive mail at 618 Silver Street through May of 1958. Then, by September of that year, mail was being forwarded to him at the Lemoran Avenue address, but by May or June of 1959 he was back in New Mexico where he stayed for the rest of his life. What the connection was between the California land he asked Jim to sell in 1957, and the Rivera address he lived at late that year and early 1958, is presently unknown.

6    Swan, Margaret Louise was born 9 Feb 1924 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri and died 21 Oct 1991 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  She was married (1) to Martin Tritt.  Martin was born 22 Oct 1922 in Jennings, Decatur, Kansas.  He was the son of Oscar and Jennie (____) Tritt.  She was married (2) to Royce Dial 8 Nov 1965 in Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia.  Royce was born 26 Dec xxxx in Huntington, Cabell, West Virginia.  He was the son of Elijah Allen and Thena Mae (Williamson) Dial. 

Margaret Louise, whose natal name was Helen Lucille Ebner, was adopted as a five months old baby by James and Margaret. She was born in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, at 12:45 pm, 9 Feb 1924. Louise's original birth certificate states that her mother, Mildred Ebner, was 17 years old and was born in Haskins, Iowa. Mildred lived at 2905 Campbell Avenue in Kansas City, and worked as a Telephone Operator. The place of birth was given as Kansas City General Hospital, the attending physician was Joseph G. Webster. The father's name was blanked out on the certified copy of the birth certificate released 29 Nov 1991 to Louise's daughter Vickie by the Local Registrar of the State of Missouri. (Vickie tells me (July, 1994) that she has found records of Mildred Ebner in Haskins, Iowa, and will send me the details of her parents and siblings.)

Louise's adoption was approved 5 Jul 1924 in the Juvenile and Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri, at Kansas City. The original order appears as No. A 3468 in book 12, page 413, and was witnessed 12 Jul 1924 by the Clerk of the Court. It is interesting that James and Margaret on 1 Mar 1944 obtained from the state of Missouri a certificate of birth for Louise. In that document Margaret certifies that she "attended" the birth, but it in no way indicates that she and James were not Louise's natural parents.

Louise graduated from Highland Park High School in 1942, and was a member of the Highland Park United Methodist Church. She died 21 Oct 1991 in a Topeka hospital, and was buried 24 Oct in Topeka Cemetery.

Royce was stationed at Forbes Air Base, near Topeka, until 1967.

A daughter of Martin and Margaret Louise (Swan) Tritt:   Virgie Louise. 

i    Ratliff-Tritt, Virgie Louise was born 23 Nov xxxx in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri.  She was married (1) to Ernie Bouten.  She was married (2) to Leroy Dengault. 

Virgie Louise was adopted by Louise and Martin after several years of being a foster child in their care.

A daughter of Ernie and Virgie Louise (Ratliff-Tritt) Bouten:   Danny. 

1    Bouten, Danny was born 28 Mar xxxx in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. 

A daughter of Leroy and Virgie Louise (Ratliff-Tritt) Dengault:   ____. 

1    Denault, ____. 

A daughter of Royce and Margaret Louise (Swan) Dial:   Vickie Lou. 

i    Dial, Vickie Lou was born 19 May xxxx in Topeka.  She and Brian Lynn Smith were married 28 Jul 1990.  Brian Lynn was born 29 Jul xxxx.  He was the son of Jessie Dale and Joyce (Rinehart) Smith. 

Vickie found the genealogical notes of her uncle Albert, and pictures of Jane and James Swan in the effects of Al's widow Lillian after her death. We are grateful to her for making copies of these very valuable family documents available to us. Vickie and Brian live on SE California Avenue, Topeka, KS 66605.

A daughter of Brian Lynn and Vickie Lou (Dial) Smith:   Brianne Louise. 

1    Smith, Brianne Louise was born 10 Feb xxxx in Topeka. 

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