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b 1750      d 1791
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There are 95 records of a William King born between 1710 and 1730 in Ayrshire, Scotland. Any of these (and more outside the shire) could be the father of our Margaret King, born 1750, who married James McNaught. The two closest, geographically, are from West Kilbride and Kilwinning, Ayrshire.
A William King was baptised 29 Jan 1726 in West Kilbride, about six miles north-west along the coast from Stevenston. That William's parents were William King and Janet Jonstone.
Another candidate is William King baptised 21 Mar 1724 in Kilwinning, where our Gulliland and Whitefoord lineages resided less than three miles from Stevenston. This William's parents were William King and Anne Ross, married 7 Jun 1723 (exactly 228 years before my own marriage) in Kilwinning.
A third possibility is William, son of William King (no mother recorded) born 2 Dec, baptised 4 Dec 1715 in Beith, which is about twelve miles inland from Stevenston.
Whether or not any of these three William, Jr.s is the father of our Margaret King is not established at the present time. All of their birth dates and locations are about right for someone having a daughter born in Stevenston in 1750.

William King  &  Elizabeth ____
William 1 , Margaret 2 Top  

William King was born about 1725 in Ayrshire?, Scotland. 
William was married to Elizabeth 3 Jun 1748 in Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland. 
Elizabeth ____ . 

Margaret King's 1770 marriage record specifies that she lived in Stevenston Parish, and so the baptism of Margaret, daughter to William and Elizabeth King in Stevenston 23 Dec 1750, is most likely hers. There were other Margarets born in the previous decade elsewhere in Northern Ayrshire, but I feel fairly confident that William and Elizabeth must be the parents of our Margaret.
Unfortunately, in the middle of the eighteenth century the minister of the church in Stevenston did not record the mothers' name in the baptismal registers. So we don't have her name to confirm Margaret and her siblings, and must rely only the the identification of William four times as a cooper, and lastly as a wright in 1757, to identify Margaret's siblings. (Cooper and wright are both names for a woodworker.) There were other children born to a William King from 1758 on, but that man was identified as a mason, and so it's unlikely that he was Margaret's father.
James McNaught, who married William's daughter Margaret, was also described as a wright at the births of their children. It's not inconceivable that James apprenticed to William, as it appears likely he was a newcomer to Stevenston, and that he then married his mentor's eldest daughter.
Elizabeth's given name was provided to me [2011] by Stephen Reid of Giffnock, Glasgow. I don't know the source of this bit of information.
There is a record on of the marriage of William King and Elizabeth Wilson in Stevenston 3 Jun 1748. Since our William and Elizabeth's first son was born 18 Nov 1749, this could well be their marriage, and I am accepting that identification for now.
I had previously listed William's wife as Elizabeth Wilson, but on reading these notes again, I don't know where I found that. Chris Levy, a descendant of William's son Alexander, wrote to me in December, 2011, which prompted this review of my own work. He mentions that William's daughter Ann is described on as possibly the daughter of Elizabeth Wilson, but neither he nor I have seen any primary sources to confirm this. Given the defective Parish Register, some other kind of source, such as a monumental inscription, would have to be found to confirm the maiden name of William's wife Elizabeth.
The five children of William and Elizabeth (____) King: William†, Margaret, Ann, William and Alexander. 
1    King, William† was born 18 Nov 1749 in Stevenston and baptized 19 Nov 1749 in Stevenston. 
From the Stevenston Parochial Registers for 1749:
William son to Will King Cooper in Stev. bor. Novr 18th Bap. 19th
This William's death as an infant (and so marked with †) is inferred from the naming of their next son as William in 1755.
2    King, Margaret was born 23 Dec 1750.    
3    King, Ann was born 28 Feb 1753 in Stevenston and baptized 3 Mar 1753 in Stevenston.  She was married to Charles Frazer 13 Aug 1775 in Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland. 
From the Stevenston Parochial Registers for 1753:
Ann dautt to William King Cooper in Stev. bor. 28th Febr Bap 3th March
A web page of reports the marriage 13 Aug 1775 of Charles Frazer and Ann King. It goes on to say that her possible parents are William King and Elizabeth Wilson who married 3 Jun 1748. However, the record places the marriage in Largs, Ayrshire, some 14 miles up the coast from Stevenston. This would be very unusual for a woman to marry outside of her home parish.
However, on 15 Dec 2011 Chris Levy sent me an image of the marriage record. It described Charles Frazer as a Servant at [can't read blurred image], and Ann King as a servant. This would explain the marriage location, as she was living away from home, most likely in the home of her employer. This suffices in my view to accept the marriage record for this sister of Margaret.
4    King, William was born 12 Apr 1755 in Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland and baptized 13 Apr 1755 in Stevenston. 
From the Stevenston Parochial Registers for 1755:
William son to Will King Cooper in Stev. bor. Apr 12th Bap 13 Day
5    King, Alexander was born 14 Sep 1757 in Stevenston and baptized 17 Sep 1757 in Stevenston. 
From the Stevenston Parochial Registers for 1757:
Alexr son to Will King wright in Stev. bor. 14th Bap 17 Septr
There is a record on the site of the marriage of an Alexander King on 21 Aug 1783 in Stevenston to a Marion McBride. Alexander the son of William and Elizabet would have been three weeks short of his 26th birthday at that time, a not unreasonable age for marriage. The original parish record when examined should identify the groom's parents one way or the other.

Margaret King  &  James McNaught
William 1 , Margaret 2 McNaught Top  

Margaret King was born 23 Dec 1750 in Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland and died 9 Mar 1791 in Stevenston. 
Margaret was married to James 6 Jul 1770 in Stevenston. 
James McNaught was born 4 Aug 1745 in Greenhill, Ochiltree Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland and died 12 Dec 1816 in Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland. 

From the transcriptions of the Stevenston monumental inscriptions, we find
High Kirk JAMES McNAUGHT died 12-12-1816 aged 71

and thus born 1745. Margaret Scott writes that the monument is "on the left hand side as you enter the churchyard facing the main door" of High Kirk.
Their marriage record in the 1770 Stevenston Parochial Registers reads:
IMAGE: McNight_King_marriage.gif
James McNight and Margt King both in this par give in their Names June 16th mar July 6th

The phrase "give in their names …" is an indication of the posting of banns, which in later years evolved to "gave in their names for proclamation of banns in order to marriage …".
All of the ten children of James and Margaret, born every two years (precisely), were recorded in the Stevenston Parochial Registers as children of James McNaught wright in Stevenston and Margt King. Only for Mary, the first, was the surname spelled McNight.
From these birth records of his children, we know that James worked as a wright. Iain Brown calls him a "wright (joiner)", and defines a Wright as a Joiner or Carpenter. His son William was also a wright in Stevenston.
James and Margaret lost four of their children while they were still infants. Children in a family who died young, as evidenced from their given name being reused as well as from explicit records, are herein marked with the symbol †. Between May 10th to Sep 16th, 1778, sixteen deaths due to the pox were recorded in Stevenston, about one per week, and their daughter Janet died of the pox during that time. The parish experienced about the same rate between October 1781 and July 1782, when son James died, and again between July and December 1797, just after Robert's death. That, however, was the beginning of the end of the scourge of small-pox, as the English physician Edward Jenner developed his cow-pox vaccine and made it available to the world.
As pointed out by Margaret Scott, James' parents should be James and Elizabeth, according to Scottish naming conventions, and Margaret's parents possibly William and Mary. I haven't identified James mother, and Margaret's was, instead, Elizabeth, but Margaret Scott points out that many factors enter into choosing baptismal names, so the conventions can be only a guide.
Also, James doesn't fit into the various McNaught families otherwise recorded in Stevenston. He must have been born 1775 or before, but no births are recorded in Stevenston or Ardrossan that could have been his. The closest in time in Ayrshire is the son born 18 Sep 1764 in Old Cumnock to James McKnight and Janet Creighton/Crichton. This submitted record claims that this James was one of triplet sons, but two of the three records do not give any source information at all.
Birth records for Elizabeth and Margaret are also not obvious. There was a baptism recorded 23 Sep 1759 in both Stevenston and Ardrossan parish records for an Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Walker and Agnes Kerr who also had a daughter Margaret baptised 12 Mar 1761 in Stevenston, but these daughters would have been in their thirties to fifties when the McNaught children were born.
Finally, James and Elizabeth's granddaughter Elizabeth Conn, daughter of Janet, is reported to have married an Alexander Brown in Kilwinning.
Margaret's birth appears in the Stevenston Parochial Registers for 1750:
IMAGE: Margaret_King_birth.gif
Margt Dawt to Will. King Cooper in Steven born Decr 22th Bap 23th

The ten children of James and Margaret (King) McNaught: Mary, Elizabeth, Margaret, Janet†, James†, William, James†, John, James and Thomas. 

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