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Paul R. Swan     September, 2011

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Swan ~ Hartzell Family History


This genealogy was collected from online sources and personal correspondence with other researchers to identify the ancestry of my father's first cousins, Earl, Frank, Ben and Bert Huey of Topeka, Kansas.  These four men were good friends of mother and father. 


That original objective was broadened to include all of the descendants I could identify of James and Elizabeth (Everhart) Huey, great-grandparents of those four brothers.  I would very much appreciate receiving corrections and additions to this work, as it does not represent any original research on my part, and so is incomplete and undoubtedly in part erroneous.


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Paul R. Swan

Vail, AZ



Lineal Ancestry of James Huey


[The first three generations and James' siblings solely from Ancestral File of Barbara Lou Jayne, Roseville, CA, 1983]


Huey, William, b abt 1724, Northern Ireland


Huey, John, b 1750 No. Ireland, d bef 23 Feb 1803, Allegany Co., Pa

m Nancy Culbertson, dtr of James, b bef 1755 No. Ireland, d 1801/1803


Huey, William, b abt 1766 No. Ireland, d bef 19 May 1808 Fergson Twp., Center Co., PA

m abt 1794 in Ireland to Nancy Newell, b 1768 Ireland, d Apr 1859 Toby Twp., Clarion, PA


Huey, James, b 1795 Centre Co., PA, will signed Aug 1873, probated 3 Jul 1874, Piney Twp., Clarion, PA [DM].


m 18 Apr 1820, Harris Twp., Centre Co., PA to Elizabeth Everhart, b 17 Oct 1799 Centre Co., PA, dtr of Samuel and Martha (Thomas) Everhart, d 20 Dec 1875 Louisville, Pottawatomie, KS. Samuel of Holland/Bavarian descent; Martha of Wales descent [Curtis Kellogg, WorldConnect].  After James' death, Elizabeth moved to Kansas and died the next year.


(For children and descendants of James and Elizabeth (Everhart) Huey, see below.)


Huey, Jane, b 1797 Centre, PA, d >1870

Huey, Margaret, b 1799 PA

Huey, John, b 1801 PA

Huey, William, b 1802 PA

Huey, Nancy, b 1803 PA

Huey, Robert N., b 1804 PA

Huey, Isabella, b 1800/1810 PA

[these last four birth years are more likely 1803/05/07/09]





Children and Descendants of James Huey & Elizabeth Everhart


(Census records are cited here as [1880], e.g. Some are appended in full at end of file.)



James Huey censused 1830 & 1840, Toby Township, Armstrong (later Clarion)
County, Pennsylvania, matched with children identified from later records:

    1830        1840   Name            Birth Date   Birth Locale
f '20-25               Martha          9 Jan 1821   Boalsburg, Centre
m '20-25    m '20-25   Samuel                1823   Centre   
m '25-30    m '25-30   William C.      7 Aug 1824   Centre
m '25-30    m '25-30   Robert J.             1827   Centre
f '25-30    f '30-35  (Susanna Huey     1829/1830 censused with Wm 1850)
            f '30-35        
            m '30-35   James          10 Apr 1831   Centre
            m '30-35   Thomas                1834   Clarion
            f '35-40   Eliza/Elizabeth       1836   Clarion
            m '35-40   Benjamin          Oct 1838   Clarion                           
                       Nancy                 1840   Clarion
                       Sarah Jane     14 Mar 1841   Curllsville, Clarion


I was unable to locate James and Elizabeth in the 1850 census.


James and Elizabeth were censused as Hughey 1860 in Piney Twp., Clarion Co., PA, ages 65 and 60, with daughter Sarah J., 18, grandson Robert J., 5, and son Benjamin and wife Christina, both 21.


In 1870 James, 75 and Elizabeth, 70, were censused in Toby Twp., Clarion, adjacent to their son William C. and Jane Huey.  In their home was grandson Robert, 14, and an Ellen Bole, 13.






Huey, Martha, b 9 Jan 1821 Boalsburg, Centre, PA, d 20 Sep 1912. Martha was married 26 Jan 1841 in Curllsville, Clarion Co., PA, to John Mails. She was buried in Sunset Cemetery, Manhattan, KS. [AF]. John was born 1812/13 in Pennsylvania, and he and Martha were censused 1870 and 1880 in Blue, Pottawatomie, KS, where Jeffrey was a farmer.


Mails, Jeffrey J., b 1849/50 PA [1870]  

Mails, Enia E., b 1851/52 PA [1870]  

Mails, Elizabeth, b 1854/55 PA [1870]  

Mails, Charles E., b 1859/60 KS [1870]  

Mails, Martha E., b 1863/64 KS [1870]  


Huey, Samuel, b 1823 Centre, PA, d at age 10


Huey, William C., b 7 Aug 1824 Centre, d 7 May 1907.  William Huey, age 25, was censused 1850 in Monroe Twp., Clarion Co., PA, with Susanna Huey, 20, and James Huey, 23, but without a wife and children.  William C.'s brother James would have been 18 at that time.  Time, age and place are correct for William C., Susanna could have been a sister (see table above), but this census is a mystery.  William C. censused in Toby Twp., Clarion, PA, 1870 and 1880; in Blue Twp., Pottawatomie, KS 1880 and 1900.

m 1846 PA to Jane H. Fulton, b 23 Feb 1822 Clarion Co., PA, d 11 Oct 1903, dtr of James Jackson and Jane Templeton (Reid) Fulton [IGI; AF]


Huey, James Gilmore, b 23 Feb 1849, Clarion, PA, d 7 May 1931.   In Wm's home 1870, in Blue Twp., Pottawatomie, KS, 1880 and 1900

m Mary "Marge" Myers, b 28 Dec 1848 in Sligo, Clarion, PA, d 6 Sep 1939, dtr of "Samuel Valentine" [IGI]


Huey, Eliza Amanda, b 20 Dec 1872 Sligo, Clarion, PA, d 2 Mar 1972 [IGI]

Huey, Charlotte May "Lottie", b 15 Nov 1874 Rimersburg, Clarion, PA, d 27 Jun 1928 [IGI]

Huey, Samuel Myers, b 5 Jul 1877, Clarion, PA, d 17 Jun 1957 [IGI]

Huey, Fred Little, b 14 Apr 1879 Manhattan, Riley, KS, d 7 Aug 1921 [IGI]


Huey, Jackson E., b 10 May 1851 Curllsville, Clarion, PA, d 3 Feb 1913 [IGI]. In Wm's home 1870.

m Maggie J. Sample, b 2 Apr 1855 Porter Twp, Clarion, PA, d 17 Mar 1886, dtr of Robert Sample.


Huey, Morrison Telford, b 12 Aug 1880 Saint George, Pottawatomie, KS, grson with Wm 1900, d 23 Jun 1944

m 15 Feb 1910 in Salina, Salina, Kansas to Clara Anna Mohler, b 2 Sep 1886 Saint Marys, Pottawatomie, KS, d 2 Sep 1968, dtr of Levi H. and Elizabeth B. (Hofaker) Mohler [IGI] of Menoken Twp., Shawnee Co., KS 1920


Huey, Morris, b 1914/15 KS

Huey, Charles, b 1916/17, KS


Huey, Daniel? T., b 1852/53 PA, in Wm's home 1870

Huey, Thomas, b 1852/53, in Wm's home as son 1880

Huey, Samuel Thomas, b 1858/59 [m record IGI]

m 24 Oct 1887 Wamego, Pottawatomie, Kansas to Clara A. Hafer, b 4 Aug 1865 PA, d 4 May 1899 [IGI]


Huey, Otto / Otho W., b 5 Jun 1886 Pottawatomie, Kansas, d 26 Jan 1908 [IGI], grson with Wm 1900

Huey, Blanch Belle, b FEB 1889 Saint George, Pottawatomie, KS, d 25 Aug 1976 [IGI] [niece 1900 census of James and Belle Lee in Zeandale Twp., Riley, KS; her aunt Belle dtr of Thomas and Margery (Varner) Huey]

Huey, Clarence Monroe, b Oct 1891, grson with Wm 1900, d 4 Oct 1967 [IGI]


Huey, Robert James, b 1825/27 Centre, d Mar 1855 in Clarion Co., PA [DM], of CA 1851 with brother James, left Australia Mar 1854 for Callao, arrived PA Nov 1854, during which trip he survived a shipwreck [DM]. His wife did not accompany him on his travels.

m about 1850 to Eliza Benn, dtr of Henry B. and Sarah Benn [Kent Benn; Paul Alan Roth]. Eliza, after Robert's death, married a man named Kaster who had ten children, and they had three girls [ELP].


Huey, Candace/Candice, b ca 1853 PA [IGI], d as an infant [DM]


Huey, Robert James, b 4 Sep 1855 or 3 Apr 1855, Curllsvile, Clarion, PA, d 3 May 1932 [IGI, Kent Benn], obit cited

in James and Elizabeth's home 1860, working for R. H. Helm, Belvue, Pottawatomie, KS, 1880, of Ogden Twp, Riley Co., KS 1900, 1910 and 1920

m 26 Mar 1891 Junction City, Geary, KS to Margaret May Musgrove, b Sep 1872 KS, d Feb 1910 [IGI] dtr of W. A. and Lillian E. Musgrove of Jefferson, Davis, KS 1880


The names and birthdates of the children of this family I originally had from Kent Benn. Much of the additional material shown here for the children and grandchildren came from Eliza L. Pfister in Sep, 2011. Her contributions are cited below as [ELP].


Huey, Martha E., b 17 Mar 1892 KS [1900], bur Lusk Cemetery, Niobrara Co., WY

m Thomas Edwin Phister (1895-1967). The Pfisters were Catholic, Thomas was the youngest brother of William Pfister who married Martha's sister Louise [ELP].


Pfister, Jack, now deceased, has three granddaughters living 2011 in Niobrara Co., Wyoming [ELP].

Pfister, Jim, now deceased [ELP].

Pfister, Mildred E., married a McGee, living now in a nursing home [ELP].


Huey, Christina V., b Mar 1894 KS [19--], d 8 Aug 1950 [IGI]. Christina was afflicted with polio, and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life.


Huey, Robert A., b 6 Mar 1896 KS [1900], d Jan 1979 Ogden, Riley, KS [SSDI] living 1900/1910 in Ogden City, Riley, KS with his parents, 1920 Niobrara Co., WY, living with Pfisters, censused 1910 in Ogden, Riley, KS with children listed below all born in Kansas, of Ogden 1969.


Huey, Martha, b 1891/92

Huey, Christiana, b 1893/94

Huey, Robert, b 1895/96

Huey, Archibald, b 1901/02

Huey, Louise, b 1904/05, now deceased, married a Yarger, had a son Robert Yarger [ELP].

Huey, Willie, b 1907/08


Huey, Nathan, b Jun 1898 KS, d? bef 1910


Huey, Archibald, b 1901/02 KS.

m Wyoma "Dolly" Rogers in 1935; she died 8 Dec 2010


An obituary of Archie was published 22 Aug 1990 in the "The Lusk Herald" [Niobrara County Library,]:


"When World War I was declared, Archie enlisted in the Kansas National Guard on April 7, 1917, at the age of 14 years, three months, and 12 days. He trained at Fort Sill, Okla., and was shipped to France in the spring of 1918. He served in Company "C," 139th Infantry, 35th division. He saw action at Alsace-Lorrainne Sector; Argonne; St. Mihiel; and Meuse River.


"He had five grandchildren, Robert, Jenny, Aaron, James, and Jennifer; five nieces and four nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents, three brothers and three sisters."


Read more of his life chronicled in that extended obituary.


Huey, Louise, b Dec 1904, KS, d 6 Apr 2000

m 17 Jul 1937 to William Pfister, b 4 Dec 1888 in Node, Niobrara, WY, son of John and Ella Arnold Pfister. William was a brother of Thomas Pfister who married Louise's sister Martha. [ELP]


From his obituary in "The Lusk Herald", 24 Nov 1955 [Niobrara County Library,] we read:


"[William] married Louise Huey of Manhattan, Kansas. They resided on the home ranch southeast of Lusk until 1939, moving to Billings, Mont. where he was engaged in ranching.


"Mr. Pfister retired from ranching in 1954 and he and Mrs. Pfister spent much time traveling around the United States. They had a house on their ranch and were residing there at the time of his death.


"They have one daughter, Ellen Louise Pfister, who is practicing law in Jackson, Miss."


Pfister, Ellen L., b MT. Ellen is the source of the [ELP] citations, above. She can be contacted at if anyone is interested in more details on the family and descendants of Robert James and Margaret May (Musgrove) Huey.


Huey, William "Willie", b 3 Jun 1907 Ogden, Riley, KS


Huey, Susanna, b 1829/30 PA, censused 1850 in the home of William Huey of Monroe Twp., Clarion Co., PA. 

This census record is only a hint that Susanna might be James and Elizabeth's daughter, but I'm tentatively placing her that way here for the time being.  Needs research.  There were two females with birth's between 1830 and 1835 censused in James and Elizabeth's home in 1840.


Huey, James, b 10 Apr 1831, Centre, PA, d 12 Sep 1912, bur Louisville, KS

of CA 1851 with brother Robert

gold discovered near Beechworth 1852

immigrated through Sydney New South Wales or Melbourne Victoria

of Reid's Creek nr Beechworth, Australia for 15 years,

worked as a Blacksmith and invested in various mining companies before selling out and leaving for US Jan/Feb 1868

censused Louisville Twp., Pottawatomie, KS 1870

censused Belvue, Pottawatomie, 1880 and 1900

m1) 9 June 1857 in Beechworth, Victoria, Australia to Eliza M. Sexton of Clonmel, IRE, dtr of Thomas Sexton and Mary Fennessy [DM], b 29 Aug 1837, d 1881 [DM].  (Beechworth ca 150 mi NE of Melbourne. Clonmel SE of Limerick and NE of Cork.)


Huey, Robert Thomas, b Reid's Creek nr Beechworth, Australia 1861, d 1864 ae 2 yrs [DM]

Huey, James, b 1864 Reid's Creek, d 1864 ae 9 days [DM]

Huey, Sherman, b 1865 Reid's Creek, d 1865 ae 3 months [DM]

first three children buried in the Beechworth Cemetery

Huey, Edward Washington, b 1867 Reid's Creek, Australia [DM], d 24 Jul 1904 [IGI]; returned to US w/ parents

Huey, Vincent Sexton, b Jan/Feb 1870 KS [1870 census] or Dec 1869 [1900 census], d 21 Jan 1943

m 23 Feb 1918 in Wamego, Pottawatomie, KS to Virgie L. or Virginia Lippencott or Stratton, d 8 Oct 1970

Huey, Mary Catherine, 1 Jun 1872 in Belvue, Pottawatomie, KS, d 10 Feb 1966 [IGI]

m 26 Nov 1890 Belvue, Pottawatomie, KS to Joseph Mansfield St. John, b 1866/67 [Census 1880] or Indiana 1864/65 [IGI m record], son of James and Ann C. St. John of Louisville, Pottawatomie, KS 1880


m2) 14 Feb 1883 Laclede, Pottawatomie, KS to Martha Rebecca "Mattie" Jones [IGI], b Nov 1858 Georgia [1900; IGI], d 1901, dtr of Annie E. (Holliday) and ____ Jones, stepdtr of Alphaeus William "Willie" McCoin of Center, Pottawatomie, KS [1800]


Huey, Raymond Henry, b Jun 1886 [1900], 10 Jun 1885 Belvue, Pottawatomie, KS, d 14 Jul 1946 [IGI]

Huey, Dwight L., b 13 Jan 1890 KS, Belvue, Pottawatomie, KS, d 17 Jun 1976 [IGI]

Huey, James Jones, b 14 May 1895 Belvue, Pottawatomie, KS, d 25 Jan 1976 [IGI]


Huey, Thomas, b 1833/34 Clarion, d 24 Sep 1898  Came to Kansas in 1856. Civil War veteran: 11th Kansas, Company G.  KS House of Representatives 1877, censused Louisville Twp., Pottawatomie, KS 1870 & 1880.

m Margery Varner, b Sep 1839 [surname from IGI of dtr Bessie's m], of Louisville Twp., 1900, widow, with granddaughters (below)


Huey, Arabella/Belle, b 1859/60 KS

m 25 Oct 1882 Olsburg, Pottawatomie, KS, to Winfield Scott Lee [IGI has "Shehi"]. James and Belle Lee censused with niece Blanch Huey 1900 Zeandale Twp., Riley, KS. 

Huey, Lincoln, b 24 Mar 1865 Indianola, Soldier Twp, Shawnee, KS, d 25 Jun 1912 [IGI]

Huey, Bessie, b 24 Mar 1865 Indianola, Soldier Twp, Shawnee, KS, d 19 Mar 1899 [IGI]

m 4 Jul 1888 Wamego, Pottawatomie, KS, to Bryon/Byron G. Sharp, b 1858/59 [IGI]


Sharp, Estelle, b 2 Jul 1889 Belvue, Pottawatomie, KS, d 16 Jul 1962 [IGI], with grmother 1900

m 1925 in Wamego, Pottawatomie, KS to Russell Henry Crane, b 2 May 1886Wamego, Pottawatomie, KS, d 26 May 1949, son of Henry Walbridge and Emma (Twigger) Crane [IGI]

Sharp, Cora M., b Mar 1892, with grandmother 1900


Huey, Thaddeus Stevens, b 12 May 1866 Louisville, Pottawatomie, KS, d 17 Dec 1921 [IGI]

m Oct 1893 in Menlo, Thomas, KS to Luella Simpson [IGI]

Huey, Mary Catherine [missing source for this daughter; records mixed with  cousin, dtr of James and Eliza Sexton?]

Huey, Samuel Nelson, b 9 Mar 1871 Louisville, Pottawatomie, KS, d 8 Jul 1952 [IGI]; of Louisville Twp. 1910

m 21 Jun 1893 Westmoreland, Pottawatomie, KS to Nellie Holloway Trotter, b 19 Jul 1875 Louisville, Pottawatomie, KS, d 18 Jun 1951, dtr of Lawrence F. and Katherine (Whitbeck) Trotter [IGI].  Daughter Blanche's obituary mentions that Samuel and Nellie had thirteen children.


Huey, child deceased by 1910 census

Huey, Thomas Lawrence, b 16 Sep 1894 Louisville, Pottawatomie, KS, d 3 Feb 1935 [IGI]

Huey, Loran Merritt, b 24 Feb 1896 Louisville, Pottawatomie, KS, d 1 Jul 1939 [IGI]

Huey, Clifford Samuel, b 8 Aug 1897 Louisville, Pottawatomie, KS, d 19 Apr 1979 [IGI]

Huey, Gary/Guy Raymond, b 4 Sep 1899 Louisville, Pottawatomie, KS, d 19 May 1971

Huey, Neil, b 24 Mar 1901 Louisville, Pottawatomie, KS, d 11 Sep 1901 [IGI] 

Huey, Helen M., b 1902/03 KS, m ____ Taylor [Don H. Grob, WorldConnect, citing multiple sources]

Huey, Rex R., b 1904/05 KS

Huey, Blanche, b 18 Oct 1906 Louisville, Pottawatomie, KS, d 31 Jul 2006 Prairie Village, KS, bur Wamego City Cemetery [Don H. Grob, WorldConnect, obituary]

m 22 May 1936 in Wamego, KS, to William "Bill" Kaine [op. cit.]


Kaine, Helen Marie

Kaine, Jack

Kaine, Douglass, d 21 Oct 1979


Huey, Hazel Gertrude, b 31 Oct 1908 Louisville, Pottawatomie, 1909 KS, d 6 Mar 1941 [IGI]

Huey, Marie, b 1910/11 KS [1920]

Huey, Florence, b 1912/13 [1920] or b 5 Mar 1919 Louisville, Pottawatomie, KS, d 30 Oct 1963 [IGI]

Huey, Fred, b 1915/16 KS [1920]

Huey, Margery, b 1918/19 KS, m ____ Simpson, named as only surviving sibling in 2006 obituary of Blanche


Huey, Eliza/Elizabeth, b 1834/36 Clarion, PA, d 8 Jun 1861 [AF, Joe McEntire, Sidney, TX, 1997; parents of Elizabeth not identified in this AF, two other wives of Fulton named without marriage dates.]

m 19 Apr 1855 James Jackson Fulton, son of James Jackson and Jane (Templeton Reid) Fulton [op. cit.]


Fulton, Jennie L., b 1856 Armstrong, PA [op. cit.]

Fulton, George L., b 1858 Armstrong, PA [op. cit.]



Huey, Benjamin, b Oct 1838 [IGI; 1900], Clarion, PA, d 21 Nov 1900. He and Christina were censused with his father 1860; Benjamin enlisted 4 Jul 1861 as 1st Lieutenant with Company C, Lyon Guards (Clarion County), 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteers, resigned 6 Nov 1861, re-enlisted 8 Aug 1862, transfered 2 Jul 1864 to Company K, 155th Pennsylvania Volunteers, promoted to Captain [, military record with picture].   He and Christina were censused Toby Twp., Clarion, PA, 1870, Belvue, Pottawatomie, KS, 1880.  He was boarding with William W. and Lydia Kube in Belvue Twp. in 1900 and censused as divorced.


m 15 Feb 1859 in Clarion, PA his brother Robert's sister-in-law Christina E. Benn, b 30 Apr 1835 Clarion Co., PA [Paul Alan Roth], dtr of Henry B. and Sarah Benn [Kent Benn, Paul Alan Roth].  She was censused age 66 in 1900 living with sons Elmer E., Walter W. and dtr Florence N.; censused at age 75 in 1910 in Rock Creek Twp., Pottawatomie, KS, with her sons Elmer E. and Walter W.


Huey, Elmer Ellsworth, b 6 Jun 1861 Clarion, PA, d 29 Mar 1943 [IGI].  Working on parents farm in Belvue [1880]


Huey, Augustine Lowery "Gustin", b 20 Nov 1865 (censused as age 3 in 1870), d 6 Feb 1956 [IGI], of Norman 1974, bur IOOF Memory Gardens Cem., Norman, OK [ML].  Censused 1880 with parents.  Censused 1900 (as Gustave L.) Burnett Twp., Pottawatomie, OK with wife Olive, sons Earl, Frank, Banjamin and Carl. Censused 1910 (widower) and 1920 (with Florence) in Norman, Cleveland, OK.


m1) Olive May Alford, b 8 Mar 1868 Bonaparte, Van Buren, Iowa, dtr. of John Weller and Elizabeth (Teeter) Alford, d 19 Jul 1909 [IGI], bur IOOF Cem. [ML].  Olive May was sister to my maternal grandmother Mary Jane "Merrie" (Alford) Hartzell.


Huey, Lowery Earl, b 1 Jul 1894 Wamego, Pottawatomie, KS, d Sep 1962 [IGI], SSN issued OR [SSDI].  Censused as Earl in father's home 1900.

m 20 Jun 1923 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon to Ethel Lillian Owen, b 6 sep 1896 in Portland, d 11 May 1968, dtr of Harry S. and Caroline E. (Rudolph) Owen.


Huey, Frank Leroy, b 20 Jan 1896 Shawnee, Pottawatomie, OK, d 26 May 1974 Topeka, Shawnee, KS [Obituary; IGI].  Frank served in WW I with the 35th Division in France, and lost an arm in combat.  He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, after two weeks of hospitalization "for treatment of an abdominal ailment" [News item and Obituary, Topeka State Journal , 27/28 May 1974; copy supplied to me by Marieta Lauck (ML)].  Marieta believes that the ailment might have been cancer.  Wives and children are given here as supplied to me by Marieta.


m1) Violet Josephine (Baker) Durkee, b 9 Jul 1894 Mayeta, Johnson, KS, d 12 Aug 1937 Kansas City, KS. [Obituary, Topeka Daily State Journal, 13 Aug 1937, from ML]. Violet married 1st Eugene Franklin Durkee, b 19 Apr 1894 [ML].


Huey, Frank [Violet's & Helen's obituaries].  Probably the Frank Huey b 18 Apr 1920, d 25 Mar 2001 Wichita, Sedgwick, KS, SSN issued KS [SSDI].

Huey, Helen Josephine, b 6 Sep 1921 Topeka, Shawnee, KS, d 15 Feb 1937 [IGI] after "an illness of nearly a year" [Obituary, Topeka Daily State Journal, 16 Feb 1937, copy from ML].

Huey, Doris M., b 27 Jun 1924, d 4 Jun 1993, of Oologah, OK, 1974,

m ____ Colvin [ML].

Huey, Walter L., b 13 Oct 1925, d 20 Jan 1998, of Topeka 1974 [ML].

Huey, Gus Lawrence, b 14 Oct 1926 Topeka, Shawnee, KS, d 19 Feb 1945, bur National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Hawaii [ML].

Huey, Gerald David, b 26 Sep 1929, d 20 Jul 1997, of Topeka 1974 [ML].


m2) 23 Mar 1947 in Topeka to  Marie (____) Phelps [ML]


Huey, Benjmin "Ben", b 25 May 1898 Norman, Cleveland, OK [IGI;1900], d 17 Sep 1975 [IGI] Norman, Cleveland, OK [SSDI]


Huey, Carl Albert "Bert", b 17 Mar/May 1900 Norman, Cleveland, OK [IGI;1900], d 29 Oct 1970

m 1 Aug 1923 in Topeka, Shawnee, KS to Alta Marie Betts, b 11 Feb 1905 Helper, Carbon, UT, d 27 Jul 1961, dtr of Elmer S. and Josephine (Litchenstern) Betts [IGI (same submission as marriage)]


Huey, Olive Irene, b 24 Jul 1901 Norman, Cleveland, OK, d 24 Jan 1904 [IGI], bur IOOF Cem., Norman, OK [ML]


m2) Florence ____, b 1873/74 IN


Huey, Pauline, b 15 Apr 1905 OK, d 30 Jul 1992 OK [ML], with parents 1910

m 1974 to Peter Herber of Peoria, IL [ML]


Huey, Betsy, b Sep/Oct 1869 PA, 8 months in 1870 census, did not appear in 1880

Huey, Walter Wayne, b 29 Mar 1875 St. Marys, Pottawatomie, KS, d 14 Jan 1962 [IGI]

m 29 Jun 1911 in Wamego, Pott, KS to C. Abbie O'Connell, b 1878/79, dtr of John and Kate (O'Keefe) O'Connell [IGI]

Huey, Florence Bell/Benn?, b 29 Mar 1875 St. Marys, Pottawatomie, KS [IGI], d 30 Sep 1966 [IGI].

m 11 Dec 1901 El Reno, Canadian, OK to Benjamin Franklin Cooper, b 1874/75, d 21 Aug 1964 [IGI]


Huey, Nancy, b 1840 Clarion, PA, d 1855/56


Huey, Sarah Jane, b 14 Mar 1841 Curllsville, [Monroe Twp.], Clarion, PA, d 15 Jan 1911, Claflin, Barton, KS, bur Belvue, Pottawatomie. Sarah J., age 18, was censused in James' home 1860, along with Robert J., 5, his grandson by Robert.

m Robert Nelson Craig II, b 30 Oct 1842 Sligo, Clarion, PA


Craig, Milton Augustus

Craig, Edward Lincoln

Craig, James Huey, Nancy

Craig, Elizabeth

Craig, Cecelia Narcissus

Craig, Della Gertrude

Craig, Robert Nelson III Craig






Pottawatomie County, KS:

Blue is a township  about 14 mi W of Wamego

Belvue is a town about 6 mi E of Wamego

Louisville is a town about 3 mi N of Wamego

Wamego is a town some 30 mi W of Topeka, Shawnee, KS






~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    William, b 1824    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

William Huey    25  Farmer  $1000   PA      
Susanna Huey    20                  PA      [sister?]
James Huey      23  Labourer        PA      
James Anderson  25  Labourer        PA      
1850 Monroe Twp., Clarion Co., PA   M432-767: 62

William C. Huey 45  Farmer  b 1825
Jane Huey       46
James Huey      21            all b PA         
Jackson Huey    19
Danel? T. Huey  17
1870 Toby Twp., Clarion, PA    M593-1326: 578
adjacent to James and Elizabeth household:

Wm. C. Huey         Self    M   55  PA  Farmer  PA  PA
Ianer [Jane?] Huey  Wife    M   57  PA          IRL PA 
Thomas Huey         Son     S   27  PA  Farmer  PA  PA
one boarder 
1880 Blue, Pottawatomie, Kansas   T9-0393: 271A       

William C. Huey   head    Aug 1824    75
Jane H. Huey      wife    Feb 1822    78
Otto W. Huey      grson   Jun 1886    13
Clarence M. Huey  grson   Oct 1891     8
Morison J. Huey   grson   Aug 1880    19
1900 Blue, Pottawatomie, Kansas   T623-495: 21
adjacent to James and Mary

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    James, b 1831    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

James Huey          39   Farmer         PA      
Elizabeth Huey      28   Keeping House  Ireland
Edward W. Huey       3   At Home        Australia
Vincent S. Huey      4mo At Home        Kansas
Woodson Cummings?   28   Laborer        Virginia
1870  Louisville Twp., Pottawatomie, KS  M593-441: 399
James Huey      Self    M   49  PA  Farmer         PA  PA 
Lizzie Huey     Wife    M   35  IRL House Keeping  IRL IRL 
Edward W. Huey  Son     S   13  Australia          PA  IRL 
Vincent Huey    Son     S   10  KS                 PA  IRL 
Mary C. Huey    Dau     S    8  KS                 PA  IRL 
1880  Belvue, Pottawatomie, KS  T9-0393: 366B       

James Huey      head    Apr 1831    69  PA PA PA    (not Apr 1829)
Mattie R. Huey  wife    Nov 1858    41  GA GA GA
Vinson S. Huey  son     Dec 1869    30  KS PA IRE
Raymond H. Huey son     Jun 1886    13  KS PA GA
Dwight Huey     son     Jan 1890    10  KS PA GA
James Huey      son     Jun 1895    4   KS PA GA
one boarder
1900  Belvue, Pottawatomie, KS  T623-495: 7
James Huey  79 widower
Vinson S.   40 son
Dwight L.   20 son
James J.    14 son
1910  Belvue, Pottawatomie, KS  T623-495: 7
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    Thomas, b 1834    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thomas Huey         36  Farmer & Con...?  PA
Margery Huey        31  PA
Arabella Huey       10  KS
Lincoln Huey        5   KS
Betsy Huey          5   KS
Thadius S. Huey     4   KS
Mary Huey           1   KS
four others
1870  Louisville Twp., Pottawatomie, KS  M593-441: 377  

Thomas Huey     Self    M   46  PA  Farmer          PA  PA 
Margery Huey    Wife    M   40  PA  Keeping House   PA  PA 
Belle Huey      Dau     S   20  KS  At Home         PA  PA 
Lincoln Huey    Son         15  KS  At Home         PA  PA 
Bessie Huey     Dau         15  KS  At Home         PA  PA 
Thaddeus Huey   Son         14  KS  At Home         PA  PA 
Mary Huey       Dau     S   11  KS  At Home         PA  PA 
Samuel Huey     Son     S    9  KS                  PA  PA 
(Sam censused in Louisville Twp 1910 age 38 with wife Nellie H. and 9 ch 8 living)
1880    Louisville, Pottawatomie, Kansas   T9-0393: 328B       

Marjery M. Huey head    Sep 1839    60 Widow 8 ch 4 living  PA PA PA
Estelle Sharp   grdtr   Jul 1889    10                      KS OH KS
Cora M. Sharp   grdtr   Mar 1892     8                      KS OH KS
1890  Louisville Twp., Pottawatomie, KS  T623-495: 96
James Lee   head    Feb 1870    30
Belle  "    wife    Apr 1870    30  
Blanch Huey niece   Feb 1889    11
1900  Zeandale Twp., Riley, KS   T623-497: 6
Marjorie M. Huey    head    70  8 ch 4 living
Estella Sharpe      grdtr   20
1910  Louisville Twp., Pottawatomie, KS  T624-450: 106
9 hh's from son Samuel
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    Benjamin, b 1838    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

James Hughey        65
Elizabeth Hughey    60
Sarah J. Hughey     18  
Robert J. Hughey    5   
Benjamin Hughey     21 
Christina Hughey    21
1860  Piney Twp., Clarion, PA   M653-1095: 477

Benjamin Huey   32  all b PA
Christina Huey  35              nee Benn [Kent Benn]
Elmore E. Huey   8
Augustus Huey    3           --> Gustin m Alford
Betsey Huey      8 mo
1870, 17 Jun  Toby Twp., Clarion, PA  M593-1326: 662

Benjamin Huey       Self    M   41  PA  Farmer          PA  PA 
Christena Huey      Wife    M   44  PA  Keeping House   PA  PA 
Elmer E. Huey       Son     S   18  PA  Works On Farm   PA  PA 
Gustine L. Huey     Son     S   12  PA  Works On Farm   PA  PA [m Olive May Alford]
Walter S. Huey      Son     S    5  KS                  PA  PA 
Florence B. Huey    Dau     S    5  KS                  PA  PA 
1880  Belvue, Pottawatomie, KS   T9-0393: 368A   

Benjamin Huey   Oct 1838    61  Div     PA PA PA  Farmer
boarding with William and Lydia Kube?   
1900  Belvue, Pottawatomie, KS   T623-495: 4
Christina Huey  head    75
Elmer E. Huey   son     48
Walter W. Huey  son     35  
1910  Rock Crk Twp., Pottawatomie, KS   T624-450: 147    






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