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m  MARTHA ____
b 1793      d ____
b 1802      d ____
b 1838      d ____
b 1850      d ____
b 1872      d 1932
b 1869      d ____
b 1901      d 1985
b 1905      d 1971
b 1930      d 1998
b 1929      


Millie's Hamilton lineage can be traced through family information and census records from her father George Oliver Hamilton, born 1901, to George Lewis Hamilton, 1872, to Philip Hamilton, Apr 1838, all born in Pennsylvania, and finally to the immigrant George Hamilton, born 1792/93 in England, who arrived in Pennsylvania prior to 1838. The family lived in Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties near Pittsburgh in the southwest corner of Pennsylvania for over a century.

The earliest record I've found for the immigrant George Hamilton is his census 1840 in Franklin Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. That census, which names only the head of household, indicated that he was born 1780-1790, his wife 1800-1810, that he had a male and female in his home born 1820-1825, a male born 1825-1830, and a male born 1835-1840.

We're able to match later records of sons George and Philip to the two youngest in that census, but don't have any direct evidence of names for the two older children, in their late teens at that time. However, there are undocumented claims online that Elizabeth, daughter of George and Martha Hamilton, married a Joseph Glunt. One of those sources, dated 10 Feb 2012 on (by someone whose online name is harktheharrell) states that Elizabeth's middle name was Johnson. This is, in a way, corroborated by the fact the Elizabeth and Joseph named their eldest son Lewis Johnson Glunt.

If Joseph's wife was indeed Elizabeth Johnson Hamilton, daughter of George and Martha, then she might well have been given her mother's maiden name as her middle name. Her birth year in censuses 1850 through 1880, as Elisa J., Liza J. and Elisabeth Glunt, was 1821/24, which matches well the 1840 census.

And to stretch these postulated relationships a bit further, their son Philip might have been named after Martha Johnson Hamilton's father. Philip's middle initial was "H.", and he named his second son as "John Hays", so his middle name might also have been Hays. There is, of course, only circumstantial evidence to start off these lines of speculation.

George Hamilton  &  Martha ____
George 1, Philip H. 2, George Lewis 3, George Oliver 4 m1 m2 m3, Mildred Louise "Millie" 5   Top  

George Hamilton was born Feb 1800 +40m, -47m * in England. 

George and Martha ____ were married in Pennsylvania. 

Martha ____ was born Jun 1802 +40m, -45m * in Pennsylvania. 

The information available so far for George and Martha comes from four censuses (the last of which is for the widow Martha living in the home of her son Philip):

Census   George       Martha       Locale
1840     1780-90      1800-10      Franklin Twp, Westmoreland
1850     1792/93      1793/94      Patton Twp., Alegheny
1860     1780/81      1803/04      Franklin Twp, Westmoreland
1870                  1801/02      Franklin Twp, Westmoreland

The children Philip and Martha in 1850 and 1860 match in names and ages, and George reports that he was born in England, so these are indeed for the same family. I think that one can assume that Martha's age of 56 in 1850 was simply a recording error for 46, making her birth year then consistently around 1802. That is a reasonable date for a woman to have children born starting around 1820.

If we make the same assumption for George in 1850, that his age was recorded in error (on whose part?) as 57 instead of 67, then his birth year was recorded consistently around 1782, just twenty years older than Martha. It was not too unusual for an immigrant to travel to the New World, get himself established in Western Pennsylvania, and then find himself a young bride.

The 1840 census, as detailed above, shows a son and daughter born 1820-1825, as well as two sons (George and Philip) born 1825-1830 and 1835-1840. (Daughters Mary and Martha were to come in the next five years.) George was employed in Agriculture.

Ten years later, the family had moved to Patton Township, Allegheny County, just west of their previous home in Franklin Township. George listed his occupation as laborer, so the earlier farming may not have been successful. Children in the household were George, 22, Mary, 10, Martha, 7 and Philip, 12. That Philip was listed last usually indicates that the individual was not a child of the head of household. However, Martha Hamilton, 7 years old at that time, was living with Philip and named as his 37 year old sister in 1880, so the order in the 1850 census is not significant. The ten year span between George and Philip may indicate that other children were born but did not survive.

In 1860, Philip and his sister Martha were still living with George and Martha, but the family had moved back east to Franklin Township, Westmoreland County. These two townships, now parts of the Municipalities of Monroeville and of Murrysville, respectively, were adjacent to each other across the county line. George, about 78 years old, did not list an occupation; Philip said he was a day laborer.

George Hamilton reported in 1850 and 1860 that he had been born in England. I found few other English-born Hamiltons of his generation in this southwestern corner of Pennsylvania. A Mary Hamilton, born 1799/1800 in England was living 1850 in Pittsburgh in the home of Joseph and Sarah Garrard, he being born in England in 1826/1827. Whether she was a Hamilton daughter or wife can't be discerned from this record. Then in 1860, also in Pittsburgh, was a Mrs. M. Hamilton, born 1801/1802 in England, living alone. These two ladies Hamilton may have been the same person.

A William Hamilton, born 1804/1808 in England, lived in nearby Washington, Washington County in 1860 and 1870. He was a molder, and had a wife Elizabeth and six children born 1850 through 1864. It's not clear whether he might also be the 75 year old William, born 1804/1805 in England, who was a widowed miner 1880 in Sewickley, Westmoreland County, some twenty-five miles to the east.

These English Hamiltons might well be relatives, who also came over 3500 miles from England to this small corner of Pennsylvania, but church and land records would have to be consulted to establish any connections to George.

Finally, it should be mentioned that a George Hamilton on 30 Sep 1812 filed in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas a declaration of intent to become a citizen. That this was our George is problematic, as the applicant stated that he was a native of Ireland. But did George of this lineage falsely claim to having been born in England? We will probably never know.

What does become clear from the existence of an Irish George Hamilton in Allegheny County is that it is critical to be able to relate names and ages as we trace back generation by generation to the progenitor of our Hamilton lineage.

The six children of George and Martha (____) Hamilton:   son, Elizabeth?, George, Philip H., Mary and Martha H. 

1    Hamilton, son was born Apr 1821 +36m, -44m *

2    Hamilton, Elizabeth? was born Dec 1825 +17m, -38m *

As discussed above, this daughter appearing (with a brother of about the same age) in the 1840 census might be Elizabeth Johnson Hamilton who married Joseph Glunt. However, I've only been able to find undocumented online claims to this effect, and cannot consider this as more than speculation.

3    Hamilton, George was born Sep 1828 +92m, -54m * in Pennsylvania. 

4    Hamilton, Philip H. was born Apr 1838.    

5    Hamilton, Mary was born Jun 1840 +22m, -13m * in Pennsylvania. 

6    Hamilton, Martha H. was born Nov 1840 +65m, -41m * in Pennsylvania. 

Philip H. Hamilton  &  Mary J. Lewis
George 1, Philip H. 2, George Lewis 3, George Oliver 4 m1 m2 m3, Mildred Louise "Millie" 5   Top  

Philip H. Hamilton was born Apr 1838 in Pennsylvania. 

Philip H. and Mary J. Lewis were married about 1871 in Pennsylvania. 

Mary J. Lewis was born Nov 1850 in Pennsylvania. 

Philip's middle initial is known from the marriage application for his son George where he gave his consent to the marriage as "P. H. Hamilton". It’s probable that the “H.” stands for Hays, the middle name of his son John as attested by the latter's marriage record.

On the first day of June, 1900, the first household and family censused in Penn Township, Westmoreland County, was that of Philip H. and Mary Hamilton, with six of their children. The Census Enumerator? Philip H. Hamilton! We thus have his signature verifying the spelling of his first name and giving his middle initial (and 59 pages of his handwriting). He also reported to himself that his father was born in England. Later that month, he censused James and Mariah Painter, his daughter Elizabeth's inlaws, with six of their children.

We find Philip in every census from 1850 through 1900, the first in Patton Township, Allegheny, and the rest in Franklin Township, Westmoreland County, just across the county line. (These two townships are now parts of the Municipalities of Monroeville and of Murrysville, about five miles apart.)

The 1880 and 1900 censuses are most valuable in that they name Phillip's wife Mary and nine children, the latter census of course also giving birth months and years. The 1880 census is also critical in that it shows his sister Martha living with him, and clarifies as insignificant the out-of-order listing of Philip in his father's 1850 census, as described above. Also that year, his widowed mother was living with him, which tells us his father George died before 1880.

In 1860 Philip described his occupation as day laborer, and in 1870 as laborer above ground. This is most likely meant to differentiate him from those who worked underground in the coal mines. By 1870 Philip had come up a bit in the world as he worked as a grocer. The likely improvement in wages must have come in handy as he was by this time supporting his wife, four children, his sister and mother, with five more children to come over the next twelve years.

I did not find Philip in the 1910 census; Mary was living with their eldest son John in Logan, Blair, Pennsylvania, and described as "married". I don't know whether that meant "married but not living with Phillip", or widowhood. Over four census records, Mary's middle initial is given as "V", "E" and, twice, "J".

Mary J. Hamilton, widow, was living in 1920 on Mulberry street, New Florence, Westmoreland County, as head-of-household with only her son George L., a married man, and her grandson George O. Hamilton, single.

In 1930 Mary J. Hamilton, 79, was living in the home of her youngest daughter Sadie and husband Eben I. Loughner (actually, Israel Eben, see below). Sadie was married in Mahoning County, Ohio, where the marriage license application requires the bride's mother's maiden name. This is the only source we have, so far, that Mary's surname was Lewis, the origin of the middle name of her son George Lewis Hamilton, and of her great-grandson George Lewis Hamilton, Millie Hamilton's brother.

Three daughters and two sons of Philip and Mary were named as survivors in the April, 1932, obituary of their son George Lewis: Mrs. Eben Laughner of New Florence, Mrs. Andrew Painter of Pitcairn, Mrs. Loraine Beggs of Derry, Robert Hamilton of Tyrone and John Hamilton of California. This one sentence from a brief newspaper notice not only tells us that the other three siblings, Blanche, Clara and Nelson predeceased George Lewis, but gives us clues to identify the husbands and families of the surviving sisters, and the locations of the five surviving children of Philip and Mary. (New Florence is in Westmoreland County, Pitcairn is in Allegheny County, Derry is likely the township in Westmoreland, the Borough of Tyrone is in Blair County northeast of Altoona, and John's home was in the Imperial Valley of southern California.)

The nine children of Philip H. and Mary J. (Lewis) Hamilton:   George Lewis, Blanche N., John Hays, Elisabeth O. "Eliza", Anna, Clara, Nelson, Sadie S. and Robert N. 

1    Hamilton, George Lewis was born 23 Aug 1872.    

2    Hamilton, Blanche N. was born 14 Jul 1874 in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania and died before 1932.  She and Jacob Hild were married 15 Oct 1889 in Westmoreland.  Jacob was born 25 Mar 1865 in Westmoreland. 

Jacob and Blanche, at the time of their marriage, were both residing in Penn Township, Westmoreland County. They were enumerated in the 1900 Oak Grove, Penn Township census by her father. In 1910 and 1920 they were living in Washington Township, Westmoreland; Jacob as a widower was still living there in 1930 with his daughter Catherine, 19.

Laura reported in 1910 that only six of her eight children were then living. By tracing the others, it turns out that their son William, born Mar 1898, had died by that date, as had another child, name unknown, who must have been born after the 1900 census.

The ten children of Blanche N. and Jacob (Hild) Hamilton:   Laura M., Florence M., Lida, William, ____, Arthur P., Anna P., Albert L., Catherine and Vincent. 

i    Hild, Laura M. was born 19 Mar 1891 in Westmoreland.  She and George B. Morrow were married 10 Oct 1911 in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.  George B. was born 30 Oct 1888 in Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania. 

George, on his marriage application, indicated that he was a steelworker living in Paulton, Westmoreland County. George's widowed mother Sarah E. Morrow was head of household in 1910 with George, 21, and six other children down to Norma, aged 7.

In 1920, George and Laura were censused in Vandergift Ward 1, Westmoreland, with their three children and three teenages in their home. One of these was Arthur P. Hill, 17, whose surname is the same as Laura's brother-in-law, Hiram Hill, husband of her sister Florence.

ii    Hild, Florence M. was born 3 Feb 1893 in Westmoreland.  She and Hiram Hill were married 23 Jan 1912 in Westmoreland.  Hiram was born 19 Mar 1889 in Westmoreland. 

At the time of their marriage, Hiram was a merchant in West Apollo, Westmoreland County.

iii    Hild, Lida was born Sep 1895. 

iv    Hild, William was born Mar 1898 in Westmoreland and died before 1910. 

v    Hild, ____ was born Dec 1900 +29m, -16m * in Westmoreland and died before 1910 in Westmoreland. 

vi    Hild, Arthur P. was born Nov 1904 +17m, -21m * in Westmoreland. 

vii    Hild, Anna P. was born Dec 1906 +15m, -21m * in Westmoreland. 

viii    Hild, Albert L. was born Apr 1909 +17m, -14m * in Westmoreland, died 1926 and was buried in Pine Run Cemetery, Washington Twp., Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. 

ix    Hild, Catherine was born Feb 1912 +17m, -17m * in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. 

x    Hild, Vincent was born Apr 1913 +27m, -21m * in Westmoreland. 

3    Hamilton, John Hays was born 20 Oct 1876 in Murraysville, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.  He and Laura Catharine Thompson were married 19 Oct 1902 in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.  Laura Catharine was born 17 May 1885 in Vail, Blair, Pennsylvania. 

In 1900, John Hamilton was a 23 year old coal miner living in the home of his parents in Manor Borough, Penn Township, Westmoreland County. He was the eldest of six children residing in the household, the youngest being Robert, age seven.

John Hays Hamilton and Laura Catharine Thompson married in Westmoreland County, she at that time residing in Irwin, Penn Township, of that county, and John in the Borough of Braddock, Allegheny County. John's birthplace was Murraysville, Pennsylvania, and his occupation was listed as Painter in the marriage application. That document also tells us that Laura was born in Blair County, and married with the consent of Jennie Thompson, residing at Unionville, Centre County, adjacent to Blair County, in the middle of Pennsylvania.

John H. Hamilton, born 1876/77 in Pennsylvania, of Pennsylvania-born parents, was censused 1910 in Snyder Township, Blair County, Pennsylvania, 30 miles southwest of Unionville, Centre County and 80 miles east of Penn Township. He worked as a house painter, and had been married seven years to his young wife Laura, born 1885/86.

In 1920, John H. and Robert N. Hamilton were censused adjacent to each other in Snyder Township, John working as a car Repairman for the Pennsylvania Railroad, and Robert as a Fireman for the Pennsylvania. John had in his home his wife Laura C. and seven children; Robert and his wife Sarah had two children with them at that time.

Another ten years later, John and Laura were living on Adams Avenue in El Centro, Imperial, California. John owned his own home, worth $500, and was again working as a house painter. The 1930 census includes a ninth child, Guy, born 1921/22 in California, indicating they moved west between 1920 and 1922. Some ten blocks away, his son Philip and wife Mary were also living in El Centro, with Philip working also as a house painter.

The nine children of John Hays and Laura Catharine (Thompson) Hamilton:   Nannie, Philip H. "Phil", John, Clyde, James, Mary, William, David and Guy. 

i    Hamilton, Nannie was born Aug 1903 +5m, -9m * in Pennsylvania. 

ii    Hamilton, Philip H. "Phil" was born 12 Dec 1904 in Pennsylvania, died 21 Jun 1984 and was buried in Willow Springs, Howell, Missouri.  He and Mary E. McCullough were married 1929/1930.  Mary E. was born 16 Nov 1908 in British Columbia, Canada, died 6 Mar 2003 and was buried in Willow Springs, Howell, Missouri. 

Philip's middle initial almost surely stands for Hays, the middle name of his father and possibly of his grandfather Philip H. Hamilton.

Philip, as Phil, was censused 1930 with his wife Mary E. about 10 blocks south of his father's home in El Centro, Imperial County, California. They had been married less than a year, and lived in the home they owned worth $1800 on Hamilton Avenue (!) near 10th Street. Phil, like his father, was working as a house painter. Living with them was Mary's brother Tom G. McCullough, 19 and also a house painter, from whom we get Mary's maiden name. The two of them were born in British Columbia, Canada, with both their parents born also in Canada.

There is a record which matches this couple with convincing accuracy. Philip H. and Mary E. Hamilton share a gravestone in Willow Springs City Cemetery, Howell County, Missouri. Philip was born 12 Dec 1904, and died 21 Jun 1984. Mary was born 16 Nov 1908, and died 6 Mar 2003. The couple were married 3 Oct 1929. These are such a good match to the El Centro census record that I am adopting it for Phil and Mary, even though I have no idea how they came to be in Missouri after having lived in the Imperial Valley of California.

iii    Hamilton, John was born May 1907 +13m, -12m * in Pennsylvania. 

There is a Social Security Death Record for a John Hamilton, born 19 Jun 1908, died October 1968, whose last known residence was Ocotillo, Imperial County, California. That is not enough information to ascribe the record to this John, but what is given is compatible with him.

iv    Hamilton, Clyde was born 23 Jul 1909 in Pennsylvania and died 1 Feb 1955 in Imperial County, California. 

The California Death Index on lists a Clyde Howard Hamilton, born 23 Jul 1909, died 1 Feb 1955 in Imperial County, California, and whose mother's maiden name was Thompson. This matches very well with Clyde's vital data and the fact that his father and brother were both in El Centro, Imperial County by the early 1920's. On the basis of this accord, I'm accepting this record as pertaining to the son of John and Laura.

v    Hamilton, James was born Jul 1911 +11m, -11m * in Pennsylvania. 

vi    Hamilton, Mary was born Nov 1913 +10m, -10m * in Pennsylvania. 

vii    Hamilton, William was born Jul 1915 +12m, -12m * in Pennsylvania. 

viii    Hamilton, David was born Jan 1919 +22m, -23m * in Pennsylvania. 

David's age was given as 2 years, 8 months on the census taken 29 Jan 1920, so he was born in April or May, 1917. However, his age was recorded as 11 in the census of his family in California in 1930.

ix    Hamilton, Guy was born Mar 1920 +37m, -18m * in California. 

4    Hamilton, Elisabeth O. "Eliza" was born Nov 1878 in Pennsylvania.  She and Andrew Painter were married 1898/1899.  Andrew was born Dec 1874 in Pennsylvania.  He was the son of James and Mariah (____) Painter.

In the 1932 obituary of Elisabeth's brother George Lewis Hamilton, it named one of his sisters as Mrs. Andrew Painter of Pitcairn. Examination of the 1900 census of Penn Township, Westmoreland County, finds an Andrew Painter, born Dec 1874, age 25, and wife Eliza, born Nov 1878, age 21. They had been married for one year. Lack of any competing records leads me to conclude that Elizabeth in her married life went by the name "Eliza".

A more detailed description of that 1900 census reads "Penn Township, Harrison City and Oak Grove Districts", Westmoreland County. Today the towns of Penn and Harrison City are about three miles northeast of Irwin, and some nine miles southeast of Pitcairn. Andrew's occupation was recorded as "Repair R. R. Cars".

Looking at the earlier 1880 census in Penn Township, we find Andrew as the 5 year old son of James and Mariah Painter, both 27 years of age. He had two younger siblings, and there was a Susan Deamer, 31, widowed sister of James, with Mary Deamer, 1 year old.

A son of Elisabeth O. "Eliza" and Andrew (Painter) Hamilton:   Andrew. 

i    Painter, Andrew was born Sep 1901 +74m, -26m * in Pennsylvania.  He and Lillian A. Richardson were married 1938.  Lillian A. was born Apr 1909 +43m, -52m * in Pennsylvania. 

Andrew and Lillian were censused in Pitcairn, Allegheny County in 1930 with one son William B., 2 years old.

A son of Andrew and Lillian A. (Richardson) Painter:   William B.. 

1    Painter, William B. was born 19 Mar 1928 in Pennsylvania and died 16 Apr 2004 in Pennsylvania. 

William's last known residence was in Monroeville, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, according to the SSDI.

5    Hamilton, Anna was born Jan 1881 in Pennsylvania.  She was married to Loraine Beggs.  Loraine was born Jun 1882 +56m, -53m * in Ohio. 

Anna and Loraine had living with them in 1910 in Pitcairn Borough, Allegheny County, her youngest brother, Robert. He was seventeen and working as a carpenter for a railroad.

Anna, as was her sister Elizabeth, was named in their brother George's obituary as Mrs. Loraine Beggs of Derry. She and her husband were censused 1920 and 1930 in Derry, Westmoreland County, from which we get their children's names and birth years. Loraine's father was born in Virginia and his mother in Ohio.

In addition to the censuses, information on this family can be found on a RootsWeb FamilyConnect web page entitled "Clark and Allied Families 2010", where the source is named as Sondra Kay Reott, granddaughter of the eldest daughter whose name is spelled Liola.

The four children of Anna and Loraine (Beggs) Hamilton:   Liola, Loraine E., James and Clyde Nelson. 

i    Beggs, Liola was born Feb 1909 +13m, -32m * in Pennsylvania, died 12 Dec 1994 in Roanoke, Roanoke, Virginia and was buried in Orlando, Orange, Florida.  She was married to George J. Reott.  George J. was born 5 Jan 1908 in Latrobe, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. 

The spelling of her given name, and all of the details of her marriage and family come from Reott, op. cit..

A son of Liola and George J. (Reott) Beggs:   James Elwood. 

1    Reott, James Elwood was born 15 Dec 1933 in Jamestown, Mercer, Pennsylvania and died 17 Jun 1993 in Orlando, Orange, Florida.  He was married to Jessie Mae Clark.  Jessie Mae was born Oct 1936 +152m, -93m *

ii    Beggs, Loraine E. was born 20 Mar 1911 in Pennsylvania and died 15 Jan 2000 in Apopka, Orange, Florida. 

Loraine's birth and death information is from Reott, op. cit.

There was another Loraine Beggs, about five years younger that this son of Loraine and Anna, and with middle initial "A". He was born 27 Aug 1917, was issued his Social Security number in Wisconsin, where he died 21 Jun 1987 while living in Milwaukee. The names are rare enough that there is a reasonable good chance that this was a cousin of Loraine E.

iii    Beggs, James was born Oct 1913 +87m, -18m * in Pennsylvania. 

iv    Beggs, Clyde Nelson was born 26 Sep 1923 in Pennsylvania and died 27 May 2009. 

The SSDI record for Clyde gives us his middle name, Nelson, as well as his latest residence in Irving, Dallas, Texas.

6    Hamilton, Clara was born Jul 1883 in Pennsylvania and died before Apr 1932. 

7    Hamilton, Nelson was born Sep 1885 in Pennsylvania and died before 1933.  He was married to Lola E. ____.  Lola E. was born Aug 1890 +63m, -67m * in Pennsylvania. 

There was a Nilson Hamilton, 25, boarding with Henry and Cathrine Gangaware In North Huntngdon, Westmoreland in 1910, working as a Farm Laborer. That was quite likely to be Nelson, as the given name is not all that common in the area.

In 1920, both and misread Nelson's age as 39 instead of 34, although the census was clear. He and Lola were in Henderson Township, Jefferson County, some 75 miles north of Franklin Township, Westmoreland. He was working as a laborer in the coke ovens.

Lola was a widow by 1930, living in Sykesville, Jefferson County with her two daughters. She was working as a seamstress in a Shirt Factory.

The two children of Nelson and Lola E. (____) Hamilton:   Octavia M. and Catherine L. 

i    Hamilton, Octavia M. was born Aug 1914 +14m, -27m * in Pennsylvania. 

ii    Hamilton, Catherine L. was born Aug 1917 +47m, -18m * in Pennsylvania. 

Cathrine's age on the 1920 census, taken on 14/15 January, was given as 3 years, 8 months, so she was born in April or May, 1916.

8    Hamilton, Sadie S. was born 30 Jul 1887 in Irwin, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, died Apr 1969 and was buried in Memorial Park, Dania, Broward.  She and Israel Eben "Eben" Loughner were married 29 Nov 1905 in Mahoning County, Ohio.  Israel Eben "Eben" was born 19 Oct 1886 in Penn, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, died 1 Aug 1970 in Broward County, Florida and was buried in Memorial Park, Dania, Broward.  He was the son of Israel and Elizabeth (Harman) Loughner.

Sadie, as Mrs. Eben Laughner, is the third married sister to be named in her brother George's obituary.

A marriage certificate was found online for Eben Loughner and Sadie Hamilton. On 29 Nov 1905 in Mahoning County, Ohio, Sadie gives her parents' names as Phillip and Mary (Lewis) Hamilton and her place of birth as Irwin, (Penn Township, Westmoreland County), Pennsylvania. Despite the odd location, (Youngstown, the county seat of Mahoning, is approximately 100 miles northwest of her home), this is indeed "our" Sadie. She states she will be 19 on 30 July 1906; i.e. her next birthday, which agrees with the 1900 census (born July 1887). Eben states he is 22 yrs old which would be a birth year of 1883, the same as he will give years later for his WWII draft registration. If other sources are correct and he was born in 1886, he was actually 19 at marriage and preferred to appear more mature. He gives his residence as Manor Station, Pennsylvania, and his place of birth as Penn Station.

Eben, Sadie and children appear in the census of 1910 in North Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County and then in New Florence (in St. Clair Twp, the very eastern tip of Westmoreland) for both the 1920 and 1930 censuses. In 1930, Sadie's widowed mother is living with them -- Mary J Hamilton, 79. Eben states his age as 23, 33 and 43 in these spring or summer censuses, suggesting he was born in Oct 1886. He gives his name as Israel E. in 1910, and as Eben I. in both the later censuses.

He appears then to have settled on Eben Israel, as he registered for both the WWI and WWII drafts under that name. In the June 1917 document he has an (unnamed) wife and 5 children. It gives his birth date as 19 Oct 1886. The WWII document, dated 27 Apr 1942, also lists his birth day and month as Oct 19, but gives his birth year as 1883 and his age as 58, not 55. Oddly, too, he is listed as blue eyed and red haired in the earlier document and with brown hair and eyes in the later document. But his wife is indeed listed as Sadie Loughner in the latter.

On their marriage application, Eben's father's given name was limited to the initial "I", and assuming his name to be Israel, a census search for 1900 turns up an Israel Loughner, born Mar 1857, wife Elizabeth, born Sep 1856, and five children including a 13 year old Israel born Oct of 1887 . They are residing in Harrison, (Penn Township), Westmoreland, PA.

Both Eben's name and birthdate vary over his lifetime in the historical documents, but perhaps his tombstone can be given the final word on the matter: It states that Israel Eben Loughner was born Oct 19, 1886. His ancestry goes back five generations to the immigrant Christian Laugenor, born 1729 in Germany and a Revolutionary War Veteran as was his son, Rudolph, who settled with his family in Westmoreland County around 1800. Rudy's son Adam was the father of Israel the elder.

Israel Eben was one of at least seven children, as witnessed by the obituary on of his sister Marjorie E. Kifer, wife of Arthur, who died in 1963 and is buried in Irwin, Westmoreland County. There he is named as Eben, of New Florence, that county. His brothers were Cornelius (of Denver) and James (of Manor); his sisters Marjorie E. Kifer (1885-1963), Nettie Balsley and Ruth McKelvey, both of Essington. Manor is a borough in Penn Township, Essington is in Tinicum Township, Delaware County, just west of Philadelphia.

The children of Eben and Sadie given here are taken from the 1910 through 1930 censuses.

The eight children of Sadie S. and Israel Eben "Eben" (Loughner) Hamilton:   Nelson G, Mary E., Glessen R., Clara A., Charles E., George L., Naida M. and T. Kenneth. 

i    Loughner, Nelson G was born 30 Sep 1905 in Pennsylvania and died Jun 1985. 

From the SSDI, the last residence of Nelson Loughner was in Johnstown, Cambria, Pennsylvania. Cambria is the next county east of Westmoreland.

ii    Loughner, Mary E. was born Jul 1910 +29m, -33m * in Pennsylvania. 

iii    Loughner, Glessen R. was born Dec 1913 +29m, -19m * in Pennsylvania. 

iv    Loughner, Clara A. was born Nov 1916 +18m, -18m * in Pennsylvania. 

v    Loughner, Charles E. was born 2 Nov 1919 in Pennsylvania and died 29 Apr 1988. 

The SSDI record for Charles's death reports his most recent address was in Jeannette, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.

vi    Loughner, George L. was born 11 Dec 1919 in Pennsylvania and died May 1986. 

George last resided in Youngwood, Wstmoreland County.

vii    Loughner, Naida M. was born Jan 1923 +31m, -20m * in Pennsylvania. 

viii    Loughner, T. Kenneth was born Apr 1927 +22m, -15m * in Pennsylvania. 

The name T. Kenneth comes from the 1930 census, enumerated on April 7th, which gives his age as 3 years, 10 months, hence a birth in May or June, 1927.

The SSDI record for a Kenneth R. Loughner, born 17 Apr 1927, died 22 Mar 1993, last residing in Jeannette, Westmoreland County, possibly belongs to T. Kenneth. However, the very small differences in the name and birth dates make this less than sure.

9    Hamilton, Robert N. was born Sep 1892 in Pennsylvania.  He was married to Sarah A. ____.  Sarah A. was born Aug 1893 +32m, -39m * in Pennsylvania. 

Robert at age 17 in 1910 was living with his sister Anna Beggs in Pitcairn Borough, Allegheny County, working as a carpenter for a railroad. By 1920, he and his wife and their three chilren were censused adjacent to his eldest brother, John in Synder Township, Blaird County. He was a laborer on the Pennsylvania Railroad at that time. It is from this latter census that we get his middle initial "N".

From a 1930 census transcription we find two more children, Ira D. and Lorain M., and also the middle initials of Sarah and of two of the older children. Robert was working on the farm that he owned in Halfmoon Township, Centre County, which is adjacent on the northeast of Blair County in the middle of Pennsylvania.

At the time of his brother George's death in April, 1932, he was living back in Tyrone, Blair County, Pennsylvania. Tyrone is about 18 miles northeast of Altoona, Pennsylvania, which in turn is some 75 miles east of Westmoreland County.

The five children of Robert N. and Sarah A. (____) Hamilton:   Sylvia R., Robert Stanley, S. Louise, Ira D. and Loraine M. 

i    Hamilton, Sylvia R. was born Nov 1914 +13m, -31m * in Pennsylvania. 

ii    Hamilton, Robert Stanley was born 3 Nov 1916 in Pennsylvania and died Dec 1981.  He was married to Arlene ____.  Arlene was born Nov 1919 +71m, -67m *

Robert's age in January, 1920 was given as 3 years, 4 months, so he was born August or September, 1916.

A daughter of Arlene and Robert Stanley (Hamilton) ____:   Janice. 

1    Hamilton, Janice was born Aug xxxx +109m, -57m * .  She was married to ____ Powers.  ____ was born Jul 1940 +99m, -154m *

iii    Hamilton, S. Louise was born Aug 1919 +19m, -18m * in Pennsylvania. 

Louise was one year, three months old when the 1920 census was taken on 29 January, so was born on the last day of September or in October, 1919. In the 1930 census, her initial initial "S." looked like it was entered after her name Louise had been written. All of her siblings had middle initials specified.

iv    Hamilton, Ira D. was born Nov 1921 +15m, -15m * in Pennsylvania. 

v    Hamilton, Loraine M. was born Aug 1924 +46m, -17m * in Pennsylvania. 

Could Loraine, a daughter, have been named after Loraine Beggs, the husband of her aunt Anna Hamilton Beggs?

George Lewis Hamilton  &  Mary Melissa Bitz
George 1, Philip H. 2, George Lewis 3, George Oliver 4 m1 m2 m3, Mildred Louise "Millie" 5 Bitz Top  

George Lewis Hamilton was born 23 Aug 1872 in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, died Apr 1932 in McKeesport, Allegheny, Pennsylvania and was buried in Irwin Cemetery, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. 

George Lewis and Mary Melissa Bitz were married after 24 Dec 1891. 

Mary Melissa Bitz was born 28 Feb 1869 in Strawpump, Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of Jacob F. and Elizabeth (____) Bitz.

On George's application for a marriage license we read that "Geo Hamilton", born 23 Aug 1869 and residing in Irwin, Westmoreland County, "desires to marry Malissa M Bitz", born 28 Feb 1869 and also residing in Irwin. George gave his occupation as Laborer, and Malissa was a Housekeeper who had not been married before. Consent to the marriage was given by "P H Hamilton" of Penn Twp. who was, of course, George's father Phillip. The marriage license was issued the day before Christmas, 1891.

Now several things are to be noted. First, Malissa M. Bitz was actually Mary Melissa, whose census records named her as "Mary M” and “Mary Melissa”. I suspect that she was baptised as Melissa Mary, and so name on the "official" marriage application, but she or her parents decided to call her Mary Melissa as that seems to consistent in the census records.

Second, George’s year of birth is fictitous, appearing to make the couple the same age. We have from his obituary that George was born 23 Aug 1872, which is confirmed by his 1900 census, so he was actually four months shy of his twentieth birthday when he applied for the marriage license, not twenty-two. Melissa gave her birth to the 1880 census taker as 1868-1869, and as Feb 1869 for the marriage application, so her two records are in agreement.

Over the years, George and Mary's households shifted between Alleghany and Westmoreland Counties. In 1900, George and Mary, with ages reported as 27 and 30, were living in the 3rd Ward of Irwin Borough, North Huntington Twp., Westmoreland County, a few miles from his parents' in Manor Borough in Penn Twp. He was working as a Locomotive Fireman, and Mary reported that she had had three children, all living.

George and Mary lived with their children in Duquesne Ward 3, Allegheny County, in 1910, where he worked as a bottom maker in the steel works. In 1920 he was a married man living with his widowed mother and son George Oliver in New Florence Borough, Westmoreland County. There he was working as a bar repairman for a steam R.R., and his son was a laborer for the same company. In 1930 he was a lodger in Johnstown, Cambria, Pennsylvania.

From his obituary we learn that George was a member of the German Beneficial Union of Pitcairn, the National Puzzlers' League, and the Pitcairn Lodge, A. O. K. M. C. (probably the American Order of the Knights of the Maltese Cross). He lived in the Vendome hotel, Johnstown, but died during a weekend visit to the home of his daughter, Mrs. Marie Johnson, 907 Ridge stret.

Also from the obituary: "He is survived by a son, George Hamilton of McKeesport and a daughter, Mrs. Marie Johnson of this city; by six grandchildren; also by three sisters and two brothers, Mrs. Eben Laughner of New Florence, Mrs. Andrew Painter of Pitcairn, Mrs. Loraine Beggs of Derry, Robert Hamilton of Tyrone and John Hamilton of California."

Mary is not mentioned in George's obituary, but she had twice appeared in census records as a widow. In 1920 whe was living with her daughter Marie E. Espy and son-in-law Hugh A, Espy. A decade later she was again living with Marie, who by this time was Marie Johnson, wife of Andrew.

Comparing these (incompatible) obituary and census records, we might well conclude that George and Mary Melissa were either separated or divorced, but she chose to represent herself as widowed, instead, and continued to use the name Hamilton.

In both of the census records, Mary reported that both of her parents had been born in Virginia.

The four children of George Lewis and Mary Melissa (Bitz) Hamilton:   Lewis Jacob, Marie E., John Philip and George Oliver

1    Hamilton, Lewis Jacob was born Aug 1893 in Apollo, Armstrong, Pennsylvania. 

Lewis in 1910 was living in his parents home and working as a clerk in the steel works. He gave his age as 15 at that time, but in the 1900 census his reported birth was Aug 1893. I was unable to locate Lewis in the 1920 census.

There is a World War I Draft Registration Card for Lewis Jacob Hamilton, age 22 and living at 419 Harrison, McKeesport. The birth date was written as 23 Aug 1893(?), with the last digit overwritten with a "4". He was born in Apollo, Pennsylvania, which is in Armstrong County, adjacent to the north of Westmoreland County. Lewis was an invalid and did not have an occupation, but claimed his mother was solely dependent on him. He made his mark on the application instead of signing it. The back of the card was dated McKeesport, June 5, 1917, so the birth year of 1894 was necessary to agree with his stated age of 22. I believe this is Lewis J, the son of George Lewis and Malissa Mary Bitz, so accept Jacob as his middle name and Apollo as his birth place, but retain the 1893 birth year.

I don't know if he was the Louis K. Hamilton, age 33 in Pittsburgh in 1930. The age isn't quite right, and the middle initial is K, rather than J, but I haven't seen the original census page. He was with his wife Elsie D. Hamilton, age 39, and three children, George D., age 3, and twins Margery L. and Charles B, age one year. Also in the home was Emma Catterawl, a widowed Irish housekeeper aged 63. The census abstract I've seen does not indicate whether or not she was related to Elsie.

2    Hamilton, Marie E. was born Dec 1895 in Pennsylvania.  She was married (1) to Hugh A. Espey 1916/1917.  Hugh A. was born Mar 1893 +38m, -58m * .  She was married (2) to William Andrew "Red" Johnson.  William Andrew "Red" was born Oct 1907 +11m, -10m * in Pennsylvania and died before Dec 1971.  He was the son of William Andrew and Otilda Mae "Tillie" (Copeland) Johnson.

Marie and Hugh Espy when censused in McKeesport in 1920 had a daughter Elma E., aged 1 year, and a son Harold G, aged three. This would point to a marriage about 1915 or 1916, and Marie reported her age as 23, i.e., born 1896/1897.

Ten years later, Marie as the wife of Andrew Johnson, reported her age as 29, having only aged 6 years that decade! (From the 1900 census she was reported born in Feb, 1895.) Their children were Harold, 13, Elma 11, and Jean, 2 years of age. Harold and Elma had taken on the name Johnson. Her second marriage must have been before about 1927. Her mother, as Mary Hamilton, lived with her both censuses.


The two children of Marie E. and Hugh A. (Espey) Hamilton:   Harold G. and Alma. 

i    Espey, Harold G. was born Dec 1917 in Pennsylvania. 

ii    Espey, Alma was born Feb 1919 in Pennsylvania. 

Censused as Elma E. in 1920

A daughter of William Andrew "Red" and Marie E. (Hamilton) Johnson:   Jean Tillie. 

i    Johnson, Jean Tillie.  She was married to James Bownan.  James died Jun 1994. 

Jean Tillie resided 1990 in Okeechobee, Okeechobee, Florida.

According to a family group sheet, Marie and William also had another daughter and a son Harold, but I have no more specific information.

3    Hamilton, John Philip was born Sep 1898 in Pennsylvania and died after 1910. 

John Phillip was censused as Philipp born Sep 1898 in 1900; as John P. age 11 in 1910.

4    Hamilton, George Oliver was born 12 Dec 1901.    

George Oliver Hamilton  &  Florence Mae Johnson
George 1, Philip H. 2, George Lewis 3, George Oliver 4 m1 m2 m3, Mildred Louise "Millie" 5 Johnson (A. A.) Top  

George Oliver Hamilton was born 12 Dec 1901 in Irwin, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, died 17 Feb 1985 in Ebensburg, Cambria, Pennsylvania and was buried in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. 

George Oliver was married (1) to Florence Mae Johnson about 1924. 

Florence Mae Johnson was born 8 Sep 1905 in Hahntown, North Huntingdon, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania and died 25 Dec 1971 in Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of William Andrew and Otilda Mae "Tillie" (Copeland) Johnson.

George Oliver Hamilton was baptized in the New Florence United Brethren Church on 14 Dec 1919, according to a letter from A. J. Orlidge, his Pastor.

George O. was censused 1920 in New Florence, Westmoreland County, with his father George L. and grandmother Mary J. Hamilton (the only source we have for the middle initial of Mary Lewis).

According to his Altoona Mirror obituary, George died in the Laurel Crest Manor nursing care center in Ebensburg, Cambria County, some twenty five miles west of Altoona, Blair County, in central Pennsylvania. He was the son of "George L. and Elizabeth (Bitc) [sic] Hamilton", and was survived by his wife and "two daughters, Mildred Swan and Florence Wheeler".

The nursing home was known as an almshouse, poorhouse and pauper house during it's life as a county facility. By 1977, new renovations were needed, with a new addition making the T-shaped, newly-dubbed Laurel Crest Manor much of what it is today (2009), a long-term nursing care center.

George and Florence were censused 1930 in North Versailles, Allegheny County where he was workin as a "Machine Head, Tube Plant'. Their ages at that time were given as 23 and 20 years, and their two children at that time were Florence, 4 and George, 2. They also had Florence's sister Alice living with them at age 17.

Note that Florence's brother "Red" Johnson married Marie Hamilton, her husband's sister. Their father was of Swedish ancestry, and her mother Irish.

Florence's death notice says that she was employed in the Lincoln Hill Country Club checkroom. It also lists her survivors, "her husband John Sharik; a son, George Hamilton of North Bergen, N.J.; daughters, Mrs. Florence Orin of Wilkes-Barre and Mrs. Mildred Swan of Palo Alto, Calif.; seven grandchildren; a brother, Howard Johnson of Turtle Creek and a sister, Mrs. Leeda [sic] O'Hearn of San Diego, Calif.".

The four children of George Oliver and Florence Mae (Johnson) Hamilton:   Florence "Sallie", Dorothy May, George Lewis and Mildred Louise "Millie"

1    Hamilton, Florence "Sallie" was born 4 Apr 1925 in McKeesport, Allegheny, Pennsylvania and died 18 Dec 2005 in Luzerne, Pennsylvania.  She was married (1) to Walter Orbin 1 Jun 1965 in Winchester, Virginia.  Walter was born Jun 1922 +93m, -152m * .  She was married (2) to Charles S. Wheeler 6 Jun 1969 in Wilkes-Barre.  Charles S. was born 6 Jun 1921 in Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, Pennsylvania.  He was the son of Benjamin F. and Edith (____) Wheeler.

The death of Florence "Sallie" is recorded in the Social Security Death Index, her SSN was 189-14-2387. Her recorded places of residence, all in Luzerne County, PA, were Bear Creek, Hilldale, Hudson, Korn Krest, Plains and Wilkes Barre.

Charley was the middle one of seven children, censused 1930 in Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, Pennsylvania.

2    Hamilton, Dorothy May was born 15 Oct 1926 in Pennsylvania, died 18 Feb 1927 in McKeesport, Allegheny, Pennsylvania and was buried in Versailles Cemetery. 

Dorothy May's death date is recorded at the McKeesport and Versailles Cemetery, where it states that she died at age 4 months, 3 days. That provides the birth date of 15 Oct 1926.

According to Dorothy's newspaper death notice, the family was living at 1808 Mathias St. in McKeesport, just a block or so from the cemetery.

3    Hamilton, George Lewis was born 3 Sep 1928 in McKeesport, Pennsylvania and died 23 Jun 1983 in New York, New York, New York.  He was married (1) to Mary Ruth Regensburger about 1947.  Mary Ruth was born 28 Oct 1928 in McKeesport, Allegheny, Pennsylvania and died 3 Aug 2004 in Elizabeth Twp., Allegheny, Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of August J. and Alma M (Fullard) Regensburger. He was married (2) to Mary Jane Barnum about 1956.  Mary Jane was born 28 Jul 1932.  She was the daughter of Harry and Jane (____) Barnum.

George Lewis resided in 1971 in North Bergen, Hudson, New Jersey.

George and Mary Jane's daughters Maryanne and Joanne were born in Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital in Jersey City. This hospital had over 350,000 births during it's existence from 1931 through 1979 [].

A communication from Joyce Rubizzi Lesniewski on 22 May 2012 identified her mother Mary Ruth as the onetime wife of George Hamilton, and provided me with her birth and death dates. She said her mother always went by her middle name, Ruth. Joyce said that Ruth's marriage to George was short lived, and they had one child who died young.

Ruth's obituary is reproduced in part here:

"Ruth M. Regensburger Rubizzi, age 75, of Elizabeth Twp., passed away on Tuesday, August 3, 2004 at the residence of her daughter in Elizabeth Twp. Born October 28, 1928 in McKeesport, she was a daughter of the late August J. and Alma Fullard Regensburger. Surviving are her husband, Eugene "Bing" N. Rubizzi, daughters, Joyce (James) Lesniewski of Elizabeth Twp. and Gina (Thomas) Swauger of Elkton, MD. "

I remember being told years ago that Mary Jane's mother was named Jane. The only likely family found in the 1940 census was that of Harry and Jane Barnum who lived on Atkins Avenue in New York City, Kings County, New York. He was 33 and Jane 25, and their Mary Jane was then seven years old, which implies a birth in the second half of 1932 or the first half of 1933. This checks exactly with the known date for George's wife of 28 Jul 1932, so I'm accepting Harry as Mary Janes's father. They also had a son, Harry, Jr., 4 years old at that 1940 census.

A son of George Lewis and Mary Ruth (Regensburger) Hamilton:   George. 

i    Hamilton, George was born 26 Aug 1949 and died 17 Sep 1949. 

George and Ruth's son George died at age three weeks. Joyce has been able to find his birth and death dates which she shared with me, and says that he was buried in the St. Joseph's Cemetery in North Versailles. She writes "We actually buried my mom with his baby plaque from his casket.".

The four children of George Lewis and Mary Jane (Barnum) Hamilton:   Linda Ann, Maryanne, Joanne and Jayne Marie. 

i    Hamilton, Linda Ann was born 21 Aug xxxx in Bogota, Bergen, New Jersey.  She and Daniel John Bubenik were married 29 Oct 1989 in Trinity Lutheran, Bogota, Bergen, New Jersey.  Daniel John was born 11 Aug xxxx in Teaneck, Bergen, New Jersey.  He was the son of Andrew Joseph and Norma Beatrice (Niero) Bubenik.

The two children of Linda Ann and Daniel John (Bubenik) Hamilton:   Danielle and Steven George. 

1    Bubenik, Danielle was born 28 Feb xxxx in Hackensack, Bergen, New Jersey. 

2    Bubenik, Steven George was born 12 Jul xxxx in Pequannoc, Morris, New Jersey. 

ii    Hamilton, Maryanne was born 11 Feb xxxx in Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey. 

iii    Hamilton, Joanne was born 2 Mar xxxx in Jersey City, New Jersey.  She and James Franklin Murphy were married 28 Nov 1981 in United Methodist, Teaneck, Bergen, New Jersey.  James Franklin was born 3 Nov xxxx in Teaneck, New Jersey. 

According to a notation on a family group sheet supplied by Joanne's sister Linda, Thomas and Clinton are adopted children. That family record indicates that David was born in Holy Name Hospital, Christopher, Timothy and Michelle in the Hackensack Medical Center; Thomas in the Passaic General Hospital, Clinton in Morristown Memorial and Nicholas in Chilton Memorial Hospital.

The seven children of Joanne and James Franklin (Murphy) Hamilton:   David Edwin Hackett, Christopher James, Timothy Joseph, Michelle, Thomas Jarrell, Clinton Jefferey "C. J." and Nicholas Jorge. 

1    Murphy, David Edwin Hackett was born 29 Dec xxxx in Teaneck, Bergen, New Jersey. 

2    Murphy, Christopher James was born 25 Oct xxxx in Hackensack, Bergen, New Jersey. 

3    Murphy, Timothy Joseph was born 20 Aug xxxx in Hackensack. 

4    Murphy, Michelle was born 23 Dec xxxx in Hackensack. 

5    Murphy, Thomas Jarrell was born 8 Oct xxxx in Passaic, New Jersey. 

6    Murphy, Clinton Jefferey "C. J." was born 9 Nov xxxx in Morristown, Morris, New Jersey. 

7    Murphy, Nicholas Jorge was born 22 Jul xxxx in Pequannoc, Morris, New Jersey. 

iv    Hamilton, Jayne Marie was born 17 Jul xxxx.  She and Michael John Stuhrmann were married 28 Nov 1981 in United Methodist, Teaneck, Bergen, New Jersey.  Michael John was born 12 Jun xxxx. 

A son of Jayne Marie and Michael John (Stuhrmann) Hamilton:   Michael J.. 

1    Stuhrmann, Michael J. was born Jan xxxx +173m, -79m *

4    Hamilton, Mildred Louise "Millie" was born 22 Jul 1930.    

George Oliver Hamilton  &  Mary Lola "Lola" Craine
George 1, Philip H. 2, George Lewis 3, George Oliver 4 m1 m2 m3, Mildred Louise "Millie" 5   Top  

George Oliver Hamilton was born 12 Dec 1901 in Irwin, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, died 17 Feb 1985 in Ebensburg, Cambria, Pennsylvania and was buried in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. 

George Oliver was married (2) to Mary Lola "Lola" Craine about 1940. 

Mary Lola "Lola" Craine was born 7 Jun 1899 in Gallitzin, Cambria, Pennsylvania and died 26 May 1972 in McKeesport, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of John and Hattie May (Hockenberry) Craine.

Lola was the second of four children, with older sisters Ethel and younger brothers Chester and Harvey. The 1910 census of her parents' home is the only record I have that her first name was Mary. She was named as Lola in her first census in June, 1900, when she was eleven months old, and went by that name in later life. Her birthday of 7 June comes from family records.

In 1940 George, 39, and Lola, 37, were censused in McKeesport with George, 11, and Mildred 9 years old. They were living at 1001 Fifth Avenue, and George was working as a laborer in the a steel mill.

Lula's death was recorded as "Carcinoma of Liver with Hepatic Failure". That certification of death, however, incorrectly listed her birthday as 7 Jun 1903, rather than 1899. (She was three years old in the 1900 census.)

Her obituary in The Daily News of McKeesport reported her survivors as "her husband, George O. Hamilton, stepdaughters Mrs. Florence E. Orbin of Wilkes-Barre and Mrs. Mildred L. Swan of Palo Alto, Calif., stepson, George L. Hamilton of North Bergen, N.J.; seven grandchildren; sisters and brothers, Mrs. Ethel Eger and Chester Craine of Cresson. Lola was interred in Jefferson Memorial Park cemetery.

George Oliver Hamilton  &  Giovanna Cashman
George 1, Philip H. 2, George Lewis 3, George Oliver 4 m1 m2 m3, Mildred Louise "Millie" 5   Top  

George Oliver Hamilton was born 12 Dec 1901 in Irwin, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, died 17 Feb 1985 in Ebensburg, Cambria, Pennsylvania and was buried in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. 

George Oliver was married (3) to Giovanna Cashman about 1977. 

Giovanna Cashman

Mildred Louise "Millie" Hamilton  &  Paul Reese Swan
George 1, Philip H. 2, George Lewis 3, George Oliver 4 m1 m2 m3, Mildred Louise "Millie" 5 Swan Top  

Mildred Louise "Millie" Hamilton was born 22 Jul 1930 in McKeesport, Allegheny, Pennsylvania and died 21 Sep 1998 in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, California. 

Mildred Louise "Millie" and Paul Reese Swan were married 7 Jun 1951 in McKeesport, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. 

Paul Reese Swan was born 7 Feb 1929 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas and baptized in the Highland Park Methodist Church.  He was the son of Paul Reese and Mildred Louise (Hartzell) Swan.

The three children of Mildred Louise "Millie" and Paul Reese (Swan) Hamilton:   Deborah Lee "Deb", Paul Reese and Mark Hamilton. 

1    Swan, Deborah Lee "Deb" was born 7 Mar xxxx in Orange, Essex, New Jersey. 

2    Swan, Paul Reese was born 25 Nov xxxx in Plainfield, Union, New Jersey.  He was married (1) to Janine Bisharat 15 Apr 1982 in Menlo Park, San Mateo, California.  Janine was born Jun xxxx +55m, -60m * .  He was married (2) to Kathryn Deloris Gordon 7 Jun 2000 in Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada.  Kathryn Deloris was born 1 Jan xxxx in Miami, Florida.  She was the daughter of Ellis Arnell and Hollie Nell (Israel) Gordon. He was married (3) to Lenore Renee Grier 5 Jul 2012 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio.  Lenore Renee was born 22 Mar xxxx in Cleveland, Cuyahoga , Ohio.  She was the daughter of Sellers and Claudia Mae (Williamson) Grier.

3    Swan, Mark Hamilton was born 16 Apr xxxx in Newton, Suffolk, Massachusetts.  He was married (1) to Nancy Marshall Ames 10 Jan 1987 in Stanford, Santa Clara, California.  Nancy Marshall was born 16 Apr xxxx in San Francisco, San Francisco, California.  He was married (2) to Linda Jennifer Stevens 2 Sep 2000 in San Francisco, San Francisco, California.  Linda Jennifer was born 2 Aug xxxx in San Mateo, San Mateo, California and baptized 1962 in Presbyterian Ch. She was the daughter of Harry Ferdinand and Winnie Ernestine (Geway) Stevens.

Mark and Linda's marriage on 2 Sep 2000 took place in the Westin St. Francis Hotel on Union Square in San Francisco.

The two children of Mark Hamilton and Nancy Marshall (Ames) Swan:   Melanie Elsbeth and Benjamin David. 

i    Swan, Melanie Elsbeth was born 9 Sep xxxx in Santa Clara, Santa Clara, California. 

ii    Swan, Benjamin David was born 5 Oct xxxx in Santa Clara. 

The three children of Mark Hamilton and Linda Jennifer (Stevens) Swan:   Lily Kathleen, Oliver Hamilton and Ruby Antoinette. 

i    Swan, Lily Kathleen was born 24 Nov xxxx in Los Gatos, Santa Clara, California. 

ii    Swan, Oliver Hamilton was born 8 Oct xxxx in Los Gatos. 

iii    Swan, Ruby Antoinette was born 18 Sep xxxx in Los Gatos. 

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