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There are several spellings used for our Hamiltons in various secondary sources, even for those ostensibly based on extractions from the Parish records. I've seen Hammeltoun, Hammiltoun, Hammiltown, Hammilton, Hamiltone, Hamiltown and Hamilton for the surname in Ayrshire. I'm using Hamilton as that is the way the name is recorded for the birth of Kathrine, daughter of James and Ann Hamilton Hamilton. (Including this couple, there were five more or less contemporary Hamilton-Hamilton marriages evident in Ayrshire -- the others being Hugh and Mary, James and Elizabeth, Robert and Mary and William and Ann.)
Contemporaries of James and Ann Hamilton in Ardrossan were Robert Hammeltoun [est born 1722] and Mary Hammiltoun, John Hammiltown [est 1725] and Mary Armour, and William Hammilton [est 1736] and Margaret Ferry. John and Mary in particular had descendants born in Ardrossan throughout the rest of the eighteenth century.

James Hamilton  &  Ann Hamilton
James 1 , Kathrine 2 Top  

James Hamilton was born about 1720 and died before 1819. 
James was married to Ann about 1745. 
Ann Hamilton died 10 Mar 1777 in Saltcoats, Ayrshire, Scotland. 

From the birth record of their daughter Ann we learn that James was a salter in Saltcoats in 1765. The business of that town was primarily in the making of salt by boiling seawater, hence the name of his occupation. Saltcoats was in Ardrossan Parish, but many births in that town appear in the Stevenston register.
A mystery here is the thirteen year gap between Kathrine and Ann. Most probably it represents other siblings whose births were not recorded, but that is purely speculation.
Batch C116202 extracted record]. The surname Euin is probably an early version of Evans. West Kilbride, six miles from Stevenston and Ardrossen, is also one of the possible homes of our William King, whose daughter Margaret married James McNaught. This is a perfectly plausible match, but no supporting evidence seems to be available. Contrarywise, there is a secondary record of the marriage of an Ann Hamilton to a James Hamilton of West Kilbride, and that may be Anna.
Although only two birth records have been found for children of this couple, there is a death record in the 1747 Stevenston Parochial Registers:
James, son to James Hamilton in Sal. Dyed 7th bur 8 Septr.
This is followed just twenty one years later with the record:
James Hamilton's wife died Salter March 10th.
The Landsborough Census of 1819 lists Widow or Ann Hamilton Hamilton, Quay Street, Margaret, Catherine. Since Ann's husband James had been born in 1720, either Ann was a much younger wife or lived to a ripe old age. The double Hamilton name leaves little doubt as to this being the wife of James. On the basis of this record, I include in this family the Margaret Hamilton born 2 Aug, baptised 4 Aug 1754 in Stevenston to James Hamilton, wife not specified. However, who this Catherine was I don't know, possibly a granddaughter, but surely not the daughter Kathrine who married about 1770.
The four children of James and Ann (Hamilton) Hamilton: James, Kathrine, Margaret and Ann. 
1    Hamilton, James was born in Ayrshire, Scotland, died 7 Sep 1747 in Saltcoats, Ayrshire, Scotland and was buried 8 Sep 1747. 
There was a James Hammiltown born 19 Jun, baptised 22 Jun 1747 in Ardrossan, Ayrshire, son of John Hammiltown and Mary Armour. Possibly a relative, but certainly an opertunity to mix up some records, particularly since Kathrine, sister of our James, was born in Ardrossan.
2    Hamilton, Kathrine was born 15 May 1752.    
3    Hamilton, Margaret was born 2 Aug 1754 and baptized 4 Aug 1754 in Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland. 
4    Hamilton, Ann was born 30 Mar 1765 in Saltcoats, Ayrshire, Scotland and baptized 31 Mar 1765 in Saltcoats. 
Ann's baptism record in the Stevenston Parochial Registers reads:
Ann Dautt to James Hamilton Salter in Sal. bor march 30th Bpt 31
the Sal. being an abbreviation for the town of Saltcoats in Ardrossan Parish, located between the towns of Ardrossan and Stevenston.
In the Ardrossan Parochial Registers for March 1765 we find a slightly different story:
James Hammilton Salter in Saltcoats and Ann Hammilton his Spouse had a Laufull Daughter name Ann born ye 31st Baptised the Same Day

Kathrine Hamilton  &  William Brown
James 1 , Kathrine 2 Brown Top  

Kathrine Hamilton was born 15 May 1752 in Ardrossan, Ayrshire, Scotland and baptized 17 May 1752 in Ardrossan. 
Kathrine was married to William about 1770 in Ayrshire, Scotland. 
William Brown was born 11 Jan 1748 in Crofthead, Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland and baptized 24 Jan 1748 in Ardrossan, Ayrshire, Scotland.  He was the son of John and Agnes (Gulliland) Brown. 

William Brown was a salter in Saltcoats. The principle business of the town was the boiling of seawater to make salt, and his description as a salter in the birth records of his children indicates that was his trade. As we indicated above, William was born in Crofthead, Kilwinning Parish. The entry in the Ardrossan Parochial Registers:
IMAGE: William_Brown_Ardrossan.gif
John Broun weaver in Crofthead & agnes Guileland had a laufl Son called
William born Jany ye 11th baptized the 24th 1748

A William Brown of Stevenston died 14 Jan 1825 [SPR; FR778], but it's difficult to determine whether or not that was our William. Another William had died in Parkend, Stevenston, on 31 Oct 1823 [SPR; FR777]. Marriage: [IGI]
Kathrine's birth and baptism appear in the Ardrossan Parochial Registers:
IMAGE: Kathrine_Hamilton_Ardrossan.gif
James Hamilton Salter at the Pans Stevenston ____ of Saltcts
And Ann Hamilton his Spouse had a lawfull Daughter called
Kathrine born May 15th baptized May 17th 1750

The baptisms of William and Kathrine's two children were registered in both Stevenston and Ardrossan parishes. When their children were born in 1771 and 1775, William was described as a "salter", and their town of residence was Saltcoats, on the coast below the town of Stevenston. Between the births of Alexander and Janet, the Parochial Church of Ardrossan was rebuilt, in 1733. That site is now the North Ayrshire Museum of Saltcoats. At the time William and Mary were living in Saltcoats, it was the main town of Ardrossan Parish, the town of Ardrossan itself not yet in existence.
The two children of William and Kathrine (Hamilton) Brown: Alexander and Janet. 

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