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BURGER, ____ 1
m  ____ ____
b 1740      d ____
b ____      d ____
b 1767      d ____
b ____      d ____
b 1791      d 1865
b 1782      d 1847


In her letter of 17 Jan 1993, Billie Jean Mitchell says that Edna Culp, of Canada, had the Burger history "going all the way back to Germany"274. Edna, "quite old", is a descendant of Christian and Sarah (Brown) Burger, and is listed in "Hunt's History", otherwise unidentified. Her son has the book and extra copies, and Billie Jean is trying to trace him to get a copy.

In tax records she received from Jim Boor, Adam and Abraham's surname was spelled Burket, Burgert, and Burger.

A Michael Burger emigrated 16 Sep 1751 with Heinrich Adam Scherer on the Edinburgh.

Daniel Burger Teeter's 1897 letter says "old Daniel Whetstone's sister, Betty… was the wife of old Abraham Burger, my Mother's Uncle". This establishes that Abraham was a brother to Daniel's grandfather David Burger. I had completely overlooked the implications of this passage which were pointed out to me by Billie Jean Mitchell.

A John Burger was censused 1800 in Bedford, born before 1755, with a wife born after 1755 and 7 daughters under 16 years. This could have been a cousin or a brother, as yet unidentified, to these siblings.

I have the six children and birth years in the first generation of this family line from Billie Jean Mitchell letter of 3 Nov 1991. She cited a "genealogist who is not always right".

In the 1822 tax returns of Woodberry Township there were two Burger's who cannot be identified, David (the first generation of that name left there in 1813) and Jacob, as not enough is known about the sons in the second generation.

____ Burger  &  ____ ____
____ 1, David 2 m1 m2, Susanna Heffner 3   Top  

____ Burger was born before 1740*

____ was married to ____ ____. 

The six children of ____ and ____ (____) Burger:   Adam, Abraham Lewis, Lydia, Daniel, David and Susannah. 

1    Burger, Adam was born 1760*.  He was married to Mary Puterbaugh.  Mary was born estimated Oct 1761*

Adam was born 1760 according to the 1789 tax record which gave his age as 29. He signed bond for his cousins Samuel, John, and Abraham Jr. Burger when Abraham, Sr. died May 1828.

Adam was censused 1800 in Bedford with a male born before 1755 (who could have been his father or father–in–law) in his household, and with a wife and 4 sons and 3 dtrs under 16, and censused there also in 1810. He was probably the Adam taxed $5 in Woodberry Township in 1822, as that tax indicates a man of some means, rather than a younger man of the next generation.

The 12 children are given by Mitchell274, but the dates were given by her earlier for a shorter list of only seven children:

The seven children of Adam and Mary (Puterbaugh) Burger:   ____, ____, ____, ____, ____, ____ and ____. 

i    Burger, ____ was born about 1787*

ii    Burger, ____ was born about 1789*

iii    Burger, ____ was born about 1791*

iv    Burger, ____ was born about 1793*

v    Burger, ____ was born about 1795*

vi    Burger, ____ was born about 1797*

vii    Burger, ____ was born about 1799*

2    Burger, Abraham Lewis was born before 1763* in 1761/1762 and died 1 Apr 1828 in South Woodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvania.  He was married to Elizabeth "Betty" Whetstone.  Elizabeth "Betty" was born estimated Oct 1768* in Hagerstown, Maryland and died in Bedford, Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of Christian and () Whetstone.

Abraham was censused in censused in South Woodbury Township 1810, and taxed 1814 according to a note I made on my 1820 census sheet, but only Peter Burger was censused that year. In 1822, Abraham, Sr., was taxed $3.34, and "Abraham Burger (of A)", i.e., son of Abraham, was taxed 9?. Taxes that year ranged from 6? for many small landowners to $8.60 for Jacob Bossler.

Abraham, of Woodbury Township, died intestate, the administrator of his estate being appointed 22 May 1828. Billie Jean Mitchell sent me, (private communication, Nov 1992), the first part of an Orphan's Court record dated 31 Jan 1833 of an application for a writ of partition by Samuel Burger, his eldest son, naming the widow Elizabeth and twelve children. The application says that Abraham owned about 200 acres in Woodbury Township, Bedford County, adjoining land of Samuel Leidy, Philip Furney, and John Teeter.

The Daniel Teeter letter mentions Betty Whetstone's brother Daniel and a sister (Mary, although he saith not) married to Isaac Richey.

Elizabeth, as a widow, was taxed 1829, 1832, and 1835 (but not 1838) in Woodbury twp [Mitchell/Hunt].

I had Betty's birth as c1755, but this seems about a decade too early, although it's quite possible. Don't know where I got the date, but Mitchell274 gives her birth as near Hagerstown. She also sent me a copy of a Bedford court record of the administration of accounts of her estate by John Burger. This was dated 17 Apr 1850, but cites dates of 27 and 28 Apr 1849, and describes her as late of Hopewell Township. My earlier data said that she died before 1838, but that may well be in error.

The children of this family are as listed in the Orphan's Court petition mentioned above. The birthdates are from Billie Jean Mitchells letter of November, 1992. She indicates the first three and last three, and Elizabeth's, are her estimates, and the others she has from some unnamed source. Catherine was noted as being a minor under 21 in the writ of partition of her fathers estate, and thus born 1807 or later. Since neither Hannah nor Joseph was similarly mentioned, their birth years of 1808 and 1810 estimated by Mitchell may be incorrect.

The twelve children of Abraham Lewis and Elizabeth "Betty" (Whetstone) Burger:   Susanna, Samuel Whetstone, Daniel, Jacob, Christian Whetstone, Abraham Whetstone, David, Elizabeth, John W., Hannah, Joseph and Catharine. 

i    Burger, Susanna was born about 1790. 

ii    Burger, Samuel Whetstone was born 25 Oct 1792 in Clearfield, Bedford, Pennsylvania, died 19 Apr 1870 and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Jefferson, Iowa.  He was married to Susannah "Susie" Whetstone.  Susannah "Susie" was born 29 Jan 1798 in Pennsylvania and died 2 Nov 1867 in Mt. Morris, Pine Creek Twp., Ogle, Illinois.  She was the daughter of Daniel and Mary (Stoler) Whetstone.

Samuel Whetstone Burger died 19 Apr 1870 ae 77y 5m 25d, according to a tombstone record, thus was born 25 Oct 1792.

Tombstone [Jefferson County Records, 2:102]:

Samuel was taxed a total of $2.72 on three parcels of land in Woodberry Township in 1822, and in 1838 and 1841 on the land of the widow Whetstone. He settled Illinois in latter part of 1844 or early 1845, but Billie Jean doubts he lived there very long. He returned to Bedford until 1850 or 1851, then settled near Mt. Morris, Ogle, Illinois where Susanna died 2 Nov 1867. [Mitchell/Hunt].

According to Billie Jean274, she found among Samuel's probate packet papers and receipts indications that Christian had to go to Ogle County, Illinois, to get the abstract straightened up before he could get the money for Samuel's Farm.

To Jefferson Co., Iowa, (either at sale of farm or after wife's death in 1867?) to live with son Christian [Hunt].

Six ch grew to adulthood: Jacob, Christian, Mary, Susan, Joseph, and Elizabeth. Their birth dates according to Mitchell/Hunt.

Death from Mitchell/Hunt.

The six children of Samuel Whetstone and Susannah "Susie" (Whetstone) Burger:   Jacob, Christian Whetstone, Mary, Susan, Joseph and Elizabeth. 

1    Burger, Jacob was born 30 Mar 1817 in Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 16 Nov 1867 in Olge, Illinois.  He was married to Mary "Polly" Bexley. 

Mitchell gives his birth year as both 1816 and 1817, and his death as both 11 Nov and 16 Nov.

2    Burger, Christian Whetstone was born 1 Jul 1820 in Bedford, Pennsylvania, died 17 Mar 1890 and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Jefferson, Iowa.  He was married (1) to Sarah "Sally" Brown about 1840.  Sarah "Sally" was born 16 Jun 1821, died 29 Jul 1862 in Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa.  She was the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Forney) Brown. He was married (2) to Elizabeth A. Shafer 6 Apr 1863 in Keosauquah, Van Buren, Iowa.  Elizabeth A. was born 10 Sep 1838 in Cadiz, Ohio and died 24 Sep 1902 in Sumner, Oklahoma. 

Christian is the great–grandfather of Billie Jean (Frosch) Mitchell, the source for most of the information I have on the Burger line.

He came from Illinois to Iowa with his first wife, daughter Susann, and Simon Fry (age 16, abandoned by guardian on the way west, and who lived with Christian for 5 years) in 1845 where he took squatter's right on a quarter section of land. After clearing the land, received the patent signed by James K. Polk from the Federal government (said to be the last "sheepskin" in the county) [Mitchell/Hunt]. Information concerning his 1863 marriage to Elizabeth is from Doris Olds as cited by Hunt/Mitchell. Living 1888 on 160 acre place 4-5 mi sw of Libertyville [Fairfield Tribune, 13 Dec 1888].

Burger, Christian W. granted 1847 200a sec 22-23, Cedar Township [Jefferson County Records, 7:89].

ch: Susann b Pennsylvania, m Joseph W. Newland, Samuel Lewis b 16 Jul 1848 Iowa m Sade Thomas, Joseph Madison b 1850, m Selinda Jane Ridenour, Sarah E. m David Daniel Ridenour, Malachi b 15 Aug 1853 d 15 May 1864, Almyra A. b 7 Jul 1858, d 7 Aug 1860 [Mitchell/Hunt]

ch of his second marriage to Elizabeth Shafer: Ida M. b 4 Sep 1864 m Jacob Thomas, brother of Sarah Thomas Burger who had married Samuel Lewis Burger, two ch living (1936) in Belleville, Kansas; Ira Sealey m May L. Pope, ch listed by Mitchell/Hunt.

Billie Jean Mitchell has good photo of Christian and wife Elizabeth.

Christian W. Burged [sic] entered land 27 Jul and 20 Aug, 1847 and 4 Mar 1850, Sections 22, 32, and 17, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa, 160a, 40a, and 160a, respectively.

CENSUSED: 1870 IN Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa

In 1870 he had Ann Burger, aged 31, born Ohio, listed as keeping house, and presumably his second wife. She was not mentioned in his 1890 will. He had seven ch at home in 1870, from Samuel aged 22 to David, eight months, all born in Iowa. His real estate was valued at $13,000 and his personal property at $2500.

On 10 Nov 1870 the Rev. A. Axline performed a double wedding at the home of the Rev. S. Ridenour in Des Moines Twp. with Christian Burger testifying. Joseph W. [sic] Burger, 20, married Salinda Jane Ridenour, 17, and David E. [sic] Ridenour, 19, married Sarah E. Burger, 16. [Jefferson County Records, v 8, p 373, Licences #3578 and #3579].

C. Burger was listed as a farmer in Sec 22, Libertyville P. O., Des Moines Twp. in 1879 [History of Jefferson County, Iowa, Western Historical Co., Chicago, 1879].

Christian's will signed 14 Mar 1890, filed 20 Mar, and proved 30 Sep 1890 leaves $5 to each of his sons Christian S. and David H. Berger. The balance of his property, share and share alike, to Susannah Newland, Samuel L. Berger, Joseph W. Berger, Sarah E. Ridenour, Ida W. Thomas and Ira C. Berger, except that Joseph W.'s share shall be $100 less than the others. Son Samuel L. Berger the executor [Jefferson Co., Iowa, Will Book 3:308]. In the heading and signature of this will Christian's name was spelled Burger, the sons' names were consistently Berger.

Two children who died young are buried in the Brethren Cemetery next to Christian and his wife: "Malachi son of C. W. & Sarah", d 1864, and "Almyra A., daughter of C. W. & Sarah", 1858-1860.

Note that Christian's second wife Elizabeth (Shafer) is buried in Sumner, OK, according to an entry in the Jefferson Cemetery Index, so some of the Burgers may have gone with John W. and Elizabeth Alford to that state.

Died 29 Jul 1862 ae 41-1-13 cemetery records, implies b 16 Jun 1821.

According to Mitchell/Hunt she was b 16 Jun 1820 in two citations, 16 Jun 1822 in a third, d ae 42-1-13. 6 ch listed in that reference, two of the four surviving ch m Ridenours.

A son of Christian Whetstone and Elizabeth A. (Shafer) Burger:   Ira Sealey. 

i    Burger, Ira Sealey was born 6 Mar 1866 and died 13 Nov 1952 in Waco, Texas.  He and Lottie May Pope were married 19 Sep 1888 in Keosauqua, Van Buren, Iowa.  Lottie May was born 20 Feb 1870 and died 14 Sep 1948 in Waco. 

The two children of Ira Sealey and Lottie May (Pope) Burger:   Audrey Fern and Mabel Ruth. 

1    Burger, Audrey Fern was born 5 Jan 1891. 

2    Burger, Mabel Ruth was born 21 Dec 1892 in Stillwater, Oklahoma and died 2 Feb 1982 in Midwest City, Oklahoma.  She and Floyd Gottlieb Frosch were married 31 Dec 1921.  Floyd Gottlieb was born 1 Jan 1901 in Vinita, Oklahoma and died 25 Apr 1971 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

A daughter of Floyd Gottlieb and Mabel Ruth (Burger) Frosch:   Billie Jean. 

i    Frosch, Billie Jean was born 4 Dec 1928.  She was married to Robert Leroy Mitchell.  Robert Leroy was born 4 Dec 1928 in El Reno, Oklahoma. 

3    Burger, Mary was born about 1822*.  She was married to James Stamp.  James was born 1822 in Ireland and died in Raritan, Henderson, Illinois. 

m probably Pennsylvania c 1840-41274. Censused Bedford, Pennsylvania,1850, Henderson, Illinois, 1860, where they lived near Raritan274.

ch b Pennsylvania: Susan 1842, William 1843, Thomas 1845; ch b Raritan, Henderson, Illinois: John 1855, Josephine 1858 [Mitchell/Hunt].

4    Burger, Susan was born about 1824* in Russell, Kansas and died 1 May 1910 in Russell.  She was married (1) to ____ Oster about 1843.  ____ was born estimated Apr 1821*.  She was married (2) to ____ Falkner.  She was married (3) to Nahan (Nahum?) Nason about 1881. 

First marriage not certain. Her ch were John O. Falkner b Pennsylvania, m Phoebe Ridenour, (Billie Jean has a copy of the wedding certificate) and Elizabeth Falkner, b Iowa, m David Slimmer. [Hunt & Mitchell/Hunt].

5    Burger, Joseph was born 1828* in Quincy, Adam, Illinois and died 1870 in Quincy.  He and Hannah ____ were married in Illinois.  Hannah was born 1834 in Illinois. 

6    Burger, Elizabeth was born 8 May 1831 in Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 7 Mar 1897 in Bear Grove, Cass, Iowa.  She and George Robins were married 25 Feb 1855 in Ogle, Iowa.  George was born about 22 Jun 1827* in London, England and died 1904 in Cedar, Nebraska. 

iii    Burger, Daniel was born about 1794. 

Nothing is known of Daniel. He was not taxed in Woodberry Township in 1822.

iv    Burger, Jacob was born 1796 and died 1880 in Ohio.  He was married to Susanna Rush. 

The family group sheet for Jacob, sent by Mitchell274, and citing Jane Scott (a great–great granddaughter) says that he was born 1796, but recorded as of age 50 years in the 1850 census. That he was not taxed in Woodberry Township in 1822 argues for the younger age. The family emigrated to Knox county, Ohio, in 1835, and located in Pike Township. Jacob was a deacon in the German Baptist Church there.

They had 10 children born 1832 and later. Mitchell also provided family information on the eldest son Levi.

v    Burger, Christian Whetstone was born 28 Jun 1798.  He and Catharine Mentzer were married 1825.  Catharine was born 17 Dec 1798. 

This son of Abraham Lewis Burger, with his wife and 9 children, from Mitchell/Burger based on information from 7th day Church records by Frank Bayer, with additional info from Jean Crider. Ch marriages to Smith, Kurtz, Kagarise, and Faulkner.

vi    Burger, Abraham Whetstone was born 7 Feb 1800 in Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 7 Jan 1874 in Jefferson, Iowa.  He was married to Elizabeth Holder.  Elizabeth was born about 1799 in Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 1881 in Washington Twp., Wapello, Iowa. 

Abraham Burger "(of A)", i.e., Jr., was taxed 9? in the 1822 rate list for Woodberry Township. This Abraham may be the one assessed 1846 on land belonging to the widow Eversole in South Woodberry Twp, Bedford, Pennsylvania. He settled 1851 four or five miles northeast of Eldon, Iowa [Hunt]. Abraham was censused 1856 in Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa, age 55, b Pennsylvania, farmer, 4 in household, 5 years in Iowa.

They had 4 daughters and 2 sons. One son died when his brother Joseph was about 8 yrs. Susan b 1838 Bedford, m 6 Feb 1856 George Ellsworth, d western Kansas. Joseph b 18 Dec 1841 Bedford, m 4 Jul 1866 Arminda Snook {b 16 Dec 189, d 11 Jan 1925 PcPhersonn, KS} and moved 1887 with their 5 ch to McPherson, Kansas [Mitchell/Hunt].

vii    Burger, David was born 28 Oct 1802 in Pennsylvania and died 14 Dec 1875 in East Freedom, Blair, Pennsylvania.  He was married to Catherine Elizabeth Shanefelt.  Catherine Elizabeth was born 25 Dec 1805 in Taylor Township, Huntingdon, (now Blair), Pennsylvania and died 14 May 1857 in East Freedom, Blair, Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Baker) Shoenfelt.

Mitchell274 provided information on this family of ten children, and for that of their son John who married Susan Bowser.

viii    Burger, Elizabeth was born 17 Mar 1804 and died in Blair County, Pennsylvania.  She was married to ____ Brown. 

Birth date from Mitchell274.

ix    Burger, John W. was born 20 Dec 1806 and died 11 Dec 1877.  He was married to Elizabeth Brown.  Elizabeth was born 18 Apr 1816 and died 11 Mar 1887 in Woodbury Twp., Bedford, Pennsylvania. 

13 ch, most named by Mitchell.

John Burger, "(of A)", was taxed $1.35 in Woodberry in 1822. I would interpret this to mean "son of Abraham", as that was the common usage, but this John was only 15 years when that tax list was made up. This is intriguing, but unresolved.

A John Burger was censused in the 1840 census.

There was also in Woodberry Twp. in 1846 a John Burger, Sr., with several tenants on his land, including John, Jr., Samuel Burger, Esq., Daniel K. Smith, and Michael Miller, as well as a Samuel Burger on his own land.

There was a Church of the Brethren first meeting west of the Alleghany Mountains in 1873, and a love feast at the home of John Burger in Bedford, whose farm is now the location of Myersdale [Mitchell]. Since I don't have children of Adam, distinquishing among the various John's is not possible.

x    Burger, Hannah was born about 1808. 

xi    Burger, Joseph was born about 1810. 

xii    Burger, Catharine was born about 1814 and died 1834. 

Mitchell indicates that Catherine may have been married to a Brown, and died 1834 after one year of marrige, but cites no sources for this.

3    Burger, Lydia was born 22 Mar 1763, died 9 Feb 1832 and was buried in Nunnery Cem, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. 

4    Burger, Daniel was born 13 Oct 1766 and died 19 Aug 1845 in Franklin, Pennsylvania.  He and Annie Snowberger were married 8 May 1787.  Annie was born about 21 Oct 1766* and died 19 Aug 1841.  She was the daughter of Andrew and Barbara (Garber) Snowberger.

Annie's vital statistics from Mitchell/Burger: d ae 74 10 28 (which gives b 21 Sep 1766); cites "another report" saying d 1840 ae 74 9 28; gives from Nunnery Graveyard b 21 Oct 1766, d 19 Aug 1840 ae 74 9 29, (which is internally inconsistent by one year).

A web page by Doris O. Sink,, gives some details of Anna Snowberger's ancestry and family that differ slightly in detail from my other sources. I've not compared the two descents in detail.

The six children of Daniel and Annie (Snowberger) Burger:   John, Barbara, Sarah, Samuel, Susan and Daniel. 

i    Burger, John was born 20 Mar 1788, died 22 Aug 1851 and was buried in Baker Family Cem, Salemville, Bedford, Pennsylvania.  He was married to Susannah Snowberger.  Susannah was born 27 Mar 1786, died 26 Jul 1855 and was buried in Burger Cemetery, Salemville, Bedford, Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of Jacob and Catherine (Miley) Snowberger.

The birth and death dates from John and Susannah are taken from the Burger Cemetery records of T. C. and R. E. Imler.

ii    Burger, Barbara was born estimated Jan 1791* and died 5 Jun 1848.  She and Jacob Kagarice were married 19 Feb 1811 in Washington, Maryland.  Jacob was born estimated Feb 1788*

Date of birth 17 Aug 1789 from Mitchell/Burger; death ae 53 10 8 gives birth 28 jul 1794. Latter incompatible with 24 Oct 1794 for Samuel; former could be a typo for 17 Aug 1788 for Sarah, thus twins.

13 ch, names known but not given by Billie Jean.

Virginia Bannister, citing 7th Day Baptist church records of Morrisons Cove, Pennsylvania, says they record "Rev. Jacob Kagarise's birth as 19 Jan 1789 in Fulton Co., Pennsylvania, died 27 Apr 1857 on the farm SW of Everett, Bedford Co., PA." [Personal Communication, 23 Feb 2001, ].

iii    Burger, Sarah was born 17 Aug 1788 and died 21 Sep 1855. 

iv    Burger, Samuel was born 24 Oct 1794 in Franklin, Pennsylvania and died 21 Aug 1857 in Woodberry Twp, Bedford, Pennsylvania.  He was married (1) to Elizabeth Knepper.  Elizabeth was born 1795.  He was married (2) to Elizabeth Monn.  Elizabeth was born 1793. 

JP for Woodberry Twp. 3 ch by first wife, 7 by second.

v    Burger, Susan was born 20 Mar 1798 and died 30 Nov 1862. 

4 ch: George, Daniel, William, and Louise.

vi    Burger, Daniel was born 23 Apr 1803 and died 8 Sep 1885.  He was married to Nancy Monn.  Nancy was born 24 Nov 1797 and died 10 Jun 1880. 

Wife's name also given as Nancy Stull, b 24 Nov 1797. Descent given by Mitchell/Burger.

d ae 83 1 10 gives b 30 apr 1797.

5    Burger, David was born about 1767*.    

6    Burger, Susannah was born 11 Feb 1776 and died 2 Jan 1839. 

d ae 62 11 1 gives b 1 Feb 1776, not 11 Feb.

David Burger  &  ____ Snowberger
____ 1, David 2 m1 m2, Susanna Heffner 3   Top  

David Burger was born about 1767*

David was married (1) to ____ Snowberger. 

____ Snowberger was born estimated Jan 1770*.  She was the daughter of Andrew and Barbara (Garber) Snowberger.

I had ca 1771 as David's birth, but don't know where I found that. It seems too late for a man who's third child was born in 1791. Kriss Replogle has ca 1763 for that date.

There is an IGI record, microfiche 6142796, of a David Berger born ca 1771 in Philadelphia to Jacob and Christina (Crider) Berger. It's fairly improbable that in the German community the names Burger and Berger would be interchangable, but an English record keeper might not carefully distinquish between the two.

David moved from Morrison's Cove in the spring of 1813, this from Daniel Teeter letter388. He gives Catherine's maiden name as both Heffner and Hefner. The children named by him were ordered as follows: Susanna, Daniel, Elizabeth, Mary, David, Abraham, Isaac, Catherine, Adam, and elsewhere "Aunt Barbara Horner".

The children of David's marriage to Snowberger, John and Barbara, are cited, by Billie Jean Mitchell [Personal Communication], as an "unsigned annotation in a copy of Reed [Reed, Forrest E. “Concerning Deeters, Reeds and Teeters”, Fellowship of Brethren Genealogists Newsletter, vol. 19, Spring & Summer, 1987, pp. 3-8 & 29-33], in Pioneer Library, Bedford, Pennsylvania. I am showing his wife here as a sister of his brother Daniel's wife, although that is not known.

David was censused 1810 in Woodbury as were David, Jr., Abraham, and Adam. FHL AF has b c1765, and gives birth years of several of the children.

Several Snowberger family records for Franklin County, Pennsylvania are given in the FHL IGI:

Andrew and Barbara (Karber) Snowberger had children Andrew b 1771, John b 1776, Elizabeth b 1779, and Jacob b 1779.

Jacob and Catherine (Miley) Snowberger had children Nancy Ann b 9 Oct 1776, John b 5 Aug 1778 , Veronica b 1 Jul 1784, and Susan b 8 Apr 1786.

From a family bible reported by Jim Boor [NFBG v.10 n.4 1978]:

Daniel Snowberger (b 2 Mar 1800, ?d ae 41) m Christenah Hoover 15 Apr 1825. Children John, Nancy, Jacob, Samuel, Andrew, and Jonathan b 1826 to 1839. Samuel d 1846, Jacob 1851.

Christina Snowberger (b 22 Oct 1804) m (as Christiahah) Jacob Longenecker Aug 1849, minister Daniel M. Holsinger.

The two children of David and ____ (Snowberger) Burger:   John and Barbara. 

1    Burger, John was born estimated Jan 1794*

2    Burger, Barbara was born estimated Apr 1796*

David Burger  &  Catherine Heffner
____ 1, David 2 m1 m2, Susanna Heffner 3   Top  

David Burger was born about 1767*

David was married (2) to Catherine Heffner. 

Catherine Heffner

Billie Jean Mitchell letter of 25 Nov 1991 has some Bedford Co Orphans Court records mentioning Andrew Havner/Heffner as a juror 21 and 22 Jul 1802.

There was a Catharine Haffner, dtr of Geo. and Margaret, whose birth 26 Aug 1768 is recorded in the Mertz Church, Rockland Twp., Berks, Pennsylvania. [FHL IGI].

Catharine Haffner, dtr of Frederick and Barbara, was christened 1 Dec 1776 in the Roman Catholic Church, Goshenhoppen, Berks, Pennsylvania [FHL IGI].

A John Heffner of Frederick County, Maryland, was naturalized 23 or 29 Sep 1764, and a Michael Heffner 10 Sep 1762 [Wyand and Wyand, 1986].

A John Heffner was drummer in Capt. Henry Fister's Company in the German Battalion, Commanded by Colonel Nicholas Haussegger, 1776 [John Linmerman (?)].

A John Heffner was drummer in Capt. Henry Foster's Company of the German Regiment from Maryland in 1776, and a Jacob Heffner, private, in Capt Heyser's Company, who had enlisted from Washington County 22 May 1777. Also in that regiment was John Shively, private, on 27 Jun 1776.

A Valentine Heffner was married to Barbara Miller 30 Apr 1783 in Washington County, Maryland, by Rev. George Young.

Jacob Heffner private in the German Regiment in 1776 [Maryland Archives, v. XVIII, p. 184ff]. A John Shively was pvt also in that regiment 27 Jun 1776.

Jacob Heffner private in Capt. Heyser's Company, Enlisted Washington County 22 May 1777 [ Pennsylvania Germans in the Revolutionary War, p 225, Richards].

Heffners listed as citizens of Elizabethtown when it was changed to Hagerstown: Ahberdus? 49, Catherin 43, Catherin 4 mo, Conrad 8, Elizabeth 10, Fredk 8, Jacob 19, John, Margaret 13, Mary 6, Peter 4, Valentine 15. These were scattered over pages 228 to 25190.

Hefners on Official Poll of Presidential Electors in Frederick County, MD, 9-12 Nov 1796: Jacob, Fredk, Michael, John90.

The eleven children of David and Catherine (Heffner) Burger:   Susanna Heffner, Barbara, Daniel, Abraham, Elizabeth, Mary, David Abraham, Isaac, Catherine, Adam and Samuel. 

1    Burger, Susanna Heffner was born 26 Apr 1791.    

2    Burger, Barbara was born about 1793 and died in Waynesboro, Franklin, Pennsylvania.  She was married to Eli Horner.  Eli died in Waynesboro. 

Barbara mentioned in the Daniel Teeter letter as "Aunt Barbara Horner", one of the "two eldest daughters" (with Susanna) who did not leave Morrison's Cove in the spring of 1813 with the family. "Eli and Aunt Barbara Horner remained in Waynesboro, Franklin Co, Pa. to the end of their lives. Their only child Susan was there at last account" [ Teeter, 1897].

Birth date from FHL AF.

3    Burger, Daniel. 

4    Burger, Abraham was born about 1795.  He was married to Catherine Shively. 

There was an Abraham Burger censused in Jefferson Co., Iowa, in 1860. This Abraham's birth date is taken from the FHL AF.

Catharine Shively was described as "our second cousin" in Daniel Burger Teeter's letter, but this connection has not been identified.

5    Burger, Elizabeth was born about 1797.  She was married to Jacob Hartzell. 

6    Burger, Mary.  She was married to Henry Hartzell. 

7    Burger, David Abraham was born 8 Feb 1799 and died 10 Feb 1872 in Franklin City, Franklin, Pennsylvania.  He was married to Catherine Shively.  Catherine was born 23 Sep 1801, died 2 Jan 1865 and was buried in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. 

Birth year and middle name from FHL AF. There was a David censused as “Junior” in Woodbury 1810, but that can't be this eleven year old. Junior was sometimes used to distinquish a nephew living in the same town.

Jones, in her transcription of the Daniel Teeter letter naming the children in the family of David and Catherine, writes "David, Abraham (married to Catherine Shively our second cousin)". At some stage of my research, from sources now lost, I evidently concluded that the comma was an editorial intrusion, and that it was David Abraham to whom Daniel referred.

On 26 Dec 2001 I received an e-mail from Cheryll Reed, , concerning this family:

"I believe I may also be descended from this family. I recently posted my info up in the database but (in short), my great-great-grandmother Christiana Burger married Henry Reed in Franklin County, Pa. in 1849. I believe Christiana'a parents to be David Abraham Burger (born 2/8/1799;died 2/10/1872 in Franklin Cty) and Elizabeth or Catherine Shively (born 9/23/1801;died 1/2/1865). David Abraham, his wife, daughter and son-in-law are all buried in Franklin County (I've visited their graves there)."

I'm accepting Cheryll's identification of the name of David's wife and her dates for this couple.

8    Burger, Isaac was born about 1801.  He was married to ____ Shively. 

Isaac's wife was called "no relative or ours", i.e., no Shively connection, in Daniel Teeter letter222.

9    Burger, Catherine was born about 1803*.  She and Samuel Stuckey were married 19 Oct 1826.  Samuel was born 19 Jul 1806 and died 16 Sep 1882. 

Mitchell274 quotes Jean Crider for all of the information given here for this family, and states that they had 11 children. All I had previously was Samuel's name.

10    Burger, Adam was born about 1805.  He was married to ____ Chestnutwood. 

11    Burger, Samuel.  He was married to Lydia Wass. 

Susanna Heffner Burger  &  John Shively Teeter
____ 1, David 2 m1 m2, Susanna Heffner 3 Teeter Top  

Susanna Heffner Burger was born 26 Apr 1791 in Waynesboro, Franklin, Pennsylvania, died 27 Feb 1865 in Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

Susanna Heffner and John Shively Teeter were married 1807. 

John Shively Teeter was born Feb 1782 in Conococheague, PA or MD and died 5 Aug 1847 in Monroe Township, Bedford, Pennsylvania.  He was the son of Abraham and Elizabeth (Shively) Deeter.

The FHL AF has Susan, dtr of David and Catherine (Heffner) Burger, m 5 Aug 1847 [sic]. This conceivably could be a valid date with typo '47 for '07. According to a biography of his son Jacob B., John was a shoemaker by vocation.

His death In Bedford Co. is recorded in the Brethren Cemetery Records, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa, where his wife Susanna is buried. Confirmation of accounts of his estate was signed 1 Jun 1850 by Daniel B. Teeter and Jabez Hixson. (I have only the end of the court record at the top of the page of the account of the estate of Elizabeth (Whetstone) Burger sent to me by Billie Jean Mitchell274.)

This may be the John Teeter who witnessed the will of Daniel Whetstone on 27 Aug 1828, along with Jacob Burger, since his cousin John the son of John was deceased at that time.

Susanna's birth and death data are according to Teeter-Jones222, and confirmed by the tombstone in the Brethren Cemetery next to her son David's land in Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa.

Susanna's birth place is confirmed as Waynesboro in a 1986 family group sheet by Norman B. Leppo of St. Louis, Missouri, who cites her and her children in Jefferson Co., Iowa as the source of his information. He writes her mother's maiden name with one "f". The Daniel Teeter letter gives her middle name (her mother's maiden name) as Heffner. Bayer writes it as Hepner and Heffner in his two family tables.

The data for the family of Susanna and John are taken as given in the 1897 letter of their son Daniel [Teeter-Jones, 1897], and compared to that of Marilyn Alex Deeter, Frank Bayer, and George Liebegott, with discrepancies noted. The 1986 family group sheet of Norman B. Leppo has only a few minor discrepancies.

The twelve children of John Shively and Susanna Heffner (Burger) Teeter:   David Burger, Jacob Burger, Elizabeth "Aunt Betsey" Burger, John Burger, Catherine Burger, Susanna Burger, Mary Burger, Hannah Burger, Sarah Burger, Daniel Burger, Barbara Burger and Abraham Burger. 

1    Teeter, David Burger was born 27 Feb 1809.    

2    Teeter, Jacob Burger was born 17 Sep 1810 in Morrison's Cove, Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 29 Jun 1890 in Pine Creek Twp, Ogle, Illinois.  He and Elizabeth Davis were married 12 Mar 1840.  Elizabeth was born 28 Mar 1821 in Morrison's Cove, Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 5 Feb 1905 in Pine Creek Twp, Ogle, Illinois.  She was the daughter of David and Catherine (Whetstone) Davis.

One Jacob Deeter was assessed 1846 as a farmer on 140 acres worth $1000 in South Woodberry Twp., Bedford, Pennsylvania, the other was a tenant on the widow Whetstone's land. This Jacob could be either.

The family came to Fulton County, Illinois, in 1852 for about six months, then moved to Dixon where Jacob was employed as a teamster and day–laborer. They then moved to Pine Creek Township, Ogle county, where he worked on a farm for a while, then rented his own farm until 1865. At that time he purchased his own farm where he spent the rest of his life28.

The children (but not the spouses) of this family are listed on a 1990 chart of Mrs. Frank Teeter (Frank was apparently a grandson of Adam) sent to me Feb. 1993 by Billie Jean Mitchell. The chart, labeled “Teeter Family of Illinois” with a handwritten note “Taken from the Teeter Bible”, was, however, badly wrong in the Teeter ancestry of Lizzie's father Jacob B. However, Elizabeth in 1900 was living with her daughter Mary Ann and son-in-law Luther Hanes, and indicated that she had borne 10 children of whom nine were still living. Apparently two of the twelve listed above were not her children, but were probably living with her and Jacob at some point.

The 1850 census in South Woodbury, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, for Jacob B. Deeter is interesting, in that the children are not named in order of their birth, and the Teeter surname was repeated after Adam, 8, was listed.

In the 1870 census of Jacob B. Teeter in Grand Detour, Ogle, Illinois, he was 59 and his wife Elizabeth 50, both born in Pennsylvania. Their children through 1850 were born in Pennsylvania, and the rest in Illinois, and their eleven year old daughter was Lizzie. I use this census to provide the names and ages of the children of Jacob and Elizabeth. In their 1880 census in Pine Creek, Ogle County, five of the children were still at home with Jacob and Elizabeth.

The ten children of Jacob Burger and Elizabeth (Davis) Teeter:   Daniel L., Adam, John, Mary Ann, Jacob, Catharine, Isabel, Elizabeth "Lizzie", Joseph and Samuel. 

i    Teeter, Daniel L. was born 1839/1840. 

ii    Teeter, Adam was born 1841/1843 in Pennsylvania. 

iii    Teeter, John was born 1843/1844 in Pennsylvania. 

iv    Teeter, Mary Ann was born Dec 1849 in Pennsylvania.  She and Luther Hanes were married 1875/1876.  Luther was born Jul 1850 in Illinois. 

v    Teeter, Jacob was born 1851/1852 in Pennsylvania. 

vi    Teeter, Catharine was born 1853/1854 in Pennsylvania. 

vii    Teeter, Isabel was born 1855/1856 in Pennsylvania. 

viii    Teeter, Elizabeth "Lizzie" was born 11 Oct 1858 in Illinois and died 1947.  She was married to George Coffman. 

This is the niece to whom Daniel Teeter's 1897 letter was written.

ix    Teeter, Joseph was born 1859/1860 in Illinois. 

x    Teeter, Samuel was born 1862/1863 in Illinois. 

3    Teeter, Elizabeth "Aunt Betsey" Burger was born 9 Mar 1812 in Morrison's Cove, Bedford, Pennsylvania and died about 1891 in Pittsburg, Crawford, Kansas. 

Liebegott [Personal Communication, 1953] and Bayer71 both give 26 Nov 1892, the same date as for the death of her brother John Burger Teeter, next child in line. Daniel's letter gives "1890 or 1891" in Kansas.

She is mentioned as living in Nebraska at some unknown date [David B.'s biography].

4    Teeter, John Burger was born 6 Sep 1813 in Morrison's Cove, Bedford, Pennsylvania, died 26 Nov 1892 in Ottumwa, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa.  He and Sarah Forney Burger were married 20 Mar 1842.  Sarah Forney was born 5 Feb 1819, died 22 Nov 1887 in Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

John's Tombstone. says d 26 Nov 1892 ae 79y 2m 20d, which places his birth at 6 Sep 1813. Sarah's tombstone says d 22 Nov 1887 ae 68y 9m 17d, which means her birth was 5 Feb 1819. I follow this data.

Liebegott [Liebegott, 1942] has John's birth as 6 Sep 1813, not the 6 Feb 1813 in Daniel's letter. Liebegott has his death in Batavia, rather than Ottuma, Iowa.

The 1852 state census in Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa has J. Teeter with 2m, 3f, 0 voter, 0 militia, and John Teeter with 3m, 1f, 1 voter, and 1 militia in his household. Neither one fits with what I have on this family. The 1856 census has John B. in Des Moines Twp. with 9 people in his household, and records him as having been in Iowa 5 years.

John B. Teeter 10 Mar 1868 purchased for $500 from Philip Albaugh the SW quarter of the SW quarter of Section 33 in Locust Grove Twp, just one mile north of David B's land in Des Moines Twp., and he was listed as a farmer there in 1879.

His daughter Elizabeth's death record in Jefferson states that she was the eldest in a family of ten children.

Two households before David B. Teeter in the 1870 census the family of an Alexander Clark, 54, was censused with no wife and six children ranging from 8 to 21 (the three eldest being sons). Also in the home was a Margret Teter, 22 and born in Pennsylvania, keeping house. John owned land just a mile away from his brother David, and had 10 children of whom I know the names of only three. It seems likely that Margret was one of the daughters of John and Sarah.

Also in 1870 a David Teter was censused at age 30 in Buchanan Township, Jefferson County, Iowa, next to George Teter, age 25. David's wife Nancy, 26, was born in Ohio, and their son William was recorded as 8 months of age. George's wife was Valesta, aged 20 and born in Iowa. David's and George's birth places were both given as Pennsylvania. I assume these were also sons of John and Sarah, but verification awaits more research.

Fornay as a married name comes from Liebegott, but the cemetery index in Iowa says her maiden name was Forney. I follow Liebegott here, so that her maiden name would have been Burger. Mavar [Mavar, 1993 (source lost)] has Sarah Forney BURGER, so Forney may have been a middle name, and hence possibly her mother's maiden name.

Tombstone says Sarah d 22 Nov 1887 aged 68y 9m 17d, which means her birth was 5 Feb 1819, not the 6 Feb 1818 of Daniel's letter. I follow the tombstones for both Sarah and John.

The three children of John Burger and Sarah Forney (Burger) Teeter:   Elizabeth, Ella Barbara and John M. 

i    Teeter, Elizabeth was born 20 Feb 1844 in Bedford, Pennsylvania, died 5 Mar 1919 in Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa.  She and Martin L. Fishel were married 4 Feb 1864.  Martin L. was born estimated Feb 1841*

Eldest child in family of 10, according to death record in "Jefferson County Records".

ii    Teeter, Ella Barbara was born 2 Mar 1850 in Pennsylvania, died 19 Jun 1914 in Batavia, Locust Grove Twp, Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

Cemetery index.

iii    Teeter, John M. was born 7 Aug 1857, died 8 Sep 1887 in Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

Source, Jefferson County Records. Tombstone says died 8 Sep 1887 aged 30y 1m 1d, which implies born 7 Aug 1857.

5    Teeter, Catherine Burger was born 18 Jun 1815 in Morrison's Cove, Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 8 Mar 1851 in Jefferson, Iowa.  She and Abraham Sivets were married Jun 1844. 

Liebegott has her death on 28 Mar 1851.

Leppo234 has b 14 Jun and d 18 Mar.

Moved to California spring of 1852 according to Daniel's letter and to Leppo234. He m2) Elizabeth Holder.

6    Teeter, Susanna Burger was born 25 Aug 1817 in Morrison's Cove, Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 30 Jun 1884 in Morrison's Cove.  She and Adam Ketring were married 8 Dec 1838.  Adam was born estimated Mar 1815* and died 1882. 

Susan and Adam had 4 children71.

Liebegott has Susan's birth year as 1807 rather than 1817.

Bayer has b 1817 as in Daniel Teeter letter, but 1807 on his own family chart page 14, and lists her as eldest child there.

Leppo234 has m 8 Dec 1839 and d 31 Jan 1884.

Adams father John Adam Kettering married his wife on the voyage from Germany to America71. A carpenter John Ketring was assessed as tenant 1846 on the land of John Hoffman in South Woodberry Twp., Bedford, Pennsylvania.

Daniel's letter has Adam's birth as "May 23, ____".

Leppo234 has m 8 Dec 1839.

7    Teeter, Mary Burger was born 21 Feb 1819 in Morrison's Cove and died 26 Oct 1883 in Jefferson, Iowa.  She and John Leppo were married 26 Apr 1838 in Bedford.  John was born 1810* in Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 8 Aug 1846 in Bedford. 

This birth date from Leppo234 as this is his line; other refs had 27 Oct.

John worked as a Shoemaker and R. R. Conductor. This couple had three children, David, Hannah and Daniel, b 1842-1844 in Bedford Co.234. Hannah is buried next to her cousin John M. Teeter in the Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa.

8    Teeter, Hannah Burger was born 11 Feb 1821 in Morrison's Cove, Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 19 Jan 1896 in Everett, Bedford, Pennsylvania.  She and Adam Karns were married 3 Mar 1846.  Adam was born estimated Nov 1819* and died 21 Nov 1892. 

Hannah's death info from Leppo234. She died 6 Mar 1890-21 or Nov 1892 in Bedford, Pennsylvania from other references.

Leppo234 has 5 Mar for marriage.

9    Teeter, Sarah Burger was born 2 Feb 1823 in Morrison's Cove, Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 6 May 1900 in Monroe Twp., Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania.  She and Isaiah Shafer were married 18 Jun 1846.  Isaiah was born estimated Jun 1821* and died 1900. 

Marilyn Alex Deeter has marriage as 13 Jun, rather than 18 Jun as in Daniel letter, Norman B. Leppo has 15 Jan 1846.

10    Teeter, Daniel Burger was born 5 Jul 1825 in Morrison's Cove, Bedford, Pennsylvania, died 13 Jan 1904 in La Porte City, Black Hawk, Iowa and was buried in Spring Creek, Black Hawk, Iowa.  He and Emeline Clark were married 17 Mar 1849.  Emeline was born 30 Apr 1832 in Bedford, Pennsylvania, died 13 Nov 1922 in Cedar Heights, Blackhawk and was buried in Spring Creek, Blackhawk, Iowa.  She was the daughter of John and Barbara (Markle) Clark.

Daniel was the author of the letter "Descendants of Abraham Diederich" written 6 Jun 1897 to his niece Miss Lizzie Teeter, with very extensive genealogical details of family and ancestors222. This letter was published with footnotes by Sarah van Hoosen Jones222. Permission was received 22 Mar 2009 from Patricia Ibbotson, editor of the Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine to publish electronically an image (opens in a separate window) of the letter in full.

In 1877 Daniel owned land in Sections 23, 30, 9, and 15 of Spring Creek Township in the SE corner of Black Hawk County, iowa. The town of Enterprise lies about in the middle of his holdings.

Jones cites Daniel's grandson Glenn Teeter for the death dates of Daniel and his wife Emaline. Obit in LaPorte City, IA, confirms both. Daniel's death given by Liebegott in error as 13 Jun, not Jan, 1904.

Thirteen children, with dates and spouses, are given by Mavar [Mavar, 1993 (lost source)] as Lewis Clark, John C., David Franklin, Ruth Hannah, Daniel Erastus, Nancy Marie, Thurman Denny, Dennis Andrew, Emily Jane, Susan Amanda, Lucy Alameda, Mahlon Henry, and Florence Thurso, born 1851 through 1876. Daniel's obituary states that there were 12 children, 8 of whom survived Daniel, namely: D. A., T. D., Mrs. Ben Oakes, Mrs. J. R. Smith, Mrs. F. Franklin, Dr. M. H., Mrs. Glessner, and L. C.

The five children of Daniel Burger and Emeline (Clark) Teeter:   William, Louis, Ruth, Daniel and Nancy Maria. 

i    Teeter, William was born estimated Jul 1850* in Bedford, Pennsylvania. 

I had a birth date of 1845 which would have made his mother 13 at his birth.

ii    Teeter, Louis was born 1852* in Bedford. 

iii    Teeter, Ruth was born 1856* in Black Hawk, Iowa. 

iv    Teeter, Daniel was born 1857* in Black Hawk. 

v    Teeter, Nancy Maria was born 1859* in Black Hawk. 

11    Teeter, Barbara Burger was born 2 Nov 1827 in Morrison's Cove, Bedford, Pennsylvania and died 17 Nov 1906 in New Jersey.  She and Jacob H. Biddle were married 5 May 1850.  Jacob H. was born 17 Mar 1816 and died May 1900 in Bedford, Pennsylvania. 

Leppo234 has her born 2 Nov 1827, and is only source for the marriage date of 5 May 1850. He says that she died 17 Nov 1906 in New Jersey, and that she "lived in Jefferson Co., Iowa and has three children in Dunkard Cemetery".

This is probably the Jacob Biddle assessed 1846 as a tenant on the land of John Biddle.

12    Teeter, Abraham Burger was born 26 Dec 1829 in Morrison's Cove, Bedford, Pennsylvania, died 25 Jun 1905 in Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa.  He and Rebecca Ann Alford were married 10 Feb 1853 in Wayne, Illinois.  Rebecca Ann was born 4 Nov 1834 in Beaver, Pennsylvania, died 4 Dec 1912 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa.  She was the daughter of Hugh and Martha (Weller) Alford.

The marriage of Rebecca Ann Alford to Abraham Burger Teeter is only one of two close connections between the Alford and Teeter lines. Her brother John Weller Alford married Abraham's niece Elizabeth Teeter, daughter of David Burger Teeter and Margaret Mock. The connections are illustrated in this "focus" ancestral chart:

IMAGE: Alford_Teeter_connections.jpg
Alford ~ Teeter Connections

Their marriage was in Wayne Co., Illinois, according to the story related in 1981 to Janet Markley250 by their granddaughter, Mrs. Elizabeth (Teeter) Linge of Douds, Iowa. She said that Abraham moved his family back and forth between Pennsylvania and Iowa several times, until "Grandma Teeter told him they were not going to move again" and, if he wanted to go, he could. He left, but was back in two days. Abraham was not censused 1855, as was Rebecca Ann's mother Martha Alford, in Wayne County.

An Abraham Teeter entered 80 acres of land in Section 29 of Des Moines township, and sold that land in 1865. Abraham B. mortgaged lots in Absecom to his brother David B. in 1860, and 14 Dec 1969 sold Lot 77 in Batavia for $620 to Samuel Brown, father–in–law of his cousins Isaac K. and Levi K. Teeter.

Abraham was censused 1870 in Des Moines Twp., Jefferson County, Iowa, with Rebecca and five sons at home. The obituary of his wife Rebecca Ann (Alford) says they lived in various parts of Iowa until they settled "five miles NE of Eldon", Wapello Co. in 1879. (This would have been just south of Batavia across the county line in Jefferson County.) They were again censused 1880 in Des Moines Township:

Abraham TEETER Self 50 PA Farmer PA PA
Rebecca TEETER Wife 43 PA Keeping House PA PA
Adam TEETER Son 24 PA Farming PA PA
John TEETER Son 20 IA Farming PA PA
George TEETER Son 17 IA Farming PA PA
Augustus TEETER Son 14 IA At School PA PA
Wilson TEETER Son 11 IA At School PA PA
Eva TEETER Dau 8 IA At School PA PA
1880 Census Des Moines, Jefferson, Iowa

In 1900 we find Abraham and Rebecca A. again in Des Moines Township (where the census taker forgot to cross his "t" so they got indexed as Teeler), with John A., David A. and Eva A. at home. By 1910 Abraham had died, and Rebecca was censused as head of household, age 75, with daughters Eva E. and Lizzie A., 38 and 37. That Lizzie is recorded as born in Pennsylvania confirms the story of the family moving back and forth.

Abraham's obituary says that he united with the Brethren Church 1871 in Jefferson county and had made that county his home since 1876, and his death date is from his tombstone.

The tombstone in the Batavia cemetery gives the birth and death dates of Rebecca and Abraham on the west face, and of their son John A. on the north face.

I am uncertain of where I originally found the names of the children in this family, but they, with their vital data as given below, are confirmed by Phyllis Gillaspie citing a Family Bible owned by Bruce Curtis of Michigan.

The nine children of Abraham Burger and Rebecca Ann (Alford) Teeter:   Adam Alford, William Alford, John Alford, George A. Britain, David Augustus, Wilson Alford, Eva A., Carrie A. and Elizabeth A. "Lizzie". 

i    Teeter, Adam Alford was born 29 Aug 1854 in Altoona, Blair, Pennsylvania and died 14 Jun 1918 in Martinsburg, Keokuk, Iowa.  He and Sarah Elizabeth Rooker were married 24 Dec 1885.  Sarah Elizabeth was born 25 Jan 1865 in Ohio and died 26 Jul 1917.  She was the daughter of Stephen and ____ (____) Rooker.

Adam, a painter, and Sarah Teeter were censused 1900 in Steady Run Twp., Keokuk, Iowa with three children and her father Stephen in their home. His name and age and those of the children as shown below come from this record.

I was unable to find any member of this family in later censuses.

The three children of Adam Alford and Sarah Elizabeth (Rooker) Teeter:   Harry A., Winnie and Alta O. 

1    Teeter, Harry A. was born Aug 1888 in Iowa. 

2    Teeter, Winnie was born Oct 1895 in Iowa. 

3    Teeter, Alta O. was born Oct 1898 in Iowa. 

ii    Teeter, William Alford was born 24 Apr 1857, died 5 Apr 1861 in Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

iii    Teeter, John Alford was born 24 Nov 1860 in Iowa, died 24 Nov 1911 in Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

John was censused 1910 at age 49 living with Emma Leota and Elija Brown in Locust Grove Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. Emma Leota was his first cousin, his mother Rebecca Ann Alford and Emma's father William W. Alford being sister and brother.

John worked as a paperhanger and house painter. His birth and death dates are on the side of the tombstone of his parents, his own has only "John A." inscribed.

iv    Teeter, George A. Britain was born 27 May 1863 in Knoxville, Marion, Iowa, died 18 Dec 1941 in Libertyville, Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Fell Cemetery, Jefferson, Iowa.  He and Fannie Ureka "Ollie" Steele were married 8 Jun 1892.  Fannie Ureka "Ollie" was born 6 Mar 1872 in Iowa.  She was the daughter of Joseph and Sarah E. (____) Steele.

His birthplace is from an Iowa Death Record [Jefferson Deaths; 7:10] {'Jefferson County Records'}, which also gives his obituary. This same source states that his mother Rebecca Ann ("Alfred") Teeter was born in Illinois, although actually that is where she was married.

Phyllis Gillaspie [Personal Communication, 29 Oct 2000] writes that George's given names were "George A. Britain", and that they had a son Bernard Steele who married Iva Isobel Manning. In the 1910 census they were living next to a Steele, and then two Manning households.

George B and Fannie U. Teeter were censused 1900 in Des Moines Twp., Jefferson County, with children Earnest A., Irene and Rebecca E. George was a farmer; Fannie was born in Iowa of parents both born in Indiana. She had six children, of whom three were still lliving. It is from this record that I take the names and birth dates of the three living in 1900. Earnest's record is defective, as it reads born Jul 1892, age 6. I have not tried to place the order in which the then deceased children were born, as six children born from Jul 1893 to Sep 1899 implies at least one set of twins, so I would only be guessing.

By 1920 they were living in Polk Township, Jefferson County, with all of their children except Irene still at home.

Fannie U. Steele was censused in 1880 at age 8 living with her parents Joseph and Sarah E. Steele in Des Moines Twp., Jefferson County, Iowa. Censused adjacent to them was a Rasmus Rasmussen who was probably the brother-in-law of George's aunt Louisa Abigail (Alford) Rasmus.

The five children of George A. Britain and Fannie Ureka "Ollie" (Steele) Teeter:   Earnest A., Irene, Rebecca E., Josephine M. and Bernard Steele. 

1    Teeter, Earnest A. was born Jul 1893 in Iowa.  He and Helen E. ____ were married 1921/1922.  Helen E. was born 1899/1900 in Iowa. 

Ernest A. Teeter was censused 1930 as a farmer in Washington Twp., Wapello Co., Iowa. It is from this record that we get the names and ages of his wife and children, and the notation that they were 28 and 22 years old when they married. That they were married about five years before Franis' birth may indicate that they had other children who died early.

Francis' age in that census taken on 16 May was given as 3 years, 1 month, so he was born March or April, 1927. Elmer's was given as 1 year, 10 months, so he was born June or July, 1928.

The two children of Earnest A. and Helen E. (____) Teeter:   Francis E. and Elmer E. 

i    Teeter, Francis E. was born 1927 in Iowa. 

ii    Teeter, Elmer E. was born 1928 in Iowa. 

2    Teeter, Irene was born Jul 1895 in Iowa. 

3    Teeter, Rebecca E. was born Sep 1899 in Iowa. 

4    Teeter, Josephine M. was born 1903/1904 in Iowa. 

5    Teeter, Bernard Steele was born 1906/1907 in Iowa.  He was married to Iva Isobel Manning. 

v    Teeter, David Augustus was born 23 Jan 1866 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa, died 24 Jun 1947 and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

vi    Teeter, Wilson Alford was born 20 Sep 1870 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa and died 4 Dec 1927 in Eldon, Wapello, Iowa.  He and Mary Etta Murphy were married 13 Aug 1895.  Mary Etta was born 20 Oct 1875 in Ohio and died 4 Dec 1927. 

Wilson and Mary were censused 1900 in Des Moines Twp., Jefferson County with their first three children. He gave his occupation as farmer.

By 1910 they were in Washinton Twp., Wapello County, with all of their children at home except Gladys. Mary reported that she had borne nine children, with seven still alive, but who the other lost child was we don't know. She gave her name as Etta M. for this census. Wilson was a trucker for a railroad company.

By 1920 Wilson had progressed to being a machinist for the railroad company, and he and Etta had added two more children to the family. Only Orpha, who would have been 23, was away from their home.

The ten children of Wilson Alford and Mary Etta (Murphy) Teeter:   Orpha Lucretia, Orvil E., Gladys M., Ruth, Elmer, Raymond, Harold, Elizabeth, Marie and Kenneth. 

1    Teeter, Orpha Lucretia was born Jan 1897 in Iowa.  She and George Breckenridge were married 6 Oct 1917 in Iowa.  George was born 1894/1895 in Iowa. 

George and Orpha were censused 1920 in the 2nd Ward of Eldon, Wasington Twp., Wapello County. He was a brakeman for a railroad company.

In the 7th Ward of Ottumwa in Wapello County lived a Harve and Oster Breckenridge, 51 and 53, with three chldren the oldest of whom was born 1895/96, a year older than George.

And there was another George Breckenridge, 76, living in the 1st Ward of Eldon in the home of his nephew Dick Huffstutter and wife Florence. Neither Harve or this elder George appeared in the Iowa census of 1900, so I was unable to identify Orpha's father-in-law.

2    Teeter, Orvil E. was born Feb 1898 in Iowa. 

3    Teeter, Gladys M. was born Apr 1899 in Iowa and died before 1910 in Iowa. 

4    Teeter, Ruth was born 1900/1901 in Iowa. 

5    Teeter, Elmer was born 1901/1902 in Iowa. 

6    Teeter, Raymond was born 1904/1905 in Iowa. 

7    Teeter, Harold was born 1905/1906 in Iowa. 

8    Teeter, Elizabeth was born 31 Jan 1908.  She and Harold Linge were married 7 Sep 1929 in Fort Madison, Lee, Iowa. 

Elizabeth (Teeter) Linge lived as a girl in Eldon, Iowa. Her daughter is a Mormon living in Idaho, and has done much work on the family tree250.

9    Teeter, Marie was born 1910/1911 in Iowa. 

10    Teeter, Kenneth was born 1914/1915 in Iowa. 

vii    Teeter, Eva A. was born 20 Mar 1872 in Moulton, Appanoose, Iowa, died 14 Sep 1946 and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

viii    Teeter, Carrie A. was born 19 Jun 1874, died 29 Sep 1874 in Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

ix    Teeter, Elizabeth A. "Lizzie" was born 12 Nov 1875 in Bedford, Pennsylvania, died 20 Jan 1962 and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

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b 1817      d 1901
b 1843      d 1906
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