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Note added 12 Oct 2002:

Ron Planck has pointed out to me clear evidence that Rachael, mentioned below, was recorded several times as a Ver Plank, a Dutch name, and thus could not have been a sister to Adam or John Planck. In addition, Ron has found evidence showing that Adam Planck's brother was born in 1846, not 1848, so also placing in doubt that the Adam and John Planck discussed were in fact brothers.

After I do some more research, I'll revise these pages, but in the meantime please note that what I have written here is in error at least in part as to this first generation.

Paul R. Swan


According to The Plank Family by Nellie Plank [The Noteworth Company, Amsterdam, NY, 1973], Adam and John Plank were brothers who came to America and settled in the Mohawk Valley.  However, she only specifies that Adam was born in Germany, leaving John’s birthplace unmentioned.  The brothers both served in the Revolution in the Tryon County Militia, 3rd Regiment, under Lt. Col. Volkert Vedder [Nellie Plank, citing N. Y. S. Archives, p. 447)].  Nellie also names Rachael Plank as of this first generation, presumably implying that she was a sister of the two men.


Although most of the records and almost all of the accounts of this family use the spelling Plank, we have in hand the autograph of Josiah, who clearly writes his and his daughter Alice’s name as Planck.  Since most of the record keeping of Lewis County, New York, was in the hands of men to whom English was the mother tongue, it’s not unexpected that they would use the simpler spelling for the English name for a wide board.  The burial record of Josiah and his wife is however spelled Planck, presumably because this was a situation where care could be taken that their tombstones accurately reflect the family’s preferences.


In this genealogy, in honor of his own signature, I use the spelling Planck for all of Josiah’s family and relatives, unless I’m quoting a specific record.  It is probable that Alice and her siblings during their adulthood acquiesced in the shorter spelling, as it appears, for instance, in the application for her marriage license filed in Kansas.


The three children of ____ Planck were Adam, John and Rachael. 


        i     Adam            son, b 29 Feb 1736 in Württemburg, Germany, d 7 Jun 1815 in Montgomery Co., New York, and was buried in Gross Cemetery, Johnstown, New York.  Adam was married in Germany to Catherine Klyn {b 24 Mar 1701 in Nassau, Germany, d 5 Mar 1815 and was buried in Gross Cemetery}. 


Adams’s will was dated 31 Dec 1814, with a codicil added January14th, and probated 17 Aug 1815. The Gross Cemetery where he and Catherine are buried is also known as the Old Lutheran Cemetery.  An account and listing of this cemetery is give by James Morrison, S. A. R., on a Fulton County web page [], and includes a short biography of Adam and a list of his and Catherine’s eight children:





Adam served as a private in Captain Emanuel DeGraff’s Company (7th Co.) in Colonel Frederick Visscher’s Regiment of Tryon County Militia (3rd Regt.).   Adam also served as a private in Captain Abraham Veeder’s Company (2nd Co.) in Colonel Visscher’s Regiment.  Adam was born on February 29, 1736 and died on June 7th, 1815 at the age of 79 years, 3 months and 9 days.  Catherine Kline, his wife, died March 15, 1815 at  the age of 73 years, 11months and 19 days.  The following are children of Adam and Catherine:


                           1) Philip - born November 6, 1768.

                           2) Jacob - born March 7, 1771.

                           3) Dorothy - born January 6, 1773

                           4) John - born in 1775, bpt Nov 10, 1775 and died September 30, 1850.

                           5) Christian - born March 12, 1777; died December 14 ,1842.

                           6) Godfrey - born February 20, 1779; died on March 21, 1845.

                           7) Adam - born August 4, 1781 and died on September 17, 1868.

                           8) Frederick - born August 5, 1783 and died May 8, 1851.



Nellie Plank gives the same names and dates, and adds that John was baptised 10 Nov 1775 at the Caughnawaga Reformed Church in Fonda, New York, sponsors John Bossart and Elizabeth Klyn, and that Godfrey’s sponsors were Hendrick and Elizabeth Yanney.


      ii     John              son, b 25 Jun 1748. 


    iii     Rachael         dtr., b in 1752 and d 28 Nov 1822. 




John Planck  &  Neeltje “Nellie” Gardinier


____1, John2                                                             Jacob Janse1, Hendrick Jacobse2, Nicholaas3, Adam Winne4, Neeltje “Nellie”5


John was born 25 Jun 1748 in Tryon County, New York, and died 3 Jun 1825 in Montgomery, New York. 


John and Neeltje “Nellie” married in 1775. 


Neeltje “Nellie” was born 6 May 1754 in Tryon County, the daughter of Adam Winne and Jannetge (Van Alstein) Gardenier, and died 8 Jun 1775 in Montgomery. 



The most direct evidence we have for the earliest generation of the Planck ancestry of Alice is the DAR record of her niece Mary.  Daughter of Juliet and William Underwood, her DAR membership is based on the Revolutionary service of John Planck, as well as that of her mother’s Horning lineage.  No source documentation has been seen for this lineage, however, and we don’t know how much of it is based on unpublished family records and recollections.


John Plank served as private in Capt. Volkert Vedder’s company, Col. Frederick Fisher’s regiment, Tryon County militia, New York [DAR Patriot Index].  The same source says he was born and died in that county.  The Index also provides the dates shown here for John’s birth and death, and names his spouse as Nellie Gardinier.  This latter name is confirmed by Nettie Plank, who gives John’s wife the Dutch spelling of Nelytje.


Tryon County existed some time before the revolution, but in 1784 it, together with native lands to the west, became part of the huge county of Montgomery established that year.  That included all of the land from the eastern tier of Ulster, Albany and Charlotte (which at the same time became Washington) counties west to Seneca Lake.  A roster of the Tryon County Militia is available online, <>, and nearly all of the surnames in this genealogy figure prominently in its lists, including John and Adam Plank in Col. Fisher’s regiment.


Neeltje, or “Nellie”, was a descendant of the immigrant Jacob Janse Gardenier.  While her husband was an immigrant to this country, and served in the Revolutionary War, he was a relative newcomer.  Neeltje was of the fourth generation of her line to be born in this country.  I have not attemted to trace the matriarchal branches of the three intervening generations of Gardeniers (Claes, Winne and Van Alstein), but the Dutch records of New York are fairly extensive, and that should be possible foranyone interested.


The original Nellie (Gardinier) Plank’s exact birth and death dates are taken from Nellie Plank’s 1973 book in which, unfortunately, she does not generally cite her sources.


The only known child of John and Neeltje “Nellie” (Gardinier) Planck was Henry. 


        i     Henry         son, b 31 May 1777. 




Henry Planck  &  Margaret C. Van Ingen


____1, John2, Henry3                                                                                                                                              Dirk1, Joseph2, Margaret C.3


Henry was born 31 May 1777 in Tryon County, New York, and died 28 Oct 1834. 


Henry and Margaret C. married 28 Apr 1802. 


Margaret C. was born 1786 in Albany County, New York, the daughter of Joseph and Eleanor (Van Alstine) Van Ingen, and died in 1859. 



In addition to (or derivative from) the DAR records, the parentage of Josiah Planck is mentioned in several GenForum postings online.  One is an extensive extract from “Biographical history of Pottawattamie County, Iowa” [Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, 1891] by Mona Sarratt Knight [GenForum, 24 Nov 2001] which provides a biography of “M. V. Plank”:


“M. V. PLANK, a successful farmer of Pottawattamie Co., was born in Lewis County, NY, November 28, 1823, son of HENRY PLANK, a native of the Mohawk Valley and a soldier in the War of 1812. He was a son of JOSIAH PLANK, a Revolutionary soldier. Our subject’s mother was MARGARET C. (VANINGEN) PLANK, a native of New York and daughter of JOSEPH VANINGEN, a native of Holland. The parents lived in New York until their death. The father was a farmer all his life and in his religious relations was a member of the Presbyterian Church.”  Actually, Joseph was born in this country; it was his father Dirk who was the immigrant Van Ingen.


The name give in the biography of M. V.’s grandfather, Josiah, turns out to be incorrect, a not unusual occurence in county histories.


An earlier post by Nellie Plank Hintz [GenForum, 23 Feb 2000] (probably the Nellie Plank who authored The Plank Family had indicated that “M. V.” was Malachia, and that he had a brother Josiah.  And Linda Mager wrote [GenForum, 17 Aug 2001] that she was “a descendant of Malachi and Josiah’s brother, John”.


These are, of course, not primary sources, but originating from three different contributors, it seems fairly likely that the relationships they describe are valid.  None of these online postings mentions son Joseph. There was only one Josiah Plank in the Lewis County census in 1850, and the state census of 1855 listed his widowed mother as Margaret, thus reinforcing this conclusion.


A record more recently found had been placed on RootsWeb by John Sherwood, and gives a lineage of Henry and his son John complete with exact dates of births and marriages.  I’ve written to John asking for the source of that information.


On 2 Mar 2003 Linda Mager sent me the following e-mail listing six more children in addition to those shown below. She did not identify her sources, so I'm merely listing them here for now:


"Ran across your query asking about the children of Henry & Margaret Plank. I show they had 11 children. 1. John (1803), 2. Nancy (1805), 3. Joseph (1808), Henry (1811), Richard (1813), Jane (1816), Rachael (1818), Josiah (1820), Malachi (1823), Lorenzo (1827), and Gilbert (1830).


"I am descended from John. I am trying to identify his children. So far, I have only found Margaret & Nancy."


Since the cemetery record for his son Josiah records that he was born in Lewis County, Henry must have moved north some time before Joseph’s birth n 1809, and Josiah’s  in 1820.  However, we as yet have no record of Henry in Lewis County.


It should be mentioned that there was another Henry Planck censused in 1850 in Denmark, Lewis County, who was born 1800/01.


In addition to the DAR records, another source for the birth year of Josiah’s mother Margaret is the 1855 State census, where her age was given as 69, and her birth place as Albany Co., NY. Also appearing there was the notation “Widowed 50”, meaning either that she was widowed at age 50 or in 1850.  One of the DAR records gives Henry’s death as 1834, which would support the former interpretation if, in fact, that death date wasn’t inferred from this census (i.e., circular reasoning).


The five children of Henry and Margaret C. (Van Ingen) Planck were John, Nancy, Joseph Van Ingen, Josiah and Malachi V.


        i     John, son,  chr 18 Oct 1803 in Fonda, Montgomery, New York, and d 27 May 1846.  John m Eleanor Ostrander {b 1810 in New York, and d 5 Nov 1853}. 


John’s christening date is from the same record as that of his brother Joseph (see below).


The only child of John and Eleanor (Ostrander) Planck:

                    1     Nancy E.        dtr.  Nancy E. m John Norton Canfield {b 24 Dec 1828 in Denmark, Lewis, New York, and d 8 Jul 1906 in Bradshaw, Nebraska}. 


      ii     Nancy, dtr., b 22 Dec 1805 and d in 1881.  Nancy was married in 1827 to Selah Farwell {b in 1805, son of Solomon and Sabina (Burlingame) Farwell}. 


Two IGI records give Nancy’s birth date, but neither are extracts from church records.


The IGI lists the children of Nancy and Selah as:


                           Sabina Margaret, b 3 Mar 1829 Fairview, Dutchess, or Cattaraugus, New York


                           Henry Plank, b 17 Jul 1830 Cattaraugus, New York


                           John Dennis,  b 22 Jul 1832 Rushford, Allegany, or Cattaraugus, New York


                           Jane Eliza, b 30 Aug 1834 Cattaraugus, or Denmark, Lewis, New York


                           Melissa M., b 5 Nov 1836 Lewis, New York


                           Maria Morrison, b 5 Nov 1838 Lewis, New York


                           Selah Burlingame,  b 26 Aug 1841 Denmark, Lewis, New York


    iii     Joseph Van Ingen, son,  chr 1809 in Fonda.  An IGI record says that Joseph was christened in the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church Of Caughnawaga, Fonda, Montgomery, New York, citing “Records of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Caughnawaga, now the Reformed Church of Fonda ... N.Y., 1758-1858  Vosburgh, Royden Woodward”, microfilm #0534214


     iv     Josiah, son, b 27 Dec 1820. 


      v     Malachi V., son, b 28 Nov 1823 in Lewis, New York.  Malachi V. was married Oct 1846 in Lewis County, New York to H. A. Witherbee {b in Otsego, New York, dtr of David and Eliza (St. Clair) Witherbee}. 


Mona Sarratt Knight excerpted biographies from the “Biographical History of Pottawattamie County, Iowa” [The Lewis Publishing Company, 1891] including this one for Malachi and Margaret []


“PLANK, M.V. (page 575) - b. Lewis Co, NY, November 1823, son of Henry PLANK and Margaret C. (VANINGEN) PLANK; Margaret the daughter of Joseph VANINGEN, a native of Holland. M.V. PLANK married October 1846 in Lewis Co, NY to Miss H.A. WITHERBEE, daughter of David and Eliza (St. CLAIR) WITHERBEE; they have six children: Zelia Eliza wife of David VANALSTINE of Belknap Twp; W.J. of Cora Valley, Oregon; Hattie wife of George L. BOALS of Dakota Co, Nebraska; Ida Belle and Ada N., twins, the former wife of J.A. FLETCHER of Colorado and the latter the wife of Marion BARTON, Pottawattamie County, Iowa; Iona L. wife of B.S. LEADER of Balknap. Mrs M.V. PLANK is an ordained minister of the Adventist Church and has preached in Sioux City, Yankton and Omaha.”


From the biography above, note that H. A. was an ordained minister of the Adventist Church and had preached in Sioux City, Iowa, Yankton, South Dakota, and Omaha, Nebraska.




Josiah Planck  &  Catherine Ann Horning


____1, John2, Henry3, Josiah4                                                                   Nicholas1, Dieterich2, Adam3, Nicholas4, Catherine Ann5


Josiah was born 27 Dec 1820 in Lewis County, New York.  He died 25 Aug 1872 in Lewis County and was buried in Riverside Cem., Copenhagen, Lewis, New York. 


Josiah and Catherine Ann married about 1845/1846. 


Catherine Ann was born 9 Sep 1821 in Otsego, New York, the daughter of Nicholas and Neeltje “Nellie' (Van Antwerp) Horning.  She died 17 Dec 1904 in Lewis, New York, and was buried in Riverside Cem. 



The general locale where Josiah Planck lived is about twenty five miles east of the shore of Lake Ontario in upper state New York, some 75 miles north of Syracuse and Utica. His name in census and land records is spelled mostly Plank, while the Bible inscription in his own hand uses Planck as does his cemetery record, although there are Planks recorded there, also.


Josiah Plank, age 29, appears in the Denmark Township, Lewis County, New York census of 1850 with wife Catherine, aged 28, and daughters Juliette 3 and Eugene 6 months. He’s listed as a farmer with evaluation $2000, and all four were noted as born in New York.


The ages of this couple are in agreement with cemetery records which reveal that Josiah was born 27 Dec 1820 in Lewis County, and Catherine 9 Sep 1821 in Otsego County. Josiah died 25 Aug 1872, and Catherine 17 Dec 1904; they are buried together in Riverside Cemetery, Copenhagen, New York [Anon., Riverside Cemetery Records, Copenhagen, Lewis County, New York, Genealogical Society, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1961].


It is possible that Josiah and Catherine were cousins, although we have no evidence at this time that their respective grandmothers, Eleanor Van Alstine and Maria Dorothy Van Alstine, were related.


Josiah also appears in the 1855 Lewis County census, which helps pin down the date of his move to Jefferson County (see below) as between 1855 and 1860. This census gave the name Eleanor M. for a third daughter, and lists also in the household a nephew Francis D., 6 months. It also lists Josiah’s mother Margaret, age 69 (thus born 1785/86), and gives her birth place as Albany County, New York. Also appearing in her record was the notation “Widowed 50”, presumably meaning widowed at age 50, from which we assume her husband’s death as 1835/36.


In the Jefferson County census taken 2 Aug 1860 Josiah, age 39, appears in Champion (in West Carthage Township, and only a few miles from Copenhagen in Lewis County) with wife Catherine 38, and daughters Juliette 13, Eugene 11, Ella Marie 8 and Alice J., 3 years of age. Josiah’s real estate was valued at $5390 and his personal property at $1381. Also in his household was Hiram K. Campbell, 15, a farmer.


On an 1864 map of Champion, the residence of “J. Plank” is shown in Section 48 about one-half mile west of the county line on the south side of the road running just north of Pleasant Lake [RootsWeb]. Note, however, that in 1870 Josiah inscribed his daughter’s Bible in Copenhagen, Lewis County, where he was buried in 1872. Copenhagen, Denmark and Champion are all about five miles apart.


Josiah first bought land in Lewis County on 6 Sep 1843(?) when he was deeded two parcels from Selah Farwell, and one each from Malachi V. Plank and Lorenzo Plank [Liber 4, pp. 69-71]. On the next day, he, Richard, Malachi, Lorenzo and Gilbert Plank all were deeded land from John Plank [Liber 4, pg. 72]. On 4 Nov 1843 Josiah received another parcel from John [Liber X, pg. 180]. (As the copy is poor, these dates need to be checked by rereading the Index of Deeds, pg 591.) John and Richard Plank had started purchasing land in Lewis County in the early 1830’s, and there were many other land transactions by Planks recorded in the county starting as early as 1812.


Josiah’s next acquisition of land was on 14 Oct 1851 when he was grantee for deeds from Gilbert H. Plank, Charles H. Kinball, Aaron Peck, Malachi Plank, Lorenzo Plank and Richard Plank [Liber 8, pp. 67-69]. He later purchased deeds on 9 Feb 1857 from Richard V. Plank, 28 Jan 1859 from Aaron Davis, and 21 Oct 1868 from Hiram Sage. Josiah is also listed as Grantor in the Index of Deeds with transactions 12 Apr 1850 to Lewis Pierce, 18 Feb 1852 to Aaron Davis (who also that day purchased land from Malachi and Lorenzo Plank), 9 Feb 1857 to Emory O. Shepard and 1 Apr 1862 to Ezekial P. Carter .


Josiah also mortgaged land from his presumed relatives, and took mortgages from others:


                     2 Jan 1855       Malichi V., Plank, mortgagor

                   5 Apr 1856       Richard V?., Plank, mortgagor

                 18 Feb 1867       Ezekial P. Carter, mortgagee

                 21 Oct 1868       Hiram Sage, mortgagee

               24 May 1869       Hiram Sage, mortgagee


The land records in the adjacent county of Jefferson presumably will also show land transactions, as Josiah was censused there in 1860. A map of the township of Denmark from the Atlas of Lewis County, New York 1875 shows a “J. Plank” in the NW corner of Section 23 near the Jefferson County border, about two miles northeast of Copenhagen on a tributary of the Deer River.


Another(?) Josiah Plank & wife sold seven parcels of land in Montgomery County between 1853 and 1856.  I’ll order one film to see what the name of this Josiah’s wife was.


Catherine’s name, and those of her parents Nicholas and Nellie, come from the DAR record of Mary Underwood Funnell.  However, there is a dearth of confirming information.


Nicholas and Neeltje “Nellie” (Van Antwerp) Horning had a son Adam born 11 Dec 1808 in St. Johnsville, Montgomery County, New York, and christened 1809 at the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church Of Caughnawaga, in Fonda, Montgomery [IGI].  This latter town is where Neeltje was born.


Then, on 11 Dec (coincidence?) 1812, they had a son Herschel born in either Stone Arabia or Palatine, Montgomery County [IGI].  That they would then have a daughter Catherine Ann born nine years later is somewhat unusual, but not impossible.  No independent record of such a birth has been found, however.


The six children of Josiah and Catherine Ann (Horning) Planck were Juliette, Francis D., Emogene, Eugene, Eleanor Marie “Ella” and Alice J.


        i     Juliette, dtr., b in 1847 and d after 28 Oct 1911.  Juliette was married 24 Nov 1869 to William H. Underwood {b 13 Apr 1841 in Seneca Falls, Seneca, New York, son of Joseph and Mary A. (Smallbridge) Underwood, and d 27 Sep 1911 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas}. 

A biography of William H. Underwood [Cutler, 1883] gives a number of details of his life:


“REV. WILLIAM  H. UNDERWOOD, Pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Hiawatha, Brown County, Kansas was born at Seneca Falls, N. Y., April 13, 1841; son of Joseph and Mary A. Underwood, who were both born in England, but came to this country while young; his mother’s family name, Smallbridge. When William H. was five years of age, his parents removed to McHenry County, Ill., where with limited means they began farming. Six years afterward his mother went entirely blind, and two years later died. William was then thrown upon his own resources, and made a beginning by working by the month on a farm.”


The biography fails to mention when his father died, but presumably before 1854 when his mother died.  William moved 1846 to McHenry County, Illinois


(NW of Chicago on WI border),     lived 1858 with his Uncle John Eddy, attending school at Woodstock.  He then attended school Elgin 1859 (20 mi.

S of McHenry) until his enlistment in army 1 Jan 1862.  He mustered out 14 Jun 1864, having been wounded 29 Nov 1863, and 2 Jun 1864, and returned home.


Google archive of, citing Crumrine, Boyd, “History of Washington County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Sketches” (Philadelphia: L. H. Everts & Co., 1882), pp 333-334 in a section entitled “War of the Rebellion”. Transcribed by Karen Souhrada of Pittsford, NY:


                           "One Hundredth Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

                           "Company A

                           "William H. Underwood, 1st. sergt., MI January 1, 1862; promoted to 1st. sergt. May 12, 1865;

                           "wounded November 29, 1863, and June 2, 1864; MO with company, veteran.”


From an database we find his enlistment date was 24 May 1861 and that he mustered out 24 May 1864.  This was the end of his three year hitch, and he must have immediately  re-enlisted if he was wounded on June 2nd of that year, and his second wounding must have been serious enough to warrant his final mustering out twelve days later.


On Aug 31(?) 1866 William filed a claim for a Civil War pension, Application No. 11H.742, Certificate No. 80503.  After his death, his widow Juliet on 28 Oct 1911 filed a claim in Kansas for a widow’s pension, Application and Certificate Numbers 974016.


After his Civil War service, William attended school at Aurora and Evanston, Illinois until 1868, taking a theological course in Evanston. (There is today a Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary of The United Methodist Church in Evanston which might have been the one he attended.)  He became a local preacher at Round Grove in the Rock River Methodist Episcopal Conference about the time that he  married Juliette Planck.  In Oct 1870 he was sent to Genoa, 1871 ordained deacon at Aurora in the Fall of 1872, and then transferred to Kansas Conference, but spent the winter in northern New York, Juliette’s home.


In Mar 1873 William came to Kansas, took charge of the Irving District, and was ordained elder at Atchison  In 1875 he was appointed to Clay Center, where he erected a church.  It was in this Kansas town that in Mar 1877  he performed the marriage of his sister-in-law Alice J. Planck to Jackson Brown, himself a Methodist Minister also sent to Kansas from Illinois. William went on in 1878 to Sabetha, Nemaha Co., in 1880 to Severance, Doniphan Co., and in 1882 Hiawatha, Brown Co., KS.  At this point in his life the 1883 biography ends with the note that he had three daughters living at that time.


It’s of interest to note that in 1878  in Severance, and 1880/81 in Leona, both Doniphan Co., the school teacher was a Miss Emma Plank.  Her relationship, if any, to Juliette and Alice Planck is unknown.


The three children of William H. and Juliette (Planck) Underwood:

                    1     Mary                dtr., b Feb 1876 in Clay County, Kansas.  Mary m Christopher Ellsworth Funnell {b 17 Jul 1874/1875, son of Christopher Christmas and Charlotte “Lottie” (Kreek) Funnell and d 24 Nov 1948 in Alemeda, California}. 


It is from the DAR membership of Mary that we have much of the early genealogy of her and her aunt Alice.  Mary’s application for membership in the Betty Washington Chapter of the DAR was made 29 Mar 1905 while she and Christopher were living at 800 Indiana Street in Lawrence, Kansas. That application listed only her descent from John Plank, and based his service on the Manuscripts of the Colony and state of New York in the Revolutionary War [v. 10, folio 106, p. 5].  However, the summary of her membership qualifications as they are shown on (citing The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, v. 52, p. 380) follows both her Plank and Horning lineages and reads:


      Mrs. Mary Underwood Funnell, DAR ID Number: 51854


      Born in Clay Co., Kan.

      Wife of Christopher Ellsworth Funnell.

      Descendant of Adam Horning and of John Plank, of New York.

      Daughter of Rev. William Henry Underwood and Juliet Plank, his wife.

      Granddaughter of Josiah Plank (1820-72) and Catherine Ann Horning, his wife.

      Gr-granddaughter of Nicholas Horning (b. 1786) and Nellie Van Antwerp, his wife; Henry Plank and Margaret Van In Gen (1786-1859), his wife.

      Gr-gr-granddaughter of Adam Horning and Dorothy Van Alstine, his wife, m. 1780; John Plank and Nellie Gardannear, his wife.

      Adam Horning enlisted as a private in Capt. Lype’s company, Col. Samuel Clydes’ regiment, from Tryon County, N. Y.

      John Plank (1748-1825) served as a private in Capt. Volkert Vedder’s company, Col. Frederick Fisher’s regiment, Tryon County Militia, New York, where he was born and died.



Christopher’s father, Christopher Christmas Funnell (born on 25 Dec 1844), and two of his brothers, George and William P. Funnell, were prominent citizens in Clifton, Kansas.  A fourth brother Henry Funnell located 150 miles to the southwest near Great Bend, Kansas.  All four men and a sister Charlotte were born in England, children of William Funnell of Norfolk, where the family had resided for at least four generations.


William P. was involved in the several moves of Clifton town back and forth across the county line between Clay and Washington Counties as it was being established in the 1860s, finally locating his store and post office on the Washington side of the line.  C. C. started a lumber yard, and was an officer in the Masons and the A. O. U. W. Lodge.  George was one of the guiding forces in the building of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1879.


In 1900 Christopher Ellsworth and Mary were censused in Lawrence, Kansas, living at 804 Kentucky St. with their two year old daughter Dorothy.  Christopher was in Los Angeles in 1920, a boarder who gave his profession as Capitalist in the field of live stock.  There was a Vera H. Funnell living at the same boarding address, born 1893/94 in Kansas, father born in Ohio, mother in Tennessee.


Other sons of Christopher C., brothers to Christopher Ellsworth, were Floyd, born Jun 1880, Earl b Mar 1885 and Roy, b Feb 1888, all in Topeka, Kansas in 1900. These birth months are from the 1900 census in Topeka.


Christopher’s ancestry, from Nancy Funnell,, is:


William Funnell, b. abt 1782, England; d. November 4, 1877, Washington County, Kansas

m Eleanor Byham, b. abt 1784 in England; d. June 27, 1867, Clifton, Washington Co., Kansas


Mary A. Funnell, b. abt 1811, England; d. October 26, 1884

m John Baldry


William Funnell, b. April 5, 1818 in Norfolk, England; d. May 12, 1890 in Clifton, Washington County, Kansas

m Elizabeth Germany, February 17, 1842, b. April 22, 1820 in England


Henry F. Funnell, b. abt. 1842, Downham, Norfolk, England; d. 1911.

m Susannah ?


Christopher Christmas Funnell, b. December 25, 1844; Downham, Norfolk, England; d. June 19 1929, Los Angeles, California

m Charlotte Kreeck, June 30, 1874; b. 1858, Ross County, Ohio, d. August 22, 1938, Clifton, Kansas.


Unnamed infant Funnell


Charlotte F. Funnell, died at 22 months; buried in Sherman Cemetary.


Ellsworth Christopher Funnell (aka Christopher Ellsworth), b. 1875 in Kansas; d. 1948.

m Mary Underwood


Floyd Funnell, born Abt 1881 in Kansas

m Georgia ?


Carl Funnell, born abt 1885 in Kansas


Roy Funnell, born abt 1888 in Kansas.


Charlotte Rebecca Funnell, b. December 28, 1846, Hailsham, Sussex, England; d. August 5, 1930.

m Albert Soshua Banner in 1873 in Clifton, Washington County, Kansas.


George Funnell, b. April 1850, Huntingdon, England.

m Kate Smee


William Patrick Funnell, b.  December 3, 1853 in Waterford, Ireland.

m Elmina Green, b. July 20, 1858, Maine.


George Albert Funnell, b. June 21, 1831, Norfolk, England; d. October 18, 1909, Clifton, Washington Co., Kansas

m Bridget Kinsley January 7, 1863; b. October 16, 1841, Wexford, Ireland; d. February 17, 1925, Clifton, Washington County, Kansas.


                    2     Catherine       dtr.  Catherine m ____ Anderson. 

Catherine and her husband were of Arkansas City, Kansas in 1912.

                    3     Marcia             dtr.  Marcia m ____ Ewing. 

Marcia and her husband were of Homestead, Florida in 1912.


      ii     Francis D., son, b in 1849. 


    iii     Emogene, dtr., b in 1850. 


     iv     Eugene, son, b in 1850.  A fairly wide search for Eugene on the internet resulted in no records at all.  He was 11 years of age in the 1860 census, the last mention we find of him.


      v     Eleanor Marie “Ella”        dtr., b in 1852, d in 1896 and was buried in Riverside Cem., Copenhagen.  Eleanor Marie “Ella” m Arthur W. Bevitt {b in 1851 and d in 1888}. 


Ella appears in the Riverside Cemetery records:


“Ella Planck (1852-1896)  wife of Arthur W. Bevitt (1851-1888)”


where she is listed with Josiah and Catherine.


There are two records on concerning an Eleanor Planck who married a Charles Hazen Kimball, and whose son Charles Henry was born 1846 in Carthage, Jefferson County, New York.  That Eleanor could well be an aunt/godmother to Eleanor “Ella” Marie, as Josiah Planck was censused 1860 in Champion, West Carthage Township, of that county.  Neither submitter answered an e-mail query as to the source of that information, which is probably from some Kimball family history, since no other information about Eleanor was recorded.


A biography of Charles Henry appears in “History of Labette County, Kansas and its Representative Citizens” [ed. Hon. Nelson Case, Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, 1901] which doesn’t, however, provide any additional information on his mother.  Charles moved to Parsons, Kansas in 1872, and was a prominent business man in the eastern part of the state, primarily establishing railroads in the area.  He was a member of the Topeka Consistory, Scottish Rites.


Charles Henry Kimball’s wife was Helen Mary Webster, of Fort Plain, New York, and the Kimball children were Charles W., Irene, Paul Hazen, Pierre McCall, Bruce Planck and Webster Wagner, born 1880 through 1892.


The only child of Arthur W. and Eleanor Marie “Ella” (Planck) Bevitt:

                    1     Arthur J.       son, b 2 Apr 1852.  The cemetery records gives the data for Arthur J., son of Eleanor Marie and Arthur.  Other Bevitt’s  listed were Clarence, b or d 1893 and Mary E. b 1859, d 1937, who could also have been children of Ella and Arthur.


     vi     Alice J., dtr., b 12 Oct 1856 in Lewis, d 22 Sep 1935 in Topeka and was buried 26 Sep 1935 in Topeka Cemetery, (Memorial Park), Topeka, Kansas.  Alice J. was married Mar 1877 in Clay County to Jackson Brown {b Apr 1846 in Greenup County, Kentucky, son of Piersol and Margaret (Thomas) Brown, d 15 Mar 1929 in Topeka and was buried 18 Mar in Topeka Cemetery, Topeka, Kansas}. 


Alice spent her married life as a minister’s wife in various small Kansas towns in Pottawatomie and Washington counties where her four children were born, and finally in Topeka where she lived for at least 20 years.  It must have been during that latter time that her Bible was given to the Swans, possibly bequeathed to someone in our Grandmother Maggie Swan at Alice’s death.


Just three weeks before her 80th birthday, Alice died of myocarditis at the Methodist Episcopal Home for the Aged where she had been living since Jackson’s death in 1929. [Topeka Cemetery burial records; 1930 census].


See the Brown Chapter for the story of Alice and Jackson.