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Swan ~ Hartzell Family History

Quaker Branch Introduction

When her parents brought Mary Alice Mitchell as a new-born baby west to Ohio in 1832, she became the last of our ancestors to have been born in, or immigrated to, the area of Pennsylvania and New Jersey known as The Falls of the Delaware River. This region, within a circle of radius little more than ten or fifteen miles, had been the home of generations of our ancestors. The area our ancestors actually settled lies close along both sides of the river where it passes Trenton, NJ, (founded by our ancestor Mahlon Stacy) and turns west to flow past Burlington, NJ (founded by our Benjamin Scott).

This area, on both sides of the Delaware, was settled to a great extent by Quakers from England. And many, indeed most, of our immigrant ancestors to this area were in fact Quakers -- Cowgill, Janney, Kinsey, Lucas, Margerum, Satterthwaite, Scott, Stackhouse, Stacy and Yardley being some of our surnames found in the well-kept records of The Religious Society of Friends of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. White, and probably Mitchell, were among the few of our ancestors coming to this area who were not Quakers. Most of these immigrant families are known, and in many instances also the circumstances of their arrival on the Delaware from England (our direct ancestors in bold face):

Benjamin Scott and wife Margaret Kinsey, on the Kent in August of 1677. Their daughter Bridget who married Edward Lucas was born on the Henry and Anne at Gravesent, Kent in 1679 or 1681 while her parents were on a return visit to England.

John Kinsey, father of Margaret, came on the Greyhound in late 1677.

Mahlon Stacy and wife Elizabeth Ely, of Handsworth, Yorkshire, with daughter Elizabeth who married Abel Janney, of Yorkshire, on the Shield, arriving Oct 1678.

Robert Lucas and son John, of Longbridge Deveral, Wiltshire, on the Elizabeth and Mary, arriving 4 Jun 1679.

Elizabeth Cowgill, the wife of Robert Lucas, with their other children, Giles, Elizabeth, Edward who married Bridget Scott, Robert, Rebecca, Mary and Sarah, on the Content in October, 1680.

John Stackhouse, who married Elizabeth Pearson, came with his brother Thomas and their uncle Thomas from Settle, West Riding, Yorkshire, arriving in Oct 1682 on the Lamb.

Thomas Janney of Stiall (now Styal), Cheshire, and wife Margery Heath of Horton, Staffordshire, with sons Jacob, Thomas, Abel who married Elizabeth Stacy, and Joseph, and two servants, on the Endeavour, arriving 29 Sep 1683.

Henry and Elizabeth Margerum, of Cheverell, Wiltshire, on the Bristol Merchant in 1683.

Jane (Bayliffe) Riggs, before 1688, who married Henry Margerum as his second wife.

George and Elizabeth White, of Bucklebury, Berkshire, with children Humphrey, Elizabeth, Sarah, Peter, William, Francis, Joseph and Benjamin, in 1687. The surname of Francis' wife Martha is unknown.

Thomas Pearson, with daughters Grace, Elizabeth who married John Stackhouse, and Sarah, emigrated 1699, but he died at sea.

We don't yet know when our Mitchell, Rickey, Satterthwaite and Yardley immigrant ancestors arrived. Those and Pearson aside, all of this branch of our family immigrated to the area along the Delaware River in a space of just ten years, and stayed there until Richard Mitchell brought his family to Ohio in 1832, almost 150 years later. The following chart shows how just the first few generations of these folk are related to our great-grandmother Mary Alice (Mitchell) Markley. The arrowheads to the right indicate earlier generations which have also been researched. Surnames in those branches of our tree include Walker, Tyson, Braithwaite, Holme, Bayliffe, Pearson, Ely, Worthington, Yarwood, Fulwood, Heath, Alrodd, Higgenson, Parker, Holmes, Booth, Garland and Revel.

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