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Paul R. Swan     March 2004 Return to Home Page Swan ~ Hartzell Family History

Swan ~ Hartzell Family History

English Branch Introduction

Until I have time to write this introduction, an ancestral tree must suffice to show our English lineages. Louisa Ricker Eaton married Adam Leonard Hartzell in Johnson County, Kansas 9 Jul 1861. Fifteen of her great-great-grandparents below have extensively researched ancestors extending back to many locations in England.

English Tree

Surnames in the ancestries of the fifth generation individuals in the above tree:

Eaton: Kendall, Smith, Jenkin, Paine, Morrill, Patterson, Phillips, Sackerell, Hussey, Miles, Brayne
Rand: Sharp
Clements: Peasley, Aver, Barnard, fawne, Palmer, Johnson, Morse, ffawne, Palmer, Johnson, Morse, Arnold, Crosse, Gully
Ford: Ross, Kent, Norris, Pyle
Sargent: Tewksbury, Colby, Copp, Perkins, Haddon, Rogers, Stevens, Gater, Coppe, Gunne, Sawbridge, Kebble, de Astley, Reed, Gunne
Hadley: Colby, Martin, Parratt, Procgtor, North, Northend, Harper
Flanders: Cash, Carter, Lambert
Ricker: Shaw
Garland: Heard, Hull, Peson, Samways
Drew: Hopley, Tucker
Wingate: Hodsdon, Nutter, Thompson, Avers, Wines
Chamberlin: Chamberline, Hunkins, Gilbvert, Bugbee
Wright: Taylor, Burt, Woodward, Stratton, March, Marche, Wilton, Mather, Lindsell, Rucke, Hubbard, Whitebread, Willmote, Tyson, Hammett, Molyneux, Radcliff, Abram
Johnson: Porter, Blake, Harris, Hall, Weld, Heath, Hills, Mason, Shatswell, Dereslye