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It all began about 1160 when there was this fellow Richard who lived in a castle near the old Roman road where it forded the River Dee going from England into Wales. Richard was known as "Richard de Ald Ford" or "Richard by the old ford" and that evolved into Richard Aldford. To this day there is a town of Aldford in Chestershire near the River Dee. One can still see faint remains of the Alford Castle that was situated there. In a church there one can view a brass wall plaque that mentions one of the Alford daughters.

That picturesque (but probably apocryphal) account of the history of the surname Alford is from the Rev. Josiah George Alford's Alford Family Notes published by Phillimore and Company, London, England in 1908.

There are also towns named Alford in Lincolnshire, Somerset and Surrey, as well as in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It's interesting that there are no towns in the British Isles named Alvord (although there are several of that spelling in the United States) even though for surnames there are more Alvord than Alford records in the IGI for Britain.

The primary source for our own earliest generations of Alford is The McCready Clan, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania by Marie McConnell257. See the introduction to the McCready family in this history for an analysis of this source and, in particular, a discussion of its limitations as to the earliest generations. Although she doesn't document their location in the British Isles, it is most likely that Michael and Martha (McCready) Alford were part of the so-called Scotch Irish immigrants who settled western Pennsylvania, among other places in this country. Members of this race were Protestant Scotch by recent bloodline (although from Ireland if you go back to their fourth century ancestors), but resident in Northern Ireland for a few generations before coming to this country in the mid-eighteenth century132.

Alford, of course, is not a very Scottish (or Irish, for that matter) sounding surname. During the reign of Charles I of England, Parliament enacted a scheme of raising money to pay for an army to suppress the rebellion in 1641 of the Catholic Irish293. In return for each "Adventure" purchased (we might call them "Ventures" today), each "Adventurer" was promised, and eventually received, land in Ulster in proportion to the investment made. The name of Alford is one of those who participated in this enterprise (as is Swan)83, and that individual could conceivably be the progenitor of our Alford family in Ireland, about 150 years (say, five generations) before our Michael Alford came to America. That James Alford, a London grocer who invested £50 in March 1642, finally received in 1653/54, at the lotteries held at Grocers' Hall, London, during the Commonwealth, 111 Irish acres in Waterford, Munster, somewhat south of the more likely roots of our McCready line in County Antrim.

Two hundred years later, by the time of the Griffith Evaluation of households in 1848, there were no Alfords living in Waterford. There were, in fact, only two dozen Alford familys in that survey of all Ireland, most living in or near Dublin.

Our Michael Alford appears to have immigrated in 1790 (see discussion below). There were earlier Alfords in Pennsylvania who might have been related. One was a Hugh Alford taxed on 100 acres in West Pennsborough township of Cumberland county, south central Pennsylvania, in 1780. Since Michael and Martha of our first known generation named a son Hugh (our ancestor), this earlier namesake might be a relative. And since we lose track of Michael and Martha between their 1790 immigration and their purchase of land in western Pennsylvania in late 1798, they might well have been staying with relatives during that period.

Michael Alford  &  Martha McCready
Michael 1, Hugh 2, John Weller 3, Mary Jane "Merrie" 4   Top  

Michael Alford was born about 1760* in Ireland and died 1799/1800 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. 

Michael and Martha McCready were married before 1789 in Ireland. 

Martha McCready was born 1764* in Ireland. 

Michael was an immigrant from Ireland in 1790, possibly coming over with the McCreadys, his wife's family [McConnell, 1965]. This latter surname is undoubtedly Scotch or Scotch-Irish, the people who were the principal settlers of Beaver County (along with some Germans, including our Wellers) on the western border of Pennsylvania. Although some may have come there earlier, the official occupation of the county, then Allegheny, began in 1792. Settlement was dangerous, however, until the Treaty of Greenville which provided for the safety of the settlers after the defeat of the Indians in 1795. It is probable that Michael and Martha tarried in the eastern part of the state when they first arrived, as did some McCreadys who were in Lancaster County in 1790 but later moved to Washington County, just south of Beaver.

The history of this land is interesting. Before Beaver County was created, all the land west of the Allegheny River and Conewango Creek had been purchased by the General Assembly in 1784, and set aside into what were known as Donation Lands to the north, and Depreciation Lands to the south. Depreciation Land was offered for sale in 1785 to redeem certificates given to Pennsylvania Line soldiers to compensate them for having received pay in depreciated currency. Donation Lands were set aside to provide tracts to donate to each Pennsylvania Line soldier and officer who served in Continental service to the end of the war. After it was found that the tracts were not being utilized for their intended purpose, the unsold tracts were opened for settlement in 1792. That represents the earliest date that the Alfords and McCreadys could have settled (legally, at least) in what became South Beaver Township.

The area where the Alfords settled is near the forks of the Mahoning, Shenango, and Neshanock creeks along the Pennsylvania-Ohio border. This was the location of Kuskuski, a center for the Iroquois Indians of the Ohio Valley during the decade from 1743 to 1753. After that, the general area was under the control of the Delaware tribe, until finally opened to white settlers. New Castle was platted at the juncture of the creeks in North Beaver Township in 1798, actually laid out in 1800, and by 1806 had twenty houses. The first white settlers were James Stewart, his brothers-in-law John and Hugh Wood, and John McWhorter of New Castle, Delaware, who came together early in 1798. (See our McCready Chapter with regard to a possible Stewart ancestry of Martha.) It was south and east of this town that the Alfords, McCreadys, and Wellers established their farms and homes. In 1800 Beaver County was erected to include this region, but remained attached to Allegheny County until 1803. In 1849 a new county of Lawrence would be carved out of Beaver and Mercer Counties, with New Castle as its county seat.

Michael and Martha on 27 Nov 1798 bought from Ephraim Young 400 acres on Little Beaver Creek in Allegheny County adjoining land of John McCready [Allegheny County Deed Book 10:216]. Thus, both families settled in this part of western Pennsylvania very shortly after the first settlers came early that same year.

A map of Beaver county as it was shown in 1817 is shown below70. I've added a dark oval to mark the location of the Alford and McCready parcels on Little Beaver Creek, and the land from there northward later became part of Lawrence County. The dashed line just north of their properties is the northern limit of the Distribution Lands. The Ohio River can be seen looping briefly across the southern edge of the county.

IMAGE: Beaver_Townships_1817.jpg
Beaver Townships 1817

By the time of the 1800 census Michael had died, and Martha was censused (as Martha Allford) in South Beaver Township with one son ten to fifteen (Stewart), and 4 sons (John, William, Hugh and Thomas) and 2 daughters (Elizabeth and Elinor) under the age of ten, and herself 26 to 44. She appeared in the census between William McCready, identified by McConnell257 as her brother, and John Sharp, possibly the man who married Mary McCready, daughter of Daniel McCready, a probable first cousin of Martha. On the 20 March 1802 tax list, Martha was still listed as head of household, but in 1803, the tax list for Big Beaver Township shows only James Quigley with 200 acres. Apparently he and Martha were married 1802/1803.

In 1810 James Quigley was censused in Big Beaver Twp., Beaver County (11001 22010) indicating one male and two females under ten (Martha Alford and Julia Ann and James Quigley), 1 male and two females 10 to 15 (either William, Hugh or Thomas Alford, and presumably Elizabeth and Elinor Alford who were actually over 16), a female 26 to 44 (Martha, who was actually 45 or 46), and himself over 45.

James Quigley was censused 1820 (010001 01001 0100), a farmer with a male and a female between 10 and 16 years (Julia Ann and James Quigley, about 15 and 14 at the time), and he and Martha were both over age 45. Her Alford children by 1820 were all on their own in Shenango Township. It's interesting that later land maps show that the McCreadys moved north from Martha's land, while her sons moved a ways east to Shenango.

Maps of surveyed plats in Lawrence County are available online in the Digital Map Library of the U. S. GenWeb Archives. The Big Beaver Twp. map shows in detail the 430 acres plat of "Martha Quigley, Executrix for heirs of Michael Alford". Abuting her land is the property of her brother John McCready, which he called "Difficulty Surmounted". Somewhat to the north lies the property of Robert Paden, Martha's brother-in-law, husband of her sister Elizabeth McCready.

Here I've taken a detail of that map, on the left below, then traced the three land parcel boundaries in black, Little Beaver Creek (in blue), and county and township boundaries (in green) to overlay them on a modern USGS map of the area. The plat map tracing had to be rotated slightly to align the boundaries. The vertical green line is the boundary between Little Beaver Township, on the left, and Big Beaver Township. The town of New Galilee is about 0.4 miles south of the southernmost tip of Martha's plat. So, if you've driven the Pennnsylvania Turnpike in the western part of the state, you've crossed the land that 200 years ago belonged to the Alfords.

IMAGE: Alford_McCready_Lands_80pct.jpg
Martha (McCready) Alford Quigley plat map

This plat of Martha's straddles the line marked (on the original, east of this detail) "County Line", between Lawrence and Beaver Counties, established in 1849. This dates the original to sometime after that year. From the dates shown, the land was surveyed and warranted, January 1810 through November 1813. When Beaver County was erected in 1800, South Beaver Township extended from the Ohio River north to the Donation Land line70, which explains the census location of South Beaver Twp. for this plot of land in 1800.

The children of Michael and Martha (McCready) Alford are taken from McConnell, page 153. She cites a chart by a Mrs. Eckles who in 1927 sent a copy to Mrs. James G. Woodruff of Dodge City, Kansas, a descendant of Daniel McCready. After Mrs. Woodruff's death, her husband sent the chart to Mrs. McConnell in 1961. That this chart was made by a descendant of Daniel McCready provides circumstantial evidence that he and our Martha McCready were closely related, probably siblings.

Martha and Julia Ann were named on this Eckles chart, both by given names only, but McConnell says they "had to be Quigleys". (These two were followed by James Quigley - explicitly - on this chart of Martha's children.) Michael's son Thomas was according to the chart born in 1800, and by the time of the census that year Michael had died, but this Martha could have been conceived between those two times, and born after her father died. The reason for this interpretation of mine is that the Weller Genealogy from Mrs. Markley gives the name of the wife of William Weller as Martha Alford. In 1830 William Weller was censused in the middle of a group of seven relatives of Martha (McCready) Alford. The 1850 census has the age of William Weller's wife Martha as 48 (thus born 1801/02, in Pennsylvania). Finally, William Weller's sister Martha Weller married Hugh Alford, son of Michael and Martha. So these are the clues to Martha's identity as the daughter of Michael Alford, not of James Quiqley, and inaccuracies of the date estimates surely contribute to the difficulty in pinning down the sequence of events.

The earliest of the few firm birth dates we have for Martha's children is that of John, born 18 Jul 1790. This comes from a well researched lineage of Ruth Eckles, John's wife, furnished to me by Joe Eddleman (Personal Communication, 16 Oct 2000). The rest come from census ages except in two cases as noted below.

Martha's children by James Quigley are, of course, not Alfords, but they are our step-relatives. I will provide their story in the McCready Chapter of our history, but simply mention here that by James she had Julia Ann and James Quigley, born about 1804 and on 8 Aug 1805, respectively. James, Jr., married a Mary Sharp and they had eleven children born about 1835 through 1860, who for the most part stayed in Slippery Rock Township. What we know of them will be included in the McCready Chapter, but until that appears online, anyone interested is invited to get in touch with me by e-mail to discuss that lineage.

Martha's ancestry is quite clouded, and I have removed (15 Apr 15) from these web pages all of the results of the Pennsylvania McCready research that I carried out several years ago.

I would be very glad to correspond with anyone interested in the many McCready branches in that area. I have much material but many questions about the validity of the various sources I was able to consult. Write to me at

The eight children of Michael and Martha (McCready) Alford:   Stewart, John A., Elizabeth, Elinor, William, Hugh, Thomas and Martha. 

1    Alford, Stewart was born about 1789* in Ireland, died 22 Feb 1854 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania and was buried in New Castle, Pennsylvania.  He and Sarah Shaw were married before Jan 1847.  Sarah was born 1792/1795* in Washington Co., Pennsylvania and died 1867 in Lawrence, Pennsylvania. 

Stewart was a soldier and lost a leg during the siege of Fort Erie, August through October, 1814, by the British forces. Sometime after his return home, he moved across the state line to Unity Twp., Columbiana County, Ohio. This location was about 14 mile west and 8 miles south of Shenango Twp. where he was raised. He was censused, as Stewart Alfred, in Unity Unity in 1840 (11000001… - 100001…) indicating that he was aged 50-60 and his wife 30-40. The children in the household were a boy and girl aged under five, and a boy aged 5-10. I don't have the ages of Sarah's children by her first husband, so it's not clear as to just whose children these were, but probably Stewart's step-children.

Stewart worked as a shoemaker, and lived in Shenango township with his brothers Thomas and Michael. The 1850 census gives his age as 58, and his birthplace as Ireland. This combination contradicts the well attested fact that his "older" brother John was born on 18 Jul 1790 during the voyage to America. The simplest explanation I've come up with is that Stewart was actually older than John, so born in Ireland before 1790 and was at least 61 years old in 1850. This is supported by the fact that Stewart gave his age as 51 in 1841 on military pensioner papers. Consequently (Jan 2009), Ive moved his position in the family to firstborn.

IMAGE: Stewart_Alford_1850.jpg
Stewart Alford, 1850 in Shenango Twp.

With Stewart in 1850 was Sarah, his wife, aged 57, David Gribble (sic), 10, and Amanda Garner, 16. McConnell gives Sarah's birth year as ca. 1799, so she must have read the census as age 51 (the horizontal part of the "7" is quite faint), and speculates that the two young children in the household were grandchildren, which is not the case. Nothing more has been found about Amanda, but see below regarding David.

The facts of Sarah's life were given to me in January, 2009 by Kathy Miller [Personal Communication and WorldConnect web pages]. All that follows here are the result of Kathy's research. Although she is not completely sure, all of the evidence she has collected points to Sarah's parents being John and Jane Shaw of Washington County, Pennsylvania. John brought his family north to Beaver County about 1801 and purchased land in that part of Shenango Twp. which later became Slippery Rock Twp.

Sarah's first marriage in 1813 was with David Crable, and the couple had seven children, George Washington, John T., Angeline, Samuel, Elizabeth, Mary and David Perry Crable, all born about 1814 through 1840, all except possibly the first born in Shenango Twp., Beaver County, Pennsylvania. The younget child, David Perry Crable, is clearly the David "Gribble" censused in 1850 with Sarah and Stewart, and hence Stewart's step-son.

Sometime after David died in 1844 and before Jan 1847, Sarah married Stewart Alford and was his wife until he died 22 Feb 1854. The 1847 date marks the commencement of a court battle in which some of her Crable chlldren instituted procedings to eject Sarah and Stewart from land they had inherited from their father, Dr. David Crable. That struggle lasted essentially all of the rest of Sarah's life, although it abated somewhat when she remarried again after Stewart's death.

Sarah was married 3 May 1855 to Thomas Hanna, a well-to-do farmer of Shenango Twp., and lived with him for another decade until her own death in 1867. The couple were censused (as Hamah) 1860 in Shenango Twp. living next to his son Thos. R. "Hamah", a Farm Agent.

Sarah wrote her will 25 Jun 1867 which was probated in Lawrence County 20 Sep 1867. Her executor was James Shaw, and mentioned in the will were her sons John J. and David Crable, and her daughter Angeline Cubbison. As far as is known, Sarah and Stewart had no children together, since she was about 50 when they married.

2    Alford, John A. was born 18 Jul 1790 in Atlantic Ocean, died 2 Jun 1877 and was buried in Center United, Presbyterian, New Castle.  He was married (1) to Ruth Eckles 1810.  Ruth was born 15 Aug 1792 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania and died 30 Oct 1865 in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of Arthur and Abagail ( ) (Mathews) Eckles. He was married (2) to Elisabeth ____ 1865/1870.  Elisabeth was born 1800/1801 in Pennsylvania. 

It has been reported by McConnell, [op. cit.], that John was born while the family was coming over from Ireland. In the 1880 census his daughters Martha and Eleanor, at that time widows living together, reported that their father was born on the Atlantic Ocean, while his sons Arthur, Thomas and Stewart said that he was born in Ireland. Then, in 1900, Stewart changed his vote and said that John's birthplace was "Sea". I interpret these records to mean that the family emigrated from Ireland, and that John, conceived there, was born on the voyage to the new world.

Unfortunately, John's own 1850 census record is somewhat defective as to his birthplace. This particular census taker only wrote down the place of birth when it differed from the previous ones, leaving blanks instead of using ditto marks. The result implies, incorrectly, that both John and his son Arthur, adjacent in the census, were born in New Jersey, a previous family's birthplace. Clearly, the census taker simply neglected to record the birthplaces of both Alfords, an unfortunate oversight from any point of view.

John's age in various censuses varies only slightly (over 10 in 1800, over 40 in 1830, 59 in 1850, 70 in 1860 and 80 in 1870). Joe Eddleman [Personal Communication, 16 Oct 2000], a researcher of the Eckles family, gave 18 July 1790 for his birth. I understand that his source for this date was Eckles and Eckels families in the United States... by Harry E. Eckles, 1946. Thus the year of the family's immigration would seem to be firmly fixed as 1790.

John enlisted at Albany (New Albany in eastern PA?) 20 May 1814, in the 15th U. S. Infantry. He was 23 years old, 5 feet, 7 3/4 inches tall, born in Ireland, and enlisted for the duration of the war. I don't know how long he served, but his enlistment was just before the seige of Fort Erie during which his brother Stewart lost his leg, and the War of 1812 wound down in 1815.

On the 1815 Big Beaver Township Tax List, John appears owning 80 acres, 1 horse and 1 cow.

John was censused 1820 and 1830 in Shenango Township, Beaver County, adjoining New Castle to the southeast, where his brothers Hugh and Thomas also settled. In that latter year he and his wife were recorded as 30-40 years old, and they had 2 sons under 5, one 5 to 10, and one 10-15, plus four daughters, one in each five year age range.

In 1836 John and his brother Thomas were signers of a petition to divide Shenango Township to form Slipperyrock Township. In 1850 he and his family were censused in South Slipperyrock, where he remained a farmer for the rest of his life.

John and Ruth, 59 and 58, were censused 1850 in South Slipperyrock Tp. with their three youngest children, Rebecca, Stewart and Silas, ages 16, 14 and 11.

The census for John in 1860 shows John Alford, 70, and Elizabeth Alford, 63 in Slipperyrock Township. Also in their home in 1860 were Sylvester Alford, 16, and N. E. Zeeliche, a 9 year old female. I've not been able to find out anything more for Sylvester, and I have no idea what the recorded name Zeeliche really was.

The 1860 census does not show that he was born in Pennsylvania, and the actual place name is carelessly written, but I think it reads "Unown". Finally, however in 1870, when John was 80 years old, we have a clear record that he reported his own birthplace as Ireland. John, a Retired Farmer, was censused in Slippery Rock with Elisabeth Alford, 69, and Elisabeth Guist, 18, both keeping house for him. Note that these last two censuses place Elizabeth Alford's birth year as 1796/1801.

Ruth's father Arthur and grandfather Charles Eckles were both born in Northern Ireland according to [Joe Eddleman, Personal Communication, 16 Oct 2000], and in County Down according to [Howard Ecklesm]. This latter source relates details of the famiy's emigration ca. 1748. While examining IGI records of Eckles in Ireland, I came across a John Dickson Eccles, b 22 Sep 1783 in Ecclesville, Tyrone, Ireland, son of Daniel Eccles and Ann Dickson. This Ann would have been just one generation later than the Mary and Elizabeth Dickson sisters proported to have married McCready brothers, with Mary being the mother of Martha (McCready) Alford. While no relationship can be inferred, these Eccles/Dickson/McCready/Alford/Eckles connections at least provide a hint not to overlook County Tyrone in researching our McCready ancestry.

The children of Ruth and John's, and their families and descendants, are identified here from a number of sources. Almost all of those are incomplete and contradictory to others, and so the results I show are the best interpretation I can make of what I've found, but the stricture of reader beware applies especially here. For example, as mentioned above, sixteen year old Sylvester Alford was censused 1860 in their home and is sometimes ascribed as the youngest child in the family, born six years after Silas. He was not named in the 1850 census as a six year old child in the family. Ruth was fifty-two years old when Sylvester was born, and it seems unlikely, at best, that he was her child, and I've found no primary record to that effect.

The thirteen children of John A. and Ruth (Eckles) Alford:   ____, ____, Ruth, Arthur E., Martha, ____, Eleanor "Nellie", John, Thomas J., Elizabeth, Rebecca, Stewart G. and Silas W. 

i    Alford, ____ was born about 1811*

There were two daughters censused in 1820 as well as in 1830, but we have no name for this eldest one. It is also possible that these first two children listed here were not children of John and Ruth, but someone else's children living with them that year.

ii    Alford, ____ was born about 1813*

There were also two sons censused in John and Ruth's family in 1820. We do not have a name for this first son, either.

iii    Alford, Ruth was born 22 Jun 1815 in Pennsylvania and died 25 Aug 1887 in Concord Twp., Dodge, Minnesota.  She and William Harrison Moreland were married about 1834.  William Harrison was born 18 Sep 1812 in Pennsylvania and died 1865 in Cass County, Missouri. 

Ruth and William are the 3rd-great-grandparents of Terry Olson who provided me with Ruth's name and her family's information [Personal Communication, Oct 2011]. His descent is shown here:

IMAGE: Terry_Olson_descent.jpg

The four children of William Harrison and Ruth (Alford) Moreland:   Wilson J., Martha Ann, Rachal Ellen and William Harrison. 

iv    Alford, Arthur E. was born 1816/1817* and died 30 May 1885.  He and Rebecca Scott were married 26 Nov 1842.  Rebecca was born 2 Oct 1820 and died before 17 Feb 1896. 

Arthur and Rebecca were censused in South Slipper Rock Township in 1850, he 34 and she 30, with their one month old daughter Ruth. This census entry is adjacent to that of his father John. In 1860 their Slipperyrock census listed three children, Ruth E., John and Samuel, four households away from that of his father. In 1870, their youngest daughter appears, born 1860/61.

In the 1880 census in Slippery Rock, Arthur, as "A. E.", gave his age as 63, or born 1816/17, and Rebecca in 1820/21, which agrees with her known birth date. That year they had their son Samuel, 23 years of age, at home. Arthur gave his place of birth as Pennsylvania, his father's birthplace as Ireland, and his mother's as Pennsylvania.

There was an announcement 17 Feb 1896 in the New Castle News of the death of Rebecca, wife of Arthur Alford.

McConnell lists as the children of Arthur and Rebecca: Sarah E., James S., Ruth E., John C., Samuel S. and Rebecca A. Also given below are descents for several generations from some of these children.

The six children of Arthur E. and Rebecca (Scott) Alford:   Sarah Elizabeth, James Scott, Ruth Ellen, John Calvin, Samuel Scott and Rebecca. 

v    Alford, Martha was born Feb 1819 and died 1885.  She was married to W. John McMillen.  W. John was born 1819/1821 in Pennsylvania. 

In 1860 a W. J. McMillen, 40, with wife Mary A., 41 was censused in Hickory Twp., Lawrence County. When the couples' age and the children are compared with Martha's, it seems that this is indeed her family. Why the given name Mary appears I don't know. W. J. was a farmer, and the chldren are shown as Jno, 20, Elizbeth, 14, Wm, 11, R. H., 8, and Marth, 1. The R. H. is presumably Rebecca M., and again why the middle initial is given as "H" is unknown.

In 1870, however, in the same township, the wife of W. John McMillen (indexed as McMiller), 48, was named Martha, 51, both born in Pennsylvania. Their three daughters were at home, Mary E., 24, Rebecca ?., 17, and Martha A., 11. I cannot read the ornate middle initial of Rebecca, but it definitely was not "M". The census taker misplaced the household and famiy number of the next family, so it looks like Kate McMillen, 3, was living next door. The second next family was that of their son Wm S. McMillen, 21 and his wife Martha J., age 22.

By 1880, Martha was a widow, in Hickory Twp. next to her son William, with her daughter Kate and her sister Eleanor (by her second married name, Kelty) in her home:

Martha MC MILLEN   Self   61   PA   Keeping House  ATLANTIC OCEAN  PA
Kate MC MILLEN     Dau    13   PA   At Home        PA PA
Eleanor KELTY      Other  52   PA   Retired        ATLANTIC OCEAN  PA
1880 Census, Hickory, Lawrence, Pennsylvania

In 1900, Martha was living with her youngest daughter Kate and her son-in-law Thomas Chambers (see below). She had borne eight children of whom six were alive that year. I have record of only seven.

The seven children of W. John and Martha (Alford) McMillen:   John A., Mary Elizabeth, William S., Rebecca, Martha A., Emily and Kate. 

vi    Alford, ____ was born about 1821. 

Again, we have no name for this son.

vii    Alford, Eleanor "Nellie" was born 12 May 1823 and died 19 Jun 1902.  She was married (1) to Robert McCaslin 1843.  Robert was born about 1820 and died 13 Nov 1877.  She was married (2) to ____ Kelty.  ____ died before 1880. 

In 1850 Robert and Eleanor McCaslin, 30 and 27, were censused in Neshannock, Lawrence County, with their three children William, Rachel and Ruth, ages 6, 4 and 2 years.

The 1880 census record shows Eleanor living with her sister Martha, both of them widows. That census implies that Eleanor was born 1827/28, i.e., that she was five years younger than her true age.

By 1900 Eleanor was living with her daughter Rachel and son-in-law John McCreary in Hickory, Lawrence County, at age 77. For some unknown reason, the census taker reported that she had borne only one child, with that one still living. She also reported this year that her father was born at sea.

The six children of Robert and Eleanor "Nellie" (Alford) McCaslin:   William, Rachel, Ruth, John, Joseph and D. Scott. 

viii    Alford, John was born 1824/1825. 

Floyd Alford's chart notes that John "went west".

He was of the right age to be the John Alford serving as a soldier in the Civil War from Lawrence County, but so was his second cousin John, the son of Thomas and Rebecca Alford. One of them enlisted as a Private on 14 August 1862 in Company B, 135th Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania, and mustered out on 24 May 1863 at Harrisburg, PA.

No Pennsylvania-born John Alford was found in the 1870 or 1880 censuses.

ix    Alford, Thomas J. was born 15 Nov 1827 in Pennsylvania and died 28 Jan 1900 in Lawrence, Pennsylvania.  He was married (1) to Elizabeth Mershimer 13 May 1846.  Elizabeth was born 1 Sep 1829 and died Sep 1856.  She was the daughter of Peter and Lucretia "Polly" (McCaslin) Mershimer. He was married (2) to Mary Shannon before 1860.  Mary was born May 1828 in Pennsylvania and died 2 Nov 1900. 

Thomas was censused in 1850 as born 1827/28, his wife Elizabeth born 1818/19, and with a one year old child whose name I couldn't read, presumably Mary.

In 1860 Thos. and his second wife Mary were in Slippery Rock, censused adjacent to his younger brother Silas. Thomas was working as a Butcher, 31 years old, Mary was 30, his daughter Mary, 9, and his son James 6 years of age. In 1870 in Slippery Rock, Thomas J., a farmer, and Mary Alford, both 42, were censused with his son James P., 16, and their three children, Thomas J., Emma and George V. L., ages 5, 4 and 3. His daughter Mary was censused in the home of her uncle, John Alford and wife Mary.

"T. J. Alford" was censused 1880 in Princeton, Lawrence County, with a birth year of 1827/28, and a wife Mary of the same age, and their children were named as Emma, 14 and and George, 13. This is the record which places the birth of Thomas' father John in Ireland, as well as both of Mary's parents.

The surnames of Thomas' wives are taken from McConnell, who also lists the children of each. She says they lived in Slipper Rock Township, Thomas working as a farmer. The names of the grandchildren as given here are also from McConnell.

Thomas J. Alford is listed as drafted from Lawrence County during the Civil War. In 1861 Thomas would have been 33 or 34 years old.

Much of the detail of Thomas' family and descendants given here were found on the Carder Family web page of Deborah "Debbie" Carder Mayes.

In 1900 Mary was censused as a 72 year old widowed head of household in Slippery Rock, Lawrence County, with daughter Emma E. and grandchldren Mary A. and James. The census taker did not record the surname Weller for Emma and her daugher Mary A., leaving them as Alfords by implication. Emma is shown as born Mar 1866, married 14 years, and had only one child, Mary A., born Oct 1892. She is recorded as married, not widowed, but apparently separated from her husband Charles Weller.

The grandson James is indeed an Alford, the son of Mary's son James Pollock Alford and Eunice C. Morrison, as shown by the birth date of Dec 1886.

This 1900 record is also defective in that it gives Mary's birth as May 1838 and her age as 72. From other censuses she was born 1827/28, so I accept this record corrected by one decade. The census shows that she owned her home free of a mortgage, but does not report an occupation for either her or Emma.

The four children of Thomas J. and Elizabeth (Mershimer) Alford:   Levi, Mary E., James Pollock and Franklin Pierce. 

The three children of Thomas J. and Mary (Shannon) Alford:   Thomas J., Emily E. "Emma" and George V. Lawrence. 

x    Alford, Elizabeth was born 1829/1830.  She was married to ____ Ruffcorn. 

Elizabeth appears as the sixth child on the Floyd Alford chart. McConnell says her name was probably Rebecca Elizabeth in her attempt to match various sources, a conclusion which I reject on the basis of my own analysis, see chart above, of the children in this family.

xi    Alford, Rebecca was born 1833/1834*

Rebecca appears in the 1850 census, but not on the Floyd Alford chart. As mentioned above, McConnell conflates her with Elizabeth as one child.

There was a Rebecca Alford, 39 years old, censused 1860 in Slipperyrock Township. I can't see the census itself, so don't know whether this was a maiden or married name.

xii    Alford, Stewart G. was born 25 May 1835 in Pennsylvania and died 22 Dec 1901 in New Castle, Lawrence, Pennsylvania.  He was married to Sarah A. Miller.  Sarah A. was born Dec 1843 in Pennsylvania. 

Stewart appears as Steward on the Floyd Alford chart. McConnell reports that they lived in Slippery Rock Township, which was formed from the eastern half of Shenango.

Stewart G. Alford enrolled at Princetop, PA, for the Civil War 27 Aug 1861 at age 26, and mustered in four days later at Camp Wilkens, PA. He was a musician in Company F, 100th Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania. After re-enlisting 29 Dec 1863 at Blaines Cross Roads, Tennesee, he was finally discharged 24 Jul 1865. His Civil War Veteran's card describes him as having a muddy complexion, brown hair, hazel eyes, 5 ft 9 in and a farmer residing at Princeton, PA, about six miles east of New Castle.

In 1870 Stewart G. Alford was censused two households away from that of his father John, with his wife Sarah A. and their daughter Maggie, 1 year old. Also in the home was a John Shafer, born in Pennsylvania 1859/1860.

In the 1880 census he was listed as "S. G.", working as a Manager. They were in Rosepoint, Lawrence County, with his age given as 45 years, and Sarah's as 36, and he indicated his father was born in Ireland. Their third child Howard did not appear that year, so must have been born over seven years after Jessie, their second, or died young. On the same census page were two of his nephews, Thomas J. Alford and James Pollock Alford.

In 1900 Stewart G. Alford was an "Old Gent" of 65 years, he and Sarah were living in the 3rd Ward of New Castle, Lawrence County, and this time he said his father's birthplace was "Sea" (as was a neighbor's wife two houses away).

Although there was another Sarah Miller in Lawrence County of about the same age, Sarah A. Miller, 16, was censused in Slippery Rock of that county as the daughter of Lyle and Margaret Miller. That age and middle initial seem to point to this family as Stewart's in-laws. Lyle was a farmer, age 48, his wife Margaret was 43, and Sarah waa the second oldest of eight children.

In 1910, Sarah A. Alford, a widow, 66, and her daughter Margaret Boak, also a widow, 41, were censused in New Castle Ward 3, Lawrence County. She indicated that she had borne 3 children, of whom only Margaret was still alive, and Margaret had one child, still living. Margaret was working as a sales clerk in a dry goods store.

In 1920 the ladies were joined by Sarah's grandson, Charles H. Boak, 30, a laborer in a mill.

The three children of Stewart G. and Sarah A. (Miller) Alford:   Margaret, Jessie and Howard. 

xiii    Alford, Silas W. was born 1837/1838* in Pennsylvania and died 25 Mar 1865 in Petersburg, Virginia.  He and Elizabeth Lorraine were married about 1858.  Elizabeth was born 1838/1842 in Pennsylvania. 

Silas appears on the 1850 census in the home of his parents, and on the Floyd Alford chart as Silas W. Alford.

On the 1860 census Silas was a shoemaker, age 22, living in Slippery Rock with Elizabeh and their first child, Tacy R., age 10 months. They were censused adjacent to his brother Thomas.

Silas W. Alford was a soldier in the Civil War. His Veteran's card, Pennsylvania Archives, gave his age as 26 when he enrolled 2 Oct 1863 at New Castle, PA. He was a shoemaker with sandy complexion, auburn hair and stood 5' 5" tall. He mustered in as a private at Harrisburg 15 Oct 1863, served in Co. F, 100th Inf., and was killed 25 Mar 1865 at Petersburg, Virginia.

After his death, Elizabeth was married to O. O. Warner, age 45 in the 1880 census in New Castle. Her daughter Mary F. Alford, 18, is in the family as a stepdaughter, confirming this second marriage. Elizabeth's second husband was a laborer, born in Pennsylvania, and they had a daughter G. Myrtle Warner, aged one year.

The two children of Silas W. and Elizabeth (Lorraine) Alford:   Tacy R. and Mary Florence. 

3    Alford, Elizabeth was born 25 Jan 1794 and died 1864.  She was married to Benjamin McCormick.  Benjamin was born 5 Jan 1790 in Moon Twp., Allegheney, Pennsylvania and died 11 Jul 1861 in Prospect, Butler, Pennsylvania.  He was the son of James and Mary (Duncan) McCormick.

Family Group Sheets were received 12/4/01 by mail from Larry McCullough of Warner Robbins, Georgia. He gives for Elizabeth's birth the date 25 Jan 1794, rather than the 1797 I previously had from McConnell (who also said she died unmarried). Since this is Larry's line, I accept his date and the marriage. He also gave a date of 1794 for Elinor, possibly from my records. Whether that date is correct, and the girls were twins, is unknown at the present time. I am recording Elinor's date as about 1795, which is completely undocumented.

There is significant disagreement among various sources as to the birth and death dates of Benjamin. Kurt Albert (Personal Communication, Jan 2009) gives 11 Jul 1781 in Moon Twp., Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania for his birth, and 11 Jul 1851, Prospect, Butler Co., Pennsylvania for his death at age 70, probably from a gravestone at Prospect Presbetyrian Church Cemetery, Butler Co., PA. Chris, in a 24 Aug 1999 Rootsweb post gives 5 Jan 1790 and 11 Jul 1861. Larry McCullough (Personal Communication, Jun 2001) also gives the birth year as 1790. Benjamin's age recorded in Butler County censuses put his birth year as 1788/1790. I think it quite possible that there were two Benjamin's whose identifies have become intermixed, although the 11 July death dates exactly one decade apart point to a transcription error.

In the 1860 census Benjamin "McCormic", 69, and Elizabeth, 66, were censused in Muddy Creek, Butler, Pennsylvania with their son Thomas, 27, and daughter Margaret Degarmo.

Larry provided the names of the eleven children in this family as given below. The children as listed here also appeared on an Ancestry Message Board date 24 Aug 1999 and signed by "Chris", which provided the birth dates and spouses I give here. Finally, in Jan 2009, Kurt Albert sent me a copy of his "Descendants of James McCormick" which provided additional dates and enabled me to correct some errors I had in my original work on this McCormick/McCullough branch of the family. (Three sisters marrying three brothers seems to require extra care in sorting out records.)

The eleven children of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Alford) McCormick:   James, Michael, Eleanor Ann "Nellie", Benjamin, Mary, Martha, John, Elizabeth, Hugh, Thomas and Margaret Jane. 

i    McCormick, James was born 20 Nov 1814. 

ii    McCormick, Michael was born 1816. 

iii    McCormick, Eleanor Ann "Nellie" was born 24 Jul 1817 in Hopewell, Beaver, Pennsylvania and died 15 Aug 1897 in Muddy Creek, Butler, Pennsylvania.  She and Thomas McCullough were married 1837 in Muddy Creek.  Thomas was born 1811 in Muddy Creek and died 9 Mar 1887.  He was the son of Matthew and Jane (Hunter) McCullough.

The children of this family were first taken from the WorldConnect web pages of Mark Murphy, who indicates that there were three more children in the family whose names and dates are unknown. He traces six of the sons and daughters to later generations. Kurt Albert ('op. cit.') brought the total number of children to twelve, and added additional details on the family.

The twelve children of Thomas and Eleanor Ann "Nellie" (McCormick) McCullough:   Benjamin, Martha Jane, Elizabeth, Matthew Jackson, Mary P., Eleanor A. "Ellie", Louise "Lou", Margaret E., James P., William Findley, Felicia B. and Thomas A. 

iv    McCormick, Benjamin was born 1819. 

v    McCormick, Mary was born 15 Apr 1821 in Pennsylvania, died 8 Nov 1867 and was buried in Prospect, Butler, Pennsylvania.  She and George Washington McCullough were married 1849.  George Washington was born 1814 in Muddy Creek, Butler, Pennsylvania, died 31 Jan 1896 in New Castle, Lawrence, Pennsylvania and was buried in Prospect, Butler, Pennsylvania.  He was the son of Matthew and Jane (Hunter) McCullough.

The eight children of George Washington and Mary (McCormick) McCullough:   Martha B., Matthew R., Jerusha, Mary E., Selina "Lina", Ella Jane "Ellen", Martha E. and Emma. 

vi    McCormick, Martha was born 1823. 

vii    McCormick, John was born 1825. 

viii    McCormick, Elizabeth was born 1827 in Hopewell, Beaver, Pennsylvania and died 1900 in Forest County, Pennsylvania.  She and Robert McCullough were married 20 Jun 1849.  Robert was born 1822 in Muddy Creek, Butler, Pennsylvania and died 14 Dec 1867 in Prospect, Butler, Pennsylvania.  He was the son of Matthew and Jane (Hunter) McCullough.

The details of this family are also taken from the WorldConnect web page of Mark Murphy, who traces the descent from the youngest son John Pressley who moved his family north to Forest County, Pennsylvania.

The five children of Robert and Elizabeth (McCormick) McCullough:   Josephine, Elizabeth, Jane, James Madison "Max" and John Pressley. 

ix    McCormick, Hugh was born 1829 in Franklin, Butler, Pennsylvania.  He was married (1) to Elizabeth Craig 24 Jun 1864.  He was married (2) to Mary ____. 

x    McCormick, Thomas was born 1831/1833 in Franklin and died 1862. 

xi    McCormick, Margaret Jane was born 21 Mar 1834 in Prospect, Butler, Pennsylvania and died 1904 in Lawrence, Pennsylvania.  She was married to Seth Degarmo.  Seth died 1912. 

4    Alford, Elinor was born about 1795*.  She was married to Charles W. McLaughlin?. 

See the note for Elinor's sister Elizabeth as to birth dates for the two girls.

Larry McCullough gives this surname as McClauglan, and I've lost track of where I originally found Elinor's husband as McClaugham. However, the surname doesn't appear in the IGI with either spelling, although there are several McLauglins and McLaughlins listed there for Pennsylvania.

One Charles McLaughlin was censused 1850 in Neshannock, Lawrence County, but his wife's name (at least at that time) was Ann. He was age 55 (Ann was 45) and he had four children ranging in age from 15 to 4 years.

5    Alford, William was born 1796*

William is a complete blank in all of the sources I've been able to search. It may be that he died young.

6    Alford, Hugh was born 1797/1798*.    

7    Alford, Thomas was born 29 May 1800 in Pennsylvania and died 12 Sep 1870.  He and Rebecca McMillen were married 4 Sep 1822.  Rebecca was born 6 Sep 1796 and died 14 Oct 1850.  She was the daughter of John and Rebecca (____) McMillen.

Thomas was a shoemaker in Shenango township, as was his elder brother Stewart. In 1830 the Shenango census recorded Thomas and his wife, aged 30-40, 2 sons under 5 and 1 daughter 5 to 10 years. In 1836 he and his brother John were signers of a petition to divide Shenango township to form Slipperyrock township. At one time, Thomas was the delegate from Shenango township to establish a common school system for Beaver county.

Hazen, in his history of Beaver County188 writes that a Thomas Alford was appointed elder of the United Presbyterian Church 17 Apr 1850, and left soon afterward for Illinois. That could well have been this Thomas, traveling with his brother Hugh and wife Martha. However, they were still in Shenango Township for the 1850 census on 17 August, with their four youngest children in the home.

According to another history of the county70, Thomas represented Slipperyrock Township on the Beaver County Agricultural Society.

I've lost the source of Rebecca's maiden name and birth date. However, I do find (April 2004) her marriage to Thomas without dates, in a web post on GenForum by Pete Williams. That extensive lineage in western Pennsylvania uses the spelling McMillin. Rebecca's parents first lived in Finleyville, Washington County, Pennsylvania, some 12 miles south of Pittsburgh, but the family later moved to Beaver County.

The birth date I do have is a couple of years earlier than that implied consistently by her age in three different censuses, but those may have been hedged a bit so as not to appear too much older than her husband.

Note that Thomas' niece Martha Alford, daughter of John, married a John McMillen. Undoubtedly a relative of Rebecca's, but the specifics are not yet known.

The six children of Thomas and Rebecca (McMillen) Alford:   Rebecca, Michael C., John, Thomas, Charles and Martha. 

i    Alford, Rebecca was born 1823/1824* in Pennsylvania and died after 1880.  She was married to John Dinsmore.  John was born 1816/1817* and died before 1880.  He was the son of Mathew and Christina (Patterson) Dinsmore.

The Mahoning Township, Beaver County census of 3 Oct 1850 gives John and Rebecca's ages as 33 and 25, and lists their children as Alford, 3 and Victoria, 1. Also in the household was Rebecca's brother John Alford, 22, a student.

Their son Charles W., born Apr 1860, gave his birthplace as Illinois in the 1900/1910/1920 censuses, but it was given as Pennsylvania when he was still at home with Rebecca in 1870. This is somewhat mysterious, and I don't know for how long John and Rebecca might have been in Illinois. Unfortunately, I cannot find any member of the family in the 1860 census indexes.

Rebecca was censused as a 46 year old head of household in 1870, livng in Hickory Twp., Lawrence County with her children Thomas A., his wife Sarah J., 18, and their daugher Mary, one month old. Also at home were Rebecca's children Martha E. and Charles W., aged 21 and 10. The eleven year gap between the last two might indicate a missing child. By 1880, Rebecca was living in East Brook, Lawrence County, with her son Charley, daughter-in-law Mariah A., 21, and grandchild Annie Dinsmore, aged 2 years.

I'm assuming the John who married Rebecca is John the son of Mathew and Christina Dinsmore. Hazen says that John was deceased at the time of writing188, and we know that Rebecca was a widow by 1860.

The four children of John and Rebecca (Alford) Dinsmore:   Thomas Alford "Alford T.", Victoria T., Martha E. and Charles W. 

ii    Alford, Michael C. was born about 1826*.  He was married to Ann ____.  Ann was born about 1826*

There is a Civil War Veteran's card, [Pennsylvania Archives],] for Michael C. Alford who enrolled and mustered in at New Brighton, PA on 16 Feb 1865 at age 39, and thus born 1825/26. He was mustered out 11 Aug of that year. A farmer living in Lawrence County with black hair and hazel eyes, standing 5'6", he was almost surely this Michael, and I have added the middle initial "C" here on the basis of that record.

The two children of Michael C. and Ann (____) Alford:   Thomas and Elizabeth. 

iii    Alford, John was born Jan 1828 in Pennsylvania.  He was married to Mary A. J. Blakeslee.  Mary A. J. was born Feb 1832 in New York.  She was the daughter of Orator and Hearsy (Kingsley) Blakeslee.

John was aged 22 when he was censused 1850 as a student living with his sister Rebecca (Alford) Dinsmore in Mahoning Township, Beaver County.

He was of the right age to be the John Alford serving as a soldier in the Civil War from Lawrence County, but so was his second cousin John, the son of John A. and Ruth Alford.

I had until recently really messed up the identity of John's wife Mary. Terry Olson, in a personal communication Oct 2011, pointed out my mistake. Her parentage is now, I believe, correct, following the arguments shown in the next paragraph.

In 1860 John Alford and wife Mary B., born 1832/33 in New York, were censused in the Village of Hudson, Summit, Ohio. Living with them were Orator and Hersy Blakslee, he born in Connecticut and she in New York. This is the record that identifies Mary's maiden name, as that couple were presumably her parents. This is in agreement with a RootsWeb page that Identifies Orator Blakeslee, born 7 Jan 1788 in Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut, son of Joseph and Mary (Andrews) Blakeslee and husband of Hearsy Kingsley, born 1797/98 in New York. That page lists their daughter as Mary A. J., born 16 Feb 1832 in Franklin, Delaware, New York.

In 1870 in New Castle John was censused as a Fire Insurance Agent, and he and Mary had six children at home and living with them a Mary Alford, 18, who was the daughter of his cousin Thomas Alford and Elizabeth Mershimer.

John and his wife, again listed as "Mary B.", were censused in the 3rd Ward, Newcastle, Lawrence County in 1880. From this and the previous census, we find John and his New York born wife lived in Illinois for at least several years where their first two children were born, before moving to Pennsylvania and settling in New Castle. John was a Minister this year, and the first two children were both emplyed as teachers.

In 1900 John was listed as a "Minister R. P." in the 3rd Ward of Beaver Falls, Beaver County. He was censused with Mary and their daughter Martha, and from this record we take their birth dates.

An interesting RootsWeb page by by Margaret Scheffler lists some wonderfully named aunts and uncles of Mary:

Joseph Blakeslee      b 11 Mar 1767  d 19 Dec 1831
m Mary Andrews        b 20 May 1766  d 29 May 1853
Orator Blakeslee      b  7 Jan 1788
Senator Blakeslee     b 10 Sep 1790
Merancy Blakeslee     b 26 Aug 1794
Wealthy Blakeslee     b 15 Apr 1797
Senator Blakeslee     b 25 Mar 1799
Dacy Blakeslee        b 29 Mar 1801
Mary Blakeslee        b  6 Sep 1803

The eight children of John and Mary A. J. (Blakeslee) Alford:   Martha "Mattie", Charles M., William J., Mary "Polly", Ralph B., Hattie J., Carrie B. and ____. 

iv    Alford, Thomas was born 1831/1832* in Pennsylvania. 

v    Alford, Charles was born 1834/1835* in Pennsylvania. 

vi    Alford, Martha was born 1837/1838* in Pennsylvania. 

8    Alford, Martha was born 1801/1802* in Pennsylvania.  She was married to William Weller.  William was born about 1802* in New Jersey and died 1852.  He was the son of Philip and Eleanor (Parks) Weller.

See the discussion above as to the identification of this daughter Martha, Jr. as an Alford and as the wife of William Weller. The Weller genealogy indicates that William was married second to Sarah Frew, but no dates are provided which might indicate when his wife Martha died.

Since we don't know when the widow Martha Alford married James Quigley, this daughter could have been his (as McConnell said she "had to be"), but would not in that case have been raised as an Alford, and thus not the woman married to William Weller.

William Weller was censused 1830 (10001... 11001...) in a compact group of seven adjacent households, all relatives of Martha Alford Quigley. The census indicaes one son and one daughter under 5 (Eleanor and John), but also a female between 5 and 10. At this writing (Jan, 2009) I don't have William and Martha's marriage date, so this may be a previously unknown child. I'm entering such, but note that this could also be a niece of either parent, as that often occurred in those days.

William worked as a farmer in South Slippery Rock according to the 1850 census. He and Martha, both aged 48, had in their home Eleanor, 21, John, 19, William, 16, Thomas, 12 and Martha, 10. They were censused two households away from Martha's step-brother, James Quigley.

William died in 1857, but in searching for Martha in the 1860 census, I came across a John Weller, 27, and Meartha (sic), 21. This latter could be the widow of William, but there were three John Wellers in the area any of whom could have had a wife "Meartha".

The six children of William and Martha (Alford) Weller:   ____, Eleanor A., John A., William, Thomas and Martha. 

i    Weller, ____ was born 1820/1825. 

ii    Weller, Eleanor A. was born 1826/1830 in Pennsylvania and died 1890.  She was married to Charles Boak.  Charles was born 1826/1831 in Pennsylvania and died 1893.  He was the son of Charles and ____ (____) Boak.

From the 1897 Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens, Lawrence County Pennsylvania autobiography of his son Dr. Robert G. Boak, we have "Charles completed his education in Scott township schools, and then turned his attention to farming, which he followed all the years of his life given over to active labor in Slippery Rock township; in 1887, he moved to New Castle, where he lived in retirement until his death." The article goes on to record that his wife was a daughter of William Weller, and that they were the parents of seven children, namely .... However, the author then lists only five, plus three grandchildren, which we adopt here.

The 1880 census finds Charles and Nellie Boak, ages 49 and 50, in Slippery Rock, Lawrnce County. Their three children at home that year were Mary, 22, Thomas, 18, Gavin, 15 and Angess, 11. From this we get that theiir youngest son Robert's middle name was Gavin

The five children of Charles and Eleanor A. (Weller) Boak:   Charles, Mary, Thomas, Robert Gavin and Agnes. 

iii    Weller, John A. was born Nov 1831 and died 1915.  He and Priscilla Monroe were married 1860.  Priscilla was born Apr 1836 in Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of Joel and Margret (____) Monroe.

An family tree gives the marriage in Lawrence County between John and Pricella Monroe, but without sources. In light of the censuses matching this couple in Slippery Rock, I accept this surname for John's wife, but point out this needs independent confirmation.

In 1870 John was censused, as John Wellar, a farmer in Slippery Rock and wife Persilla (seemingly a common spelling of that given name), with children Riley M., Joel M., William R. and John A., ages 10, 6, 4 and 2 years.

The family apparently escaped the 1880 census, as a search in every-name indexes for all family members came up blank.

The 1900 census gives the birth months for John Weller, farmer, and wife Priscilla, married 40 years, that I've adopted here, and the names and birth months for five of their children. They also had in their home that year George F. Elliott, a servant, born May 1845.

In 1910, although his name was spelled Wellar, John gave his name as John Sr. and that of his son John as Jr. In light of that, i've given John Jr.'s middle initial "A" also to his father. It probably stands for Alford. Percilla said she had borne seven children of whom five were still living. And in the home they had sons Riley, 47, Richard, 45 and John Jr., 41, and daughter Margaret, 37. The ages are quite discordant to the month/year births specified in 1900, but Richard must be William R. of the earlier censuses. Who the seventh child was I don't know, nor which of Joel and Lillie had died by 1910.

Priscilla's parents I take from the Shenango Township census of 23 Jul 1860 for which she was still at home, aged 24. With her first child born Sep 1861, their marriage must have been between that date and December of 1860.

The six children of John A. and Priscilla (Monroe) Weller:   Riley M., Joel M., William Richard, John A., Margaret J. and Lillie M. 

iv    Weller, William was born 1833/1834*.  He was married to Sarah Elenor Boak.  Sarah Elenor was born 1838. 

A son of William and Sarah Elenor (Boak) Weller:   Charles Howard. 

v    Weller, Thomas was born 1837/1838*

This son is probably the Thomas W. Weller of Lawrence County who enrolled and mustered in the army 24 Jul 1861 at age 22 at Harrisburg. He mustered out 9 Jun 1864, and was described as a student with light complexion, blue eyes, dark hard and 5'8" tall Pennsylvania Archives.

He was probably also the 34 year old dry goods clerk living with William and Nancy Bleakney in Slippery Rock in 1870.

An family tree gives this son of William and Martha the middle initial "W" and his birthplace as Beaver County, but no sources or other information is provided. Since his parents lived in Slippery Rock, Lawrence County, I have reservations about that particular source.

vi    Weller, Martha was born 1839/1840*

Hugh Alford  &  Martha Weller
Michael 1, Hugh 2, John Weller 3, Mary Jane "Merrie" 4 Weller Top  

Hugh Alford was born 1797/1798* in Beaver, Pennsylvania and died about 1851. 

Hugh was married to Martha Weller. 

Martha Weller was born 8 Dec 1805 in Sussex, New Jersey, died 4 Jul 1894 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa.  She was the daughter of Philip and Eleanor (Parks) Weller.

Hugh Alford was censused 1830 in Shenango, Beaver County, Pennsylvania, and in 1840 in Slipperrock, Beaver County.

Hugh purchased 7 Jan 1846 a tract of six acres of land in Slipperyrock, Beaver (now Lawrence), Pennsylvania, part originally of Lot No. 11 of 500 acres in the first district patented 1786 to Bernard Hully for military service. Hully's widow sold it to Charles McClaugham, possibly the father of the man of that name who married Hugh's sister Elinor, and he sold it in 1829 to James Gibson, from whom Hugh purchased it in 1846.

Hugh worked as a carpenter, and was censused 1850 in South Slippery Rock Township. The eight youngest children were in the household that year. Hugh sold land 10 Oct 1851 for $150, with Martha's affirmation being dated 14 Nov 1851, to Robert Gibson, most likely the son of the man from whom he originally purchased it. In the deed of sale, it was described as being adjacent to land of James Quiqley, either Hugh's stepfather or his stepbrother. In 1850, Hugh and James Quigley, Jr., his stepbrother, appear adjacent to one another in the census.

This sale was apparently in preparation for the family's move westward from Pennsylvania. Hugh died on the Ohio River enroute from Pennsylvania, in late 1851 or early 1852, according to Martha's obituary. His death is also listed this way in the Des Moines Township, Jefferson County, Iowa, Index to Burials, but no gravestone is indicated and this surely is only a entry in the records, not an actual burial in that location. I checked the available cemetery indexes for Wayne Co., Illinois, where Martha settled temporarily, but failed to find Hugh's name. Also checked were the sparser indexes for Gallatin and Hardin Counties, Illinois, along the Ohio River, equally without success.

Martha's obituary was in the Fairfield Ledger for 11 Jul 1894, citing a notice in the Batavia Sentinel: "They started west, with a family of twelve children, in 1851, and the husband and father died on the journey. Other members of the family [also] came to Jefferson County [Iowa] in 1858 and resided for a long time near County Line. Mrs. Alfred was eighty-eight years of age."

In Wayne County, Illinois, all records prior to 1880's were destroyed by fire, so the marriage record there of Rebecca Ann must have come down through the family. Apparently the family paused in that state for several years on their way to Iowa, as the 1855 Illinois Census shows Martha with eight people in the household. Missing at that time were her three eldest daughters, Rebecca Ann who by then was married, and one of the three sons John, Michael or Ross. John or one of the other two could have gone ahead to Iowa with Rebecca Ann and Abraham Teeter in 1853, with Martha and the rest of the family following later.

Hazen188, in his history of Beaver County [1908] writes that a Thomas Alford was appointed elder of the United Presbyterian Church 17 Apr 1850, and left soon afterward for Illinois. That could well have been her brother-in-law Thomas, traveling with her and Hugh.

No Alfords appeared in the 1856 Jefferson County, Iowa census, but Martha Alfred was in Des Moines Twp., that county, by 1860, when the federal census indicated she was a widow aged 55, born in New Jersey, and could neither read nor write. In her household were her children William, 30, a blacksmith, Stuart, 28, John, 23, and Michael, 20, all farmers (but the latter two also attending school), and May Ann, 15, Louisa, 14, and Gustus, 11, all noted as attending school. Also censused 1860 in Des Moines Township was Stuart "Alfort", 24 and born in Pennsylvania, working as a farm hand for Daniel Sheaffer. This was probably her nephew, Stewart G. Alford, son of Hugh's eldest brother John A. Alford, as that was the right age for him.

On 25 May 1867 Martha bought Lot No. 13, Old Plat, in Batavia for $175. Apparently she had been renting since at least 1860, as there were no Alford land transactions in Jefferson County prior to 1867. Her son Stewart was still in Batavia when he died in 1909. In the 1870 census, Martha Alfred, 62, born in Pennsylvania (sic) had a "Stuard", born in Pennsylvania and aged 21 living with her. That age is weirdly wrong, as Stewart had his 38th birthday 8 days before the 30 June census was taken, but there are no other Stewart Alfords who could have been living with her. Her census was adjacent to that of her son John Weller Alford (see his story below for an image of this census).

In 1880 Martha Alfred was still in Batavia with sons Stewart and Mickel, as well as her grandson Eddie Rasmus, in her home. Some online census indexes misread her and her parents' birth state as NY (even though the "J" of NJ was identical to that of Jefferson County).

Martha ALFRED W 74 NJ Keeping House NJ NJ
Stewart ALFRED S 40 PA Laborer PA NJ
Mickel ALFRED S 30 PA Laborer PA NJ
Eddie RASMUS S 11 IA Denmark PA --
1880 Census, Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa

That age of 40 for Stewart is again quite wrong, as he was at this time eight days short of his 48th birthday when the census was taken on 14 June, and Michael was about 41 or 42, not 30.

The family name is most often found spelled "Alfred" in Iowa. Janet Markley250 relates that one of the sons–in–law persuaded the family that it "should" be spelled that way. Since Martha could neither read nor write, she was apparently susceptable to persuasion, or agreed in order to keep peace in the family. Even her obituary used that spelling, but her name is spelled Alford on her tombstone, which reads "Dec. 8, 1805 -- July 4, 1894", so she or at least some of her sons eventually insisted on the original spelling. And her son William's tombstone reads Alford, although his wife Hannah's tombstone next to his was carved as Alfred thirty years later. Martha's son John's death notice in Oklahoma in 1905 spelled his name as Alford, and the aberrant spelling seems to have occurred only in Iowa. No will was recorded for Martha in Jefferson County, her death date is from the Batavia cemetery records.

Details of Hugh and Martha's children came from Janet Markley250, whose father gathered them from his grandmother, Louisa Abigail Alford, the twelfth child in the family. Janet also interviewed Elizabeth Teeter Linge in Douds, Iowa, in 1981, who says that "tradition" has it there were two Alford brothers, one stayed in England while the other came to this country. This may have been simple error, or a desire to deny an Irish heritage, but Hugh's brother Stewart gave his birthplace as Ireland.

There was a male born 1815-1820 in the household in the 1830 census (but not in 1840) whom I take to be a son who died young. He doesn't appear in the Markley record, nor in the count of children in Martha's obituary. The three daughters Ellen, Elizabeth, and Martha named by Janet appear in the 1830 census, and two of them in 1840, when the eldest could have been nearly 20. By 1850 and later, no trace of these three appears in any census of the family, so most likely they married.

All of the middle initial W's among the children are undoubtedly "Weller", as we know John's to be, but I have no documentation for that assumption. It was a not uncommon practice to give all of the children in a family their mothers maiden name as their middle names.

The thirteen children of Hugh and Martha (Weller) Alford:   ____, Ellen, Elizabeth, Martha, William Weller, Stewart W., Rebecca Ann, John Weller, Michael W., Ross W., Mary Ann, Louisa Abigail and Augustus W. 

1    Alford, ____ was born 1821/1822* and died after 1830. 

This son is inferred from the 1830 census which lists a male, born 1820-1825, who doesn't appear in the 1840 census, nor in Janet Markley's family chart. Apparently he died as a child.

2    Alford, Ellen was born 1823/1824* in Beaver, Pennsylvania. 

3    Alford, Elizabeth was born 1825/1826* in Beaver. 

4    Alford, Martha was born 1827/1828* in Beaver. 

5    Alford, William Weller was born 6 Apr 1830 in Beaver, died 22 Mar 1899 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa.  He and Hannah Pennsylvania Miller were married 4 Jul 1861 in Jefferson, Iowa.  Hannah Pennsylvania was born 19 Jun 1844 in Bedford, Pennsylvania, died 11 Aug 1929 in Eldon, Wapello, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa.  She was the daughter of Martin Teeter and Esther (Smith) Miller.

William and Hannah's marriage by Peter Lutz was recorded in Jefferson County, Iowa. They had nine children born 1863 to 1877 according to the family group sheet given to me 1991 by Mary Ellen (Alford) Hall of Fairfield. She is the daughter of William and Hannah's son Augustus Miller Alford and Bessier Pearl Donovan.

William Alfred is listed in the 1850 census in Neshannock township as a laborer, and as a blacksmith in the 1860 census while living with his mother Martha. He was listed as a section hand living in Batavia in 1879.

William W. and Hannah "Alfred" were censused 1880 in Locust Grove, Jefferson, Iowa, with ages 50 and 35. His occupation was listed as Justice of the Peace, and he reported that his father was born in Ireland and his mother in Pennsylvania, both in conflict with our other records. All of the children except Augustus were at home; George, 16, Mary E., 14, Edwin L., 13, Wiley J., 11, Emma L, 7, James E., 4, and Steward C., 2 years of age. Why Augustus, who would have been 6 at the time, was not in the home is unknown, unless the census taker accidently omitted him when he turned the page and wrote "Alfred, Emma L." as the first entry.

His obituary in the Fairfield Tribune 29 Mar 1899 said he left his wife, five boys, and two girls. Since we know the death dates for the other sons, this leaves Augustus as having predeceased his father. William's tombstone gives the dates of his birth and death, spells his name Alford, and gives his age at death as 68y 11m 23d, which doesn't quite agree with the birth day I give here. His wife Hannah's tombstone next to his is spelled Alfred.

Hannah was the daughter of Martin T. and Esther (Smith) Miller, and sister of Mary who married William's brother Augustus. The Batavia News of 19 Jun 1919 marked "the 75th milestone in the life of "Aunt" Hannah Alfred, one of the pioneer residents of Batavia".

In 1820 Hannah was living alone and censused adjacent to her son Edwin in Locust Grove Township. She and Mary were killed on the way home from church when the car in which they were riding stalled on a railroad track near Eldon and was hit by a train. Her obituary was in the Fairfield Ledger of 20 Aug 1829.

The children in this family are given here as reported by Phyllis Gillaspie174, who also gives vital data and spouse names for these. Phyllis' set of Family Group Sheets on the Teeters and Alfords which she gave me, dated 30 Oct 2000, had been meticulously researched with citations given for all of the data, and I'm very grateful for her sharing these with me.

The nine children of William Weller and Hannah Pennsylvania (Miller) Alford:   Martin, George Cornelius, Mary Elizabeth, Edwin Lewtellis, Wylie John "Mart", Emma Leota, Augustus B., James E. and Stewart C. 

i    Alford, Martin was born 27 Jan 1863 in Jefferson. 

Martin died in infancy.

ii    Alford, George Cornelius was born 27 Aug 1864 in Jefferson, died 9 Jan 1943 in Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa and was buried in Batavia Cemetery, Jefferson, Iowa.  He and Laura J. Morrison were married 26 Aug 1885 in Wapello, Iowa.  Laura J. was born 26 Jul 1866 in Iowa, died 13 Aug 1913 and was buried in Batavia Cemetery, Jefferson, Iowa. 

George's census does not appear in 1900, unfortunately, since that source might identify early children in the family. (The census is so faint, however, that he might have been listed under a completely incorrect surname.)

George C. and Laura J. Alford were censused in the 2nd Ward of Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa, in 1910 with two sons, Merrel and Allan. His occupation was listed as a carpenter, and his father's birth place was written "Ire.Irish", while Laura's parents were born in Massachusetts and Illinois. George gave his age as 42 (instead of 45) and Laura's as 39 (instead of 32), and they indicated that they had been married 24 years (which was correct!).

In 1920 George C. Alford (it looks like someone overwrote a previous Alfred that appears in the index) was censused as a widower boarding with Milton O. Wallen(?) in the 7th Ward of Ottumwa.

The two children of George Cornelius and Laura J. (Morrison) Alford:   Merrel Harry and Allan W. 

iii    Alford, Mary Elizabeth was born 29 Nov 1865 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa, died 16 Jan 1921 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Fairfield, Jefferson, Iowa.  She and Asher Birdine Mullenix were married 30 Sep 1885 in Fairfield, Jefferson, Iowa.  Asher Birdine was born 14 Jul 1863 in Oswego, Illinois, died 18 Feb 1942 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California and was buried in Forest Lawn Mem., California.  He was the son of John P. and Margaret (Long) Mullenix.

Asher B. Mullins (as indexed, but the end of the name has been scribbled over on the census, and may have been Mullinex) and wife Mary E. were censused 1900 in 1st ward, Fairfield, Jefferson, Iowa with their three sons, All of the ages as recorded agree with those shown here for the family, and Asher's occupation was barber.

His parents, John B. and Margretta, ages 64 and 72, were censused on the previous page with several sons and daughters still in their home. In their case, the surname appears to read Mullenix. The couple were both born in Ohio, and their parents were all from Virginia.

In 1910 Asher and and Mary were censused in the 3rd Ward, Fairfield, with two of their sons, Frank and Augustus at home. They were censused three households from Mary' brother James.

It's interesting that an Alfred Mullenix was born 1883/84 in Kansas, but censused 1910 in the 5th Ward of Ottumwa. Possibly a nephew of Asher's coming back to Iowa?

The three children of Asher Birdine and Mary Elizabeth (Alford) Mullenix:   Edwin C., Frank C. and Augustus Ray "Gus". 

iv    Alford, Edwin Lewtellis was born 9 May 1867 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa, died 24 Dec 1938 in Batavia and was buried in Batavia Cemetery.  He was married (1) to Mella E. Williams 27 Feb 1889 in Locust Grove, Jefferson, Iowa.  He was married (2) to Mary Susan "Millie/Mollie" Nace / Mace 10 Jan 1894.  Mary Susan "Millie/Mollie" was born 1871/1872 in Iowa, died 1928 in Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Batavia Cemetery.  He was married (3) to Mary ____ 1920/1930.  Mary was born 1870/1871 in Iowa. 

There is an extracted IGI record of the marriage of Mella E. Williams to Edward L. Alfred on 27 Feb 1889 in Locust Grove Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. Edwin got censused in 1900 as Edward L., so the given names seem to be easily mistaken for each other. I believe this is indeed a record of Edwin's first marriage. I have no other information about Mella, and in 1894 Edwin was married a second time.

There was a Millie Williams, age 8, censused in 1880 as the daughter of Thom F. and Melvina Williams of Columbus City, Louisa, Iowa. Columbus is about a 54 mile drive east and north of Fairfield. This could be the "Mella" that Edwin married, but the name mismatch prevents accepting this possibility as certain.

I'm not sure of my source for the name of Edwin's second wife, but I believe it and their marriage date were from Phyllis Gillaspie in 2000.

Edwin and Mary were censused 1900 as Edward L. and Millie S., in 1910 as Edwin L. and Mary S., both times as Alferds, and in 1920 as Edwin L. and Mollie S. Alfred. In these three censuses, Edwin's wife reported that she had been born in Iowa, as were her parents. But in 1930 Edwin L. Alfred's wife was Mary V., born in Iowa, but with her mother born in Pennsylvaia and her father in New York. Mary V. was 59 years old, and indicated that she had first been married at age 20. That would have been in 1890/91, not 1894. I take all of this to be evidence that Edwin had married for a third time. (Edwin said he was first married at age 35, or 1901/02, which doesn't correspond to any of his actual marriage dates.)

Edwin's 1900 census was in Batavia, Jefferson County, Iowa, and his subsequent ones through 1930 all in Locust Grove of that county. In all of them, his occupation was listed as barber, with his son Harry also a barber in 1920. Also, in 1900 through 1920, he was censused adjacent to his mother Hannah. In 1900 she had three of her sons living with her, including James, a barber, but the next two decades she was living alone.

In 1930 Edwin was proprietor of a barber shop.

The two children of Edwin Lewtellis and Mary Susan "Millie/Mollie" (Nace / Mace) Alford:   Harry H. and Helen Vivian. 

v    Alford, Wylie John "Mart" was born 27 Aug 1869 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa, died 3 Apr 1922 in Bernhart, Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Batavia Cemetery.  He and Nellie B. Gabbert were married 8 May 1901 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa.  Nellie B. was born 1869/1871 in Illinois.  She was the daughter of B. F. and America A. (Linney?) Gabbert.

McConnell gives the surname of Wylie's wife as Gabbert, while the 1880 census in Fountain Green, Hancock, Illinois and the 1900 census in Jefferson County, Iowa, of Benjamin F. and America A. Gabbert show a daughter Nellie B., age 10 in 1880 and Nillie B., age 24 (born Feb 1876) in 1900, both records giving Illinois as the daughter's birthplace. Another illustration of the inaccuracies that can appear in census ages. Benjamin, born in Iowa, was a shoemaker in 1880 and a physician by 1900, and Nellie was the middle of five children. (Without the mother's fairly rare name, it would be difficult to argue that these were the same families. Born in Illinois in Apr 1846, Wylie's mother-in-law was quite possibly the America A. Linney, age 13 in 1860, daughter of James H. and Martha of Paris, Edgar, Illinois. And that Martha, age 55, had in her home a Mary Milburn, age 75, hinting at a possible fourth generation of the female lineage.) Benjamin, by the way, was a doctor in Wilson, Adair, Missouri in 1910.

In 1900 Wiley J. Alford was still living with his widowed mother in Batavia, along with his brothers James E. and Stewart. The 1910 census of Wylie J. and Nellie B. Alferd in Lost Grove Twp., Jefferson County, Iowa, where he was a station agent for a railroad, the name of which is difficult to read, but might be C & J or CBJ. The couple had been married for nine years, and Nellie had borne two children, only one of whom was living.

The two children of Wylie John "Mart" and Nellie B. (Gabbert) Alford:   Mildred Lorraine and Lora L. 

vi    Alford, Emma Leota was born 7 Jul 1872 in Batavia and died 1950 in Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa.  She and Elija Burton Brown were married 13 Nov 1888 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa.  Elija Burton was born May 1859 in Ohio. 

Elija B. and Emma L. Brown were censused 1900 in Batavia, ages 41 and 27, with sons George and Neal and daughter Reva M., ages 10, 9 and 6. Emma's birth month and year were overwritten on the census and thus illegible, but this record provides us with Elija's date and names and dates of the three children. He was born in Ohio of parents both born in Ohio

In 1910 Elija and Emma were censused in Locust Grove Twp., Jefferson County, with Neal and Reva still at home. He was a hotel keeper, and one of two boarders living with them was John A. Teeter, 49, a house painter and Emma's first cousin. His mother Rebecca Ann and Emma's father William were sister and brother. The other boarder was William W. Lewis, 50, a name not recognizable to me as a relative.

The couple appears again in Locust Grove in 1920 with their two sons at home. Elija was working as the manager of a hardward store, George was a hardware store clerk, and Neal was working as a house painter. Both of Elija's parents were born in Pennsylvania.

The three children of Elija Burton and Emma Leota (Alford) Brown:   George A., Neal M. and Reva M. 

vii    Alford, Augustus B. was born 16 Sep 1874 in Batavia. 

Augustus did not appear in the 1880 census of his father, and I was unable to find Augustus Alford (of any spelling variation of his given and surnames) in any US census index through 1920. Nor does he appear in any IGI record. Phyllis Gillaspie does not provide a date for his death, and he may have died in infancy.

viii    Alford, James E. was born 12 Apr 1876 in Batavia, died 24 Jul 1941 in Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Fairfield, Jefferson, Iowa.  He and Jennie P. Armstrong were married 13 Aug 1901 in Jefferson, Iowa.  Jennie P. was born Dec 1881 in Iowa, died 19 Dec 1967 in Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Fairfield.  She was the daughter of Robert and Sarah A. (____) Armstrong.

Jennie P. Armstrong was censused 1900 at age 18 in the home of her parents, Robert and Sarah, in Batavia, Jefferson County. She was one of seven children, and that town is about eleven miles due west of Fairfield.

James E. and Jennie P. Alfred were censused 1910 in the 3rd Ward, Fairfield with their two sons. He was a barber, and they were listed three households from his sister, Mary and her husband Asher Mullenix, also a barber and certainly their son Asher's namesake.

In 1920 the family was still located in Fairfield City, and James owned his own barbarshop. For some reason the census taker record both of his parents' births as Iowa, and her father's as Ohio, all of which are wrong.

By 1930 the couple had moved about 30 miles east of Fairfield to the town of New London in Henry County, Iowa, where James was again a barber. Their sons William R. and Asher E. were still living with them, William having his own barber shop, and Asher working as a telephone linesman. This time James' father was listed as born in Ohio (!), but Jenny correctly listed both of her parents as Iowa born.

The two children of James E. and Jennie P. (Armstrong) Alford:   William R. and Asher Edwin. 

ix    Alford, Stewart C. was born 17 Nov 1877 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa, died 28 Dec 1948 and was buried in Eldon Cemetery, Wapello, Iowa.  He and Emma Latta were married 5 Sep 1906 in Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa.  Emma was born 1871/1873 in Iowa, died 1938 and was buried in Eldon Cemetery, Wapello, Iowa.  She was the daughter of Hugh and Catherine (____) Latta.

Stewart and Emma Alfred, aged 32 and 37, were censused 1910 in Pleasant Twp., Wapello Co., Iowa. They were recorded as having been married four years, with Emma noted as having been married twice. Gillaspie gives her first husband's surname as Franklin. Stewart's occupation was listed as general farmer. Emma was born in Iowa, her father in Pennsylvania and her mother in Ohio.

Right next to them in the 1910 census were Hugh and Catherine Latta, 69 and 67, married 45 years, and Cora, 33, surely her parents and sister. Looking back to 1880, we find Emmie as the 9 year old daughter of Hugh and Catharine Latty, aged 39 and 38 in Pleasant Twp. Hugh and Catherine's surname was spelled Latta also in the 1870 census in that township, so I'm inclined to believe the Latty spelling is an aberation.

Stewart and Emma Alford were in Washington Twp., Wapello County in 1920, aged 42 and 41, Stewart working as a watchman for the railroad. The age of 41 was clearly written, but is completely at odds with three other censuses, so the census taker simply misheard her age that year.

By 1930 Stewart C. and Emma F. Alfred were still in Washington Twp., aged 53 and 58, with Stewart working as a switchman for the railway.

6    Alford, Stewart W. was born 22 Jun 1832 in Beaver, Pennsylvania, died 3 Feb 1909 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Batavia Cemetery. 

Stewart was a member of Company H, 30th Iowa Infantry from 15 Aug 1862 to 15 Jul 1865. He died in Batavia, single, at age 76 according to Jefferson Deaths; 4:33 in the Jefferson County Records, Ohio.

In 1900 Stewart was gardening for a living in Batavia. It is interesting that he listed his mother's birth place as New York, not New Jersey. Since the Wellers are well documented in New Jersey, this indicates that there was at least some confusion in the family as to where they came from.

7    Alford, Rebecca Ann was born 4 Nov 1834 in Beaver, Pennsylvania, died 4 Dec 1912 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa.  She and Abraham Burger Teeter were married 10 Feb 1853 in Wayne, Illinois.  Abraham Burger was born 26 Dec 1829 in Morrison's Cove, Bedford, Pennsylvania, died 25 Jun 1905 in Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa.  He was the son of John Shively and Susanna Heffner (Burger) Teeter.

The marriage of Rebecca Ann Alford to Abraham Burger Teeter is only one of two close connections between the Alford and Teeter lines. Her brother John Weller Alford married Abraham's niece Elizabeth Teeter, daughter of David Burger Teeter and Margaret Mock. The connections are illustrated in this "focus" ancestral chart:

IMAGE: Alford_Teeter_connections.jpg
Alford ~ Teeter Connections

Their marriage was in Wayne Co., Illinois, according to the story related in 1981 to Janet Markley250 by their granddaughter, Mrs. Elizabeth (Teeter) Linge of Douds, Iowa. She said that Abraham moved his family back and forth between Pennsylvania and Iowa several times, until "Grandma Teeter told him they were not going to move again" and, if he wanted to go, he could. He left, but was back in two days. Abraham was not censused 1855, as was Rebecca Ann's mother Martha Alford, in Wayne County.

An Abraham Teeter entered 80 acres of land in Section 29 of Des Moines township, and sold that land in 1865. Abraham B. mortgaged lots in Absecom to his brother David B. in 1860, and 14 Dec 1969 sold Lot 77 in Batavia for $620 to Samuel Brown, father–in–law of his cousins Isaac K. and Levi K. Teeter.

Abraham was censused 1870 in Des Moines Twp., Jefferson County, Iowa, with Rebecca and five sons at home. The obituary of his wife Rebecca Ann (Alford) says they lived in various parts of Iowa until they settled "five miles NE of Eldon", Wapello Co. in 1879. (This would have been just south of Batavia across the county line in Jefferson County.) They were again censused 1880 in Des Moines Township:

Abraham TEETER Self 50 PA Farmer PA PA
Rebecca TEETER Wife 43 PA Keeping House PA PA
Adam TEETER Son 24 PA Farming PA PA
John TEETER Son 20 IA Farming PA PA
George TEETER Son 17 IA Farming PA PA
Augustus TEETER Son 14 IA At School PA PA
Wilson TEETER Son 11 IA At School PA PA
Eva TEETER Dau 8 IA At School PA PA
1880 Census Des Moines, Jefferson, Iowa

In 1900 we find Abraham and Rebecca A. again in Des Moines Township (where the census taker forgot to cross his "t" so they got indexed as Teeler), with John A., David A. and Eva A. at home. By 1910 Abraham had died, and Rebecca was censused as head of household, age 75, with daughters Eva E. and Lizzie A., 38 and 37. That Lizzie is recorded as born in Pennsylvania confirms the story of the family moving back and forth.

Abraham's obituary says that he united with the Brethren Church 1871 in Jefferson county and had made that county his home since 1876, and his death date is from his tombstone.

The tombstone in the Batavia cemetery gives the birth and death dates of Rebecca and Abraham on the west face, and of their son John A. on the north face.

I am uncertain of where I originally found the names of the children in this family, but they, with their vital data as given below, are confirmed by Phyllis Gillaspie citing a Family Bible owned by Bruce Curtis of Michigan.

The nine children of Abraham Burger and Rebecca Ann (Alford) Teeter:   Adam Alford, William Alford, John Alford, George A. Britain, David Augustus, Wilson Alford, Eva A., Carrie A. and Elizabeth A. "Lizzie". 

i    Teeter, Adam Alford was born 29 Aug 1854 in Altoona, Blair, Pennsylvania and died 14 Jun 1918 in Martinsburg, Keokuk, Iowa.  He and Sarah Elizabeth Rooker were married 24 Dec 1885.  Sarah Elizabeth was born 25 Jan 1865 in Ohio and died 26 Jul 1917.  She was the daughter of Stephen and ____ (____) Rooker.

Adam, a painter, and Sarah Teeter were censused 1900 in Steady Run Twp., Keokuk, Iowa with three children and her father Stephen in their home. His name and age and those of the children as shown below come from this record.

I was unable to find any member of this family in later censuses.

The three children of Adam Alford and Sarah Elizabeth (Rooker) Teeter:   Harry A., Winnie and Alta O. 

ii    Teeter, William Alford was born 24 Apr 1857, died 5 Apr 1861 in Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

iii    Teeter, John Alford was born 24 Nov 1860 in Iowa, died 24 Nov 1911 in Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

John was censused 1910 at age 49 living with Emma Leota and Elija Brown in Locust Grove Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. Emma Leota was his first cousin, his mother Rebecca Ann Alford and Emma's father William W. Alford being sister and brother.

John worked as a paperhanger and house painter. His birth and death dates are on the side of the tombstone of his parents, his own has only "John A." inscribed.

iv    Teeter, George A. Britain was born 27 May 1863 in Knoxville, Marion, Iowa, died 18 Dec 1941 in Libertyville, Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Fell Cemetery, Jefferson, Iowa.  He and Fannie Ureka "Ollie" Steele were married 8 Jun 1892.  Fannie Ureka "Ollie" was born 6 Mar 1872 in Iowa.  She was the daughter of Joseph and Sarah E. (____) Steele.

His birthplace is from an Iowa Death Record [Jefferson Deaths; 7:10] {'Jefferson County Records'}, which also gives his obituary. This same source states that his mother Rebecca Ann ("Alfred") Teeter was born in Illinois, although actually that is where she was married.

Phyllis Gillaspie [Personal Communication, 29 Oct 2000] writes that George's given names were "George A. Britain", and that they had a son Bernard Steele who married Iva Isobel Manning. In the 1910 census they were living next to a Steele, and then two Manning households.

George B and Fannie U. Teeter were censused 1900 in Des Moines Twp., Jefferson County, with children Earnest A., Irene and Rebecca E. George was a farmer; Fannie was born in Iowa of parents both born in Indiana. She had six children, of whom three were still lliving. It is from this record that I take the names and birth dates of the three living in 1900. Earnest's record is defective, as it reads born Jul 1892, age 6. I have not tried to place the order in which the then deceased children were born, as six children born from Jul 1893 to Sep 1899 implies at least one set of twins, so I would only be guessing.

By 1920 they were living in Polk Township, Jefferson County, with all of their children except Irene still at home.

Fannie U. Steele was censused in 1880 at age 8 living with her parents Joseph and Sarah E. Steele in Des Moines Twp., Jefferson County, Iowa. Censused adjacent to them was a Rasmus Rasmussen who was probably the brother-in-law of George's aunt Louisa Abigail (Alford) Rasmus.

The five children of George A. Britain and Fannie Ureka "Ollie" (Steele) Teeter:   Earnest A., Irene, Rebecca E., Josephine M. and Bernard Steele. 

v    Teeter, David Augustus was born 23 Jan 1866 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa, died 24 Jun 1947 and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

vi    Teeter, Wilson Alford was born 20 Sep 1870 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa and died 4 Dec 1927 in Eldon, Wapello, Iowa.  He and Mary Etta Murphy were married 13 Aug 1895.  Mary Etta was born 20 Oct 1875 in Ohio and died 4 Dec 1927. 

Wilson and Mary were censused 1900 in Des Moines Twp., Jefferson County with their first three children. He gave his occupation as farmer.

By 1910 they were in Washinton Twp., Wapello County, with all of their children at home except Gladys. Mary reported that she had borne nine children, with seven still alive, but who the other lost child was we don't know. She gave her name as Etta M. for this census. Wilson was a trucker for a railroad company.

By 1920 Wilson had progressed to being a machinist for the railroad company, and he and Etta had added two more children to the family. Only Orpha, who would have been 23, was away from their home.

The ten children of Wilson Alford and Mary Etta (Murphy) Teeter:   Orpha Lucretia, Orvil E., Gladys M., Ruth, Elmer, Raymond, Harold, Elizabeth, Marie and Kenneth. 

vii    Teeter, Eva A. was born 20 Mar 1872 in Moulton, Appanoose, Iowa, died 14 Sep 1946 and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

viii    Teeter, Carrie A. was born 19 Jun 1874, died 29 Sep 1874 in Jefferson, Iowa and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

ix    Teeter, Elizabeth A. "Lizzie" was born 12 Nov 1875 in Bedford, Pennsylvania, died 20 Jan 1962 and was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines Twp., Jefferson, Iowa. 

8    Alford, John Weller was born 25 Feb 1837.    

9    Alford, Michael W. was born 1838/1839* in Beaver, Pennsylvania and died after 1895 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa. 

10    Alford, Ross W. was born 1840/1841* in Beaver, Pennsylvania. 

Ross does not appear with the family in the 1860 census, nor is he listed elsewhere in the Iowa census index. Similarly, he's absent from the 1880 census anywhere in the country, just like his older brothers.

11    Alford, Mary Ann was born 1842/1844* in Beaver and died before 1900.  She and John C. Leech were married 21 Oct 1866 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa.  John C. was born 1839/1840* in Pennsylvania. 

Her name given as May Ann in 1860 census, but Mary Ann when she married, with her brother Augustus testifying, at the home of the Widow Alfred in Batavia, Hugh P. Holmes, J.P., officiating.

In 1880 J. C. and Mary A. Leech were censused in Athens, Ringgold County, Iowa, some 125 miles west of Batavia. J. C. was a farmer, and they had seven children, with the two oldest, William and Edward, listed as working on the farm. It is from that record that I get the names and ages of the children of this family.

It is possible that John and two of his sons moved to Kansas before 1900, when they were censused as boarders in the home of a widow Lydia Reynolds in Sheridan, Crawford County: John Leach, 63 and born in Pennsylvania, William, 31 born in Iowa, and Herman, 20, also born in Iowa. The names and birth places argue that these were Mary Ann's husband and sons. The problems with this record are that John was listed as single, not as a widower, and the ages don't match very well. John, born Jan 1837, was working as a teamster, William, born Jan 1869, was mining coal, and Herman, born Jan 1880, was a stone mason. Mary Ann's son "Hermie", in particular, was two years old in the 1880 census, so if this were him he had to have given a seriously incorrect birth date to the census taker. I leave these possible identifications to the reader as an unanswered question. (And I leave the ages of these men as recorded in 1880.)

The seven children of John C. and Mary Ann (Alford) Leech:   William, Edward, Cora, Mattie, Ella, Lizzie and Herman "Hermie". 

i    Leech, William was born 1867/1868 in Iowa. 

ii    Leech, Edward was born 1868/1869 in Iowa. 

iii    Leech, Cora was born 1870/1871 in Iowa. 

iv    Leech, Mattie was born 1872/1873 in Iowa. 

v    Leech, Ella was born 1874/1875 in Iowa. 

vi    Leech, Lizzie was born 1876/1877 in Iowa. 

vii    Leech, Herman "Hermie" was born 1877/1878 in Iowa. 

12    Alford, Louisa Abigail was born 8 Dec 1845 in New Castle, Beaver, Pennsylvania, died 20 Dec 1936 in Eldon, Wapello, Iowa and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Fairfield, Jefferson, Iowa.  She and Hans Rasmus were married 2 Sep 1868 in Wapello, Iowa.  Hans was born 25 Apr 1845 in Denmark, died 22 Jul 1910 and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Fairfield, Jefferson, Iowa.  He was the son of Rasmus and Gertrude (Nickle) Rasmussen.

Rasmus, the son of Rasmus Rasmussen and Gertrude Nickle, worked as a harnessmaker. Their six children born 1869-1882 I originally listed with their spouses from the Markley Family Group Sheet250. In this 2009 update, I found many more details on this family in the "Gabriel Family Tree" owned my janie1020 (her user name). Note below that census ages are in disagreement with some of her dates as well as with each other for some of the children, and I have retained her dates, presumably from tombstone data, as being preferred.

Hans and Louisa were censused 1880 in Buchanan, Jefferson, Iowa, where at the time he listed himself as a farmer. The census details do not agree with the exact birth dates, nor with Louisa's middle name, but this certainly is the correct family record, from which I take the children's information.

Hans RASMUS Self 35 DEN Farming DEN DEN
Louisa S. RASMUS Wife 32 PA Housekeeping PA PA
Edwin G. RASMUS Son 11 IA At School DEN PA
Nettie M. RASMUS Dau 10 IA At School DEN PA
Frank RASMUS Son 7 IA At School DEN PA
Gertrude RASMUS Dau 4 IA DEN PA
1880 Census, Buchanan, Jefferson, Iowa

Notice below that Edwin, as Eddie, was censused also in his grandmother's home in 1880.

In 1900, "H. and Lu" Rasmus were censused still in Buchanan, with son Harry and daughter Dora at home. That census reports that they had been married 31 years, and that all six children borne by Louisa were still living. This year Hans said his occupation was that of harness maker.

By 1910 Hans had his own harnesmaker shop in Buchanan Township, and he and Louisa had their son Harry U. Rasmus living with them, and two grandsons Carl N. James, 10, and Fred E. James, 8 years of age, sons of their daughter Martha Gertrude. (Note, however, that janie1020, cited above, givens Fred's middle name as Hans.) Harry, working as a painter, was listed as single, and Louisa reported that three of her six children were no longer living.

In 1920, Louisa was living with her daughter and son-in-law Dora and Walter Franklin in Washington, Wapello, Iowa.

The six children of Hans and Louisa Abigail (Alford) Rasmus:   Edwin/Edward G., Nettie May, Frank Alfred, Martha Gertrude, Harry Ulysses and Dora Elenore. 

i    Rasmus, Edwin/Edward G. was born 1868/1869 in Iowa. 

Eddie Rasmus, 11, was living with his grandmother Martha Alford in 1880 in Batavia, Locust Grove Twp., Jefferson County, Iowa, but had also been censused with his parents a week earlier that year.

IMAGE: Edwin_Rasmus_1880.jpg
Edwin G. Rasmus censuses 1880

I was not able to identify Edwin in any later census. He may have been one of three siblings to have died before 1910.

This son is also named as Edward in some sources. Pat Marlor (Personal Communication, 6 Mar 2009) says that her source was Matthew James of New Hampshire and His Known Descendants by Janet James Markleyand Mary Lou James Burnett, a well researched genealogy of several families including Rasmus, Alford and Well.

ii    Rasmus, Nettie May was born 1 Mar 1870 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa and died 25 Dec 1901 in Winterset, Madison, Iowa.  She and Harvey L. Gray were married 27 Nov 1895 in Jefferson, Iowa. 

The name of Nettie May's husband comes from janie1020, op. cit..

iii    Rasmus, Frank Alfred was born 13 Nov 1872 in Fairfield, Jefferson, Iowa and died 18 Feb 1931 in Davenport, Scott, Iowa.  He and Josephine "Josie Mary" Porth were married about 1900 in Rock Island, Illinois.  Josephine "Josie Mary" was born Aug 1884 in Iowa.  She was the daughter of John and Mary (____) Porth.

Frank was censused 1900 as a boarder in the home of Johanna Peters in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa , working as a carpenter. Josephine was censused that year as the 15 year old daughter of John and Mary Porth in Davenport, Scott, Iowa. Her father, also a carpenter, had been born in Illinois of parents both born in Germany, and her mother was born in Iowa.

By 1910 Frank was in Ward 1, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa, with his wife Josie, four chlldren, his 17 year old brother-in-law William Port[h], born in Minnesota, and four other boarders in his home. By 1920 Frank and Josephine, still in the same ward of Davenport, had added two more children to the family, Dorothy and Edward. William was still living with them, working now as a mechanic in an auto shop.

Finally, as far as census records take us, Frank and Josie in 1930 had their daughters Evelyn and Dorothy living with them, both working as waitresses in a cafe restaurant, as well as the youngest child, Edward. Frank listed his occupation as carpenter in the building industry.

The six children of Frank Alfred and Josephine "Josie Mary" (Porth) Rasmus:   Mildred, Louise, Evelyn, Katherine, Dorothy and Edward. 

iv    Rasmus, Martha Gertrude was born 20 Aug 1875 in Fairfield, Jefferson, Iowa and died 24 Jul 1909 in Fairfield.  She and Emery Newton James were married 1897/1898.  Emery Newton was born 18 Jul 1875 in Fairfield and died 31 Mar 1909 in Washington, Iowa.  He was the son of William F. and Marcia Francis (____) James.

Emery N. and Gertie M. James were censused 1900 in Fairfield, Jefferson, Iowa with their first son, Carl N., and her sister Dora L. Rasmus. James parents were born in Iowa, and he was working as a grocery salesman.

In 1909 Emery and Martha both died, within two months of each other. They were both 34 years old at the time, and their four children ranged from nine years down to just over one year. The children were all taken in by relatives, but had to be split up among three housholds. Sons Carl and Fred in 1910 were living with their grandparents, Hans and Louisa Rasmus; the older daughter Alta Faye was living with Martha's sister Dora and her husband George W. Franklin in Colorado Springs, Colorado; the youngest daughter Doris May was living with Emery's brother Charles and his wife Etta M. of Lockridge Township, Jefferson County, Iowa.

By 1920, Carl and Fred, then aged 20 and 18 years, were boarding with Frank and Anne De Kalb in Fairfield City, Jefferson County, and it's interesting that no-one in the houshold reported any employment.

Alta Fay in 1920 was still living with Walter and Dora Franklin, but they had moved back from Colorado to Iowa and resided in Eldon City, Wapello County. I was unable to find Alta Faye's 12 year old sister Doris May anywhere in the census indexes for that year.

The four children of Emery Newton and Martha Gertrude (Rasmus) James:   Carl Newton, Fred Hans, Alta Faye and Doris May. 

v    Rasmus, Harry Ulysses was born 23 May 1879 in Iowa and died 2 May 1926.  He was married to Nellie ____.  Nellie was born 1888/1889 in Iowa. 

Phyllis Gillaspie lists Rasmus as a "possible" son of Louisa and Hans, but that was perhaps because she did not, at that time (2000) know of his four elder siblings, born 1869, 1870, 1873 and 1876. Rasmus' birth in 1880 fits very well in this sequence, and is, of course, confirmed by the census that year of his parents.

As mentioned above, Harry was living with his parents in 1910, and they also had two grandsons in their home. Harry was listed as single, and working as a painter.

There is a 1920 census record in Fairfield City for a Harry Rasmus who is probaby Harry Ulysses, but the details all seem to be off somewhat. That Harry Rasmus listed himself as a house painter, which matches Harry Ulysses's employment ten years earlier, but listed both of his parents as born in the United States. Was that a default answer put in by the census taker when a person didn't know (or wouldn't say?) where his parents were born? In this case, Denmark and Pennsylvania?. Also, this Harry gives his age as 37, but the son of Hans and Louisa was born 23 May 1879, and so would have been 40 on this 7 Jan 1920 census. But, once again, it's not unknown for a man to lower his age so as not to appear too old compared to his 31 year of wife. All in all, a questionable identification, but I'm at least tentatively accepting this record, and so have his wife's name as Nellie.

vi    Rasmus, Dora Elenore was born 26 Dec 1882 in Iowa and died 1955.  She and George Walter Franklin were married 31 Mar 1906.  George Walter was born 1887/1888 in Iowa. 

According to janie1020, op. cit., Dora was the only child of Louisa to outlive her mother.

She and her husband, living 1910 in Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado, had taken into their family Dora's niece, Alta F. James, after her sister Martha Gertrude and her husband Emery Newton James had both died in 1909.

By 1920, however, the family had returned to Iowa, with Fay James at age 17 still with them, and also in the household was Dora's mothr Louisa. George, censused this time as Walter, was working as a house carpenter as he had been in Colorado. Their home was in Eldon City, Washington Twp., Wapello County. In 1930 they were still in Eldon City, with Louise still living

with them, and George, this time censused as Walter G., was employed as a general building contractor.

13    Alford, Augustus W. was born 10 Apr 1848 in New Castle, Beaver, Pennsylvania, died 30 Sep 1923 in Eldon, Wapello, Iowa and was buried in Eldon IOOF Cemetery.  He and Mary "Polly" Miller were married 31 Mar 1874 in Jefferson, Iowa.  Mary "Polly" was born Jun 1848 in Libertyville, Jefferson, Iowa, died 11 Aug 1929 in Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa and was buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery, Eldon, Wapello, Iowa.  She was the daughter of Martin Teeter and Esther (Smith) Miller.

Augustus' marriage, recorded in Jefferson, Iowa, says he was 23, but he actually would have been 26 on his next birthday He moved to Eldon in 1874, and worked for 32 years on the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company, 18 years as a passenger train engineer. He was initiated 28 May 1878 into the IOOF Lodge in Eldon, and was a member of the Christian Church.

In 1880 Augustus and Mary were censused in Eldon, Wapello County, Iowa. Both were listed as born in 1847/48, he as an engineer and Mary keeping house. His mother's birthblace was correctly listed as New Jersey, and her parents both in Pennsylvania

In 1900 Augustus was working as a keeper of a livery bary in Eldon Town, wabello County, and he and Mary had their daughter Jessie, 24, living with them. Ten years later the three of them were still living together, Augustus as an engineer for an electric light company, and Jessie as a city librarian. The three boarders in their home cmoprised two railroad brakemen and a public school teacher. Their home was on Railroad Street, and no less than eleven men on that census page of 14 households were working for the railroad company.

By 1920 Augustus was retired, and he and Mary were by then living alone.

Mary was the daughter of Martin T. and Esther (Smith) Miller, and sister of Hannah who married William, the brother of Augustus. She and Hannah were killed when the car in which they were riding stalled on a railroad track near Eldon and was hit by a train.

Her marriage record of 31 Mar 1874 said she would be 19 on her next birthday, giving 1855/56 as her birth year. Her 1900 census record gives her birth as Jun 1848, later censuses were more or less compatible with that. Why the marriage record said 19 instead of 28 is problematic.

A daughter of Augustus W. and Mary "Polly" (Miller) Alford:   Jessie M.. 

i    Alford, Jessie M. was born Aug 1875 in Iowa. 

As indicated above, Jessie worked as a librarian in the city library of Eldon.

John Weller Alford  &  Elizabeth Teeter
Michael 1, Hugh 2, John Weller 3, Mary Jane "Merrie" 4 Teeter Top  

John Weller Alford was born 25 Feb 1837 in New Castle, Beaver, Pennsylvania, died 21 Jan 1905 in Henderson, Cleveland, Oklahoma Territory and was buried in Lexington, Cleveland, Oklahoma. 

John Weller and Elizabeth Teeter were married 23 Jan 1862 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa. 

Elizabeth Teeter was born 27 Apr 1843 in Harrisburg, Bedford, Pennsylvania, died 24 May 1906 in Mulhall, Logan, Oklahoma Territory and was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Lexington, Cleveland, Oklahoma.  She was the daughter of David Burger and Margaret (Mock) Teeter.

John "Alfred" on 23 Jun 1868 bought Lots No. 15 &16, Old Plat, Batavia, Jefferson County, Iowa, for $25. His mother Martha had the previous year bought Lot 13. If these lot numbers are the same as those given on a 1939 town plan, John's lots were on Main (3rd) Street, while Martha's was at the other end of the same block. The corner lot No. 16, on Alto Street, later became the site of the town fire department.

The birth of their daughter Olive May in March, 1868, is recorded in FHL IGI submitted records both as Batavia and as Bonaparte, Van Buren County, Iowa, some 25 miles to the southeast. It is possible the family lived there for a short while after Mary Jane's birth in Batavia 1866, and their purchase of house lots in Batavia marks a move back near his mother's place right after Olive's birth. It's also possible that the Bonaparte record is in error.

In 1870 John was censused in Battavia Locustgrove Township, Jefferson, Iowa, adjacent to his mother (both as Alfreds), with his wife Elizabeth and their five children as of that date as shown below. This one image catches three generations of our ancestry, Martha (Weller) Alford, John Weller and Elizabeth (Teeter) Alford, and Mary Jane "Merrie" Alford, then four years of age, who married John Eaton Hartzell in 1897:

IMAGE: Alfreds_1870.jpg
Martha Alford and John Weller Alford 1870 censuses

Martha was actually 64 at that time, but Stuard is a mystery to me. He was censused 1900 as Stewert Alfred in Locust Grove, a single man born June 1852. He and his father were born in Pennsylvania, his mother in New York. With the same surname, he must have been at least a distant cousin.

J. W. Alfred testified at the 12 Jan 1873 marriage of his brother-in-law Jacob E. Teeter, 20, and Eliza Smock, 18, in Batavia. This may be a misprint for Snook, since an Emeline Snook had married Samuel M. Teeter, another brother of Eizabeth, in 1866.

John and Elizabeth were in Wamego, Pottawatomie, Kansas by 1880 when the census fortuitously caught eight of their children at home.

John Alford Self 45 PA Farmer PA PA
Elizabeth Alford Wife 37 PA Keeping House PA ..
David Alford Son 17 IA Farmer PA PA
George Alford Son 16 IA Farmer PA PA
Mary Alford Dau 14 IA PA PA
Olive Alford Dau 12 IA PA PA
William Alford Son 9 IA PA PA
Maggie Alford Dau 7 IA PA PA
Louis Alford Son 6 IA PA PA
Elizabeth Alford Dau 4 KS PA PA
1880 Census, Wamego, Pottawatomie, Kansas

By 1900, in the census of John "Alfred" and Elizabeth, only sons George, and William were still at home with them in Canadian Twp., Cleveland County, Oklahoma, although David was censused adjacent to them.

Elizabeth's obituary said that she and John moved in 1876 to Kansas where they lived twenty years, and that they spent the last ten years (as of 1906) in Oklahoma near Henderson in Cleveland county.

A death notice in The Lexington Leader of Friday, 27 Jan 1905 says that "John Alford, 86 years old, died Thursday at his home near Henderson". He was described as a prominent farmer of his neighborhood. This indicates a death date of the 26th (or, possibly, the 19th), not the 17th or the 21st as I had it from various famiy sources. And the age is clearly a misprint for 68 years, the age he would have reached in one more month. Lexington, referred to as a city in that notice, is a small Cleveland county town south of Norman on the South Canadian River, and Henderson was about five miles east and a mile or so north, right on the Pottawatomie County line, although it has disappeared by now.

I had from some source that he was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, but Elizabeth's obituary named it as Hill's Chapel Cemetery. I've been unable to locate either of these, but it's possible that they were what is now Lexington Cemetery just east of town.

The census of 1850 had Elizabeth as 9 years of age, in disagreement by at least two years with her birth date as given in her obituary.

Elizabeth had been ill for some time "with dropsy [edema] and heart trouble", and had been living in Mulhall with her dauhters for some weeks prior to her death. Her obituary Friday, 25 May 1906 in The Mulhall Enterprise, said that she died "Thursday afternoon, May 24th", and her remains were taken on the evening train" to be laid beside her husband in Hill's Chapel cemetery near their home in Cleveland County".

I had Elizabeth's death as 29 May, from family records, and Frances Bishop had it as 17 May. Also, I had from family records that her birth was in Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania. The obituary gave it as Bedford Co., Pennsylvania, which I thought much more consonant with the Teeter family's residence in Morrison's Cove for many years. However, I've just seen her daughter Merrie's death certificate, and that also specifies Harrisburg for Elizabeth's birth, so I'm accepting that.

Elizabeth "joined the Dunkard church when quite young and remained in that faith until death", according to her obituary.

The nine children of John Weller and Elizabeth (Teeter) Alford:   David, George, Mary Jane "Merrie", Olive May, Milton, William, Margaret "Maggie", Lillian E. and Elizabeth. 

1    Alford, David was born Jan 1863 in Jefferson, Iowa and died Jan 1905.  He and Rachel Estella "Stella" Neff were married 22 Jan 1899 in Cleveland, Oklahoma.  Rachel Estella "Stella" was born 26 Sep 1871 in Bellaire, Belmont, Ohio and died 8 Jul 1912 in Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas.  She was the daughter of Peter and Nancy Jane (McKenzie) Neff.

David "Alfred", a farmer born in Iowa, and his wife Stella were censused 1900 adjacent to his parents in Canadian Twp., Cleveland Co., Oklahoma. Unfortunately, the month of his birth is quite faintly written, and may be either Jun or Jan, but Jun conflicts with hsi brother's date, so Jan must be correct. That of Stella's clearly reads Sept 1871, and that of their son Floyd Oct 1899 with an age of 8 months. Stella's birthplace was Ohio, as was that of her parents, and they had been married one year. Floyd's birthplace was Oklahoma.

The deaths of David and his brother William, in January, 1905, were both from pneumonia, according to the information submitted to the Mormon Church by Paul L. Middleton, which also included Stella's name and death date.

Stella Alford, 37 year old widow, was censused 16 Apr 1910 as the daughter of Peter and Nancy J. Neff, aged 73 and 62 years, in Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas. Stella's brother Frederick G. Neff, 17, lived in the home and worked as a laborer in a cement works. With Stella were her sons Floyd, 10, and Frank N., 6, both born in Oklahoma. The census also records that she had borne three children, of whom one was deceased. Peter Neff was listed as a farmer with the notation "Idle at present ill health". This census is defective in that the two boys have the birthplace of their father listed as Pennsylvania instead of Iowa.

Stella " was the daughter of Peter and Nancy Jane McKenzie Neff. She was born 26 September 1871 or 1872 in Bellaire, Belmont County, Ohio. Her full name was Rachel Estella Neff, most often found as just Stella.

"By 1880 the Neff family was in Belvue, Pottawattamie County, Kansas.

"1885: Kansas state census, family is still in Belvue, and this is where Stella is listed as Rachel E.

"In 1890, her father is listed in the Soldiers & Widows census of Caldwell County, Missouri. He had served in Company E. 20th Ohio infantry."

The above information was contributed by Sandy Graham of Akron, Ohio, in an e-mail received 6 Jun 2009. She is researching the descendants of her relative Rachel Rader who married Thoma Neff, grandparents of Stella.

Sandy adds tht Stella and her two sons were living with her parents in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1910.

The three children of David and Rachel Estella "Stella" (Neff) Alford:   Floyd, ____ and Frank N. 

i    Alford, Floyd was born Oct 1899 in Oklahoma, died 30 Jul 1961 in Temple, Bell, Texas and was buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Temple, Texas. 

Floyd was 8 months old in the 1900 census taken on 14 June, so was born in either September or October 1899.

The 1920 census in Lexington, Cleveland, Oklahoma, lists Floyd Alford, 20, a hired man working as a farm laborer. Since we find Floyd and his brother in 1930 just across the Canadian River in McClain County (see below), this is most probably the right Floyd Alford.

"Floyd Alford died July 30, 1961 in Temple, Bell County, Texas but his residences was in Austin. He died at the Veterans Administration Center in Temple, where he had been for 2 months & 26 days. Cause of death: Pulmonary edema, acute; due to Carcinoma of right kidney with massive metastases to both lungs. He was never married and had worked as a janitor; served in WW2." [Personal Communication, Sandy Graham, Jun 2009].

ii    Alford, ____ died before 1910. 

iii    Alford, Frank N. was born 1903/1904* in Oklahoma. 

I could not find Frank in the 1920 census, but he and his brother were in Muncrief Township, McClain County, Oklahoma in 1930. Frank, 26, was listed as head of household on a rented farm, his 30 year old brother Floyd was listed as a farm laborer. Both were reported as single.

2    Alford, George was born Feb 1864 in Iowa and died about 1934 in Albany, Shackelford, Texas.  He and Minnie Hill were married 1893/1894.  Minnie was born 1880/1881 in Texas. 

George was living with his parents in 1900, from which we get his birth date of Feb 1864.

d with his brother-in-law, Bennie Hill, living in his home. George, 46, and Minnie, 29, had been married 10 years, she having been born in Texas with her father born in Missouri and her mother in Tennesee. Their one child, Artie, had been born in Oklahoma. Bennie's surname gives us Minnie's maiden name of Hill. For some unknown reason, George listed both of his parents as born in Iowa, instead of Pennsylvania, and Minnie listed hers as Missouri and Tennesee.

In the 1920 census the couple are found in Albany, Shackelford, Texas, with George W., 58, working as a railroad laborer. This time he locates both his parents' birthplaces as Pennsylvania, and Minnie, 39, lists Tennessee for the birth places of both of her parents. Their nine-year old son, born in Oklahoma, they name (or the census taker recorded) as Ortus, and they now had a four year old daughter Mildred, born in Texas.

By 1930 George was living as a lodger in Oklahoma City, aged 66 and married 30 years. There was no occupation listed for him.

The two children of George and Minnie (Hill) Alford:   Artie/Ortus and Mildred. 

i    Alford, Artie/Ortus was born Nov 1909 in Oklahoma. 

Artie's are was given in the 9 May 1910 census as six months, so he was born Oct or Nov 1909. His name of Ortus in the 1920 census I interpret as an alternative to Artie, not a middle name, but what his actual given name was is unclear from those two records.

In 1930 in Oklahoma City, where his father was living, a 20 year old Charlie Alford, born in Oklahoma, was a roomer in the home of E. L. and Ethel Hill, ages 26 and 28. Since that is his mother's maiden name, one would think that this is surely Artie/Ortus, but the birthplaces Charlie gave for his parents, both in Oklahoma, don't agree, and those of E. L. Hill's are listed as Alabama and Arkansas, which don't match those of Charlie's mother Minnie Hill and her brother Bennie, which were Missouri and Tennesee. E. L. Hill could, of course, be a cousin, which might explain the last discrepancy, the surname could be a complete coincidence, or this might be a completely different Alford born in Oklahoma about 1910.

ii    Alford, Mildred was born Feb 1916 in Texas.  She and Edgar Earl Burge were married 9 Mar 1941 in Norman, Oklahoma.  Edgar Earl was born 4 Mar 1918 in Meridian, Bosque, Texas, died 2 Sep 2000 in Abilene, Taylor, Texas and was buried in Albany Cemetery, Shackelford Co., Texas.  He was the son of John Thomas and Alma (Williams) Burge.

Mildred's birth, marriage and family details are from a Pedigree Resource File and a RootsWeb page entitled "Burge Family in Texas" both belonging to Lucretia Morales.

The two children of Edgar Earl and Mildred (Alford) Burge:   Delores Jean and Edgar Earl. 

3    Alford, Mary Jane "Merrie" was born 25 Feb 1866.    

4    Alford, Olive May was born 8 Mar 1868 in Bonaparte, Van Buren, Iowa and died 19 Jul 1909.  She and Augustine Lowrey "Gustin" Huey were married 9 Oct 1892 in Wamego, Pottawatomie, Kansas.  Augustine Lowrey "Gustin" was born 20 Nov 1865 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas and died 6 Feb 1956.  He was the son of Benjamin and Christina E. (Benn) Huey.

Olive May was referred to as "Mrs. G. L. Huey, of Norman" at the time of her mother's death 24 May 1906. Our mother's picture of her was labeled as "May Alford", so she probably went by her middle name.

Gustin was censused as Gustine L., age 12, in his parents' household in Belvue, Pottawatomie, Kansas in 1880. That implies a birth year of 1867/68, a somewhat surprising discrepancy. Possibly the census index should have read 15 instead of 12, since it described his occupation as "Works On Farm".

In 1900 "Gustave L." and Olive were censused in Burnett Twp., Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, with their four sons. The birth information was correct except that of Frank, ostensibly born six months after Earl. Earl was recorded as born in Kansas; the other three sons in Oklahoma.

The 1920 census in Norman, Cleveland County, Oklahoma (adjacent to POttawatomie County), provides the only source I have for Gustin's second marriage which lists him as Gus L., aged 52, with wife Florence, age 46, born in Indiana of parents both born in Indiana. Their daughter Pauline was recorded as 14 years old in that census. Gus listed his occupation as "stationary engineer, university".

The birth place of Pauline's mother, Indiana, documents that Pauline was a daughter of Florence, and so half sister to Gustine's sons. Gus's age in that census implies a birth year of 1857/58, yet another discrepancy.

The Huey brothers were good friends of our parents, and we have several pictures of them taken over the years. On the left below are the four of them, and on the right is one of Frank in his uniform when he served in World War I, during which he lost an arm.

IMAGE: Huey_Brothers.gif
The Huey brothers

I have researched both the ancestry and descendants of the "Huey boys", as they were referred to in my family. It can be seen on my web page James and Elizabeth (Everhart) Huey.

The four children of Augustine Lowrey "Gustin" and Olive May (Alford) Huey:   Earl Lowrey, Frank Leroy, Benjamin "Ben" and Carl Albert "Bert". 

i    Huey, Earl Lowrey was born 1 Jul 1894 in Wamego and died Sep 1962 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon.  He and Ethel Lillian Owen were married 20 Jun 1923 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon.  Ethel Lillian was born 6 Sep 1896 in Portland, Oregon and died 11 May 1968.  She was the daughter of Harry S. and Caroline E. (Rudolph) Owen.

ii    Huey, Frank Leroy was born 20 Jan 1896 in Shawnee, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma and died 26 May 1974 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  He was married (1) to Violet Josephine (Baker) Durkee 28 Aug 1920 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  Violet Josephine was born 9 Jul 1894 in Mayeta, Johnson, Kansas and died 12 Aug 1937 in Kansas City, Kansas.  He was married (2) to Marie ( ) Phelps 23 Mar 1947 in Topeka. 

iii    Huey, Benjamin "Ben" was born 25 May 1898 in Norman, Cleveland, Oklahoma and died 17 Sep 1975 in Norman.  He and Irene E. Oakley were married 1918/1920.  Irene E. was born 1899/1900* in Kansas.  She was the daughter of Howard W. and Myrtle M. (____) Oakley.

iv    Huey, Carl Albert "Bert" was born 17 May 1900 in Norman, Cleveland, Oklahoma and died 29 Oct 1970 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.  He and Alta Marie Betts were married 1 Aug 1923 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.  Alta Marie was born 11 Feb 1905 in Helper, Carbon, Utah and died 27 Jul 1961 in Flint, Michigan.  She was the daughter of Elmer S. and Josephine (Litchenstern) Betts.

5    Alford, Milton was born 1869 in Iowa. 

This son's name was given as Milton, aged 8 months, in the 1870 census, and so born Sep or Oct 1869. He doesn't appear in the family by 1880, so may have died in the interim.

6    Alford, William was born Jan 1871 in Jefferson, Iowa and died Jan 1905. 

This son's name was listed as Milton, aged 8 months, in the 1870 census, and so born Sep or Oct 1869.

William, born Jan 1871 and 29 years old, was censused 1900 in his parents home in Canadian Twp., Cleveland County, Oklahoma, next to his older brother David.

William's and his brother David's deaths in January, 1905, were both from pneumonia, according to the material submitted to the Morman Church by Paul L. Middleton.

7    Alford, Margaret "Maggie" was born abt 1872/1873 in Iowa.  She and Clarence Pinkerton Maxwell were married 1916 in Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma.  Clarence Pinkerton was born 1876 in Kansas. 

In the 1880 census of her parents household, Maggie's age was given as 7 years, i.e., born 1872/1873. Her birth was recorded as Nov 1874 in 1900 in Mulhall, Logan, Oklahoma Territory, where she living with her older sister Mary Jane and brother-in-law John Eaton Hartzell. However, this conflicts with her sister Lillian's birth date of Feb 1874 in that same census, a date confirmed by 26 Feb 1874 on her tombstone. Maggie was still living with Mary and John ten years later in Guthrie, Oklahoma, where her age was recorded as 30 for the 1910 census, i.e., born 1879/1880. I am recording her birth as about 1872/183, from her earliest record.

Maggie had in Sep 1899 been a teacher in Mulhall, and in 1902 was living at 124 N 1st and teaching at the Capitol Hill school in Guthrie. She was probably the "Miss Alford" who performed in the Metropolitan Stock Company in Mulhall in December, 1907. In 1910 she was a clerk with the State Capitol Company, and living with Merrie at 211 E. Collee Ave, and in 1912 was a clerk living at the Oklahoma Methodist Episcopal Hospital in Guthrie. Then, in 1915, she was a stenographer with C. G. Hornor and back living with her sister Merrie at 607 E. Grant.

That Maggie married Clarence Pinkerton Maxwell in Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma, is from a genealogy chart drawn by my mother, but I've not found an independent record of their marriage nor of his middle name. Susan McMahan (Personal Correspondence, Jan 2009) states that he was born 1876 in Kansas. In 1920, Clarence P. Maxwell and wife Margaret were censused, ages 44 and 41, in the 1st Ward of Oklahoma City. (Clarence thus born 1875/76, and Margaret would actually have been 46 at that time.)

There is recorded (extracted IGI) the marriage of Clarence P. Maxwell to May J. Osborne on 18 Dec 1901 in Dewey, Oklahoma. That Clarence was 26 at the time of his marriage, so born 1874/75 in Kansas. If May died before 1920, it could be that Margaret wed the widower Clarence, but that is supposition based only on the correspondance of names and ages of the two Oklahoma men.

8    Alford, Lillian E. was born 26 Feb 1874 in Iowa, died 18 Jul 1952 in Norman, Cleveland, Oklahoma and was buried in Willow View Cemetery, Cleveland, Oklahoma.  She and Thomas Elmer Blair were married 1898/1899 in Canadian Twp., Cleveland, Oklahoma.  Thomas Elmer was born 8 Sep 1862 in Pleasant Vale, Pike, Illinois, died 31 Aug 1938 and was buried in Willow View Cemetery, Slaughterville, Cleveland, Oklahoma. 

Lillian was Thomas Blair's second wife. They had four children, Mary, Cecil, Agnes, and Albert. According to a family record, one of those children named a daughter Mildred after my mother, Mildred Louise (Hartzell) Swan. However, Thomas and his first wife Laura Marshall had a son Elmer F. Blair who married Millie York, and that couple named their first child Mildred L., born 1913/14 in Oklahoma [1930 census record]. A birth record would be required to see if that Mildred's middle name was Louise, thus supporting our family belief.

If the daughter of Elmer and Millie never married, then she might be the Mildred Blair of the SSDI, born 14 Jun 1914, died 24 Jul 1996, SSN 448-30-2880. That number was issued in Oklahoma, and that Mildred's last SS payments were in Tulsa and West Tulsa, Oklahoma.

There was a Mildred Louise Blair who married Edgar Ray White, and had a son James Edward, born 16 Mar 1949 in Tom Green Co., Texas.

Thomas' first marriage information comes from "Marriage records, 1837-1917", Macon County (Missouri). Recorder of Deeds. His wife was Laura F. "Fanny" Marshall, and she died 5 Jul 1896 in Macon, Missouri. They had married 16 Dec 1883 had two sons, Leslie and Elmer F.

In 1910 Thomas E. and Lillie Blair were censused in Canadian Twp., Cleveland County, Oklahoma. Thomas, a farmer, was born in Illinois, as were his parents. The census indicated that Thomas had been married twice, and Lillie once, both for eleven years, and that she had borne two children, both living. Mary M. and Cecil T. Blair, ages 6 and 4, were in the home, and so children of Lillian. And in the household was 17 year old Elmer F. Blair, born in Missouri, and by his age was Thomas' son by his first wife.

Somewhat of a mystery in that census is Emeline Buster, age 76 and born in Illinois, marked "Mother". Since that can't be Lillian's mother (Elizabeth Teeter Alford), it must be Thomas's. The most straightforward answer is, of course, that she had remarried, but the census reveals only that she was a widow who had two children, both still living. Two households away we find George S. and Maggie Blair, ages 24 and 20, who had been married three years. George was born in Missouri of parents both born there also, so this fits with him being a son of Thomas by his first wife.

The family in 1920 was in Lexinton, Cleveland County, with Mary M. and Cecil T., ages 16 and 14, and two more chlldren, Agnes A. and Albert W., ages 7 and 6. A submitted IGI record says that this Albert W. Blair was born 20 Nov 1913, died 23 Mar 1924, and was buried in Willow View Cemetery, Slaughterville, Cleveland, Oklahoma.

By the 25 Apr 1930 census in Lexington, Thomas and Lillian had two of their daughters and a grandson in their home. Mary M., 26, was a school teacher, while her sister Agnes A. Adams was divorced, and had a son Roy E. Adams, aged two years and one month, so born February or March 1928. His father had been born in Arkansas.

Lillian's tombstone, from,

IMAGE: Lillian_and_Thomas_Blair.jpg
Lillian Alford and Thomas Blair tombstone

clearly gives her birth date as 26 Feb 1874, but she did not appear in her parents' 1880 census. In fact, that census lists a son Louis, age 6, thus born 1873/74. I now agree with Susan McMahan [Personal Communication, Jan 2009] that "Louis, son" was a census taker error, written instead of "Lillian, daughter". The 1900 census gave her birth as Feb 1874, in agreement with her tombstone.

The four children of Thomas Elmer and Lillian E. (Alford) Blair:   Mary M., Cecil T., Agnes A. and Albert W. 

i    Blair, Mary M. was born 1903/1904 in Oklahoma. 

ii    Blair, Cecil T. was born 28 Sep 1905 in Oklahoma, died 16 Oct 1975 and was buried in Lexington Cemetery, Cleveland, Oklahoma.  He and May ____ were married 1922/1924.  May was born 1903/1904 in Missouri. 

Cecil T. Blair was a farmer in Muncrief, McClain County, Oklahoma in 1930 with his wife May and three sons ages 2, 3, and 4.

The three children of Cecil T. and May (____) Blair:   Raymond, Beayl and Thomas. 

iii    Blair, Agnes A. was born 1912 in Oklahoma.  She was married to ____ Adams.  ____ was born in Arkansas. 

A son of ____ and Agnes A. (Blair) Adams:   Roy E.. 

iv    Blair, Albert W. was born 20 Nov 1913 in Oklahoma, died 23 Mar 1924 and was buried in Willow View Cemetery, Cleveland, Oklahoma. 

9    Alford, Elizabeth was born 1875/1876* in Kansas. 

Mary Jane "Merrie" Alford  &  John Eaton Hartzell
Michael 1, Hugh 2, John Weller 3, Mary Jane "Merrie" 4 Hartzell Top  

Mary Jane "Merrie" Alford was born 25 Feb 1866 in Batavia, Jefferson, Iowa, died 20 Dec 1942 in Joplin, Jasper, Missouri and was buried in Rose Lawn Cemetery, Mulhall, Oklahoma. 

Mary Jane "Merrie" and John Eaton Hartzell were married 6 Jun 1897 in Norman, Cleveland, Oklahoma Territory. 

John Eaton Hartzell was born 30 Jul 1862 in Campbellton, Johnson, Kansas and died 30 Jun 1904 in Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma Territory.  He was the son of Adam Leonard and Louisa Ricker (Eaton) Hartzell.

Ollie May Hartzell relates that John Eaton's son Lawrence told this story of the birth of his father. Lawrence's grandparents Adam Leonard and Louisa were traveling from Oklahoma Territory to Plattsburg while she was pregnant. On the trail, near the Kansas-Missouri border, she began her labor pains while they were traveling, and John Eaton was born in the midst of the journey, which they soon resumed, to Plattsburg. Since Oklahoma was Indian territory at the time of John Eaton's birth, this must have been on the return from a short visit there, as white settlers were not then allowed in the Territory.

In 1891, two years after the land run there, (and nearly thirty years after the above story) John moved to Oklahoma Territory and shortly afterward entered the employ of the Carey-Lombard Lumber Company at Norman. The certificate for his marriage to "Miss Marie J. Alford" states that he was from Norman, and that the ceremony was performed in "The Bricker Hous" of Cleveland county. It was signed by Eld. Thos. H. Stover31.

In 1898 John came to Mulhall as manager of the same firm. (The town had in 1890 been called "Alferd", and it would be interesting to know whether that name has some connection with Merrie's family, as their name was for a time spelled Alfred in Iowa before their move to Kansas and Oklahoma.) In the fall of 1898 John announced that the lumberyard was closing, but by 1900 it was back in business. He continued in that employment until he announced in December of 1903 his resignation effective the end of the year to engage in farming, his youngest child Mildred then being just eleven months old.

On 13 Sep 1902, John and his brother Charles had purchased the NE quarter of Section 25, Township 18 north, Range 3 west of the Indian Meridian for $2800 from Edgar and Mary Tucker. This was in Rose Hill township, on the border with Mulhall township, and about three miles south and three miles west of the town of Mulhall. This section 25 land must have been the farm John intended to farm, and it's not known whether Charles lived on it, as well.

John died in the hospital at Guthrie early Thursday morning 30 June after having been stricken on the 24th with an intestinal problem. Two notices, one concerning his sudden illness, and one of his death, appeared in the 1 Jul 1904 issue of The Mulhall Enterprise, and an obituary one week later. After Dr. Hatfield was unable to solve the problem at his home in Mulhall, John was taken Wednesday by the 11:00 train to the hospital at Guthrie, during which trip he gave his brother Charilie directions about his business affairs. Dr. Blesh performed an operation in which it was determined that "an adhesive band had formed about the intestine so contracting the passage that nothing could pass through". An earlier operation could have solved the problem, but at this late time nothing could be done to save the patient. Although John could recognize his wife after the operation, he died the following morning.

John's body was returned to Mulhall Saturday on the 9:17 train, and the funeral took place from the Presbyterian church, the Rev. J. R. Morgan preaching. After the sermon, the services were taken in charge by the St. John's Lodge No. 12, Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons, of which he had been a member since November, 1902, and the burial took place at Roselawn cemetery.

IMAGE: Mary_Jane_Alford.gif
Mary Jane Merrie (Alford) Hartzell
25 Feb 1866 - 20 Dec 1942
Iowa, Oklahoma Territory, Kansas, Missouri

Merrie purchased 28 Apr 1908 lot four in block fifteen in the town of Mulhall from William and Sarah Strunk for $500. Then, on 18 Jan 1910, five and a half years after his death, Merrie as executor of John's estate sold his half interest in the Section 25 purchase of 1902 to his brother Charles for $1000. The two of them had paid $2800 for the land, but there was still outstanding a $1600 mortgage on the whole tract. Thus it's difficult to tell whether this sale represents a 28% loss in value of the land, a distress sale on Merrie's part to her brother-in-law, or a settlement of her interest taking into account the circumstances of the mortgage.

Sometime in 1908 Merrie sold her house in Mulhall, and moved with her three daughters to Guthrie. This city, some twelve miles south of Mulhall, had on 16 Nov 1907 been made the capitol of he Oklahoma Territory. On 23 Apr 1910, Merrie paid $2500 to Rachel Rees for lot fourteen in block forty in East Guthrie, Logan county. Either this location, or her original home in Guthrie, was at 211 E. College Avenue. That year, she was censused as a boardinghouse keeper with her three children and her sister Maggie living with her. According to Mildred, her daughter, Merrie had opened the boardinghouse to accomodate the influx of legislators to Guthrie, but as the capitol moved to Oklahoma city in 1910, this was a short lived source of tenants. The following year, on 16 Jun 1911, Merrie sold lot fourteen to Alice Caldwell for $2500. Then, on 30 Aug 1912, Merrie paid $1100 to "Ellice" and I. H. Caldwell for lots 7, 8, and 9 in block 86 in East Guthrie, where her address was 607 E. Grant.

See the Eaton family history for the story of Ernest Eaton, a far distant cousin of Merrie's mother-in-law, lived southwest of Guthrie at this time.

The three children of John Eaton and Mary Jane "Merrie" (Alford) Hartzell:   Lawrence Eaton, Lillian Roxie and Mildred Louise

1    Hartzell, Lawrence Eaton was born 17 Jun 1898 in Oklahoma Territory, died 24 Jul 1982 in Glenwood Springs, Garfield, Colorado and was buried in Cremated, Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  He and Ollie May Soper were married 22 Dec 1923 in Springfield, Missouri.  Ollie May was born 12 Sep 1906 in Oakley, Logan, Kansas, died 24 Dec 1994 in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and was buried in Cremated, Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  She was the daughter of John H. and Laura Myrtle (Tinsley) Soper.

Lawrence came with his mother and sisters to Topeka about the time of his nineteenth birthday. He apprenticed as a boiler maker at the Santa Fe shops, and when his apprenticeship was finished, was sent to Clovis, New Mexico. Just after his arrival there, the Santa Fe employees went on strike, so Lawrence moved to Springfield, Missouri, where he went to work for the Frisco Railray Shops as an electric welder, the job he followed for the rest of his life.

He and Ollie May married in Springfield, and in 1925 they moved to Louisville, Kentucky, the home of her parents for many generations, where he went to work for the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. When the depression hit, he became unemployed and could not find work in Kentucky. They came back to Missouri, and lived in and around Kansas City for some twenty-five years, where he held jobs as a welder with several companies. It was during this period that he designed and made the unique stainless steel bracelets that many in the family prize highly.

Ollie May remembers that one railroad job Lawrence accepted took him to Cheyenne, Wyoming. After one day there, he called home and said he was sending her a pass to come visit and see the place, but she was to first call his former boss and get his old job back. This she was able to do, as he had been a senior welder in the company where his work was well appreciated. She went to Wyoming for a short visit, and they took in Denver on the way back to Kansas City. One day in Wyoming was enough!

In 1955 Lawrence and Ollie May moved to Glenwood Springs, Colorado, but Lawrence's "retirement" merely meant that he worked many different types of electric welding jobs, as his talents were much in demand. Most mornings for the rest of his life he spent in the basement doing cabinet work, and most of the beautiful furniture in her home today came from his hands.

Ollie May was one of seven children, Charles Henry, Ray Tinsley, Marie Frances, John, Ollie May, Berry Collins, and Anna Laura. She worked for much of her life as a telephone operator, particularly for General Electric in the Power and Light Company building in Kansas City. She now resides in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, at 101 Polo Road, 945-5625.

Ollie May died seven days after having fallen down a stairway and injuring her head. Her sister Ann, who apparently lived most of her life in Louisville, Kentucky, died less than two years after Ollie May.

2    Hartzell, Lillian Roxie was born 29 Aug 1899 in Oklahoma Territory and died 9 Jan 1988 in Torrance, Los Angeles, California.  She and Frank Edwin Middleton were married 27 Aug 1921.  Frank Edwin was born 6 Jun 1899 and died 1952 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. 

Lillian and Frank were married 27 Aug 1921, divorced, and then remarried 26 Apr 1930. They were living in Joplin, Missouri, in December, 1942 when Lillilan ws the informant for the information on her mother Merrie's death certificate. The had been living in that community for one year.

The three children of Frank Edwin and Lillian Roxie (Hartzell) Middleton:   Clyde Edwin, John Lawrence "Larry" and Elizabeth "Betty" Marie. 

i    Middleton, Clyde Edwin was born 17 Jun 1924 in Topeka.  He was married (1) to Mary Francis Rushin 4 Jun 1944 in Macon, Bibb, Georgia.  Mary Francis was born 21 Dec 1921 in Cairo, Grady, Georgia and died 14 Mar 1972.  He was married (2) to Jean Frances (Holden) Shelman 25 Aug 1973. 

The two children of Clyde Edwin and Mary Francis (Rushin) Middleton:   Janet Marie and Clyde Edwin. 

ii    Middleton, John Lawrence "Larry" was born 23 Apr 1931 in Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He and Barbara Jeanne Jenkins were married 17 Dec 1950 in Torrance, Los Angeles, California.  Barbara Jeanne was born 9 Aug 1932 in Springville, Utah, Utah. 

Her mother Sarah was born 23 Apr 1900.

The four children of John Lawrence "Larry" and Barbara Jeanne (Jenkins) Middleton:   Linda Jeanne, Paul Lawrence, Karen Lynn and Laura Kay. 

iii    Middleton, Elizabeth "Betty" Marie was born 14 Aug 1933 in Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She and Henry Randolph Jean were married 16 Apr 1954 in Torrance, Los Angeles, California.  Henry Randolph was born 19 Sep 1928 in Lake Arthur, Jefferson Davis, Louisiana. 

The four children of Henry Randolph and Elizabeth "Betty" Marie (Middleton) Jean:   Russell Wade, David Allen, Curtis Randall and Kevin Marshall. 

3    Hartzell, Mildred Louise was born 11 Jan 1903.    

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