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Pinecrest Memorial Park and Garden Mausoleum
Saline County, Arkansas
Veteran's Field of Honor

Veterans Field of Honor in Pinecrest Cemetery

The cemetery is located on Highway 5 between Bryant and the Pulaski County line. 

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Beginning on the southeast corner going north

Photographed March 25, 2010

Burnette, Jessie Daniel    11/17/1912-03/29/1976    Army World War II

Caldwell, James Stephen    03/19/1913-04/01/1982    US Navy World War II

Jackson, Clyde Curtis    02/05/1926-08/01/1982    Pvt US Army World War II Korea

Beringer, Paul G.    12/21/1921-10/22/1982    S Sgt US Army World War II

Hopkins, Howard M.    10/17/1916-12/17/1982    SSML 3 US Navy World War II

Brooks, William A.    1925-1985    Pvt US Army World War II

Catton, Robert M.    1920-1985    S1 US Coast Guard World War II    Rootsweb WCP 1

Roberts, Archie M.    04/07/1917-07/02/1986    US Army

Olver, Kenneth Malcolm    1904-1986    Sgt US Marine Corps World War I

Randolph, Allie Burton    10/26/1913-11/02/1987    Pvt US Army World War II

Meeks, Dennis Flynn    09/18/1920-05/31/1988    Pvt US Army

Pelton, Gary Oliver    07/27/1940-10/13/1988    US Army

Smith, Thomas E.    02/11/1920-01/12/1990    US Army

Whitmore, Oscar    01/09/1918-06/22/1990

Swanner, Henry B.    04/20/1915-08/19/1990    US Army World War II

Smith, Eugene C.    11/25/1922-03/20/1991    PFC US Army World War II

Smith, Robert Williams    [no date of death shown]

Yancey, Billy Farrell    10/10/1930-04/14/1991    PFC US Army Korea

Harlow, Vida R.    08/20/1918-11/07/1991    US Marine Corps World War II

Walker, William C.    06/19/1914-12/23/1993    M Sgt US Army Air Corps World War II

Jones, James R.    07/27/1907-09/24/1992    S Sgt US Army Air Corps World War II

Shelnutt, Fred L.    05/10/1918-03/15/1993    SSgt US Army US Air Force

Thomson, Benjamin F.    10/11/1918-09/16/1993    Tec 5 US Army World War II

Steele, James Henry    01/06/1923-10/25/2009    Cpl US Army Air Forces

Trippler, Alfred    01/03/1922-02/24/1994    2nd Lt US Army World War II

Menear, William A.    11/12/1919-11/18/1994    US Army World War II

Swain, Glenn Ross    01/20/1935-05/06/2007    US Marine Corps    Beloved Father and Grandfather

Holmes, Marion C.    09/12/1931-12/21/1992    US Air Force

Adams, Chrysta M.    03/30/1967-09/12/1992

Davis, Charles R.    02/20/1950-03/18/1996    US Navy

Arras, Wanda Marie    07/01/1954-01/13/1995

Barth, Lewis Herman    10/15/1925-03/17/1995    SFC US Army World War II Korea

Moore, Arnold Eugene    05/18/1933-05/24/2007    US Navy

Mullens, Leo D. Sr.    08/10/1920-08/13/1995    US Navy World War II

Razer, James F.    07/27/1918-04/25/1996    US Army World War II Purple Heart

Ferguson, William E.    07/24/1924-05/24/1996    US Marine Corps    World War II

Marfoglio, Joseph C. Jr.    12/20/1941-04/28/1996    LTJG US Navy

Rachel, Holly F.    01/05/1929-06/09/1996    SSgt US Air Force Vietnam

Richmond, Leonard J.    05/16/1916-03/05/2005    US Marine Corps World War II

Jackson, Odessa White   08/29/1920-01/13/200    Beloved Mother and Grandmother
    Jackson, Felix    04/04/1919-01/11/2000    US Army World War II

Purtle, Richard J.    10/07/1925-10/20/1995    US Navy World War II

Penix, James M.    01/02/1948-06/06/1997    Cpl US Marine Corps Vietnam Purple Heart

Weidman, Charles G. Jr.    06/22/1930-01/12/1999    US Navy

Steele, Grace A.    08/15/1930-02/14/2003

Steele, Raymond M.    01/09/1922-06/04/1999    US Navy World War II

Kaiser, Charles Thomas    08/31/1926-04/10/1999    US Navy World War II    In Memory Of

Pritchard, Raymond B. Jr.    09/08/1932-10/10/2000    SSgt US Air Force Korea

Ellis, Albert L.    10/26/1927-05/15/2001    US Army World War II

Self, Jasper F. "Bud"    09/26/1940-01/21/2002    Loving Brother - Dearest Friend

Reinhardt, Henry L.    05/27/1918-05/02/2005    US Army Air Forces World War II

Waters, George Kenneth    08/10/1920-06/18/2004    EM1 US Navy World War II

Wagner, Edith O.    08/14/1924-12/18/2001    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Wagner, Farris Dee    02/14/1918-08/11/1985    PFC US Army World War II

Wallace, Nell Ballard    07/03/1920-08/18/2003    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Wallace, Joseph H.    05/02/1921-03/31/1989    PFC US Marine Corps World War II

French, Ervin B.    04/05/1922-01/29/1993    US Army

Swint, Ruby J.    10/14/1940-05/15/2001    Loving Mother - Dearest Friend

Howell, Bryant Wilson    06/13/1915-01/11/1984    Pvt US Army World War II

Fisher, Yvonne C.    10/05/1936-11/02/2000    Beloved Wife and Mother

Fisher, Douglas C.    01/13/1929-11/27/1985    FN US Navy

Byrd, Catherine    09/14/1910-12/09/1985

Foley, Anna D.    04/18/1902-05/22/1984

Bellows, Robert B.    09/07/1937-10/05/1987

Eley, Roland T.    10/06/1919-08/30/1977    US Army World War II

Drown, Shirley A.    03/07/1932-12/26/1998    Loving Wife and Mother
    Drown, Harold L.    03/13/1927-08/03/2004    HM3 US Navy Korea

Sedberry, M. Diane    [no date of death shown]
    Sedberry, George W. Sr.    [no date of death shown]

Phillips, Eva Mae    11/19/1916-01/14/2000
    Phillips, Willard H.    03/10/1920-07/14/1997    US Army World War II

Bennett, Tessie P.    03/12/1937-08/11/2004
    Bennett, John M.    09/23/1925-08/19/1995    SFC US Army World War II Korea

Purdom, Grace Inez    07/16/1921-06/16/1995
    Purdom, Willie T.    06/05/1919-06/01/1985

Gordon, Nora L.    02/07/1922-07/01/2006    Beloved Wife

Kelley, Mary Stella    10/19/1903-12/26/1982

Kelley, Dale L.    11/09/1919-02/12/2001    US Army World War II

Page, Andrew Bryant    08/14/1921-11/04/2000    Cpl US Army World War II

Waring, Juanita D.    [no date of death shown]    Loving Wife and Mother
    Waring, Charles L.    02/03/1925-08/03/2009    S Sgt US Army

Waring, Charles L. III    02/24/1952-11/04/1977

Waring, Robert Donald    08/20/1957-03/20/1984

Ball, Herman L.    05/25/1922-07/21/2007    PFC US Army World War II

Frizzell, Delouris E.    [no date of death shown]

Frizzell, Milton Ray    04/30/1927-06/25/1984    US Navy World War II

Rider, Carolyn K.    01/10/1941-02/07/2007    Beloved Wife and Mother

Bauer, Dora E.    02/22/1920-10/11/1975    Beloved Wife

Clark, Kathryn H.    [no date of death shown]
    Clark, Henry F.    05/24/1926-10/05/1991    CM3 US Navy World War II

Hockenberry, Joyce E.    [no date of death shown]    Loving Wife
    Hockenberry, Leonard E.    06/07/1922-11/08/2000    US Army Air Forces World War II

Pierce, Mary Margaret    08/23/1930-07/30/1997
    Pierce, Marvin Kenneth    1929-1988    Eng3 US Navy Korea

Van Skiver, Audrey N. M.    07/31/1921-10/25/2007
    Van Skiver, Cyril A.    02/07/1920-11/11/1990    Sgt US Army World War II

Sharp, Curtis B. Sr.    11/25/1922-02/19/2008    US Navy World War II Korea

Casinger Bench
Casinger, Jeanne    05/19/1941-09/15/2004    Beloved Wife and Mother

Phillips, Dwight    "In Courtesy of Pinecrest Memorial Park"

Watts, Ethel Grace    09/11/1906-12/07/1995

Miller, Robert E.    07/29/1936-04/07/2003    Sgt US Marine Corps

Standridge, Sherry L.    1950-1982
    Standridge, Jerry D.    1938-1996

Standridge, Aubrey    1912-1981
    Standridge, Cledith    1917-2007

Denman, Mary E. S.    12/20/1929-02/28/2009

Simpson, Mary L. Mesereau    [no date of death shown]    US Navy; Order of Eastern Star Congo Hill #620
    Simpson, John T.    03/01/1922-04/29/2004    BMC US Navy World War II Korea

Earhart Bench
Earhart, Kimberly    02/15/1974-02/15/1999    married 08/05/1995
    Earhart, Thomas F.    [no date of death shown]

Busbea, Winsella R.    01/09/1928-08/01/2009    Beloved Wife

Moore, Nancy Elizabeth    10/21/1948-04/10/1990    I Shall Dwell in the House of the Lord Forever

Mahaney, William H.    11/17/1914-11/09/1988    RT2 US Navy World War II

Kindrick, Ruby Mae    12/08/1920-08/23/1987

Keesee, Ruth L.    12/20/1917-11/03/1998
    Keesee, Amburs R.    06/25/1913-09/19/1993    US Army World War II

Thompson, Clarence R.    10/23/1935-05/01/1994    CMSgt US Air Force

Thompson, Franklin W.    09/24/1963-01/17/2003    In Loving Memory

Cox Bench
Cox, Dorothy mae    11/30/1939-12/11/1999

Brown, Ella Sybil    [no date of death shown]

Brown, Robert Lee    01/30/1933-10/10/2007    US Air Force Korea; Beloved Husband and Father

McFarland, Robert W.    12/12/1920-04/21/1994    US Army World War II

Page, Brice M.    03/01/1926-09/17/1991    S1 US Navy World War II

McDonald, Anna M.    1925-1984    Beloved Wife
    McDonald, Bennie F.    1922-1996    US Army Air Corps

Easley, Evelyn E.    1921-1990    Beloved Wife
    Easley, Curtis    06/10/1918-10/12/1984    T Sgt US Army World War II

Merritt, Judith    [no date of death shown]

Merritt, Jewel Sanderson    11/16/1903-10/17/1987
    Merritt, Emmett H.    06/05/1902-06/20/2001    Lt Col US Army World War II

Hodapp, Twin Sons of Gerald and Irene    -03/04/1954

Hodapp, Irene R.    01/07/1923-04/25/2004    Beloved Mother
    Hodapp, Gerald F.    02/08/1920-10/30/1993    US Army Air Corps World War II

Joyce, Karon S.    08/20/1947-05/16/1996    Beloved Wife and Mother

Suttle, Thomas Eugene    10/02/1920-05/09/1985    Sgt US Army World War II

Fulmore, Covina Cole    1919-1995
    Fulmore, Marion Bo    03/16/1925-06/16/1987    Sgt US Army World War II

Fulmore, John Wayne    [no date of death shown]

Parchman, Ann "Miss Ann"    [no date of death shown]    Loving and Dedicated
    Parchman, Russell Jack    07/24/1923-12/24/2005    US Navy World War II

Anderson, Alice A.    02/13/1918-    Beloved Wife
    Anderson, Samuel L.    07/12/1919-07/21/1991    US Marine Corps World War II

Hensley, Carolyn R.    04/03/1945-06/22/2000    Loving Wife, Mother and Nannie

Dillard, Eltha    04/11/1916-04/21/1983

Casinger Bench

Grever, Margaret Jean    06/13/1919-12/24/2008    Beloved Wife

Blankenship, Edna H.    12/16/1919-
    Blankenship, Warren    12/01/1920-07/30/2005

Graham, Beatrice A.    11/14/1940-10/06/1993    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Graham, Douglas Arthur    04/11/1935-08/21/2003    US Army

Etheridge, Lillian T.    08/26/1917-    Loving Wife and Mother
    Etheridge, Dean E.    11/11/1907-11/14/1995    US Army World War II

Poe, Mary Frances    03/24/1921-12/15/1988    Loving Wife and Mother 1
    Poe, Benton H.    04/11/1917-04/22/2001    Sgt US Army World War II

Tollett, Eloyce White    10/14/1923-10/05/1992    A Christian Wife
    Tollett, Thomas Oran    01/04/1922-12/18/2009    RM3 US Navy World War II

Matthews, Betty J.    09/04/1934-03/08/2007    Beloved Daughter Wife Mother
    Matthews, John G.    01/16/1930-11/27/1999    Cpl US Marine Corps Korea

Paul, Eunice    10/13/1918-05/28/1999
    Paul, Glenn M.    03/21/1911-01/22/1977    1st Sgt US Army World War II

Graves, Rosalie    06/30/1923-01/19/1992    SSgt US Air Force World War II Korea
    Graves, Frank A.    08/09/1927-12/03/2005    SSgt US Air Force Korea

Dukes, George    02/04/1920-06/04/1987    WT1 US Navy World War II

Nichols, Odis K. Sr.    1914-1977    Pvt US Army World War II

Cox, Billy Joe    09/01/1940-07/01/2007    US Air Force    Loving Husband of Carolee

Warrick, Drew C.    12/21/1934-03/02/1999    US Air Force

Harrison, Gordon Lynn    12/23/1898-05/12/1984    Cpl US Army World War I

Ferguson, Wanda Jean    01/21/1926-06/08/1993
    Ferguson, Clyde W. Sr.    09/24/1915-09/21/1977    WO US Army World War II Korea

Ferguson, Rebecca Jean    11/01/1951-01/27/2010    Beloved Sister

Brown, George A.    06/24/1918-06/21/2002    US Army World War II

Chapman, Stella M.    01/02/1908-04/11/1987
    Chapman, Arnold J.    03/14/1917-09/10/1991    Cpl US Army

Moravec, Reva J.    08/14/1924-06/05/1994    Wife & Mother
    Moravec, Edward C.    07/30/1914-06/03/1985    Sgt US Army World War II

Higginbotham, Elizabeth    01/28/1939-02/15/1997    Loving Wife and Mother

Gill, Glen Ray    12/08/1933-03/15/2008    Cpl US Marine Corps Korea    Keep on Smiling

Mote, Hildred M.    07/26/1919-10/18/2005    Beloved Wife & Mother
    Mote, Ralph Ennis    01/24/1917-10/05/1987    Tec3 US Army World War II

Hancock, William H. Jr.    09/09/1916-01/06/1995    Sgt US Army Air Corps World War II

Stogsdill, Douauthet P.    12/14/1920-01/13/1991    LTJG US Navy World War II
    Stogsdill, S. Kenneth    04/09/1916-10/06/1990    S Sgt US Army World War II

Eddins, Marie Lillian    [no date of death shown]

Brewer, Edward Lee    08/22/1927-06/16/2003    US Army

Brewer, Ethel L.    10/13/1909-01/24/1993
    Brewer, Earl E. Sr.    11/25/1901-03/1975

O'Neal, Evelyn L.    10/20/1899-06/26/1988

Stephens, Jimmie Lee    [no date of death shown]    Loving Wife & Mother
    Stephens, John W.    01/23/1927-07/22/2002    US Army Air Forces World War II

Graham, Maxine    1911-2003
    Graham, Raymond A.    1907-1997

Johnson, Anita M.    [no date of death shown]
    Johnson, Leigh H.    06/14/1937-10/14/1994    US Air Force Korea

Wahl, Rosie L.    09/19/1923-    [SSDI shows she died 07/28/2006]

Casinger, Mark Alan    03/04/1964-03/27/2009    Husband, Father, Son, Brother

Carter, Katherine A.    [no date of death shown]
    Carter, Don G.    [no date of death shown]

Ackerman, Flo    1927-1992    Loving Mother and Nannie

Johnson, Howard K.    12/21/1930-08/02/2001    US Army

Ballentine, Helen J.    03/12/1930-10/15/2001    Beloved Wife

Fullington, Ila Jean    [no date of death shown]
    Fullington, Austin    03/26/1977-10/09/1994    Stuttgart, Ark.    In Memory of Grandson
    Fullington, Murl M.    11/23/1928-01/06/1997    A Great Father and Grandfather

Brumett, Bobby D.    09/01/1939-06/25/1992

Brumett, Willie F.    12/26/1917-05/10/1990    Sgt US Army World War II
    Brumett, Winnie L.    08/20/1919-09/15/1998

Pritchett, David P.    02/15/1954-06/27/1979

Bumgardner, Irene L.    07/10/1919-    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Bumgardner, John R.    04/10/1916-12/31/1993    US Navy World War II

Cory, Freda Moss    03/26/1930-09/10/1990
    Cory, John Edward    1928-1984    EN2 US Navy World War II

Little, Gerald Dean    06/11/1921-09/28/1994    S Sgt US Army World War II

Little, Jeraldine E.    01/14/1921-03/27/2004    Together Forever

Little, Rev. Jerry M.    [no date of death shown]    Our Beloved Son

Spade, Emmie N.    11/17/1909-    [SSDI shows 06/09/1996 dod]    Loving Wife and Mother
    Spade, James F.    09/25/1907-11/05/1984    Pvt US Army World War II

Harris, Ruben M. MD    01/12/1937-05/26/2005    Honored Physician Caring Father

Sparks, Peggy Allbritton    [no date of death shown]
    Sparks, John Arthur    10/16/1927-11/17/1992    Maj US Army World War II Korea Vietnam    BSM and 3 OLC ARCOM    Devoted Husband and Father

Oberste, Jerry A.    02/02/1929-08/18/2007    US Navy

Clark, Darel Dean    1958-1984    Beloved Son - Generous Friend

Fooks, Fred G.    1926-1996    US Navy World War II Korea Vietnam

Hannon-Williams, Dell    07/23/1937-07/11/1993    Beloved Wife

Webber Bench

Webber, Lawrence W.    09/28/1932-06/17/1989    AD2 US Navy Korea

Buster, Demple Bell    06/23/1908-03/27/1989
    Buster, Elmer Wilson    12/30/1918-05/21/1987    T Sgt US Army World War II

Wirzfeld, Thelma L.    [no date of death shown]

Dowdle, Ina M.    01/21/1927-08/22/2006    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Dowdle, Morris O.    02/03/1917-10/05/1983    Tec5 US Army World War II

McEntire, Gwendola P.    [no date of death shown]
    McEntire, Gene A.    1930-1991

Maack, Dorothy Clement    12/13/1923-06/06/2007    Beloved Wife Mother Grandmother
    Maack, William H.    12/07/1920-06/04/1996    US Army World War II

Williams, Hannah B.    09/03/1926-02/24/2008
    Williams, Jesse Gordon    01/27/1919-09/16/1979    US Navy

Cook, Catherine S.    02/05/1918-08/23/1997    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Cook, Paul E.    07/28/1916-03/04/1985    M Sgt US Army World War II Korea

Snyder, Sandra C.    [no date of death shown]    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Snyder, Danny O.    [no date of death shown]    US Navy Vietnam Viet

Gage, George W.    02/24/1924-05/14/1986    US Army Korea

Scott, Susan Ione    09/01/1922-03/17/2000    US Navy

Armstrong, Ruth C.    06/06/1913-10/22/2003    Beloved Wife
    Armstrong, Robert A.    09/01/1917-08/24/1994    US Army World War II

Battles, Erna    05/01/1934-08/17/2005    Beloved Mother

Eckford, Charles P.    01/26/1924-10/02/2000    Sgt US Marine Corps World War II

Berry, Leora E.    08/15/1911-06/08/2000

Knox, Emma B.    [no date of death shown]
    Knox, Robert R.    04/04/1926-08/27/1995    US Army World War II

Tate, Jerlene A.    01/01/1918-03/04/2010 [dod from obituary]    Beloved Wife
    Tate, Lloyd E.    1909-1984    Cpl US Army World War II

Haley, Iris Jean    03/02/1924-03/04/1994    Beloved Mother
    Haley, Claude H.    04/01/1919-06/26/1992    S1 US Navy

Hubble, Leona    09/04/1919-06/04/1996    Wife and Mother
    Hubble, Arnold N.    09/12/1916-11/14/1993    Sgt US Army World War II Korea

Hall, Michael Bruce Jr.    12/22/1970-04/07/1973    So Small, So Sweet, So Soon 1

Tate, Edna Heffington    01/16/1908-07/03/2007
    Tate, Clyde C.    01/15/1906-01/11/1984    PFC US Army

Gutermuth, Corene D.    11/26/1924-10/08/1999    Beloved Mother and Grandmother
    Gutermuth, Emerson G.    01/08/1926-07/07/1995    SP3 US Navy World War II

Gray, Linda Darlene    [no date of death shown]

Thompson, Maxine Brazil    [no date of death shown]
    Thompson, James M.    12/23/1919-04/20/1987    Pvt US Army World War II

Knoedl, Lillian Jo    01/07/1923-11/19/2003
    Knoedl, John E.    05/07/1923-12/20/2004    S Sgt US Army World War II

Baldwin, Zola    04/29/1909-01/05/1999

Wright, Jeanne    05/09/1907-03/05/1998    Pvt US Army Air Forces World War II

Davidson, Lucy Christine    11/26/1928-03/14/1999    Loving Wife Mother and Grandmother
    Davidson, Ira Edward    04/18/1921-11/12/1999    Sgt US Army World War II

Wagnon, Ernestine W.    02/01/1909-12/07/2007    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Wagnon, William O.    11/21/1909-01/24/2002    US Army World War II

Bennett, Louise Ogden    03/12/1907-07/17/2002
    Bennett, Eaton Wesley    12/01/1906-12/09/1996    Col US Army World War II Korea

Ellis, Carmen H.    04/17/1912-03/11/1986
    Ellis, Harvie R.    11/08/1903-05/03/1995    Col US Army World War II

Muldrew, Senora D.    06/09/1930-11/28/2009    Beloved Wife

Montgomery, Judy L.    12/06/1919-04/27/1987
    Montgomery, Henry L.    08/13/1914-04/16/1999    US Navy World War II

Gray Bench

Gray, Mildred Toney    03/20/1922-03/21/2001    Beloved Daughter Wife Mother and "Nana"
    Gray, John L.    07/05/1920-05/25/2007    2nd Lt US Army Air Forces World War II

Collie, Loran Eugene    12/25/1931-06/29/1990    SSG US Army Korea

Dukes, Alta L.    10/16/1898-07/19/1985    Beloved Wife

Smith, Jeanette D.    04/22/1937-03/07/2002    Beloved Wife
    Smith, Robert F.    10/02/1937-08/07/2000    PFC US Army

Merrell, Wanda Jean    [no date of death shown]
    Merrell, Truman B.    12/06/1921-08/02/1985    Pvt US Army Air Corps World War II

Beavers, Nellie H.    03/05/1915-
    Beavers, James C.    08/24/1914-01/11/1987    US Navy World War II

Beasley, H. Clifford    04/02/1927-03/02/1973    Arkansas GY Sgt US Marine Corps World War II Korea

Rogers, Mary Dillon    01/07/1954-04/27/1982

Dillon, James M.    10/31/1924-02/23/2008    Sgt US Army Air Forces World War II 1

Dillon, Norma L.    09/06/1933-05/17/1993

White, Imogene D.    11/27/1927-08/11/1994
    White, Stansell E.    12/28/1923-03/10/1982    S1 US Navy World War II

Wells, Alice Coots    09/19/1909-    [SSDI shows date of death of 01/08/1994]
    Wells, Carl Dayton    12/13/1908-02/28/1985    Col US Army World War II Korea Vietnam

Vandergriff, Loree    01/21/1920-03/18/1997
    Vandergriff, James O.    05/29/1907-09/28/1992    PFC US Army World War II

Sweeden, Clara D.    06/11/1922-05/27/2006    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Sweeden, John H.    01/03/1924-04/14/2006    US Army World War II    Bronze Star Medal Purple Heart and OLC

Clayton, Lynn W. Sr.    10/12/1937-01/09/1999    US Army

King, Lestel C.    04/19/1921-10/20/1986    PFC US Army World War II

Crain, James L. Jr.    01/19/1925-07/25/1983    QM3 US Navy World War II

Crain, Mary Joan    11/04/1930--07/29/1998    Beloved Wife and Mother

Ostie, Zema Rose    02/08/1916-03/29/1987
    Ostie, James Joseph    01/06/1908-01/27/2004

 Owens, Marjorie M.    [no date of death shown]

Fraim, Georgiana (Jan)    09/04/1922-04/12/1989
    Fraim, Harry A. Jr.    09/14/1921-10/09/1999    PO1 US Navy World War II

Orr, Harold Gaston    1909-1987    CM2 US Navy World War II

Orr, Nellie Rice    1910-1988

Haskins, Carol E.    [no date of death shown]
    Haskins, Ralph S.    06/14/1920-10/31/2001    US Army World War II

Baldwin, William L. Sr.    01/03/1928-02/09/1994    Pvt US Army World War II

Photographed October 2, 2010

Scoggin, Dorothy Jean    07/22/1927-02/13/2007    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Scoggins, Thomas Gail    03/06/1921-12/23/1994    Pvt US Army World War II

Betts Bench
Betts, Mary Nash    [no date of death shown]
    Charles was a encyclopedist, physician, entrepreneur, vitsculturist, astronomer
    Mary was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother

Ellis, Tommie M.    [no date of death shown]
    Ellis, Homer R.    [no date of death shown]

Temple, Mary    [no date of death shown]

Temple, Joe    06/09/1932-03/27/1992

Hayes, Joyce Jean    02/01/1938-04/06/2004    In Loving Memory

Wallace, Francis Colton    05/16/1929-03/29/1992    US Marine Corps

Smith (Bob) James R.    11/26/1957-04/11/1975    In Loving Memory; Our Son

Chafin, Mary K.    [no date of death shown]
    Chafin, Thomas B.    1948-1994

Hollomon, Willie Mae    03/07/1919-12/07/1990
    Hollomon, Noel J.    06/26/1912-10/24/1989    US Navy World War II

Morrison, Georgia S.    02/22/1920-01/11/1995
    Morrison, George    08/11/1910-04/27/1987    Pvt US Army

Garrett, Orville V.    06/20/1926-04/22/1995    MSG US Army World War II

McKinzie, George A.    12/25/1916-01/23/1973    Pvt US Army World War II

Harrison, Melba J.    02/25/1929-06/07/2009
    Harrison, Dale R.    04/09/1922-08/22/1988

Merrill, Inez Virginia    06/06/1939-01/07/1987
    Merrill, Mandel C.    02/12/1917-02/06/1991    M Sgt US Army World War II

Dennis, Juanita M.    12/21/1931-01/31/2007
    Dennis, Richard C.    11/26/1927-02/05/2001    US Navy World War II

Olinger, Hazel R.    12/15/1916-03/14/1997
    Olinger, Raleigh Ray    08/03/1915-03/29/1987    SGT US Army World War II Korea

Davis, Zelma C.    03/02/1919-
    Davis, Charles M.    09/03/1913-11/17/1987    EM2 US Navy

Holland, Birdie L.    1912-1992
    Holland, Jarrell O.    1918-1988    TEC 4 US Army World War II

Ward, Brad T.    04/13/1928-03/24/1998    S SGT US Army

Ramsey, William M.    08/31/1911-10/29/1997    T SGT US Army World War II

Bradley, Shirley Ann    09/12/1939-01/17/1993    Beloved Wife

Sunior, Billie Glenn    09/29/1925-03/09/2007    World's Best Mom
    Sunior, Garford G.    10/13/1919-02/13/1999    PVT US Army World War II

Thompson, Marjorie L.    12/02/1922-05/17/2007    Y2 US Navy World War II
    Thompson, David Alvin    06/01/1925-09/07/1990    BM US Navy World War II; Survivor of USS Indianapolis

Deaton, Herbert L.    05/14/1918-11/14/1993    CEM US Navy World War II

Cole, Gwendolyn Lee    [no date of death shown]
    Cole, Carl E.    04/18/1923-11/30/1987    SGT US Army World War II

Droullard, Clarence H.    12/20/1923-04/11/1992    US Navy World War II

Kennedy, Gordon E Sr.    04/28/1923-08/06/1997    US Army World War II Korea

Ivory, Annabelle    10/06/1912-07/26/1996

Braswell, Mary Hay    03/22/1912-09/07/1978    The Lord is My Shepherd
    Braswell, Clayton Payne    07/25/1906-12/09/1996    CAPT US Army World War II

Kutchey, Ora Mae    05/05/1906-09/13/1995
    Kutchey, Edward F.    01/01/1901-06/02/1981    US Navy World War I and II; POW Osaka Japan 44 Months; Resting with Jesus

Jobe, F. Marie    [no date of death shown]    Loving Wife and Mother
    Jobe, Sydney Thomas    08/29/1934-06/01/2007    US Navy; 25 Years as a Volunteer Firefighter

Anderson, Evie L.    11/08/1917-10/22/1987    In Loving Memory
    Anderson, Thomas G.    11/22/1912-02/20/2004    US Navy World War II

Hughes, Winifred G.    06/25/1914-02/11/2001    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Hughes, John J.    03/19/1905-05/02/1984    CPL US Army World War II

Strickland, William L.    09/30/1926-04/27/1990    CM1 US Navy World War II

Ward, Elsa L.    10/10/1924-11/11/1973    Loving Wife and Mother
    Ward, Irvin H.    1921-1978    SFC US Army

Blevins, Wagner Bill    04/13/1927-10/08/2003    CPL US Army Korea

Duncan, D. Sharon    03/04/1943-12/23/2000    Beloved Wife

Kalinowsky, Penny R.    [no date of death shown]    Beloved Wife Mother and Grandmother
    Kalinowsky, Joseph    06/29/1933-11/05/2003    Beloved Husband Father and Pa Joe

Knapp, Kathryn Fulbright    [no date of death shown]    Loving Wife Mother Maw Maw
    Knapp, Noah R.    [no date of death shown]    Little Rock Firefighter; US Air Force

Winborn, Lyda Mae    11/30/1916-12/21/1987
    Winborn, Arco B.    08/24/1910-02/02/1973    Arkansas PVT US Army World War II

Houpt, Anna F.    08/07/1941-06/21/2000    Beloved Wife and Mother

Randall, Calvin Wilson    12/12/1924-10/12/1982    BM1 US Navy World War II Korea Vietnam

Randall, Ruth Inez    09/21/1929-12/19/2001    Mother of Cecelia Barbre Calvin Ramona

Glenn, Ila Mae    05/01/1921-03/12/1987
    Glenn, Robert W.    12/04/1919-05/19/1997    US Navy World War II

Kingsborough, Joyce V.    08/30/1933-07/18/1995    Beloved Wife and Mother

Sengel, Marnette Dyer    [no date of death shown]    Beloved Wife
    Sengel, Robert L.    12/07/1923-03/25/2002    US Navy World War II

Vick, Mary F.    06/28/1929-03/26/1993    Beloved Wife and Mother

Wisemore, Carl R.    08/24/1920-06/04/1985    US Army World War II

McDougal, Ammie L.    08/28/1908-09/15/1988
    McDougal, James F.    04/26/1917-12/02/1982    PVT US Army World War II

Mossburg, Betty L.    05/17/1923-10/31/1999    Beloved Wife and Mother

Lewis, Otis T.    03/07/1928-04/27/2000    S SGT US Army

Tremmel, Christine J.    07/22/1928-02/02/2005    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Tremmel, William C.    04/18/1932-02/10/1992    US Navy Korea

Teter, Bobby Gene    01/30/1934-12/28/2009    US Army; Loving Husband Dad and Papa

Raney, Idabel    1914-2001

Anderson, Harry Lee    10/09/1950-06/28/2005

Cooper, Jack David    10/07/1967-02/02/2002    Go rest high on that mountain your work on earth is done

Cooper, Paula Rene'e    07/09/1963-12/19/1987

Medal, George H.    01/15/1919-10/18/2006    US Army World War II Bronze Star Medal

Hanson, Donald    07/16/1930-06/23/1984    US Army

Mertens, Annie L.    [no date of death shown]
    Mertens, Sanford V.    02/14/1917-06/25/2000    SGT US Army World War II

Jarrett, Sanford N.    06/13/1926-11/02/1989    TEC 5 US Army World War II

Rogers, Naomi R.    [no date of death shown]
    Rogers, Thomas L.    1934-1986

Diamond, Charlotte A.    11/29/1937-04/27/2001
    Diamond, James Andrew    01/21/1934-11/06/1994    T SGT US Air Force

Milam, Ruby Mae    11/11/1921-05/07/1995

Pearrow, Patricia    1923-1997

Pearrow, James Hal Sr.    12/09/1919-07/13/1990    US Army World War II

Purkiss, Dorris Wofford    08/31/1914-04/26/2005    Beloved Wife
    Purkiss, Preston H.    02/14/1921-04/19/2001    SGT US Army World War II

Farris, Ernestine L.    [no date of death shown]
    Farris, Peter Paul    03/26/1926-01/27/2009    US Army World War II; Little Rock Fireman

Healy, Thelma L.    03/30/1925-11/14/2009    Loving Wife

Nagy, Albert Leo    1921-1979    US Navy

Roy, Ellene    [no date of death shown]

Holmes, Charline E.    02/13/1921-11/19/2003
    Holmes, Erwin S.    01/03/1920-11/25/1998    PFC US Army World War II

Belcher, Harvard P.    04/12/1909-09/04/1990    SC1 US Navy World War II

Davis, Bruce Alan    08/02/1956-12/18/1975    To Know Him Was to Love Him

Williams, Ila Lucille    08/09/1918-11/22/1993    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Williams, Clarence L.    03/13/1915-03/03/1995

Studdard, Elnora    02/26/1935-12/13/1989
    Studdard, J. W.    01/24/1921-09/20/1989    S1 US Coast Guard World War II

Smith, Marie Ball    01/04/1911-02/13/2004
    Smith, Dolphus Edward    04/01/1909-05/26/1982    S1 US Navy World War II

Young, Sally B.    03/31/1918-05/16/1998
    Young, Walton T.    10/28/1914-12/23/1990

Scrivner, Veatrice P.    05/12/1910-01/22/1996
    Scrivner, D. Powell    06/23/1907-09/10/1991    US Navy

Anthony, Charles R.    03/11/1928-11/23/2003    US Navy

Red, Marguerite V.    1924-1991    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Red, Hugh E.    1907-1978    US Army World War II

Holford, Linda Darlene    -09/12/1947    Our Baby Girl

Holland, Wanda Preston    04/13/1923-05/15/1994
    Holland, Donald W.    02/25/1917-12/31/1974    T Sgt US Army

Ashworth, Mary Ann    10/15/1923-02/14/2006    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Ashworth, Willard E.    10/27/1918-06/16/1986    PVT US Army World War II

Martin, Adrian H. Jr.    1935-1983    SSGT US Air Force

LeCroy, Cynthia R.    07/15/1912-12/20/1986
    LeCroy, Gordon G.    04/07/1895-12/25/1990    PFC US Army

Bowman, Anita Long    1917-1982
    Bowman, C. Howard    1910-1994

Tate, Bonnie L.    11/16/1923-11/23/1988    Beloved Wife

Childres Bench

Wallace, Josie    04/03/1921-12/01/2009

Red, Mary L.    11/11/1924-11/13/1995
    Red, Robert H. Sr.    12/18/1915-08/16/2007    US Army World War II

Anderson, Maggie L.    04/29/1915-12/13/2006    Beloved Wife
    Anderson, Thomas W.    1908-1994    TEC 5 US Army World War II

Holder, Marian G.    11/23/1928-05/26/1999    Beloved Wife and Mother

Jones, Iris Dale    09/01/1923-07/03/1983    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Jones, Dewey Elmo Sr.    05/15/1922-12/21/1995    US Navy World War II

Williamson, Melba L.    07/11/1915-02/16/2001
    Williamson, Fred E.    01/05/1911-11/18/1994    S SGT US Army World War II

Martin, Dorothea A.    Beloved Wife    [no date of death shown]
    Martin, Porter E.    08/23/1915-07/16/1993    CPL US Army Air Corps World War II

Knowles, Mary E.    12/27/1911-02/11/1996    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Knowles, Hursel H.    09/11/1914-06/16/1998    US Army

Gordon, Wilburn O.    03/03/1913-12/06/1985    TEC 5 US Army

Snow, Lois    02/18/1916-09/13/1996    Loving Wife and Mother
    Snow, Everett H.    07/24/1900-12/02/1993    US Army

Lynch, Andrea K.    11/05/1956-02/24/1989

Woods, Susan K.    [no date of death shown]
    Woods, Clarence M.    [no date of death shown]

Renaud, Lowene L.    1910-1996
    Renaud, Frank A.    1909-1975

Hill, Christine O.    06/08/1928-02/11/2003    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Hill, Marion L.    04/10/1926-03/15/1992    US Army World War II

Hill Bench

Hill, Ora    01/16/1908-07/19/1996
    Hill, Carl L.    10/05/1896-05/16/1978    SEA1 US Navy World War I

Pearce, Jo Ann    02/22/1937-08/18/1993

Elfstrom, Sharon J.    Beloved Wife and Mother    [no date of death shown]
    Elfstrom, William G.    03/24/1930-12/31/1994    US Army Korea

Forrest, Curtis A.    03/28/1922-01/23/1988    PFC US Army World War II

Foster, Fredrick L.    09/04/1923-03/16/1993    1st Lt US Army US Navy World War II

Foster, Juanita Ann    [no date of death shown]

Woods, Dora E.    12/23/1925-01/18/2013    [dates from obituary]
    Woods, William W.    1919-1997

Fox, Judith A.    Together Forever    [no date of death shown]

Herrick, Nora Ruth    11/07/1921-08/22/2003    US Navy World War II
    Herrick, Carl Walter    12/03/1917-06/28/1999    LCDR US Navy World War II Korea CHC US Naval Reserve

Herrick, Frances T.    [no date of death shown]
    Herrick, Mark P.    [no date of death shown]

Dellis, O. R. "Randy"    09/25/1953-09/08/1987    Beloved Son and Brother

Dellis, Elaine C.    09/24/1922-12/19/1987    Beloved Wife and Mother

Fox, Nancy L.    Loving Wife and Mother    [no date of death shown]
    Fox, James E.    06/01/1947-03/10/2002    SGT US Army Vietnam

Humphrey, Joa (Billie) Stafford    [no date of death shown]
    Humphrey, Houston H.    1926-1999

Dougan, Juniata M.    12/15/1917-11/03/1986    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Dougan, William C.    04/23/1917-04/21/1994    S SGT US Army Air Corps World War II

Slingsby, Madelynn F.    12/12/1921-05/31/1984
    Slingsby, Harry M.    11/17/1919-10/12/2004    US Army World War II South Pacific

Slingsby, Madelynn F.    12/12/1921-05/31/1984
    Slingsby, Harry M.    11/17/1919-10/12/2004    US Army World War II South Pacific

Lawhorne, Clifton Otis    08/06/1927-09/22/1983    US Army Air Corps Beloved Son Brother Father

Wood Bench

Meeks, Eva H.    [no date of death shown]
    Meeks, James M. "Bill"    1917-1976    Mason insignia

Conder, Betty A.    07/18/1929-02/17/2001    Beloved Wife and Mother

Houser, John T.    03/10/1929-07/07/1995    S SGT US Army

Anderson, Edgar C.    06/19/1920-05/31/2006

Grissom, Exie L.    01/07/1929-01/25/2007

Grissom, Arrie W.    08/08/1927-04/09/2010    F1 US Navy World War II

Miller, Evelyn    08/04/1926-03/19/1996
    Miller, Donald W. Sr.    12/06/1917-06/29/2004    US Army

Austin, Muriel Hoops    07/21/1914-07/21/1989    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Austin, Sam W.    10/23/1908-01/13/1990    US Navy World War II

Lea, Lillian M.    08/29/1907-07/02/1995
    Lea, Tilghman W.    02/14/1915-03/14/1990    US Army World War II

Graybill, Rose Marie    06/29/1922-02/26/2009    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Graybill, Virgil J.    01/21/1918-05/09/1996    US Army World War II

Johnson, Wanda R.    02/06/1937-12/10/2003    Beloved Wife Mother Nannie

Dunlap, Christopher Wayne    03/30/1987-02/20/1993    Our Precious Little Angel

Hoover, Dolores Copher    01/25/1935-01/26/2001    Loved Remembered Always

Hoover, Philip E.    12/15/1935-10/06/1985    SSGT US Air Force Korea Vietnam

West, Geraldine K.    06/24/1916-10/04/1978
    West, Adron H.    04/03/1916-06/02/1993    S SGT US Army World War II

Cowsert, May    05/04/1896-11/26/1974

Cowsert, Garrett D.    04/24/1894-08/12/1973    Mississippi SGT US Army World War I

Hamby, Ocylene A.    12/27/1920-03/22/2005    Beloved Wife
    Hamby, Doil    11/01/1907-02/07/1994    US Army

Childres, Mary L.    01/22/1941-04/09/2003    Beloved Wife Mother and Grandmother

Jackson, Bessie Ida    02/22/1912-01/26/2002    Beloved Wife
    Jackson, Clarence A.    12/05/1895-03/14/1983    PFC US Army World War I

Daniel, Florence M.    08/12/1922-

Gilgen, Lyle W.    05/27/1926-04/20/1975    PFC US Army World War II

Miller, Evelyn P.    01/06/1914-06/14/2002    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Miller, Thomas E.    10/01/1912-12/31/1994    US Air Force

Baker, Barbara L.    07/08/1935-02/22/1999
    Baker, Huel D.    09/06/1932-10/19/1996    TSGT US Air Force Vietnam

Smith, Estelle    06/03/1898-08/06/1984

Myers, Mary Claudine    11/06/1928-07/30/2000    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Myers, George Jr.    04/09/1930-09/20/1994    T SGT US Army Korea

Handy, Edward J.    01/07/1922-05/24/1972    Arkansas S SGT 1663 Engineer Bn World War II

Handy, Lola R.    05/21/1925-07/27/2007    Loving Wife Mother Momby

Mileham, Odessa D.    12/01/1914-12/28/2007    Beloved Wife
    Mileham, Rohn L.    02/22/1912-07/05/1991    2nd LT US Army World War II

Roberts, Allen Earl    12/06/1918-09/14/1999    1st LT US Army World War II, Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart

Veterans Memorial Statue

Craft, Faye D.    08/16/1920-11/01/1993
    Craft, Raymond H.    09/09/1920-08/30/1977

Adkins, Lois R.    11/13/1921-08/10/2007
    Adkins, Paul D.    05/23/1917-02/28/1985    US Army

Green, Mary M.    08/11/1922-    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Green, Joseph Cass    01/31/1922-12/15/2001    S SGT US Army Air Forces World War II

Nall, Mildred G.    04/27/1923-04/10/1986    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Nall, Lawrence E.    12/21/1914-06/21/1994    PFC US Army World War II

Scott, Beverly J.    07/11/1927-03/06/1972    Wife

Scott, Richard Lee    1953-1977    E03 US Navy

Ward, Herman C.    05/31/1908-08/07/1978

Webb, Mary L.    1931-1997
    Webb, Boyce Edward    12/17/1931-06/25/1982    CD US Navy

Parnell, Mairbeth James    05/07/1940-11/22/2004    Devoted Wife and Loving Mother

Darm, Walter A.    08/02/1924-04/30/1994    US Army World War II

Harrison, Lilburn C.    1914-1982    Major US Army World War II Korea

Raney, Vera D.    [no date of death shown]
    Raney, Robert A.    1911-1996

Rowe, Dana A.    02/24/1952-09/01/1991    Beloved Wife and Mother

Knowles, Mary F.    08/07/1927-08/23/2010    Beloved Wife
    Knowles, Frank E.    07/04/1926-05/02/2007    US Navy World War II

Burleson, Margaret C.    1911-1998
    Burleson, Murray V.    1915-1997

Wood Family Bench

Wood, Gladys    01/24/1930-07/05/1994
    Wood, Phillip S.    05/12/1927-04/27/2002

Singleton, Betty J.    11/17/1929-03/07/2010    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Singleton, Clyde F.    08/26/1924-06/19/2005    US Marine Corps World War II

Feeny, Mildred P.    1923-
    Feeny, Fred U.    1921-1993

Cox, Edgar Lee    1950-1991

Smith, Craig C.    05/18/1920-02/08/1995    PVT US Army World War II

~ to be continued ~

These are not in any order except alphabetical and include some random markers that I have photographed. They may not be related to me; I may have taken the photograph as a request.

Bailey, Raymond H.    02/12/1914-09/11/2002    US Navy World War II
    Bailey, Opal M.    05/16/1918 - Open

Ferrell, Harmon A.    1929-2002    [full marker]
    Ferrell, Mattie L.    1931-1979

Wilson, Mary M    02/07/1929-10/15/1988    Rootsweb WCP
    Wilson, Martin R.    05/11/1925-03/28/1995    US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP 1

Wortham, Bobby G    age 69-05/21/2001 1

1  I have the obituary for this person and am willing to share. Please send me an email to request and show Pinecrest Cemetery Obituary Request in the subject line and copy and paste the entire line showing the name and dates in your e-mail.