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Pinecrest Memorial Park and Garden Mausoleum
Saline County, Arkansas
Garden of Memories

Garden of Memories sign in Pinecrest Cemetery

This reading begins at the northeast section of Garden of Memories going south and were photographed by Patti Vance Hays 1 December 2010. I attempted to put them in order as seen; however, there were a lot of leaves on the ground and it is possible that a marker(s) could have been missed.

The cemetery is located on Highway 5 between Bryant and the Pulaski County line. The particular section is located in the far southwest corner of the cemetery. It appears that the earliest burial in this section was Harold Overstreet.

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Styles, Leland Paul Jr.    07/26/1982-12/01/2008

Tucker, Marvin A. Jr.    09/26/1951-11/10/2008

Kinchen, Ora Lee    1913-2005

Webb, Karla J.    08/19/1958-07/17/2006    Loving Mother of Kara and Jacobb

Norris, Carl Lee Jr.    08/02/1951-04/17/2009    Loving Husband and Father

Compton, Geraldine E.    1927-2010

Waid, Tommy R. Sr.    08/03/1962-04/02/2005    Beloved Husband and Father

Rossell, Vivian M.    02/18/1944-07/18/2006    Not Perfect - Just Forgiven

Fisher, Sandra Lynette    [no date of death shown]
    Fisher, Bobby Joe    09/19/1938-02/05/2004

Dobbs, Catherine B.    12/01/1951-08/16/2004    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Dobbs, Ronald E.    [no date of death shown]    Beloved Husband and Father

Worner, Marlene J.    [no date of death shown]

Moore, Orealious    [no date of death shown]
    Moore, Betty E.    [no date of death shown]

Holt, Edward C.    08/12/1949-04/22/2007    He lived well, laughed often, And loved much; He will be missed; And lives with us in memory

Rice, Chad Eugene    08/09/1983-01/31/2004    Beloved Son and Brother

Nelson, Aaron Jacob    04/05/1988-06/24/2007

Duncan, Rita K.    [no date of death shown]
    Duncan, James M.    1959-2008

Kleinheksel, Karen K.    09/04/1942-04/20/2007    Loving Mom and Meme

Webb, Billie Jean Haynie    01/05/1934-06/16/2010    Daughter Wife Mother Grandmother

Rasner, Carolyn June Webb    [no date of death shown]    Fun - Adventurer - Christian

Carter, Charles L. Chadwick "Chuck"    01/13/1945-07/23/2007

Raithel, David M. E. II    07/15/1988-06/27/2005    We can be "heroes"

Bruck, Ricky Jr.    11/04/1983-12/04/2005    Beloved Son, Brother and Friend

Williams, Dale W.    01/20/1938-01/17/2006    All Our Love Forever; US Navy
    Williams, Lauren Ann    [no date of death shown]    For them that loved me thanks for the memories

Crow, Reece L III    08/08/1967-11/12/2005

Buchanan, Mary Sue    [no date of death shown]

Spears, Paul Edward    [no date of death shown]
    Spears, Juanita Sue    01/29/1938-03/05/2010

Turner, Daniel C.    12/21/1945-12/16/2009    married 03/21/1964
    Turner, Laverne    [no date of death shown]

Romine Bench

Romine, Mildred Mae    03/03/1930-05/13/2010    Loving Wife Mama Mamaw
    Romine, Billy E. Sr.    09/10/1929-01/02/2006    US Army

Castro, Jose Gamaliel    06/05/1979-07/31/2006    In our hearts forever

Washburn, Lyda D.    05/11/1939-10/25/2008    Loving Wife Mother Grandmother

Brakman, Jack H.    04/20/1944-12/29/2006

Earnest, Abigail Grace    02/20/2006-05/14/2008    Night Night Abby. We Love You

Bailey, Margaret Jean    12/13/1959-05/02/2008    Beloved Daughter, Sister, Mother

Archer, Freddie M.    11/22/1935-07/05/2007

Case Bench

Case, James C.    11/03/1941-05/18/2006    Loving Husband and our Daddy

Laws, Jerry E. Sr.    11/08/1953-12/08/2005    Beloved Son and Father

Daniels, Patricia A.    12/06/1941-01/16/2005

Wilkerson, Marjorie A.    05/23/1946-01/10/2005    Loving Mother and Nana

Lauderdale, Beulah Faye    10/14/1915-03/17/2005    Loving Mother

Evans, Rhonda G.    06/11/1960-05/12/2004    Loving Mother and Friend

Buttry, Alma E.    07/09/1914-07/09/2003    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Buttry, Altus R.    10/15/1909-05/08/2007    SGT US Army World War II

Goodnight, Bryan R.    01/20/1980-09/02/2005    Beloved Son, Brother and Friend

McCreight, Joseph W.    02/01/1982-02/08/2006    Cherished Son, Brother, Grandson; Director, Pathfinder, I.W.A.C.

Humphrey, Charity E.    05/03/1976-02/20/2005

Romine Bench

Romine, Joseph Sellers    11/16/1970-12/27/2004    In Our Hearts Forever

McDonald, Thomas E.    03/08/1972-03/22/2008

Lewis, Donald W.    02/25/1938-02/25/2008

Metheny, Winston A.    [no date of death shown]    Beloved Husband Father Grandfather; US Army POW World War II
    Metheny, Vietta    [no date of death shown]    Beloved Wife Mother Grandmother

Garison, James R.    12/31/1980-12/23/2006

Jenkins, Winston Neal    02/04/1943-10/17/2010

Dorminey Bench

Dorminey, Bryant O.    09/04/1969-04/02/2005    US Marine Corps Persian Gulf

Coleman Bench

Carter, Jacquie    11/06/1971-01/29/2004    Beloved Wife

Coleman, John Duane    05/19/1927-12/12/2002    US Navy World War II South Pacific Theatre; married 03/20/1954

Hudson, LaValle    04/12/1918-06/09/2006

Nash, Hazel Marie    1925-2006

Stolzer, Linda L.    [no date of death shown]
    Stolzer, R. Lawrence    1936-2007

Hoffmans, Angela French    07/24/1966-02/18/2008    Forever Young Forever Loved

Cleveland, Dorothy Tillman    07/15/1916-01/14/2006

Heffington, Zella P.    10/26/1919-10/02/2004    Loving Wife Mother Nana
    Heffington, Barney W.    04/19/1919-11/15/2002    US Army World War II

Prewit, Anne Lynette    11/12/1960-07/04/2008    Forever Loved

Hancock, Dolores I.    08/21/1929-01/26/2004
    Hancock, Joseph D.    03/07/1929-09/25/2004

Wallace, Barbara Ann    [no date of death shown]
    Wallace, Louis Alvin    [no date of death shown]

Dennis, Hazel Alice    12/05/1915-04/06/2004    married 10/15/1938

Hopkins, Mary Eileen    [no date of death shown]    married 12/11/1952
    Hopkins, Rev. Paul P.    1932-2008

Lumpkins, B. Dianne    [no date of death shown]
    Lumpkins, Rev. Richard L.    07/14/1949-02/13/2007 1

Long, Verlee Jackson    03/22/1932-04/25/2006    Loving Wife, Mother, Grandmother

Osborne, Sonja A.    [no date of death shown]
    Osborne, W. Clyde    1937-2008

Yazza Bench

Yazza, Gregory Alan    11/03/1954-03/04/1955    Our Beloved Baby Boy

Yazza, Stephen Rex    12/19/1955-10/11/2007    Our Beloved Son

Yazza, B. Max    11/08/1928-05/19/2010    married 12/01/1951

Haley, Eric D.    11/01/1968-12/14/2005    Beloved Husband Father and Son

Benton, Jimmy D.    05/12/1950-08/08/2004    Dad, Granddad, Brother, Friend

Ram, Anatole J.    05/02/1925-08/16/2007

Halbrook, Dee "Dick"    08/15/1945-12/13/2005    Come Monday I'm Never Eating Again

Esworthy, James P.    1938-2006
    Esworthy, Betty D.    [no date of death shown]

Thomas, Gladys    11/28/1914-

Vance-Brown Bench

Brown, Stacy Renee Vance    02/10/1971-06/22/2008    Loving Wife to Mark; Loving Mother to Shelby and Tristan

Vance, Joyce    [no date of death shown]

Partman, Ursaline    01/03/1950-09/23/2005    In God's Loving Care

Lee, Jac-Chun    1911-2005
    Lee, Bok-Soon    1913-2008

Blunt, Catherine Stewart    12/09/1920-05/23/2007

Summers, David Charles    07/07/1973-07/21/2006

Conn, Peyton Samuel    12/21/2005-03/17/2006

Kurttila, Milton Wayne    06/08/1939-03/31/2006    US Air Force

Unmarked    [row up from Kurttila in row by itself]

Wright, David Joe    05/01/1943-02/25/2006

Bryant, L T    11/20/1941-06/21/2007    Beloved Husband Father Grandfather

Mayer Bench and marker    [no name on marker except Mayer]

Barron, Matthew J.    1978-2006    Loving Father

Raef, Fred J.    10/14/1921-12/29/2007

Bellott    [no first names on marker]

Skelton, Katherine Emily "Katie"    04/22/2001-06/12/2006    To be so little, she gave so much

Snyder, Virginia J.    09/11/1941-09/10/2006

Pinkerton, Veral    07/12/1929-08/11/2007    US Army Korea
    Pinkerton, Mary N.    [no date of death shown]    Loving Wife Mother Grammy

Finkelstein, Kimberley Boyce    09/10/1971-05/01/2008    Loving Wife and Mother

Ammons, Walter Matthew "Petey"    09/28/1978-11/08/2008

Johnson Bench

Johnson, David L.    04/09/1975-07/04/2006    BA, MBA; Outstanding, Precious and Beloved; Son, Brother, Grandson, Uncle, Nephew, Friend. Good night, Dave.

Gorbet, James Ray    10/06/1971-09/21/2008    Forever in Our Hearts

Mross Bench

Mross, Mary L.    11/20/1929-07/28/2007

Hall, Ella Ruth    04/12/1921-08/31/2005    Beloved Mom and Grannie

Hall, Dorothy L. Thomas    09/01/1936-06/08/2008    Loving Mother

Wimberley, Wanda G.    03/03/1924-05/20/2009    Loving Wife Mother Grandmother

Overstreet-Burbank Bench

Overstreet, Harold    10/23/1926-06/19/2001    SSG US Army
    Overstreet, Patsy C    [no date of death shown]

Buchanan, Saprina Renea    11/05/1982-07/15/2006    Resting in the Lord's Hands

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