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Pinecrest Memorial Park and Garden Mausoleum
Saline County, Arkansas
Garden of the Apostles

These are not in any order except alphabetical and include some random markers that I have photographed. They may not be related to me; I may have taken the photograph as a request.

The cemetery is located on Highway 5 between Bryant and the Pulaski County line. 

My own comments will be shown with brackets [] before and after.  Please contact me regarding any questions or comments. I have made every effort to input this information correctly but please let me know if you have any additions or corrections.

Some of the names are linked to their tombstone photograph -- click on the name to see the photograph.  The tombstone photographs are copyrighted by Patti Vance Hays.  You may use them for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission. You may, however, use the tombstone photographs on your public [permission is not granted for private trees] family tree site, Rootsweb World Connect Project site, and rootsweb/ freepages site as long as you type in the description field the following: Courtesy of Patti Vance Hays as posted on her Found Leaves and Branches website:
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Allen, William    11/23/1949-02/22/2011

Ballard, William M. Jr.    01/02/1926-04/05/2003    US Navy World War II; Beloved Husband Father and Grandfather
    Ballard, Marion Hardy    09/25/1925-06/16/2005    Beloved Wife Mother and Grandmother

Besancon, Charles E.    10/11/1912-06/11/1968    Alabama CWO US Air Force World War II

Bettis, Laura Gardner    09/12/1922-02/10/2008    Mother of Betty

Crank, Lela Mae Cox    07/08/1910-03/26/1989

Gaiser, Wilhelm R.    1903-1980
    Gaiser, Lucy D.    1904-1996

Gardner, Gladys E.    06/14/1904-09/23/1974
    Gardner, Wesley A.    04/10/1900-12/27/1978

Gardner, Norma J.    04/26/1934-11/11/2002
    Gardner, Wiley E.    11/28/1926-07/27/2002

Gipson, Earl C.    09/28/1909-07/04/1971    Arkansas AS USNR World War II

Gipson, Johnny Earl    12/28/1934-04/14/1978    RD3 US Navy Korea
    Gipson, Mary Sue    [no date of death shown]

Henderson, Alfred R.    06/19/1884-07/28/1968

Holland, Annie    09/04/1892-08/29/1978

Holland, J. C.    09/10/1919-02/19/1998
    Holland, Mildred    05/20/1920-10/12/2008

Nelson, Frank S.    08/20/1921-08/11/1989    Sgt US Army Air Corps World War II

Nelson, Jacquelyn L.    1928 - 2006

Perdue, Kathleen H.    1922-2000
    Perdue, Eddie B.    1918-1964

Roach, Mildred D.    1910-1996
    Roach, Clark D.    1907-1979

Shultz, Lois E. Besancon    10/01/1915-09/24/1990    Beloved Wife and Mother

Vance, Jason D.    03/26/1971-01/26/2006

Willis, James P.    02/06/1912-09/20/1995
    Willis, Nina    07/19/1917-09/05/1999

Wilson, Doris L.    [no date of death shown]
    Wilson, Gerald E.    [no date of death shown]

Wilson, Hazel M.    1918-1997
    Wilson, William T.    1914-1986

Wilson, Irene    02/02/1910-04/24/1993    Mom
    Wilson, Phillip    12/28/1912-02/03/1975    Dad

Wray, Thomas E.    06/11/1920-12/15/1995    SCPO US Navy WWII Korea Vietnam    [Bench]
    Wray, Margaret B.    01/28/1925-12/07/2010    Beloved Wife and Mother 1

1  I have this particular obituary. When requesting the obituary, please show Pinecrest Cemetery Obituary Request as the subject; in the message please copy and paste the entire line from this page that you need so that I will know where to find the obituary in my files. If you cannot open a microsoft word file, please let me know in your email.