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Pinecrest Memorial Park and Garden Mausoleum
Saline County, Arkansas
Section 11

Pinecrest Section 11 Sign

Survey of Section 11 began May 9, 2009, by Patti Vance Hays beginning with the northeast corner going south and is still being surveyed

The cemetery is located on Highway 5 between Bryant and the Pulaski County line. 

My own comments will be shown with brackets [] before and after.  Please contact me regarding any questions or comments. I have made every effort to input this information correctly but please let me know if you have any additions or corrections.  There may be times that a "bench" may be shown more than once.  I have, at times, shown it with a family name entry to make it easier to find the gravestone and then again where it actually is within a row.

Some of the names are linked to their tombstone photograph -- click on the name to see the photograph.  The tombstone photographs are copyrighted by Patti Vance Hays.  You may use them for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission. You may, however, use the tombstone photographs on your public [permission is not granted for private trees] family tree site, Rootsweb World Connect Project site, and rootsweb/ freepages site as long as you type in the description field the following: Courtesy of Patti Vance Hays as posted on her Found Leaves and Branches website:
If you use any of the photographs (and I will be adding more), I would love to hear from you. Let me know, and I will post on the bottom of this webpage the link to your website. Please make sure you type the following in the email subject: Pinecrest Cemetery family tree, WCP, or freepages.

Langdon, Charlie R.    08/12/1927-01/27/1974
    Langdon, Luna D.    12/09/1914-02/23/1977

Lentz, Earl W.    07/18/1914-07/28/2008
    Lentz, Vera O.    05/02/1913-12/06/1975

Bethay, Olive Fly    10/27/1886-04/23/1955

Callison, Louis    01/06/1886-08/10/1972
    Callison, Mae    07/13/1892-11/30/1971

Seago, Paul L.    1908-1971
    Seago, Emma Lee    1917-1989

Daniels, William R.    1891-1961
    Daniels, Leola J.    1894-1952

Whitson, Asa    01/10/1903-08/06/1958
    Whitson, Coy    12/11/1902-06/06/1988

Butler, Nelda Ann    08/30/1937-10/22/2004
    Butler, Noel H. Jr.    08/01/1921-03/07/1983    Lt JG US Navy World War II

Butler, Gladys B.    06/26/1897-12/05/1975
    Butler, Noel H.    12/17/1896-02/15/1979

Robertson, Lewis E.    10/22/1912-09/28/1980
    Robertson, Hazel M.    06/03/1913-08/30/1996

Cloud, Billie E. Meyer    [no date of death shown]
    Cloud, Robert Edward    11/22/1925-11/27/1976

Freeman, Winfred W.    1919-1990
    Freeman, Clorine H.    1919-1986

Smith, Annie Blanche    1894-1987
    Smith, James Lafayette    1881-1973

Crownover, Elizabeth J.    07/29/1913-05/15/2007
    Crownover, Harry A.    10/09/1905-06/17/1968

Raines, Lawrence L.    1898-1981
    Raines, Finnie D.    1900-1980

Gunter, Alice M.    11/28/1895-11/16/1965

Emmons, William M. Jr.    01/15/1923-09/02/1994    PFC US Air Force World War II
    Emmons, Lynelle G. Cloud    10/05/1917-09/12/1995

Crook, Florine    02/02/1919-08/13/2006

Crook, Charles P.    01/21/1909-05/29/1997    PFC US Marine Corps World War II

Crook, Charles P.    09/25/1937-04/30/2007    Cpl US Marine Corps

Moore, John W., Sr.    03/21/1911-07/27/1993
    Moore, Mae Z.    01/22/1909-04/06/1973 1

Moore, John Edward    1960-1972

Moore, Johnnie E.    -01/16/2009

Moore, Thomas C.    1915-2004    married 12/24/1941
    Moore, Margaret I.    1917-

Wright, Bennett R.    11/17/1935-10/13/1992    Sp3 US Army Korea

Seago, W. Harry    12/10/1927-01/30/1975    F2 US Navy World War II

Seago, Betty Jean    10/31/1927-10/17/1989

Bundy, Sidney C.    04/25/1900-03/02/1990
    Bundy, Goldie    03/03/1902-07/08/1984

Bundy, Frances B.    [no date of death shown]
    Bundy, Bill Tom    [no date of death shown]

Davenport, Coye    02/25/1904-07/19/1974
    Davenport, Margurett    06/18/1914-12/07/1977

Bethay, Robert V.    10/10/1923-07/05/1975    EM2 US Navy World War II

Burns-Moore Bench

Joret, U. Eugene    01/09/1897-10/16/1968
    Joret, Helen G.    12/13/1902-09/05/1966

Schneider, Karl F.    09/20/1889-07/29/1950

Schneider, Addie Lentz    09/04/1891-11/03/1987

Lentz, Arthur J.    01/14/1889-06/25/1961

Phillips, James M.    08/31/1901-04/12/1959
    Phillips, Naomi W.    04/28/1902-09/20/1987

Samples        married 11/03/1945    [no first name shown]
    Samples, Ruth P.    08/24/1929-07/26/2006

Ritchey, Pauline P.    1921-2001 1
    Ritchey, Doyle W. Sr.    1917-1997    US Navy World War II 1

Zoch, Ruth Tuck    1933-2007
    Zoch, Edwin Earl    [no date of death shown]

Wiley, Evalyn C.    1906-1985

Clark, Minnie Frye    10/16/1865-03/25/1955

McClenney, Mary C.    10/17/1914-10/05/1988
    McClenney, Henry A.    12/25/1914-05/14/1962

Burns-Moore Bench

Criswell    [no first names or dates]

Ashley, Mable H    12/22/1927-05/31/1967

Thames, James F.    10/30/1905-03/07/1985

Callison, Louis William    07/03/1952-03/13/2004 1

Roller, Ronald Wesley    08/07/1939-11/03/1998

Watts, Jones Read    01/22/1943-10/16/1999

Gattin, Richard Cross    02/13/1947-08/29/1952

Gattin, Margaret L.    07/11/1924-09/15/2011    [dod from obituary]
    Gattin, Leroy Mitchell    07/23/1922-02/02/1994    Sgt US Army World War II

Satterwhite, Alma M.    1908-1986
    Satterwhite, William E.    1905-1987

Sylar, James W.    12/10/1937-04/14/1978
    Sylar, James Benjamin    01/20/1964-09/21/1987

Crook, Sandra Kay    01/31/1942-10/03/1989

Clark, Garry Preston    07/03/1955-10/25/2003

Clark, Larry Preston    01/28/1921-01/02/1996    married 06/29/1944
    Clark, Wensil Marsh    [no date of death shown]

Marsh, Dahlia Hardcastle    10/08/1903-06/25/1996
    Marsh, H. Irvin "Shorty"    10/07/1896-09/26/1972

Marsh, Maxine G.    1921-1998
    Marsh, Herschel E.    1920-2001

Foster, Flora Weir    1902-1993

Brians, Louise S.    02/25/1928    [SSDI shows she died 03/26/2006]
    Brians, Robert E.    09/06/1920-

Smith, Christine Ann    07/30/1938-04/25/1973

Causey, Bessie I.    04/22/1906-05/01/1966
    Causey, Rev. Leo A.    09/07/1906-06/08/1982

Ward, Annie Belle    03/11/1917-12/28/2003
    Ward, Ellsworth N.    01/26/1918-06/21/2006    PFC US Army World War II

Blank Granite Slab

Watts, _ Wade    1907-1976    Tec5 US Army World War II [first name was covered in mud]

Watts, Mildred Askew    09/28/1911-10/09/1998

Roller, Cleta Jewett    03/28/1912-07/07/1992
    Roller, Heth Eugene    05/10/1907-04/12/1993

Roller, Heth Eugene Jr.    09/21/1913-08/17/1966

Callison, Rhoma    [no date of death shown]
    Callison, Billy    05/17/1920-05/08/1987

Ashley, Conway R. Sr.    01/11/1908-01/13/1959

Thames, Mary Zelia    09/26/1910-11/21/1999

Wilson, Lois L.    1923-1992

Hiner, Carolyn S.    [no date of death shown]

Burns, Marjorie Lanelle    07/30/1923-02/22/2007
    Burns, Gardner B.    02/01/1920-04/11/1992    T Sgt US Army World War II

McClenney, Blanche    05/17/1897-09/14/1962
    McClenney, Lebert A.    04/30/1894-09/25/1968

McClenney, Joyce Ann    09/18/1923-06/10/1982
    McClenney, Lewis Alton    04/20/1918-09/16/1982

Boyd, Opal C.    1907-1984

Zoch, Mary Earle    06/07/1891-11/11/1978
    Zoch, Earl Earnest    10/19/1893-10/12/1950

Peel, Geraldine N.    1919-1987
    Peel, Buck L.    1918-2000

Peel, Larry J.    11/23/1940-04/17/2001    US Air Force Vietnam

Peel Bench

Ashley, C. Ray    01/14/1930-01/12/1987

Huggins, Thomas Fred    1900-1976
    Huggins, Laura R.    1900-1982

Peters, Phillip L.    08/06/1944-05/31/1981

Spotwood, William Henry    1910-1997

White, Reuben E.    08/06/1915-01/05/1996    married 09/11/1941
    White, Mae Dell    01/10/1922-05/24/1994

Dodson, Dois Paul Sr.    08/11/1924-04/19/1995

Dodson, Michael S. Sr.    11/24/1969-10/15/2002

Browder, Clifford Lee    08/29/1945-07/22/1976

Browder, W. R. Russell    1907-1988
    Browder, Anne W.    1906-1991

Lyon, Arthur N.    10/07/1899-10/28/1957

Puckett, Jessie E.    11/10/1891-09/17/1965

Compton, Lugene E.    1889-1985
    Compton, Lulu E.    1892-1957

Farris, Thomas Edison Jr.    05/31/1920-03/13/1968

Hopkins, Hazel Gassner    1913-2006

Gassner, Rev. Martin A.    11/06/1898-03/23/1975

Wilkerson, Dwight E.    02/06/1910-07/13/1951

Brashier, Henry E.    08/15/1893-07/22/1989
    Brashier, Med L.    02/27/1896-08/20/1990

Rothermel, George P.    05/12/1906-02/07/1987
    Rothermel, Gussie B.    09/10/1902-09/28/1972

Cox, Alva H.    1905-1974    Sp5 US Army
    Cox, Elizabeth A.    1918-

Craig, Frances V.    1912-1985

Craig, Leonard Lee    10/16/1913-09/10/1965    Arkansas MR1 USNR World War II Korea

Shelby, Leslie Jean    12/08/1919-03/15/1996

Pitcock, Ella May Daugherty    05/12/1903-01/27/1996

Daugherty, Walter W.    10/02/1900-02/13/1960    Arkansas Pvt Co E 335 Infantry 84 Infantry Division World War II

Samples, Fred S.    1906-2007
    Samples, Hazel M.    1910-1991

Gray, Carl Claud    08/26/1916-12/27/2001
    Gray, Brooksie Nell    11/24/1916-01/31/2005

Kelly, Hanna B.    08/06/1897-10/17/1964

Ricketts, Edward Henry    07/22/1902-11/21/1982
    Ricketts, Ruth K.    05/15/1906-12/08/1966

McLeod, Tennie R.    1873-1956

Seay, William E.    07/04/1923-10/05/1996

Gray, Jo Anne    1951-1974

Pitcock, Jesse Howard    10/17/1903-03/25/1979

Rozzell, Judy Shelby    03/31/1938-08/27/1978

Crook, J. M. "Jim"    05/23/1911-07/02/1997

Crook, Mildred M.    03/30/1916-01/30/1975

Crook, William E. (Bill)    04/23/1945-12/03/1962

Craig, Luella G.    07/17/1893-11/12/1969

Sheehan, Marjorie B.    04/12/1895-11/30/1979

Sammons, Murl L.    07/10/1904-12/12/1959    Arkansas Cp1 81 Mess Sq AAF World War II

Boyce, Avonell S.    1910-1981
    Boyce, R. A. "Dick"    1900-1964

Roland, James W. Sr.    03/16/1931-03/22/2008    US Army Korea
    Roland, Helen Alene    03/13/1931-10/29/2009    [date of death from obituary]

Deer, Noel H.    10/13/1908-06/30/2002    US Marine Corps World War II
    Deer, Bessie G.    12/09/1908-04/06/1994

Wilson, James T.    01/13/1901-06/11/1978
    Wilson, Bernice A.    11/08/1906-02/14/1989

Puckett, Lelia Marion    01/04/1902-03/28/1987

Colvert, Virginia Hicks    07/17/1924-02/09/1972

Galt, Mary S.    1909-1983
    Galt, Henry T.    1904-1988

Samek, Ada B.    12/25/1889-07/18/1967

Smith, Lorene B.    02/24/1920-07/02/1998
    Smith, Lewis B.    08/09/1914-08/08/1992

Wright, Lenora Pratt    02/20/1900-09/09/1998

Pratt, Mildred Agnes    11/27/1902-02/03/1971

Pratt, Elmer Warren    11/27/1902-02/04/1975

Patterson, Leon    12/04/1925-10/27/2007
    Patterson, Louise    10/18/1924-11/26/2000

Patterson Bench

Wright, John Nelson II    12/05/1971-12/08/1971

Denton, James Albert    09/22/1951-09/24/1951

Haver, C. D. III    02/27/1941-02/28/1986

Gazelle, Bertha Chaney    09/01/1890-03/17/1953

Hickey, George Edward    10/06/1920-10/12/1998    US Navy World War II

Hickey, Nettie H.    10/10/1877-03/29/1969

Partlow, Eula B.    07/06/1897-01/14/1984

Price, M. Louise    12/07/1918-03/14/2002
    Price, J. Dwight    01/21/1918-08/05/2003

Chambers, Frances Jane    [no date of death shown]
    Chambers, Ralph M.    04/28/1925-03/02/1996

Cannon, Grace M.    09/18/1913-12/13/1989

Kelley, Ozella Lankford Osburn    03/10/1901-09/05/1971

Hubbard, Etter May    12/20/1888-10/05/1964

Hubbard, Geneva Irene    08/18/1924-02/14/2005
    Hubbard, Henry Lee    09/24/1913-12/29/1972

Smith, Ira E.    03/15/1907-08/21/1972

Gowan, Clara    02/06/1890-09/05/1961

Hickey, Elizabeth C.    1918-1973
    Hickey, George E.    1920-

Cannon, Quinette W.    1894-1976
    Cannon, Joseph M.    1893-1972

Schieck, Connie L.    02/24/1915-03/20/1991
    Schieck, Henry John    05/10/1912-11/08/1985    US Army World War II

Lawhon, Marguerite W.    1919-1986
    Lawhon, Thomas L.    1919-

Rogers, Cynthia Richard    03/21/1957-08/26/2001

Richards, Kathleen E.    02/02/1928-01/01/2001

Barger, Peggy J.    08/14/1929-06/30/1986

Jones, Freddie R.    1951-1958

Roebling, Victor John    11/10/1890-12/12/1958

Roebling, Ida Youngman    06/28/1894-06/01/1957

Haver, Charles D.    1916-1965

Wright, Ollie Mae    1915-
    Wright, John Nelson    1910-2004

Pratt, Preston Warren    10/25/1870-05/18/1958

Pratt, Rose Gerner    02/28/1871-07/19/1951

Griffith, Shirley Jean    11/09/1928-06/16/1965

Smith, Robert W.    1917-1984

Smith, Stella    07/23/1891-02/13/1989
    Smith, Cecil B.    05/06/1899-10/29/1951

Yenner, Madalyn N.    03/13/1922-06/01/1992

Gathright, Irene M.    03/02/1908-05/05/1990
    Gathright, Graton E.    09/08/1893-05/12/1976

Lowrance, Albert Lee    1938-1993

Lowrance, Mildred L.    1917-2006

Lowrance, Clifton A.    1917-1999

Lowrance, Stella E.    11/08/1889-10/19/1967
    Lowrance, Clifton A. Sr.    10/23/1892-05/10/1954

Wilson, Reola E.    06/17/1918-02/08/1994
    Wilson, Joe B.    [no date of death shown]

Lynn, Nora A.    06/11/1908-06/05/2001
    Lynn, Claude T.    03/08/1906-11/06/1995

Bona, Mary Galt    03/31/1945-09/21/1995

Benetz, Emil R. Sr.    1899-1987
    Benetz, Eulah T.    1902-2007

Benetz, Carl E. Sr.    1926-2004
    Benetz, Billie H.    1928-1997

Howe, William D.    02/17/1922-09/21/2005    US Army Air Forces World War II
    Howe, Floyd Reeves    [no date of death shown]

Summers, Fletcher A.    1901-1992
    Summers, Ida Pauline    1912-1992

Smith, John O.    06/13/1889-03/23/1962
    Smith, Prue R.    05/02/1901-05/22/1993

Wallace, Clyde    1917-1997
    Wallace, Glenna L.    1927-1993

Whisnant, Leonard O.    01/20/1903-10/27/1995    married 02/24/1924
    Whisnant, Dora D.    07/30/1903-05/15/1994

Harper, Carmen L.    02/17/1911-11/15/1989

Harper, Otis M.    05/03/1903-09/12/1975

Terry, Mary Agnes    1916-1978

Terry, William Elmo    1902-1972

Jones    [no names or dates]

Jones, Sterling R.    10/16/1910-02/02/1983
    Jones, Amy Edna    03/16/1913-06/20/2008

Taylor, Lillie Rose    01/15/1911-09/05/1956

Taylor, Floyd J.    12/22/1912-11/14/1990
    Taylor, Stella Mae    04/14/1911-05/15/2002

Goff, Willie D.    01/09/1922-03/25/1992    SMSgt United States Air Force World War II
    Goff, Dessie V.    10/14/1923-07/26/1999

Holland, Glenn Turner    10/30/1907-09/19/1994    married 08/07/1927
    Holland, Martha Butler    01/14/1912-05/19/1993

Siegler, Albert E.    1912-1989
    Siegler, Edith E.    1917-1998

Mitchell, Erma L.    12/29/1884-07/25/1978

Mitchell, John W. Sr.    07/13/1877-08/09/1954

Farrar, Eulalia    09/23/1907-06/25/1981

Farrar, Henry E.    12/22/1891-02/28/1954

Prince, Anna K. Smith    10/07/1906-04/11/1980

Smith, Walter H.    05/22/1898-09/12/1952

Smith, David Lee    10/05/1951-08/29/1975    2d Lt US Army Vietnam

Smith, Billy L.    [no date of death shown]
    Smith, E. Marie    10/06/1923-03/02/1987

Abernathy, Edward L. Sr.    03/05/1918-04/09/1991    Tec 4 US Army World War II

Abernathy, Mary L.    01/12/1922-05/03/1979

Cook, Milton E. Jr.    10/02/1925-07/10/1967
    Cook, Dorothy Sue    07/08/1925-12/14/1999

Watkins, John G. Jr.    03/29/1919-04/18/2005    LCDR US Navy World War II Korea

Isbell, James Edgar    07/12/1889-08/12/1963
    Isbell, Beulah E.    01/26/1897-10/01/1991

Holloway, Charles A.    11/16/1917-06/19/1967
    Holloway, Thresia P.    09/17/1915-10/29/1994

James, Sarah Ellen    12/25/1889-05/02/1973

Harris, William D.    07/02/1898-04/25/1970

Whitten, Coy E.    07/09/1892-02/19/1963
    Whitten, Alma E.    03/15/1893-01/15/1990

Easterling, Rice Eugene    10/23/1891-05/26/1980    Cpl US Army World War I
    Easterling, Gertie L.    10/02/1903-12/04/1990

Abernathy, Edward Linn    10/05/1949-03/04/1979    Sgt US Marine Corps

Blacker, W. Dyke    03/09/1881-10/13/1955

Staley, B Byron    1914-1981
    Staley, Lillian W.    1917-1996

Wilburn, Gertrude W.    09/15/1897-07/28/1991

Knowles, Joe D. Sr.    01/08/1879-04/08/1973

Cossette, Schim Li    06/29/1957-02/11/1993

Farrar, Gertrude    05/18/1928-08/26/1985

Poe, Linda Maxine Holland    09/15/1937-04/05/2009

Linde, Sue Holland    05/22/1928-11/11/1995

Foard, Cleo C.    09/08/1895-06/22/1967
    Foard, Elena May    06/19/1893-03/30/1983

Grigsby, Joseph S.    10/01/1939-12/05/2008
    Grigsby, Martha A.    [no date of death shown]

Jackson, William H.    10/27/1914-11/23/2003
    Jackson, Lucy Malderine    03/02/1927-02/12/2004

Wallace, Kenneth W.    09/16/1952-01/16/2000

Unmarked new grave    [might be Donna Wallace]

Wallace, Lynn Edward    1951-1994

Harriell, Thomas J.    01/22/1883-04/06/1955

Harriell, Ida B. Akins    11/13/1884-04/12/1958

Faulkner, Charles Savage    1880-1973
    Faulkner, Mary Elizabeth    1881-1976

Render, Dessa McIntosh    10/04/1908-11/30/1993

Miller, Edna J.    08/05/1891-01/14/1982

McIntosh, Mary Glasgow    03/31/1886-09/09/1981

Shores, James Alfred    08/15/1903-10/27/1978

Wilson, Martha Sellers    11/03/1910-04/14/1995

Eggleston, Betty R.    12/27/1923-01/11/2008
    Eggleston, L. D.    10/03/1918-06/03/2008

Downey, Orella E.    10/14/1911-12/11/2002

Downey, Corinne H.    01/29/1891-03/26/1973
    Downey, John J.    08/17/1880-04/14/1965

Williams, Minnie I.    1880-1965

Graham, Mrs. Grace    09/12/1898-08/09/1970

Davis, Mamie Tippitt    06/19/1895-08/06/1950

Reed, Orene E.    07/23/1908-05/07/1961

Hudson, Lula Estella McCollum Brown    07/10/1885-08/20/1976

Walker, V. Marie    [no date of death shown]
    Walker, Joseph P.    1927-1995

Noakes, Bernice B.    1914-2003
    Noakes, Vernon E.    1913-1978

Hodges, Jessie F.    1888-1966
    Hodges, Alpha L.    1887-1963

Abercrombie, Frances S.    06/02/1914-10/07/2002    Wife
    Abercrombie, John D.    11/01/1908-08/31/1982    Tec 5 US Army World War II

Carlson, Dorothy C.    [no date of death shown]
    Carlson, Richard F.    1923-1970

Mortenson, Rosa G.    1912-2002
    Mortenson, Morten L.    08/12/1884-02/09/1968    Arkansas Sgt 3 Mil Police World War I
    Mortenson, John S.    1898-1962

Martin, Mary Kathryn    [no date of death shown]    married 11/05/1946
    Martin, George Raymond    [no date of death shown]

Styles, Mary Lizzie    1900-2000
    Styles, Joe J.    1886-1959

Carlson, Geri M.    10/03/1903-12/24/1991
    Carlson, Hill F.    06/14/1900-05/18/1978

Russell, Virginia B.    09/24/1911-12/23/1988
    Russell, William C.    02/17/1916-04/14/2000    PFC US Army World War II

Nelson, Homer A.    10/31/1895-09/21/1958

Nelson, Isorah T.    09/30/1890-11/26/1964

Seelinger, Ione L.    1912-2000
    Seelinger, James C.    1906-1986

Foster, Rachel M.    [no date of death shown]
    Foster, Robert G.    07/05/1921-11/30/1983

Harden, Ethel L.    05/22/1919-07/17/1995
    Harden, Earl E.    10/29/1920-01/21/1993

Whittle, Jewel Marie    1919-1990
    Whittle, Homer E.    1915-2000

Hodges, Woodrow L.    1911-1966

Forsyth, Dorothy J.    1931-1992
    Forsyth, M. E. "Gene"    1920-1993

Walker, Myrtle    1909-1994
    Walker, Lloyd J.    1906-1983

Davis, Tressie V.    08/09/1903-02/11/1992
    Davis, Clifton O.    02/18/1904-01/20/1977

Brown, Grace H.    1918-2006
    Brown, Walter M.    09/14/1916-06/29/2005    US Army World War II

Putt, Geneva A.    1914-1982
    Putt, Steve L.    1911-1995

Metcalf, Merle    02/13/1902-04/08/1976
    Metcalf, John D.    08/30/1902-06/17/1970

Horton, Hazel E.    06/10/1914-12/18/2003
    Horton, Dennis O.    02/11/1910-05/04/1981

Beverburg, Martha D.    03/23/1918-08/10/2006
    Beverburg, Alvin L.    10/11/1916-10/30/2001    Lt Col US Army

Miller, Aline Fay    09/23/1912-05/29/1999
    Miller, Harry Oscar    09/01/1909-02/25/1994    S Sgt US Army World War II

Johnson, Nola M.    02/11/1912-02/03/1997
    Johnson, Raymond H.    05/02/1913-08/27/1981    CMOMM 1 US Navy World War II

Jukes, Ruby M.    10/13/1915-11/05/2002
    Jukes, Ward L.    06/04/1911-12/21/1993

Wade, M. H. "Pop"    01/13/1891-04/10/1971

Wade, Ruth Price    05/18/1892-10/28/1967

Sellers, George H.    07/08/1875-12/19/1950

Sellers, Camilla C.    03/04/1889-05/29/1968

Sellers, Melva D.    10/09/1945-09/03/1990
    Sellers, George H. Jr.    11/18/1912-12/15/1986

Roland, Eugene    02/16/1907-06/04/1950
    Roland, Opal M.    05/18/1908-12/27/1979

Kirby, Glen A.    10/30/1913-11/10/1979
    Kirby, Effie Marie    12/11/1917-08/08/2001

Norwood, J. W. "Jack"    08/25/1885-12/08/1972
    Norwood, Helen Choate    08/18/1887-05/06/1983

Stanley, John W.    09/20/1907-03/22/1984
    Stanley, Helen R.    11/22/1906-03/20/1985

Craver, William Justin    07/31/1957-10/08/2006    SRA US Air Force

Harrelson, Effie Hardin    1889-1979

Harrelson, Charlie Francis Sr.    1880-1963

Abbott, Velma    1902-1997

Abbott, Cecil O.    06/18/1901-11/08/1961    Arkansas Warrant Officer (CEC) USNR World War I and II

Palmer, Margaret L.    [no date of death shown]

Neal, James Leonard    08/28/1938-10/13/1997

Neal, Arvis Eugene    06/06/1926-05/23/1975    Pvt US Army World War II

Derryberry, Dorothy O.    11/07/1921-06/09/1950

Singleton, Mary Ann "Kelly"    1939-1983

Marbut, Eleanor J.    02/07/1917-07/11/2002

Marbut, Thomas V.    1916-1966

Hawkins, Eva Florene    08/18/1901-12/04/1953

Hawkins, Eugie Homer    01/02/1890-01/02/1967

Hawkins, G. G.    02/10/1926-08/10/1983    SC1 US Navy World War II

Bowman, Sonny A.    1947-1977

Pierce, Milford    03/01/1929-08/18/1964    Arkansas S Sgt 3320 Tech Sch Sq AF World War II

Singleton, Joe David    03/05/1953-04/08/1953

Singleton, Patsy R.    [no date of death shown]
    Singleton, Joseph P.    11/06/1923-06/15/2009    US Army World War II

Miller, Harold N.    1904-1978
    Miller, Frances C.    1918-2008

McAninch, Mallie Vena    12/27/1913-04/02/2007

Rogers, Caroline R.    1875-1960

Nelson, H. Earl    1910-1977
    Nelson, Mariee R.    1905-1968

Beyers, Billy Wesley    11/18/1922-09/21/1989

Beyers Bench

Beyers, George L. Sr.    02/09/1888-03/24/1960
    Beyers, Ima Jean    11/23/1909-01/07/2004

Smith    [no names or dates]

Hickman, Andrew J.    01/04/1898-06/20/1960
    Hickman, Cecil M.    12/06/1897-09/29/1995

Savage, Mary Baker    02/28/1884-03/21/1959

Savage, Fred T.    10/01/1905-08/29/1957    Arkansas PFC AAA School CAC World War II

Carr, Inez Virginia    07/09/1914-09/24/2007

Miller, Nathan G.    10/27/1871-11/07/1935

Miller, Lelah B.    07/04/1872-01/30/1965

Mooningham, Clyde M.    1910-2004
    Mooningham, Lucille N.    1912-1977

Graham, C. Arthur    1871-1930
    Graham, Nora    1878-1958

Norwood, James Robert    05/31/1921-05/18/1995    M Sgt US Army

Pierce, Milford DeWayne    07/13/1949-10/12/1954

Metcalf, A. M.    04/29/1919-04/15/1976    2nd Lt US Army World War II
    Metcalf, Velma S.    09/16/1912-03/15/2000

Williams, Melba D.    11/06/1935-02/16/2009
    Sughrue, Frankie    05/12/1916-01/12/2008

Rice, William A.    01/06/1881-03/30/1966
    Rice, Nora (Minnie)    08/06/1881-05/02/1963

Mayes, Charles Edward    1938-1978

Mayes, Charles Otto    04/11/1911-12/11/1974

Wise, James S. Sr.    1897-1956
    Wise, Grace C.    1897-1996

Neal, David    06/03/1893-04/16/1971

Neal, Mary Evelyn "Lena"    10/08/1897-12/20/1961 1

Harrelson, Ramona L.    07/19/1958-07/20/1958

Harrelson, Charles F.    1923-2001
    Harrelson, Dorothy M.    1924-2000

Craver, William Douglas    09/04/1922-02/28/1987

Sorrells, James R.    07/15/1899-12/11/1985
    Sorrells, Odessa Knight    11/02/1904-09/07/1979

Spoonts, Dean    1929-1998
    Spoonts, Ouida    1929-1995

Bowen, John W.    12/07/1911-12/08/1988

Russell, Dorothy G.    1918-1981    [the following photographed September 25, 2009]
    Russell, James T.    1913-1993

Goodin, Marjorie A.    1930-2003
    Goodin, Leonce "Buck"    1924-1974

Tinsley, Belle    08/10/1884-09/22/1958

Harris, Carolyn F.    1917-1989
    Harris, Kenneth H. Sr.    02/08/1916-01/10/1984    1st Lt US Army World War II

Harris, Jasper Cooper    08/23/1885-03/17/1960

Harris, Dora Lena    10/30/1906-04/03/1981

Harris, Bougard    08/22/1895-08/23/1960

Summers, Mary Addie    06/08/1866-03/19/1953

Summers, Julian S.    10/16/1896-09/08/1951

Sims, Martha J.    02/12/1934-04/05/1978
    Sims, Robert R.    03/01/1928-04/23/1978

Moran, Virgil A.    11/03/1907-11/16/1982

Holmquist, Mildred C.    04/25/1926-04/18/1992

Gardner, Gladys Miller    1928-1956

Beall, Willie Mae    1885-1971    Mother

Shiflett, Hazel M.    01/15/1908-05/26/1995

Schnipper, Louise E.    1913-1976
    Schnipper, Arthur L.    1904-1987

Adams, Martha Lee    04/03/1919-02/11/1969

Stuckey, Lauda D.    12/08/1911-10/18/1992

Pritchard, Verena Smith    11/28/1919-10/11/2004
    Smith, W. H. "Buster"    09/16/1911-12/05/1969

Cole, Louie M.    06/27/1888-06/23/1960

Murtha, Mallie Jane    02/14/1943-02/02/2008    Our Mother; Love, Kelli, Greg, & Zac

Turbyfill, Billie J.    10/31/1926-12/05/2005    Beloved Wife and Mother

Turbyfill Bench

Turbyfill, James Thomas    11/19/1949-02/07/2008    Beloved Son

Beyers Bench

Beyers, George L. Jr.    01/07/1915-03/09/2008    married 08/01/1937
    Beyers, Pearl C.    10/04/1918-03/19/2005

Turbyfill, Tommy Gene    08/23/1928-01/31/2002
    Turbyfill, Francille Edwards    [no date of death shown]

Turbyfill, Joyce    [no date of death shown]    married 04/02/1954
    Turbyfill, Leland    [no date of death shown]

Turbyfill, Nancy J.    12/25/1902-12/14/1978
    Turbyfill, A. D. (Tom)    07/25/1898-03/15/1993

Murtha, Paul E.    03/03/1911-07/12/1987    Tec 4 US Army World War II
    Murtha, Dorothy K.    10/25/1911-08/30/2006

Garrick, M. Marie    1919-1998
    Garrick, James M. Sr.    1915-1999

Carmichael, Gladys    06/27/1909-09/06/1987
    Carmichael    Lee    03/21/1902-10/18/1969

Stuckey, Juanita    06/16/1920-03/07/1951
    Stuckey, Basil B.    01/12/1912-02/25/1981

Adams, Elsie M.    1893-1975
    Adams, Luther W.    1891-1967

Adams, Marjorie Ann    10/18/1924-11/13/2005    US Coast Guard World War II

Waller, Pearl H.    1906-2008
    Waller, John S.    1900-1970

Shiflett, Elaine C.    11/10/1921-08/23/1988
    Shiflett, Charles B.    [no date of death shown]

Miller, Mayta E.    1909-1961

Crenshaw, Anna M.    12/25/1904-10/29/1984
    Crenshaw, Lewis D.    05/17/1899-11/09/1983

Brunson, Leonard J.    01/13/1884-11/15/1963    Arkansas PFC Co E 28 Engineers World War I
    Brunson, Nola E.    10/21/1897-11/30/1979

Worley, Zelma L.    01/08/1910-12/01/1992

Worley, Ben R.    1900-1975    SFC US Army World War I

Summers, Lealon Fay    05/23/1894-06/26/1986

Armstrong, Jesse J.    03/21/1888-01/14/1961    Arkansas Sgt co B 114 Field Sig Bn World War I
    Armstrong, Helen    11/03/1898-07/14/1995    Loving Wife and Mother

Weir, Vennie E.    10/05/1894-01/31/1952

Weir, M. Irene    09/21/1903-01/11/1993

Weir, Everette A.    11/16/1924-05/20/1956

Howell, Nova Ola    03/05/1895-12/01/1989
    Howell, Oscar E.    09/07/1897-02/26/1971

Allred, Gladys W.    1905-1970
    Allred, Clayton O.    1901-1974

Jones, Richard E.    03/01/1881-07/27/1956

Jones, Blanche Tinsley    07/18/1904-06/15/1980

Goodin, Ethel M.    1895-1984
    Goodin, George N.    1885-1962

Griffith, Juanita Geraldine    11/25/1909-02/15/2008
    Griffith, Henry B.    07/21/1903-01/18/1989

Griffith    [no names]    married 09/12/1964

Storey, Lanno    11/18/1889-01/30/1959    Texas Pvt Co C 308 Bn Tank Corps World War I

Storey, Lourette Russell    07/22/1890-11/20/1974

Booe, Vica M.    06/26/1915-04/02/2004
    Booe, Harry M.    07/20/1917-04/28/2002

Smith, Vicki Lea    02/20/1943-06/19/1991
    Smith, Don F.    01/02/1937-04/18/2009

Hossfeld, Percy C.    1900-1967
    Hossfeld, Lula M.    1905-1961

Powell, Thomas Y.    07/13/1889-05/12/1969
    Powell, Ila A.    08/06/1905-11/12/1986

Jones, Woodrow W.    1916-1988
    Jones, Lois J.    1918-1986

Jones, Woodrow W. Jr.    08/25/1938-08/15/1988

Harrison, Ena L.    1884-1964

Harrison, James E.    1917-1983
    Harrison, Wilma Fern    1919-1960

Harrison, E. Ishmael    05/08/1900-03/25/1966
    Harrison, Lottie May    04/29/1909-04/09/1998

Kinser, John A.    03/30/1882-04/06/1958
    Kinser, Mabel L.    12/21/1897-09/09/1952

Howell, Oscar Willard    10/02/1919-05/03/1999    US Army World War II

Blasingame, Bill    03/27/1915-11/13/1975
    Blasingame, Willie    11/30/1913-01/22/2002

McCulloch, Edith Myra    09/06/1923-10/04/1995

Henderson, Margie K.    04/28/1926-11/17/2006    Beloved Wife Mother Grandmother
    Henderson, Paul Z.    12/31/1919-10/03/2007    US Army Air Forces world War II    Beloved Husband Father Grandfather

Cockrum, Sarah C.    1893-1986

Jones, Clarence J.    08/10/1913-02/13/1964
    Jones, Virginia P.    09/08/1917-04/07/1959

Olds, Sallie Mae    1884-1968

Jackson, Evelyn I.    09/23/1916-06/17/1983    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Jackson, Reginald W.    11/12/1915-08/05/1994    PFC US Marine Corps World War II

Jones, Mary Ellen    04/24/1919-04/19/1959

Jones, Dr. Robert D. Sr.    12/09/1915-08/29/2003

Jones, Robert D. Jr.    01/26/1942-08/07/1986

Holt, George M.    1898-1967
    Holt, Clyda Andrews    1899-1983

Hamer, Geraldine McConnell    02/24/1910-07/13/2003

Hamer, Norman Curtis    07/15/1907-11/12/1959

Kanady, William F.    01/18/1901-09/15/1972
    Kanady, Hazel S.    01/17/1905-11/20/1985

Miller, Edward    08/11/1909-03/16/1991    married 12/25/1932
    Miller, Zelma    11/21/1912-

Hubbs, Lawrence Eugene    02/07/1923-04/11/1983    Beloved Husband and Father
    Hubbs, Kathryn Daughenbaugh    04/19/1923-06/19/1995    Beloved Wife and Mother

Davis, John Richard    12/31/1916-11/08/1981
    Davis, Myrtis Lawrence    04/01/1919-12/16/1999

Wagner, DeArmond Jack    10/03/1916-12/22/1959    Arkansas Captain 318 Tank Bn World War II
    Stonesifer, Etta M. Wagner    12/05/1921-07/12/2007

Kee, Luther F.    03/25/1907-05/15/1959    Arkansas S1 US Navy World War II
    Kee, Rosie Mabel    01/21/1910-01/24/2003    Beloved wife and Mother

Harrison, William E.    12/06/1924-10/04/1998

Quimby, Claude Mack    1908-1956

Quimby, Jean Nurenberg    04/06/1907-08/14/1989

Harrison, Robert G.    12/13/1912-07/14/1980
    Harrison, Ethyl S.    02/10/1915-12/22/1986

Norwood, Bob    1896-1961
    Norwood, Gertrude    1901-1977

Norwood, Janette M.    09/05/1919-10/18/1991

Gardner, Thomas G.    08/19/1917-12/11/1981    US Navy World War II
    Gardner, Katherine Beasley    10/23/1918-03/02/2002    Beloved Wife and Mother

Jones, Butler    06/16/1905-05/06/1987
    Jones, Mary Lou    08/24/1914-08/12/1999

Wells, Leslie Barton    -04/03/1964    Our Loving Son

Dallas, Louis A.    05/03/1898-12/13/1961
    Wells, Richard H.    08/06/1899-12/18/1964

Beck, Robert W. M.D.    03/26/1912-08/07/1991
    Beck, Marion L. Kinser

Young, Rev. Leroy    1923-1995
    Young, Ola    [no date of death shown]

Horton, Jack L.    08/24/1940-06/25/1990    married 12/24/1958
    Horton, Delores (Dee Dee)    [no date of death shown]

Stroud, Floyd J.    09/17/1896-11/23/1974
    Stroud, Laura L.    07/30/1897-10/07/1974

Coulter, Roy Lee    06/11/1900-07/07/1955
    Coulter, Edna S.    02/05/1903-12/17/1980

Hardin, Joe Mac "Joey"    08/15/1952-01/29/1953

Stroud, Walterine D.    05/20/1922-05/15/2003
    Stroud, James W.    01/03/1921-06/29/1986

Johnson, Myrtle E.    1893-1989

Johnson, Ezell H.    1878-1962

Evescavich, Ernest S.    05/11/1881-05/22/1958
    Evescavich, Jennettie Tabor    01/07/1875-01/07/1969

Davis, Brad    07/30/1980-12/11/2004

Scott, Mary Virginia "Ginger"    03/18/1942-05/08/1952

Scott, Harold O.    1915-2003
    Scott, Mary L.    1916-

Tarvin, Bessie    03/07/1882-03/23/1957

Tarvin, Henry Frank    11/17/1879-03/12/1963

Tarvin, Woodrow W.    04/07/1915-11/20/1983

Kolasci, Ronald Edwin    08/12/1952-12/09/1966

Whitfield, Marion Fillmore    06/22/1911-10/20/1997

Whitfield, Gracie Marguritte    11/11/1915-09/15/1993

Borke, Virginia James    1912-2005
    Borke, Douglas Milton    1912-1991

Walston, Hattie Lee    01/04/1893-12/23/1970
    Walston, Henry C.    01/19/1894-02/12/1970

Leech, Virginia F.    10/17/1913-07/01/1985    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Leech, John D.    06/10/1914-12/09/1999    Beloved Husband and Father

Edmonson, Sollie H.    12/29/1897-01/29/1987
    Edmonson, C. E. "Gene"    02/11/1896-11/06/1972

King Bech

King, Mary Ruth Chapman    08/09/1917-06/07/2009
    King, Robert T. Sr.    02/18/1913-06/29/1984

Jones, Rodney    09/04/1956-03/31/1987

King, Robert Thomas Jr.    01/24/1942-07/18/1987

Davis, Richard M.    09/04/1937-05/12/1985

Davis, Elma L.    01/17/1905-05/24/1978
    Davis, C. Tom    06/11/1904-05/15/1981

Davis, Jimmie Lee    09/13/1931-04/03/2008    Beloved Son and Father

Pope, Estelle Doris    [no date of death shown]
    Pope, Richard F.    07/31/1917-06/19/1992    Sgt US Army World War II

Whiteside, L. Earl    07/20/1890-01/20/1978

Whiteside, Fern    08/20/1898-

Jones, Opal    1914-1978
    Jones, Ray    1910-1969

King, Martha L.    02/21/1929-06/06/2007

Hickman, James C.    01/03/1909-04/19/1990    US Navy World War II
    Hickman, Theresa Obergfell    10/15/1907-06/14/2001    Beloved Wife

Hickman, John Thomas    08/21/1901-10/31/1964

Hickman, Ruby    03/22/1919-09/26/1995

McClure, Roy C.    10/16/1909-04/18/1988    F2 US Navy

Bland, James H.    08/28/1921-01/28/1988    SSgt US Army Air Corps World War II
    Bland, Johnie Lee    02/07/1925-12/01/1990

Horn, Edna M.    03/21/1913-11/16/2003
    Horn, Washington V.    09/25/1896-01/16/1975

Corpier, Henry Louis    09/26/1949-08/30/1990

Corpier, Doris Mary    [no date of death shown]
    Corpier, Louis E.    1918-2001

James, Dora Francis    1893-1981

Jordan, Erma L.    11/17/1902-01/30/1992
    Jordan, G. Dewey    09/27/1898-09/10/1959

Wood, Ann M.    02/19/1927-02/23/1995
    Wood, C. W. "Pete"    09/05/1927-12/02/1995

Woolsey, Sarah Sue Purvis    [no date of death shown]    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Woolsey, Lawrence S.    07/31/1920-07/11/2007    1st Lt US Army World War II

Whitfield, Jasper M.    09/30/1882-08/05/1955

Whitfield, Victoria K.    03/18/1890-08/13/1980

House, Mary S.    11/13/1908-01/09/1968
    House, Rube    10/13/1905-10/27/1957

Johnson, William H.    12/30/1901-09/22/1994    In Loving Memory of our Father

Johnson, Mattie    09/02/1906-11/03/1973

Brown, Mildred T.    1899-1987
    Brown, Barney B.    1900-1974

Waring, Eva S.    03/22/1921-    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Waring, Doyle L.    12/04/1916-03/06/2004    US Army Air Forces World War II

Mathews, Marie M.    03/16/1898-03/15/1977
    Mathews, Fred H.    12/16/1896-02/05/1954

Draper, Pearl    1890-1963
    Draper, Walter    1890-1956

Stroud, Ruby B.    04/05/1920-07/16/1982
    Stroud, Lee Ed    12/06/1922-01/24/1997

Hardin, Thomas E.    03/13/1927-08/08/2007

Johnson, Violette Brown    1915-2007
    Johnson, John Clark    1911-1998

Emerson, Edith P.    08/25/1903-01/28/1987

Emerson, Felton L.    10/31/1900-07/25/1973

Atkins, George H.    1894-1966
    Atkins, Nettie L.    1906-1994

Elms, Hadden Owen    08/01/1911-09/26/1953

Taylor, Loy O.    04/05/1915-08/28/1981
    Taylor, C. Lillian    01/23/1920-

Taylor, Annie Mae    01/02/1896-05/31/1979
    Taylor, Neoma R.    04/22/1916-08/04/1954

Drye, Robert Howell    1915-1989
    Drye, Dixie N.    1911-1990

Hill, John D.    03/31/1897-11/06/1989
    Hill, Laura S.    10/04/1906-05/28/1986

Selby, Edna E.    1925-1958

Brooks, Myrtle V.    04/11/1903-01/16/1969

Reaves, Clyde Cee    02/15/1925-11/29/1997    US Army Lt Col US Air Force World War II Korea
    Reaves, Arvie W.    08/21/1913-03/10/1999    Beloved Wife

Williams, Thelmer H.    01/17/1908-08/14/1988
    Williams, Mary Pansy    07/09/1908-05/10/1999

Smith, Edwin James    07/02/1894-05/18/1959    Arkansas M Sgt 4514 Base Unit AAF World War I and II

Wyner, Grady W.    01/02/1913-09/24/1966    Arkansas PFC US Army World War II


Hall, Kie Douglas    11/14/1943-01/17/1998

Hicks, Paul E.    08/24/1921-
    Hicks, Betty J.    09/22/1926-04/23/1990

Hanson, Raymond P.    1894-1961
    Hanson, Jerushia R.    1895-1970

Jordan, William Roy    06/05/1895-03/31/1960
    Jordan, Edna Ernestine    10/29/1892-12/18/1979

Gatewood, Robert L. Sr.    07/08/1920-10/23/2000
    Gatewood, Lavada Sue    12/15/1925-06/01/1998

Dominquez, Gordon Ray    12/10/1973-07/07/1988    Son, Brother, Friend
    Dominquex, Winnie Fern    09/07/1940-07/07/1988    Beloved Mother

Gatewood, Lester DeWayne    08/21/1951-04/04/1997

Tyler Bench

Tyler, James H.    [no date of death shown]
    Tyler, Margaret N.    [no date of death shown]

Kennedy, Sheri Tyler    [no date of death shown]

Tyler, Mary E.    09/15/1916-05/26/1980

Jordan, Mary Elizabeth    11/03/1920-09/06/2003

Reichert, Rosalie E.    1906-1980
    Reichert, Mary E.    1912-1995

Reichert, Milton F.    1919-1986
    Reichert, Frances E.    1921-

Younts, Rebecca Anne    04/05/1965-04/06/1965    Daughter

Shamlin, Charley H.    05/18/1894-06/19/1967

Shamlin, Sallie Ann    07/17/1899-10/02/1959

Shamlin, Archie    08/22/1917-05/06/2000    US Army World War II
    Shamlin, Lela Jewell    10/18/1925-07/23/2007

Bowman, Harold A.    1898-1963

Bowman, Flora E.    1901-1957

Williams, Kenneth Russell    10/10/1943-01/09/1993

Smith, Velma R.    09/08/1911-10/13/1988
    Smith, Ralph E.    03/08/1903-05/08/1976

Williams, Thomas S.    1885-1972
    Williams, Lillie A.    1881-1959

Brooks, Sam M.    10/05/1900-06/06/1979

Drye, Claude D.    10/09/1889-05/22/1967
    Drye, May E.    04/12/1892-09/18/1968

Cox, Nelson C.    1906-1967
    Cox, Elsie N.    1906-2005

Ralls, Mildred L.    02/02/1924-07/18/1993

Riley, Thomas M. Sr.    12/29/1892-11/11/1969
    Riley, Annie M.    12/12/1892-09/16/1974

Jackson, Bryan Lee    06/15/1977-12/18/2003    Son, Father, Husband, Brother

Atkins, Walton Herman    07/29/1917-11/01/1972    Arkansas S Sgt US Army World War II

George, John D.    [no dates]    courtesy of Pinecrest Memorial Park

Montgomery, F. Randi    05/01/1946-08/16/2006

Montgomery, Fred E.    09/18/1920-07/27/1982

Talkington, Isaac L. Jr. (June)    11/16/1923-12/09/2001    PFC US Army World War II
    Talkington, Billie Jean    1932-1988

McPhail, Alice H. "Allie"    1897-1979
    McPhail, Alexander M. "Alex"    07/23/1895-02/28/1960    Arkansas Pvt 162 Depot Brigade World War I

McConnell, Lydda Ann    04/29/1869-07/07/1954    In Loving Memory

Whitt, Lydia A.    08/18/1942-10/07/2008    Beloved Wife and Mother

Watson, Donald Eugene    08/15/1953-11/06/1953

Runnells, Randall H.    03/12/1922-05/14/1990    SC3 US Coast Guard

Ralls, Cheryl S.    1946-1969

Blackwell, J. R.    1913-1972

Cox, Nuel Burns    [no date of death shown]

Allen, William Lawrence    05/07/1904-03/11/1981    PFC US Army World War II
    Allen, Naomi Ruth    1907-1992

Raper, Artie Caldonia    01/05/1883-07/01/1952

Raper, Mary Marguerite    06/17/1909-09/07/1994

Hopkins, Stephen N.    [no date of death shown]
    Hopkins, Laura D.    1955-1990

Schultz, Mabel Moss    1879-1960

Mays, Ruby H.    1903-1983
    Mays, James A.    1906-1958

Wilkinson, Beatrice    02/04/1898-06/03/1983

Swaim, Maggie M.    01/30/1903-07/10/1999

Dark, Cora Lee    1900-1987
    Dark, Burl M.    1893-1978

Berner, Arnold Alford    11/27/1921-08/20/1996    Lt US Army World War II

McCall, Cecil Dorris    10/16/1908-02/22/1983
    McCall, Vincent Dorrell    10/16/1908-03/01/1978    S2 US Navy World War II

McCall, Aubrey Markham    12/18/1905-04/06/1981    PFC US Marine Corps World War II

Casady, Sallie Barker    03/22/1906-06/07/1990    married 02/26/1929
    Casady, Lance Condie    02/11/1905-03/06/1990

Garrett, Naomi Ruth    10/16/1929-    Beloved Wife    [obituary shows she died 09/16/2009]
    Garrett, Russell Mills    04/06/1924-12/16/1998    US Army World War II

Nevin, Jack Allen    1955-1973

Henry, Virginia J.    1907-2001
    Henry, Carl J. Sr.    1906-1978

Arterburn, Harry J.    12/29/1940-05/22/2006    Beloved Husband and Grandfather

Arterburn, Gwendolyn    05/02/1947-06/05/2008    Beloved Wife and Grandmother

Arterburn, Cynthia Robin Benton    08/18/1968-11/12/1994

Kyzer, Phyllis B.    07/28/1922-08/11/1991    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Kyzer, Arthur R.    10/23/1919-02/27/2006    US Navy World War II

Anderson, Adaline B.    11/15/1892-08/02/1963

Anderson, Clyde C.    12/10/1895-03/08/1966

Red, Billie P.    1912-1994
    Red, Ernest A.    1894-1974

Berry, Marie Rash    05/13/1913-
    Berry, Stiles R.    01/01/1903-06/16/1961

Emmons, Dean    [no date of death shown]
    Emmons, Lorene A.    1903-

Moss, Sion A. Sr.    1905-1990
    Moss, Clara W.    1904-1982

Donoho, Jack Vernon    11/03/1925-05/15/2003    US Marine Corps World War II

Croxton, Willie Mae    06/19/1912-09/18/2008
    Croxton, William E.    05/04/1913-09/02/1979

Byars, Ila Angeline    02/02/1907-01/12/2004

Taylor, Mary Pearl    10/01/1909-08/26/2003

Henderson, Buna V. (Loring)    1912-1981    [SSDI shows Buna Loring 10/27/1912-08/1981]

Cox, Marie George    05/27/1911-04/21/1986
    Cox, Mack Frederick    02/15/1909-01/16/1981

Smith, Rufus H.    12/29/1895-11/29/1958    Arkansas Cpl 4 Gp Inf & Repl Cen World War I

Lardner, Virginia    1913-1975
    Lardner, John    1908-1976

Campbell, L. Jeanette    [no date of death shown]    married 08/06/1950
    Campbell, Fred O., Jr.

Jackson, Martha A.    11/28/1928-01/09/2002
    Jackson, Bobby R., Sr.    04/01/1927-03/25/2006

Jackson, Elizabeth Anne    05/17/1957-10/12/1985

Runnells, Marie H.    1903-1999
    Runnells, John E.    1901-1972

Watson, Camilla F.    03/04/1925-09/28/2003    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Watson, Frazier E.    10/24/1915-07/20/1999    US Army World War II

Moore, Minor J.    10/11/1894-07/01/1953

Whitt, David D.    08/16/1933-08/20/2008    Beloved Husband and Father

Brown, Hiram J.    09/27/1912-12/23/1957    Arkansas PFC Co D 21 Infantry World War II BSM

Brown, Burlie C.    01/16/1894-07/27/1972    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Brown, John H.    10/01/1885-10/03/1973

McMoran, Edna Brown    06/14/1918-04/18/1996    married 03/22/1941
    McMoran, Rufus D.    12/26/1912-09/19/2000

Ferris, Nannie B.    10/28/1902-07/06/1983

Massey, Benjamin    1902-1989
    Massey, Cora Algee    1906-1995

Williams, Orville Ray    05/25/1916-07/13/1953

Runnells, Lee Roy    1917-1984
    Runnells, Velma L.    1924-2003

Owens, Cora Lee    03/01/1878-02/26/1963

Seibold, Odell H.    08/03/1922-10/28/1991    US Army World War II

Holiman, Milton    1900-1980 1
    Holiman, Trula M.    1904-1987

Campbell, Ruth Carter    11/08/1906-08/31/1995

Campbell, Alfred McCoy    10/20/1893-04/14/1963

Prickett, Edward Wesley    10/13/1895-08/31/1985
    Prickett, Fay Rowland    04/30/1900-03/27/1996

Putt, Frank    [no date of death shown]
    Putt, Paulette J.    [no date of death shown]

Weeks, Thomas Owen    1890-1964
    Weeks, Mary Florence    1889-1960

Williams, Hoyt    09/25/1909-06/18/1990    Cpl US Army World War II
    Williams, Marcella    10/31/1918-04/26/2009    Beloved Wife

Custer, Johnnie R.    1910-1962
    Custer, Lela R.    1910-1961

Custer, Lucy Eskridge    01/21/1873-08/10/1961

Custer, John W.    09/22/1872-06/04/1952

Mahan, BM1C Odell    08/12/1919-09/08/1953    United States Navy Veterans(Seal)

Pruett, John Elbert    05/17/1926-08/06/1968    Arkansas MM3 US Navy World War II
    Speer, Lois Pruett    05/31/1928-06/12/2007    Loving Wife and Mother

Grimes, Allen F.    01/05/1923-11/18/2006
    Grimes, Mary L. (Tookie)     01/01/1924-10/25/1976

Emerson, Fay    1920-2005
    Emerson, Wallace R.    1925-1969

Ragan, Felton J. "Frosty"    03/28/1915-10/08/1994

Davis, Donnie Lorene    1903-1966    Our Beloved Mother

Davis, Willie Annis Sr.    1901-1962    Beloved Husband and Father

Huber, Edith D.    07/24/1904-07/22/1988
    Huber, Henry C.    07/03/1886-10/04/1962

Osburn, Rufus Bud    07/16/1921-01/24/1992    US Navy World War II

Bakalekos, Michael W.    [no date of death shown]    [names of Mike Jr.-Donald below his name]
    Bakalekos, Rayma J.    05/07/1947-12/15/200    [names of Angelo-Christine below her name]

Bakalekos, Angelo Mike    03/25/1876-12/20/1959
    Bakalekos, Mary Magdalene    02/25/1903-05/18/1999

Horn, Charles G.    05/22/1922-10/22/1977

Jenkins, Lewis A. Sr.    09/26/1934-07/17/2008    Beloved Husband and Father
    Jenkins, Juanita V.    09/03/1939-07/22/1995    Beloved Wife and Mother

Mayes, Helen J.    12/22/1922-10/10/1981

Mayes, Dewey W.    08/29/1924-04/10/1980

Sherrod, Billy T.    07/23/1942-07/07/1978

Davis, Willie A. Jr.    12/03/1924-05/29/1992    US Coast Guard World War II

Haley, Ethel B.    02/02/1908-06/04/1985

Turley, Joshua Wayne    07/20/1984-07/22/1984    Son of Tim and Diana

Billing, Louis H.    1913-1987
    Billing, Amelia A.    1912-1997

Grimes, Brinton Lee    04/15/1895-04/29/1983    PFC US Army World War I
    Grimes, Lillie    12/12/1902-04/02/1984    Beloved Wife and Mother

Hinson, Henry Homer    04/12/1889-04/03/1956    Arkansas PFC US Army World War I
    Hinson, Ota V.    11/30/1893-04/22/1968

Custer, Roy Clarke    02/16/1901-07/04/1964
    Custer, Norvella M.    1907-1992

Custer, Patricia L.    1924-1997

Custer, Mae    01/20/1907-07/14/1991

Sartain, D. Loraine Akins    07/28/1916-05/31/1984

Akins, I'Della Haley    03/18/1894-09/03/1953

Akins, C. Leon (Pete)    11/08/1925-01/26/1961

Akins, James W. "Buck"    12/28/1919-02/12/1997

Prickett, John W. Sr.    [no date of death shown]
    Prickett, Rebecca Wilder    03/21/1937-07/16/1997

Warnke, Charles G.    1921-2004
    Warnke, Mildred A.    [no date of death shown]

Scroggins, Walter N. Jr.    08/25/1922-01/05/2008

Scroggins, Walter N.    1880-1965
    Scroggins, Eva B.    01/20/1898-10/22/1997

Makin, Danny Lee    01/14/1959-01/15/1959    Our Baby

Neal, Evelyn M.    11/03/1905-12/30/1990
    Neal, Lloyd S.    03/12/1900-11/13/1977

Hardin, Maudie    07/23/1904-11/03/1971
    Hardin, Joe W.    02/05/1902-01/06/1964

Makoski, Bess Atkinson Olson    1907-1995
    Makoski, Joseph John    1908-1994

De Linde, Hester Barber    01/27/1900-09/04/1953

Thomas, Olive H.    05/04/1898-08/08/1954
    Thomas, Stuart R.    01/03/1888-10/01/1971

Gibbs, Thelma Cecil    02/21/1908-02/23/1998

Gibbs, Charlie M.    07/19/1909-03/20/1963

Witt, Lindel    03/08/1920-11/21/2005
    Witt, Dale    07/27/1914-09/15/1995

Witt, Katherine Sue    09/28/1911-11/13/1965

Witt, George W.    12/23/1906-12/04/1967

Conger, Sallee Witt    08/27/1919-08/26/1953

Carpenter, Theron Eugene    11/03/1940-12/23/1963

Carpenter, Ellen    1915-
    Carpenter, Horace T.    1910-1988

Vandever, Mary J.    09/22/1933-11/30/2001

Gentry, Wanda L.    [no date of death shown]
    Gentry, Clyde W.    1924-2008

Caviness, Oweta L.    [no date of death shown]
    Caviness, James B.    08/13/1920-02/07/1983

Diemer, H. Haven    1912-1987
    Diemer, Marjorie Mullen    1916-

Griffey, Elma Sue    12/11/1909-02/07/2000

Griffey, James A. Jr.    07/31/1938-05/02/2000

Jenkins, Margaret A.    [no date of death shown]
    Jenkins, Dan (Bill)    1932-1996

Jenkins, Tressie C.    07/01/1913-11/29/1998    Beloved Mother
    Jenkins, Wallace "Buddy"    12/15/1942-03/13/2007    Beloved Father, Son, and Brother

Morgan, Audrey    04/20/1919-11/30/1984

Curtis, Kelly C.    04/21/1980-08/26/1984

Williams, Bonnie K.    1919-2009
    Williams, Joe A.    1913-1986

Gibbons, Madeline    10/13/1924-06/14/2008    Beloved Wife
    Gibbons, Clair B.    08/30/1917-05/02/1980    SSgt US Army World War II

Ray, Dorothy Fern    [no date of death shown]

Ray, Oren    1892-1986    Pvt US Army World War I
    Ray, Maude    1902-1989

The following were read November 3, 2009:

Coburn, Ellie M.    1914-1989
    Coburn, F. Scott    1913-1991

Epps, Ada Elmina    08/24/1908-07/31/1990
    Epps, John Allen    06/24/1902-12/09/1954

Ross, Elizabeth Shaver    02/16/1912-06/15/2003
    Ross, John Edwin    03/15/1910-07/22/1987

Frederick, James Duane    1946-1987    Sgt US Air Force

Shepherd, Edna Earl    1905-2003
    Shepherd, William M.    1905-1980

McCutcheon, K. A.    04/07/1884-04/05/1969
    McCutcheon, Stewart    02/22/1884-08/14/1973

McCutcheon, Joe    08/30/1915-09/01/2007

Ewell, Mamie A.    07/12/1902-05/30/1981
    Ewell, Duffy W.    08/19/1895-02/08/1960    Arkansas Pvt 1 Demobilization Det. World War I

Ragan, Josephine B.    10/19/1913-02/25/2004 1
    Ragan, Charles T.    09/26/1910-03/29/1982

New Grave Unmarked

Lorenz, Bernice A.    01/27/1907-12/18/1966

Brown, Harry Willis    1904-1969

Brown, Edna L. Kerr    1904-2001

Marsh, Terra M.    06/22/1910-04/08/1998
    Marsh, Harry B.    09/01/1907-12/16/1969

Bradley, Marie W.    06/29/1900-06/12/1990
    Bradley, Carl T.    08/12/1904-06/09/1965

MaGouirk, Katherine Marie    07/02/1920-07/11/1970

Sullivan, Leon "Shorty"    01/21/1916-11/24/1994    married 07/30/1937
    Sullivan, Ruby Pruett    04/05/1920-01/02/2016    [dod from obituary]

Zeiner, Max A., Jr.    1913-1990
    Zeiner, Louise H.    1916-1990

Taylor, John D.    05/20/1921-06/03/1988    S Sgt US Army Air Corps World War II
    Taylor, Vera E.    [no date of death shown]

Smith, Juanita Maxine    03/27/1935-02/24/2009    Loving Mom and Grandma

Gibson, Jerome P.    1957-1981

Windham, Leslie O.    1904-1992
    Windham, Annie M.    1908-1995

Crow, John F.    10/15/1913-06/04/1980    BTC US Navy World War II
    Crow, Ilene S.    08/11/1917-11/18/1996

Lane, Hardy Lee    11/29/1946-08/27/1979

Morris, Fred Jr.    1910-1923
    Morris, Montana V.    1902-1995

Thompson, Curtis    08/28/1903-10/30/1971    Arkansas PFC US Army World War II
    Thompson, Ruby Opal    10/17/1914-02/02/1975    Beloved Wife

Phelps, Hubert    1890-1992
    Phelps, Beatrice    1890-1981

Burton, James Collinwoode    02/20/1915-05/23/1977
    Burton, Minnie Grace Stoll    01/09/1917-

Horton, Andrew J.    06/22/1902-01/14/1976
    Horton, Esther C.    01/20/1905-01/01/1985

Walls, Clyde P.    1910-1972
    Walls, Mary J.    1916-1997

Chrouch, Floyd H.    1905-1976
    Chrouch, Elizabeth M.    1906-1994

Arendt, Robert E.    10/11/1914-04/29/1984    US Army World War II
    Arendt, E. Marie    10/25/1915-02/24/1988

Graves, Rev. William P.    10/22/1881-03/19/1959
    Graves, Bernice A.    10/10/1889-07/11/1968

Ritter, Earl    1889-1974
    Ritter, Virginia    1908-1999

Jordan, Lorene Conrad    05/12/1919-01/29/1985    Beloved Wife and Mother

Jordan, Kenneth Scott    10/21/1970-02/21/1982    Beloved Son

Armstrong, Howard G.    1913-1989
    Armstrong, Ruby N.    1914-1992

Hardin, Lillith E.    09/27/1899-07/20/1993

Cooper, Samuel Allan    09/09/1882-12/29/1963
    Cooper, Mary Ann    01/08/1905-07/13/1982

Brown, Catherine A.    08/15/1910-12/30/1979    In Loving Memory Mother

Bowman, Chester C.    11/17/1905-09/20/1964
    Bowman, Anna J.    07/11/1906-08/31/1955

Farley, Spurgeon S.    12/30/1917-05/08/2000    US Merchant Marine World War II
    Farley, Martha Oleta    11/22/1922-04/16/2003    Beloved Wife and Mother

Lane, Harlan S.    12/11/1924-04/29/1984    PFC US Army World War II
    Lane, Margie Lee    06/02/1929-03/04/1990 1

Hale, Lola Mae    02/10/1911-10/06/1960

Hicks, Ervie O.    08/27/1900-09/15/1974
    Hicks, Mae    10/22/1897-10/13/1958

Herrod, Louis    06/13/1915-12/08/1971

Redmond, Robert J.    11/21/1909-04/06/1959

Purcell, George Allen    04/27/1927-09/26/1979
    Purcell, Ann Campbell    [no date of death shown]

McAlister, Woodrow W.    1913-1965
    McAlister, Neoma Sheppard    1924-2006

Purcell Bench

Purcell, George A.    04/27/1927-09/28/1977    F1 US Navy World War II

Purcell, Max Lee    07/15/1921-10/17/2001    Pvt US Army World War II

Toland, C. E. "Doc"    10/30/1921-03/12/2007

Castle, Anna L.    05/22/1919-11/22/1968

Lowry, Anna W.    01/14/1885-07/04/1962

Ives, Meredith C.    [no date of death shown]    Loved Wife and Mother
    Ives, James Washington    05/03/1927-06/20/1980    Pvt US Army World War II

Sims, Richard Arthur    1961-1980

Wilkerson, Ellis W.    11/15/1905-12/03/1960

Ewell, Thelma E.    1912-1986
    Ewell, Ray G.    1904-1966

Dees, Ben Woodall    05/31/1909-02/09/1962

Newman, Lenora R.    [no date of death shown]
    Newman, Harrell G.    04/05/1928-03/23/1996

Cahill, Bonnie Jean    1926-1992
    Cahill, William J.    1916-2001

Chrouch, L. LaNora    1925-1986
    Chrouch, Floyd H. Jr.    1924-1987

Vance, Deariel L.    1932-1985    (closeup)
    Vance, Wanda E.    [no date of death shown]

Boone, Edna Lee    07/07/1928-11/16/1976
    Boone, Bill C.    10/06/1925-10/03/1998

Waterman, Lewis B.    1952-1977    "Our Lew"

Gulley, Pauline M.    05/28/1916-05/11/2003    Our Mom

Collier, Betty J.    02/20/1936-09/10/2003

Patterson, Louise M.    1913-1995    married 09/23/1933
    Patterson, Charles W. Sr.    1908-2000

Waterman, Bruce W.    04/12/1951-02/02/2009

Chambless, B. Arlene    [no date of death shown]
    Chambless, A. Corley    10/12/1930-04/19/2003

Jamison, Marion F.    10/22/1924-05/18/2000    Beloved Wife

Norman, Kenneth Marvin Jr.    1959-1981

May, Tena L. White    09/03/1896-09/28/1985

Dunham, Betty J.    02/23/1925-02/24/2003
    Dunham, Lee E.    08/13/1922-07/15/1989    Y2 US Navy World War II

Vance, Steven Deariel    04/04/1976-07/06/1976    Our First Child    (closeup)

Lewellen, Francis A.    07/03/1911-01/01/2002    Mother
    Lewellen, Joe J.    12/20/1897-02/24/1959

Gross, Mabel    1898-1973
    Gross, Orville E.    1894-1976

Marks, Maurice E.    03/23/1911-02/05/1986
    Marks, George M.    06/21/1906-01/14/1987

Marsh, Hughie E.    08/07/1899-10/22/1992    married 09/05/1920    (closeup)
    Marsh, Esther B.    05/29/1904-02/01/1999

Marsh, Ann T.    03/17/1924-10/06/1998    Beloved Wife and Mother
    Marsh, Ven    12/27/1921-05/14/1992    US Marine Corps

Glendening, Madelyn K.    01/07/1898-06/01/1968
    Glendening, E. L.    09/18/1888-10/06/1968

Miller, Nodya Dees    [no date of death shown]
    Miller, Ben Robert    1930-1975

Philpot, Billie F.    1922-2004

Brantley, Marian Dian    1944-1973

Harrison, Lilla U.    04/03/1894-01/30/1974
    Harrison, Millard S.    12/03/1890-12/13/1979

Harrison, Maxie G.    09/20/1931-07/20/1950    Sgt.

Watson, Kenneth Ray    04/02/1964-09/03/1965


Collins, Troy A.    1912-1991
    Collins, Audray A.    1913-1996

Briner, Ernest    10/02/1887-12/17/1956    Arkansas Pvt 54 Depot Svc Co World War I
    Briner, Grace E.    09/29/1906-10/31/1966

Lamb, Ida C.    1884-1957    Mother - Grandmother

Reams, Rev. George Jimy    12/19/1920-10/27/1982

Hughey, James Frank    12/29/1889-03/15/1953

Norrell, Lillian A.    1925-1993

Norrell, Thomas Henry Jr.    01/23/1922-06/22/1962

Riegler, Mary Jane Miller    07/02/1924-12/05/1989

Nicolini, Carol Ann    07/01/1947-12/17/1958

Hunt, Hobart A.    05/26/1922-08/16/2000
    Hunt, Marjorie M.    11/22/1925-11/01/2005

Winburn, Elizabeth B.    09/20/1916-08/11/1993

Winburn, Sinclair W.    03/24/1914-01/18/1994

McGhee, Alvin E.    07/17/1917-05/29/2003    Sgt. US Marine Corps World War II
    McGhee, Irene C.    05/13/1915-07/04/2001

Jensen, Sophus Christian    04/07/1891-12/14/1957
    Jensen, Hildur Amanda    09/01/1890-11/02/1980

Smith, Anna Sue    08/04/1940-07/07/1981


Burgess, Robert C.    10/02/1905-03/05/1980
    Burgess, Myrtle A.    06/18/1909-12/28/1971

Pataky, Eugene T.    02/07/1940-08/26/1981    married 04/08/1961
    Pataky, M. Diane    [no date of death shown]

Pataky, Penny J.    05/04/1966-03/08/1993

Gilbert, Ervin Allen    09/09/1941-04/29/1996

Harden, Gloria "Gogo"    07/04/1926-06/10/1998    Beloved Daughter, Sister, and Aunt

Avance, James Drew    11/07/1909-03/06/1991    Major US Army World War II Purple Heart
    Avance, Leah K.    09/25/1909-06/26/1997

Burgess, Royce C.    05/23/1943-12/16/1993

Lucas, Walter L.    08/26/1949-11/25/1968    "Our Son"

Goble, R. G.    10/21/1919-07/03/1965

Henry, Oliver Clay    09/24/1913-12/19/1994
    Henry, Ruby G. Williams    10/14/1915-09/11/2003

Jensen, Vernon H.    06/24/1918-01/02/1975    Pvt. US Army
    Jensen, Helen L.    08/18/1911-05/27/1976

Hunt, John D.    11/18/1929-08/29/1992    US Army

Pruss, Peggy Ann Hunt    12/25/1950-03/18/1994    Sister, Wife, and Mother

Tucker, Jeremy Edward    02/07/1982-05/12/2003

Packer, Bruce K.    1925-1993
    Packer, Hazel A.    1927-2002

Holt, Stella B.    1891-1978
    Holt, David W.    1888-1968

Clements, Hugh N.    12/15/1923-09/05/1985
    Clements, Margaret K.    02/13/1924-08/21/1998

Haynie, Jo Ann    1933-2005
    Haynie, Carl B. Jr.    [no date of death shown]

Short, Ronald G.    07/17/1945-12/10/1975    In Loving Memory, David and Spencer

Caudle, Robert L.    02/13/1924-05/24/1998    Cpl US Army World War II

Warner, Carolyn M.    06/10/1925-04/23/1985

Moring, James A. Jr.    10/16/1930-09/03/1998

Simpson, Gordon Layne    08/17/1956-01/17/2002    Loving Son and Brother

Sharp, Syble E.    [no date of death shown]
    Sharp, Glen W.    07/17/1918-05/08/1989

Harris, Elizabeth Sturgis    04/21/1898-08/01/198    Our Loving Mother

Harris, Curtis Leon    02/24/1927-07/18/1957    Corporal US Army

Harden, Ernest C.    11/07/1885-08/01/1964
    Harden, Ruth K.    09/11/1893-09/14/1966

Marshall, Rose C.    02/10/1898-02/14/1992
    Marshall, Joe F.    09/28/1899-08/30/1965

Rinke, Dorothy D.    [no date of death shown]
    Rinke, Benny A.    03/06/1925-05/16/2006    S Sgt US Army World War II Purple Heart Corps of Engineers

Bowie, Creola Sue    03/30/1903-05/03/1983
    Bowie, Luther Lee    10/23/1896-02/21/1964    Arkansas Sgt Co D 154 Inf 39 Div World War I

Simpson, Mary Sue    07/13/1926-01/23/2007
    Simpson, William H.    05/08/1926-11/07/1999

Hutchins, Velma L.    12/28/1916-
    Hutchins, Clarence O.    10/31/1908-10/05/1970

Moring, Curtice Florence    04/15/1900-08/24/1989
    Moring, James Ansol    08/01/1900-04/02/1965

Brightop, Clariece E.    09/11/1926-03/12/2001
    Brightop, Austin A. Jr.    [no date of death shown]

Caudle, Bessie V.    07/28/1907-08/29/1991
    Caudle, Jack W.    07/08/1900-03/16/1987

Bledsoe, Neva L.    07/15/1926-06/05/1998
    Bledsoe, Thomas Alfred    12/10/1899-05/29/1981

Shelton, Glennie E.    04/02/1896-08/23/1969
    Shelton, Vaughn T.    11/02/1884-12/16/1958

Haynie, Mary C.    1908-2002
    Haynie, Carl B.    1906-1990

Brown, Estalea A.    1918-1994
    Brown, Coy O.    1915-2002

Clements, Flora Beth    12/20/1922-08/10/2007    Loving Wife and Mother
    Clements, William S. "Bill"    02/04/1921-09/07/2008    US Army World War II

Clements, Michael Nelson    06/18/1947-07/04/2007

Brown, James W.    05/26/1875-04/02/1968
    Brown, Dora E.    09/03/1879-07/04/1959

Diehl, Birdie W.    1911-1978
    Diehl, Christie A.    1906-1958

King, John B.    08/21/1908-01/23/1997
    King, Myrtle M.    09/02/1908-09/28/2005

Shibley, Norma W.    09/22/1903-03/21/1985
    Shibley, Luther C., Sr.    12/21/1900-05/27/1987

Shibley, Luther C., Jr.    11/14/1932-03/14/1967    Beloved Son

Hardin, Alfred Sterling    07/29/1920-10/16/2006    US Navy World War II
    Hardin, Jewell B.    09/04/1917-09/14/1988

Gentry, Robert Bruce    07/08/1913-02/05/2000
    Gentry, Daisy Belle    11/10/1919-05/25/2013    [dod from obituary]

Elrod, Bill B.    04/10/1931-07/04/1981
    Elrod, Nancy S.    06/28/1933-

Sansing, Frances Louise    04/10/1918-09/01/1991

Sansing, Robert L.    11/03/1914-01/28/1975    T Sgt US Army World War II

Bowie, Luther L.    12/22/1922-07/29/2009    US Army Air Forces Military Police
    Bowie, Helen M.    1924-1994

Wilson, Margaret Ray    08/02/1924-03/21/2008    We Love You Moo

Bowie, Murray K.    1955-1997

Ivey, Joe Edward    03/30/1935-07/11/1982

Cartwright, Robert Louis    07/21/1933-04/24/1982

Traxler, Belinda Christine    05/28/1950-01/17/1996    Daughter
    Traxler, Peggie Diehl    [no date of death shown]    Mother

Finn, John F.    1906-1972
    Finn, Marguerite M.    1904-1982

Finn, Etta Jane    10/23/1871-09/12/1959    Our Beloved Mother

Bowie, Juanita Beth    11/17/1951-02/23/2007

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