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Pinecrest Memorial Park and Garden Mausoleum
Saline County, Arkansas
Section 10

Pinecrest Memorial Park Cemetery Section 10

Survey of Section 10 began October 14, 2008, and ended November 7, 2008, by Patti Vance Hays beginning with the southwest corner going north

The cemetery is located on Highway 5 between Bryant and the Pulaski County line. 

My own comments will be shown with brackets [] before and after.  Please contact me regarding any questions or comments. I have made every effort to input this information correctly but please let me know if you have any additions or corrections.  There may be times that a "bench" may be shown more than once.  I have, at times, shown it with a family name entry to make it easier to find the gravestone and then again where it actually is within a row.

Some of the names are linked to their tombstone photograph -- click on the name to see the photograph.  The tombstone photographs are copyrighted by Patti Vance Hays.  You may use them for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission. You may, however, use the tombstone photographs on your public [permission is not granted for private trees] family tree site, Rootsweb World Connect Project site, and rootsweb/ freepages site as long as you type in the description field the following: Courtesy of Patti Vance Hays as posted on her Found Leaves and Branches website:
If you use any of the photographs (and I will be adding more), I would love to hear from you. Let me know, and I will post on the bottom of this webpage the link to your website. Please make sure you type the following in the email subject: Pinecrest Cemetery family tree, WCP, or freepages.

McEwen, Willard F    1932-1983

White, Agnes J    12/01/1913-
    White, Melvin W    06/09/1912-02/02/1985

Hargett, Jennie Edith    [no date of death shown]
    Hargett, Coy Laverne    03/10/1919-06/20/2004

Smith, Betty G    02/19/1930-05/02/2001
    Smith, Glenn L    08/10/1928-01/28/1981

Talsma, Margaret A    12/28/1921-01/18/2006
    Talsma, Linwood J    [no date of death shown]

Rowe, Wesley Cole    09/20/1940-09/13/2006


Johnson, Arthur E    12/13/1925-07/12/1989    Cox US Navy World War II

Johnson, Samantha M    08/18/1898-06/16/1993

Thompson, Mary Melton    05/01/1928-06/15/1996
    Thompson, Ira V    08/24/1919-11/24/1999    Sgt US Army Air Forces World War II

Horn, Samuel N    1951-2005    Son of Ray and Kathleen

Mull, Keith A    05/23/1952-01/01/1996

Murray, Winnie L    10/06/1921-10/28/1990
    Murray, Benjamin H    11/19/1919-11/14/2004

Pack, Brenda E    10/27/1957-04/14/1991

Van Driesum, Patricia McGill    1928-1995

Davis, Larry G    09/01/1952-08/29/1995

Smithson, Pearl M    06/22/1897-01/22/1990

Steele, Mildred M    04/11/1918-08/28/2003
    Steele, Roscoe C    08/13/1918-04/06/1993

Bass, Mary Bentley    11/04/1929-01/08/1995
    Bass, Dan R    10/16/1924-12/20/1995

Fleming, Maurice    07/29/1926-01/18/1999    married 07/12/1947
    Fleming, G E    [no date of death shown]

Fleming, Mary A    [no date of death shown]

Michael, Evah Mae    12/09/1910-11/25/2000
    Michael, John David    03/23/1898-12/30/1983

Bechtel, Junior S    12/23/1924-12/23/2006

Macomber, Myrtie E    09/15/1865-03/28/1952

Davis, Flossie Macomber    12/10/1885-06/01/1964

McCray, Alpha    05/16/1904-04/12/1975
    McCray, Myrtice    06/23/1905-02/09/1979
        Parents of Joanne and Dr J H McCray

Jolly, Bronie V    01/22/1896-04/18/1972
    Jolly, Nina C    09/02/1903-12/01/1992

Wright, William G    06/19/1933-05/29/1987    Sgt US Army Korea

Smith, James M    1903-1986
    Rambo, Matthew Brian and Aaron Christopher    04/24/1974 [date of death]

Smith, Maggie J    1887-1981

Barton, Alton M    03/05/1918-02/15/1972

Edens, John Guy    1898-1978
    Edens, Pearl E    1902-1983

Best, Grover E    1914-1989
    Best, Marjorie A    1914-1995

Harris, Austin Terrel    08/22/1922-03/17/1997    MOMM2 US Navy World War II
    Harris, Georgia    [no date of death shown]

Adams, Gary Joe    09/08/1953-01/02/1983

McCulley, George S    11/14/1922-06/12/1967    Arkansas SSgt US Marine Corps World War II

Kelly, Judy A    02/11/1949-02/21/1992

Riegler, Andrew H    1930-1982    1st Lt US Air Force Korea

Babb, Ray    06/18/1913-06/15/1994
    Babb, Mary    10/01/1925-01/24/2000

Moss, Henry R    08/11/1923-01/13/2007    US Army

Moss, Larry Scott    02/29/1944-04/02/1984    A1C US Air Force Vietnam

Garrett, Michael D Sr    02/15/1945-03/16/2001

McNair, John Daniel    03/27/1921-05/13/2005
    McNair, Susie Steward    06/29/1924-08/03/2005

Bean, Mary Lucille    11/12/1922-08/05/1996

Tackett, Phillip D    11/13/1954-11/15/2003

Grantham, Sue Ann    12/12/1937-05/25/2000

Warfel, Rosa Bill    1896-1975

Dunlap, Lula Gray    05/27/1874-12/31/1967

Dunlap, William David    04/04/1876-01/28/1949

Scott, Frank Chitwood    08/07/1895-07/03/1955

Childers, Daisy S    1895-1964

Childers, Albert L    1884-1964

Bowen, Ralph O    12/08/1910-10/05/1992    US Navy World War II
    Bowen, Lorene H    10/21/1915-07/19/1993

Barnes, David T    08/24/1918-12/22/2000    US Army World War II Purple Heart Europe

Barnes, Pearl J    02/04/1903-01/09/1990

Faust, Mary    05/19/1895-04/12/1974

Jenkins, Pauline L    12/23/1916-06/22/1990

Wright, Ural C    1920-
    Wright, Billie R    1906-1987

Owens, Phillip Howard    02/13/1960-11/24/1976

Owens, Curtis J    09/09/1920-02/07/2001

Hipp, Ralph S    1910-1981
    Hipp, Alice Loree    1915-

Hill, Mary F    09/08/1901-03/27/1993

Hill, Jessie    02/07/1937-05/18/1999

Horn, Raymond R    08/25/1918-04/18/1991    AS US Navy
    Horn, L Kathleen    [no date of death shown]

Webb, W C    1913-1981
    Webb, Ora M    1913-

Moseley, Richard A    11/09/1966-06/25/1995

McMahan, William U    06/24/1904-01/14/1980
    McMahan, Edythe A    04/13/1907-02/26/2005

Tackett, Derwin Robert    06/18/1923-02/02/1976    S1 US Navy World War II 1
    Tackett, Reba J    10/31/1926-08/15/2003

Jennings, Chester    1914-1986
    Jennings, Opal    1911-2003

Milam, Don    02/06/1939-05/01/1975

Lee, J M    08/16/1930-06/07/2002
    Lee, Ruby    03/14/1936-11/10/1993

Hester, Arthur Frank    01/17/1892-02/05/1994    US Army World War I
    Hester, Maurine Floy    03/23/1912-07/30/2003

Kelly, Alice A    1928-1995
    Kelly, Cecil L    1926-1998

Bird, Oma L McCulley    02/06/1903-04/28/1979

McCulley, Burley    08/16/1881-09/27/1965

Woods, Verlie I    03/08/1910-03/30/1975

Haynes, Carter    1923-1992
    Haynes, Juanita    1926-1975

Jones, Charlie W    12/21/1905-06/18/1969
    Jones, Viola O    09/29/1912-12/17/1983

Robison, Twyla H    03/16/1915-11/05/1995

Robison, Howard Mike    10/25/1916-06/23/1976

McGuire, Emma Grace    1936-1998

McFarland, William W Sr    1910-
    McFarland, O Corene    1910-1991

Dodson, Hazel Marie    07/20/1927-01/31/1994

Dodson, June Bowie    1969-1976    Our Loving Son

Dodson, John L    02/04/1932-10/16/2004

Rambo, Jennie Trammell    02/13/1884-07/16/1954

Rambo, Lafayette    08/14/1880-09/06/1957

Rambo, Mabel Grace    08/01/1905-10/20/1988

Rambo, Edgar Fay    09/11/1908-08/09/1963    Arkansas Tec5 781 Ordnance Co World War II

Jolly, Dorris L    12/23/1900-11/23/1945

Harrell, William R    07/13/1891-11/25/1955    Arkansas Pvt 113 Co Coast Arty

Harris, Willie J    04/06/1899-09/23/1980
    Harris, Ruth E    08/06/1906-04/04/1993

Wilson, Rena Eloise    06/02/1915-04/04/1969
    Wilson, Earl Clyde Sr    01/12/1897-10/23/1957

McCray, James    08/10/1875-09/09/1943

McCray, Anna    09/11/1881-08/21/1951

Cumnock, Ben J    11/28/1918-05/17/2000

Cumnock, Joanne Dew    [no date of death shown]

Cumnock, Benjamin Surrey    04/28/1875-04/24/1955

Cumnock, Ruby Leeper    01/26/1879-03/13/1940

Homan, J M    10/02/1869-06/02/1947

Homan, Ethel W    10/03/1889-01/25/1972

Presley, Katherine Homan    09/23/1903-03/27/1983

Coker, Douglas C    02/06/1943-08/30/1967    Y-N-3- USN

Coker, Ethel V    09/25/1918-09/28/2002
    Coker, Doyle N    09/28/1907-02/06/1978

Roberson, Ethel G    05/02/1918-08/12/2004
    Roberson, Arnold L    08/13/1912-11/26/1971

Cochran, William H    06/21/1881-01/08/1940

Schmaltz, Inez Cochran    1894-1969

Mangrum, Claude P    05/19/1907-04/08/1958

McClure, Rena Belle    10/20/1912-02/04/1985

Crane, Charlie C    12/18/1911-12/03/1981

Watts, Mary L    1919-
    Watts, Carl T    1917-1989

Davenport, Norma S    1889-1963
    Davenport, Rufus M    11/11/1891-08/31/1963    Arkansas PFC Co C 319 Field Sig Bn WWI

Rink, Madolin    1907-1978
    Rink, Frederic    1905-1986

Ghent    [no first names shown]

Ghent, Beatrice S    1899-1972
    Ghent, John B    1897-1952

Chenault, Gordon E    06/11/1919-01/31/1996    US Army WWII

Walls, Louis Alan Jr    06/18/1978-02/19/2005

Van Cleve, Nellie C    1919-2006
    Van Cleve, William Avery    1915-1976

Bowers, Edward A    08/25/1923-10/20/2006    [obituary and SSDI show 07/25/1923]

Hill, Evelyn R    1913-2008
    Hill, Clark L    1912-1981

Royse, Bernice W    1907-1997
    Royse, Ralph P    1910-1990

Chapman, Nora E    12/29/1882-04/09/1981

Chapman, Mae D    1910-1974
    Chapman, Carlos T    1907-1988

Fulford, Doris M    1915-1981
    Fulford, Clay M    1913-    [SSDI shows 07/19/1913-01/03/1997]

Plummer, Mary A    05/07/1926-08/21/2000
    Plummer, Edward M    03/18/1922-07/10/1986

Shepherd, Alice    04/22/1908-08/31/1979
    Shepherd, Frank R    10/25/1902-06/09/1975

Hubbard, O M "Sam"    04/03/1908-01/26/1980

Bledsoe, William Wallace    1889-1972
    Bledsoe, Elizabeth    1896-1986

Williams, Bette Sue Bledsoe    09/20/1927-08/04/1995

Waldron, Genevieve M    05/25/1917-05/08/2001

Waldron, Stephen K    07/01/1950-03/25/2008

Kirklin, Laura P    01/17/1899-11/16/1974
    Kirklin, Aubrey A    07/17/1887-04/29/1967

Mathis, Martin S Jr    04/12/1897-03/04/1974    Arkansas Pvt US Army WWI

Mathis, Odra R    01/19/1906-12/05/1981

Ives, Mary W    12/21/1926-05/03/1982

Porter, Marguerite    1908-1967
    Porter, Edward L    1895-1968

Smith, Scyville R    10/17/1918-04/01/2005
    Smith, Leonard D    05/27/1918-04/10/1995    US Navy WWII

Keaton, Norene Austin    07/30/1923-02/06/1998
    Keaton, Morland    09/11/1916-08/04/2003    US Army Air Forces US Air Force WWII

Keaton, Janice T    02/16/1942-04/26/2000

Biehslich, Marie    07/09/1912-10/26/1985
    Biehslich, Ernest    10/04/1900-01/27/1993

Thornton, Mrs. Zelma    01/21/1900-04/18/1948

Smith, Mina E    05/01/1888-08/21/1958

Bratton, Emily L    02/26/1896-11/23/1965

Bratton, Thomas Edward    1881-1951

Green, Carol Ann    03/17/1949-08/09/1987

Smith, Lester Harvey    10/16/1920-05/11/1965

Tate, Troy G    03/25/1929-12/24/1984    Cpl US Army Korea

Hubbard, Mary Susan    11/04/1942-07/22/1951

Barker, Carrie Lee    09/03/1915-02/20/1977

Amos, Rhonda L    07/16/1926-07/31/2002

Hatfield, Faynell    1917-2006
    Hatfield, Willard W    1912-1975

Hornbeck, W Glenn    05/23/1935-08/19/1974

Sliwka, Ada B    03/12/1910-09/23/1990

Lawson, Wallace M    05/10/1917-01/20/2000

Lawson, Minnie Lee    1895-1974

Lawson, William G    1888-1984

Rogers, Clyde D    02/26/1899-06/11/1994    Loving Husband of Ellen E. Rogers Married 1944

Dame, Julia Short    04/09/1939-11/03/2001

Dame, Richard N Jr    1958-1974

Chenault, William David    1948-1976

Allison, Billy Joe    11/09/1934-02/19/1974    A2C USAF Korea

Nix, Jarrell Chappell    11/27/1927-10/18/1978    US Navy WWII

Ramsey, Lula L    1900-1989
    Ramsey, Walden A    1893-1981

Incaviglia, Opal    1906-2003
    incaviglia, Joseph    1912-1971

Duke, Paul O    03/03/1918-08/19/1981

Duke, Olavene    05/04/1919-03/16/1966

Duke, Lillian B.    1913-1971
    Duke, J. Cecil    1911-1977

Conley, William E.    07/31/1921-02/16/1980    S Sgt US Army WWII

Conley, Daisy S.    03/13/1903-04/20/1997
    Conley, William E., Sr.    12/03/1893-11/09/1952

Stevens, Louise J.    09/05/1875-06/29/1961

Stevens, Samuel J.    11/04/1866-05/15/1945

Roberts, Sibyl C.    05/20/1895-09/20/1976

Cumnock, Clara H.    02/16/1901-12/15/1985

Cumnock, Herman T.    11/06/1901-08/28/1992

Ray, Gertrude E.    06/05/1889-04/26/1963

Ray, John B.    11/23/1870-04/28/1956

Bowerman, Leo L., Sr.    07/17/1897-03/27/1978
    Bowerman, Agnes R.    12/10/1898-06/18/1985

Newsom, James W.    09/03/1907-02/20/1969
    Newsom, Freida J.    06/18/1911-09/16/1995

Dossett, William A., Jr.    07/10/1912-05/09/1970

Dossett, Emma Louise    02/03/1919-05/22/1997

Cox, Mort    10/14/1914-12/25/2000    US Army

Holeman, Osburn V.    11/13/1925-07/17/2005    US Army WWII

Mathews, Cecil L.    1932-2007 1
    Mathews, Martha J.    1932-2003

Best, Hodda H.    01/06/1885-05/07/1965

Best, Lena L    05/22/1891-12/29/1950

Love, Russell    1924-1999
    Love, Margaret Ann    [no date of death shown]

McDonald, Thomas Milton    09/28/1894-04/08/1977    US Army WWI
    McDonald, Juanita    08/04/1899-11/14/1978

Morgan, Carl C    09/28/1928-12/06/1988

Sarver, James E    06/25/1920-04/26/1998    married 12/15/1946
    Sarver, Betty Lou Duke    04/08/1929-08/07/1998

Hall, Titus C    12/26/1918-09/06/1996
    Hall, Melva Duke    [no date of death shown]

Warren, Foss Dowell Jr    02/07/1922-05/08/1996    MM2 US Navy WWII
    Warren, Gloria Jean    08/15/1925-12/31/1993

Graham, G Grimsley M.D.    1921-1991

Holt, Robert B    1920-1974
    Holt, Ernestine    1920-2007

Benton, George Edward    1907-1992
    Benton, Hilda Kay    1909-1998

Brainard, Dan F    03/29/1936-02/24/1995
    Brianard, Wanda M    [no date of death shown]

Holland, Bonnie B    04/03/1903-12/02/1988

Bolin, Betty J    03/14/1925-01/06/1999

Foster, John W    1925-2002
    Foster, E Marjorie    1921-1985

Furnish, William J    1909-1963

Culp, Charles C    07/08/1885-06/13/1952

Culp, Keith Charles    05/26/1962-04/15/1967

Ehemann, Doris E Culp    12/06/1907-01/29/1989

Bates, Barbara Anne    10/13/1942-10/13/1960

Burch, Flossie Jewell    11/24/1921-01/29/1988

Snipes, Robert F    01/05/1943-11/10/1995    married 26 years
    Snipes, Mary Ann    [no date of death shown]

Glasgow, Giles C    1914-
    Glasgow, Frances C    1922-1998

Carlton, Daniel    1935-1974

Markland, Lucille R    10/09/1910-06/14/1991

Camp, Herman Bill    04/09/1914-11/05/1964

Green, Robert Louie    07/14/1940-10/07/1998    LCdr    US Navy
    Green, Hisako    10/19/1936-07/18/2008

Keaton, William James    12/25/1928-10/08/1988    US Navy

Keaton, James B    12/09/1894-05/02/1981

Keaton, Delia T    09/14/1896-08/22/1969

Burns, Evalena Fielder    [no date of death shown]
    Burns, Leo A    04/05/1914-07/16/1996    Sgt US Army Air Corps WWII

Burns, James W    04/26/1945-06/17/1971

Redditt, Wilson L    12/25/1918-02/15/1978
    Redditt, Ellen R    [no date of death shown]

Craig, Amos W    1921-2001
    Craig, Mary K    1925-1985

Cockrell, Beverly Cheryl    09/05/1940-06/30/1950

Cockrell, Samuel M    11/21/1915-10/15/1984
    Cockrell, Nadine K    [no date of death shown]

Green, Louie C    1917-1992
    Green, Grace B    1917-1983

Beard, Essie Irene    11/25/1925-04/08/2007
    Beard, James E    04/25/1907-09/30/1985

Buxton, Margie J    10/08/1942-04/27/1986

Reynolds, John D    06/11/1913-06/22/1995    Csp US Navy
    Reynolds, Veda E    02/16/1917-02/20/1998

Craig, Claud F    01/25/1883-09/04/1950

Barrett, Henry T    05/02/1882-04/16/1974
    Barrett, Mamie D    06/18/1890-09/02/1977

Cheney, Fred E    01/05/1895-05/24/1967
    Cheney, Delia C    12/08/1898-02/23/1968

Snipes, Franklin    11/23/1917-12/11/1971
    Snipes, Martha C    1920-1992

Cleveland, Edmond C    09/26/1906-08/03/1974
    Cleveland, Josephine S    11/27/1904-07/07/1991

Roulst, Jonnie    1933-1979

Blunk, James EArl    01/02/1900-02/09/1962

Morrow, Mada C    11/11/1887-04/11/1968

Morrow, George C    02/11/1889-01/17/1960

Austin, Alvin C    1924-1999
    Austin, Virginia    [no date of death shown]

Smith, Fred W    1917-1970
    Bickerstaff, Edith Maxine Smith    04/12/1918-05/16/2008    [her permanent gravestone shows E. Maxine Smith 1918-2008; her fhm shows Edith Maxine Bickerstaff 04/12/1918-05/16/2008]

Fowler, John W    05/08/1892-05/28/1972    Arkansas Pvt 156 Ambulance Co WWI
    Fowler, Lola C    06/06/1894-11/05/1977

Bolin, Henry O    1892-1983
    Bolin, Miley G    1892-1978

Waters, C Welton    11/02/1905-11/17/1975
    Waters, Orbra G    07/26/1907-10/08/1994

Brainard-Waters Bench

Waters, Donald E    1929-1964

Grounds, Olen M    1916-1986

McDonald, Romie T    1914-1986
    McDonald, Kathlyn H    1925-2001

Warren, Foss Dowell    09/06/1888-08/02/1963
    Warren, Margaret Elizabeth    08/12/1895-12/22/1981

Butler, James L    1892-1968
    Butler, Hassie E    1896-1976

Duke, James T    11/02/1888-05/05/1970
    Duke, Emma M    10/15/1888-06/27/1969

Best, Harry A    03/24/1917-04/12/1968

Nix, J B    06/01/1897-06/13/1970
    Nix, Delia    10/19/1900-12/26/1959

West, Dwight Andrew    06/05/1986-04/29/1988

Dye, Bruce H    1905-1969
    Dye, Estelle    1911-1990

Copeland, Austin C    08/09/1903-01/15/1981
    Copeland, Coy L    01/05/1905-10/06/1996

Freeman, Doris F    1924-1993

Glover, Bertha O    1894-1973

Glover, John F    1894-1949

Cox, Clara T    02/19/1882-11/30/1969

Cox, Reginald P    03/03/1873-12/15/1949

Springstead, Elsie Leona    04/29/1898-03/14/1948

Springstead, Fred C    10/31/1883-10/28/1948

Newsom, Charles L    12/02/1902-07/27/1967
    Newsom, Grace C    05/08/1906-10/24/1992

Walters, Bobbie Lee    02/21/1931-09/10/1991

Walters, Ronald C    10/12/1953-10/12/1953

Walters, Brenda K    12/05/1951-10/26/1952

Ross, Effie Mae    09/24/1915-04/18/2006
    Ross, Kermit Clifford    08/11/1911-03/29/1971

Milks, Henry W    12/29/1914-05/04/1979

Milks, Jerry Lynn    06/17/1949-02/13/1952

Goodman, Oliver S    06/25/1873-12/04/1944

Hogan, Julian C    03/13/1902-01/16/1989

Brown, Pearl B    07/19/1886-12/23/1970
    Brown, Grover C    01/02/1883-11/28/1969

Fulford, J P "Pete"    01/01/1907-03/23/1975

Carpenter, Ray E    03/15/1890-11/02/1940

Carpenter, John Carroll    03/17/1915-01/11/1985

Carpenter, Willise Ford    08/04/1890-03/04/1960

Menea, Clifford A    03/31/1897-06/24/1943

Menea, Esther T    11/11/1898-05/12/1980

Pollard, Emmett I    05/10/1898-08/06/1952
    Pollard, Lola H    04/08/1900-06/20/1965

Langley, Sarahbel R    1913-1994
    Langley, Herschel T    1907-1994

Jeffery, Harry M    05/11/1881-02/11/1956

Jeffery, Belle C    07/06/1891-07/10/1968

Jeffery, Thomas C    08/14/1920-04/28/1993    Army Air corps World War II

Cook, William M    1956-1960
    Cook, William V    1894-1958

Dumas, Vallie V    1907-1980
    Dumas, Arthur R    1904-1982

Wilson, Martha A    1925-2003
    Wilson, Henry L    1918-1984

Small, Reo B    09/10/1917-09/22/1978

Small, Ella M    03/26/1889-04/18/1972
    Small, Floyd E    12/09/1892-03/07/1968

Walz, Vernon Major    05/03/1916-03/24/1991    S Sgt US Army World War II

Walz, Alice Stelline    04/20/1915-08/30/1976

Barnes, Vivian A    1901-1983
    Barnes, John A    1887-1967

McGill, Robert M    1920-1979

Peters, Valnia Lucille    10/13/1921-09/06/1956

Huffine, LaVonne    02/28/1945-09/02/2000
    Huffine, Calvin W    04/16/1939-01/10/2004    US Army Vietnam

Graham, Louis Austin II    11/18/1978-02/16/2008

Tisdale, Aletha D    [no date of death shown]
    Tisdale, William D Sr    05/13/1911-04/22/1971

Coxon, Louise E    1907-2003    married 06/01/1929
    Coxon, Roy J    1904-1990

Sanders, Harrison    08/25/1898-11/15/1962    Mississippi Pvt US Army World War I

Sanders, Janie W    07/10/1881-08/15/1961

Childs, M Lavergne    1926-2001
    Childs, O Tracy    1919-1968

Lindsey, Rose Marie    11/11/1937-12/20/1976

Hurst, June    1926-1966

Hurst, Stella E    1907-1993
    Hurst, Clifton B    1913-1993

Collie, June A    [no date of death shown]
    Collie, William L    01/06/1928-04/27/1993    S2 US Navy World War II

Presley, William Carl    04/17/1916-02/06/2001    US Army Air Forces World War II
    Presley, Betty M    09/06/1918-08/09/2007

McAllister, Dorothy H    [no date of death shown]
    McAllister, Joseph A    01/28/1922-05/15/1991

Biggs, Barbara T    03/10/1903-01/02/1985

Thompson, Dollie E    09/24/1878-07/06/1966
    Thompson, William    09/17/1874-06/25/1949

Hatch, Eva Thompson    1909-2003

Smith, Daisy T    02/08/1901-03/16/1988

Myers, Vera Agnes    03/28/1902-08/22/1959

Haworth, Lucille Ann    07/31/1908-05/30/1984
    Haworth, Harry R    05/14/1904-11/22/1986

Cullu, John Rudy    [no date of death shown]

Grimes, Lucille B    05/09/1916-07/06/1980
    Grimes, Earl B    02/21/1915-05/28/1972

Robinson, Beulah E    12/07/1893-07/13/1976
    Robinson, Edward P    07/24/1882-05/06/1952

Johnson, Wilma C    08/02/1916-10/23/1991
    Johnson, Clyde R    05/07/1913-09/02/1979

Keaton, Kate B    01/29/1894-02/01/1950
    Keaton, William W    12/22/1891-02/01/1950

Brown, Sophia T    12/04/1917-04/12/2005
    Brown, Edward E    01/06/1916-08/02/2007

Leslie, Tommie Sue    07/15/1926-06/30/2007
    Leslie, Don E    05/07/1923-09/03/1996

Hoover, Ruth E    01/21/1899-01/14/1967
    Hoover, Thomas L    12/13/1882-09/17/1964

Wilmoth, Elaine    12/14/1920-12/25/2012    [dates from obituary]
    Wilmoth, A C    1920-2008

Reynolds, Lula Marie    04/08/1917-
    Reynolds, William F "Pete"    05/28/1918-08/21/2008

Tipton, Terry D    10/17/1952-03/12/1985

Garrett, Cameron Tipton    08/31/1977-03/15/1994

James, Richard L    03/16/1935-12/19/1973

Cammarata, Anthony    05/05/1927-10/29/1992
    Cammarata, Geraldine    10/04/1925-01/16/2007

Overton, Mamie M    02/06/1912-04/06/2008
    Overton, William Bill    08/01/1904-06/29/1976

Overton, Alvin    10/28/1937-10/02/1956

Reynolds, Lexie    1897-1992
    Reynolds, Frank    1890-1958

Leslie, Willa V    04/21/1900-03/04/1967
    Leslie, Ernest    04/22/1897-11/22/1984

Keaton, Lucy B    06/17/1922-11/14/2006
    Keaton, William Walter    04/12/1914-07/14/1992    US Navy World War II

Cubbins, Electa    11/02/1898-03/22/1979
    Cubbins, Thomas D    08/01/1893-04/23/1980

Wright, Tommie Mable    1908-1952

Wright, Oren Albert    1903-1958

Myers, Ora Jane    07/28/1915-11/22/1947

Gates, Mary C Myers    03/10/1862-07/27/1958

Kirby, Freeda T    07/12/1913-05/29/1980
    Kirby, William J    08/03/1902-01/03/1979

Choate, Ethel B    08/07/1935-05/24/2000
    Choate, Arvel E    08/04/1914-10/20/2003

Thompson, Bernice G    04/27/1907-06/13/1989

Creelman, Emma Lee    06/26/1911-11/02/1995

McAllister, Joseph A Sr    01/31/1893-03/13/1991

Bowers, Mary C    1898-1994
    Bowers, Max D    1896-1966

Tabb, Katherine W    1915-1953
    Tabb, Paul B    1916-

Ingram, Joe Graham    1932-1974

Ingram, Geraldine R    1905-2000

Ingram, Harvey Graham    1886-1975

Tipton, Beulah J    10/20/1895-04/27/1968
    Tipton, Archie    10/17/1894-12/25/1978

Gourley, S Mabel    04/18/1894-02/03/1984

Parker, Carol Frances    12/19/1947-12/27/1974

Parker, Elizabeth L    02/25/1913-02/14/1998
    Parker, Lionel E    03/22/1915-10/27/1966

Peters, Tommy R    06/22/1942-07/11/1990

Falkner, Bethel M    09/05/1895-07/30/1978

McGill, Lela E    1887-1979
    McGill, Martin V    1889-1977

Linthicum, Gladys P    1915-1999
    Linthicum, J Charles    1899-1983

Rowe, Ada Ann    07/10/1885-04/19/1958

Dumas, Arthur R Jr    11/09/1934-08/11/1951

Tschiemer, Mettie M    11/25/1891-05/25/1973
    Tschiemer, George H    12/31/1890-06/29/1962

Jeffery, Ronald E    10/15/1944-02/02/1969

Jeffery, Judy H    02/27/1925-06/10/2000

Jeffery, Belle F    10/03/1871-12/18/1944

Halbrook, Emily Lynne    08/28/1951-03/23/1979

Halbrook, Marilyn Perkins    [no date of death shown]
    Halbrook, William Marcus    1926-2003

King, Addie Terry    07/10/1903-07/10/1968
    King, August Henry    11/05/1892-05/16/1951    Arkansas Cpl 165 Depot Brigade World War I

Carpenter, Perrin E    10/21/1909-04/22/1984    Tec 5 US Army World War II

Dunaway, Dr. William C    10/23/1866-11/24/1946

Cecil, Lillie E    06/24/1886-08/23/1956

Cecil, Elmer E    05/24/1870-01/03/1953

Wilkins, Virgil F    12/19/1927-10/30/1981
    Privett, Geraldine    06/04/1928-10/07/2008    [funeral home marker for her]

Newton, William E    02/17/1918-03/31/1985    S Sgt US Army World War II
    Newton, Evelyn    02/16/1917-

Garvin, Andy L    1894-1983
    Garvin, Gereda V    1893-1985

Rush, Roscoe R    09/29/1882-01/05/1963

Rush, Lulu L    09/24/1888-03/15/1971

Carpenter, Charles L    03/24/1917-10/11/1988    Col US Air Force World War II Korea

Goodson, Macklin D    02/10/1919-05/14/1946

Kelley, Abraham    01/10/1889-08/06/1973

Kelley, Grant    09/25/1876-05/01/1954

Thompson, Daniel S    04/04/1940-05/01/1989

Conway, James D    1925-1966

Davis, Alice    1948-1987

Combs, Dolly Jean    1926-1986

Gresham, George D    02/02/1917-12/20/1957    CWO 212 Signal Bn Arkansas National Guard World War II

Goodwin, Mary Sue    1917-1977

Miller, Samuel L    07/24/1888-08/24/1967

Parker, Reita An    [no date of death shown]

Small, Tolly S    1910-1991
    Small, Geneva    1913-1987

Upson, Fred A    1906-1995

Kane, Brooksie M    08/25/1905-07/30/1975

Long, Marcella A "Tad"    03/21/1960-01/28/1979

Yates, Richard Paul    07/13/1952-03/15/1992

Eaves, Bobby Jean Yates    [no date of death shown]

Falkner, Archie L    09/20/1889-10/21/1945

Hamilton, M Virginia Stone    1914-2005

Ellington, Thomas J    10/08/1911-03/16/1969
    Ellington, Dorothea M    03/04/1910-07/06/2006

Blankenship, Billy Joe    04/06/1937-04/17/2003
    Blankenship, Dorothea M    [no date of death shown]

Clarkson, Virginia L    01/24/1909-07/31/1959

Riddick, Carter Wade    1903-1964

Thomas, Myrtle Reed    12/24/1910-01/30/2002

Couch, Gertrude Marie    06/27/1926-07/18/1963

Couch, Betty Ann    05/24/1941-12/06/1941

Clifton, Vera Reagan    11/30/1893-09/05/1978

Thomas, Betty L    03/03/1930-06/14/2007

Welsh, Rose Mary Jones    1937-2006    Mother of Paul, Gerald, Robin, Melissa

Jones, M O "Bun"    12/1896-03/1963
    Jones, Rosa May    09/1908-10/1992

Reeves, G R "Bob"    11/22/1930-07/31/1959

Gill, Robert Donald Reeves    11/30/1950-07/15/2000

Baker, Edward D    06/25/1885-08/02/1948    Missouri SFC 303 Repair Unit MTC World War I

Hamilton, Ernest L    01/15/1924-05/24/1953    Virginia PFC 57 QM Training Co World War II

Craft, Roxie Ann    04/29/1870-03/14/1951

Brown, H L    12/31/1903-07/16/1993
    Brown, J Rose    [no date of death shown]

Bullock, Walter Lee    02/19/1921-09/19/1998    Sgt US Army World War II Korea

Doyle, Glennie Gill    11/20/1894-07/09/1964

Reed, Le Roy    1902-1979

Ferguson, Nell V    06/27/1896-02/15/1981

Noakes, Sarah Elizabeth Van Cleave    07/07/1952-01/11/1991    Our "Beth"

Bradley, Tad    06/19/1877-04/26/1960

Bradley, Anna W    09/05/1895-12/22/1984

Seemel, Ora Lee    03/23/1882-12/25/1965

Seemel, Cris L    11/22/1916-10/22/1993    PFC US Army World War II
    Seemel, Merle B    [no date of death shown]

Butler, Rebecca Iris    07/06/1957-12/05/2006

Brotherton, John Doyle    01/06/1912-12/21/1969    Arkansas PFC 900 Base Depot Co World War II 1
    Brotherton, Inez M    12/01/1914-11/21/2004

Hodshire, Doylene B    12/24/1934-07/14/2008

Beall, Otha Terral    1917-1991    married 10/14/19?
    Beall, Violet Hazel    [no date of death shown]

Shaw, Kenneth W    02/12/1938-03/26/2005    M Sgt US Army Vietnam Special Forces

Shaw, Tina Marie    01/20/1965-08/10/1985

Shaw Bench

McGuire, Austin Jayce    09/05/2002-05/13/2005

Lilly, Elvie L Jr    1944-2001
    Lilly, Annette    [no date of death shown]

Laster, Aubrey Scott    04/19/1962-05/15/1995

Kitchens, Ted A Jr    05/03/1925-03/18/1993    US Navy World War II
    Kitchens, L Charlene    04/16/1930-11/30/1999

Sanders, Merrel L    03/17/1938-12/07/2004    MSgt USAF Vietnam

Dramer, Elmer A    1915-1980

Jacobs, Leo M    1911-1978
    Jacobs, Rose H    1915-1993

Hanson, Charles L    09/29/1928-05/07/2006    US Marine Corps Korea

Poindexter, James Ed    1893-1957
    Poindexter, Chessie A    1912-1997

Trussell, Vera V    1917-2006
    Trussell, Joseph F    1914-1980    US Navy World War II

Muse, Virginia D    11/20/1921-12/22/1962

Muse, R A    06/16/1919-09/17/1988

Beall, Roberta    1893-1987

Galloway, Herman B    [no date of death shown]
    Galloway, Evelyn    [no date of death shown]

McCullough, Jerry L    04/06/1941-04/05/1990    SN US Navy

Stovall, Sandra Lee    06/16/1943-04/26/1965

Stovall, Enoch Brannan    01/05/1909-01/24/1961

Hodshire, Jack W    [no date of death shown[

Marker that had been dug up

Bevell, Elizabeth M    11/06/1910-06/15/1986
    Bevell, Clarence M    1904-1969

Butler, Vance C    03/16/1912-01/18/2000
    Butler, Thelma J    12/18/1911-01/20/1998

Cornelison, Ora Lee    1913-
    Cornelison, Roger H    1905-1983

Cornelison, William C "Bill"    11/30/1931-01/09/1948

Seemel, Christian H    08/21/1873-04/13/1960

Bradley, Brantley D    04/15/1919-03/10/1981    T Sgt US Army World War II
    Bradley, Carrie E    07/31/1922-01/29/2002

Van Cleave, Bessie C    02/22/1912-08/09/1995
    Van Cleave, John M    11/28/1901-10/22/1982    EM2 US Navy

Gill, Minnie Gladys    10/12/1897-12/21/1962

Gill, Riley P Sr    03/07/1896-01/12/1975

Chaffin, Leona    08/27/1879-01/11/1959

Chaffin, John C    04/01/1874-07/16/1949

Wilkinson, Orval Coy    06/17/1908-03/11/1978
    Wilkinson, Mae Chaffin    05/12/1906-11/23/1998

Briggs, Helen Moxley    05/29/1916-04/02/1959

Briggs, Barnett Porter    08/20/1910-06/21/1985    Lt Col US Army World War II

Roberts, Mattye Hampton    12/27/1877-09/09/1948

Hamilton, Harry G Sr    1902-1974

Baker, Bessie H    02/15/1904-03/22/1995
    Baker, Hadley W    11/07/1908-08/02/1950    Arkansas Sgt 554 AAF Base Unit World War II

Stiles, Patrick Lynn    1949-1967

Stiles, Douglas W    1921-    [SSDI shows he died 06/23/2002]
    Stiles, Arlene I    1921-    [SSDI shows she died 05/01/2008]

Berryhill, Horace Wesley    07/09/1923-09/29/1998
    Berryhill, Martha M Jones    [no date of death shown]
    Parents of Mary, Mason, and Wesley

McGhee, Calvin L    1910-1960    Veteran stone shows 05/16/1911-12/24/1960    Arkansas CM1 USNR World War II
    McGhee, Geraldine R    1916-

Clifton, Carl C    05/19/1891-09/06/1957

Clifton, Lena Kathryn    09/29/1899-06/09/1940

Couch, Andrew J    11/28/1905-01/05/1976
    Couch, Hazel M    10/25/1911-08/14/1987

Rockliff, Maud Couch    08/14/1883-10/09/1954

Couch, Edd G    12/01/1883-12/19/1947

Couch, Wayne E    1908-1995
    Couch, Lola M    1908-1997

Nolan, William T    09/13/1905-12/29/1965

Atkison, Theodore B    05/19/1883-05/18/1953
    Atkison, Vivian H    07/01/1885-10/01/1967

Ellington, Thomas J Sr    05/27/1886-03/28/1955
    Ellington, Ethel L    10/18/1894-11/02/1987

Yates, Samuel R    11/16/1885-07/08/1974
    Yates, Lola B    03/16/1899-05/17/1953

Yates, Samuel R Jr    07/05/1921-03/19/1992    S1 US Coast Guard World War II
    Yates, Dorothy Lee    [no date of death shown]

Kane, Mrs D B    10/12/1898-01/31/1941    [Her name was Mabel according to Arkansas Death Index]

Kane, Daniel B    06/21/1892-02/24/1963

Upson, Edith Wright    1906-1982

Wright, R. E. (Buddy)    1891-1961

Gresham, Ida Belle    09/17/1887-05/07/1957

Gresham, George B    06/25/1886-12/30/1947

Helms, Kevin Joe "Pete"    04/12/1973-06/11/1979

Roberson, Thomas E    11/18/1929-12/20/1952    Arkansas S Sgt 637 AC & W Sq AF

Roberson, Alonzo M    12/17/1884-10/12/1966
    Roberson, Catherine    05/21/1886-12/28/1961

Leonard, James D    04/09/1915-03/28/1976
    Leonard, Marcleet L    09/06/1920-02/12/2005

Fulford, L S    1909-1983
    Fulford, Lois M    1915-1982

O'Dell, Lloyd G    1897-1970
    O'Dell, Florence M    1901-1991

Corbin, Herchel E    02/26/1893-05/27/1953    Arkansas PFC 13 Co 162 Depot Brig World War I, married 07/07/1923
    Corbin, Lou R    1900-1991

Ambort, Joseph Leo    1910-1969

McGlothlan, Spencer L    08/23/1895-06/11/1965    Arkansas Pvt US Army World War I PH

Black, Roy O    1914-1987
    Black, Rose H    1914-2008

Butler, Patty Jane    12/14/1944-08/03/2002

Mayes, Myrtle T    06/15/1919-08/14/2004

Hale, John B    01/13/1908-08/12/1981
    Hale, Gladys L    12/09/1904-02/19/1969

Smith, James D    1936-1987

Owens, Sarah    1925-2000
    Owens, Billy J    [no date of death shown]

Pfeiffer, Lois R    12/16/1916-10/28/2006
    Pfeiffer, Carl A    10/08/1917-05/09/1990

Ahl, George Frederick    01/04/1896-12/05/1968    Arkansas Chauffeur US Army World War I

Ahl, Bessie Montgomery    02/09/1899-06/25/1980

Taylor, Cleo Fay    1904-1986
    Taylor, Gilbert B    1902-1984

Church, Sarah A    12/18/1882-06/26/1959

Church, Josephine Mathews    05/19/1908-06/18/1974
    Church, Frederick W "Brac"    05/19/1907-03/03/1973

Holmes, David R    [no date of death shown]

Holmes, Melvin C Jr    07/14/1953-10/01/1972

Holmes, Reba Mae    01/04/1927-06/01/1972
    Holmes, Melvin C    08/09/1924-12/15/1980

Rodgers, John    02/01/1940 [dod]    Oklahoma Pvt 72 Reg CAC

Long, Hazel Warren    03/18/1922-01/10/1996    Married 05/1944
    Long, Kenneth Martin    06/03/1920-08/11/2008

Long, Warren David    09/07/1950-02/24/1999

Odle, P. Ray Ellen    [no date of death shown]
    Odle, J. Edward, Jr.    [no date of death shown]

Brown, Jeanette P.    04/29/1925-02/11/2010    [from obituary]
    Brown, E. Vernon    05/06/1920-10/13/1988

Switzer, Dorothy P.    1910-1998
    Switzer, Drummond W.    1902-1987

Switzer, David M., M.D.    07/30/1866-04/25/1953

Howard, Charles R.    10/19/1879-04/10/1955

Howard, Floy E.    03/20/1896-07/19/1964

Von Segen, Gerald H.    1943-1979

Garrett, Kate L.    06/16/1913-05/04/1975
    Garrett, Dean A.    03/24/1940-01/18/2006

Moxley, Ben Springer    02/03/1885-11/04/1943

Moxley, Kathryn Kyle    09/02/1887-03/29/1964

McCray, Hardie Lee    08/29/1933-09/06/2012    [dod from obituary]
    McCray, Jack R.    11/29/1929-12/20/1973

Lee, Julius E.    1919-1968    Son
    Lee, Mary E.    1901-1973    Mother

Smith, Charles E.    12/09/1914-06/19/1966

Sullivan, Carl F.    02/28/1928-01/08/1967

Smith, Imogene B.    1908-1988
    Smith, Kelsie D.    1906-1972

Nielsen, Nettie S.    07/10/1906-10/17/1993
    Nielsen, William    05/10/1886-12/10/1959

Craft, David B    06/04/1911-09/14/1949

Craft, Iva L    02/11/1905-07/19/1985

Walker, Amy K    1888-1952
    Walker, Wiley W    1886-1960

Graves, Julia F    02/25/1870-04/13/1954 (or 04/18/1954)

Hester, John F    04/09/1887-04/17/1967
    Hester, Edna F    05/06/1893-03/26/1969

Hester, Kirk Watson    05/06/1959-03/31/1993

Beason, Boe Albert    05/13/1916-06/12/1972

Beason, Dorothy B    05/31/1922-05/08/2006

Boggs, Lela Ann    09/08/1896-09/20/1991
    Boggs, Floyd W    10/29/1896-09/20/1958

Hall, Anna J    1890-1973
    Hall, Frank C    1884-1969

Hill, Lillie Mae    03/06/1917-10/25/2002
    Hill, Custer    09/28/1915-05/06/1996    US Army World War II

Earhart, Geneva E    1891-1952
    Earhart, Harry W    1889-1951

Daniel, Norma Black    12/11/1908-07/17/1995
    Daniel, Matthew A Jr    09/27/1908-04/18/1972

Wolfe, Lottie D    01/05/1889-03/26/1967
    Wolfe, Anson P    10/29/1890-08/30/1976

Cook, Ila Mae    04/28/1918-06/29/1989

Bryant, Ollie V    11/05/1903-01/19/1991
    Bryant, Floyd T    11/30/1901-06/25/1975

Bryant, Mary J    08/12/1913-04/10/1974
    Bryant, Cliff W    03/30/1907-04/04/1977

Jaggers, Lois L    [no date of death shown]
    Jaggers, Carroll R    04/18/1906-02/24/1963

Burrow, Nell E    1905-1976
    Burrow, Lester E Sr    1908-1980

Rauch, Frank    03/03/1890-06/27/1955

Miles, Robin Scott    1958-2001

Miles, Molly S    1917-2007
    Miles, Curtis B    1916-1987

Lester, John M    02/15/1878-08/16/1961

Lester, Mary Bertha    11/09/1887-09/15/1952

Hetterick, Michael Duane    01/07/1949-09/24/1950

Mowrey, William E    10/19/1919-06/10/1995    Major US Army World War II

Brazil, Marjorie Dixon    1916-2006
    Brazil, John Edwin    1905-1990

Lucas, Lois G    05/27/1910-09/08/1976
    Lucas, Dennis O    03/24/1908-02/09/1983

Lucas, Dodie C    08/27/1963-04/28/2000

Nordman, Dolores Kay    08/18/1950-08/24/1991

Young, Carl D    1899-1963
    Young, Pavery B    1904-1990

Nordman, Mora Asilee    02/01/1902-11/11/1987
    Nordman, George Leighton Sr    07/09/1899-11/26/1968    PFC US Army World War I

Sanders, Eva Marie    1918-2001
    Sanders, Othal Leon    1913-1981

Lewellen, Earnie B    10/24/1944-11/04/2007

Lucas, Ray Donald    05/14/1945-09/05/1960

Lindsay, Beverly M    05/03/1960 [dod]

Lucas, Charles E Sr    1932-1981

Lucas, D Harvey    1930-1962

Wood, Maggie    03/09/1886-08/25/1976
    Wood, Sanford    02/13/1878-04/30/1960

Mowrey, Martha Ann    02/04/1896-11/28/1975

Mowrey, J Frank    1893-1968

Percefull, John F    1880-1954
    Percefull, Estelle P    1881-1952

Bradburn, Nelly Jane    12/13/1910-05/27/1997    Cpl US Marine Corps World War II

Hetterick, Conrad W Jr    1915-1972

Hetterick, Dorothy Aline    1921-1976

Davis, Reginald C    12/14/1909-07/01/1973

Weir, Florence L    06/24/1900-08/26/1985

Huey, Crawford    10/30/1915-09/04/1980

Bryant, Charles Leo    01/23/1932-05/17/1949

Martin, Dewey R    01/10/1919-08/21/1974    Cpl US Army

Martin, Ronald S    1946-1988

Daniel, Matthew A III    08/18/1928-07/14/2005    1st Lt US Army Korea Air Medal

Ratcliffe, Edna M "Nan"    1918-2003
    Ratcliffe, Cummins E    [no date of death shown]

Ratcliffe Bench

Queen, Lula Hill    11/04/1891-08/20/1962

Keef, Dorothy M Hall    10/18/1929-03/22/1993
    Hall, Donald H    08/17/1923-01/28/1977    Cpl US Army World War II

Gammons, John S    10/31/1872-02/06/1950

Beason-Vaughan Bench

Vaughn, Allen L Jr    06/04/1978-08/23/2004

Bennett, Bertie K    09/13/1881-02/24/1971

Bennett, Dave F    10/19/1875-06/07/1948

Simmons, Dorcas E    12/24/1909-10/15/1975
    Simmons, William S    02/12/1906-04/20/1984

Glover, Virginia W    1921-2003
    Glover, Samuel A    1913-1992

Womack, Ardelia P    1908-1997
    Womack, John G    1907-1981

Smith, Austin Dale    01/17/1936-05/07/1954

Monroe, Ethel V "Mike"    03/16/1925-09/15/1996
    Monroe, Franklyn M    06/10/1919-06/14/1983    Sgt USAF World War II Korea

Rollins, Osa Anna    03/21/1878-07/24/1973

Peterson, Juanita M    12/30/1929-07/22/1999
    Peterson, D Kenneth    11/10/1918-04/28/2004    US Army World War II

Humble, Maxine F    12/17/1922-01/07/1981
    Humble, Earl    08/24/1919-12/20/1993

Roberts, Charles T    03/31/1917-11/28/1985

Roberts, James L    1952-1974

Raley, Lola Smith    01/08/1888-03/18/1978
    Raley, Abner A    05/13/1902-09/23/1982

Garrett, James Max    08/06/1938-05/29/1964

Garrett, Robert Stephen "Bob"    09/20/1963-12/29/1966

Howard, Lucille Delores Horn    05/11/1924-06/12/2006    Wife of Charles Marion Howard; Mother of Charles Sandy, James Michael, and Charlotte Marian

Howard, Joan H    [no date of death shown]
    Howard, Robert Eugene    02/16/1932-01/21/1999    SSgt US Air Force Pharmacist

Howard, Charles Marion "Chuck"    12/08/1923-01/15/1988    Sgt US Army World War II B-29 20th AF Japanese POW; claims Adjustor 1952-1988

Parrott, Bettie Jane    [no date of death shown]

McKinney, Annie L    02/15/1893-02/19/1963
    McKinney, William F    07/23/1890-12/08/1953

Smith, Eloise E    11/27/1922-08/16/2003
    Smith, Earl E    [no date of death shown]

Causey, Larry Clint    12/25/1960-05/29/1993

Nowlin, William S    1926-1993

Perry, Eunice E    1902-1984
    Perry, Rev W E    1903-1985

Walls, Evelyn B    1910-2003
    Walls, Clarence W Sr    1909-1986

King, Carma W    10/06/1906-09/23/1981

Brown, Clifton Blake    [no date of death shown]
    Brown, Fyannetta Dancy    1927-2008

Morrison, Margaret E    09/08/1922-09/06/1995
    Morrison, Roy T    05/25/1914-01/16/1975

Carter, Jan Barrett    06/17/1918-04/25/1998
    Carter, Ann Collins    10/31/1925-03/14/2004

Atkins, Audrey Faye    06/15/1922-01/07/2000

Atkins, C W    02/24/1920-12/02/1999

King, Rolland Hunter    08/12/1900-10/11/1978    US Navy

McCarty, Aubrey H    09/24/1913-08/14/1988    S2 US Navy
    McCarty, Helen Lavonda    11/07/1923-04/18/1990

Dunn, Mary B    11/25/1872-08/15/1962

Waddle, Victor E    10/24/1883-04/05/1959
    Waddle, Eva E    02/25/1889-10/19/1978

Watts, Jimmy Paul    07/15/1905-02/06/1972
    Watts, Marie Duncan    -10/05/1993

Zimmerman, Glenn G    05/14/1914-07/19/1974
    Zimmerman, Louise M    12/07/1915-11/21/2007

Zimmerman Bench

Zimmerman, Glenda L.    01/24/1940-02/26/1959

Morris, Vernon    06/05/1900-11/25/1976
    Morris, Willie Audrey    12/01/1900-12/12/1991

Looney, Elmer Bill    1927-1983
    Looney, Marion Elizabeth    [no date of death shown]

Mabry, Joe Max    1915-1979    Sup Sgt US Army World War II

Mabry, Lina Denson    09/26/1915-06/14/1999

Maher, Cynthia    03/27/1960-11/06/1978

Muse, Lois M.    07/05/1932-08/11/1975

Canada, William Edward    08/22/1897-01/14/1970
    Canada, Thelma R.    09/28/1903-01/30/2004

Ott, William Frank    1927-1976    PFC US Army
    Ott, Kathleen F.    07/13/1926-05/03/2008

Reeves, Olen E.    1906-1956

Curley, LeRoy    1911-1986    Pvt US Army World War II
    Curley, Lillian H.    11/25/1915-10/04/1992

Compton, Mildred L.    12/24/1918-03/23/1989
    Bagley, Maude    10/29/1882-07/25/1965

Richmond, Benjamin R.    04/24/1881-07/07/1966
    Richmond, Estella G.    01/28/1886-01/31/1968

Chaffin, Duke T.    02/07/1909-12/08/1989    US Army
    Chaffin, Zelma Lou    08/17/1912-04/27/1992

Dickerson, Lee W    04/17/1930-02/03/2002

Dickerson, Bobby G    [no date of death shown]

Ivey, William H    10/11/1901-04/20/1955

Burkhalter, Herschell H    [no date of death shown]    US Air Force
    Burkhalter, Ida "Betty"    08/29/1940-05/26/1998

Ratcliffe Bench

Snow, J Chance Jalansop    05/15/2002-05/11/2004

Nix, Lela Britt    11/23/1887-09/02/1978

McCullough, Catherine Sue    05/12/1955-05/13/1955

Goode, James B    06/14/1920-02/09/2008    SFC US Army

McCullough, Alvie E    1908-1980    M2 US Navy World War II

Cook, William Richard    01/21/1910-04/09/1958    Arkansas F1 USNR World War II
    Cook, William Lee    09/21/1940-09/15/1979    SN US Navy Vietnam

Arnold, James D    1927-1966

Johnson, Infant    10/29/1954-10/29/1954

Cherry, Alma G    1892-1993

Morphew, Maybelle M    05/12/1926-03/14/1988

McLellan, Floy Allene    [no date of death shown]
    McLellan, Curtis N    06/30/1919-03/28/1999

McLellan Bench

Hetterick, Baby Boy    01/06/1949 [appers to be date of death]

Hetterick, Mary E    1918-1968

Carver, Timothy Lee    1964-1988

Granter, Terri Lynne    09/17/1968-06/26/2001

Haley, Angela Gay    12/27/1956-03/01/1957

Haley, Martha Jeanne    11/23/1925-04/02/2001

Brazil, John Dixon    09/24/1941-10/27/1999    US Navy

Flashberg, Eunice K    09/02/1912-10/26/2004

Miller, Alice K    12/19/1909-04/26/1985

Ford, Riley Graves    10/07/1997-04/27/1998

Morehead, Everette D    1944-1998
    Morehead, Odessa D    1945-1992

McClain, Tressie M    [no date of death shown]
    McClain, Sidney C    03/14/1917-05/23/1978    Pvt US Army World War II

Brazil, Greta Malinda    [no date of death shown]
    Brazil, George L Sr    05/23/1932-11/14/2005    US Army Korea; US Army Engineers

Smith, Jerry Alan    08/21/1967-07/15/1983

Parker, Jill Ashley    12/27/1971-07/11/1983

Kirby, Ruth Elizabeth    01/01/1908-05/29/1957

Kirby, Bertha E    1878-1977

Kirby, Sol E    12/26/1915-12/22/1989
    Kirby, Eileen V    03/27/1916-

McFerrin, Ford L    1911-1997
    McFerrin, Ruth I    1913-2003

Cogdell, Richmond A    08/26/1906-10/22/1979
    Cogdell, Eloise Maye    10/03/1910-12/30/1959

Carver, Richard R    1936-1983
    Carver, Mary F    [no date of death shown]

Brigham, Herman F    01/19/1904-01/08/2001
    Brigham, Sarah F    12/19/1908-08/26/1995

Starnes, Louise K    09/26/1917-10/01/1987

Starnes, Thomas B    11/30/1915-12/30/1980    Tec5 US Army World War II

Pitts, Frank E Sr    1910-1986
    Pitts, Marie F    1913-2007

Stephens, Winona Oleta    1903-1988

Stephens, William Troy    1903-1988

Johnson    [no first names]

Arnold, William R    04/16/1899-10/17/1971
    Arnold, Lillian    11/26/1891-01/21/1988

Broken Funeral Home Marker with no name

Thomas, Mamie Martin    11/09/1907-10/20/1983

Thomas, Clarence L    08/24/1909-08/23/1951

McCullough, Florence A    12/03/1914-09/10/1961

Nix, Dewey L    1903-1982
    Nix, Dorothy L    1907-1982

Nix, Hattie Ann    05/18/1914-09/14/1999
    Nix, Robert L    05/19/1912-09/16/1998    US Army World War II

Mathis, Grady D    08/05/1906-08/25/1981
    Mathis, Grace B    06/18/1908-11/21/1964

Carson, Vascoe W    10/02/1894-11/16/1968
    Carson, Olive B    02/06/1899-03/19/1984

Cate, Maurice L    05/04/1924-12/26/2003    US Navy World War II

Williamson, Edgar Stanley    12/17/1889-06/18/1963
    Williamson, Rowena E    10/21/1894-01/30/1985

Moore, Erwin S    1889-1956
    Moore, Frances S    1890-1972

Hester, Aldon E    1904-1984
    Hester, Norma    1902-1998

Hill, George W    07/07/1907-07/01/1993    CWO4 US Army World War II Korea
    Hill, Josephine V    11/09/1916-02/26/2004

Aden, Edward F    1905-1980
    Aden, Mary E    1907-1979

Nailling, Wilford R    1895-1978
    Nailling, Lila Irene    1902-1973

Morgan, Hal S    1897-1980
    Morgan, Mary A    1891-1969

Prince, Nancy    1880-1962

Whitwell, Verne E    05/22/1913-10/10/1992
    Whitwell, Beatrice    08/06/1917-10/16/2003

Thompson, William B    07/26/1910-11/08/1987
    Thompson, Maudie Mae    04/11/1921-09/25/1977

Churchman, Pearl    1900-1977

Eaton, Bertha D    1896-1991

Allen, Elizabeth Hughes    05/12/1923-10/07/2003

Allen, Harry Davis Jr    08/15/1921-06/29/1967

Holland, Grace T    06/11/1915-05/20/1993

Holland, Fred H Sr    1894-1975    Pvt US Army World War I

Farnsworth, Debbie L    11/29/1961-11/06/1978

Polk, Ettie Layfield    01/08/1882-08/13/1969

Polk, Rufus J    04/04/1873-05/28/1962

Rosen, Martin David    1915-1984
    Rosen, Jane Morgan    [no date of death shown]

Edwards, Maxwell Glen    12/09/1921-01/31/2000    US Army
    Edwards, Kathleen M    07/20/1923-01/02/2008

Zimmerman, Mae    02/11/1885-10/08/1981
    Zimmerman, Elmer J    01/28/1880-03/05/1941

Waddle, Vernon Eugene    09/11/1924-05/10/1989
    Waddle, Mary Louise    [no date of death shown]

Eldridge, Alma Dunn    12/15/1893-04/27/1960

Eldridge, William Avery    08/12/1888-02/07/1941

Gailey, Joan Juanita    12/06/1912-07/17/2003

Gailey, J Kenneth    03/13/1909-02/05/1959

McCarty, Ethel V    07/02/1886-07/05/1972

McCarty, Charles W    07/29/1885-10/07/1954

Jackson, Carl Edward    1917-1983
    Jackson, Daphne Ivey    [no date of death shown]

Jackson, Marvin W    10/23/1893-01/21/1970
    Jackson, Maude McElroy    10/02/1897-05/14/1962

Cook, Audra Louise    1895-1987
    Cook, Henry August    1878-1970

Golden, Henry S    1906-1962

Golden, Eva P Brosnan    03/01/1915-09/07/1991

Davis, Thelma N    1908-1997
    Davis, Frank M    1904-1962

Shoman, Elizabeth W    05/01/1906-04/19/1994
    Shoman, Ernest A    06/17/1900-07/03/1973

McKenzie, James A    10/27/1913-07/14/1958

Howard, Lucille    07/27/1909-09/05/1984
    Howard, Buster E    02/01/1912-07/11/1982

Fox, Duell    1919-1982
    Fox, Maxine    1905-1982

Fox, Charlie B    11/04/1896-06/11/1980

Clark, Clarence D    04/27/1928-12/17/1994    US Marine Corps

Benight, Lela B    [no date of death shown]
    Benight, Horatio (Mickey)    1929-1982

Benight, Katie Varnell    08/05/1899-01/29/1978
    Benight, Albert Asa    05/19/1892-10/03/1959

Guill, Marie    06/06/1906-07/17/1971
    Guill, Dean O    11/15/1908-04/22/1975

McPherson, Linda Sue    03/16/1937-11/17/2006

Young, Vivian    1925-2002
    Young, Robert N    1919-

Yancey, H G "Dutch"    08/22/1911-12/28/1966

Yancey, Lucille J    10/15/1929-07/05/1997

Yancey, Sharon Kay    11/22/1956-12/06/1956

Johnson, Amanda E    1905-1979
    Johnson, Earl A    1899-1980

Johnson, Janett E    09/29/1936-01/21/1991

Anderson, Nellie M    12/13/1907-11/01/1996

Anderson, Hiram Isaac Sr    03/09/1891-12/13/1961

Anderson, Edna Scott    03/27/1895-04/11/1965

Long, Raymelle    07/06/1907-04/19/2005
    Long, Elton    01/24/1904-08/10/1964

Blevins, Johnnie O    1898-1971
    Blevins, Elmer    1889-1961

Williams, Edwin A    1900-1968
    Williams, Opal L    1905-1960

Frederick, Roselyn D    04/19/1917-
    Frederick, P Bernard    04/05/1911-02/23/2001

Thomas, J Dyer    05/31/1881-10/28/1952

Thomas, Bell Rogers    10/13/1877-03/27/1954

Perry, Zoe T    06/15/1885-06/15/1972
    Perry, Louis M    02/01/1880-03/19/1964

Holder, Norman R    01/15/1914-06/07/2001

Bland, Oceola    10/26/1890-02/05/1975

Easter, Catherine B    1920-1957

Cody, Lucille Loudermilk    09/13/1906-04/09/1996
    Loudermilk, Charles M    11/03/1925-05/10/2007

Carter, Charolett Ann    05/16/1945-12/01/1957

Carter, Jesse H    10/09/1918-04/17/1969

Higgins, Frances M    [no date of death shown]
    Higgins, Manuel M    09/13/1926-04/12/1996    US Navy World War I

Gibbs, Joshua Evan    06/27/1983 [date of death]

Power, Mamie E    1899-1978
    Power, Leslie E    1895-1972

Power, Leslie R    03/21/1919-09/04/1960    Arkansas S Sgt 2530 Base Unit AAF WWII

Dallas, Marion Ricks    10/27/1911-02/24/1952

Whitworth, Reva I    [no date of death shown]
    Whitworth, Waymond E    12/30/1923-04/25/2006    US Army World War II

Orr, Bernice S    [no date of death shown]
    Orr, William S Jr    1919-1978

Youngblood, Chester C    09/26/1924-09/22/1998

Farrell, Gladys P    01/05/1908-11/14/1988
    Farrell, Robert Fay    02/17/1908-05/17/1979

Jones, John L    05/13/1911-01/09/1996

Jones, Helen W    09/12/1914-07/25/1985

Wilkiewicz, Bobbie Jean    1928-2007
    Wilkiewicz, Ted V    1913-1994

Miller, Mabel G    1918-1988
    Miller, Lewis B    1910-1990

Pruett, Donald Gene    [no date of death shown]
    Pruett, Donna Jean    [no date of death shown]

Miller, Norma Jean    [no date of death shown]

Defrese, L. Ray    12/04/1934-01/24/1986    AB US Air Force Korea

Youngblood, Chester R.    07/08/1946-12/24/1993

Morris, Edward Everett    07/09/1949-11/21/1976

Bridges, Fred M.    07/11/1936-04/27/1985

Knight, Benjamin Henry    08/22/1968-10/30/1992

Whitworth, Baby Boy    05/13/1951-05/14/1951

Whitworth Bench

Ricks, Althea Tucker    04/02/1886-03/30/1960

Gross, John R. D.    1958-1986

Moore, Eva Power    [no date of death shown]
    Moore, Robert Bowen, Jr.    [no date of death shown]

Martin, Ronald Eugene    12/29/1952-12/09/1983

Brigham, David Harl    05/18/1931-11/22/1961    Arkansas SP3 Co B 121 Signal Bn

Carter, Bertie E.    1898-1976
    Carter, Newton J.    1886-1976

Wolfe, George W.    12/31/1862-12/12/1952

Schellinger, Velma E.    12/07/1900-02/01/1999
    Schellinger, Roy H.    01/21/1894-02/01/1965

Sims, Maude Strider    11/06/1880-12/26/1952

Sims, Margaret Abigail    05/30/1914-08/16/1954

Thomas, Helen N.    12/04/1918-05/28/2004
    Thomas, John D.    03/17/1916-02/01/1984

Frederick, Lynda L.    04/23/1943-11/09/1985

Williams, Nancy M.    1880-1960
    Williams, J. Frank    1871-1950

Clark, Darda B., Jr.    07/01/1923-07/17/1993    S Sgt US Army Air Corps World War II

Proctor, Paul Jones    06/23/1900-06/24/1957    Arkansas BKR1 USNR World War I, II

Little, Mildred    12/29/1879-09/13/1958

Little, Hugh L.    09/30/1889-06/26/1963

Anderson, Mahlon C.    11/28/1934-01/02/1992

Johnson, Patricia S.    1942-2000
    Johnson, Williford E.    1930-1995

Yancey, Mattie Lee    06/15/1876-07/20/1958
    Yancey, William L.    03/20/1867-06/15/1953

Fink, Marvin Robert    07/17/1941-05/27/1958

Todd, Ernestine Milks    01/26/1933-06/09/1970

Caldwell, Fred Spires    04/11/1959-07/26/1980

Benight, Fern M.    1928-1982
    Benight, T. W., Sr.    1921-1997

Benight, Virginia Lynn    [no date of death shown]
    Benight, Thomas W., Jr.    03/23/1948-07/22/1990    SSgt USAF

Dowden, Eugenia Gray    [no date of death shown]
    Dowden, Ashford C.    1912-1995

Edmondson, B. Joe    1931-2005
    Edmondson, Mary Grace    [no date of death shown]

Butler, Leroy    08/21/1924-09/14/1981    PFC US Army World War II

Williams, Lena S.    09/22/1903-02/03/1971
    Williams, H. K., Sr.    06/08/1908-03/16/1975

Mitchell, Patrick Ian    09/28/1980-02/11/1981

Maher, Christine V.    [no date of death shown]
    Maher, Robert Lee    05/25/1921-09/03/1996

Baldwin, Bobby E.    12/27/1914-06/18/1998
    Baldwin, O. R.    05/04/1918-10/02/2003    US Army Air Forces

Long, Wayne Marshall    05/03/1945-07/17/2003

Lewis, Walter Devon    06/19/1917-02/22/2002
    Lewis, Mamie R.    02/07/1922-01/03/1997

Lewis, Larry "Mike"    12/30/1947-07/04/1987

Hicks, Charles B.    09/17/1909-02/14/1992
    Hicks, Mary Lou    10/17/1920-08/06/2007

Harrison, Nora Eletha    01/04/1884-06/15/1973    Mother of Brunette, Jean, Mary, Sam

Smith, (Evang.) Eddie J.    04/27/1957-09/17/1998

Jenkins, Paul D.    08/31/1916-10/31/1980
    Jenkins, Marguerite Ruth    06/09/1917-07/15/1994

Blakely, Lou Anne Allen    08/31/1947-06/07/2000

Hoover, Robert L.    1899-1965
    Hoover, Juanita    1908-2003

Yancey, Martin A., Jr.    05/19/1951-12/26/1995

Webber, Arnold R.    01/26/1914-10/12/1959

Sweaza, Garfield A.    05/21/1881-12/30/1957

Forbess, Blanche D.    1901-1984

West, W. Jennings    12/31/1897-01/08/1971

Smith, Tommy H.    07/03/1921-01/24/2007
    Smith, Helen Bridges    05/05/1921-07/02/1994

Little, Jack W.    11/24/1907-06/21/1974
    Little, Abby Lucille    10/14/1908-01/24/2007

Smith, John William    1909-1978
    Smith, Frances H.    1913-

Smith, Arthur E.    11/20/1877-12/05/1963
    Smith, Jimmie T.    05/16/1882-11/08/1969

Plant, Sally    1874-1951

Hill, Mary Mable    05/01/1909-08/23/1954

Bentrup, Viola M.    02/21/1908-05/12/1993

Jeter, Mary B.    11/12/1912-04/22/1997

Jeter, Joseph Harrell    05/01/1923-02/24/1996    US Navy World War II

Holcomb, Frank Harmon    10/04/1940-04/05/1999

Bizzell, Walter Murl    1920-2005
    Bizzell, Ruth Adele    1921-1999

Kelly, Harold Clark    04/18/1913-06/27/2004

Courtney, Joe L.    05/26/1913-09/08/2001
    Courtney, Agnes P.    06/28/1913-01/20/1993

Courtney    [no other names shown]

Kress, Cliff C.    1907-1980
    Kress, Jo Mary    1916-1984

Hamilton, Arvin K.    09/14/1911-03/27/1995
    Hamilton, Grace J.    12/04/1915-

Walden, Bob G.    02/24/1937-09/29/1996

Harmon, Pamela Kay    12/22/1960-07/12/2000

Boone, Jacob C.    04/24/1984-01/24/1985

Reed, Viola    05/23/1883-04/12/1964

Clark, Robert E.    1952-1976

Burks, Perry Keith    09/04/1965-02/05/1983

Hagberg, J. Robert    07/26/1927-12/09/1994
    Hagberg, Marilyn J.    [no date of death shown]

Henson, Lawrence W.    05/02/1937-07/04/2002    married 11/01/1959
    Henson, Patsy A.    07/28/1941-07/16/1993

Clevenger, Carolyn B.    08/09/1929-07/17/1998

Royce, John L.    04/04/1932-04/09/2002
    Royce, Dottie L.    [no date of death shown]

Morehead, Ronald "Mit"    09/24/1913-01/06/2004
    Morehead, Martha H.    0824/1914-

Elliott, Herman B.    1900-1979
    Elliott, Velma M.    1906-1988

Morris, Dorothy M.    12/17/1916-10/07/1982

Shapard, Robert R. Sr.    1918-2001
    Shapard, Mary L.    1918-1989

Carter, Mark C.    09/12/1959-08/10/1980

Carter, Robert C.    10/03/1921-03/05/1988    PFC US Army World War II

Fisher, Guy Jr.    02/10/1923-07/26/1987    S Sgt US Army Air Corps World War II
    Fisher, Imogene H.    03/10/1927-01/31/2006

Presley, Clarence W.    05/31/1922-09/19/2004    1st Lt US Army Air Forces World War II
    Presley, Juanita A.    1924-2006

Brotherton, Willie E. Sr.    04/14/1902-04/18/1978
    Brotherton, Arra Green    10/12/1901-03/01/1976

Evans, Arrie Harris    04/23/1892-05/01/1961

Corder, Albert Bain    04/22/1911-01/17/1996

Jarman, B. Wingo    01/15/1883-09/18/1952
    Jarman, Addie Louise    11/26/1886-09/12/1956

Jarman, Bodis W.    01/24/1911-04/30/1968
    Jarman, Muriel M.    12/21/1912-03/28/1999 1

Wallace, John A.    1885-1953
    Wallace, Virginia M.    1891-1961

Smith, William Coleman    1908-1978
    Smith, Olive F.    1913-1987

Holcomb, Frank H.    1903-1968
    Holcomb, Phoebe Joy    1913-2001

Bentrup, Cora Ida    10/16/1902-12/31/1983

Bentrup, Mary Jeklin    12/18/1867-11/10/1964

Hill, Benjamin Aaron    04/12/1893-07/18/1961    Arkansas Cook HQ Det 4 Ammo Tn World War I

Godwin, James D. "Chip" Jr.    08/30/1973-02/28/1979

Campbell, Joanna Lynn    06/06/1964-06/07/1964

Williams, Dora P.    189-1978

Williams, Leland D.    05/11/1911-08/02/1932

Smith, Harry B.    1900-1983
    Smith, Lillie L.    1901-1996

Ashby, Daniel F.    1873-1948
    Ashby, Nellie L.    1874-1951

Bell, Emmert E.    05/20/1897-08/09/1963
    Bell, Lauretta May    05/31/1896-07/07/1982

Bell, Clarence W.    11/12/1921-03/04/1993    M Sgt US Army

Parker, Herman O.    04/20/1916-12/04/2000    US Army Air Forces World War II
    Parker, Mildred May    12/16/1919-

Priebe, Bessie M.    12/29/1891-08/22/1960

Smith, R. Bruce    1920-2006
    Smith, Frances B.    1920-1997

Walker, Robert M.    07/13/1902-05/28/1977
    Walker, Elsie D.    08/01/1913-05/18/1994

Yancey, Martin A.    01/14/1910-09/29/1960

Walker, Kenneth Wayne    03/14/1932-08/15/1992    US Army Korea
    Walker, Doris E.    02/15/1931-08/18/1988

Cook, Alvah H.    1914-1977    PFC US Army World War II
    Cook, Evelyn    06/25/1917-12/28/1977

Gray, Phillip H.    03/26/1911-02/19/1983

Counts, Brunette H.    06/05/1912-03/19/2001

Counts, Richard    08/07/1886-07/29/1968

Counts, Harry E.    08/19/1920-10/18/1997    BM1 US Navy World War II
    Counts, Billye W.    08/15/1926-03/19/2002

Dolog, Martin    11/17/19__-02/13/1996    US Army World War II    [leaf on date]
    Dolog, Frances    12/12/1918-02/19/1998

McLaughlin, Janet L.    03/18/1962-09/26/1990
    Carden, Steven W.    08/29/1984-09/26/1990

Williams, Joey Ray    04/03/1964-03/18/2003

Swor, W. E. "Buddy"    05/12/1926-02/04/2009
    Swor, Frances T.    1922-2008

Hyatt, Juanita    10/21/1930-03/21/1982

Pritchard, Tina    1904-1975
    Pritchard, Jack G.    1900-1984

Pritchard, Lola M.    03/18/1909-08/02/1999
    Pritchard, Dave L.    12/29/1896-02/02/1970

Asay, Cindy Kay    02/20/1969-11/24/1970

Arnold, Willie B.    12/17/1903-05/08/1987
    Arnold, Fred L.    11/16/1901-05/24/1996

Minner, Georgia E.    08/29/1893-11/07/1951

Williams, Lillian    [no date of death shown]
    Williams, Pershing    12/01/1918-08/30/1984

Bell, Monnie B.    1917-2002
    Bell, Jack L.    1916-2005

Davenport, Willie S.    01/18/1897-07/04/1969    Arkansas Pvt US Army World War I

Davenport, Bessie Jane    1905-1965

Davenport Bench

Davenport, Clarence W.    09/20/1926-01/15/1992    Pvt US Army World War II

Blair, Opal Tarvin    1907-1982
    Blair, Manchie L.    1900-1964

Sumner, Lila C.    12/29/1904-04/03/1994
    Sumner, Ellis N.    11/18/1899-07/20/1975

Morrow, Ethel M.    09/26/1891-07/11/1991

Abernathy, Harry H. Jr.    04/05/1921-02/05/2004

Keyes, Gertrude    1909-1987
    Keyes, Ralph    1909-1975

Newton, Mary Carolyn    06/27/1919-10/16/2004
    Newton, John Paul    08/21/1916-12/17/1984

Keefe, Evelyn P.    1920-2002
    Keefe, Loren C.    1920-2003

Markham, Olan    11/20/1896-09/13/1963

Markham, Diamond G.    12/28/1900-03/19/1976

Rauch, George A.    04/02/1885-06/01/1973

Rauch, Mae Vernon    07/21/1896-10/22/1961

Holcomb, Mildred    12/22/1921-12/27/1996
    Holcomb, Russell    03/20/1916-08/08/2009    [dod from obituary]

Herrington, H. Marie    [no date of death shown]
    Herrington, James M.    09/10/1924-02/23/2001

Estes, Abbie Mae    1910-2003
    Estes, Harvey C.    1903-2004

Alsobrook, Evelyn    1907-1994

Perry, Jeff Moore    03/05/1912-11/29/1978    S Sgt US Army World War II

Brickell, Brady R.    07/26/1913-12/21/2001    S1 US Navy World War II

McGehee, Randy    05/19/1916-02/22/1973    S Sgt US Army World War II

Cremens, Ruby    06/26/1898-06/18/1980

Dillon, Natalie Wilder    07/20/1927-10/17/2003    married 09/22/1945
    Dillon, William L.    [no date of death shown]

Johnson, Clara B.    03/29/1942-08/16/2006
    Johnson, W. R. "Bill"    12/20/1940-10/14/2000

Green, Nola Alene    1906-1988
    Green, Herbert A.    1911-1999

Kotulla, Eleanor L.    1927-1989
    Kotulla, Raymond E.    1920-1984

Kotulla, R. Christopher    04/24/1962-05/28/1989

Benton, Nina R.    1919-
    Benton, Fon T.    1916-1986

Smith, Dorothy J.    06/20/1922-02/03/2012    [dod from obituary] 1

Harris, Emogene    [no date of death shown]
    Harris, Charles E.    [no date of death shown]

Kendall, Melissa Lee    04/20/1964-02/24/1986

Batchelor, Daisy L.    1914-2003

Batchelor, R. Joyce    [no date of death shown]
    Batchelor, Wayne E.    08/09/1931-03/18/2000    US Navy

Jordan, Elnora    08/10/1902-02/26/1992

Horn, Sarah H.    10/26/1912-10/16/1995

Knepper, Joseph Mike    10/22/1924-02/25/1988    US Army World War II

Knepper, Robert Eugene    07/03/1950-09/24/1986    US Army

Ellis, Steven Hiram    09/18/1924-01/31/2005

Niemann, Norma J.    [no date of death shown]
    Niemann, William M.    09/03/1923-09/14/1991    MM3 US Navy World War II

Beck, Faye    09/09/1930-04/03/2000
    Beck, Robert William    09/26/1918-01/01/1977    US Air Force

Harris, Floyd S.    1879-1962

Rowell, Ellen D.    08/02/1918-12/07/2005
    Rowell, Meek Y.    05/22/1913-09/11/1986

Estes, Chester Keith    05/13/1940-01/05/2006

Maynard, Mildred Joshlin    08/09/1924-01/07/1987

Simpson, Florence P.    1873-1962

Keyes, Peggy Ann    [no date of death shown]
    Keyes, Billy R.    1931-1998

Alatorre, Mae V. Griffin    1903-1968    Mema

Nelson, Daisy M.    1884-1971

Davenport Bench

Smith, Laura B.    08/10/1893-02/28/1986

Smith, William L.    11/26/1887-01/16/1975

Look, Nan Lindley    01/05/1901-10/22/1979

Newell, Katherine E.    09/22/1887-08/20/1972
    Newell, Isaac Embry    03/29/1885-05/02/1966

Wilson, William W.    10/17/1923-01/24/1992    United States Air Force World War II Korea

Smitherman, Eugene W.    05/27/1928-04/28/1981

Gillum, Sybil King    02/28/1910-06/09/2008
    Gillum, Don Cody    06/05/1906-02/13/1994

Gillum, Jo Harbert    10/01/1933-04/20/2006
    Gillum, Arthur W.    [no date of death shown]

Harbert, Zetta B.    1904-1993
    Harbert, Hayward C.    1908-1990

Harrison, Katherine E.    [no date of death shown]
    Harrison, Samuel W.    06/14/1923-08/04/1998    MSgt United States Air Force World War II

Smith, Eudell Deaton    08/16/1917-04/17/2000
    Smith, Leonard T.    03/09/1907-07/22/1997

Glover, Norma M.    11/03/1920-07/01/1989

Glover, Loy M.    05/24/1915-10/17/1999

Duncan, Gleesta W.    1916-1998
    Duncan, Cecil H.    1904-1986

Lacewell, John Russell    09/24/1942-06/30/2001

Presley, Fred W.    07/31/1921-12/08/1992    US Navy World War II

Cordon, Rose Lee    10/02/1935-11/06/1973

Horn, Raymond DeCosta    08/31/1906-04/10/1982
    Horn, Malinda Wittenburg    10/29/1904-02/26/2006

Landers, J. Philip Jr.    09/30/1954-03/06/1977

Bruton Bench

Richards, John Raymond    10/13/1951-03/10/1952

Gordon, Hillary J.    01/15/1890-12/10/1960
    Gordon, Leona Overturf    03/11/1912-10/27/2004

Lemons, Rochester    1895-1958
    Lemons, Addie A.    1895-1957

Baker, Clem    10/03/1881-06/29/1974
    Baker, Hallet    06/04/1884-11/15/1967

Phelps, David M.    10/31/1914-07/06/1986
    Phelps, Evelyn Z.    08/31/1913-06/08/1999

Russell, Abbie W.    08/25/1898-06/16/1957

Craig Bench

Wilkerson, Russell Mead    05/27/1908-12/29/1977
    Wilkerson, Agnes Smith    01/08/1912-07/09/2003

Wilkerson, Jeffrey Craig    11/04/1960-03/01/1966

Byrd, Charles Robert Sr.    12/22/1924-07/27/1996
    Byrd, Eva Blanche    04/10/1926-04/20/2001

Kunze, Joy    04/07/1949-07/18/1994

Kyzer, Agnes L.    [no date of death shown]

Taylor, Dan L.    1915-1963

Shive, Ruby Jean Taylor    01/26/1937-03/02/1988

Diggins, Lawrence Neely    09/26/1934-10/06/2004    United States Air Force
    Diggins, Patricia Krett    [no date of death shown]

Fritts, Emil E.    1914-2002
    Fritts, Treva L.    1914-1989

Neville, Mildred A.    1918-1975
    Neville, James H.    1915-1986

Neville, Hugh E.    1892-1986
    Neville, Lucille E.    1896-1976

Talbert, Anna White    09/18/1930-01/06/1995

Young, Fred C.    07/12/1919-01/06/1998    PFC US Army World War II
    Young, Norma C. E.    [no date of death shown]

Wilkerson, Russell M. Jr.    03/23/1937-03/05/1985

Craig, Charlie    09/21/1920-04/24/1998
    Craig, Patricia    06/04/1923-09/26/1999

Rogers, David M.    01/22/1984-12/21/1984

Trimble, Rev. David George    1881-1956
    Trimble, Rev. Jettie Ann    1883-1968

McNish, Billy G.    [no date of death shown]
    McNish, Patsy R.    07/25/1931-07/07/1979

Gunter, Owen D.    1913-1975
    Gunter, Hazel H.    1911-1985

McPherson, William P.    03/06/1928-11/25/1959

Lee, Della Mitchen    10/05/1903-04/30/1983

Lee, Herman E. Sr.    09/07/1906-12/17/1963

Thomason, James G.    02/03/1890-01/01/1973    Parents of Alta Acree and Dorothy Mitchell

Richards, Raymond    02/10/1911-08/19/2007    1st Lt United States Army World War II
    Richards, Harriet P.    05/19/1916-03/24/2000

Rothenberger, Lester C.    08/15/1912-05/04/1974    CM2 US Navy
    Rothenberger, A. Ozella    12/18/1909-04/06/2002

Red, Mrs. Ruby    12/10/1900-07/13/1951

Palmer, Albert kenneth    10/22/1920-10/12/1989
    Palmer, _illie J. Daughenbauch    [no date of death shown]

Short, Ronald Dale    05/09/1933-09/03/1951

Short, Arthur Dale    1908-1992

Mattei, Val E.    1931-2002
    Mattei, Jane    [no date of death shown]

Giese, Wilbert    1916-1982
    Giese, Maxcine    1912-2000

Dennie, Elbert A.    12/01/1929-09/14/2001    United States Army

Alsip, Wanda Dianne    09/22/1941-10/08/2000
    Alsip, Keith Martin    [no date of death shown]

Durham, Benoit    01/24/1898-08/07/1967
    Durham, Sadie B.    10/30/1896-03/16/1981

Durham, William B.    05/04/1919-01/23/1977

Durham, Marion Lucille    04/17/1917-12/09/1995

Adney, Mary H.    [no date of death shown]
    Adney, G. B. Jr.    1924-1999

McAlister, Sarah    [no date of death shown]
    McAlister, Zerl    1915-2001

Small, Florence May    05/16/1906-12/14/2001

Small, Delena A.    05/28/1919-07/20/1954
    Small, Edward F.    07/06/1910-01/24/1987

Hooker, Frankie    1922-1992
    Hooker, Nathan L.    1922-2001

Scruggs, Marguerite W.    10/27/1902-06/25/1979
    Scruggs, Harry W.    04/15/1899-12/28/1964

Sanders, Otto Luther    02/24/1894-02/11/1974

Sanders, Thelma J.    11/14/1899-01/09/1955

Elbert, George Edward    12/21/1914-07/08/2005
    Elbert, F. Lucille "Lucy"    05/29/1918-03/08/2008

Housley, Donia L.    [no date of death shown]
    Housley, Allen S.    06/15/1918-06/03/1992

Post, E. Vonice    1930-1986
    Post, E. Richard    1921-1998

Rhodes, Willa Mae    05/07/1907-09/13/1995
    Rhodes, Wiley H.    02/22/1908-04/05/19888

Rhodes, Gary Randall    01/12/1938-09/08/1989    SW3 United States Navy Vietnam

Davidson, Muriel Kay    1918-2000

Harper, Richard Dan    12/27/1950-05/03/1969    Arkansas Sp4 Co A 1 Bn 325 Infantry

Traffanstedt, A. C.    1921-1989

Brisco, Charlotte S.    01/24/1964-05/07/1993

Buddenberg, J. Hurley    03/29/1908-02/28/1988    [SSDI shows first name as James]

Buddenberg, Ruby T.    03/27/1912-03/13/2000

Tackett, Susan Nanette    07/12/1957-02/02/1997

Tackett, Laura Mae    06/14/1926-04/25/1998

Berry, Gloria C.    [no date of death shown]
    Berry, Donald H.    1940-2006

McClanahan, William Frank    03/09/1953-04/22/1996    Our Beloved Bill

Smith, Juanita Bell    08/20/1921-07/11/1993
    Smith, Howard R.    11/08/1921-12/24/2008   World War II Glider Pilot

Keyes, Douglas M.    08/26/1970-07/14/2006

Byrd, Jon Anthony Shaw    07/27/1966-08/01/1966

Wood, Charlotte Lampen    12/06/1882-06/05/1955

Wood, Frank Herbert    03/31/1888-02/16/1957

Nash, Jackie L.    11/24/1946-06/08/2011    [dod from obituary]
    Nash, Patricia G.    [no date of death shown]

Ellison, James Edward    03/13/1934-05/07/1997

Flower [no marker - just a flower]

Brady, Louis L.    02/29/1920-08/15/1981    PFC US Marine Corps World War II
    Brady, Aulcie P.    12/30/1920-05/02/1988

Worley, Ashlyn Emilie    07/20/2000-10/13/2000

Gregory, C. Charles    1949-1986

Johnson, Marshall Smith II    08/14/1975-07/04/2006

Guffin, Mark Howell    11/09/1961-07/03/2006

Roberts, Jerry    [permanent marker with no dates with temp. marker in same space]
    Roberts, Gerald D.    08/13/1945-06/13/2008    [Roller-Chenal FHM]

Richardson, James Wesley    06/01/1970-12/13/1986

Richardson, Virginia Marie    05/28/1928-07/21/2002

Felton, Mary Arline    10/13/1955-07/02/2001

Reedy, Jerry Gordon    09/27/1928-06/07/1999
    Reedy, Edith Harris    03/10/1929-02/19/2008

Worley, Ricky Ray    03/25/1951-11/04/1982 

1  I have this particular obituary. When requesting the obituary, please show Pinecrest Cemetery Obituary Request as the subject; in the message please copy and paste the entire line from this page that you need so that I will know where to find the obituary in my files. If you cannot open a microsoft word file, please let me know in your email.