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Old Rosemont Cemetery
1000 Military Road
Benton, Saline County, Arkansas

Sections 1-4
Sections 5-9

Located next to New Rosemont Cemetery (also known as New Rosemont Memorial Park) on Military Road at the junction of Military Road and Allen Street. You may enter the cemetery via Allen Street or at the junction of Military Road and Alcoa Road.

My own comments will be shown with brackets [] before and after. Please contact me regarding any questions or comments. I have made every effort to input this information correctly but please let me know if you have any additions or corrections. At times I have shown the "family monument" but neglected to annotate all of these. If you have a family monument that you wish me to add, please email it to me being sure to let me known which names are in that family plot.

The prior reading that is discussed by many entries was a 1977 transcription by Dorris and Bernard Barber and is found here. Since so many of the stones, especially in Section 3, are illegible their reading was needed to make this transcription as complete as possible.

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Section 5 (read May 5, 2009)

Mason, Mable L.    02/01/1916-07/20/1996

Dodgen, Lucy Kay    07/12/1966-08/10/2003    Mother of Ronald Jr. and Stephanie

Dodgen, Michael Shane    05/22/1973-05/23/1973

Wilson, Jeremy K.    03/29/1981-04/19/1981

Parker Family Plot
Parker, Alice Hattie    02/28/1877-10/20/1950
Parker, Edward Arthur    11/05/1872-10/27/1954
Parker, Dallas    03/03/1901-05/31/1951
Larsen, Lillian Parker    05/02/1902-04/27/1934
Sawyer, A. R. (Dell)    02/04/1904-09/02/1968
Sawyer, Irma Parker    02/25/1911-12/13/1994

Riley, Gertrude Smith    06/1906-12/1964

Smith, Andrew J.    1867-1946
    Smith, Josephine    1878-1956

Smith, Pauline    11/01/1904-02/07/1936

McAlister, Mary Virginia    1913-1990
    McAlister, James Tilford    9 Months

Steele, Rufus N.    10/20/1915-02/06/1990    US Navy World War II

Steele, Johnnie Samuel    10/01/1873-02/24/1937
    Steele, Emma Signora    11/25/1880-03/26/1978

Robertson, Mildred Osborne    1909-1935

Evans, J. E.    1851-1934

Evans, Mattie    1878-1956

Crabb, Ethyl    03/31/1903-07/29/1979

Caldwell, Robert W.    1865-1938
    Caldwell, Mary T.    1870-1932 1

Caldwell, Robert H.    10/22/1895-12/27/1931    US Army    [His marker shows he died 12/27/1931; however, his obituary and Arkansas Death Index both indicate 12/30/1931.]

Taylor, Mary Caldwell    03/17/1904-09/10/1976

Taylor, Richard Warren    03/18/1927-08/14/1984    Sp4 US Army

Thompson, Wallace N.    1869-1947
    Thompson, Effie L. O'Neal    1870-1936

Blakely Plot
Blakely, M. M.    M.D.    08/23/1884-05/07/1965
Blakely, Zela Mae    05/10/1894-10/02/1964

Riffe, Johnny C.    10/16/1901-11/21/1980
    Riffe, Jewell T.    07/29/1905-02/12/1998

Thompson, Horace E.    11/28/1896-08/11/1982    PFC US Army World War I
    Thompson, Gladys W.    10/13/1903-09/28/1991

Grasty, Blanche    09/27/1910-07/30/1988    Capt US Army World War II Korea

Grasty, Elizabeth E. "Dink"    12/08/1915-11/20/1995

Langley, Hubert O.    12/09/1925-09/07/2004    married 11/17/1944
    Langley, Dorothy M.    10/26/1926-01/16/2004

Ingram, Jerral Dee    03/20/1933-10/31/1935

Summerville, Ernestine    03/29/1924-02/21/1996    Beloved Daughter, Sister, Aunt, and Friend

Summerville, Mary Stowers    08/19/1880-10/27/1935    Mother

Westbrook, Alfred W.    07/19/1883-06/03/1935
    Westbrook, Lena Nethercutt    01/29/1898-03/01/1992

Lefevers, William C.    -08/03/1935    Arkansas Corp 48 Field Arty 16 Div

Searcy Plot
Searcy, Sylvia N.    02/24/1933-02/18/1989
Searcy, James Benjamin    09/09/1930-10/04/1991
Searcy, B. V.    09/18/1902-05/19/1935
Searcy, Imogene A.    02/22/1905-04/29/1995
Searcy, Charles    11/18/1875-10/12/1942
    Searcy, Lucy J.    01/22/1878-11/22/1963

Sudduth, Max    02/29/1896-04/05/1973    married 01/18/1920
    Sudduth, Leola S.    09/12/1899-02/20/1989

Sims, James P.    10/24/1889-01/05/1952
    Sims, May P.    05/19/1892-06/05/1954

May, James Lewis    10/14/1944-11/01/2001

Smith, Bennie Ruth Sims    06/07/1928-12/10/2006

Sims, Barbara Sue    10/16/1929-12/04/2007

Hughes, Eric A.    06/19/1910-07/07/1973

Hughes, Mary E.    01/26/1916-01/16/2003 1

Bragg Family Plot
Bragg, Hattie O.    10/15/1879-12/18/1963
Bragg, Thomas M.    08/12/1873-01/02/1944

Hughes, Phyllis Roann    04/10/1936-04/19/1936

Hawkins, Luther M.    10/18/1902-11/27/1979
    Hawkins, Vera L.    02/10/1899-12/20/1987

Dodd, Lula Hogue    09/19/1903-06/08/1978

Hogue, John H.    08/23/1894-04/05/1945

Atchison, Langdon L.    10/30/1904-06/15/1975    married 12/26/1932
    Atchison, Orean    11/29/1911-07/12/1998

Curl, John A.    04/30/1937-04/19/1995
    Curl, Elfriede M.    04/12/1938-04/26/1990

Goodson, Carl D.    10/11/1926-10/31/1937

Goodson, Paul D.    -10/31/1937    Louisiana Corp 677 Aero Sq

Styers, Willie A.    08/03/1904-11/03/1953

Styers, Helen    10/07/1920-12/24/1936

White, L. J. "Buster"    03/01/1906-12/23/1980    married 05/19/1929
    White, Doris M.    01/22/1907-11/12/1995

Overton, Norma I.    12/22/1914-05/12/1971

Styers, W. J.    01/08/1883-12/26/1973    Father
    Styers, Josephine    10/23/1883-03/25/1960    Mother

Appleby, Helen E.    02/18/1870-08/09/1954

Stewart, Hubert W.    12/20/1920-07/18/1936

Stewart, Hubert L.    03/16/1898-04/13/1973    Oklahoma Sgt US Army World War I Purple Heart
    Stewart, Margie M.    05/07/1896-04/19/1994    married 12/21/1919

Vinson, Pvt. Voy    07/15/1892-12/11/1938    Co. D, 141 Mach. Gun Bn.

Vinson, Exie D.    10/23/1889-07/26/1972

Vinson, Infant Son of Mr. and Mrs. Irl Vinson    -12/20/1938

Peterson, John T.    10/08/1867-02/03/1951

Graham, Luter N.    1885-1936    Our Father

Covington Family Plot
Covington, J. W. Jr.    1922-1935
Covington, Maude R.    12/14/1887-01/17/1957

Wright, Hollie S.    10/14/1894-12/06/1966
    Wright, Nancy L.    09/09/1897-04/14/1982

White, Doyle E.    10/10/1908-04/18/1979    married 12/22/1928
    White, Myrtle E.    06/10/1910-03/09/1971

Copeland, William M.    1880-1935    W.O.W.
    Copeland, Susan L.    1882-1946

Kelley, Bessie J.    1881-1936

Kelley, W. M.    1878-1942    A Minister

Kelley, Belle Martin    06/11/1877-03/23/1939    His Wife
    Kelley, George R.    12/03/1862-08/11/1941    Husband

McDonald, Laura Ethel    06/25/1881-04/04/1955

McDonald, J. Calvin    11/30/1879-07/05/1954

Vasser, Sarah (Moore)    05/09/1883-05/22/1935

McDonald, Clyde T.    12/26/1908-03/29/1981    married 01/02/1932
    McDonald, Louise    09/04/1912-08/17/1996 1

Westbrook, Cynthia    12/12/1854-01/10/1936

Westbrook, Milton P.    07/23/1853-11/15/1938

Hughes, Joe Bob    10/09/1882-04/07/1976    married 08/06/1901
    Hughes, Arkie Westbrook    12/13/1880-10/14/1971

Westbrook, Myrtice

Westbrook, James Wilkin    1868-1937

Westbrook, Dr. Thomas H.    1866-1931

Mullins Family Plot
Mullins, Howard Jr.    1928-1930
Mullins, Etta    1906-1935
Mullins, Jessie Ellen    1870-1960
Mullins, L. B.    1866-1934
Mullins, H. R. "Bo"    08/22/1904-06/13/1976
    Mullins, Toie    08/18/1910-07/18/2009    [date of death from obituary]
Henry, Mae Mullins    05/30/1902-09/24/1983

Newcomb Family Plot
Newcomb, Kenneth Rex    09/23/1939-02/23/1999
Newcomb, Fred M. Jr.    12/03/1931-09/02/2008
Newcomb, Alma J.    07/27/1897-03/22/1957
Newcomb, Fred M.    08/27/1896-07/06/1972
Newcomb, Robert W. Sr.    02/25/1922-08/04/2008    S Sgt US Army World War II
Newcomb, Ema Sue    07/29/1929-07/30/1929

Hope, Laura V.    1874-1958

Hope, James J.    1874-1933

Malone, J. Nathaniel    02/03/1859-06/07/1932
    Malone, N. Elizabeth    01/14/1862-12/07/1949

Power-Nelson Family Plot
Power, Ernest L.    1874-1965    Father
Power, Gertrude Burgess    1874-1943
Nelson, Mary G.    1898-1982
Nelson, Rev. Harvey J.    1896-1954

Power Family Plot    [back side of the Power-Nelson Monument]
Power, James Walton    1906-1931    Son

Cheney, Martha E.    1862-1930

Cheney, Clyde    10/30/1896-07/02/1974
    Cheney, Margaret    02/05/1900-

Parker, Baby    06/20/1929

Johnson, Loris E.    10/21/1902-10/15/1970
    Johnson, Charlotte M.    06/23/1906-06/19/2002

Hathcote, Sallie A.    1874-1961
    Hathcote, Pyramus H.    1869-1928

Mullins, Erma J.    1900-1937    [This was in a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber. I did not see a marker.]

Mason, John H.    09/10/1881-03/06/1932
    Mason, Mollie. P.    09/16/1882-03/30/1969
    [This entry came from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber. I did not see a marker. I must have missed it/them.]

Section 6 (read May 22, 2009)

Rasburry, James Gray    02/23/1898-03/12/1984    Rootsweb WCP
    Rasburry, Mary D. Steele    04/12/1895-02/13/1986    Rootsweb WCP

Rasburry, James Melton    05/26/1919-08/27/1943    Cadet; He went down with his plane near Waco, Texas    Rootsweb WCP

Rasburry, Michael A.    01/15/1950-05/05/1990    US Marine Corps Vietnam    Rootsweb WCP 1

Rasburry, A. Porter    06/16/1925-03/11/1991    Tec 4 US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP 1

Greene, Margaret Josephine    08/14/1910-01/17/1994

Greene, George Michael    11/29/1910-11/26/1980

Martin, Elizabeth N.    03/17/1909-02/01/1979

Martin, Fred    01/03/1912-08/30/1958    Arkansas EM3 USNR World War II

Martin, Ambrose V.    1869-1950

Martin, Hattie C.    1883-1942

Wall, Jean Martin    02/24/1917-06/14/2003

Wall, David M.    01/08/1918-07/30/1997    Major US Army World War II

Wall, David M. Jr.    1953-1985    Capt US Army Reserve

Rhodes, Lena Lois Collatt    08/14/1885-08/15/1965    wife of Lewis K. Rhodes  1

White, Lowell Bartow    11/10/1872-03/24/1957

White, Margaret Purtle    11/28/1905-12/24/1996

Hockersmith, Tilford L. "Tip"    1872-1948 1
    Hockersmith, Gussie L.    1889-1980    his wife

Hockersmith, J. H. "Boo"    1915-    [SSDI shows 03/31/1915-10/05/1994]

Hockersmith, Mildred    1919-1990

Cain, Will I.    04/10/1895-11/07/1962
    Cain, Mamie P.    06/18/1899-09/28/1956

Green, Phyllis Cain    03/22/1935-09/04/1996

Revis, William Louis    03/08/1911-10/08/1956    Arkansas Pvt 261 Base Unit AAF World War II
    Revis, Meathel Allen    07/02/1916-10/13/2004    married 04/11/1936

Jones, Infant Son    born and died 12/02/1959    Infant Son of Joyce Lisenbey Jones

Lisenbey, Eddie Bradford    01/25/1912-10/16/1963    Arkansas S1 USNR World War II
    Lisenbey, Emily Gatlin    11/26/1921-03/11/2012    [dates from obituary] 1

Bryant, Junior P.    06/14/1905-04/13/1960
    Bryant, Bertha    03/06/1905-05/13/1982

O'Hara, Ruby L.    04/19/1913-07/07/2002
    O'Hara, Walter J.    10/30/1905-02/22/1982

O'Hara, Infant Daughter of Walter and Ruby O'Hara    08/31/1945

Simmons, Lee Allen    07/30/1890-07/11/1962    Texas Pvt Medical Department World War I

Simmons, Cosie Lee    02/10/1897-11/10/1975

Cragg, Marshall    1976
    Cragg, Katheryn    1984

Fortner, Vivian L.    08/05/1911-11/25/2000
    Fortner, Arley F.    07/29/1901-06/24/1963 1

Seals, Emogene    02/17/1907-08/01/1974
    Seals, Bernice D.    06/03/1903-11/28/1959

Carland, Joseph R.    11/18/1885-11/12/1962
    Carland, Della E.    08/27/1895-05/11/1974

Robinson, Earl G.    12/16/1891-02/26/1966
    Robinson, Laura E.    02/02/1901-02/13/1971

Musteen, G. Evelyn    10/17/1916-12/20/1962    married 10/30/1937
    Musteen, Merle L.    05/16/1915-11/23/1999

McAdoo, Clarence C.    09/01/1910-07/03/1967

McAdoo, Elbert J.    02/17/1885-08/04/1970
    McAdoo, M. Lucille    08/17/1895-02/11/1964

Rupp, Lawrence    1870-1963
    Rupp, Emma    1887-1979

Gatlin, Albert H.    1874-1959    Father

Johnson, John D.    1924-1985    [Ashby Funeral Home Marker]

Cloud, Kimberly Donetta    born and died 09/02/1971

Cloud, Raymond D.    08/04/1919-02/29/1988
    Cloud, S. Catherine    03/29/1922-09/29/2000

Hill, John P.    09/05/1892-08/17/1974
    Hill, Katie Z.    01/30/1903-04/27/1968

Gardner, Mattie Faye Hill    12/18/1937-10/17/2007    married 07/16/1960
    Gardner, John C.    [no date of death shown]

Hagedorn, Lark    05/20/1887-01/03/1964    Arkansas Cook HQ Det 4 Rec Bn 162 Depot Brigade World War I

Ham, Everett A.    06/27/1924-06/01/2010    parents of Denise and Paul    [dates from obituary]
    Ham, Mamie Jean    10/20/1926-04/10/1993    married 05/15/1948

Ham, Everett Paul    02/15/1963    Infant Son of Everett A. and Mamie Jean

Vaughan, William B.    12/31/1879-09/16/1964
    Vaughan, Jennie A.    09/07/1881-08/17/1968

Vaughan, Carol T.    02/01/1925-05/05/1995    [Benton Courier obituary found in May 4 newspaper shows May 3; SSDI shows 05/15/1995]

Section 7 (read June 3 and June 5, 2009)

Marinelli, Maria    05/05/1922-11/04/1924    [There is a name of Michele Marinelli at the base of the marker with no date.]

Evens, Charles    04/23/1893-09/03/1920    Delaware Pvt 301 Regt

White, George H.    11/22/1868-10/02/1920

Dehm, August    04/18/1863-05/16/1921

Curry, Dr. C. J.    10/09/1853-04/17/1932

Curry, Mary Ellen    1918-1936

Curry, Richard L.    02/11/1888-1943

Curry, Mary A.    1889-1986    [funeral home marker]

Curry, Little Eddie    10/07/1918-07/21/1922    [Arkansas Death Index shows him to be Charles E. Curry and dying in Saline County]

Sharp, Charles Marshall "Ike"    09/04/1928-05/02/2010    married 06/08/1951
    Sharp, Billie June Geurin    [no date of death shown]

Soule, Paul    1918-1927    [Concrete Block - illegible - took from prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber. Arkansas Death Index shows he died 10/21/1927 in Saline County]

Davis, Fellmer    01/18/1892-04/30/1927    A true and fearless soldier

Davis, Glennie W.    05/15/1896-12/27/1966

Craig, James W.    02/01/1891-07/28/1940    W.O.W.

Craig, Viola    12/19/1877-10/27/1963

Craig, George Glenn    09/09/1915-08/22/1927    Son of J. W. and V. V. Craig

Boswell, Andrew F.    04/18/1866-11/05/1927

Campbell, Mary Southwick    11/22/1894-07/08/1966

Campbell, Francis E.    11/19/1926-03/12/1927    Son of Mr. and Mrs. Leland Campbell

Marine, J. A.    07/12/1841-01/01/1928

Marine, Eliza A.    died 02/12/1913 Age 82 Years

Kelley Family Plot
Kelley, Fred    01/23/1914-11/25/1972    Arkansas SKV2 US Navy World War II
Kelley, James H.    05/21/1912-09/15/1939
Kelley, Jewel G.    05/21/1882-02/13/1973
Kelley, James H.    11/23/1879-06/16/1922

Raper, Infant Daughter of Homer and Terral Raper    09/24/1923

Raper, Terral Julian    05/12/1901-09/25/1923    Wife of Homer Raper 1

Muir, Allen J.    03/20/1847-07/11/1922    [This marker had a concrete pad; next to it was another concrete pad but no marker.]

Kinney, Dale E.    11/27/1904-07/29/1967

Kinney, Harry E.    09/06/1908-09/07/1949 1

Kinney, Edward    12/11/1895-10/31/1942    Arkansas Pvt 102 Inf 26 Div

Kinney, Lula Dale    1871-1956
    Kinney, William J.    1866-1958

Kinney, Juanita    09/00/1918-12/00/1918

Pitcock, George H.    01/19/1871-10/25/1918    Benton Camp No. 168

Geurin, Juanita S.    06/15/1917-10/18/1917

Geurin, William A.    08/10/1890-07/20/1955
    Geurin, N. Virgil    08/28/1892-11/12/1954

Spenelle, Ina    Wife of John    Born in Italy 04/22/1881, Died in United States 06/19/1919 Came to United States in 1911

Durkins, Hugh    died 10/02/1917

Bibes Family Plot
Bibees, Augustine    08/02/1914-09/21/1917    [The marker was spelled Bibees]
Bibes, Charles T.    10/06/1882-02/24/1947
Bibes, Ida Belle    09/19/1882-04/15/1965

McEwen, James E.    -08/12/1947

McEwen, Lillian    -06/11/1936

Kaufman, Henrietta C.    -07/16/1919

Horton, Infant of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Horton

Giers, H. Webster    1884-1937

LeMaster, Necy H.    08/19/1886-01/10/1971    [Top of the marker had the name Giers - she was first married to H. Webster Giers according to census]

Renfrow, William G.    10/27/1892-01/05/1952

Hughes, Jacob H.    08/07/1859-07/22/1917

Hughes, Leah M.    08/30/1859-05/25/1942

Hughes, Freeman M.    11/06/1883-12/25/1918    Son

Hughes, Edgar    09/22/1893-11/13/1971

Bryan, Mary B. Raper    01/06/1882-01/09/1955

Bryan, Samuel David    03/14/1879-02/11/1941

Warren, Thomas Perry    12/03/1913-08/23/1924    Son of G. F. and Bertha Warren

Warren, Garland    1884-1948
    Warren, Bertha    1895-1988

Holiman, Belle    11/12/1875-11/24/1918
    Holiman, E. Tom    05/27/1869-02/02/1941

McCormick, Lela May    05/30/1887-10/05/1931

Willis, Louis J.    06/29/1919-05/16/1967

Zinn, George A.    01/11/1863-03/30/1922
    Zinn, Ida B.    11/14/1864-02/19/1950 1

Zinn, Frank Herbert    01/12/1898-02/28/1969    Arkansas Sea US Navy World War I
    Zinn, Beatrice L.    03/22/1902-09/05/1969

Dowdy, Jesse Andrew    04/12/1874-03/04/1923    Husband of Leta Harvey Dowdy

Carter, Edward Philpott    09/04/1878-07/29/1945
    Carter, Mollie Elmina    12/28/1877-08/31/1959

Conrad, Jennie L.    01/07/1868-05/01/1928
    Conrad, Simon D.    01/26/1869-01/19/1923

Ray, Lillian Birtie    04/06/1903-01/25/1923    Dau of J. G. and H. L. Ray

Hill, Lucian A.    01/18/1927-11/26/2002

Moorman, Sarah E.    09/20/1861-02/18/1940

Milham Family Monument
Milham, James Berry    1881-1969
Milham, George Plumer    1892-08/14/1918    Arkansas Lieut Air Service 3 Div
Milham, Jane A.    1851-1944
Milham, S. P.    1876-1972
Milham, Howard    1906-1921
Weid, Gladys M.    1910-1979
Milham, Louise    1911-1940

Johnston, Frankie F. M.    11/03/1895-12/11/1918    Dau of B. F. and G. A. Johnston

Simms, Olive Criner    01/11/1903-03/23/1950    [This surname is spelled Simms]

Sims, Walter Franklin    11/10/1890-11/05/1959    Arkansas PFC US Army World War I

Lett, William    08/03/1889-02/15/1932

Richardson, Maude Ruth    1889-1944

Richardson, John L.    1865-1939

Watson, Annie B.    11/26/1865-12/27/1916    W.O.W.

Watson, James B.    02/08/1854-10/27/1928    W.O.W.

Singleterry, James A.    12/29/1875-12/04/1915    W.O.W. Camp No. 168 Benton, Ar.

Singleterry, Claudia    08/30/1883-09/09/1965    Mother

Singleterry, Orena    1912-1935    Wife of Jimmie Singleterry

Watts, Jessie Norma    02/02/1914-07/26/1987    married 06/06/1932
    Watts, Carl "Skeeter"    11/08/1914-01/31/1993

Singleterry, Merle Walton    03/03/1911-12/22/1994

Singleterry, Mary "Dutch"    03/13/1916-03/30/1994

Ferguson, Carolyn Ann    07/26/1934-12/10/1981

Montgomery, Ethel    06/17/1910-06/16/1929

Montgomery, Sarah E.    02/13/1875-02/02/1940

Hopkins, Ralph J.    12/13/1929-03/17/1931

Hopkins, Sarah E.    08/13/1923-11/25/1928

Hopkins, Nathaniel E.    10/26/1911-05/10/1914

Jump, Max A.    1899-1963

Jump, William T.    07/12/1848-04/25/1915
    Jump, Josephine    05/10/1872-04/19/1941

Peed, Nina G.    1887-1971
    Peed, Thomas P.    1883-1951

Peed, Bernice    02/09/1913-02/22/1925    Dau of T. P. and Nina Peed

Conrad, David Z.    1878-1941

Conrad, Zollie M.    1880-1968 1

Westbrook, Bijie R. Conrad    1904-1939

Conrad, William L.    died 11/13/1913

Bennett, Maurice H.    01/30/1909-01/09/1989

Bennett, Martha Cole    04/09/1911-05/13/1999

McCormick, John P.    04/21/1913-08/04/1983
    McCormick, Myrtle E.    08/14/1915-09/23/2006

Cole, William A.    01/03/1901-10/15/1950    Arkansas Captain 5 Infantry

Cole, Elsie Dee    1896-1988

Cole, George W.    1878-1955

Cole, Mirtice Rucker    06/05/1885-10/27/1971

Cole, Earl R.    10/07/1908-04/11/1916

Whitehead, Nathan R.    08/20/1908-05/23/1980

Whitehead, Edna Woodard    01/05/1881-12/15/1960

Whitehead, William G.    08/18/1867-1945

Whitehead, Rutherford Lynn    06/30/1905-06/30/1917    Son of W. G. and Edna Whitehead

Sample, Anna Billie    02/10/1873-05/04/1961

Sample, Samuel J.    08/08/1869-03/25/1929

Baker, Paralee    06/1845-06/1927

Baker, Mary Katherine    died 02/06/1924    Daughter of D. L. and Jannie Baker

Sample, Infant Son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Sample    born and died 07/01/1917

Carter, James P.    06/23/1886-08/06/1940
    Carter, Mae B.    07/15/1895-07/09/1958

Roberts, Bessie B.    07/04/1865-11/01/1931    [I could not read the dates - they came from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber.]

Cash, Joe Vernon    08/17/1903-01/22/1953    Arkansas Pvt HQ Co 1606 Svc Unit World War II

Peters, Patricia Jane    1922-1928

Highley, Van Franklin    02/29/1904-02/03/1923

Highley, Alice L.    01/25/1867-

Harrison, George
    Harrison, Rena

Cox, Arthur Yose    1948-1986

Cox, Ella May    10/18/1898-07/16/1923    Wife of W. A. Cox

Cox, W. A. (Ott)    1883-1962

Cox, Angeline    06/30/1905-02/18/1983

Frank, Blanche Jean    1927-2001    [Ashby Funeral Home marker]

Dunn, Bashie    1880-1964

Schwab, Kate    1874-1940

Croft, Emily    1850-1941

Todd, Nell Goodyear    1887-1954

Goodyear, George    1851-1923

Gambill, Margie B.    1901-1923

Gambill, Homer Lee    05/23/1895-07/20/1978    Pvt US Army World War I

Gambill, Homer Lee Jr.    07/27/1931-06/13/1954

Funeral Home Marker illegible

Boyd, David P.    1876-1931
    Boyd, Mary E.    1876-1940

Hunnicutt, Robert M.    01/29/1883-10/08/1965

McMann, Dixie O.    02/03/1913-02/02/1998

McMann, Don    1911-1999    US Army World War II

McMann, Lula A.    06/08/1880-05/19/1966

McMann, Walter    08/08/1874-10/13/1933

Laird, Max W.    10/07/1921-05/29/2003    Lt US Navy World War II

Laird, Melba McMann    09/05/1918-09/05/2006    Beloved wife and mother and grandmother

Crawford, Lurese    02/06/1892-02/23/1980

Crawford, Wyatt A.    10/21/1889-04/28/1919    Husband of Lurece Crawford

Dalton, Geraldine Lucille    07/29/1919-10/16/1920

Sawyer, Delbert Jr.    01/10/1930-01/30/1930

Dalton, Rachel    10/20/1864-07/25/1921

Dalton, George W.    10/23/1860-02/22/1919    W.O.W. Benton Camp No. 168

Dalton, Oscar    03/20/1884-08/22/1962
    Dalton, Fannie    04/21/1893-11/15/1979

Blacklock, Lois    06/22/1853-10/12/1925

Blacklock, Charles    04/26/1849-01/19/1919

Southwick, David E.    02/14/1868-12/19/1915    Father

Southwick, Ada E.    01/21/1870-03/11/1956    Mother

Southwick, Frank E.    Son    [This one has no surname but is buried by David and Ada Southwick and I was able to find a son named Frank in the 1910 census.]

Bell Family Plot
Westbrook, Mrs. Minnie Med Bell    1874-1921
Bell, Jewell H.    01/07/1894-11/28/1983
Bell, Earl H.    02/06/1893-02/24/1973
Saxon, Fay Bell    02/06/1893-08/12/1915
Elza, Lexie Bell    12/18/1883-03/31/1925
Elza, C. Fred    09/19/1880-09/02/1976
Caldwell, Birdie Bell    07/03/1881-10/02/1947
Bell, Thacher Winfred    07/16/1881-05/30/1914    W.O.W. Benton Camp 168
Bell, Kenny K.    01/07/1873-09/23/1933
Bell, Zella Ann    04/20/1853-07/24/1932    Wife of J. K. Bell
Bell, Dr. J. K.    08/11/1845-03/30/1916

McCray, I. E. "Eddie," Jr.    09/08/1927-03/24/2012   married 09/01/1950    [dates from obituary]
    McCray, A. LaNelle    02/04/1931-02/02/2005

McCray, I. M. "Mickey"    [no date of death shown]

McNeil, Martha Jean    09/14/1929-05/23/1942

McNeil, Irvin L.    12/08/1908-06/03/1978
    McNeil, Martha F.    12/06/1910-10/07/1998

Lawrence Family Plot
Lawrence Charlie B.    1903-1952
Lawrence, Iris Storey    1907-1987
Cathey, Frances L.    [no date of death shown]    married 08/12/1953
    Cathey, Bobby D.    10/23/1929-04/03/2008    Sgt US Army Korea    Parents of Chuck and Dan

Cunningham, Vivian J.    05/26/1892-01/02/1920    W.O.W. Ivy Grove No. 20

Cunningham, Grover C.    11/18/1884-05/29/1962

Cunningham, Opal    11/11/1900-05/24/1973

Cunningham, David F.    11/02/1919-09/23/1993

Johnson, Harry H.    02/15/1895-05/30/1920

Rowland, W. Ragan    11/29/1905-06/01/1968    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Rowland, Nora E.    02/18/1905-02/25/2000    Rootsweb WCP 1

Bragg, Dorothy Rachel Robinette    05/13/1907-09/24/1991    Rootsweb WCP
    Bragg, Milton Earl    08/24/1905-10/01/1993    Rootsweb WCP 1

Whitlock Family Plot
Whitlock, Floyd T.    09/12/1895-01/14/1921    Rootsweb WCP
Whitlock, T. W.    08/08/1848-04/27/1932    Rootsweb WCP
Whitlock, Sarah P.    12/04/1854-11/01/1941    Mother    Rootsweb WCP

Cornish, Andrew Lee    06/30/1909-05/31/1921    Son of Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Cornish

Smith, John M.    09/19/1885-05/14/1975

Smith, Christine W.    01/27/1891-07/08/1982

Ricker, Milton B.    12/18/1904-08/13/1981

Ricker, Hazel Smith    03/25/1910-07/15/2007

Couch, Noah D.    11/20/1877-12/10/1958

Couch, Grace Zinn    09/13/1886-02/22/1975

Kerr, Edith Zinn    04/02/1920-09/24/1957

Zinn, Herman C.    03/05/1883-04/23/1937

Zinn, Edgar Rowland    02/21/1908-09/14/1981 1

Zinn, George Maxwell    12/11/1923-04/24/1937

Zinn, Elna H.    10/25/1905-12/02/1923

Bard, G. W. "Bill"    [no date of death shown]    married 04/28/1942
    Bard, Loeta M.    01/01/1925-12/10/2009    [from obituary]

Bard, Cheryl Rosalyn    07/18/1945-05/28/1947    Daughter of G. W. and Loeta Bard

Bailey, Elizabeth L.    1900-1924
    Bailey, Willie L.    1869-1939
    Bailey, R. G.    1868-1930

Cox Family Plot
Cox, Mary Moore    02/02/1905-03/21/2002  1
Cox, William A.    10/15/1903-02/17/1968
Cox, Sam M.    10/18/1905-01/06/1956
    Cox, Janice A.    11/01/1908-11/18/1981
Cox, Betty Bragg    12/05/1933-02/16/1958 1
Cox, Nancy Carolyn "Sue" R.N. B.S.N.    10/11/1933-12/12/1997

Cobb, S. R.    11/03/1844-05/23/1924

Williams, Margaret Crippen    09/28/1919-08/05/1978

Williams, Teresa D.    11/07/1948-02/20/1972    Our Darling Daughter

Crippen, Christopher C.    09/22/1881-07/14/1968    married 04/27/1902
    Crippen, Minnie M.    08/22/1882-04/08/1966

Call, Infant    1924

Williams, Christine Crippen    03/11/1923-02/18/1978    Rootsweb WCP 1

Call, Olen W.    1894-1952    Father
    Call, Glennie L.    1905-1981    Mother

Runyan, Tee J.    05/03/1893-01/09/1969    Arkansas Cas Det Demob Gp 1 World War I
    Runyan, Lena M. Alder    03/08/1891-06/01/1974    married 02/22/1922

Smith, Catherine Runyan    03/02/1925-11/14/2011    [dates from obituary]
    Smith, Jack    02/18/1923-11/07/1991    BM2 US Navy World War II Korea

Allder, Mary C.    11/19/1860-07/06/1944

Allder, William R.    08/29/1857-05/18/1922

Lemen, Hiram E.    10/28/1867-08/11/1939

Dunn, Jewell B.    1887-1926
    Dunn, Bunyan B.    1897-1964

Wright, W. B. "Bill"    1859-1939

Wright, Roxie    1865-1943

Henderson, Jessie    01/10/1898-04/04/1921    Wife of J. G. Henderson 1

Williamson, Emma P.    01/30/1901-05/13/1979

Yates, Elise Williamson    1896-1968

Williamson, Julia    1868-1953

Williamson, Edgar J.    1865-1949

Hutcheson, Anna    1861-1923 1

Smith, Mollie R.    1859-1943 1

Smith, James P.    1849-1920

Edmonson, Peggy Ann    03/23/1934-07/29/1995

Caldwell, Max    09/18/1908-09/25/1959  1   [Thomas Max Caldwell on obituary]

Worthington, Lulu Caldwell    1869-1943
    Duff, Caldwell    1894-1941

Duff, Caldwell    02/11/1894-08/27/1941

Worthington, Lula M.    1869-1943

Caldwell, Walter    1877-1949 1
    Caldwell, Maggie    1879-1963

Caldwell, Henry T.    02/19/1840-02/25/1925
    Caldwell, Sarah Martha    05/20/1841-03/08/1920

Cochran, Vivian Rowland    05/24/1921-11/21/1975

Gober, Jasper "Jack"    12/17/1905-06/15/1988
    Gover, M. Alcidene    11/20/1911-06/11/1991

Rowland, Gracie T.    1903-1993

Rowland, Thomas N.    1893-1945

Gober, Jasper N.    1863-1949
    Gober, Melissie P.    1869-1949

Boyd Family Plot
Boyd, John David    1925-1942    Son
Boyd, Ruth    1892-1940    Mother
Boyd, John P.    1888-1944    Father
Boyd, James Willard    07/01/1915-02/24/1982

Evans, John    08/18/1861-11/19/1916
    Evans, Lula Williams    08/31/1871-09/13/1964
    Evans, Oscar    01/1893-1966
    Evans, Roy    10/03/1900-1961
    Evans, Delilah    10/04/1914-1932
    Evans, Homer and Henry    died as babies 1915

McCorvey Family Plot
Westbrook, Morris Asa    02/13/1894-02/03/1969
Westbrook, Lydia McCorvey    02/21/1898-10/05/1983
McCorvey, Dave McCray    12/26/1906-11/12/1984    US Army World War II    [Veteran stone shows 12/26/1905]    Rootsweb WCP 1
    McCorvey, Margaret W.    03/02/1911-10/08/1984
McCorvey, Daniel M.    09/23/1857-02/25/1917    W.O.W.
McCorvey, Flora M.    09/29/1869-08/03/1956
McCorvey, Annie Maude    06/16/1903-12/03/1961
McCorvey, Neil    12/19/1895-02/10/1978

Hyatt Family Plot
Hyatt, Thomas P.    05/29/1930-05/07/2015    married 08/27/1955    [dod from obituary]
    Hyatt, Patricia E.    [no date of death shown]
Hyatt, Gregory    05/29/1920-06/05/1920
Hyatt, Herman F.    08/22/1882-12/30/1954
Hyatt, Stella Jane    06/14/1896-01/10/1968
Trimble, Margaret Hyatt    10/01/1934-10/20/1963
Hyatt, Thelma F.    07/12/1923-03/06/2007    Rootsweb WCP 1

Clevidence, Vincent    03/23/1913-02/15/1994    married 08/30/1941
    Clevidence, Coy    07/28/1914-01/04/2004

Clevidence, George T.    02/16/1862-03/13/1921
    Clevidence, Leah Blanche    01/27/1890-10/06/1964

Leech, Sarabel    10/30/1919-05/01/2016    [dod from obituary]

Leech, John I.    11/30/1880-02/26/1925
    Leech, Gertie M.    01/27/1893-03/23/1984

Gatlin, Robert T.    02/19/1869-01/29/1941

Wright, Gladys Mae    04/29/1921-10/24/1921    Daughter

Wright, Dock Bernard    05/22/1892-08/20/1978    married 01/29/1917
    Wright, Marie    09/14/1897-09/24/1988

Reed Family Plot
Reed, Lewis    1903-1924
Reed, Lota    1912-1931
Reed, Mary Jane    1876-1946    Mother
Reed, William R.    1869-1955    Father
Reed, Lucian R.    1906-1985
Reed, M. Moree    1911-1990
Lee, John Allen    1888-1982
    Lee, Lida Reed    1898-1992

Hunter, Jerry Lynn    03/06/1950-08/19/1972

Hunter, Marion D.    07/30/1880-03/02/1967    married 11/20/1904
    Hunter, Mary Lou    08/14/1880-12/17/1971

Hunter, Glynn M.    08/23/1919-08/09/1984

Bumgardner, Jeramie Warren    12/22/1980-08/08/2004    Beloved Son

Cheek, Annie    1895-1966

Cheek, John E.    1887-1947

Cheek, Irvin W.    10/11/1917-11/26/1999

Shannon, Roy    07/20/1920-09/27/1990    Father    married 10/18/1941
    Shannon, Viola Mae    10/08/1926-06/07/2010    Mother    [dates from obituary]

Shannon, Gary Wayne    born and died 03/02/1946

McAdoo, Mae Beaty    01/28/1933-07/28/1967

Estes, Mary C.    12/06/1833-08/27/1920
    Estes, Daniel A. J.    04/24/1840-12/24/1920

Holland, Henry H.    1881-1948    Father
    Holland, Ida    1881-1920    Mother

Vandegrift, Virgil T.    09/26/1906-01/08/1993    married 09/23/1947    father of Bill Vandegrift
    Vandegrift Maxine Gray    09/06/1911-2005    mother of Russell Goodwin    [Her marker did not show a date of death June 2009; a funeral home marker showed year of death.]

Breitweiser, Hubbard C.    10/21/1912-08/08/1980    married 12/01/1934
    Breitweiser, Pauline M.    11/03/1913-10/25/1991

Tankersley, Hubbard    04/05/1842-06/25/1918

Breitweiser, Carl W.    10/15/1947-04/03/1990    Sgt US Air Force Vietnam

Tankersley, Delilah    01/05/1842-01/31/1926    Wife of Dr. G. J. Tankersley

Tankersley, Dr. G. J.    12/18/1836-02/02/1917    A Confederate Soldier

Patterson, Edward Lee    01/21/1935-07/05/1950

Patterson, Jack    10/10/1910-02/18/1983

Burrow, Loretta V.    09/07/1942-08/04/2000    married 08/27/1960
    Burrow, Charles R.    [no date of death shown]

Martin, James Willie    07/17/1908-01/04/1974    married 01/09/1931
    Martin, Synobiua Audrainua Abbott    09/29/1911-03/07/1998

Abbott, Flavious    1869-1952

Abbott, Johnnie Emma    08/06/1885-04/12/1963

Bledsoe, James W.    11/09/1886-05/09/1952
    Bledsoe, Margaret E.    12/23/1882-05/19/1966

Shaver, James S.    06/28/1883-05/29/1952    W.O.W. Benton Camp No. 168

Shaver, Donnie    10/12/1894-11/09/1977    Mother

Adams, Carl R.    08/20/1914-03/22/1984    Tec 5 US Army World War II

Cross, Johnnie L.    10/21/1950-06/04/1952

Balding, Marion G.    1906-1955    Sleepy

Balding, Grover M.    1884-1954    Dad

Balding, Cora Lea    1887-1972    Mother

Balding, Charley    1912-1967

Balding, Fred S.    1908-1976    Dude

Balding, Grace    1909-1976

Broadway, Ella J. "Jeannie"    11/04/1928-05/29/2004

Powell, George C.    05/03/1902-08/12/1955

Powell, Mary Hazel    06/12/1910-06/21/2001

Mangum, Mae B.    07/15/1895-07/09/1958    [This entry came from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber. I did not see a marker. The prior reading showed this marker transcription between Patricia Jane Peters and Joe Vernon Cash. Her obituary shows her name as May Belle Carter Mangum.]

Glass, Frank Joseph    11/13/1909-11/28/1971    [This entry came from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber. I did not see a marker. I must have missed it.]

Section 8 (read May 19, 2009)

Hockersmith, A. C.    1901-1930

Hockersmith, Faye Thomas    1901-1979

Moore, Linwood L.    06/18/1903-07/29/1926

Moore, Winn C.    02/06/1869-11/21/1951

Moore, Lucill E.    06/10/1909-06/21/1954

Moore, Era Kitchen    01/16/1874-04/20/1950

Moore, Grace E.    05/17/1896-10/15/1944

Sudduth, J. B.    11/29/1860-01/18/1928

Sudduth, Hattie    11/08/1866-08/06/1951

McCool, Serepta    11/08/1830-02/18/1934

Murray, Fannie A.    06/26/1871-08/28/1956

Murray, Reuben D.    04/15/1867-01/22/1928

Parker, Baby    05/16/1953    [appears to be date of death]

Thomas, Ether    01/06/1895-06/10/1977

Thomas, Robert    1863-1938
    Thomas, Mary F.    1863-1931

Thomas, Arthur C.    1891-1937

Parker, Ernest R.    07/19/1898-01/11/1979
    Parker, Zelma B.    11/03/1899-09/13/1968

Miller, Hubert M.    02/21/1886-08/13/1951
    Miller, Emma S.    12/15/1892-11/25/1971

Tarlton Family Monument

Tarlton, Sheppard L.    1877-02/14/1939

Morrison, Cora Tarlton    11/28/1884-04/27/1973

Tarlton, Mollie A.    1845-01/03/1927

Crawford, Wyatt B.    05/21/1920-06/08/1995    married 07/03/1942
    Crawford, Marion L.    11/16/1921-08/24/1997

House, Sophia A.    08/11/1873-08/01/1946

House, Charles W.    03/12/1868-12/07/1927

Crawford, W. A. Jr.    11/06/1880-12/22/1925 1

Kunz, Bernice Crawford    10/16/1888-03/03/1968

Crawford, David M.    1923-1995    married 07/27/1943    US Army World War II
    Crawford, Lucy M.    02/26/1922-03/01/2011    [dates from obituary]

Morrison, William E.    03/27/1883-05/22/1964

Atkinson, Nannie J.    died 12/28/1936

Atkinson, John W.    died 12/28/1935

Crawford, Mary O.    03/16/1861-02/14/1915

Crawford, William A.    02/26/1857-04/12/1927

Steed, James H. Jr.    02/02/1945-09/29/1996

Crawford Family Monument

Crawford, Wesley Edwin    12/04/1915-08/07/1995    US Army World War II Korea
    Crawford, Mary Elizabeth    04/13/1916-01/10/1988

Jump, Abbie Jane Dobbs    08/21/1901-05/12/1988

Dobbs, Orville Allen    09/17/1892-02/24/1961    Arkansas PFC Co L 327 Infantry World War I
    Dobbs, Pauline    08/30/1906-07/03/1994    married 03/09/1927

Dobbs, J. P.    08/05/1866-03/07/1930
    Dobbs, Aba J.    10/16/1871-12/05/1946  1

Fields, Ernest Ellsworth    07/15/1908-03/06/1982

Fields, Martha Bernice    01/23/1913-01/27/2000

Steed, James H.    02/26/1920-10/02/1971    Arkansas T Sgt US Army World War II    ,

Steed, William Madison    11/10/1873-01/12/1926
    Steed, Nancy Gertrude    01/31/1876-03/20/1960

King, Myrtle    08/16/1903-01/19/1927

King, Roy L.    04/13/1915-07/13/1962

Moton, Leota King    05/25/1909-05/15/1993

Bard, James A.    03/30/1889-02/06/1979
    Bard, Jewell E.    06/02/1893-12/19/1966

Palmer, William A.    10/24/1883-06/25/1955
    Palmer, Martha F.    07/11/1893-10/19/1982

Moore, Louisa Rhoads    02/02/1848-05/03/1928

Bard, John Steger    01/03/1898-09/10/1952    Arkansas Pvt US Army World War I
    Bard, Frieda E. Lenz    12/27/1913-01/02/2002    married 06/12/1938  1

Bard, William Henry    10/31/1860-07/21/1946
    Bard, Mary Jane    06/06/1859-05/16/1927

Wallace, Floye King    12/06/1922-06/05/1996

King, Mattie    05/01/1878-07/21/1953

King, Ed    02/16/1875-01/31/1961

King, Sarah    1844-08/24/1931

Unmarked Marble Stone

Anderson, Mary Ruth Geurin    03/14/1923-03/31/1992 1

Anderson, Carroll Dean    02/20/1950-12/09/1973    Arkansas Sp5 US Army Vietnam

Carter, Alice D.    11/23/1881-04/12/1968

Carter, John J.    02/19/1879-06/17/1952

Carter, Ray Hollis    died 01/27/1929 age 2 years    Brother 1
    Carter, Hazel Lucille    died 02/12/1929 age 24 years    Mother
    Carter, Joy Lucille    died 02/11/1929 age 14 hours    Sister

Geurin, Mae Marie    09/09/1927-12/29/1928

Geurin, Robert W.    11/24/1893-04/04/1929

Geurin, Bessie    01/07/1899-01/12/1991

Steed, Robert H.    07/09/1919-09/03/1997

Alley, Paul Edward    10/18/1913-12/16/2004
    Alley, Lucille Chandler "Cuke"    03/23/1922-12/14/2002    married 06/17/1946 1

McClain, Lula    11/25/1878-04/25/1971    wife of A. H. Lane

Alley, Calvin W.    08/08/1888-07/10/1948 1

Jones, Malinda Alley    12/15/1844-02/08/1931 1

Lane, Andrew H.    07/18/1877-03/16/1929

Morrow, Lela    1890-1931

Steed, Malta R.    1897-1990

Steed, John D.    1895-1963

Steed, Buford Mitchell    1892-1968

Steed, James Morgan    1875-1940

Steed, Dr. Charles J.    1876-1945

Steed, Ora Bagby    1883-1963

Steed, Nelle Elizabeth    1883-1959

Steed, Maud M.    1885-1975

House, Rena    1876-1954

House, Walter M.    1870-1936

Steed Family Monument

Cox, William J.    1875-1944
    Cox, Cora C.    1881-1968

Cox, James M.    1851-1926
    Cox, Nancy J.    1853-1930

Morden, Sallie Steed    1880-1929

Morden, Vernon Emory    1882-1957

Morden, Ethel Lewellen    1902-1992

Brown, John William    09/18/1867-08/27/1932

House, Lena Hardwick    01/27/1903-11/10/1933
    House, Robert Frank    01/01/1897-03/18/1950

Bragg, Mary G.    1851-1929
    Bragg, Thomas J.    1852-1930

Shrader, Foster L.    1883-1956
    Shrader, Alice M.    1887-1960

Bragg, Walter W.    1874-1942
    Bragg, Nora M.    1881-1958

Hendrix, Doyle Kenneth    01/11/1929-01/20/1929

Hendrix, Robert Clyde    11/17/1904-01/28/1989
    Hendrix, Marie Roberta    10/04/1908-12/27/1990

Hendrix, Roberta Elrod    07/25/1911-03/15/1937

Yarbrough, Maynard C.    08/05/1909-12/18/1989
    Yarbrough, Ethel M.    11/11/1910-04/27/1990

Section 9 (read May 19, 2009)

Gilbert, Allen J.    1859-1928

Gilbert, Caroline    1868-1934

Gilbert, Kenneth E.    1890-1967

Gilbert, Mary (Ma)    04/23/1890-08/14/1979 1

Chambers, Maurine Walton    02/24/1912-12/26/1996

Chambers, J. Kenneth    02/06/1909-05/05/1991

Brown, George Frank    05/29/1895-05/27/1969

Brown, Lutie    03/17/1899-11/21/1954

Witham, Roy E.    05/23/1910-12/16/1973    Arkansas Tec4 US Army World War II

Witham, Wanda Faye "Mimi"    12/16/1927-08/15/1995

Parker, Baby    08/26/1936-08/26/1936

Atchison, Marilyn S.    12/28/1940-03/26/2007
    Atchison, Bob    12/08/1942-03/03/2011    [dod from obituary]

Thompson, Katherine H.    02/11/1915-11/07/1976

Stinson, Orrin E.    05/25/1901-06/29/1973

Stinson, Ellen    10/07/1908-01/13/1996

Holiman, Elmer T.    01/17/1903-09/16/1985    WOW memorial

Holiman, Jewell M.    09/13/1906-09/12/2002

Beaty, James D. "Jim"    09/18/1958-05/17/2006

Tubb, George W.    1880-1939

McGrew, Jewel    1905-1934

McDonald, George H. Sr.    10/07/1901-04/02/1974
    McDonald, Sadie M.    04/23/1905-

Petty, Charles K.    08/20/1927-01/17/2009    married 11/15/1952
    Petty, Martha Sue    05/13/1935-12/05/1997

Holiman, Josie L.    1897-1976

Holiman, Walter E.    1894-1967

Holiman, Sarah A.    1871-1942

Holiman, William J.    1867-1937

Hunnicutt, George Winford    1906-1950

Hunnicutt, Richard Dick    1916-1951

Hunnicutt, Lela Dell    1884-1937

Hunnicutt, William Newton    1883-1956

Atchison, Vera    07/05/1912-12/13/1995
    Atchison, Carthal    10/27/1906-09/01/2003

Atchison, Wylie    1873-1971
    Atchison, Penola    1881-1937

Parker, Elizabeth S. "Bessie"    10/05/1900-10/09/1983

Parker, Oscar D.    07/17/1892-06/27/1954    Arkansas Pvt ASC World War I

Parker, Mollie A.    1858-1942

Brown, Robbie Joyce Formby    05/29/1927-11/28/2001

Brown, William H.    1921-1985    Captain US Army World War II

Walton, Ralph W.    01/24/1898-08/30/1971

Walton, Ernestine S.    10/04/1899-10/18/1968

Walton, Charles R. M.D.    02/07/1894-04/06/1970

Walton, Adele B.    12/15/1898-02/23/1986

Walton, Dan Michael    06/24/1918-02/21/2000

Walton, Alma Poe    02/16/1883-04/09/1969

Walton, James W. M.D.    01/23/1863-04/18/1928

Gillihan, Angie Walton    01/09/1892-05/20/1964

Hendricks, Patsy Gillihan    07/07/1927-05/25/1977

Cooper, Cloe    1900-1982    [Gross Funeral Home marker]

Graham, Gustavus N.    05/20/1866-06/10/1928

Graham, Elizabeth Jane    04/13/1876-05/10/1966

Byrne, Anise Graham    05/15/1895-06/08/1933    daughter of G. N. Graham

Graham, Mary Cleo    09/17/1900-12/20/1936    daughter of G. N. and Jane Graham [I suspect her last name at death was Grover]

Walton, Winfred Poe    02/24/1914-01/28/1988    US Army World War II

Walton, Jane Ross    07/27/1922-08/10/1999

Walton, J. Fred Jr.    05/23/1929-11/12/1995

Walton, Opal H.    05/05/1904-09/03/1967

Walton, J. Fred Sr.    07/23/1903-06/08/1980

Gross, Larcenia Rich    1859-1937

Williams, Infant Son of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Williams    03/23/1939

Shoppach, J. W. "Mooney"    10/24/1902-12/12/1967 1
    Shoppach, Virginia Alice    09/21/1904-03/23/1938 1

Ebel, Elisabeth    05/11/1892-07/31/1954

Shere, Lisa Rosemarie Ebel    12/30/1919-09/06/1975

Shere, Eloise B.    10/07/1889-06/24/1975

Shere, Robert Leroy    02/01/1921-10/20/1989    Staff Sgt US Army World War II Normandy Invasion

Shere, Jesse L.    10/04/1881-02/17/1952

Zinn, Bessie Louise    04/22/1912-05/07/1980    wife of Pete Zinn, Sr.

Illegible Funeral Home Marker

Zinn, Bessie Guile    09/21/1890-11/20/1975    wife of G. W. Zinn

Zinn, G. W.    05/17/1889-04/12/1946

Steele, Havis Jackson    11/08/1900-07/17/1978    married 06/15/1924
    Steele, Ila Smith    01/09/1903-09/30/1999

Hensley, Nellie B.    02/12/1893-07/02/1971 1

Hensley, Calvin H.    03/09/1887-01/13/1955

Hensley, Allen N.    10/12/1918-08/28/1965

Ogles, Holland    04/13/1907-05/03/1929

Cate, Janie    1874-1958

Cate, Thomas S.    1867-1949

Cate, Lola L.    10/30/1900-07/07/1985

Cates, Virgil L.    02/27/1901-11/15/1928

Thompson, Nan Elizabeth    08/05/1926-11/21/1928

Thompson, Harry Hankins    11/11/1898-09/03/1952

Thompson, Sarah Elizabeth    10/20/1904-05/16/1997

Holleman-Thompson Monument

Holleman, Lillie Angelee    10/08/1872-11/02/1959 1

Holleman, Marshall Howard    05/07/1864-08/19/1946 1

McClintock, Gertrude K.    08/24/1904-01/25/1966

Ogle, Lois W.    05/03/1909-11/10/1999

Ogles, Carra Raper    07/12/1888-02/06/1971

Ogles, Othey C.    02/10/1886-11/11/1939

Ogles, Homer E.    10/20/1923-04/23/2008

Zinn, Fred J.    04/18/1895-06/14/1970

Steele, Radford D.    10/05/1927-01/19/1953

Edmonson, Charley    02/01/1949-07/11/2011    married 02/28/1969    [dates from obituary] 1
    Edmonson, Avon    [no date of death shown]

Dinsmore, Donald E.    11/03/1955-01/20/2006

Dinsmore, L. Eugene (Red)    [no date of death shown]    married 03/19/1949
    Dinsmore, Tennye Sue    [no date of death shown]

Cecil, Marie Ward    10/16/1915-07/05/1988    wife of Henry S. Cecil

Cecil, Henry S.    09/11/1906-10/06/1972    K.C.C.H. 32

Chenault, Lilburn    04/29/1919-06/16/2004    married 08/02/1956 1
    Chenault, Evelyn    11/01/1919-

Edmonson, Lofton    07/06/1914-08/28/1973    married 11/26/1942
    Edmonson, Corene    01/03/1915-03/28/1998

Ledbetter, Leah Esther    04/25/1910-02/20/1997

Bradshaw, Jimmy Lloyd    1930-1983    SA US Navy 1

Bradshaw, Myrtle C.    11/08/1909-03/29/1982

Bradshaw, Millard Lloyd    09/08/1906-04/20/1962

McNeil, Chester Lee    05/21/1924-06/06/2006    US Army World War II    married 01/19/1946
    McNeil, Bonnie L.    02/13/1926-04/11/2014    [dod from obituary]

McNeil, Bertie M.    03/07/1906-01/05/2000

McNeil, Charlie E.    03/01/1899-08/27/1953

Russell, W. A.    1858-1937
    Russell, Lillie Jo    1867-1959
    Russell, Alfred P.    1908-1940 1

Ruble, Margaret    08/27/1889-04/06/1980

Ruble, William M.    1878-1942

Cloud, T. H.    03/27/1857-07/19/1943

Cloud, J. O.    10/03/1896-06/28/1936

Cason, Clistia Hale    05/10/1890-06/01/1966    Mo Pvt US Army World War I

Carson, William Calvin    03/24/1895-01/29/1951    Arkansas Pvt 54 Infantry 6 Division World War I

Cason, Laura Jane    04/07/1892-08/07/1973

Cason, John C.    03/14/1857-02/11/1930
    Cason, Sarah J.    05/27/1864-12/27/1945

Bridges, William Clyde    11/27/1901-05/27/1992    EG1 US Navy

Cecil, Infant Son    07/10/1947

Bridges, Henry Edward    12/15/1870-07/27/1949

Bridges, Mollie Teder    09/28/1877-05/04/1940

Cecil, Ione Bridges    05/27/1904-08/12/1962

Brouse, William Dickey    1871-1931 1

Brouse, Alice Dyer    1875-1947

Brouse, James Dickey    1902-1938

Lee, Dorothy Virginia    1922-1939

Ward, Tollie W.    09/06/1900-07/13/1972    married 07/03/1920
    Ward, Martha R.    11/16/1899-08/23/1983

Brooks, Homer Lee    12/03/1876-02/05/1963

Brooks, Addie J.    10/12/1879-05/03/1942

Brooks, Herman G.    10/18/1899-01/20/1969

Brooks, Estelle    11/17/1907-08/11/1955 1

Brooks, Don D.    01/26/1937-05/14/1995

Nichols, Larry and Gary    08/04/1954    Twin Sons of E. J. and Betty

Wright, Sadie Belle    1914-1945

Wright, Reaves B. Sr.    07/27/1909-11/16/1983

Wright, Frederick E.    08/01/1940-05/19/1989
    Wright, Betty C.    [no date of death shown]

Blakley Family Monument

Blakley, Joe    08/25/1891-11/19/1945

Blakley, Allie F.    08/18/1891-11/20/1983 1

Blakley, Joseph William "Bill"    07/20/1950-08/27/1994

Blakley, Joseph William "Joe"    07/25/1920-07/25/1994 1

Blakley, Evelyn Boyd    08/28/1921-    [SSDI indicates she died 09/06/2004]

Blakley, Helene Taylor    09/05/1915-08/05/2001

Blakley, James Hubert    02/08/1914-07/30/1987

Smith, Kay L.    06/15/1949-10/30/1989

Smith, Virginia L.    [no date of death shown]

Smith, William M.    1923-1999    US Army

Unmarked with a flower

Bradshaw, Charlotte Modean    01/07/1957-02/21/1958

Bradshaw, Charles L.    06/24/1933-04/20/1991    US Army Korea

Gates, Walter A.    07/19/1891-02/22/1975    married 02/05/1915
    Gates, Lydia H.    12/25/1896-10/21/1977

Glenn, Nancy Carolyn Gates    [no date of death shown]

Gates, V. Anthony    09/04/1957-02/25/1977

Gates, Virgil A.    06/29/1916-10/12/1995    married 10/05/1940
    Gates, E. Lorene    08/17/1925-11/30/2005

DeGroat, Peter S.    1867-1953    Pvt Co H 6 Mo Infantry Sp Am War

DeGroat, Bessie Viola    1885-1978 1

Neal, Ida L.    died 1946

Walters, John C.    01/11/1895-11/06/1970
    Walters, Ruby E.    02/18/1897-10/18/1947

Chambers, Richard D.    12/17/1936-10/31/1989

Chambers, Louis E.    04/05/1898-04/20/1980    married 08/26/1923
    Chambers, Lettie    10/17/1904-09/13/1998

Robinson, Girthal    04/08/1918-04/04/1993    married 09/06/1939
    Robinson, Lorene    05/07/1920-06/12/2005

Robinson, Emma Carolyn    06/02/1946-06/15/1946

Erwin, C. L. "Bugs"    07/21/1927-11/25/1997

Erwin, Elton Winford "Buddy"    04/22/1931-04/19/1989

Erwin, Nellie Murvin Bowen    01/16/1907-11/05/2003

Erwin, Lester R.    12/15/1905-05/27/1962

Hines, Lela Belle    10/15/1925-05/19/1946

Hines, Paul Deward    1943-2009

Wilkerson, Lennie    05/11/1887-01/29/1959

Wilkerson, William A.    03/31/1869-11/17/1941

 Lewis, Wilma Wilkerson    01/06/1908-09/18/1945

Wilkerson, John R.    07/23/1910-07/31/1944    S/Sgt

McCarthy, Margaret Brouse    12/15/1908-11/15/1941

McCarthy, Charles Lewis    05/16/1904-04/02/1946

Adams, Velma    01/03/1910-07/23/1941

Jones, James    1853-1936    Born in England

Carr, Mary E.    12/26/1866-02/24/1953

Carr, Robert T.    08/22/1857-10/22/1933

Mathews, William T.    09/05/1913-11/29/1929

Black, Robert K.    02/17/1931-07/23/1933    Our Baby

Black, John H.    01/12/1902-04/24/2000    married 05/24/1925
    Black, Anna Mae    08/23/1904-01/01/1997

Osborne, Jessie Herman    10/22/1917-01/18/1941

Thompson, T. L.    11/01/1866-01/31/1942
    Thompson, Alice    08/25/1874-09/10/1944

Dobry, Pauline Thompson    04/20/1900-04/18/1966

Holleman, Earl T.    04/19/1903-08/25/1980    US Army World War II

Holleman, Mattie M.    09/27/1873-10/26/1970

Futrell, Fred G.    01/31/1880-11/13/1946

Futrell, Agnes U.    08/03/1895-06/24/1987

Riegler, Jack    08/08/1900 New York City - 11/06/1981
    Riegler, Edith    07/13/1999 Oklahoma City - 12/27/1998

Futrell, Gerald Thomas    12/25/1921-05/19/2003    World War II Veteran US Navy

Bennett, DeWitt, Sr.    05/07/1880-07/05/1947 1
    Bennett, Mollie E.    01/13/1887-12/27/1966

Bennett, DeWitt, Jr.    11/14/1914-08/23/1978

Cornett, George C., Sr.    11/12/1890-01/11/1976    married 09/09/1916
    Cornett, Effie M.    04/06/1895-05/11/1968

Cornett, Sarah J.    06/10/1919-01/04/1990

Wills, Tom    04/01/1877-11/21/1957
    Wills, Kattie    04/17/1886-02/03/1976

Moore, John W.    01/22/1903-04/28/1983

Moore, Thelma Praytor    11/03/1907-08/04/1975

Wray, John William    11/09/1924-04/15/2012    Champion Christian, Father, Husband, Horseman    married 09/30/1950    [dates from obituary] 1
    Wray, Mary Lavitha    [no date of death shown]    She had a Song in Her Heart
        Parents of Debra, Diane, and Jay Wilson

Hendrix, Ernest W.    02/20/1907-01/28/1960
    Hendrix, Ruby V.    08/01/1911-01/02/1967

Mullins, Leslie L.    10/14/1912-07/23/1981 1

Mullins, Margaret P.    12/05/1911-11/12/2003 1

Wray, Blanche P.    08/27/1903-04/05/1973

Praytor, L. D., Jr.    10/11/1909-06/29/1951

Wills, Martin    12/15/1892-08/25/1950    married 02/28/1920
    Wills, Grace D.    12/17/1899-10/25/1969

Browning, E. E. 'Happy'    09/28/1907-12/03/1938

Faulkner, Millie Geurin Browning    09/21/1909-10/18/1993

Faulkner, Joseph M.    07/28/1901-05/14/1984

O'Neal, Minnie    06/13/1894-07/03/1973

Martin, Albert E.    02/22/1901-12/14/1967

Browning, Dr. Robert Alan III    09/02/1930-10/24/1987    son of Happy and Millie; stepson of Joe

O'Neal, Jo Adeline    07/29/1921-10/12/1939

Martin, Arkie E.    09/07/1875-08/05/1958

Kirkpatrick, Lilburn    02/12/1901-06/29/1980
    Kirkpatrick, Billie    02/10/1908-11/11/1961

Wilson, Deborah K.    10/04/1950-06/10/2004

Kirkpatrick, Terral    08/23/1928-01/05/1997    married 06/05/1948
    Kirkpatrick, Ruth    11/21/1929-04/04/2011    [dod from obituary]

Kirkpatrick, Nona B.    06/16/1909-01/05/1987

Caldwell-Smith Family Monument

Smith, Charles William    10/01/1939-09/05/2005

Caldwell, William C.    02/23/1874-01/12/1950
    Caldwell, Ina C.    09/06/1878-09/13/1962

Smith, Orlando    06/19/1905-06/23/1986

Smith, Hazel Caldwell    08/05/1906-04/24/2001

Cornett, Irene R.    03/03/1911-10/22/2002    together 51 years
    Cornett, G. C. Jr.    11/19/1917-10/22/1990

Concrete Block Marker with illegible name

Sutton, Lee Roy    03/26/1889-07/31/1968    married 12/03/1911
    Sutton, Rena L.    11/03/1892-02/16/1986 1

Van Winkle, Leota    09/20/1890-06/30/1966    [date of death from obituary] 1
    Van Winkle, Austin E.    04/15/1886-04/05/1954

Van Winkle, Melvin E.    [no date of death shown]
    Van Winkle, Rena Louise    01/12/1919-02/15/1959

Van Winkle, Mary Nell    05/22/1917-09/15/1963

Scott, Ernest W.    07/02/1887-09/03/1956
    Scott, Ora F.    03/27/1890-02/08/1975

Watts, Samuel S.    01/23/1871-09/10/1956
    Watts, Susan J.    10/13/1877-02/08/1958

Terry, Albert F.    03/26/1903-10/02/1956

Terry, Gertie Lee    09/04/1906-03/04/1997

Small statue with flowers    [appears to be an unnamed marker]

Poole, Fred    10/14/1889-12/08/1958

Pool, Callie S.    03/02/1893-05/30/1961

Hobbs, Ruby G.    02/25/1915-02/19/1988

Howard, William A.    1894-1956
    Howard, Verda L.    1896-1985

Ballard, Jewell D.    [no date of death shown]    married 07/08/1946
    Ballard, Morris E.    05/17/1923-10/10/1999

Underwood, James R.    1923-2005
    Underwood, Margie K.    1923-1988

Tucker, Lillian Lorene    01/29/1919-08/05/1989

Steele, James M.    05/02/1890-12/06/1955
    Steele, Nannie    07/29/1894-04/01/1889

Steele, Walter Raymond    04/06/1926 Benton, Ar    died 04/29/2006 Sebastian, Florida    [possible cenotaph]

Armstrong, Lula    04/09/1884-02/14/1974

Armstrong, James    03/23/1874-11/10/1954

Godwin, Joseph    10/05/1875-10/10/1958

Garrett, Benjamin A.    06/16/1878-10/05/1957    married 11/19/1912
    Garrett, Alice M.    12/11/1880-06/18/1966

Bradshaw, John L.    07/23/1918-01/21/2011 1
    Bradshaw, Wanda Elise    04/04/1926-01/07/1996

Bradshaw, Otis L.    07/30/1947-06/01/1995

Brown, Flora Shipp    1888-1952

Jepson, Floyd Carroll    03/29/1919-02/18/1992    TSgt US Air Force Korea [military stone shows 03/28/1919]
    Jepson, Thelma    04/02/1922-12/06/1991

Hopkins, Robert Lee    01/16/1909-11/24/1947

Martin, Thomas L.    12/17/1881-05/21/1946

Browning, R. A.    07/03/1881-04/10/1948
    Browning, Mollie    11/06/1885-03/05/1950    his wife

Browning, R. A. Jr.    06/12/1917-03/01/1957

McPherson, S. F.    1900-1931

Eldridge, Kate Brents    03/22/1878-08/15/1951

Petty, Dillard G.    11/15/1911-08/17/1992
    Petty, Vida E.    09/16/1917-11/26/1997

Hawthorne, Elmer R.    07/31/1917-06/01/1961
    Hawthorne, Irene M.    04/29/1920-03/12/1958

Bradshaw, J. M.    1874-1957
    Bradshaw, Lizzie R.    1877-1952 1

Sanders, Edgar C.    05/29/1887-05/31/1953

Sanders, Effie M.    01/09/1891-07/25/1980

Garrett, Eugene A.    12/22/1913-11/20/1976    married 06/03/1943
    Garrett, A. Louise    08/01/1924-11/05/2000

Rogers, Woodrow W.    09/17/1922-02/28/1988    Pvt US Army World War II    married Louise 06/09/1984

Bradshaw, James Fred   12/31/1911-06/04/1955    MOMM US Navy World War II
    Bradshaw, Boyce    03/06/1914-

Bradshaw, James William    10/06/1932-11/24/1973

Baker, Ellen M.    03/24/1900-07/31/1982

Baker, J. Fred    1893-1952

Baker, Guilford F.    06/04/1917-05/23/2000
    Baker, Nellie Mae    12/04/1917-07/30/1984

Harrison, Kenneth Ray    12/04/1932-08/29/1978    FN US Navy Korea Vietnam

Harrison, Oval L.    05/25/1912-10/16/1952

Ford, Ohmer F.    10/07/1898-04/11/1943
    Ford, Mary E.    05/02/1902-04/19/1995

Blakley, Margaret H.    1922-1943

Conrad, Harry S.    06/15/1916-05/19/1964    Arkansas PFC Co B 770 RY OPR BN TC World War II 1

Conrad, Helen Kathleen    09/06/1917-09/12/1971

Wehunt, Vada B.    11/24/1918-10/12/2003

Ritter, Samuel N.    1891-1956
    Ritter, May Bell    1896-1955

Culwell, Jasper A.    11/23/1886-12/09/1956

Wise, Albert F.    05/14/1899-12/09/1986    married 12/25/1921
    Wise, Laura Ann Mae    04/26/1905-07/10/1996

Criner, J. R.    07/04/1917-12/04/1952    Arkansas PFC US Marine Corps Res World War II    [This entry came from a prior 1977 reading by Dorris and Bernard Barber. I did not see a marker. I must have missed it.]

1   I have the obituary. In most cases, I have the hard-copy obituary from the newspaper. You may request it by sending me an email showing Old Rosemont Cemetery Obituary in the subject line. Then copy and paste the entire line for the person you are requesting the obituary within the message.