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Smith-Rosemont Cemetery
also known as New Rosemont Cemetery
1010 Military Road
Benton, Saline County, Arkansas

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Photographed and transcribed by Patti Vance Hays January-February 2008

New Rosemont Cemetery is located at 1010 Military Road, Benton, Arkansas, and is located adjacent to "Old Rosemont" Cemetery.  They can both be entered by the same road, but "New Rosemont" is located to the right of "Old Rosemont." Smith-Rosemont Cemetery is owned by Smith Funeral Homes

Notations entered in brackets [] are my own notes and not on the marker itself.  If it is a "double marker," the names are listed together.  Most of the time, I do not show dates of birth when there is no date of death known unless the date of birth is 1920 or earlier or I know the person is still living.  Please let me know if I have a date of birth listed for a living person that you would like removed from the website.  Also, please let me know if you find any errors.  I have tried my best to type accurately, but errors could be found.  Dates are written in month, day, year format.

I have photographs of most the stones.  Many of the markers' photographs may be found on  If you are related and would like an unreduced marker photograph, please email me, and I can email you the photograph.  Please put in the subject line:  New Rosemont Cemetery photograph.

Some of the names are linked to their tombstone photograph -- click on the name to see the photograph.  The tombstone photographs are copyrighted by Patti Vance Hays.  You may use them for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission. You may, however, use the tombstone photographs on your public [permission is not granted for private trees] family tree site as long as you type in the description field the following: Courtesy of Patti Vance Hays as posted on Found Leaves and Branches:

If you use any of the photographs (and I will be adding more), I would love to hear from you. Let Patti know, and I will post on the bottom of this webpage the link to your family tree. Please make sure you type the following in the email subject: New Rosemont Cemetery family tree

The link to Rootsweb WCP is the link to my Rootsweb World Connect Project site.  [The fact they are listed on my "family tree" does not necessarily mean they are related to me.] If you should find an error on this page or my Rootsweb WCP or a link does not work, please email me as soon as possible.

There are numerous stones that do not have dates of death that may be buried here.  I am going to attempt to find out if any of them are, in fact, buried in New Rosemont and will annotate them as I learn.

Also, occasionally the listings are not in order.  I am also in the process of verifying which section is which.

Masonic Garden (Section 3)
(Through Dorothy Wootten read 30 September 2011)

Arrowood, Shirley A.   [no date of death shown]

Putnam, Tamera C.   11/03/1974-01/06/1995

Holt, Sheryl   11/20/1950-02/05/1998

Stricklin, J. D.   1926-1999
    Stricklin, Mary Lucille   1931-1991

Cochran, David Wayne    09/26/1951-12/13/2008

Galvin, Mason Lee    06/22/1989-10/07/2008    Beloved Son and Brother 1

Cross, Jessie Marie   09/26/1905-07/17/1990 1

Russell, Gladys P.   04/02/1914-02/15/1980

Williams, Clifford Earl   11/30/1940-11/18/1993

Strumil, Nancy A. E.   10/16/1914-05/21/1989

Houghteling, Bill "Big Bill"   04/20/1948-09/29/1993

Ogden, L. D.   1931-1999
    Ogden, L. Irene   [no date of death shown]

Hinojosa, Patricia R.   08/25/1954-07/09/2000

Trevino, Ofelia L.   04/28/1925-12/30/2004

Gibbs, Sylvia H.   [no date of death shown]   married 09/1972
    Gibbs, William M.   12/10/1944-06/12/2005

Harris, Dean, Sr.    09/21/1935-08/18/2008

Ashcraft, Vernon C.   07/22/1928-12/02/2005

Miller, Karen K.   08/14/1941-04/23/2004

Craig, Waymon E.   11/04/1936-08/12/1999   married 01/24/1958
    Craig, Loretta F.   [no date of death shown]

Craig, Hugh E.   1934-2007 1
    Craig, Mildred Ann   1936-04/29/2016    [dod from obituary]

Newsom, Tammy J.   04/04/1958-05/14/2007

Gentry, Martha Ollie   01/25/1904-12/29/1989

Allison, Mildred T. Barnett   03/05/1929-07/04/2007

Burchfield, Faith Lynn   -02/19/2005   daughter of Albert and Charity

Foster, Alfred R.   11/26/1921-07/17/1994   US Army
    Foster, Lena M.   06/21/1918-12/23/2006

Welshhons, Ira    10/24/1942-08/07/2008

Howard, Thomas James   12/23/1976-05/24/1997 1

Ray, Marshall A.    [no date of death shown]
    Ray, Colena S.    03/01/1929-03/31/2009

Kimery, Joel L., Sr.    08/21/1945-03/05/2010    SSG US Army

Montgomery, Elvira    07/19/1946-09/16/2009

a separation between above gravesites and next set of gravesites

Breeding, Zeola    03/08/1909-04/15/2009

Mitchell, Joe W.    10/15/1908-05/01/2014    US Army Air Forces World War II
    Mitchell, Hazel A.   07/21/1914-01/13/2005

McClendon, William F., Jr.   06/14/1930-10/21/1990   SN US Navy

McClendon, W. Floyd   1902-1982
    McClendon, Maudie M.   1908-   [no date of death shown]

Holland, Henry M.   1907-1984 1
    Holland, Amy L.   1905-1986

Kennedy, Marguerite G.   1902-1991

New Unmarked Grave

Brown, Henrietta Marie   11/24/1909-06/17/1986

Tyler, Carolyn L. Tiner   [no date of death shown]  Wife, Mother, Grandmother

Campbell, L. D.   1924-2011 1
    Campbell, Euna   1924-1990

Hudgins, Christopher Blake   -12/18/2000   Son

Fagan, Lawrence W.    [no date of death shown]
    Fagan, Anita D.    08/22/1961-10/10/2009

Bryan, Paul B.   06/18/1964-12/16/2008

Richards, Betty   [no date of death shown]

A newly dug grave to be buried on 30 September 2011

Faust, William B.   1928-1986
    Faust, Joy L.   1932-2013

Henderson, David R.   05/05/1957-05/13/2008 1
    Henderson, Karen S.   01/17/1962-12/14/2006

Campbell, Joe R.   09/13/1953-01/07/2005 1

Lasiter, Ellen L.   [no date of death shown]

Lasiter, Beuford Dewey   1915-1988   PFC US Army World War II
    Lasiter, Betty Lou    1926- [no date of death shown]    [Ashby FHM--there was a funeral keepsake folder attached to fhm that showed 06/28/1926-12/30/2007; fhm not there October 2015]

Lasiter, Betty Dean   07/15/1947-11/04/1993

Kennedy, Mary Therese   1937-1999

Manley, Adam Richard   03/19/1986-03/20/1986

Tuck, Magdeline M.   07/31/1905-07/30/1985

Davis, Gertrude   1910-1998

Romeo, JoBeth   02/03/1948-01/11/1986

Moraino, Marilyn A.    04/07/1954-09/20/2013

Romeo, Sandra K.    [no dates]

Balding, James Marion   01/23/1936-02/08/2006   US Army 1
    Balding, Alice R.   [no date of death shown]

Hughes, Frederick W.   12/07/1925-03/11/1999   US Army

Hughes, Robert C.   12/17/1927-10/07/2000   US Army Korea
    Hughes, Kate Ann   [no date of death shown]

Hodge, James B. "Buzzy"   [no date of death shown]
    Hodge, Bertha Mae   [no date of death shown]

Hobson, Mary W.    01/22/1931-02/28/2003    Loving Mother

Caldwell, James P.   11/02/1896-12/03/1984   US Army WWI
    Caldwell, Velma L.   1907-1992

Gober, Tanner Ray   04/08/1994-04/11/1994   Son of Tony and Donita, brother of Heath

Owens, Myrtle   11/14/1906-11/11/1995

Caple, Raymond S.   1923-1999   US Army World War II
    Caple, Arla M.   06/22/1932-05/11/1998

Wheeler, Ted Eugene    12/12/1931-06/22/2007    US Army Korea 1
    Wheeler, C. Laverne   1931-2001

Ammons, Willie M.   07/12/1919-07/11/2000
    Ammons, Lottie M.   10/01/1929-06/29/2015    [dod from obituary]

Harris, Mae Rena   11/19/1901-01/09/1981

Harris, William A.   10/19/1906-08/15/1978   PFC US Army World War II

Carter, J. P.   06/16/1920-07/24/1993

Obennoskey, Orlan J.   1912-1980
    Obennoskey, Marie K. Hermesch   1926-1984

Brown, Ralph D.    [no date of death shown]    married 12/24/1953
    Brown, Donna S.    [no date of death shown]    parents of Becky, Ralph Debbie

Brown, Ralph A.    [no date of death shown]
    Brown, Darlene A.    05/31/1958-01/03/2015

Brown, Ralph Nicklaus   born and died 02/06/1979

Spradlin, Harlon G.   [no date of death shown]

Brown, John Robert   06/20/1906-03/31/1986
    Brown, Nina Mae   02/19/1915-09/19/2009

Lee, Willie Mae   09/23/1919-03/17/1989

Alley, Gertrude N.   1884-1976

Prince, Floyd I.   08/02/1960-03/19/1984

Gourley, Harlis D.   08/06/1929-12/29/1989

Fox, Jerry Lee   10/28/1960-05/30/1978

Fox, Shawn Jerry Lee   02/19/1979-03/28/1979

Fox, Gary Wayne   05/27/1962-01/27/1991

Fox, Ina Pearl   08/27/1925-05/08/1995

Fox, Linda Sue   01/26/1964-10/01/2004

Alderman, Ira Benton   02/26/1888-07/04/1997
    Alderman, Tennie Elizabeth   06/13/1890-06/02/1982

Alderman, George Rogers   1907-1986

Ellis, Ester   07/08/1909-11/10/1989

Hale, Lazell   1909-1985
    Hale, Grace   1907-1993

Shelton, Noel    10/11/1936-03/19/2014    married 06/10/1967
    Shelton, Arnell    [no date of death shown]

Sides, William G.   1911-1979
    Sides, Nettie E.   1918-2000

Burroughs, Morris Louis   08/05/1925-03/15/2007   S1 US Navy World War II
    Burroughs, Rubye Purifoy   1924-2002

Allred, Marlin   [no date of death shown]
    Allred, Joan   1944-2000

Rouse, Walter L.   1912-1986
    Rouse, Henrietta A.   1926-1975

Tiner, Richard F.   06/23/1941-11/07/1993   Pvt US Army

Tiner, George M.   1918-1994
    Tiner, Vida Mamie Johnson   1920-1983

Johnson, Cornelius C.   1932-1986
    Johnson, Ruby F.   [no date of death shown]

Wilson, Jason Scott   08/10/1977-08/05/2000

Johnson, Sharlotte Ann    [no date of death shown]

Byerly, Gladys   11/12/1915-01/19/1987

McNeil, Ferrill    1939-2010    [AFH Marker]

Barnes, Billy J.   07/12/1923-01/20/2000   US Army World War II Purple Heart
    Barnes, Johnnie Dell Palmer   08/21/1930-06/09/1993

Balmer, Gretchen Barnes   03/04/1914-09/17/1980

Balmer, Carl M.   10/25/1906-06/26/1977   Tec4 US Army World War II

Eberhard, Herman E.   07/22/1908-02/09/1976   PFC US Army World War II

Andrews, Lucille Dunn   05/23/1917-03/15/1979

Andrews, Jessie Loyd   10/22/1924-02/02/1995

Andrews, Elza F.   02/27/1898-12/17/1973
    Andrews, Effie E.   01/27/1902-01/05/1979

Tyler, Carolyn L. Tiner    [no date of death shown]

Phillips, Kathryn "Kate"   08/28/1909-09/25/1989

Murray, Johnny Arthur   10/10/1936-09/06/1997   EM1 US Navy Korea

Mason, Elmer E.   01/26/1918-06/02/1987
    Mason, Emily A.   05/31/1918-01/26/2006

Maynard, Ralph   1915-1992
    Maynard, Violet   1915-1973

a separation between above gravesites and next set of gravesites--need to make sure still Section 3

Allen, George C.   1930-1979

Holzman, Henry F.   1911-1976
    Holzman, Frances J.   1912-1977

Wakefield, Charles E.   1923-1994
    Wakefield, Norma M.   [no date of death shown]

Ruff, Ardy   11/09/1922-08/26/2002   Sgt US Army Air Forces World War II
    Ruff, Geraldine   1920-1994

Pollard, Katie J.   11/23/1898-07/25/1980

McKellar, Margaret K.   03/30/1900-02/17/1980

Eubanks, Robert Lee   1901-1979

Berry, Brenda Kay   [no date of death shown]
    Berry, Ruben Dale   09/03/1948-08/11/2007

Berry, Christopher Dale   -12/21/1974   Infant son of Dale and Brenda

Berry, Raymond C.   1912-1973
    Berry, Dora M.   1916-2000

Wainscott, Harry G.   06/06/1923-11/13/1993   US Army World War II
    Wainscott, Wanda L.   1923-1984

Harris, Sharon J.   03/02/1948-07/03/2005

Glover, William Holland    03/26/1915-03/03/1976    AM1 US Navy World War II

Estell, Lee Roy, Sr.   10/10/1928-01/31/2003   US Army

Sparks, Dewey Ray    07/03/1944-no date of death shown but showed age 65 at death    [Dial and Dudley Funeral Home Marker]

Williams, Charles J.   05/04/1920-09/15/1997   Pvt US Army World War II
    Williams, Cynthia A.   02/11/1918-12/17/1996

Arnold, Joseph   12/29/1902-02/24/1995
    Arnold, Maria   02/05/1903-02/29/2000

McEwen, John Hollis   04/28/1936-05/04/2004   PSG US Army
    McEwen, Lois I.   [no date of death shown]
    McEwen, Brian H.   07/06/1962-04/22/1997

Adams, Charles P.   1919-03/03/2014    [dod from obituary] 1
    Adams, Kathryn O.   1926-2001

Estell, Lee R. "Butch"    10/09/1954-08/08/2009

Fitzhugh, William David   11/06/1945-07/10/2005

Clements, Johnny B.   08/28/1945-05/04/2001

Carroll, Sherman H.   11/18/1918-01/21/2009   [dod from obituary]
    Carroll, Verlon S.   03/22/1921-03/08/2014    [dod from obituary]

Hulsey, William R.   1904-1985
    Hulsey, Bonnie M.   1922-01/12/2015    [dod from obituary]

Hill, Lee J.   1905-1988
    Hill, Emma A.   1908-1986

Zearley, Herman J.   04/21/1938-06/14/2005
    Zearley, Betty Jo   [no date of death shown]

Cullins, Archie Leon   1904-1977

Hill, Wayne T.   [no date of death shown]
    Hill, Edna L.   1944-1999

Barclay, Arthur   1932-1993
    Barclay, Reva Belle   1940-1986

Swain, Robert J.   05/14/1950-01/15/2005   Sp4 US Army Vietnam

Selvey, William R.   1944-1977

Swain, Eldred D.   1916-1982
    Swain, Wilma R.   1927-1996

Adkins, Phyllis Ann   05/24/1958-01/04/2007

Callahan, Patricia N.   02/25/1950-05/22/1993

Neal, Mary Elsie   03/25/1913-06/25/1987

Gaines, Virginia R.   10/04/1932-01/25/1984

Lewis, Janie Neal   08/09/1937-03/15/1996

Gaylo, Joseph A.   1907-1982
    Gaylo, May L.   1906-1982

Campbell, Matthew D.   10/14/1981-11/17/1981   Son of Mr and Mrs Joe T Campbell

Paape, John H., Sr.   07/12/1922-02/15/2000   US Army World War II
    Paape, Carolyn J.   10/25/1935-05/11/1995

Cornett, Scharlene   05/18/1944-08/01/2003   Loving Mother

Chaffin, Anne B.   [no date of death shown]

Tomlinson, William W. "Bill"   07/22/1910-02/10/1977
    Tomlinson, Natalie J.   04/01/1928-07/20/2005

Unmarked Gravesite

Olson, Fran   01/29/1925-06/04/2005   PFC US Marine Corps World War II
    Olson, Mary E.   [no date of death shown]

Ziegler, George A.   1899-1987
    Ziegler, Edith   1911-2005

Hendrix, Randall K.   1963-2001
    Hendrix, Betty J.   [no date of death shown]

Hendrix, Carolyn   [no date of death shown]

Keltner, Teresa R.    [no date of death shown]


Mausoleum - East Side    [Reread February 18, 2014]

Row 1

Sullivan, L. Wayne   1938-2003

Burns, Willie Lee "W. L."   1936-2000

Ortiz, Angela Marie   1970-1998

Buck, Lyle L.   1941-2007
    Buck, Johnnie M.   [no date of death shown]

Brosius, Beatrice M.    1924-2008

Row 2

Lancaster, Dollie Thomas   1905-1996 1

Calhoun, Bob    1935-2011
    Calhoun, Earletta (Peaches)    [no date of death shown]

Usannaz, Noel S.   1947-2005
    Usannaz, Eola   [no date of death shown]

Fikes, Austin   1927-2002 1
    Fikes, Eleanor J.   1928-2006

Row 3

Smith, Abbi Lane   1997-2003

Nichols, Ted Frank   1929-1995
    Nichols, Donna Carol   [no date of death shown]

Row 4

Witham, Frankie W.   1927-02/10/2014    [dod from obituary]    Rootsweb WCP
    Witham, Lissie M.   1926-2003    Rootsweb WCP

Walker, Clarence   1929-1995
    Walker, Dorothy   1934-2003 1

Emmons, John D.   1925-2002
    Emmons, Faye F.   1930-06/12/2013

Mausoleum - West Side    [Reread February 18, 2014]

Row 1

Alexander, Howard B.   [no date of death shown]
    Alexander, Sharon D.   1965-2004
    Alexander, Sharie Denise   -06/23/2004

Kelley, Alvis P.    1926-2010
    Kelley, Norma J.    1934-

Williams, Howard L.   1917-2004
    Williams, Dorothy P.   1924-2007

Row 2

Gray, Charles W.   1937-2007
    Gray, Joyce L.   [no date of death shown]

Todd, Russell W.   1962-1999
    Todd, Sonja R.   [no date of death shown]

Campbell, Roy Leon    1942-2010
    Campbell, Jo E.    1945-

Row 3

Row 4

Ball, Donald B.   1937-2006
    Ball, Patricia G.   [no date of death shown]

Coker, W. L.   1913-1998
    Coker, Mae   1919-2006

Kloap, Nicholas   1931-2004
    Kloap, Janet   1934-2001

separation -- need to find out name of section

Ewing, Donald Thomas   1960-1999

Rogers, Ray P.   1903-1979
    Rogers, Ann N.   1910-1982

Ewing, Ray C.   03/22/1955-08/29/1980

Ewing, Ben James   [no date of death shown]
    Ewing, Zita Rae   1933-1986 1

Baxter, Jared Lee   born 10/11/1979 drowned 04/18/1996

Herzfeld, W. Leo   12/11/1906-09/19/1992
    Herzfeld, Myrtle T.   03/19/1916-06/26/1980

Bailey, Charles F.   04/26/1924-05/14/1997   US Army World War II   married 04/03/1948    Rootsweb WCP
    Bailey, Trella Inez   11/01/1930-10/24/2008    Rootsweb WCP

Smith, Ronnie L.   [no date of death shown]
    Smith, Dorothy M.   [no date of death shown]

Polston, Noel Franklin   01/29/1915-08/14/1974   S2 US Navy

Mullennix, Eli   06/20/1926-08/04/1993   US Army
    Masoner, Dorothy E.   03/10/1928-12/29/2013    [dod from obituary] 1

Smith, Bill   1904-1995
    Smith, Francis L.   1925-2007

Brown, Arthur Thomas   09/28/1919-04/23/1983   S1 US Navy World War II    Rootsweb WCP

Farner, Pearl "Jack"   03/17/1895-03/10/1974

McCain, Hazel "Dude"   1913-1978

Rosenow, Erika Irmgard   1920-1993

Rosenow, Werner K.    1914-1997

Johnston, Joseph D.   11/29/1922-10/17/2003   Sgt US Army World War II 1
    Johnston, Marjorie M.   1927-1989

Johnston, Jennifer Laine   02/28/1980-03/03/1980

Moore, Charles A. "Red"   02/07/1928-03/10/1992   Cpl US Army   married 03/09/1954 1 
    Moore, Doris Faylene   [no date of death shown]

Drennan, Larry A.   11/16/1939-08/04/1989

Johnston, Shirley B.   01/10/1938-06/18/1982

Merryman, Charles Allen   05/11/1924-12/07/1973   Arkansas Pvt Army Air Forces World War II   married 03/04/1948
    Merryman, Elaine Reynolds   03/08/1930-08/03/1995

Brown, John H.   10/10/1905-   [no date of death shown]
    Brown, Orva James   10/18/1911-04/28/1979

Merryman, Alan Wayne   12/21/1948-08/18/1995 1 

Gerrald, Jennifer Beth "Jenny"   02/09/1977-01/17/1982

Brown, James "Nodie"   08/20/1940-08/05/1994

Hostetler, Cecil Leroy   05/19/1923-06/17/1976   S1 US Navy World War II 1
    Hostetler, Norma L.   [no date of death shown]

Patterson, Amis   1904-1986
    Patterson, Loretta   1910-1985

Ryburn, Joe E.    03/25/1927-03/31/2011    [RBFH Marker]

Wright, J. C.   1914-2005    S SGt US Army World War II
    Wright, Dorothy Lee   12/30/1916-02/06/2011    [dates from fhm] 1

Morrow, Mearmon L.   [no date of death shown]
    Morrow, Elnora   1934-07/31/2015    [dod from obituary]

Morrow, Gary L.   1951-2007    Rootsweb WCP
    Morrow, Mary L.    1951-

Sykes, Katherine   09/25/1924-12/29/2000

Witham, Winfred Horace   05/12/1932-05/10/1991   A1C US Air Force Korea

Sowell, Ruby L.   10/23/1911-09/28/2000   US Army World War II
    Sowell, Martha E.   10/27/1913-11/25/2009

Parker, Ernest E.   11/15/1924-12/01/2000   US Navy World War II
    Parker, Betty J.   [no date of death shown]   Parents of Ernestine and Travas

Parker, Cody Ryan   03/25/1980-03/28/1980

Geurin, V. Loyd   [no date of death shown]
    Geurin, Glenda D.   [no date of death shown]

Geurin, Jeffrey Loyd   05/09/1967-01/17/1998

Barnes, Joe C.   1907-1989
    Barnes, Mary R.   1915-2008

Plummer, Robert M.   1907-1983
    Plummer, Rosamond   1911-1981

Britt, Helen Morris   03/19/1901-04/04/1993

Clayton, Jay Walker   -05/10/2001

Gerrald, Joshua Isaac   -11/10/1998   Son of Ben and Laura

Clayton, Jayden Wyatt   01/08/2002-01/09/2002 1

Wilson, Fayne W., Sr.   08/09/1929-06/30/1990   S Sgt US Air Force Korea    Rootsweb WCP

Cushing, William J.   02/16/1898-08/17/1981

Cowart, Michael J.   04/01/1954-09/30/1996

Cowart, Ocie O.   09/01/1925-03/01/1993   Pvt US Army World War II
    Cowart, Evelyn V.    07/18/1927-03/07/2009

Henderson, Orville Louis   1917-1980
    Henderson, Carnell Berry   1919-1996

Ruff, John Drew    [no date of death shown]
    Ruff, Tami Ruffin    01/22/1960-03/15/2010

Cobb, Peggy   [no date of death shown]

Williams, Marilyn J.   [no date of death shown]

Calhoon, Willis   07/08/1922-01/14/1992   Sgt US Army World War II
    Calhoon, Helen M.   08/04/1924-02/20/2009

Owens, Lucille N.   [no date of death shown]
    Owens, Wheeler   02/04/1922-02/15/2001   US Army World War II

Owens, Michael E.   11/09/1965-02/19/1994   US Marine Corps Persian Gulf

Brown, Glendale   11/01/1918-10/13/2005   S1 US Navy World War II
    Brown, Opal J.   10/29/1919-05/10/2004

Rhodes, Floyd Lewis   08/25/1910-05/11/1987   SC2 US Navy World War II
    Rhodes, Louise H.   04/01/1910-02/04/2014    [dod from obituary]

Turner, Ira A.   06/07/1922-09/24/1980   Pvt US Army World War II
    Turner, Virda R.   [no date of death shown]

Beaty, Dixie M.   1906-1991

Stubbs, Grady   02/21/1914-01/01/2001   US Army Air Forces World War II
    Stubbs, Bonnie K.   [no date of death shown]

Hooks, Charles W.   02/09/1917-10/08/1993   US Army World War II
    Hooks, Shirley R.   06/29/1930-02/17/2011 1

Hooks, Thomas C.   [no date of death shown]

Weeks, Foy W., D.C.    01/12/1921-02/16/1994

Weeks, Alexis Rose   [there is only one date and do not know if it is dob or dod]

Weeks, W. Weston   [no date of death shown]

Kinkaid, Rufus William   02/01/1919-06/29/2002   US Army World War II
    Kinkaid, Vera L.   10/04/1924-11/14/1999

Tyler, Sarah J.   [no date of death shown]

Morris, Kenneth W.   09/01/1925-07/21/1993   US Navy World War II
    Morris, Helen R.   [no date of death shown]

Anderson, Max W.   03/23/1926-01/18/1994   US Navy World War II
    Anderson, Eileen   10/01/1930-02/02/2015    [dod from obituary]

Jones, Charlie Andrew, Sr.   1908-1986
    Jones, Viola Beatrice   1921-1981

Corron, Katherine S.    08/30/1950-12/25/2009

Hunter, John Brown    05/09/1913-08/10/2010
    Hunter, Ruth Whatley   [no date of death shown]

Kentner, Jeff William   11/30/1918-12/20/1992   Sgt US Army World War II
    Kentner, Merlene   02/27/1923-05/12/2010    [from obituary]

Hart, Wanda E.   11/27/1935-12/08/2003

Hart, George    07/17/1938-09/28/2008 1

Anderson, Patricia Jean    04/17/1953-01/05/2011 1

Robertson, Miles S.   12/19/1924-01/05/2003   US Army World War II Korea 1

Wootten, Dorothy M.    1926-2009

Section 4    [reread February 21, 2014]

section 4
Click on map to see where this section begins (look for red square)

Row 1

Drye, E. Monroe   12/02/1920-02/13/1992   BM2 US Navy World War II    Rootsweb WCP
    Drye, M. Louise   12/31/1925-07/12/2011    Rootsweb WCP

Drye, Michael Jerome   05/09/1957-07/07/1977

Row 2

Ferguson, William Alvin "Ferg"   12/21/1920-12/15/1987   S2 US Coast Guard World War II 1

Ferguson, Rosa M.   08/06/1918-07/21/1990 1

Campbell, Mamie A.   02/26/1900-09/30/1979

Berry, Johnny Ray   10/13/1936-12/30/1985

Green, Joseph Russell   12/14/1921-11/13/2003   Maj US Army World War II Korea
    Green, Leola Maxine   06/18/1919-08/06/1997

Robertson, Tommy    [no date of death shown]   married 12/20/1958
    Robertson, Beverly   03/02/1938-11/03/2001

Robertson, Neil W.   1903-1984
    Robertson, Sylvia I.   1905-1986

Row 3

Evans, Joshua "Kade"   02/11/1985-12/20/2002 1

White, Bryan L.   06/08/1947-10/18/2004
    White, Betty A.   [no date of death shown]

Bridges, Franca A.   03/12/1930-06/07/2006

Skorupa, Jenny B.    09/03/1959-05/30/2013

McClennahan, Dale F.    11/07/1933-08/30/2012    US Army
    McClennahan, Judith A.    1938-

Toler, John Earle    09/30/1958-01/13/2012 1

Looney, Jamie Toler    04/09/1984-12/18/2011 1

Felton, Wayne    [no dates]    Courtesy of New Rosemont Cemetery
    [Felton, Willis Wayne    12/06/1936-02/01/2013 - from obituary]

Row 4

House, Luther L., Sr.   05/05/1921-06/17/1990   US Air Force World War II Korea Vietnam
    Ferrell, Margie House   1922-2002

McCutcheon, Virgil D., Jr.    09/14/1938-08/08/2010    US Army

Dempsey, Kenneth F.    05/05/1956-05/02/2009
    Dempsey, Linda C.    04/01/1941-04/09/2012 1

Tully, Porter E.    08/12/1945-02/23/2013    married 11/03/1967    US Navy Vietnam
    Tully, Annie Ruth    01/24/1949-
        Parents of Chris B., Creig A. 

Garden of Gethsemane (Section 5)

Part 1 (reread February 21, 2014)

Click on map to see where this section begins (look for red square)

Row 1

Wilson, Charles E.   [no date of death shown]
    Wilson, Gwen M.   [no date of death shown]

Corbin, Woodrow W.   1912-2003
    Corbin, Jewell E.   1917-2008

Ramsey, Tommy J.   09/07/1927-06/06/2000

Row 2

Doggett, Larry Glen   1943-1983
    Doggett, Linda Faye   [no date of death shown]

English, Jim E.   1900-1971    Rootsweb WCP
    English, Ruby Mae   1905-1986    Rootsweb WCP

English, James E.   10/27/1923-06/29/2007   PFC US Army World War II   married 06/22/1951    Rootsweb WCP
    English, Betty McWilliams   01/16/1934-08/22/2008    Rootsweb WCP

McWilliams, George L.   1912-1996
    McWilliams, Ruth M.   1917-2004

McWilliams, Paul Ray   01/15/1952-12/01/1970

Row 3

Kyle, Donald D.   [no date of death shown]
    Kyle, Linda   [no date of death shown]

Ward, Rickie Joe   [no date of death shown]
    Ward, Connie   [no date of death shown]

Golleher, Jeff Davis   12/26/1922-10/23/1996   Pvt US Army World War II    Personal marker shows 1921 as year of birth; military marker shows 1922; SSDI shows 1922
    Golleher, Johnnie Marzelle   05/06/1927-07/18/1999

Kyle, William A. (Eld.)   1925-2001
    Kyle, Margie M.   1926-2010

Kyle, John T.   10/13/1900-12/30/1969
    Kyle, Irene R.   10/18/1908-08/05/2001

Blackburn, William Thomas    01/22/1932-    married 10/25/1956
    Blackburn, Mary Gail McWilliams    11/19/1936-
        Parents of Thomas Paul

Row 4

Coker, Ricky Dale   11/23/1954-11/07/2005

Coker, Bobby Dale   [no date of death shown]   married 09/18/1953
    Coker, Beverly Ann   09/08/1934-11/29/2001

Shell, Warren Lee   02/06/1944-01/12/1999    Rootsweb WCP

Shell, Arcie Marie   06/12/1925-05/26/2010    Rootsweb WCP
    Shell, Toni Marie   08/24/1959-08/12/1973    Rootsweb WCP
    Shell, Esmer Otis   08/29/1920-07/31/1978   [closeup]   Rootsweb WCP   

Robinson, Rev. Fearney M.   12/23/1911-11/19/1977
    Robinson, Gertie Burks   07/04/1908-02/03/1992

Row 5

Gabbard, Jamie L.   07/04/1962-07/22/1989   Daughter

Little, Bain B.   02/13/1900-03/17/1984
    Little, Monica P.   04/06/1910-05/30/1971

Miller, Bertha W.   03/17/1908-10/04/1997
    Miller, Charles A.   07/25/1906-06/11/1988

Miller, Aubra H.   11/05/1932-08/24/1974

McWilliams, A. L.   06/25/1926-07/17/1993   US Army World War II

Row 6

Frazier, W. Oscar   04/11/1894-04/27/1970   married 12/25/1914
    Frazier, Audie   09/14/1896-08/05/1973

Whatley, Horace Melvin   04/29/1931-05/02/1994   US Navy   married 09/29/1954
    Whatley, Shirley Ann   [no date of death shown]

Row 7

Bullock, Owen Chester   11/27/1941-08/13/2009  married 11/27/1964
    Bullock, Carolyn Burnett   [no date of death shown]

Burnett, Clinton S.   09/25/1906-07/09/1992

Holiman, Bobby Jack   11/11/1928-09/15/2004   Cpl US Marine Corps Korea   married 06/27/1948
    Holiman, Virginia Evans   06/21/1922-04/22/2006

Evans, John Mason   11/10/1898-02/25/1974   married 04/30/1921
    Evans, Girtrue Wise   10/23/1898-08/29/1984

Richards, R. Bige   05/01/1919-08/18/1987   S1 US Navy   married 12/31/1942
    Richards, Juanita Evans   07/29/1924-12/21/2002 1

Row 8

Appleby, James E.   01/07/1894-05/26/1969

Babbitt, Max Boyd   03/29/1948-11/19/1980    BT 3 US Navy Vietnam    [photo on tombstone]

Babbitt, Carlos Dean   07/17/1908-01/09/1970   married 06/29/1939
    Babbitt, Evelyn W.   06/05/1922-06/07/2010

Bledsoe, Harley L.   [no date of death shown]   married 11/29/1952
    Bledsoe, Mary Evans   02/24/1927-06/24/2007

Row 9

Rhodes, Frank J.   11/19/1905-08/30/1982
    Rhodes, Opal M.   07/30/1907-   [no date of death shown]

Thomas, Terry Wayne   12/04/1943-10/09/1978

Thomas, Ralph Carl, Jr.   02/21/1938-09/08/1988

Row 10

Henry, Joe Wendell  08/15/1921-08/24/1981

Callahan, James H.   03/05/1903-12/27/1978   married 06/10/1923
    Callahan, Hollan T.   09/19/1905-06/27/1993

Clift, Jack L.   06/25/1928-11/22/1969   Arkansas Cpl 85 Recon Co Korea   married 01/30/1953    Rootsweb WCP
    Clift, Juanita L.   [no date of death shown]

Callahan, James E.   09/06/1925-01/30/1999   married 11/20/1948
    Callahan, Melba "Bobbie"   09/27/1928-01/28/1997

Row 11

Wynn, Ethel Irene   01/06/1909-05/12/1994   Auntie

Thomas, Ralph Carl, Sr.   04/08/1916-10/22/1970    Arkansas PFC 743 Ry Opr Bn Tc World War II
    Thomas, Martha E.   1918-2001

Row 12

Wells, Alvis   07/29/1901-12/19/1984   married 12/26/1920
    Wells, Merle   06/08/1904-07/09/1987

Wells, Maurice Merrell   08/31/1935-04/16/1997

Hester, William M. "Peck"   08/13/1913-11/10/1987   F2 US Navy World War II
    Hester, Thelma E.   07/06/1916-12/14/2008

Row 13

Red, Cecil F.   09/08/1920-10/24/1999   married 04/15/1946
    Red, Wilene D.   07/30/1924-12/27/1997

Part 2
This is across the street (west)    [Reread February 18, 2014]

Click on map to see where this section begins (look for red square)

Row 1

Cecil, Alan H.   10/04/1985-04/20/2006

Gladden, Greg A.    08/26/1960-

Row 2

Howard, Dustin Ray Hellums   07/28/1997-08/28/2004

Row 3

Cameron, Logan Claud   09/05/1930-09/30/2007    married 01/25/1969    HM3 US Navy Korea    Rootsweb WCP
    Cameron, LouAnn Sharpless 12/06/1932-

Elder, Scott H., Sr.   03/23/1924-05/12/2010   married 11/20/1980    [date of death from obituary]
    Elder, Norma J.   04/11/1934-02/27/2014    [date of death from obituary]

Frost, Carlos Jack   03/11/1935-11/22/2002   US Army
    Frost, Peggy Sue   07/09/1937-

Shell, Gary Michael   09/23/1947-03/15/1996   Son of Esmer Otis and Arcie Marie Burks Shell
    Shell, Jerry Lorene   [no date of death shown]   Daughter of Phinous Ervin and Lou Jeane Harrison Stockton

Yeargan, Randall Eric   02/13/1966-11/09/2005

Yeargan, James Tim    11/12/1956-01/28/2009

Stewart, John L.    1961-2009    [Ashby FHM]

Casey, Leah Denise   [no date of death shown]   married 08/08/1975
    Casey, Henry E., Jr.   02/28/1955-01/26/1997

Harrison, Harold Ray    05/12/1940-    married 12/12/1959
    Harrison, Dorothy Bateman    07/16/1941-04/05/2010

Richards, Garland "Bud," Jr.   03/23/1943-07/22/1998

Richards, Joe Lee, Jr.    06/15/1971-10/09/2010    [tombstone photo] 1

Thweatt, Robert L. "Bob"   06/30/1923-02/22/2007   married 11/06/1959    Rootsweb WCP
    Thweatt, Willie Mae   04/05/1936-09/21/1997    Rootsweb WCP 1

Ward, Boyd F.   05/24/1926-04/26/1995    Rootsweb WCP
    Ward, Bonnie L.   01/20/1928-01/23/2015    Rootsweb WCP

McGarry, Phillip Paul, Sr.   07/07/1951-11/03/2000   SP4 US Army

Craig, Phillip R.    08/23/1935-
    Craig, M. Annette    10/07/1941-05/21/2010
        Back: Jeffrey, David, M. Jay, Susan, Kimberly

Wright, Joe C.    [no date of death shown]
    Wright, Mary K.    [no date of death shown]

Green, Virgil E.    11/16/1936-03/10/2015
    Green, Linda Gail    12/21/1945-

Garrett, Charles Allen    03/29/1928-04/18/2013    married 09/26/1954    US Army Korea
    Garrett, Ruth Brown    03/12/1931-
        Back: Parents of Steve and Reggie

Row 4

Sparks, Bobby Ray   01/22/1932-01/27/2010   married 06/21/1952
    Sparks, Barbara Sue   02/15/1933-06/04/1997 1

Massey, Clyde   04/05/1936-06/27/2005
    Massey, Barbara C.   [no date of death shown]

Rogers, Alta May    01/30/1918-10/31/2009

Dowell, Blanche C.   11/29/1915-06/19/2000   Sisters
    Lengnick, Ruth C.   07/21/1905-07/19/1999

Dodge, Jay Rolland   08/26/1923-07/16/1997   PFC US Army World War II   married 07/26/1949
    Dodge, Marlyn Kaare   01/23/1926-08/02/2011

Billings, John Stephen, Jr.   05/16/1941-05/20/1999

Thompson, Paula   05/01/1924-01/17/2003

Duplissey, Jerry Wayne    US Army Korea; Purple Heart

Harper, James T. (Tom)   10/06/1945-01/23/2007

Harper, James T. (Tommy)   12/27/1914-01/09/2003    married 05/25/1940
        Back: My father, my daddy, my hero. I love and miss you. Janet
    Harper, Gertrude Gilbert   12/29/1915-05/01/2006

Calkins, Jennifer    08/07/1948-11/18/2011    "In Loving Memory"

Ferrell, Kenneth Wayne   03/16/1965-06/21/2001
    Back: Mom and Dad: Carolyn, Leon; Nephews: Johnny, Wesley, Glenn; Brothers: Roger, Tim; Girlfriend: Kim; Special Friend: Julie; Sister-in-law: Mary; Namesake: Uncle George Wayne Marvel

Leach, Jimmie E.    02/10/1939-    married 02/16/1963
    Leach, Carolyn S.    01/18/1941-

Row 5

Fisher, Lauren Nicole   -11/13/1995   Infant daughter of Dale and Terri

Johnson, Roy Samuel   02/21/1932-11/22/2000
    Simpson, Nancy L. Hodge Johnson   [no date of death shown]

Lashlee, Jimmie H.   10/20/1931-06/29/2003   Cpl US Army Korea
    Lashlee, Christine U.   03/22/1933-09/25/2012    [dod from obituary] 1

Minor, Chester R.   [no date of death shown]   married 07/29/1967
    Minor, Carolyn L.   [no date of death shown]

Ray, Samuel B.    09/06/1922-10/19/2011    married 06/24/1944    [closeup] 1
    Ray, Jessie B.    07/08/1923-

Tallent, James   [no date of death shown]
    Tallent, Gisela   01/05/1942-04/12/1997   Our Beautiful German Girl

Winfield, Roger "Rog"   [no date of death shown]   married 08/14/1982
    Winfield, Telisa "Priss"   01/30/1963-01/17/1999   Parents of Cole and Kyle
        Back: Daughter of Tommie Neil and Theda White
                Son of Denny and Liz Winfield

Cleghorn, Rodney Dwight    11/07/1945-09/18/2011    married 01/04/1969    US Navy
    Cleghorn, M. Rosette Brown    08/11/1949-

Green, Roger Carroll    02/12/1941-09/12/2015
    Green, Carolyn L. Smith    09/27/1944-01/15/2016

Randolph Jean    07/23/1933-10/28/2011 1
    My Children: James Stephen Whipple, William Joseph Whipple, Robert George Whipple, Christine Marie Chism, George Edgar Whipple Jr., Kathleen Denise Scott, Jay Randolph Whipple

Part 3

gethsemane 3
Click on map to see where this section begins (look for red square)

Row 1    (Rows 1 - 5 reread February 1, 2014)

Reynolds, Joe Edward   04/03/1938-01/12/1990   married 06/26/1958
    Reynolds, Betty Lou   01/24/1940-02/19/2016    [dod from obituary]

Hoffman, Lawrence J.   [no date of death shown]   married 10/01/1955
    Hoffman, Iris R.   04/09/1937-04/06/2004   Parents of Gerald E. and Mark S. 1

Row 2

Middlebrooks, Lucy Leavelles   06/24/1922-03/02/2001

Middlebrooks, Philip W.    11/26/1959-07/31/2009

Leavelles, Dusty Lee   03/14/1949-06/05/1997   US Navy 1

Westbrook, James G., Sr.   1914-1998
    Westbrook, Vasca L.   1916-   [no date of death shown]

Fitzsimmons, James C.   07/28/1923-08/06/1975   PFC US Army World War II
    Fitzsimmons, Pauline   06/06/1917-07/23/2010

Pidone, Vickie Kaye   07/11/1944-08/31/1985

Nance, Willard Dean   01/11/1934-05/24/2006   US Army Vietnam    married 04/12/1957
    Nance, Patricia Bass   12/14/1936-09/22/2013    [dod from obituary]

Boone, Vada S.   06/19/1940-11/15/2001

Shepard, James E.   [no date of death shown]
    Shepard, Martha E.   07/08/1944-07/14/2004

Terry, Rev M. J.   1919-1999
    Terry, Louella   1923-2008

Spivey, Mackey Louis    12/19/1937-12/31/2012    US Air Force
    Spivey, Esther L.    1937-08/05/2014    [dod from obituary]

Spivey, James Russell    02/04/1957-01/29/2013    US Air Force; AF Commendation MLD and 4 OLC

Row 3

Gilstrap, Noble L.   05/20/1902-12/12/1990   married 12/23/1923
    Gilstrap, Rowena W.   06/30/1902-05/19/1989

Fooks, Ray Doyle   02/28/1899-06/27/1975   US Navy World War I World War II
    Fooks, Myrtle M.   04/14/1908-05/29/1991

Renfroe, William O.   12/15/1918-11/28/1983   PFC US Army World War II
    Renfroe, Lois Leone   07/28/1918-10/10/2009

Dawson, Edward N.   [no date of death shown]   married 04/22/1956
    Dawson, Mary Nell   09/03/1938-08/13/1997  
        Parents of Kim, Mark and Douglas

Dawson, Mark E.   10/22/1962-05/24/1992

Graves, Robert L.   1911-1984
    Graves, Laveta T.   1914-2009
        [On January 31, 2014, this marker had the names removed.]

New unmarked grave

Crotts, Rev. Raymond B.   1924-2000
    Crotts, Thelma L.   [no date of death shown]

Maddox, Ray   1915-1992
    Maddox, Ardelia   1922-1986

Hill, Rodney Dewayne   -05/07/1977   Baby

Crouse, Pamela Jean DeLuca   12/29/1955-01/21/1997   Loving Mother of Jeremy and Sara

DeLuca, William Paul   03/29/1923-10/11/1993   M Sgt US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP
    DeLuca, Agnes Ruth   02/02/1930-10/16/2009    Rootsweb WCP

Henthorne, Carl L.   01/17/1918-09/18/1993    Rootsweb WCP
    Henthorne, Mary Edna   12/10/1921-07/22/2006    Rootsweb WCP

Mills, Sandra Henthorne   05/08/1946-11/29/1973    Rootsweb WCP

Weise, Paul, Jr.   09/20/1919-04/15/1980   S1 US Navy World War II    Rootsweb WCP
    Weise, Doris   1924-01/02/2015    [dod from obituary]

Crawford, Thomas C.   09/21/1916-04/01/1997   married 04/14/1939
    Crawford, Connie C.   08/11/1917-08/07/2005

Walker, Venson C.   1914-2006
    Walker, Floy R.   1928-06/21/2013    [dod from obituary]

Jennings, Edwin P.    1927-2009
    Jennings, Dorothy D.    1933-2010

Hanley, Robert "Bob"    04/18/1948-03/24/2011    Rootsweb WCP 1

Burrows, Bobby Doyle   02/22/1934-01/14/2006   US Navy
    Burrows, Ola Mae   [no date of death shown]

Row 4

Hoffman, Reinhold   03/12/1890-03/06/1971
    Hoffman, Altie   06/02/1900-12/07/1981

Bell, R. D.   1923-1994
    Bell, Billy Alyce   1924-2010 1

Nance, Chester Thomas   1910-07/04/1989
    Nance, Frankie Jane Livingston   1911-1997

Withem, Charlie O.   1912-1982   US Navy World War II
    Withem, Adell M.   1927-2009

Berry, Zona Mae   1908-1994

Reid, Richard N.   1903-1988
    Reid, Mildred R.   1910-1996

Thomas, J. H.   1929-1987   1st Sgt US Army World War II

Ward, Gerald D.   1942-1988
    Ward, Linda L.   1942-1994

Riggs, Frank Arthur   08/25/1908-07/21/1986   T Sgt US Army Air Corps World War II
    Riggs, Leeta A   1917-   [no date of death shown; however, her obituary shows she died 05/28/2002 and is buried in New Rosemont Cemetery]]

Allen, Roy N.   1908-1972
    Allen, Nellie O.   1911-1988

Wells, Daryl Lynn   11/01/1951-12/09/1989    Benton Teacher of the Year 1989-90 1

Lorenzo, Anthony F.   02/04/1920-06/03/1997   US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP
    Lorenzo, Vera L.   -2001   [no date of birth shown]    Rootsweb WCP

French, Alma I.   12/11/1918-   [no date of death shown]
    French, Edward D.   06/22/1918-10/22/1975   Sgt US Army World War II

French, Doughty   -10/05/1971   Baby

French, Darrell Gene "Dink"   06/17/1948-08/23/1998   Sp4 US Army Vietnam

Allenbaugh, Lawrence B.    05/20/1919-03/05/2009    S2 US Navy World War II

Allenbaugh, Thomas Lee   02/17/1945-08/05/1972   US Navy Vietnam

Hankins, Charles D.   [no date of death shown]
    Hankins, Cynthia K.   [no date of death shown]

Parker, Nancy K.   01/06/1946-04/06/2012

Sutton, L. Diana "Mimi"    06/18/1944-11/29/2005

McClain, Juanita   1930-1987

Evans, Rickey D.   11/22/1953-12/03/1980   S Sgt US Army

Evans, Sam E.   03/12/1918-05/08/1990   Tec5 US Army World War II 1
    Evans, Edna E.   1923-2000

McLarty    [no other names]

Moore, Jimmy Dale    06/04/1932-07/10/2012    married 10/27/1951
    Moore, Jean C.    07/17/1931-
        Parents of Debby, Joe David, Jay, Vic, Shelly

Caldwell, Harry G.   12/13/1935-05/06/2001   married 12/31/1953
    Caldwell, June S.   05/22/1934-10/25/2014    [dod from obituary]
           Parents of Randy, Glenn, Mike, Aaron and Donna

Wayson, Juanita   09/18/1910-01/29/1992

Clanton, Baby Boy   -11/18/1980

Row 5

Rankin, Ruben C.   03/08/1930-05/05/1992   SFC US Army Korea

Rankin, Frances Louise   10/12/1932-04/26/1985

Catton, James A.   1912-1994
    Catton, Kathryn 1920-2008

Winkler, Emil O.    08/19/1922-
    Winkler, Wanda Jean    08/25/1932-10/19/2010

Nelson, Hershell   1918-1997
    Nelson, Sybil F.   1919-2008

Wright, Alpha Lee   11/15/1898-07/12/1979

Wright, Raymond M.   11/11/1912-04/18/1984
    Wright, Hazel A.   04/20/1914-02/28/1989

Howard, Dorothy   12/05/1920-06/16/1992

Baker, Carl H.   02/13/1925-01/07/2004   US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP

Baker, Lois J.   06/28/1930-05/22/2004

Howard, Loyd T.   03/08/1920-09/07/1996   US Navy World War II

Duncan, Billy J.   [no date of death shown]
    Duncan, Mary F.   [no date of death shown]

Thurmond, Granvil C.   05/07/1929-08/13/1993   CWO US Army
    Thurmond, Carol L.   1932-

Bennett, Hosea A.   1921-1997
    Bennett, Ann M.   1917-2006

Hankins, Chester   1908-1979
    Hankins, Louise   1914-2003

Porterfield, Paul Colin   11/06/1974-11/11/1974

Porterfield, Mavis B.   02/17/1903-11/29/1980   married 02/22/1926
    Porterfield, Ernest A.   09/06/1900-   [no date of death shown]

Mann, William H.   [no date of death shown]
    Mann, Rita S.   [no date of death shown]

Sadler, Huey Lovell   06/20/1923-02/26/1989   PFC US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP
    Sadler, Arrita   [no date of death shown]

Perry, Alex J.   1916-1979
    Perry, Ethel E.   1912-1975

Shaw, Edgar M.   12/07/1922-07/16/1997   Sgt US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP
    Shaw, Thelma L.   [no date of death shown]

Colbert, Sandy Vaughan   06/15/1957-05/02/1991

Cunningham, Charles W.   1951-2003
    Cunningham, Vicki R.   [no date of death shown]

Cunningham, Michael   1952-
    Cunningham, Delores   1953-

Cunningham, Don W.   01/31/1957-06/02/2002

Cunningham, R. W.    1918-1983
    Cunningham, Mildred    1930-2006

Garver, Stanley    1940-
    Garver, Penny    1941-

Garver, John Edwin   07/17/1962-11/26/2007

Weaver, Chloe    04/13/1911-12/08/2001

Brooks, Juanita   03/16/1915-01/25/1987

Maddox, Tyler William   01/10/1976-01/02/1994

Row 6    (Rows 6 - 8 reread February 13, 2014)

Caldwell, Jesse R.   11/24/1910-02/01/1971
    Caldwell, Gladys V.   10/01/1912-03/19/2008

Parker, Morgan E., Jr.   11/23/1950-03/08/1980   Sgt US Army Vietnam

Cruce, Henry P.   1908-1986
    Cruce, Louise C.   1910-1996

Howsley, John M.   1927-1983
    Howsley, Edith K.   1917-   [no date of death shown but SSDI shows 03/26/1917-01/23/2001 but cannot be certain she is actually buried here]

Grubbs, William A.   1905-1970
    Grubbs, Ethel E.  1899-1975

Vandergrift, Lillian W.   1875-1969

Johnson, Ed   09/18/1893-02/01/1973   Arkansas Pvt Co B 114 Engineers World War I    Rootsweb WCP
    Johnson, Zona   11/10/1910-11/03/1969    Rootsweb WCP

Pearson, Shirley Ann    02/27/1952-02/27/2008    Loving Mother and Grandmother    Rootsweb WCP

Witham, Carl E.   01/14/1922-01/20/1971    Rootsweb WCP
    Witham, Zella M.   01/28/1928-03/10/2001    Rootsweb WCP

White, Russell L.   1925-1995
    White, Vera L.   1923-2004

Hill, Linda Sue   03/17/1945-01/31/1997

Hill, Melinda L   born and died 03/09/1970

Moorman, James R.   1901-1975
    Moorman, Verna L.   1912-   [no date of death shown]
        [This marker was not there February 13, 2014.]

Hovater, William L.   1903-1973
    Hovater, Iva Lee   1908-1972

McGhee, Carroll "Mac"   12/13/1911-08/23/1984
    McGhee, Lois V.   [no date of death shown]

Boyd, Everett H.   07/23/1886-06/12/1976
    Boyd, Bernice E.   12/10/1906-08/09/1972

White, Elbert Leon   1924-1995
    White, Lena Faye   01/20/1931-09/24/2007   [permanent stone shows 1931-2007; there was a fhm with the funeral keepsake folder attached to it that showed the full dates]

Johnston, Albert S.   1915-2006
    Johnston, Genevieve M.   1919-2007
    Johnston, Michael J.   1949-2004

Wallace, Bobby Lee   12/16/1939-10/29/2005   US Air Force
    Wallace, Judy Lynn   [no date of death shown]

Holderman, Earl D.   1921-1973
    Holderman, Gladys O.   [no date of death shown]

Brown, Louis E.   03/01/1932-01/19/1979   S Sgt US Army Korea

Fox, Howard Thomas   05/19/1931-10/14/1988   US Army Korea

Cook, Gladys R.   1914-1986

Sunderland, Jack   05/13/1920-02/20/1996   US Army World War II

Carman, Lawrence E.   1909-1987
    Carman, Murner   1914-2006

White, Elbert   01/12/1898-08/22/1983
    White, Norine   08/10/1906-01/12/1985

Spann, Hubert E.   [no date of death shown]   married 12/12/1946
    Spann, Alta Lee   12/16/1926-02/13/2007 1

Watts, Helen Virginia    02/09/1931-09/06/2010    married 10/12/1951    [closeup]
    Watts, William Austin    02/17/1926-
        Parents of David, Kathryn, Virginia, Jeff, Karen

Starkey, O. D. "Jake"   10/06/1913-01/18/2005   married 11/28/1933
    Starkey, Holly Mae   10/12/1915-01/29/2000   Parents of Carolyn, Carla, Sherry

Trickey, Carl S.   1915-2006
    Trickey, Estelle B.   1917-2006

Nelson, Wilma A.   06/27/1912-08/03/1981

Garver, John R.   1908-1992
    Garver, Bessie L.   1909-2000

Barney, Clara W.   04/11/1889-04/06/1987

Weaver, Robert M.  11/28/1900-04/02/1989

Prince, Todd Alan   01/10/1966-10/09/1984    Rootsweb WCP

White, Tommy Lee   09/06/1977-12/26/1985

West, Louis H.   08/03/1923-09/29/2006

Harrison, Charles W.   1916-2002    [closeup]
    Harrison, Mary A.   1919-2012

Row 7

Kitchens, Tommie J.   09/17/1929-01/03/2004   married 04/28/1950
    Kitchens, Emogene   [no date of death shown]

McClendon, Harry R.   1933-1981
    McClendon, Delores   1932-2001

Parker, Lillian R.   03/04/1925-04/26/1995
    Parker, Morgan E., Sr.   01/03/1924-03/22/1995   US Navy World War II

Bell, Faye   04/19/1930-12/06/1971

Wells, Edward M. "Ed"   1922-1978
    Wells, Lena I.   1922-08/08/2014    [dod from obituary]

Guess, Clarence R.   1904-1982
    Guess, Lena W.   1908-1993

Brumbelow, Wilbur   1920-05/15/2016    [dod from obituary]
    Brumbelow, Mary Fae   [no date of death shown]

Googe, Elsie Jean   06/27/1926-06/08/1976

Wise, Ernest E.   10/13/1911-02/28/1999
    Wise, Edith Catton   07/19/1908-01/12/1997

Hill, Eddie E.   10/13/1930-01/03/2004
    Hill, Elsie M.   [no date of death shown]

DeLoach, Raymond O.   1924-2001
    DeLoach, Christine   1914-1998

Unmarked Gravesite

Oulch, James M.   [no date of death shown]
    Oulch, Marilyn S.   -2010

Parish, Lowell Dean   01/12/1932-12/17/1983   S Sgt US Air Force Korea

Rodabaugh, Charles A.   08/14/1916-01/23/1998   married 12/28/1949
    Rodabaugh, Willie Mae   12/27/1911-02/10/1992

Hart, William Oliver   06/21/1917-03/22/1977   Pvt US Marine Corps World War II
    Hart, Helen C.   1922-1995

Hart, Marvin Henry   06/24/1918-03/05/1999   Pvt US Army World War II
    Hart, Dorothy Louise   01/20/1920-12/29/2002

Sheridan, Roy   1905-1994
    Sheridan, Flora L.   1906-   [no date of death shown]

Harper, Joseph Carl   10/24/1899-07/21/1974
    Harper, Nina J.   07/16/1910-10/23/1997

Harper, Joseph Charles   02/24/1957-07/07/1993   US Navy

Harper, David Francis   03/11/1968-10/25/2004   US Army

Burke, Mary L. Redden   02/27/1933-07/28/1974

Wilson, C. Michael   1951-1998    Rootsweb WCP 1
    Wilson, Amelia D.   [no date of death shown]

Nelson, Ernest E.   03/12/1897-02/03/1985
    Nelson, Leana Steele   12/24/1897-10/07/1995

James, Richard M.   06/08/1920-05/23/1989   US Army World War II
    James, Geneiva W.   1934-07/10/2017    [dod from obituary]

Ledford, Ed E.   01/24/1920-07/20/1997   SFC US Army World War II    married 10/04/1965
    Ledford, Eugenia "Nena"    05/27/1921-12/31/2012

Mosier, Kenneth Lawrence   1960-1979   PFC US Army

Ruggles, Marlene F.   10/06/1942-05/31/2005

Fairchild, Gerald G.   [no date of death shown]
    Fairchild, Freda M.   1926-1988

Nelson, David N.   [no date of death shown]
    Nelson, C. Sue   [no date of death shown]

Prince, James R.   02/10/1922-11/26/1990    Rootsweb WCP
    Prince, Dorothy M.   09/19/1922-10/02/2000    Rootsweb WCP

Loyd, William Henry   09/09/1924-10/15/1980   Sgt US Army World War II

Loyd, Sallie M.   03/16/1933-11/30/2011 1

Huddleston, Catherea    03/03/1931-05/15/2004    Our Loving Mother

Row 8

Miller, John Hammons   12/26/1911-08/11/2001   US Army   married 11/04/1951    Rootsweb WCP
    Miller, Molly Darlene   06/01/1923-03/24/2009

Moody, Jesse T.   02/19/1894-06/11/1983
    Moody, Tessie Mae  04/01/1908-08/04/1996
        [This marker was not there February 13, 2014.]

Alexander, William E.   08/22/1919-05/09/1969
    Alexander, Bette L.   11/24/1918-07/08/2009    [She had another marker that showed the following name: Betty L. Alexander Caster.]
    Mother of Bette, William J., Jo and Sue

Whitfield, Virgil Bobby   08/26/1930-11/20/1999   married 03/10/1973
    Whitfield, Mary Frances   [no date of death shown]

Masters, Martha Jo    03/20/1943-04/28/2012    In Loving Memory of Loving Mother and Sister

Masters, David Ray   08/12/1968-03/12/1969

Hanley, Bart Lindsey   12/06/1969-10/25/2005

Dickerson, Kaylor M.   1923-1990
    Dickerson, Velma L.   1926-1994

Dickerson, Kaylor M., Jr.   03/01/1953-07/15/1969

Harris, R. Edward   1912-   [no date of death shown]
    Harris, Claudia   1910-1998
        [Marker not there February 13, 2014.]

Shepard, Clarence E.   1910-2006    Rootsweb WCP
    Shepard, Effie J.   1913-1999    Rootsweb WCP

Ragan, Andrew Jackson   12/12/1906-12/29/1990   Pvt US Army World War II

Ragan, Eula B.   09/12/1894-11/27/1969

Howington, Victor L., Sr.   03/16/1921-02/24/2005   SFC US Army World War II
    Howington, Evelyn Ward   02/23/1932-09/24/1994

Newcomb, Gary Dale   [no date of death shown]
    Newcomb, Carolyn A.   [no date of death shown]

Ogle, Irvin E.   06/25/1896-04/01/1985   married 10/25/1919
    Ogle, Della   07/24/1897-09/08/1993

Morgan, James W.   08/29/1937-04/01/1988

Morgan, Mary Frances   08/02/1937-04/02/1972

Palmer, Fred W.   09/07/1913-05/02/1982   Pvt US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP
    Palmer, L. Marie   09/07/1912-   [no date of death shown]    Rootsweb WCP

Otts, Overton C.   [no date of death shown]
    Otts, Alice Sue   07/31/1937-09/12/1972

Phifer, Forrest   1905-1994
    Phifer, Opal   1911-   [no date of death shown but SSDI shows 04/26/1911-12/13/1995 but cannot be certain she is buried here]

Phifer, Harlan L.   1929-1990

Logan, James R.   [no date of death shown]
    Logan, Glynda S.   [no date of death shown]   Parents of Coby and Lisa

Mansfield, Ronnie G.   01/09/1967-06/25/1982

Mitchell, Horace C.   1911-1987   US Navy World War II    Rootsweb WCP
    Mitchell, Onita Mayhan   1917-   [no date of death shown but SSDI shows 06/13/1917-07/11/2005]    Rootsweb WCP

Vinyard, Jimmie Lafay   1921-1997
    Vinyard, James Franklin   1921-1997

Mayhan, Montine    03/13/1921-11/01/2008

Spicer, James E.   1892-1983
    Spicer, Dovie May   1904-1976

Childress, Doyle J.   1925-2010
    Childress, Bertha L.   1921-2006

Childress, Donald Gene   07/22/1951-03/17/2006

Whatley, Gerald L.   1934-2001
    Whatley, Laverne   [no date of death shown]

Chesney, William H. "Billy"   02/27/1956-11/21/1980

Haynes, Jackson Morgan    11/02/1931-08/15/2010    married 02/04/1957
    Haynes, Lila Joan    10/13/1933-

Isom, James E.   08/03/1925-04/11/2004
    Isom, Betty L.   04/08/1933-07/23/2009

Loyd, Buddy   1924-1980
    Loyd, Pat   [no date of death shown]

Blue, E. C.   10/16/1929-12/11/1996

Brewer, Jane   12/29/1910-02/17/1997

Carter, Bobby D.   [no date of death shown]
    Carter, Shirlene   [no date of death shown]

Row 9   (Rows 9-13 reread February 16, 2014)

Yeargan, James D.   04/18/1935-03/06/2002

Hulsey, Carmon W.   1917-2011    Rootsweb WCP
    Hulsey, Adele W.   1920-2013 1    Rootsweb WCP

Freeze, R. M. "Mike"   1943-
    Freeze, Charlotte S.   1944-2013    Rootsweb WCP

Summers, Pauline McRay Goff   01/05/1916-10/14/2004   Mother of Kenneth E., Teddy Wayne, C. B., and John Paul Goff

McRay, Creed B.   01/10/1896-04/08/1969
    McRay, Vesta   09/03/1897-12/08/1983

Stovall, James E.    01/19/1923-
    Stovall, Esther    01/31/1925-03/21/2009

Wallace, James Wilburn   05/24/1919-01/30/1999   CM3 US Navy World War II   married 09/27/1940
    Wallace, Theo Flora   07/21/1925-07/15/1968

Hanley, Robert M.   12/10/1916-01/15/1990   Tec 5 US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP
    Hanley, Helen J.   08/23/1919-02/05/2009    Rootsweb WCP 1

Morgan, John Fred   1908-1973
    Morgan, Mildred Hogan   1912-1994

Sanders, Lilly Mae   1924-1979    [Marker not there February 13, 2014.]

Snow, Julia Ellen   1939-1969

Newcomb, Herbert   1911-1998    Rootsweb WCP
    Newcomb, Mary   1909-1983    Rootsweb WCP

Thompson, Thomas A.   [no date of death shown]
    Thompson, Thomas Adams   03/02/1966-03/03/1966
    Thompson, Jo Ann   [no date of death shown]

Thompson, Anna M.   12/05/1899-08/04/1991

Thompson, Annabel Hill   05/24/1896-05/29/1979

Newcomb, Jim W.   1905-1987
    Newcomb, Fern C.   1914-2002

Carter, J. Chester   12/31/1900-10/04/1973
    Carter, Flara J.   11/23/1910-   [no date of death shown but SSDI shows she died 07/1983 but cannot be certain she is buried here]

Mansfield, Clarence A.   04/11/1904-11/01/1972
    Mansfield, Edna B.   06/17/1904-05/25/1994

Shepherd, Herman E.   06/06/1928-02/24/1984    S1 US Navy Korea
    Shepherd, Mary Ethel   1929-2008

Shepherd, Elton D.    11/04/1957-12/07/2012    In Loving Memory of My Brother

King, Ruth Hobbs   10/18/1912-07/20/1981
    King, Jeff Davis   01/11/1904-02/18/1990

Hume, Albert E.   1910-1996
    Hume, Eskil D.   1913-2001

Machis, Stanley   07/30/1922-10/15/1994   Sgt Maj US Army
    Machis, Inge Maria   [no date of death shown]

Sellars, Wilber G.   1897-1975   [two stones--Wilbur is the way it is spelled on SSDI]
Sellars, Wilbur G.   05/03/1897-06/09/1975   US Army World War I
    Sellars, Henrietta   1911-1990

Smith, Geraldine Sterrett   [no date of death shown]

Justice, Nolan J.   07/19/1926-11/11/1998
    Justice, Shirley M.   [no date of death shown]
        [Marker plate was not there February 16, 2014.]

Wimmer, Walter P.   08/18/1918-12/28/2004   Sgt US Army World War II   married 06/1939    Rootsweb WCP
    Wimmer, Marie C.   08/11/1920-07/12/2007    Rootsweb WCP 1

Seals, James Howard   08/08/1926-01/28/2004   S1 US Navy World War II USS Bennett DD 473    Rootsweb WCP
    Seals, Ann Mason   [no date of death shown]

Seals, James Edward    01/27/1956-09/15/2008    US Navy    Rootsweb WCP
    Seals, Cathy S.    [living]

Isom, Clarence    11/08/1935-01/19/2011    [closeup] 1
    Isom, Phyllis Ann    01/13/1941-01/12/2016    [from obituary; however, it does not say she is buried here)

Potter, Willie   1992-2006    [closeup]
    Potter, Patricia A.   1952-

Row 10

Huchingson, Amanda Ellen   11/26/1893-11/01/1980

Douglas, Hazel Biggs   1907-1994

Weaver, Emmo Jewel   07/12/1900-01/08/1983

Turnage, James A.   08/13/1917-01/24/1971   Arkansas S Sgt 1849 Svc Comd Unit World War II
    Turnage, Geneva W.   08/24/1918-08/30/1982

Gentry, Wilmor B.   1915-   [no date of death shown]
    Gentry, Viva Amanda   1913-1991

McAllister, James F.   03/29/1924-07/04/2001   US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP
    McAllister, Cora Lenelle   02/07/1921-05/25/2000    Rootsweb WCP

Ford, Diane   01/14/1946-04/10/2005

Carter, Curtis R.   06/07/1924-07/27/1995   BKR2 US Navy World War II
    Carter, J. Juanita   1924-2010

Kemp, Mildred P.   05/22/1919-04/09/1987

Smallwood, Raymond E., M.D.   10/11/1906-04/22/1978   Maj US Army World War II
    Smallwood, Irene Virginia   11/29/1917-07/24/2007

Hendrix, Dallas O., Sr.   06/15/1927-09/19/1992   Pvt US Army World War II   married 11/15/1947
    Hendrix, Vernia J.   [no date of death shown]   Our Blessings:  Vernia Ann, Dallas Jr., Dennis, David, Doug, and Christy

Renegar, Thomas G.   1919-2005 1
    Renegar, C. Marie   1926-1988

Standridge, Elisha   1906-1993
    Burroughs, Linda   1947-1995    [I believe she actually died 28 March 1999] 1

Canada, Charles E., Sr.   07/14/1929-05/24/2003   PFC US Army

Canada, Thelma E.   1927-1980

Smith, Robert James, Sr.   03/23/1899-02/10/1989   US Army World War I
    Smith, Dorothy B   1909-1981

Stuckey, James Keith   04/10/1981-03/08/2003

Stuckey, Chad Allen   11/12/1984-02/27/1985   Twin Brother

Hardin, Granville   1928-1992
    Hardin, Martha P.   1924-04/04/2014    [dod from obituary]

Freeman, Ezra Cecil, Jr.   11/07/1936-07/17/1982   SSG US Army Vietnam

Babbitt, Margo L.   10/10/1942-05/19/2003   married 04/03/1965
    Babbitt, Billy B.    11/08/1930-07/14/2009

Shelnutt, Durward Phinas   01/17/1920-09/16/1996   Sgt Maj US Army World War II Korea Purple Heart Bronze Star    Rootsweb WCP
    Shelnutt, Kimberly "Kim"   [no date of death shown]

Justice, Nolan J.   1908-1976

Justice, Danny Lee   10/13/1956-11/27/1978

Ausbrooks, Gary Keith   04/17/1950-04/28/2000

Bell, Harold E.   1929-2003
    Bell, Hazel M.   [no date of death shown]

Perry, Evelyn   1922-2003
    Perry, William Jackson   03/14/1921-05/06/2005   T Sgt US Army Air Forces World War II

Reeder, Charles Hugh    06/07/1925-02/03/2009    US Army Air Forces 1
    Reeder, Sarah Elizabeth   1930-

Avaritt, D. Kenneth    09/17/1927-    married 06/06/1951
    Avaritt, Martha Sue    05/28/1931-11/01/2010    [closeup]    Rootsweb WCP

Cox, Jeremy   1976-1992

Scroggins, Paul Edward "Eddie"    11/21/1955-08/06/1981

Scroggins, Alma E.   [no date of death shown]
    Scroggins, O. C.   [no date of death shown]

Griffin, Denny Lee   1941-1975

Row 11

Burks, Roscoe A.   03/20/1914-08/06/1991   Brother    PFC US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP
    Rogers, Alma B.   12/20/1910-09/12/1975   Sister    Rootsweb WCP 1

Love, L. W. "Pete"   1909-1978    Rootsweb WCP
    Love, Burlie B.   1920-03/08/2017    [dod from obituary]

Johnson, Evelyn B.    10/11/1921-06/26/2011    PFC US Army Air Forces World War II    Rootsweb WCP
    Johnson, James Perry   10/16/1946-05/16/1995   SRA US Air Force Vietnam    Rootsweb WCP

Dunn, W. B.   1902-1988
    Dunn, Mary J.   1905-1989

Council, Max C.   03/06/1922-02/01/2007  [FHM and obituary for date of death] 1
    Council, Elizabeth E.   03/18/1923-09/08/1989

Brewer, H. Clay   12/29/1907-02/20/1994   married 08/25/1928
    Brewer, Rubye E.   07/15/1909-10/10/2004

Carter, Reace W.   1902-1997
    Carter, Velma B.   1909-2004

Young, Ralph Houston   12/10/1906-05/03/1980   US Navy World War II    Rootsweb WCP
    Young, Mae M.  1914-1995    Rootsweb WCP

White, Alfred N.   1884-1972
    White, Ethel C.   1887-1975

White, A. Hubert   08/07/1908-04/19/1969
    White, Margaret M.   01/08/1916-12/24/1997

Ledbetter, Olin   1900-   [no date of death shown but SSDI shows 07/17/1900-03/1984; obituary states he died 03/26/1984 and is buried in "New Rosemont Cemetery]  1
    Ledbetter, Nettie   1905-2006

Opitz, John D.   1925-2005
    Opitz, Ernestine   1927-2004

Thomas, James J.   1908-2001
    Thomas, Pauline   1917-2007

Sims, James Melton   08/18/1926-04/06/2004   Sgt US Army World War II
    Sims, Hazel   06/18/1926-02/07/2014    [dod from obituary]    [flowers on new gravesite]

Moseley, Charles E.   11/11/1906-02/09/1986   US Army World War II
    Moseley, Helen G.   1914-1985

Moseley, Charles E.   10/19/1937-08/10/2004   US Navy
    Moseley, Joan    1936-2012 1

Whatley, A. G., III   [no date of death shown]
    Whatley, Inez   [no date of death shown]

Whatley, Arthur Gray   09/17/1899-04/07/1954   Buried in Salem Cemetery, Ouachita County
    Whatley, Agnes Vaughan   12/21/1907-09/13/1986    [closeup]

Ausbrooks, James T.   1903-1994
    Ausbrooks, Lillie Mae   1907-2002

Ausbrooks, Paul E.    09/07/1927-07/02/2009
    Ausbrooks, Fern D.    04/25/1931-

Ausbrooks, Ronnie    06/30/1951-

Purifoy, Kenneth Frank   09/13/1950-10/23/1994   US Air Force

Purifoy, Chester R.   1920-1986   Cpl US Army World War II
    Purifoy, Vivi Nay   [no date of death shown]

Rich, Kenneth D.   [no date of death shown]
    Rich, Linda J.   [no date of death shown]

Wilson, Bruce D.   10/04/1919-07/05/1975   CM1 US Navy World War II
    Wilson, Esther M.   1928-

Avaritt, Dillard L.   1941-2003
    Avaritt, Merilene   [no date of death shown]

Brents, Lushes O.   1917-2001
    Brents, Lela E.   1920-2011 1

Row 12

Burks, Charlie R.   05/23/1884-10/06/1969   married 08/30/1919
    Burks, Etta E.   02/22/1900-12/24/1970

Burks, Charles Patrick   05/29/1968-05/31/1968

Turbyfill, Calvin D.    12/24/1951-09/24/2008    married 04/17/1970    [closeup]    Rootsweb WCP
    Turbyfill, Deborah    09/14/1951-
        Parents of David, Bartley, and Daniel

Wickliffe, Hugh E.   1911-1997
    Wickliffe, Mable Louise   1918-   [no date of death shown]

Tucker, Lee F.   11/14/1900-01/14/1975

Bell, Dexter Lee   11/14/1927-05/19/1987   US Navy World War II    Rootsweb WCP 1

Jander, William G.   12/18/1887-07/17/1985

Jander, Freida B.   08/07/1887-04/01/1972

Turner, Benjamin R.   12/17/1912-08/17/1970   Sgt US Army World War II    Rootsweb WCP  1

Bryant, Ruby Peeler   05/02/1913-07/05/2003    Rootsweb WCP  1

Neely, Earl Harrell   02/06/1915-10/06/1969    Rootsweb WCP
    Neely, Nancy Maude   12/29/1914-10/27/2005    Rootsweb WCP

Hopper, Howard J.   05/16/1949-03/09/1984  1

McCool, Lester F.   09/24/1922-12/12/1990   PFC US Army World War II
    McCool, Jane   06/23/1923-10/04/2012    [dates from obituary]  1

Gregory, Mary H.   1905-1985

Lee, Roger D.   [no date of death shown]
    Lee, Pamela G   1950-1974

Hilborn, Alva Luther   05/09/1924-01/03/1994   US Navy World War II
    Hilborn, Anna C.   1921-2000

Fagan, Marion   05/20/1902-12/22/1971
    Fagan, Minnie May   05/26/1907-08/01/1992

Smith, Arthur J.   1901-1984
    Smith, Oma M.   1908-1985  1

Stuckey, James W.   07/14/1953-05/25/1979

Hutchings, Mack T.   1917-2000
    Hutchings, Trudie L.   1914-2008    [dob and dod from obituary-10/13/1914-11/14/2008] 1

Myers, Jake Thomas   1908-1974
    Myers, Opal   1910-2000

Gaither, R. L.   10/24/1920-09/14/1983   Tec5 US Army World War II
    Gaither, Geneva J.   1925-2000

Ottens, Sharon LaNan    08/25/1953-12/30/2011 1

Kennemur, Bonnie L.   04/02/1924-10/14/1994   US Army Air Corps World War II

Kennemur, Jo Renee   01/22/1925-11/27/2007

Wilson, Truman Adair   08/14/1947-07/05/1999   US Army Vietnam 1

Edens, W. M.   1922-    [no date of death shown 02/16/2014]    Rootsweb WCP
    Edens, N. Louise   1920-1983    Rootsweb WCP

Morrison, Glenn Calvin   12/18/1939-03/13/2001   US Air Force
    Morrison, Joyce R.   [no date of death shown]

Glover, Wayne E.   1930-2002
    Glover, R. Jean   [no date of death shown]

Jackson, Johnny H.   1906-1987
    Jackson, Betty Hughes   [no date of death shown]

Montgomery, Jordan Douglas   -09/09/1999   Our Angel in God's Garden

Carnagie, Morgan M.   1936-1995
    Carnagie, C Ruth   [no date of death shown]

Collatt, James W. "Jimmy"   02/17/1940-11/23/1999
    Collatt, Linda Gayle   [no date of death shown]

Row 12

McKelvey, Matthew R   04/06/1971-07/29/2001

Massey, Ervin Ray   1922-1994
    Massey, Earlene C.    1922-2008

Bell, Dr. Gifford H.   11/23/1913-11/07/1994   Lt Col US Army    Rootsweb WCP
    Bell, Esther J.   02/14/1914-   [no date of death shown]

Speights, James L.   1905-1992
    Speights, J. Jewell   1916-2004

Cash, Pamela Hope   09/05/1952-02/17/2005

Cash, Lauren Nicole   06/21/1978-02/07/2006

Ulmer, Lloyd M.   1917-2003    Rootsweb WCP
    Ulmer, Fay Delle   1919-2006    Rootsweb WCP

Nance, Kyle Alan   08/11/1993-08/12/1993

Lewis, Willis C.   09/15/1898-06/06/1969
    Lewis, Faye M.   01/01/1901-07/03/1989

Dawson, Ervin S., Sr.   10/22/1907-04/15/1983

Wright, Bun   1900-1984
    Wright, Glennie   1903-1994

Petz, John I.   02/15/1912-01/07/1986
    Petz, Frances Ava   09/22/1914-01/29/1986

Haley, Felix E.   1911-2005
    Haley, Ruble Cozart   1911-1997

Bice, Billie R.    07/23/1932-12/21/2014    [dod from obituary]

Lowe, Oscar Lee    11/02/1927-01/06/2012    US Navy World War II Korea 1
    Lowe, Bobbie G.    1930-2008

Reed, Cora M.   09/22/1898-10/17/1991

James, Greta Jean   03/08/1942-10/22/1995    Rootsweb WCP

Wilson, Roach   1901-1986    Rootsweb WCP
    Wilson, Virginia A.   1909-2000    Rootsweb WCP

Wilson, Arthur L.   [living]
    Wilson, Troyce A.   [living]

Parsons, L. C.   1923-1992
    Parsons, Thelma M.   1929-2009

Todd, Lynn   05/19/1918-04/08/2000   married 11/02/1940
    Todd, Irene W.   05/22/1921-04/02/2011

Nowak, Stephan A.   1899-1984
    Nowak, Nellie C.   1904-1988

Halpain, Coy E.   1928-2010    Rootsweb WCP
    Halpain, Flora A.   1921-1998

Hayes, John H., Jr.   08/28/1929-12/08/1994   US Air Force
    Hayes, Mildred L.   1931-2006

Loe, James Samuel, II   10/15/1917-01/26/2001   T Sgt US Army World War II   Father of Tamara, Bobbie, and James III   married 12/16/1950
    Loe, Eva Nell    11/06/1930-
    Parents of Lynn, Susan, and Larry

Brown, Doyle (Pebo)   02/20/1928-03/27/2004

Moore, Linda K.   05/07/1946-02/15/1997

Dobbins, Raymond L.    05/03/1936-03/30/2010    SP4 US Army    married 01/31/1964
    Dobbins, Joyce L.    10/05/1946-
        Parents of Kathy and Raymond L., Jr.

Burchfield, Bertha Louise   11/06/1908-04/24/1999 1

Dickens, Clemmie S.   05/14/1907-01/09/2003   US Army World War II
    Dickens, Ann   1917-1998

Dickens, Earl Gene   05/04/1934-10/20/1983

Hattabaugh, Brian L.   03/26/1969-11/17/1976

Hattabaugh, Norma J.   10/20/1945-03/19/2006   married 03/31/1965
    Hattabaugh, Phillip V.   [no date of death shown]

Russell, Ralph L.   09/16/1927-01/03/2003 1
    Russell, Kathryn   12/06/1929-01/27/2002

Row 13

Hawkins, Norman Randle   11/29/1931-01/02/2006   Cpl US Marine Corps Korea
    Hawkins, Virginia K.   04/24/1934-11/04/2008 1

Burcham, Willie Nathan   07/19/1897-10/25/1984

Haley, Lamar   1913-1991
    Haley, Mable R.   1913-2003

Anderson, Olen W.   12/12/1916-07/12/1978
    Anderson, Edith M.   11/20/1915-09/02/1999

Anderson, Frank J.   07/28/1892-02/28/1978
    Anderson, Mary E.   03/14/1893-08/04/1972

Rea, Willis Wilburn   04/16/1917-10/12/1984   Tec 4 US Army World War II
    Rea, Sylvia Mildred   12/30/1918-04/19/1970

Bass, Cyrus Lee, Jr.   08/05/1909-06/12/1995   married 02/12/1931
    Bass, Minnie Melvira Davis   03/04/1902-08/18/1995

Mills, Roy Earl   05/15/1912-05/16/1968   married 09/24/1933    Rootsweb WCP
    Mills, Maurine A.   09/07/1913-11/21/2012    Rootsweb WCP

Dowell, Blanch Prewett    1915-   [no date of death shown]

Holmes, B. F.   01/31/1892-   [no date of death shown]
    Holmes, Irene   05/01/1912-04/28/1995

Hopper, Mildred E.   1916-1993

Westerman, Oscar C.   01/27/1887-12/20/1968
    Westerman, Ethel "Pete"   04/21/1905-10/04/1996

Westerman, Robert C.   1931-1968
    Granddaughter   1985-1987

Channell, Jessica Renee   04/09/1985-09/15/1987   [it appears she is granddaughter of R Westerman]

Newcomb, James Charles, Sr.   11/28/1917-06/29/1982    Rootsweb WCP
    Newcomb, Lorene Boyd   10/27/1919-10/15/2013    [dod from obituary]    Rootsweb WCP

Pittman, John David, DDS   1944-1970

Pittman, Dwight D.   1913-1989
    Pittman, Jodie I.   1915-   [no date of death shown]

Simmons, Autrie Geneva   05/28/1906-10/17/1985

Jones, Jodie O.   1908-1982
    Jones, Ada   1913-1993

Simpson, Gladys D.   01/24/1931-12/09/2000

Simpson, A. Wayne, Sr.   1951-1990 1

Bright, O. E. "Dusty"   1912-1981
    Bright, Helen   1918-12/18/2014    [dod from obituary]

Paxton, S. B.   1908-1987
    Paxton, Opal E.   1917-1973

Paxton, Stanley H.   10/03/1938-04/19/1988   US Navy
    Paxton, Phylis   [no date of death shown]

Williams, Rebecca Ann   02/28/1966-07/19/1994
    Williams, Nicholas Rea   08/09/1993-07/18/1994

Moore, Ramsey L.   1921-2005
    Moore, Georgia L.   1925-1997

Lane, Louis T.   03/10/1918-03/29/1985   S Sgt US Army World War II
    Lane, Hazel Earline   10/18/1925-03/09/2014    [dod from obituary]

Lane, Vicky Lynn   1952-1997
    Lane, Iris   [no date of death shown]

Christenberry, James P.   [no date of death shown]
    Christenberry, Dorothy M.   1940-2000

Winemiller, Albern C.    03/15/1928-02/18/2008    PFC US Army Korea 1
    Winemiller, Jackie L.

Johnson, Aaron   1924-1991
    Johnson, Georgia Lee   1921-2000

Lovel, William Virgil   1907-1983    Rootsweb WCP
    Lovel, Mary E.   1900-   [she died 01/14/1996]    Rootsweb WCP

Maddox, Ludy Faye   08/22/1924-09/21/1984    Rootsweb WCP 1

Shepard, J. D. (Don)   09/03/1930-10/24/1988   US Army Korea    Rootsweb WCP
    Shepard, May (Mutt)   [no date of death shown]

Shepard, Thomas  H.    11/07/1936-11/19/2005    US Air Force

Row 14    [reread Rows 14-16 February 18, 2014]

Espey, Edward V.   1920-1987
    Espey, Helen Margaret    1921-2007   [permanent stone shows Margaret Espey with no date of death--fhm shows Helen M with 1921-2007] 1

Hunt, Alfred T., Jr.   10/18/1940-10/20/1970   Arkansas SP4 Co D 864 Engineer Battalion Vietnam
    Gatlin, Dorothy Jean Hunt   04/30/1943-04/02/1987   Wife and Mother

Richards, Garland M.   1912-2005
    Richards, Zella   1909-1984

Bell, Tennye   01/01/1902-09/21/1988

Sunderland, G. Dale   01/03/1916-05/03/2000   2nd Lt US Army World War II
    Sunderland, Elizabeth J.    11/12/1919-   [no date of death shown]

Oswalt, Otis W.   1913-1995
    Oswalt, Clemmie E.   1909-   [no date of death shown but SSDI shows 05/11/1909-02/23/2002]

Harris, Claude F.   1902-   [no date of death shown]
    Harris, Bessie Jane   1900-   [no date of death shown]

Chambers, Buford W.   03/17/1915-10/25/1995   PFC US Army World War II
    Chambers, Inez M.   1920-   [no date of death shown]

Wagner, Coy Gufner   08/06/1912-06/09/2001   married 01/17/1938
    Wagner, Elnora Maher   12/07/1919-10/30/1997

Smedley, Mollie   11/01/1896-04/23/1985

Lindgren, Billie Jean   01/19/1915-11/15/1981

Middlebrooks, Roger Dale   1951-1971

Brothers, Otis R.    10/12/1931-11/13/2010    US Army

Parsons, Tom Jackson   04/17/1898-01/14/1981   US Army World War I
    Parsons, Delia Mae   1902-1991

Parsons, Lloyd Jackson   04/11/1922-01/13/2009    US Army Air Forces    [marker photograph]
    Parsons, Johanna M.  05/13/1924-12/29/2010    [dates from obituary] 1

Parsons, L. Tommy    1943-
    Parsons, Sharon L.    1946-2008

Hudson, Troy Lynn   04/10/1927-05/05/1993   Pvt US Army World War II
    Hudson, Margaret F.   10/26/1941-05/19/1983

Pelton, George   11/08/1924-04/08/2014    married 02/14/1956    [dod from obituary]
    Pelton, Josie Juanita   04/24/1934-02/01/2002    Rootsweb WCP

Attebery, William F.   1880-1975
    Attebery, Lena Bell    1914-   [no date of death shown]

Bradford, Ethelda H.   04/12/1920-05/28/2000   US Army World War II
    Bradford, Eloise   1923-1980

Scott, Robert L.   1928-1996 1
    Scott, Emogene   [no date of death shown]

Volentine, Jene   11/13/1922-11/21/2006

Davis, Dakota Taylor   09/21/1997-09/23/1997

Smith, Doward, 1918-1995
    Smith, Morean   [no date of death shown]

Maddox, Jack C.   01/21/1949-04/16/1989   Sgt US Marine Corps Vietnam

Kent, Bradley Phillip   11/10/1981-11/19/1984

Kent, Jean N.   1929-1997

Row 15

Casey, Henry Earl   08/02/1928-08/29/2007   SGM US Army Korea Vietnam 1947-77    Rootsweb WCP
    Casey, Betty Jim  09/14/1931/1932-10/03/2010    [middle name from Caruth Village FHM]    Rootsweb WCP    [Her permanent marker shows 1931-2010; funeral home marker shows 09/14/1932-10/03/2010.]

Casey, George W.   08/14/1887-11/26/1978
    Casey, Alice J.    02/25/1887-01/19/1970 1

Berry, W. Lamar   1900-1981
    Berry, Beatrice D.   1907-1983

Edwards, Claude E.   06/17/1896-12/14/1976
    Edwards, Ruth E.   07/26/1917-10/27/1984

Hill, Orval A.   10/08/1905-11/22/1982
    Hill, Nora Lee   06/22/1915-08/10/1988

Nash, William B.   06/04/1922-12/04/1969
    Nash, Effie C.   06/28/1888-07/07/1972

Wilbur, George E.   1898-1971

Wilbur, Harrell E.   07/17/1921-01/12/1993   PFC US Army World War II

Wilbur, Alice L.   08/27/1918-06/11/2000

Harrison, Garland C.   05/01/1921-03/31/1994   US Army World War II
    Harrison, Julia C.   01/03/1926-02/21/1970

Harrison, Betty M.   08/28/1934-03/01/2006

Stricklin, John D.   08/13/1905-06/24/1972

Stricklin, Paralee   01/04/1906-03/25/1971

Salley, Glenn [Glynn] Scott   11/02/1910-02/03/1972   Arkansas BM1 US Navy World War II  [personal stone shows Glynn and veteran stone shows Glenn]
    Salley, Norma J.   01/12/1921-01/13/2001

Wills, Wayne Martin   05/22/1924-06/06/1999
    Wills, Frances Christine   [no date of death shown]

Carter, Dan Roy    10/22/1917-02/20/2008    married 06/17/1949    Capt US Army Air Forces World War II    Rootsweb WCP
    Carter, Virginia "Toby"    02/18/1922-01/25/2014    [dod from obituary]    Rootsweb WCP

Gillam, Donald Leon   01/20/1953-08/14/1999

Tapley, Edward D.   1910-1986
    Tapley, Loree A.   1915-1993

Shelnutt, Ralph W.   01/01/1921-01/01/2009    Rootsweb WCP
    Shelnutt, Ruth V.   08/26/1919-06/30/1973    Rootsweb WCP

Wilson, James Doyle   [no date of death shown]
    Wilson, Billie Sue   [no date of death shown]

Hogue, Odis G.   1942-2004    Rootsweb WCP
    Hogue, Wanda J.   1929-1999 1

Wear, John M.   08/24/1926-06/16/1993   A1C US Air Force Korea
    Wear, Iva D.   [no date of death shown]

Pelton, Harold Dean    08/04/1947-    married 11/10/1967
    Pelton, Paula Jean    02/09/1949-

Spann, Earnest   1899-1979
    Spann, Nettie   1905-1979

Moore, Benjamin T.   [no date of death shown]
    Moore, Diana J.   1953-1976

Carter, James P. "Buzzy"   04/20/1919-05/24/1978
    Carter, Marilyn   [no date of death shown]

Row 16

Sheppard, George Harry   06/26/1927-05/25/1992   Pvt US Army Air Corps World War II    [closeup]
    Sheppard, Nancy M.   02/08/1926-04/10/2008

Stiles, Winfred M.    01/09/1923-    married 05/03/1947    Rootsweb WCP
    Stiles, Claudene E.    11/30/1927-11/03/2008    Rootsweb WCP

Royal, Rev. James Wilson    11/02/1904-11/25/1988
    Royal, Mary E. Baker   05/23/1907-12/28/1987

Myers, James O.   01/18/1916-01/09/1997

Myers, Louise   07/16/1926-01/22/1994

Scott, Doyle    1914-1984
    Scott, Inez   1917-1977

Williams, Bernard J.   1916-2006
    Williams, Mary K.   1916-2005

Channell, Kermit B., II   [no date of death shown]
    Channell, Susan R.   04/06/1964-03/03/1993

Dyess, Louis L.   07/06/1930-05/04/1991   US Army
    Dyess, June I.   1935-2010

Rash, Thelma Page   05/02/1908-05/31/1994

King, Rev. Virgil M.   03/05/1905-12/19/1980

Standridge, Lloyd Don    1952-2012    [Ashby FHM]    Rootsweb WCP

Southworth, Kristi Lynn   1981-2005

Hannibal, Krista S.   11/29/1986-11/26/2007

Section 6    [read February 21, 2014]

section 6
Click on map to see where this section begins (look for red square)

Cole, Maye   1921-2001

These are listings that are included in the Saline County website for New Rosemont Cemetery that I did not find:

Johnson, Monroe   died 04/15/1974

Byrd, Emma Mae   died 06/16/1967

Minor, Walter    10/24/1912-11/30/1971

Baccus, Graham   died 06/19/1973 age 61 years

Yates, Katherin Dian   died 01/07/1973 age 10 days

Wood, Murray   1901-09/21/1974

George, Jerry D.   06/10/1971-06/10/1971

George, Tina L.   10/09/1973-10/09/1973

Elliott, M. J.   11/14/1887-10/29/1966

1  I have this particular obituary. When requesting the obituary, please show New Rosemont Cemetery Obituary Request as the subject; in the message please copy and paste the entire line from this page that you need so that I will know where to find the obituary in my files. If you cannot open a microsoft word file, please let me know in your email.