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 Mr. Temme lives at Excelsior, Morgan county on a farm.  He was born in the state of Lippe 
Detmold, Germany, May 22, 1839.  His fatherís name was Adolph Temme and his motherís name was 
Fredericke, both were born in the above state.  Adolph Temme and whole family came to St. Louis by way 
of New Orleans in November 1852.  Adolph died of the cholera the third day after landing in St. Louis. His 
wife died twenty odd years later at the home of her son, Christian, at Excelsior, and was buried at Hopewell. 
Aldonphís children were: Earnest, born in 1836; Christian, born 1839; Fred, born 1847; Amalge, born in Adolph was a stone mason and butcher by trade.  He held an army office in his country during the war of children, William H., born in 1862 and Adaline, born in 1864 were born to this union.  His wife died and he 
was married again in 1868 to Christina Flotman, of St. Louis.  His children by his second marriage are: 
Emma, Ida, Kate, Cora and Augusta.  Two girls died young of diphtheria.   William, Kate, Cora and Augusta are all school teachers of prominence.  Mr. Temme came to Morgan county to 
remain here in 1883.  He was in the mercantile business at Excelsior several years and has since been 
engaged in farming.  He was nominated for Representative of Morgan county by the republicans and was 
elected, serving the people faithfully in that capacity from 1894 to 1896.  W. J. Stone was governor of the 
state at this time. 
 From 1855 to 1857 Mr. Temme was in the grain business at Freeport, Ill.  He was foreman in a 
brickyard in St. Louis from 1858 to 1860.  He spent several years working first in Freeport then in St. Louis. 
He was clerk in a carpet house in St. Louis several years.  He was a stove plate moulder in St. Louis several 
years.  Part of the time he was interested in a photograph gallery.  In 1871 to 1873 he run a job foundry in 
St. Louis.  In 1873 he started the St. Louis Stove Works under the firm name of Evers & Temme which 
business he conducted till 1883 when he moved to Morgan county.  In politics Mr. Temme is a Republican 
and is faithful to his party principles and convictions. 
 Mr. Monsess lives in Excelsior, this county,  where he is a merchant.  He is also the present county 
assessor.  Mr. Monsess was born on Richland, this county, February 3, 1863.  His father was Martin 
Monsess and his motherís name was Cathorine.  They were both born in Germany.  They came here from 
Germany in about 1847.  They are both dead.  They died on their farm near Pyrmont.  Fredís mother died 
September 15, 1906.  To this union were born the following children: Henry, August who is dead, John, 
Louis, Herman, Annie who is dead; Frank, dead and Fred, the subject of this sketch.  Fredís father was a 
farmer all of his life.  Fred attended German school at Pyrmont four terms and English school at Bethel two 
terms.  He was confirmed in the Lutheran church at Pyrmont when he was 15 years old.  He was married 
April 23, 1906 to Miss Florence Smith, of Otterville, Mo.  There are no children in the home.  At present 
Mr. Monsess is merchant, postmaster and county assessor.  He was elected assessor in 1904 by a large 
majority.  In politics Mr. Monsess is a working Republican and stands well in his party.  He is making a 
splendid assessor. 

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 Mr. Willson lives in Versailles were he owns a home and several residence properties,   He is the 
present sheriff of Morgan county.  He was elected in 1904 and after serving two years was re-elected in father, John A Willson was born in Morgan county July 7, 1845, and his mother whose maiden name was 
Amanda Reed, was born in this county November 14, 1747 (probably is 1847...but this is how it was in the 
book).  The father and mother are both living on their farm near Proctor, this county, at the present time. 
Their childrenís names and ages follow:  Levina, 36 years old; Benjamin 25 years old; William E. 23 years 
old, Charles E. 34 years old.  John A. Willson has been a farmer all of his life and served one term as county 
judge and would have been re-elected has his health permitted him at the time accepting a nomination. 
Charles E. Willson, the subject of this sketch, was educated in the public schools.   He is a member of the 
Methodist church and holds his membership in Versailles.  He has been a member of this organization twelve 
years.  He is a member of the I.O.O.F., having been a member of this lodge two years.  May 19, 1907, he 
was married to Miss Ethel Jones, a popular school teacher of this county.  He was raised on a farm but 
clerked in stores at different times, both in Proctor and in Versailles.  Mr. Willson has made an efficient 

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  Mr. Knoop lives in Versailles where he practices law.  He was born near Stover January 7, 1876. 
His father was Claus Henry Knoop and was born May 13, 1829 in the Kingdom of Hanover, Germany; his 
mother was Sophia Anna Knoop (nee Schleusing), and she was born October 7, 1836, in Zeven, Kingdom of 
Hanover Germany.  Claus Knoop came to the United States in 1840 and to Morgan county in 1857.  The 
Scheusing family came to the United States in 1845 and with her husband Mrs. Knoop came to this county 
in 1857.  Claus Knoop died at his home near Stover, February 21, 1903, and his wife died at the same place 
September 21, 1903.  The reader will find a picture of Claus Knoop on another page of this book.  The 
children of Mr. and Mrs. Claus Knoop are as follows: John W. Henry; Edward; Anna Mahnken; Rebecca 
Letchworth; Mellie Eckler and Miss Maggie.  Three boys are dead:  Louis, Charles and George.  Claus 
Knoop was a farmer and stock raiser, and although a prominent citizen, never held office and asked for 
none.  Amos A. Knoop was raised on his fatherís farm and after attending the common schools finished his 
education in Central Wesleyan College, at Warrenton, Missouri and in the law department of the State 
University at Columbia Mo.  He is a member of the Methodist church and of the Knights of Pythias lodge. 
November 11, 1903 he was married to Mary V. Poage.  No children have been born to this union.  Mr. 
Knoop was prosecuting attorney of Morgan county two terms extending from 1901 to 41905.  Since his 
retirement from office he has devoted his time to the practice of the law. 
 Mr. Ripley lives in Glensted where he keeps house alone.  He was never married. He was born 
October 3, 1838, at Mansfield, Pennsylvania.  His father was Philip S. Ripley, born at Albany, New York, 
March 24, 1812, and his mother was Lorena Webster, born at Mainesburg, Pennsylvania, June 24, 1817. 
Hobart Ripley came to Morgan county in 1866 from Mansfield, Pa.  Nine children were born to Philip S. 
Ripley and wife as follows:  Homer J. born December 8, 1839; Ezra, February 10, 1841; Joel, July 13, 1842; 
Volner, October 5, 1843; Lucy Ann, Feb. 27, 1845; Roswell P., August 28, 1846; Charles C., June 25, office.  Hobart Ripley was educated in the public schools of Pennsylvania, the state normal at Mansfield, Pa., 
and at Lowellís Commercial college at Binghampton, New York.  He is not a member of any church but is a 
believer in the doctrines of the Universalists but as there is no denomination of that character here with an 
organization he is not a member of that society.  He has been a member of the A.F.&A.M. since 1865.  Mr. 
Ripley is in the insurance and monument business.  He was appointed census enumerator in 1890 and again 
in 1900.  Hobart enlisted in the federal army April 22, 1861, and served more than three years in the army of 
the Potomac and was never off duty from any cause during the term of service.  For several years after 
coming to Morgan county he taught school and was one of the leading teachers of the county.  Frequently 
the voters urged him to come to the head of the schools of the county by becoming county school 
commissioner.  He does not teach school any more but is actively engaged in the insurance and monument 
 Dr. Lutman lives in Versailles where he practices medicine.  He was born in Morgan county July 7, motherís maiden name was Nannie Wallace and she was born in Morgan county January 25, 1852.  George 
Lutman came from Pennsylvania in 1866.  Geo. Lutmanís wife died in 1874 and he died at Lutman, Pettis 
county, in 1892.  three children were born to this union, John M. W. Lutman, died in 1884 at the age of 
eleven years:  Nancy J. Windsor, now living in Victor, Colorado, and Harry, about whom we are writing. 
George Lutman was a physician and surgeon.  He never held office but taught several terms of school. 
Harry was educated in the public schools of Morgan and Pettis counties, the State normal at Warrensburg 
and at Barnesí Medical college in St. Louis.  He has been a member of the K. of P. lodge since 1894 and of
the I.O.O.F. since 1906.  October 18, 1899, he was married to Ina M. Witten, of Versailles.  To this union 
has been born one child, a little girl, Harriet Elizabeth born January 14, 1905.  Dr. Lutman has never held 
office but he was deputy circuit clerk during part of J. Loan Enloeís term of office.  In politics Dr. Lutman is 
a Republican and has been prominently mentioned several times for various offices in the county.  He is 
prosperously engaged in the practice of medicine in Versailles and is chairman of the county Republican 
central committee.