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Pattersons At War
The Descendants of Samuel Senton Patterson - From County Down, Ireland to South Carolina & Beyond

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This page is dedicated to those Pattersons who have served their country in the military. The first part of this page lists those individuals who fought in the various wars and conflicts. Some of the names are linked to sites or additional information pertaining to their service record.

Revolutionary War


War of 1812

Samuel Patterson, Jr. (1792 - 1872)

Civil War

Josiah Blair Patterson - (Confederate)

Henry Lowndes Patterson - (Confederate)

Levi Patterson - (Union)

Thomas Jefferson Patterson (Union)

John Patterson (Union)

World War I

Aulton Tilmon Patterson

Esmond Earl Patterson

Raymond Patterson


World War II

James Richard Patterson

Korean Conflict

Markus E. Patterson

Vietnam Conflict

Blair Adams Patterson