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The Descendants of Samuel Senton Patterson - From County Down, Ireland to South Carolina & Beyond

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The links on this page represent my wandering on the Internet. I list them here only because they have been helpful to me in my research. I do not necessarily endorse the views expressed on these pages.  That said, I hope that they are as helpful to you as they have been to me. If you have additional links that you think should be a part of this page please e-mail me. I will take a look at them and if appropriate will add them to this list.



Northern Ireland

This is the County Down, Ireland GenWeb Project site.

This is the site of the Ulster Historical Foundation.

This is the GenWeb site for Northern Ireland.

Early History of the Scotch Irish

Irish History Online

Irish Diaspora Online

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive

RHS bibliography

Raymond's County Down Website

South Carolina

SCIway, South Carolina's Genealogy web site

Long Cane ARP Church

Abbeville, County SC Public Library


Ohio GenWeb site for Hopewell Presbyterian Cemetery

Website for information on Hopewell Church

Preble County District Library

Ohio Grave Stone Project

Find A Grave

This is the main genealogy site for Preble County, OH.


This is the website of the Hamilton County, IN Historical Society.

This site by Ann Mensch is an excellent historical guide to Hamilton County and its townships.

This is the GenWeb site for Hancock County, IN.

This is the site for the Madison County, IN Historical Society.

This is a link to the Madison County, IN Public Library and their Genealogy page.

This is the INGenWeb site for Miami County, IN.

Fort (West Staats) Cemetery Site


This is the Patterson forum at

This is the Origins Network on

This is the Patterson forum.

Genealogist's Sites

The genealogy site of Bill Sharp.

The genealogy site of Carl D. Patterson.

The genealogy site of the Patterson Heritage.

The Geocities site page for Patterson

The genealogy site of Carl Crowley

Clan Sites

Clan Campbell

Clan Farquharson

Clan Lamont

Clan Lennox

Clan MacLaren