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Patterson Family Genealogy

The process of tracing a family is not without hardship. Many times during my search I was reminded of a phrase spoken by the playwright Tennessee Williams on the opening night performance of Street Car Named Desire when he said, "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers." I am grateful to all of the individuals that have taken time, looked up records, answered questions, and just been there for advice and support. The genealogy community is convivial and generally helpful group. I hope that these qualities never change.

There are two individuals that without their help I would still be wandering around in the dark. Carl Crowley and his uncle Carroll Ruffin Patterson have been immensely helpful. Carroll quite literally wrote the book on the descendants of Samuel Senton Patterson. His six hundred page plus book is the hallmark of not only a magnificent genealogist, but also stands as a supreme labor of love. Even though Carroll passed away in 1992, his work has had a profound impact. I never met Carroll, but I hope that somewhere he knows that there are a lot of people who are grateful for his work.

Carl Crowley, Carroll's nephew deserves a great deal of thanks for taking the time to preserve Carroll's work. He has spent years sifting through the research and sharing it with people through out the United States. Without Carl's work Carroll's research might have ended up in a dumpster somewhere.

In addition to these two important individuals, I also wish to acknowledge the following for their help and support;