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Patterson Family Genealogy
The Descendants of Samuel Senton Patterson - From County Down, Ireland to South Carolina & Beyond

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This site is dedicated to Samuel Senton Patterson (1725 - ca. 1791-92) and his descendants.

This site evolved from the simplest of questions, "Where did I come from." It is a question that I have asked my father from time to time over the years. Each time he talked about his immediate family, but the subject pretty much stalled after he got to a discussion of his father and mother. The subject usually closed with, "and the family bible burnt up."

I began researching the Patterson family line in the spring of 2006. During this time I began collecting documents that were lying around. This site contains the bulk of my research to date.

Please take a moment to read the acknowledgements page and help me thank all of those individuals who have helped me trace the Patterson line.

If you have any questions about this site or would like to communicate with me just click on my name to send me an e-mail.

Best Wishes

Kevin R. Patterson

  • Site updated 7/8/2011

About the Photos


The photos above were passed down through the family over the years. Unfortunately, none of them were labeled so I have no idea of the names of these individuals. Its a great detective caper. I have my suspicions, but at this point I don't have any hard evidence.